The Right Scoop has posted a video of Jackson suggesting that the larger purpose of Trayvon Martin’s death was to prove that we need more gun control in this crazy, racist world we live in.

Check out the bizarre call-and-response business toward the end.

  • etters

     During the French
    Revolution threats of mob violence led prosecutors to condemn thousands of
    individuals on flimsily charges.  Essentially, the condemned were from a part of
    their nation’s society which was out of favor with the violent mob.  Could we be
    facing a similar situation here in the Zimmerman matter – where there have
    been active threats of mob violence unless Mr. Zimmerman is charged and
    arrested?  Another question is why the very newly appointed prosecutor did not
    use the customary and promptly available Grand Jury process to screen the
    case before a jury of the accused’s peers rather than summarily issuing an
    indictment?  Could it be that the Florida political class, including the new
    prosecutor, intentionally is giving in to the threats of mob violence unless Mr.
    Zimmerman is charged and arrested – where there are no countervailing threats of
    violence in favor of Mr. Zimmerman’s rights?  That is, could the political class
    have decided that ensuring Mr. Zimmerman’s rights is not as important a goal
    as doing whatever is necessary to satiate the mob from carrying out its threats
    of violence?   If that proves to be the case, is this treatment of Mr. Zimmerman
    an example of a society governed by the equal application of the law to all
    individuals or an example of the universally criticized French Revolution
    syndrome where the criminal justice process is used to calm down threats of mob


  • jjrealmo

    jesse jackson, like al sharpton are always grand-standing for the moment, hoping someone is listen or better yet, has a camera & mike, if the media gives them a platform they will always be around

  • Dave Raymer

    The not so Reverend Jackson and his anti-Constitution constituency can have my guns when I am (a) out of ammunition and (b) dead.

  • jb7511

    Commuist ass. Why doesnt he just shut his stupid mouth? Dont these so called and likely self appointed “Reverends” have something better to do than carrying water for the communists?

  • MARK

    Jesse Jackson will not pay child support. But he want’s gun control? Hoe about some self control Jesse Jackson!

  • jjrealmo

    This picture  of jackson, it’s the look of someone found quilty and is being sentenced to 50 years to life