@Obama2012 is pushing hoodies today. Hmmm. You have to wonder about the timing … subtlety is not exactly Obama’s strong suit.

  • David J

    Just shameless.  What a horrible president we have.

  • melanerpes

    Craven.  Banana-republic-class cynicism.  Low.

  • Rohar

    We need to re-vett the prez and get him out of here in Nov. His is on his way to ruining this Country.

  • John

    I don’t even understand what this post is meant to insinuate. Are you saying that if you wear the hoodie, you will get shot?

  • shovelhead77

    “Never let a crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emmanuel

  • Liliana

    He actually thinks that this is all a game. One day incite racial hatred by making victim his son, no phone calls or TV about how maybe a lynch mob is not really a great idea–I guess the Hispanic “cracker” (??) is on his own, but The Pride and Joy of Georgetown LS had her (very active–she *is* an “activist”) vaginal and various other pieces of female reproductive equipment take a pounding and making her left with no other options than to attend a Catholic LS & then whine and cry about her unprotected vagina to Congress–during a hearing on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.  And please don’t tell me Ms. Flucke’s female plumbing is that exciting to cause a comparison to religion.  Meanwhile the real people and issues are thrown in the garbage.

  • Brett1966

    Really? Do you think that selling a hoodie has anything to do with the case. Ha Ha very funny you should write for SNL. 

  • TNLK

    These hoodies have been the website for months, not just since the Trayvon Martin case.  Way to spin it…SMH.

    • DC Dude

      They tweeted it yesterday. It’s disgusting, but we’re well aware of Obama’s predisposition to continually attempt to politically profit from the deaths of children.

  • TNLK

  • TNLK

  • bargal20

    OMG!2!! Also, President Obama has refused to start wearing whiteface makeup. Proof Obama is trying to cash in on the increased popularity of black skin since the Trayvon Martin shooting. Disgusting!

  • Vickie DHaene

    These people have no shame.  I feel shame that this administration would stoop so low for money.