No. Seriously. He said that. At a Seattle fundraiser, to people whose funds are very likely affected by the recession.


He remembers how he singlehandedly killed bin Laden with his eyes closed while standing on one leg but forgets about the crippling recession? Pretty neat trick, that.

No way were people gonna let him slip away unscathed:!/NathanWurtzel/status/200721411436851204!/bradcundiff/status/200724638857314308!/cdc444/status/200723849728376832!/bccohan/status/200720299132596224!/cdc444/status/200726462939140096!/jackmcoldcuts/status/200725663609667584

Hashtag games really are a marvelous thing, as #ObamaForgot beautifully demonstrates:!/RyanGOP/status/200711180224958464!/RyanGOP/status/200714638009184256!/RyanGOP/status/200716081726373889!/hmfearny/status/200723291512639488!/Angie_in_Twitmo/status/200725493409005569!/TabithaHale/status/200728475827580929!/imstudwell/status/200730256942956546!/BrandonKiser/status/200722140570464256!/MDMRN/status/200729454908145665!/emzanotti/status/200728138253213698!/seaninsjca/status/200729952977567745!/SgtPolite/status/200733495914528768!/TeriChristoph/status/200728329517674497!/TabithaHale/status/200728669688311808!/hmfearny/status/200721901784539137!/CuffyMeh/status/200734820685455360



Annnnnd #ObamaForgot is now trending in the U.S. and worldwide.


  • dennylee60

    It is easy to forget about the the economy when all you think about is reelection and various war-on-fill-in-the-blank.

  • Delroy_Monjo

    Obama on reces…..Constitution: Sometime people forget the magnitude of it…sometimes I forget it.

  • Winston Blake

    “If I were to tell the press millions of Americans would be blown up by an Iranian nut job or that Democrats have stolen your entire life savings with bailouts and Obamacare, nobody panics because it is all part of the plan…

    But if I say a few homosexuals in San Francisco are upset over their little wee wees, why, everyone just loses their minds!”


    A. Joker