Wow. Just … wow.

O’REILLY: Congressman, the reason we like you as a guest is because you’re an honest man, But I will point to history. I will point to history. The same mindset was taken when dealing with Nazi Germany. We’re not going to go in aggressive action. We don’t believe they’re going to do this. We don’t believe they’re going to do that. And they absolutely did everything. So I think you’ve got to learn from history.

ELLISON: Let me tell you in World War II, in World War II they attacked Pearl Harbor. That would be enough.

O’REILLY: No, this is the German theater not the Japanese.

Bluto would be so proud if he were here right now …

  • peteee363

    and this guy is a congressman, WTF!!

  • MN Liberty

    I am from Minnesota.  Ellison represents the 5th District (Minneapolis).  He can do and say anything stupid and he will still get elected.  He is an embarassment in the line of Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Amy Kloubacher, Jim Obestar, etc.   
    But as long as he is sufficiently liberal, he will have a long career as a representative from the Land of 10,000 taxes.

  • elcampeador

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    This guy is REAL GOODER..