At least she didn’t make a joke about expelling a dead child through her good-looking crotch. S’pose that’s been done already. And if there’s one thing Sarah won’t do, it’s showing how desperately she craves attention by reusing material. Oh, wait.

As you well know, Twitchy is no fan of the #Twittergulag. But would it really be so bad if someone took Sarah’s Twitter away for a while?



Sarah Silverman attributes vulgar tea party smear to Maya Angelou

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    #SaraSilverman’sVag has an echo.

  • Wi Tu Lo

    She might be dyslexic too,,,I think she meant “beat-off” good looks…

  • Dave Sund

    I think she meant “My beat-up vagina looks off”

  • weRbroke

    Her crotch resembles a dumpster with a new paintjob…

  • Carter_Burger67

    I hear her vag looks like the aftermath of a dumpster fire.