Coca-Cola severed ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) today in the face of pressure from opponents of voter ID laws, laws like the one that passed today in the Minn. Senate. ALEC supports the passage of such laws.

From The Washington Examiner:

In caving into the economic threats, Coke told Secrets: “The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with [ALEC]. Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business. We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry.”

The news did not go over well with conservative talk radio host and pundit Dana Loesch:

Many others felt the same way:!/TheMommyLobby/status/187646682597564416

Fast food chain Arby’s quickly followed suit, vowing to discontinue ads on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show – in the wake of the month-old “Slutgate” controversy:

In doing so, Arby’s has alienated a large number of current and potential customers, who view this move as a strike against free speech.!/ksemliltyh/status/187667076616421376!/GodsElection/status/187675368109510656!/MadisonRebel/status/187672394641580032

And our buddy Sooper Mexican would just like to remind everyone who’s decided to stop eating at Arby’s that they won’t be missing out on anything:

Based on Twitter buzz, it’s looking like Coke’s and Arby’s decisions turn out to be majorD’oh!” moves. Whoops.

  • PAG

    I have been a life long Coca Cola drinker…no more!

  • Playing Politics

    The word is getting out about @stoprush and @mmfa. Companies will ignore them. Customer money has a loud voice.

  • catkeepr

    Used to keep cokes in the fridge for the kids. No more, they’ll have to get their own now or drink RC cola when they come over. As for Arbys, I don’t care for their menu anyway but of the one or two in my area, there never seems to be anyone in them anyway so I figure they’re on their way out anyway.


    Haven’t eaten Arby’s in years.  Their product sucks.  As for Coke, I’m not a pop drinker; but I would go the RC route if I were.

  • Marshall_Will

    Unsure just how much market share arby’s and coke are leaving on the table?  Conservatives and increasingly mooderates are turning their backs not only Obama, but pop culture and its trappings in general.

    As per Michelle’s lead, hiking, mastering the piano and being outdoors w/ your children are enduring things.  Things that matter.  Coke, dopey John Cusack movies, junk food, not so much.   

  • d1comment

    Any company that sides with Color of Change does not need my business. I will make it so.

  • Rulz

    Was this really because of a petition organized by the left-wing Super-PAC CREDO?

    No more coke or arbys for me!

    • Marshall_Will

       Good point Rulz.  This is a job for!

      If nothing else, retailers and fast food know their target market.  And We’re.Just.Not.It.  Stunts like these are very calculated on the part of franchises.

      This is about “Peak Consumption” ( and we’re past it! )  Where their ‘research’ falls apart is the same gross miscalculation Dem’s made, assuming no one under 30 would ever be a conservative again. 

  • FlatFoot

    Welp! …switching back to Pepsi/Pepsi products only isn’t going to be so bad.

    My wallet won’t miss Arby’s at all.

    No biggie to dump em both and it is already a done deal.

    • Cham4Cons

      Not sure Pepsi is the answer? Apparently their CEO is a Obaminista. The problem is that this harrassing OWS/Mediamatters groups that have nothing to do all day but send emails to these directors. The directors are old and dont understand all these social media tricks and fall for it.

      These groups are intimidating major corporations. Congress should at lest start a law that prevents harrassment of companies. Why dont Congress start thinking in proactive ways here?

  • Chris Christie

    Diet Coke has always been my backup for Diet Dr. Pepper  (Pepsi product)….as far as Arby’s?….was never a place I went anyway….maybe three times in my entire life while traveling though some small town in the middle of nowhere…no biggie for either one….vaya con dios

  • nkronberg

    gonna buy some Two if by Tea to re-stock the fridge.

  • DeafRanger

    One might question
    whether it is 100% real beef or if contains red slime. One thing we
    can be sure of, their advertising, their management, and their
    politics contain a lot of RED slime!

  • jimrob

    I really hate this. I like both Arby’s and Coke, but those actions warrant my reappraisal of my loyalty to the brands…in other words, see ya, Arby’s and Coke

  • jimrob

    Since they apparently do not want my business, I will happily oblige them

  • hjole

    I won’t bother to boycott Arby’s, don’t eat it anyway. Also not a coke fan, so sorry, I’m no help on the boycott side with these two…maybe I just got a jump on the boycott.

  • dontdoubtme

    pepsi max is the best cola product out on the market right now anyway. You wont miss Coke.

  • Dfhdsfh

     any publicity id good publicity? not anymore, screw coke and wtf is arby’s? also, the racist crimes going on across the country owe a debt of gratitude to race baiting, fear mongering  (terrorsitic lies) commie’s at NBCfakeNEWS.

  • Lazybum

    Buy your Pepsi at Walmart! Post the receipt on facebook!

  • fxsti2003

    Was Dave Thomas a Libtard of has Wendy’s been taken over by the radical left, I guess I wont be eating at Wendy’s anymore, I never ate at Arby’s couldn’t stomach that food there but Wendy’s isn’t bad.  To bad I’ll have to give it up…..
    Chick-fil-a is way better anyway

  • Joe

    Good thing Sam’s Club, Kroger’s, and Publix’s generic diet colas all taste better than Coke products anyway, ’cause I’m done with ’em.  Next thing you know Coke will be using cells from aborted fetises in it’s taste testing research like Pepsi.