The article he’s referring to is here.

Clearly Skittles is making a profit off of a tragedy and therefore its wealth must be redistributed.!/Toure/status/185395031501312001!/Toure/status/185395564479913985!/Toure/status/185396458307072000!/InflewenceofINF/status/185395461258100736!/Toure/status/185396750746533889!/touchthaskye/status/185396050356473857!/Toure/status/185399347981197313!/Toure/status/185400312360747008!/Toure/status/185400657937825793!/Toure/status/185401341747789825!/Toure/status/185402052996902912!/Toure/status/185402512315121665

So nice of him to want to be so generous with Skittles’ “blood money.” Meanwhile, how much has he donated in the name of #JusticeForTrayvon?


Model Chrissy Teigen wasn’t picking up what Touré was putting down.!/chrissyteigen/status/185396993693200384!/chrissyteigen/status/185397685904359425!/chrissyteigen/status/185399625245663232!/chrissyteigen/status/185400257121759232!/chrissyteigen/status/185400379868065792!/chrissyteigen/status/185400713344593920!/chrissyteigen/status/185402567415701505!/AntonioSolomon/status/185401491769667585

And, of course, the money tweet:!/chrissyteigen/status/185398051819626498

  • Ind711

    Wow. If Andrew Breitbart were still with us, he’d be having a heyday with Touré and the insanity that this Treyvon Martin situation has become.

  • DavidKramer

    I was protesting Obama last week! I want all the profits from gas!

    • DavidKramer

      Burppppp! Hey, that is mine!

    • Buckeye27

      Great argument to a stupid argument

  • rm1evo

    He sounds so smart and stupid at the same time.

  • Soopermexican

    but Obama is winning votes – benefiting from the tragedy… shouldn’t he give a few million votes to the Republicans?

  • Hiraghm


    .@AntonioSolomon @chrissyteigen Is there another violent crime cause célèbre that had a candy become part of it, enriching that company?Uhm.. how about the Holocaust? Hershey became famous for G.I.s handing Hershey bars to children in the towns we liberated from the Nazis. M&Ms were invented so G.I.s could more easily have chocolate.


  • DeBaliviere

    I’m protesting by drinking Two If By Tea!

  • jsn2


    Two young black thugs recently poured
    gasoline over a white kid and set him on fire. Should Exxon/Mobil be
    sending money to the boys’ family?

    BTW – would your other name be Moron?


  • Honey Badger Clicker

    Lets lynch skittles!

  • elcampeador

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  • Laurie

    RevAl says they’re called “skillets candies”.  Idk what these things called “skittles” are…:p

  • SamIam9

    After looking up who “Toure’ was I sighed loudly, rolled my eyes and mumbled “figures”. 

    Surely there have to be more black luminaries out there besides Sowell and Justice Thomas. Surely?

  • Carolina Martinez

    Isn’t he a writer?  Did somebody hide his dictionary (and his google)?
    “obviates”:  I do not think that word means what you think it means…

  • Erthwjim

    Touré  should complain about the people buying skittles and not donating. The blame lies on the customers not the company.

  • Shannon Willis

    Teh stupid…it burns. We wouldn’t want anyone profiting on a bona fide tragedy now would we?


    Bizarre. I guess the saying is true ” you can’t make the sh*t up”

  • President Nimrod

     There are no black skittles! Where is the Justice??? What do we want? Black Skittle! When do we want them? NOW!

  • sarainitaly

    Any donation Skittles made, could be considered picking a side in a case that has not been tried, short of a food bank. People made the choice to buy Skittles to wave around at rallies. Skittles and tea have nothing to do with why Trayvon was followed, and shot. Yes, it’s what he purchased, but that isn’t why he was “targeted” as suspicious. And I doubt Skittles likes being in the middle of such a volatile high profile case, either. Why not make cell phones, gold teeth and hoodies the symbols, instead of skittles and tea? If anything, those possibly had more to do with any profiling or targeting Zimmeman might have done, than candy. Is Toure demanding hoodie companies donate their profits?

  • Michael

    Well, well, well, Now we know who will take over the mantle for shaking down corporations once Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton retire.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    seems like this administration is out to turn the US into a race against race issue so that he can declare marshal law and be in complete control like the dictator he believes he is. we need to unite as one and remember the trigger puller  will meet his creator and be the only and true judge. 

  • Patric Henry

     Too much DRAMA!!!!!!! STOP EVERYONE!!! IT IS OUT OF HAND!! I think that
    we all should Pray for Trayvon Martins soul to rest in peace. Dear God
    please put out all these fires. and let the soul of Trayvon Martin rest
    in peace for only you know the truth! Amen