Hmmm … half a pipeline. That’s useful. Not sure how President Obama expects solve the fuel crisis and/or jobs crisis with half an oil pipeline, but hey.

This news, naturally, was ripe for the mockage.!/DanFosterNRO/status/182212902181273601!/blakehounshell/status/182213269891727360!/CuffyMeh/status/182212783058857985!/RBPundit/status/182211139042672640!/CuffyMeh/status/182215878794936321!/ExJon/status/182219853409697792!/politicalmath/status/182224627035156481!/CuffyMeh/status/182217009176645632!/ExJon/status/182223028913049600!/knowsknothing/status/182235539880165376!/javelinabomb/status/182230185775611904!/CuffyMeh/status/182224442078924800!/NathanWurtzel/status/182223337345396736!/rorycooper/status/182213285712629761!/NathanWurtzel/status/182224701081387008!/theprez98/status/182232270986420225!/NathanWurtzel/status/182225889726181376!/kdubrn/status/182212344347230208!/anthropocon/status/182225755118370817!/IMAO_/status/182229346327605248!/mdrache/status/182230421021536257!/politeracy/status/182230986543730688!/Will_Antonin/status/182235707396472832!/CalebHowe/status/182246332252176384!/CuffyMeh/status/182219342056927233

With this latest move, the president has managed to simultaneously tick off opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline (who view it as a betrayal of their — and his own — values) and supporters of the pipeline’s construction. He still thinks he can have his arugula and eat it, too.

  • Hotdogger71

    Companies can lay all the pipe they want inside the US.  This is a bogus declaration by Comrade Obama.  The only thing NEEDED from O and the State Department was approval for a  FIFTY FOOT connecting pipe crossing the border!

    • Teresa Nelson

       Yep.  They don’t need Obamas “approval” for this project.  I’ve never witnessed a bigger liar than Obama.  The press went nuts with Nixon’s  “I am not a crook”, gave a pass to Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman”, and now report this crap coming out of Obamas mouth as if its a “new” story.  Jeez….