Barack Obama descended on the little people of Chicago today for a couple of fundraising events. He engaged in one of his favorite pastimes – singing his praises. He said many things in the vein of that hospital tweet, and, well, plenty of people on Twitter were less than impressed.!/TheDawgLives/status/180721400837980160!/Section12/status/180721332932190209!/Hbe8411/status/180719088069382144!/SamValley/status/180719016715886594!/taylorkjar/status/180718315197566976!/KPechatsko/status/180717219423068161!/leahblizz/status/180717073834586114!/MrStephenPike/status/180715983965667328!/anthropocon/status/180714969808117760!/MelissaTweets/status/180714212904013825

Granted, his tweet actually quoted a nurse. But anyone who’s spent five minutes listening to Barack Obama knows he may as well have said it himself.

  • Tom Johnson

    He can get the same effect using a 5lb can of Crisco. (sorry Crisco)


    Tick tock, Barry; election day is coming and you will be going.  You’ll then have time to go visit Blago in my state.  Hopefully, he will have some of your administration as cell mates soon.

  • spot_the_dog

    That nurse also says “No one should be allowed to pick and choose which American citizens deserve to have access to health care, because in many cases that means choosing who deserves to live and who doesn’t.”

    What does she think the NHS’s “N.I.C.E.” does in the UK?

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    We can only hope that Obama continues with his self praise. As the German adage says:  “Self praise, stinks.” He will do himself in with his big mouth. Remember Edgar Allan Poe’s tale of “The Black Cat?”