The comedian and co-creator of the original British “The Office” is positively chuffed about socialism! Taxes? Loves ’em. Nationalized health care? Loves that, too. When your government forces you to pay through the nose and then dictates how you’re allowed to spend the money that remains, it’s worth it, because in the end, you get all kinds of free stuff! It totally makes sense.

Disappointed, eh? Well, somebody must’ve gotten to him, because he quickly deleted his tweets. Maybe he realized how ridiculous he sounded.

Fortunately, the internet never forgets.

But he pays full tax and loves it!




Ricky Gervais breaks down the U.S. prison population

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Dipstick just smacked himself down when he said he PAID taxes and then said education and health care are FREE. They can’t be free if he just paid his taxes which fund edu. & health. Typical drain bammaged lib…

  • jawnybnsc

    Hates God, loves socialism? Really?

  • libtarded

    We’ll see how he feels about the NHS when he’s in his 70’s and get’s put on the “final path”…

  • Owen007

    As stupid as he’s being, I actually feel sorry for Gervais. His claims to fame are co-creating the show that was the inspiration for a vastly more successful show and for launching not his own but Steve Carrell’s career despite them playing similar characters. I mean, Carrell is out making movies and by comparison, Gervais is just hanging around to remind us he still exists.