Rep. Paul Ryan unveiled the House’s proposed budget – The Path to Prosperity – this morning (in case you missed it, you can view it here). In doing so, he’s done what the Senate has failed to do for the last 1,056 days – and counting.!/JimPethokoukis/status/182118629289111554!/markknoller/status/182099324853948416!/philipaklein/status/182105233068007424!/freddoso/status/182113448845508608!/ChadPergram/status/182118352381153280!/jamiedupree/status/182117434923294720!/PatrickRuffini/status/182081783326720000!/markknoller/status/182130545155776513!/markknoller/status/182130904947363841

And, predictably, the White House – with no plan of its own – immediately pounced on the proposal.!/philipaklein/status/182118099481403392!/philipaklein/status/182115698359799808!/markknoller/status/182116275038851072!/ChadPergram/status/182116352784482304!/ChadPergram/status/182116572381454336

The White House’s reaction didn’t sit well with some people:!/guypbenson/status/182120617015902209!/guypbenson/status/182126009800339456!/katherinemiller/status/182117444217864192!/guypbenson/status/182117114352644097!/jimgeraghty/status/182116200761933824!/jimgeraghty/status/182116488960937984!/jimgeraghty/status/182116825474150403!/jimgeraghty/status/182118246990888960!/Ben_Howe/status/182116138312929280!/iowahawkblog/status/182119384536461312!/RBPundit/status/182121234077720576!/RBPundit/status/182128126090952705!/JonahNRO/status/182122328065449985

But maybe skeptics shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Maybe there’s hope after all?!/keithellison/status/181824833175306240


  • Macksfield

    “White House scoff”
    This is the entire White House plan for America, in a nutshell. When in doubt, when you don’t know what your doing, when you think you are losing your power, Scoff!
    When you have called your committee’s together and they have come up short – Scoff! When a majority of the American people see that you are in over your head, Scoff! When someone from another party has a good idea, Scoff! This is the Scoff administration!

  • Joe Ballss Benner

    Of course they scoffed, it cuts welfare which is Obama’s voting base… Every time the House passes a budget they shoot it down, yet never supply their own. The only budget democrats have even fathomed is Obama’s and that’s a damn joke, he has no clue how to budget any damn thing..

  • Lucid_American

    Well it will only take a couple more pieces to fall on the World’s Chest Board and the crushing significance of this country’s debt will be impossible to ignore.  Then we will be in “crisis mode” which is just about the only time Washington does anything right or wrong. Perhaps they’ll reach for Ryan’s plan like a man reaching for a bucket of water to put the fire out in his house.  It’s getting interesting…

  • aPLWBinAK

    Of course they scoffed, and sneered too, because their plan is SO much better…..oh wait..what’s that you say? Over a thousand days into this Presidency and NO budget yet? Too busy playing golf, smearing Republicans, and sending Moochelle on a worldwide cheeseburger search? Let us know that works for you come November….

  • Rulz

    I wonder if any of Ryan’s budgets would be voted down 97-0.

    Cause well, let’s just say it has happened before….just not to a republican……