Do you belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve she’s lucid right now? We’re not so sure. The diva took to Twitter to rail against the Right Wing. You remember the Right Wing, don’t you? Those are the people who oppress women and minorities for sport.!/cher/status/178248413685628928!/cher/status/178250081852592128!/cher/status/178251780046598146!/cher/status/178253141635104769

Even the North Koreans have it better than we do!!/cher/status/178254377977528323

Apparently we’re not the only ones finding it Cher somewhat incoherent … but she’s got no patience for us slow folks.!/cher/status/178255117731102720

She’s just being passionate, you guys.!/cher/status/178256304131940352

But it’s totally not a rant.!/cher/status/178258545219878912

Whew! And she’s finished. We think. We hope.

Cher, Cher, Cher … if you could turn back tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, you might have paid attention to this:!/jtLOL/status/176770383637250048

You just don’t get it, babe.

  • Judyann J

    WTF is she talking about?

    • muckfexico2


      EXCELLENT…..  I thought the same thing!

      • Georgiagator37

        Was wondering the same thing.  

        • Jack_Kennedy

           cher just doing the typical liberal rant………… LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward the real Americans

    • SNAPTIE ® #GreatAgitatorObama.

      Her plastic surgeon finally said, NO MORE.

      • Lor Mazz

        Guess its affecting what brain she has left. 

      • Akabosan

        Appears that she has had to go without…  Something!


    • David Rodden


    • Huuf Arted

      I REALLY hate that b1tch !  Die Cher and take your disgusting shemale kid with you !!!

  • FlatFoot

    Outrageous outrage.

  • The Bog

    Whew. That’s sad, just plain sad.

  • $2274472

    Cher, you want us to respect your daughter/son, but you don’t give others that same respect.

    Take some time to understand that this isn’t about women; it’s about Constitutional Rights.

    If you want a battle, babe, bring it on.  Just remember, all’s fair in love and war.

    • rimpy

      you ask it to understand. But, democrats are criminally insane hysterical traitor pig freaks.
      It will never understand!

    • hoya

      I wouldn’t lower myself to their level….
      You should have some tolerance and understanding when dealing with mentally challenged individuals like Cher and many more Hollywood types…
      They are so drunk on the fast money they make they don’t realize how painfully pathetic and stupid they look exposing their single digit IQs

  • jeffjackie

    Making leftist women pay for their own condoms and pills = Republicans want to take you back to the stone ages! LOL.

  • Lulu Lapin

    I heard that the side of the family that was most supportive of Chaz’s sex change was in fact, the conservative side.

  • muckfexico2

    What a loon!

  • PoliticosRBums

    Cher always has been, is, and always will be the left’s poster girl for loony liberalism. She is a foul-mouthed bimbo with zero class and even less intelligence than my son’s turtle.

    The twit can Tweet all she wants and all that comes out is nonsensical drivel.

    Ignore Cher. She’s irrelevant. 

    • JM.

      Beautifully said!

      • Jim Strathmeyer

        What you find beauty in reveals the essence of your soul. I’ve always been much better at degrading women.

    • Ross Vachon

      That’s what women have been saying to you since junior high. It explains all your pent-up frustrations. Ooooo, the vagina uses birth control. Get used to it, sucker.

      • rightmostofthetime

        Que? It ain’t about birth control, stupid person.

    • hoya

      You ashould apologize to your son’s turtle!!

    • Bruce Tahoe

      Well spoken Cher . Here, have a few benzodiazepines. 
      I’m starting to think you can go exactly two ways when you get older… borderline-insane teeth-grinding liberal or borderline-insane teeth-grinding conservative (like me:)

    • Jim Strathmeyer

      Hint: calling women who want equal rights bimbos or sluts isn’t going to make them shut up. Sluts vote, too. Not ever women wants to live a normal life so that she can be a bimbo, give up your fantasies.

      • Jack_Kennedy

         oh look, another of the obama mob of America haters

        as repubs work to give you dirty air, kill grandma and takeaway the your abortions

        those pesky repubs………trying to save the babies from the murdering liberals

  • James Frye

    It’s hard to count characters when you lack one o your own to reference.

  • For


  • Richard_Wiggler

    who cares what ‘ SHARE ‘ thinks or say’s ??
    not this lil monkey ..

  • Daniel Martin Gray

    Listen up, you moderately-talented, over-exposed, plastic-sculpted, has-been:

    You are so lucky that you think your success was because you are good.

    Have some humility, Cher, darling.

    We don’t all agree with you, just your fans and personal assistants.

    Be grateful for your success, and that you live in a country that allowed it.

    And don’t forget Sonny, the ex-love of your life, was a Republican…


    A liberal’s mind is a very lonely place, I imagine.  Hey Cher, why don’t you lighten up and wise up.  Such a ‘dark lady.’

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    George Stephanopoulos is smiling.

    He is the one who started this whole phony “Republicans want to take away your birth control pills” meme with his activist debate host performance.

    He tosses a tiny stone into the pond and then stands back and watches the ripples.

  • cowsell

    When I look at her all I can think of is Moooo…

  • JOe Dutra

    Oh my, it’s the Cher brain trust.  She is an embarrassment to the female gender.

    • rightmostofthetime

      The Cher brain trust fits inside a thimble. 

  • boomcrash85

    …so how is she relevant?…Her singing ability was always far short of her celeb status…her celeb status alone does not make her any smarter than anyone else.

  • jack r

    One dose wonder where choice is in the Obamacare.  I remember that someone said “If you like your insurance you can keep it.” But that may  have been lost of cutting the debt in half in 2 years.

  • MadeleineTector

    I am all for Birth control, I used it myself once, no one paid for it but me and I was poor, I have 4 grown kids, I would have been toe embarrassed to ask some old poop to pay for my birth control. U want ot get mad? Obama is using a phoney birth certificate, why arent’ you yelling about that?


    Now, now now.  Calm down, Cher.  Are you taking your medication?

  • rlc14433

    No wonder her son/daughter, ManWoman, is so normal.  

  • Guess

    Poor Cher. Her first born is a…., her first born is a….,
    Poor Cher. Her brain is fried. Somebody call Charlie Sheen to save Cher’s life before Linsey Lowhan drops off some pretty little pills, and we get another reason for a Whitney week of tears.  Nobody’s GOT YOU BABE!

  • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

    Our Founder left a woman to suffocate to death and went on to become the HERO of the Leftists. Just click on the screen to pay homage to the LIBERAL LION.

    Waitress Sandwich Anyone?

  • Guess

    I find it so hard to now believe. When I was a teenager, how Sonny and Cher were so great.
    Then, I grew up. Sonny died, and all we get now is a Sad Relic who prances around, trying to be Maddona, and ends up looking like Betty White’s Older sister.

  • Locutisprime

    OK, so Chere demonstrates her diva idiocy. Are we impressed? Not!

  • marlio

    Cher needs to get an education and then she will be allowed to express her opinion.  Until then , dont embarss yourself!!

  • califkid

    If this twit had any sense at all she would know NO ONE is taking any rights away from women, maybe her botox has tightened up her brain!!!

  • TJJackson1

    All of the drugs in the sixties caused the chazster.  It appears that we are seeing a little latent paranoia also.  Go take a Valium…

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    what basic human rights are we trying to take away now?? I never knew that “women’s rights” included the right to have someone else pay for your birth control…as one of those young women she claims to be speaking to, my freedom is threatened much more by this administration trying to force my fellow Catholics to pay for birth control and abortions for all their entitlement leaches (or as they call them, their base) who can’t keep their legs closed!!

    • Steve

      Thankyou hun. Ditto.

    • rightmostofthetime

      Exactly. The left now claims that everything they want is a “right,” and the rest of us are supposed to pay for it. Socialism is here, folks.

  • Bubba Joe

    WTF…her one comment, “without freedom you have nothing”….doesn’t she realize the current regime she supports has destroyed many freedoms prior to his emaculation….what a bonehead, and to think I used to like this what ever she is….my my, at least all the crap people are finally settling to the bottom so we can scoop them out and eliminate them from  our lives, so sorry Cher that you voted for a Userper looser, but don’t  take it out on the normal patriotic people

  • Spencer

    Yeah, women here have it as bad as they do in the Middle East.  I mean some people actually have to buy their own birth control pills. Horrible horrible horrible.

  • BobAlong

    Cher…Get a F’n life! Your best days were with Sonny and it’s a good thing he got rid of you!

  • Ric Davis

    I think Cher just needs to concentrate on her son.

  • WhatBubbaKnows

    Cher! Gettin’ old an bitchy are we? S’ok sweetie, it happens to best of us … and you.
    But – before you go completely senile I want you to understand that you were never as smart as you’ve told yourself you were.
    Anyone ever tell you that you look like Robert Duvall? in drag?

    • rightmostofthetime

      Please don’t insult Robert Duval. He’s a great actor. 

  • lizaz

    Consider the source, folks!!!

  • Kini AlohaGuy

    I wonder what 
    Chastity thinks?

  • J.E. DeLoach

    So? Cher is a burnt out old star held together with tape. Who cares what a raving 75 year old fame junkie says? She probably tweeted it before she took her meds.

  • Mike


  • Baroke Insane Owebama

    Yeah, take women back to the stone age when President Berock Obambam forced Mr. Slate to pay 3000 clams each a year for Wilma, Betty, and Pebbles birth control   Yeah, those were the good ole days.

  • First L

     Chastity no longer needs socialized contraception.

  • Gertrude_Schtunnke

    Cher, calm down. Have you had your hormones today? What is she ranting about anyway? Someone should explain to her that Bill Maher isn’t a right-winger. Unless she thinks HIS foul rants are OK.

    • James

      looking at her son and all the weight she gained, has got to piss her off a little bit.

  • RON

    Why is this a surprise….libs are the dumbest on planet earth.

  • JHX

    Wow..  Cher is an even bigger idiot that I suspected..

    Which is really saying something.

  • Reader11722

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • Guest

    Hey Cherokee People – There is no war on women, there is a war on freedom.

    • Rachel



    I knew she wasn’t very bright, but this rant is beyond ignorant. This woman is stupid.

  • rimpy

    I will never buy her records. Never did. And it was a rude classless w i t c h on the sonny&cher torture hour. Its opinions are not worthy of glop. Does anyone actually read its twits? Or is it like that rosy pig- a couple thousand…

  • sunnyblack76

    Here’s what happened — Cher, who is probably completely clueless about what’s going outside of her 1 mile radius, was likely chatting with some ignorant know-nothing (probably a hairdresser) about the Fluke controversy. And based on that person’s retelling of last week’s events (i.e “OMG, did you hear what those Republicans did? They’re trying to take your ovaries, girl!”), Cher went on her tirade, which is incoherent to the rest of the free-thinking world.

  • frankstclair

    Cher wants “free” birth control too? One would assume she is beyond the need. OK, that was snarky. 

  • rimpy

    criminally insane hysterical traitor pig freak dems ARE sick. But more like rabid dog sick than, give it an aspirin sick. There is no cure, their existence is a threat to innocent people, and they are dangerous.

  • Rachel

    She’s a freak and does NOT speak for NORMAL women.

  • rimpy

    tell everyone! TO be a parasitical glommer-onner, a worthless vile wretched puke who does not create a thing, but who loves to lie, swindle, cheat, its way into possession of the works of others and then take over their lives and tell them what is best for them, even if they must slay innocents to do it- takes a special kind of criminally insane hysterical pig freakery that can only be summed up in one word: democrats.

  • Biff

    Cher is still alive?  who knew…

  • russells

    if you’re so liberated, how come your so agitated? Or does a liberated women
    just mean a liberal, godless, lost soul?

  • rimpy

    OK, What do you get if a democrat enters a room? A self-ambulatory pile of pig excrement that wants to rule the earth

  • Guest

    Cher, Cher, Cher…get another facelift and go to sleep.  You haven’t been relevant since the 1970’s.

  • Phil Edmonds

    Why can’t entertainers just shut their pie-holes and stick to what made them famous?  As is generally the case with entertainers, the less I know about them the more I can enjoy their talent; assuming of course that they have any.

  • James Busse

    It’s OK Cher.  We all miss sonny.  I understand lithium citrate helps.  It takes away the wrinkles too.

  • rimpy

    We KNOW!

  • Commander.

    HAHAHAHA, I can’t wait to see the melt downs in hollyweird when their messiah goes down. 

  • 20notsoonenough12

    Liberals are amusing little twits…but I”‘m really tired of paying for their demands! Birth control..a civil right. HA.HA!

  • rimpy

    it is crazy like a democrat hysterical like the freak it is, oozy like the floozy she dresses like.

  • Bonnie

    Where were these “women’s rights activists” when the libs were calling Palin a “bimbo” ??? What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Read this:

  • poorhardworker

    Cher…take a pill or something (I am not a man saying this)  I still love your music..but I hate your politics!  Maybe because you are a star your lifestyle (really…read freedoms)  has not been affected.  We…poor little old lady had been affected!  The “Pill” out of pocket is $9/mo…$108/mo month to be as free as you (99%) want.  And you want me to finance this?  What ever happened to personal responsibility

    And just one more question, Cher…who is booking her (Fluke)  on all these shows?  There is a shadowy figure called Mike who is making appointments but leaving no trace.  What do you make of thae?  Doesn’t give me the war fuzzies!

  • frances

    Cher, I used to think you were the smart one of ‘Sonny & Cher’!  Musta been wrong there!! Sonny!!  RIP!

  • skiutah7777

    Cher is an advertisement for Islam

  • pdx73

    I always knew Cher was slightly retarded, just look at how that anorexic senior citizen dresses, but this is beyond the pale. Would it be asking too much to have her day nurse to read her the entire story while she’s changing her diaper, or is she only interested in the Daily Kos version.

  • John Galt

    I think the old gal is confused. No one is wanting to take anything away from anyone.
    Besides, Cher probably needs a diaper change more than contraception.

  • disqus_UZrzuW8WD3

    Useful idiots like Cher who don’t understand that they are gullible sheep believing the liberal propaganda.  No one is tring to take away their “rights”.  She and everyone else has all the access they need to Birth control pills.  It’s not about “women’s health”, because they can still get the pills for alternative health reasons, or get other alternatives to treat the issues.  The real issue is liberals trying to force their moray’s on everyone else AND to make us pay for it.  IDIOTS!

  • LEL

    Poor Cher. I hope I pass away befor I become a brain dead old twit.

  • rightmostofthetime

    They removed her brain with the last liposuction. 

  • skiutah7777

    Cher is a great reason to convert to Islam !!!

  • Wouldnt

    If she had done this about the Left when Bill Maher called The Governor of Alaska a “C***” I might have been impressed.

  • TomPatriot

    Cher, I too am really pissed that they are taking away our rights.  I mean really, how in the world are we going to get anywhere when we have to make three lefts to go right.  Wait, ohhhh you meant our civil fights……Nevermind.

  • B F

    You should watch … the best 33-minutes you could spend thinking about this topic!

  • socal63

    Were taxpayers and we aint payin for your contraception so people can sleep around, your sex change operations so you can look like you feel, your murdering your children.. oops, i mean aborting your “mistake”, or you perchant to be unab

  • Robert Olschlager

    Hey Cher, why don’t you shut up? It was you and your friends that pushed Obama on us, Now look at the mess we are in! Thanks! This is just an effort to take the heat off the Obama mistake! It will not work. Tell your Hollywood friends not to bother pushing Obama on us for a second term. We will not make that mistake again. By the way, your music sucks! I have no idea how you made it!

    • Nic Valle

      Hey dimwit, Obama didn’t put us in this big mess. If your tiny brain can think back longer then 5 minutes ago.

      • texas58

        A little off topic to be sure, but actually Nic, Obama has put an awful lot of this on us.  He is a failed President!  Wow, I didn’t think any President could make Carter look good.  Obama has.  Now go and have a nice day!

  • Karen Emert

    Cher, Where was your outrage when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin worse things, such as the c word and a dumb tw word.  What a hypocrite. Do you even under stand the issue.  Its a first amendment issue not a contraceptive issue.  Ms. Fluke is sprewing lies and is being used by the left a bunch of commie marxist who could really give a damn about women’s rights.  There about infringing on everybody’s rights.  Lay off the dope and booze and do some research.

  • socal63

    Go get a job and quit with the surgery, your scaring the children…

  • notalib

    She should just shut up about politics and entertain.   She needs to keep those that pay for it.  I WAS one.

  • Kra kar

    Cher is a bonified MOONBAT!

  • Spanky Spankster

    It is ironic
    that those who demand tolerance
    and respect for diversity of opinion
    the most from others
    (i.e., liberals)
    rarely exhibit the traits themselves.

  • nadodave

    She is so clear in her own maniac way. She must need some attention on a new song she is working on. Poor Sunny, the pain he must have gone through. He was probably happy he went out when he did so he didn’t have to see how she turns out or his son/daughter/it. May he rest in peace.

  • Veritas

    Botox has frozen her brain cells!

  • Spanky Spankster

    Dems are beginning to realize that not only is Barry going to lose in November but he’s going to take down with him a lot of other Dem politicians.

    That’s why they are getting desperate.  They are losing power.

  • Mike

    Poor Cher, she is confusing passionate with hysterical.  Put the cork back in the bottle Cher, nobody cares what you think.

  • Son of a Gums

    Cher, how can we take you back to the stone age when the so called “right” Sandra Fluke is talking about has never existed and they “right” you think we are taking away isn’t even threatened in any way shape or form? You are very VERY confused Cher. Take your meds and stfu. This issue is about the First Amendment freedom of religion and conscience. NOT free birth control. And PS, let me inform you, 99% of women get the same checkup certain states are mandating ALREADY. So apparently they are already being raped and didn’t know it? You are superficial and petty Cher. Go find a clue, and embrace it. 

  • Wigglesworth

    What a loon!

  • RS

    Who mistakenly told this celebutard that we care about anything she has to say?

  • HarryObrian

    Another ranting post menopausal socialist woman who can’t spell and who doesn’t mind Misogynistic Cretin Left Wing men like Bill Maher. What a waste of Twitter bandwidth.

  • badlight

    You lost your relevance a long time ago. Going on a rant like this does nothing to get you relevant again. Lay off the “stuff” and try to screw your head back on. It’s not a contraception issue. It’s about the .gov FORCING a religious organization to go against their stated beliefs. That’s a 1st amendment issue.

    As .gov I now forbid you to speak or practice what you believe in! You will do as I SAY!

    Did that get the point home to you?

  • Karen Emert

    Your ex-husband, now deceased, who you spoke so highly and eloquently about at his funneral, was one of those old white guys on the right.  Maybe you should get your facts straight and ask Mary Bono ? what’s really going on.  If Ms. Fluke gets her way she will manage to get the Chatholic University she is a attending and all Catholoic Universities/colleges as well as all Chatholic Hospitals, outreach, etc. organizations shut down.  That’s what Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the Catholic Church would do before they will ever concent to providing birth control to its employee’s and Studants.  Our President promised him that The Cathlic organization would get a waiver based on their first amendment rights, but he lied to him for his support for Obama Care.  Only Nuns and Priests are exempt from it.  No one one is forced to attend a Catholic University or work for a Catholic organization.  Everyone knows it is against the Catholic Religion to practice or use birth control.  She’s getting her education free from them on scholarship.  I think she can go to her local Planned Parenthood org.  as can anyone to get her free birth control pills.  That’s what I did 40 years ago.  You really should keep your mouth shut about things you don’t fully understand.  You look like a fool and will loose fans such as myself.      

  • wbeejay

    Another Hollywood fool with almost no education sounds off.  There ought to be a test one has to pass before owning any device that can broadcast one’s thoughts.

  • Beverly Harville-Schrider

    You will recall….During the 2008 election year she went onstage and “warned” gay people that if McCain won he was going to create an Island in the middle of the Pacific and send all the gay people there….So mental stability is not exactly her forte.

  • LibertyWriter

    Smelling the coffee? I think she drank too much of the coffee.

  • rockynites

    She has been irrelevant for 30 years.  Just another spoiled uneducated whiner.

  • 3wrens

    It is not reproductive rights… anyone has a right to reproduce.  The issue is ‘Who foots the bill for the birth control.’  My folks taught me that whoever’s paying gets a say-so. So I learned to pay my way. That way I get the say so!!!

    • 1GeorgeWashington

      @3Wrens, I agree…..However, I will propose this.  Isn’t this Rant a strong case to say we should encourage some to NOT reproduce……Just think with free birth control there we may not have to endure idiots like Cher

  • Chris_Crotcher

    The botox has gone to her brain.

  • DannieC

    You’ve done such a great job in raising your daughter…ah…son…ah… What university was it that Cher attended?

  • George Johnson

    She got the white house dimocrat talking point memo, using the “extremist” word a lot.
    I guess she just needs some attention, getting nearly naked on stage/runway just isn’t getting it any more.  Go have an abortion and shut up…..

  • Dimocrats=NewNazis

    Oh I love this!   The left respect women?
    Yeah, like kenndy, and his protitutng out his intern.
    Like billy clinton and his intern…. and the others he raped.
    Like winer and his prostitutes.
    Ah, the list is endless here!

    • Mike Shapiro

       Hell Teed Kennedy killed one of them.

    • avgjoe

      George HOW DARE YOU!
      Using FACTS & TRUTH!
      Dont you know FACTS & TRUTHS are LIEberals worst enemy! This is why they watch PMSnbc

  • jimlay

    Obviously, she is high on something.

  • Patrick Taylor

    There goes the race card again…Yep it’s all the whities fault now. Not like there are black people in the right wing…So sick of you two faced, hypocrits spouting your spew all over the media. You are making the country worse with all of your internal war and conflict. Just like your king wants…internal uprising. B.O stinks and needs to be deodorized!

  • Mike0oSS

    I guess when Bill Maher cusses out conservative women he’s “enlightened”

  • ryan james

    Seems some people don’t value purity anymore.  Anyone trying to equate promiscuity with freedom is a whore or stupid, probably both. It’s been a slow process whereby some influential people have been trying to erode values in our society.  These people have managed to cause many to think acting the slut is an expression of freedom.  Very sad and angrying.

  • Mike Shapiro

    Who gives a shit what Cher thinks??? Shut up and sing.

  • plowboy

    YAWN…Cher who?  I love it when these whack jobs go nuts, it’s hilarious.  blah blah blah, I’m a woman, it’s my body, i’ll do what I want, but will you please pay for it!

  • music1028

    Cher’s way off base.  It’s not a woman’s body that’s being terminated when an abortion is performed….it’s the child’s life.   As Ron Paul said, when he treats a pregnant woman he is treating TWO patients (at least)   BTW Cher, civilized societies do not kill their children.   Perhaps it’s YOUR views that are from the stone age.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Who says years of botox doesn’t damage your brain?

  • Steven Ball

    Cher is a senior citizen and is entitled to her opinion. But she should know that nobody takes the opinions of senior citizens seriously.

  • Dennis

    Cher Who?

  • Sam Madonia

    I thought she died years ago.

    • jubenile

       apparently, it started from the head down.

  • jubenile

    maybe she took a Valium, prior to tweeting. such would go far to explain her demure comportment.

  • mrcobaltblue

    As usual, a liberal’s thought process lacks any type of logic or coherence.  Her comparison between right leaning Conservatives and  militant muslims is incomprehensible.  Let’s see – militant muslims chop off women’s breasts, they practice genital mutilation against women, they stone women, they kill women in “honor” killings, they forbid the education of women, they don’t let them drive, they don’t let them out in public without some type of head to toe covering, the only men they can be with in public is a relative, in ANY relationship they are TOTALLY subjugated to the man, etc, etc, and on and on.   The scary part is that it’s not just the wacked out people like Cher who think this way.  Truly Amazing.


    Here’s a link to true respect for women featuring every left wing celebritie’s hero Bill Maher…what do you have to say now Cher?

  • brodave

    The old plastic-hag failed to mention the little issue of willfully murdering babies. Probably just skipped her addled old brain.

    As someone posted earlier; irrelevant! – as are most of the Hollywood and entertainment industry politically-opinionated nitwits.

  • SirCumference

    Umm who is Cher…!?  No seriously, who is s/he? 

  • dudley

    What a relic!

  • James Carson

    Who is “Cher” and why should I care what she thinks?

  • MovingToNevada

    Wow, she IS as dumb as she looks. 

  • jb7511

    Is this where BM might think the “C” word is approiate?
    Or the “T”word, “B”word. I guess at this point anything except “intelligent” might work. We should ask Maher first since he gets away with it.

  • Jeebus-Mooohammadd

    Ummmm, just what rights are the right wing taking away from women? I am as confused as the Texas high school being reprimanded for chanting USA, USA. I just dont get it.

  • SamFreeman

    If she is talking about the efforts to not force religious organizations to buy birth control, the regulation has not even taken effect yet.  If repealing it would bring us back to the Stone Age, then we are apparently living in the Stone Age right now, in the world according to Cher.

    But I see she has fallen for our little ruse.  It is merely subterfuge meant to distract.  Our real agenda, the agenda of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club, is to bring back the common usage of the generic masculine.  Yes, in as little as 10 years the subtle control brought about by its common usage will render women helpless and they will be driven back into the kitchen and bed room—except for a few women who will become confused by its usage and think they need a sex change operation.

  • Terry

    Wow…I want some of what she was on!!

  • Michael

    She is dyslexic after all…  She got Greg Allman, and Sonny got a seat in Congress.  I think he got the better end of the deal.

  • Pat

    but it’s okay to call women c*nts??

    not aging gracefully, I’d say. How pathetic.

  • D

    please send her to north korea, PLEASE!!!

  • Jack76

    Note to Cher:
    Less is more.

  • Theresa Smith

    Yes, Cher!  Remember how outraged you were about the way the Muslim nations treat their women?  Oh wait, that’s right, you weren’t, were you? 

  • paineintheneck

    Cher needs to get her hormones checked…

  • numag

    Cher, you need to spend some time in Iran or some other muslim country and IF you survive come tell us what deprivation of women rights REALLY is.  You IDIOT!

  • Wang Chung

    Old worn-out blanketass still trying to keep the spotlight on herself – just another decrepit old attentionwhore

  • Smargalicious

    Now I know why she re-arranged her face into a horrid mess.


  • TahoeGuy

    I’m not sure who the larger dingbat is this week…  Allred or Cher?  All things political disgust me but nothing disgusts me more than left wing nut jobs.  Apparently it’s fine to trash the right as long as you use more objectionable language.  What dbags!

  • paineintheneck

    Cher, you seem a little hysterical.  You should get your hormones balanced hon.

  • bubbaskirtchaser

    Cher you washed up old stinking skank…go after bill maher let’s be fair huh?

  • Lucky

    Shallow as a puppy’s pee puddle.

  • Norma Killam

    Cher,where do you get your facts???Must be MSNBC,or some such.I am a woman approximately your age.I have always loved your music.But come on,NO ONE is trying to take away womens rights!!!But personally if some woman wants to have sex,MORE POWER TO HER.LET HER PAY FOR HER OWN BIRTH CONTROL.That is her right!!!!


    Hmmm.  Thought I had a comment on here somewhere…

  • Radlib

    Cher had the talent, Sonny had the brains. The less she talks, the smarter she seems.

  • Obamathejobkiller

    What a freaking idiot.
    First of all it is the left wing not the right wing taking away womens rights.
    The right is not taking any rights but protecting the rights of other from being forced by left wing kooks like cher from being forced to violate their moral beliefs.
    Nobody is trying to take a way birthcontrol.
    The left is just trying to make other supply it for FREE which means once again the moochers are reaching into our pockets.

    And all you women out there don’t forget that it is an obama czar that said women DON”T HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE CHILDRED.
    He has also said that it is fine for the goverment to put sterilants in the public water supply for force sterilize people against thier will.

    Demcorats are all dangerous kooks and people need to see them for what they really are.

  • Radlib

    Why should I have to pay for someone else’s 14 year old daughter’s birth control?

  • jubenile

    i think her rantings bring answer to the question of just whose idea it was for her daughter to undergo a sex change… the daughter’s or the man-hating mother’s?

  • redzone77p

    Things have not sound as dumb as ever.

  • Mary

    Just another 1% of the Hollywood elite, trying to get back into the news since she became a washed up,  has been.

  • tony tyler

    aahhaha cher, you are such a great parent, look how chaz turned out.. you must be a proud mother..

  • c

    she is a crazy old moonbat

  • linda1234567

    who cares what Cher thinks?  she’s an airhead anyway….why even report this crap?

  • Donald Washington

    Cher is an ignoramous.

  • Manny

    She has a brain… wow…ever since Sonny Divorced her, there was nothing coming out of her mouth that made sense…. I guess she is another Fluke….

  • Brian Bradley

    I’m not sure which I’m more surprised by. The fact that grandma knows how to work twitter or that she isn’t already pushing up daises.

  • another_engineer

    Trying like hell to be relevant, it’s actually kinda sad. You would figure someone with that much money and age would just fade into the sunset.   Attention whores know no bounds.

  • txgrl

    Well Ed, if you are so much smarter than Cher, why didn’t I pay 150 bucks to see YOU in concert.  Just because you don’t share her views, doesn’t make you a better person than she.  Remember that Ed.

    • R_Swift

      Thanks’ for letting us know Debbie. $150 to see Cher? You can go back to your knitting now. By the way, Rosie desperately needs folks like you over at OWN.

  • Moeller Mike

    I think Cher threw a tantrum because she was realized how old she is.

  • Italia

    Botox cause brain diseases


    Why does Yahoo think anything said by a ‘celebrity’ is newsworthy?

  • VHG1

    Who R these men?” Cher asks?  The same men who do her endless plastic surgeries!

  • Italia

    All men run from Cher. She scares people away.

  • cambaird

    Is this old skank still around?  And she’s preaching about values?  Think about who were talking about and her lifestyle……. can you imagine how many dead babies this pig has left on the floors of the abortion clinics around the world?  I’ll bet this pig has an open credit line at Planned Parenthood.  Silly me…… she probably has an abortionist on staff!

  • johnd

    Sorry Cher….It’s not 1985 anymore…..Your a dinosaur

  • MeezaThinkin

    It must be awful to discover that you’ve become irrelevant.

  • Conservative T & T

    This women went and lost it! I like it much better when these “stars” stay with what they are good at and don’t get into the political conversation. Look at what she is saying! None of it is coherent! She is going off on the “right wing” about human rights for women? Did I miss a day when the “right wing” said women have no rights? If you women want contraception, it is available, no one is outlawing it. If you want a religious institution to pay for it when they do not feel it is in their best interest, BUY IT YOURSELF! Free contraception is NOT a human right. It is no more a human right than a free tv, house, car, or anything else.

    I STILL do not know what her point was…that all those on the right hate women? Was that the point? I don’t get it!!!!

  • DaddioPaddio

    SHe is one coked-out skank.

  • BJC

    Did her and media ho Gloria get drunk together today?  drudge has a story on Gloria gone wild.  What a bunch of freaks.

  • Julie

    Limbaugh called this woman a “Slut”.  Big fat harry deal!  That’s probably the most dull, dismal insult any man can call a woman!  Pit that against the horrible things said by just about every liberal male against Sarah Palin.  GFYS’s

  • Lucid_American

    Hey Cher, it is bingo night at “the Villages” why don’t you go sell crazy there – you may get lucky…    

  • $6557272

    Please stick to entertainment Cher because it’s something you understand.  You are out of your league here.

  • Big Bad Wolf

    Cher…I love you.
    But you should really STFU and stick with entertainment

  • rightmostofthetime

    Half brain ….. how I hate to say the word ……

  • Cal

    the continually alarming aspect to all this and other left-forward leaning entertainers is how anyone really cares about anything they say like this outside their craft!  It’s like Tom most of what he’s done in entertainment, but he’s “drank the koolaid” like many of the others.

  • hoya

    Guess all those BOROX injections, plastic surgeries  had such an effect on Cher’s little brain!

  • Greggy boy

    Does Cher still get to vote, given that a) she appears to be a dead person, b) after all the cosmetic surgery, she’s now physiologically less than 50% human, and c) she has the IQ of a moron..? I’m going to take a wild guess that Cher is at least 20 years past the possibility of pregnancy, and besides..does anyone really want to sleep with her now? Cher, no one’s stopping you or any other woman in this country from obtaining birth control. It’s available to anyone who wants it for $108 a YEAR (unlike what Sandra Fluke fraudulently claims). I’m pretty conservative, and I strongly support any woman’s right to buy it or have it covered as part of her health insurance plan, so long as churches and other religious institutions that oppose it are not forced to pay for it thru the front door, or the back door. I support birth control usage, all the moreso, for liberal women. So everyone – let’s stop pretending that this is a real issue, or that it’s intended to do anything other than distract from Obama’s lackluster performance as President, heading into an election year.

  • nobarcode

    Cher didn’t get the memo. Her bubble will burst, along with her lips, legs, and boobs.

    “What, what, what…I’ve been betrayed!”


  • John Fiorella

    Cher if you dont like this country move!

  • Alan

    With a father who bit a tree indulging himself, and a mother who’s desparately seeking attention and relevancy, it’s small wonder Chastity went from being a cute little girl to a pudgy redneck dude.  Never had a chance.

  • rich34952

    Here is a gal who was washing dishes and serving tables in a restaurant when Sonny Bono “discovered” her.  She has as much intellect as a door knob.  She is just an example of the loonies on the left.  Disregard anything she has to say.

  • nobarcode

    Dear Cher,
    I was the white “Misogynistic Cretin” Doctor that gave you your boobs -six times not less.

    In the words of Bill Clinton, “How dare you?” “How daaaaaaare you?”

  • Nequelquepart

    Botox OD

  • Nequelquepart

    Someone pls tell twitter her and tell her we don’t want to pay for her plastic surgeries either!

  • Nequelquepart

    cher, honey, who are you calling “old and white”?

  • Claudia Smith

    Talk about a “twisted sister.”  LOL What a loon!  She better pay attention to her own problems… I really think some of our Hollywood Liberals have gone off the track. 

  • Tom English

    Hey Cher, better living through chemistry, eh, babe? That must be some good stuff you’re on to wake up an think you’re back in the seventies again. Catch a clue before you rant. Less embarrassing.

  • mdl68

    I stopped thinking about here many years ago…. surprised her brain hasn’t fallen out her A_____ yet..

  • Don Whitlock

    Whoa…scarry person. God have mercy on her tormented soul.

  • sloness

    No wonder her daughter wanted to be a man. Has she ever been to North Korea where people disappear after similar rants. Btw no one wants to take away your rights.

  • Thought Recon

    Shut up and sing. Uh, wait! Nevermind, just shut up.

  • John

    Cher get a grip…you sound like a ol’ angry blip. Go back to singing!

  • sloness

    What is a Cher? Is that French for disoriented?

  • b herrera moore

    Cher who????

  • b herrera moore

    cher who??

  • 665 the neighbor of the beast

    I always wondered what it would look like to talk all day and not say anything…just out of curiosity though…who is trying to sew up cher’s vagina? and could they stuff chazity back up there first?

  • mdl68

     Walking on a red carpet in a bubble that makes the world look perfect through her rose colored glasses.

  • nobarcode


    I hope you’re not paranoid or anything, so let me whisper sump’m….those right-winged militia groups might already be on your property.

    Now, those are the people you REALLY have to watch out for. Don’t wig out or anthing.

    Wait a minute……..I didn’t mean wig.

    I’m sorry, really sorry. I didn’t mean wig…like. Well, you know.

    I’m sorry.

  • bigchuckieC

    Do you really believe that she knows how to spell Misogynistic?  Someone writes this stuff for her.

  • knighttemplar01

    Like most hollywood left coast types, she has managed converge parallel paths 1> being a legend in her own mind and 2> believing she’s relevant to the conversation. If she wants to see stone-age treatment of women in all its barbarity go to any islamic country. Question, would cher be cher in a burka?

  • mdl68

    She expects us to trust her educated judgement calls, with all the drugs that shes done….

  • kcsparky

    What a whack job!!!  Complete duncebucket!!

  • $1718659

    Still trying to be relevant, sweetie? You’re too late. And what about the darling of the left – Bill Maher – a misogynist pig if ever there was one. Or maybe left hero Bill Clinton – who took advantage of every intern he could get on her knees. You lefty dipshits have a very selective memory. Now go lie down and STFU before your botox gets rearranged.

  • Mike

    A old washed up has been…Who gives a f**k about what she has to say anyways? 

  • candidviews

    How sad. In Iran they are killing young people (stoning them to death) for Emo style haircuts. Cher, looking preserved in wax is lecturing us on human rights? Go after Bill Maher…

  • Lor Mazz

    Ok calm down people this is the same woman who gave us Chaz. 

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    Just another example of the derangement and, generally, intellectual, moral, social and emotional disease that liberalism/leftism is.

  • Lor Mazz

    She is not making much sense is she.
    I guess she is voting for Romney.

  • Dr Moon

    Cher you over the hill hasbeen, it’s not the Right Wings fault you’re mad at the World or that you’re offspring is fckd up. Go to Iran and find out how the real world works so Muslims can sew up your cnt, cut off your clit and stone you to death for having sex with the neighbor, idiot.

  • 34543353454

    Cher who?????  You wonder why her DAUGHTER is as messed up as she is.  Look at who HER parents are!!!

  • bruce Becker

    Sonny rolling in his grave or laughing?

  • Lor Mazz

    I guess she ranted when Sarah Palin was called a t**t and c**t by maher. 

  • waltermitty2012

    Has Alec Baldwin taken the day off?

  • Lor Mazz

    I think she is getting her own show on the OWN network. That is where losers end up. 

  • Kerick Walters

    can we just divide the u.s. into two and build a gigantic wall down the middle ( which we will extend across the Mexican border on our half)  and the liberals can stay on their side and make their country how ever they choose to and we can do the same on our side. oh but that wouldn’t work now would  it. I wonder why…

  • looneytoonsindville

    She’s a lightweight.  What do you expect?  Booby-pucky!!!

  • Guest

    Who’s Cher?

  • Michael Baram

    It’s about time she replaced another body part. Her brain.

  • bvdon

    She doesn’t see the hypocrisy? I bet she loved Bill Clinton.

  • RussGl2

    Cher – One of Hollywood’s elite intellectuals!

  • nosocialism29

    Why does any Movie Tv star, think their view is important to us….. Cripe,,, they are JUST actors…  Big deal.

  • Perry Obsternoffan

    What a lunatic.  Not paying for someones condom habit is now equal to subjugation? 

    Hey how about free face and breast lifts? Do I have to pay for that too? I mean no man in his right mind is going to play with those leather sacks she carries around unless there’s some major work done. 

    Is that subjugation too?  

    The left has gone completely insane.

  • Paulie4

    I’ll always remember Cher from her rant about how if W Bush
    was elected he was going to have all the gays in the country put on an island.
    Cher is an air head.

  • nosocialism29

    Plus her kid is a Weirdo !!!

  • $8893504

    Oh shut up Cher! And while you’re at it, dry up and blow away you old shrew!

  • mimilundgren

    She certainly drank the kool-aid.  Bottom line, she doesn’t have the wherewithal to do any in-depth research on her own.  Typical liberal air-head.

  • logic146

    Cher is like all the other lib’s. They only defend women from the stupidity of the right but can’t be found when it’s the left, i.e. Bill Maher’s comments or defending the women abused by  Bill Clinton. These people have no feminist agenda, just a prejudicial liberal bias. Facts are wasted on the closed mind. And by the way, this is the woman who couldn’t even identify the moon.

  • Cornbread_Noah

    Geez Cher, try and get a grip…you’re so remotely isolated from regular America that you might as well be in Uganda. Maybe you could spend some time workin with that screw up kid…and leave the rest of us alone.

  • S

     her cosmetic surgeon is richer than she is now…why would anyone listen to mental midget narcissists like her. so she sings, and not very well. another women who was initially enabled by her husband. and her kid is well adjusted, right?

  • Cogito

    Gee Cher…why not move to Iraq and try that rights crap on them?  The only place you can get by with it is in the good old U.S.A.  And to think of our sons and daughters in uniform that have given their lives to protect your pathetic, old *ss, and your right to run your big mouth.  Am I the only one who hears the echo?

  • Ken Cos

    what a human punch line libtard  has been

  •* Swisstoons

    Good news is, I won’t have to go to the trouble of crossing her off my list of celebrities I give a damn about as she was never on the list in the first place

  • $5326605

    The rhymes with runt says she is “stone” again?  No one is “subjugating” anyone, we just don’t want to pay for YOUR birth control pills.  Anyways Cher, you are old and dried up and need NO birth control, and IF you did you can afford to pay for it YOURSELF you dried up old plastic old shrew.

  • duckydoo

    My GOD what is she even talking about. That college kids should have to pay for their own condoms? What an ass. If she thinks the 60″s was such a breakthrough for women she is dumb as a box of rocks. SAD SAD SAD

  • Heartland Patriot

    Abortions consist of everything from using a chemical in pill form to keep the fertilized ovum from properly implanting in the uterine wall, all the way to drilling into a baby’s skull, suctioning out the brain, and then dismembering the body to get it out through the not-properly-dialated cervix…in-between those two is a lot of nasty stuff like scraping and suctioning…don’t like my descriptions?  Too bad…they are reasonably accurate, if crudely described…I cannot stop women from doing these things, but I sure in the heck don’t want to pay for it, nor make it easy to do…there are lots of ways to not start a kid so that it never gets to that point…and many of those methods aren’t expensive…probably cost less than a cell phone data plan and some Starbucks…be a responsible adult and handle your business without ending a life that is just getting started, okay?

  • $5326605

    The Obama administration and the NAACP don’t mention  the old south KKK democrat party, or Robert Byrd ex KKK Grand Kugel re-elected his entire life by democrats until the old white sheet wearer died of old age.   How about the Obama supporters and NAACP  tossing the race card so often and for so little that the words “racist” and “racism” no longer have ANY impact?  The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a fable all  should google and read.

  • G volans

    put down the bong cher and get a clue. No one is trying to infringe on any woman’s rights (not even your son/daughter) to  do whatever the hell they want.  Just a drug-fueled attempt to be relevant for the first time in decades, i suppose.

  • $5326605

    All the plastic surgery and drugs rotted what was left of her mind.

  • BobLarimer

    Cher, you really took your name seriously, didn’t you?

  • $5326605

    Dup – was a reply and went to wrong place.

  • republicandrinkingtea

    She is a fkn loon toon!

  • $5326605

    When she sobers up maybe she’ll let us know.

  • cheapseats87

    Apparently she just woke up from her drug induced stupor and got caught up from last week.

  • bigdog

    I don’t hear her screaming about the women being abused in the Middle East! Typical lib…STFU cher…you aren’t even a has been…anothe clueless hollywood lib!

  • bigdog

    STFU and keep promoting that freak chaz…you are both classless & clueless….Taz…uh I mean Chaz your mommy is having a hissy fit!

  • Valerie

    Cher – even Sonny is looking better than you at this point. If I could turn back time I’d shove the morning after pill down your mother’s throat.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Thank you, Cher.  I’ll reflect on how unfair life is for women in America the next time I fill out an online job application only to be informed I’m qualified but unfit for employment because I don’t offer enough Work Opportunity Tax Credits (white male between the ages of 55 and 75 with no felony criminal record, never used drugs, willing to take a drug test).

    God bless YOUR America, babe.

  • TheRightWingM

    I have figured out why Cher is ranting. It’s not about contraception. Instead she realized that Obamacare doesn’t cover plastic surgery and pitch correcting auto-tune software!

  • bigdog

    cher is to stupid to know the difference…F her, she is a washed up has been!

  • Mark Christopher

    Who’s Cher??

    And why is she ranting against the right, when the left dictates that THEY are the champions of women, but in reality, it’s just the opposite.  Just like Obama lies constantly, and if he espouses something, it’s because he’s trying to cover up something he’s guilty of. The right is by record more compassionate, more loving, more fair.

    Don’t believe anything you hear in the main stream media folks!  Democrats are NOT what they pretend to be!!  Look up what they’re finding out about Obama on video at

  • nekron

    Cher, please feel free to self-fornicate.

    Oh, and take your meds, nutjob.

  • bigdog

    She really raised a great kid didn’t she! What an embrassement…these slobs actually think they matter!

  • David


    Who’s Cher?

  • Tosheba

    Shuddup.  Who is Cher?  Never heard of her.  

  • h0nestabe

    Trillions in debt, presidents seeking more and more power for the executive branch to make us all enemies of the state, never ending war on terror based on lies, 1,000 page bills being written behind closed doors passed under the cover of darkness which have never even been read, and this is news?  Wake the f#ck up America!

    Ron Paul 2012!  Time to restore the republic and throw all of these traitors out!  This nation is under attack from within!

  • Blammo

    Cher. Relax. It’s Doug the landscape guy. Relax………….

  • Mahakala

    Cher must have missed a Prozac dose or Botox has seeped into her brain.

  • Okieflyover

    Stupidity 140 characters at a time.  I love the straw man argument of sending women back to the stone age. 

    When women began treating their bodies with less respect, men did as well.  Get it? 

    No, I didn’t think so. 

    You think the issue is freedom.  You can do what you want, just why do I have to pay for it. 

    Every county health department gives out condoms.  As do school nurses and most women’s clinics.  Pills are $9 at WalMart and Target. Both companies run by men. 

    Who is treating them poorly?

  • Roy Castleberry

    Tweets are for twits–of whatever political persuasion. And anyone who takes the time to blog about them is a big ol’ loser.

  • Sammie Jo

    North Korean women have it better than American women? Really?
    Well, I guess I better blow off my pedicure appt tommorow and hike on down to the rice paddies, then go by the river to wash the clothes.
    Today must be liberal women’s self destruct day, gloria allred is on a rant too, wants to prosecute rush limbaugh for what he said, of course, no word about prosecuting bill maher!
    Maybe it’s the solar storm that’s making them nuts.

  • DG

    “And obviously Twitter is run by the oppressive male oligarchy because every time I try to speak out those bas….. pull the plug and leave me hanging high and dry and sounding li

  • dadoftim

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    • $27805435

       Agreed, brother; and so is Cher guaranteed the right to make herself look like an absolute cretin in this manner.  We are all thankful for your first amendment rights, you ignorant cow!

      • dadoftim

        OR for Congress to tell the Catholic Church/College to   go against their beliefs and force them to provide/supply or supplement conception/abortion or sterilization. If she wants one part (free speech) of the amendment she has to obey all of it (freedom of religion)

  • ZeitTrash

    Fascinating how the left is so eager so often to yell about how much they hate white people.

  • friendnotfoe

    So Ed whats you gifts to the world? Any special talents?

  • RockyPt

    Hey Cher, I didn’t know Bill Clinton and Bill Maher were right wingers!

  • Andrew

    I wish she would move to Canada or North Korea.

  • Guest

    This is news worthy ? 

  • Ray Gunner

    An ugly woman has a few hit songs in the ’60s, and I’ll be damned if 50 years later it didn’t make her an expert political commentator……WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY !

  • mypoint02

    Apparently she’s falling for the narrative too.

  • Terry Lehrling

    she is an idiot…she needs to check in with her doctotrs about her meds…

  • $27805435

    I’ve always despised Cher.  Now I have a whole new reason to hold her in utter contempt.  She doesn’t even know what she’s opposing, the stupid cow.

  • Lysander Spooner

    Cher used to be beautiful — but now she’s just a dumbaxx sack of weasel shxt Democrat.

  • Richard

    I like her idea of a woman’s self worth. Silicon boobs and face. To please……whom?

  • liars
  • Gutz_Otoole

    Just goes to show some folks are just too old for technology.

  • grumpyolguy

    The woman has achieved more celebrity with less talent than anyone I can think of.
    the good thing about twitter is that at least you don””’t have to hear her voice. 

  • Nomad


  • RockyPt

    Give cher a break. She’s getting on in years and it’s been some time since she’s attracted a boy toy to play with. She’s just a frustrated, washed up old biddy with a new toy, Twitter.
     Case in point, even her daughter couldn’t stand her rants about women, SO SHE, BECAME A HE! 

  • picomanning

    It’s just more evidence that Progressive Liberals are creepy.

  • Pamela m

    I was a member of the feminist movement back in the sixties, when we fought real battles. The liberals in those days treated women like prostitutes.  Don’t their leaders still do that? Think Kennedy, Dobbs, etc.

    We fought the real battles like community property, rape law revisions so women so longer needed a corroborative  witness to bring a rape charge, and  the practice that women were sentenced longer than men for the same crime.

    I left when it became all about a radical left wing agenda that had nothing to do with “women’s rights”and everything to do with Progressivism.

    That is what this whole business is about Flukes, a left wing radical agenda, from a 30 year old hard core activist.

    Cher should read up on what is going on before she opens her mouth and displays her ignorance. Did she mention Maher and all the others of the left and their nasty rhetoric, all the time?

    I must have missed that part.

    • SocialismSucks2

      Pamela, I think you are referring to Chris Dodd.  That marvelous Senator who along with Barney Fwank brought you Freddie and Fanney.

  • williambaranowski

    I do not like Cher.

  • $23399007

    Does she even have a clue what she is talking about?  Not that would stop a half-wit leftard. What an ass.

  • Mona Lisa

    OMG she is a libtard having a senior moment?  Republicans do not want to take away any freedoms, and Obama wants to take most of our freedoms….she is the one that better wake up and get off the crack pipe

  • Hcar H

    Cher….is as or more attractive, than any mummy on exhibit…. however even though a mummies brains are dirt and ash… she is not nearly as intelligent.

  • HenryK

    Just when I thought Gloria Allred was as nutty as it gets, Cher pops up and brings me a dose of reality.

  • Barrack Hussein Carter

    Does anyone have any idea what she is referring to?  I mean passion is great but it’s even better if it has some basis in reality.    

  • John Williams

    This is the result when you have women who have acquired power and don’t have a friggin’ clue what to do with it.  Cher’s obviously as much a hand-wringer and teeth-gnasher as any poor black person who’s convinced Republicans are going to send them back to the cotton fields.  It’s so pathetic how easily manipulated these far lefties are.  Fear and loathing–that’s what gets them up in the mornings and what keeps them going every day.  Hatred and a blind faith that Republicans are there to take something from them.  Pathetic.

  • Hcar H

    Definition/ BIRTH CONTROL:  Having multiple disfiguring plastic surgeries….after which no man would EVER sleep with you…. see also Cher, and her offspring the crossdresser.

  • Hcar H

    The “right” to be comically insane; fortunetly still exists…. a “right” that the misogynists will never take from Cher.

  • Hobson Victim

    And they tried to make ol’ Sonny out as the goofy one. This loon has had about 6 too many trips under the knife and anesthesia. 

  • Hcar H

    Who is Cher?

  • Paavo

    Half of America is asking… who is Cher… the other half… she is still alive?

    She’s never been one who exemplifies critical thought, but critically lacking in thought. Now dementia has set it. Sad.

  • LA

    Good Lord, Anita Dunn should have waltzed the old hippie chick up to congress and then Gloria Alllred would not be calling for Rush’s Arrest because there would be questions about morality there.  lmao

  • K-Bob

    I’m curious why Cher didn’t include a link to the news story where women are being rounded up and put in “baby jail,”  or being forced to have sex without condoms or whatever it is she’s all worried about.

    There must have been something like that, right?

    Or did she wake up in a Mosque parking lot again?

  • John

    really.. what a dumbass.  she’s attacking her own freedom in the name of freedom.. what a self contradicting dumbass

  • Aimee Vee

    Right to what? Scraw like a mink and make somebody else pay for your birth control? 
    Now it’s a right to have someone else pay for your condoms and pills?
    I actually feel like having a Cher rant against lefties idjits like her.

  • Aimee Vee

    no wonder her kids don’t know if their a man or a woman…or is she looking for a free sex change for her woman/man child.. doesn’t she have lots of money to give her kids or has she wasted all her money on drugs and plastic surgery?
    Next she will be ranting about free plastic surgery because without it her health is compromised.

    • AirForceMed

      Aimee Vee, your comments are as bad (or worse) than #cher. When you resort to nasty, personal attacks, you lose all credibility.

  • Byron

    Sounds like most liberals

  • AmWiser

    People who specialize in something other than the subject matter should refrain from making commentary altogether to avoid appearing idiotic, naive, blind or just plain embarrassing.  I have been watching the left media very close lately and (like esp. om MSNBC) they are trying their damnedest to own the female voter and the women’s rights issue.  Yes, it is a fact of life that women bear children so the left assumes women should own the abortion issue, but what about the man who will work the rest of his life for the benefit of a child whose existence is due to some woman’s right to make abortion decisions over her own body.  They are forgetting that whole side of the issue and it’s about time someone bring it up and provide some resistance to their attempts to garner votes for the Democrat party

  • Nathan Johnson

    Bless her heart.  I will keep Cher in my prayers and ask the Lord to give her repentance which leads to eternal Salvation

  • organicroseski2

    What is Cher upset about? Does she want the taxpayer to pay for her birth control pill or sex change operation? That is where the problem is!

  • Jim Strathmeyer

    Yes, if only the people we’re trying to take rights away from would shut up, it would be much easier??? Your blindness to reality is obvious to us all.

    • betspotter

      Who has a right to free contraception, Bud?  Rights are God given, and we have them, until Obama gets re-elected, at least. 

  • Briank

    I feel sorry for her, such a delusion.

  • Dave Jones

    First her looks and now her mind is gone. The recent spin of the left that somehow women are losing something if birth control is not provided by the government was aimed at weak minded fools like her.

  • moremonkeybusiness

    Judging from the rest of her tweets she is psychotic.

  • rhody

    Maybe Sonny’s death wasn’t an accident.

  • meadowlands

    Sounds like Cher is getting a little demented

    • p3orion

       Well she is about 75 or 80 now, right?

  • LuciaMai

    What Cher calls lack of freedom is simply someone saying the government doesn’t need to pay for this Fluke’s birth control. No one is denying her the right to birth control  Cher, abortion’s still legal, too.  Since Cher’s so rich, let her pay for Fluke’s $3000 yearly birth control, while Fluke uses her own money for her expensive law school and whatever other enjoyments she has in her life.  She’s got something going on to be needing that much birth control.  

    See, these people like Cher go off half-cocked, not understanding that no one’s denying the woman her birth control.  WE just don’t want to pay for it.  I can’t even get my aged mother’s medicine paid for by her health plan in its entirety, costing her still hundreds of dollars per month just to stay live.  Yet here is Cher and others wanting this woman’s recreational medicine, aka birth control, paid for by the citizens.

    • p3orion

      Never mind the money, if Fluke is using $3000 worth of birth control per year, does she have TIME for “other enjoyments?”

  • RobD

    Is she still alive?

  • pofalici

    Oh Puhlease Cher, is this still about your mommie not buyin gu a pony? What a shame to see a woman who was so talented turn out to be so disturbed. Yeah BABE you really have had a tough life.  being a woman and all. Grow up before you die of old age.

  • Tuppy

    She is so far gone it only proves one thing like most over  the hill washed up entertainers she will resort to anything to get attention.  GET HELP.. For another RW’er

  • betspotter

    So, Cher, your idea of freedom for women is the rest of us paying for your condoms and pills?  I have a higher standard.  Look to the Left for the destruction of values and attacks on women.  Rap, you think?  Hollywood, right.  The idea that religion is a myth? Right.  Go have a fit somewhere else, lady.  You’ve been lost from the start.

  • AirForceMed

    Well, a certain @USAFmedicVET tweeted the diva regarding how “Furious” she is that it takes every dime to live & now the govt & Cher want her to pay more, so other women can get Free Stuff. While the US debt increases by $4.01B Every day. Apparently, nobody ever Gave her Free Stuff & she is Furious about it. More Furious than Cher could ever be on About a Stupid Headline she saw in Malibu,but didn’t bother to actually Read anything about it.
    Cher Knows from personal experience that Women have Complete Control over their own bodies. I won’t go into detail about That for fear it will be misunderstood.
    USAFmedicVET seemed ‘furious’…to coin Cher’s term,while her drooling fans agreed & agreed with her nonsensical rants…& kept drooling.
    Have some effing guts, ppl & Twitter @cher about Reality.

  • jnstrawn

    Cher is wonderful; and such a wonderful parent. Her child, whatever it is today, reflects a mother’s character and love so well.

  • Sarah4Prez

    Cher is just another example of someone on the left who can’t have a discussion without sounding completely unhinged. 

  • Lawrence A Evans

    May our prayers go out to all the “Cher’s”, including the one that may still live within each of us.  Lord, help us all to seek the bigger picture and Your TRUTH.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Cher . . . . . . still does not have a clue. It’s obvious her elevator won’t hit the top floor.

  • Br8ker Guy

    Her daughter is an old white man; is she mad at it?

  • Chris Alexander

    Man, Cher is one angry la

  • Lordhelmet

    Cher is still alive?

  • G W

    John kennedy: Catholic, John Kerry: Catholic, Nancy Pelosi: Catholic, Harry Read MORMAN (omg!), Bill Clinton: Southern Babtist. Don’t Be such a tool!!! Just because a man professes a faith does not make him unfit for office. Useful Idiots!

  • G W

    I assume cher would have been vehementy opposed to John F Kennedy, or Ted Kennedy running for office as well?

  • Larry Miller

    Cher’s not worth the ink it takes to make a dot.

  • Belinda Duras

    how did you learn to lie so poor child cher. praying for you always

  • JP

    Who is trying to do what to women?

  • BobHaze

    Poor Cher…..

  • Jugears McGhetto Jr

    And she’s got a transgender kid, is that someone you need advice from America? Sonny Bono’s FIRST WIFE before he was enlightened? Hollywood skeezer?

    No thanks Cher, I take your words and flip em on their head and that’s closer to the truth and reality than you’ll ever be thank you. She’s not long for this world anyhow at her advanced age, it’s just her money keeping her from looking like an Elderly Morticia.

  • number001

    I Think All that plastic surgery is starting to come unglued, Whoops! There goes her brain, Oh yeah, Cher your teeth fell out while you were talking, Please pick them up and shut them up.  Thanks,

  • rtwngr

    Always liked Sonny better. And that cute little blonde girl. What ever happened to her/him?

  • maddogdean

    I much anesthesia. 

  • Joseph Aucoin

    Cher, how’s your son doing?  Wait, it’s a girl, no it’s a boy.  I’m so confused.  I least he/she won’t be burdened with the need for contraception.  

  • Wert

    I think Cher needs a dose of reality,  to much time locked up in her malibu retreat. Maybe move to a Muslim country and really see the truth.

  • Steveade

    If cher is so concerned about women then why is it she is not going to different countries and helping them?? I will tell you why, she is a fake phoney fraud.

    The other thing about this women is she is a has been and apparently she needs something to do, perhaps she should go to the park and feed some birds.

  • froggy546

    Cher is a low life, horrible living whore and always has been If she thinks spending half her life in near undress makes her a poster girl for the right way to live I think she is in for a surprise when she tries to get through those pearly gates. Her life issuch a screwed up mess cause she believed in living in the moment for her own gratification. She has never once done anything for the world. Look at the poor mess she can take credit for in a daughter/son (no offense to Chaz meant at all) Cher chose a druggie for a second husband and robbed the craddle on several occasion and still thinks at her age the world wants to see her half naked (we didn’t want to see that when she was younger) I refuse to get upset with people like this as I know that in the end they will pay for all their sins. They pay here in their unhappiness and they are unhappy and they will pay when they die.

  • DallenH

    Just because the “right wing” doesn’t want to pay for women’s birth control, doesn’t mean they want to pass legislation to outlaw women’s birth control.   Cretin…

  • Norge

    Old, ugly, irrelevent twit who doesn’t understand the difference between being well preserved, in which one maintains cognizence, and being well pickled, in which the brain has been stewed in a slow brew of cocaine, lsd, methadrine, pot, pcp, and alcohol for 45 years.  Thow in enough plastic surgery to erase African famines, and what you have left is the looney representations of Hollywoods finest poster-child for euthanasia.

  • MaxAR15

    Cher, trying going to Mecca dressed as you do when on stage, expressing your opinion and see how far you get. If you want an abortion or to use birth control I don’t want to pay for it. Very simple.

  • $286487

    Worthless noaccount=

  • texasgoat

    That is one tweeting twat….

  • Jerilyn Westwall

    What ever happened to “Growing Old Gracefully’? This aging Diva is not screaming at White Men, or Republicans, or Conservatives –  It’s Father Time to whom she is pissed.

  • AG1

    Although I disagree with Cher on many issues, I must admit, when I have seen her in interviews, she comes across as a very personable and caring person.  I have never heard her speak with a tone of hatred in her voice – she is usually very witty.  (However, I haven’t seen her in an interview in years, so possibly, she has changed).

    That being said, she is so far removed from reality, it is truly sad.  It is the party of the left that wants to take away our rights and freedoms.  They want us to depend on the government for everything, from cradle to grave, as though we are too stupid to know how to take care of ourselves.  The left wing folks are an insult to womanhood! 

  • The Rude Dog

    Here is the visual guide to what the left thinks of women:

  • cloaked axiom

    the right wing trying to stop womens rights…bravo cher, you watch the msm! in the likes of cnn msnbc and what have you. todays media is nothing more than opinions called news. investigative journalism has lost its way, even fox news shares their opinions and calls it news. the whole dispute over contraception has no place in the news. sandra fluke is just that, a fluke! set up by the obama admin. we have free birth control in this country!!!! go to any free clinic and ask for a pill and they will gladly hand it out to you! just because your idiot box speaks to you, does not mean it is 100% true!

  • PedroHanson

    The left wing is as oppressive as the right wing, both sides want power over others. both sides support the Marxist income tax, the fraudulent federal reserve. Both sides want perpetual war against drugs, global warming, terrorism, or whatever threat they concoct. Left AND right want big government, and both sides share contempt for anyone who wants both individual liberty and economic liberty.

  • Sherry

    Why don’t you go after Bill Maher first lady!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarasota_Pete

    Snap out of it!

    • coniljw

      Great one Sarasota Pete!!!  Funny.

  • 50gary

    Cher,   BTW, May  2011 (MSNBC liberal left winger) Ed Schultz called (on air) Laura Ingram “a right wing slut”  Where were you then?   Let’s hear it? Google search that, well tell one of your hired help to Google it for you.

    • coniljw

      The President of the Free World made this story the BIG story.  Obama never called Laura Ingrahamn.  In fact, Obama encourages radical OWS type anarchist hate mongering, coveting, anti-moral and even sometimes phones them to tell him he supports what they are doing.  The office of the Prez. was diminished when this man entered the oval office. I know that Mitt Romney will restore the office to a dignified status.  As long as he is NOT swayed by the leftists screech owls he will have to work with.  I say vote every single democrat out of office so America can return to greatness.  It will take time for the transformation but at least we will be heading the the right direction NOT the left direction.
      Go MItt Go.
      Change your party affiliation and vote for Mitt!

  • Joseph

    Hollywood peaching to the rest of us. Shackled to their birth control pills, abortion clinics, personal trainers and plastic surgeons.

  • Sherry

    Go after Bill Maher first, then we’ll talk!

  • blueangel69

    Poor Cher.  I don’t believe she’s a complete idiot or anything but like so many she’s completely ill-informed and misguided. Doesn’t really know what she’s saying.  It’s a shame but actually “the right” is culpable for not spreading the word and representing.  I wonder how we could do better?

  • MelissaBaskette

    I would love to hear Cher’s take on Bill Maher’s comments about Sara Palin.  

  • harpera

    Has Been

  • Huskystar

    Where has she been for the last 20 years?
    Rap music has been blasting women and calling them every name in the book! Yet now Cher is upset? Amazing1

    • coniljw

      Great POINT.  Why doesn’t Ms. Alred sue the rappers & their music labels for calling women demeaning names?   Oh, that’s right leftists only hear what they want to hear.

  • Bobbie

    We got you babe, or is that being chovinistic, This female activist is not some dewy eyed college coed, she’s over 30 years old Rush called it right she is a “Slut” by any other name would be incorrect. If she is breaking her budget buying birth coontrol maybe she should buy a vibrator or get her tubes tied I would help pay for that to keep her from reproducing another twit like her, Cher is an over the hill diva and all she has left is the left. so sad to watch this happen.

    • coniljw

      Actually a slut gives it out for free.  Ms. Fluke is apparently being paid by Ms. Pelosi and the other left wing radicals to spew her venom to whomever will listen and believe her.
      Every single democrat needs to be sent to the unemployment lines in November.  They need to see for themselves that the lines are long there and there are NO prospect for jobs as long as this leftist President is in charge.  Can you believe how undignified Obama is for personally calling Ms. Fluke?  How radical was that?  Interjecting himself was the best thing for the right wingers.  This guy put himself clearly as a supporter of this political hack Ms. Fluke.  Prositutes are paid.  Sluts for for free.  Decide for yourself which Ms. Fluke is.  Either way she is soiled.

  • snapperman

    Certainly hasn’t done well advising Charity, oh …

  • Scott

    This qualifies her as your average tenured college academic.  Take that as you will.

  • bubba60609

    Coo Coo, Coo Coo. Yeah, hag, support those women like Chaz. Oh wait, that can’t be right. Something must be askew with Ms. Hasn’t Been Relevant Since 1982. Must have been caused by the solar flare. Altight kids, let’s have a kumbaya moment and all sing….If I could turn back time…..I’d get a shiny new brain…..

  • HowardB1

    One of the reasons I move farther and farther to the right is all these paragons of reason on the left…..

  • Jerry Allen

    I am amazed at Cher and the Georgetown “toadie”. Cher is wealthy. The toadie is attending a very expensive law school, yet she is too dumb to find inexpensive birth control. If these people are so rich, why aren’t they smart?

  • JimmyMac6778

    More than likely in a drug stupor.  She’s about the most unintelligent whackjob bimbo Hollywood has to offer.  A no talent slut who uses men like tampons.   

  • Mark M

    Cher is correct, there is a war on women. It’s been waged for decades, now. The enemy is WOMEN! Womens groups like NOW and NARAL have clouded the view of what women should be. You can’t be happy unless man is your equal, you can’t be happy without a career, childbirth is akin to slavery, you cannot raise a child without government as the father, men are evil try a woman. What is natural for a woman is now considered unnatural. Abortions have murdered millions of would be women.

    I’m not saying woment shouldn’t have careers or some kind of equality with men (especially in the workplace), but it seems that certain womens groups only deal in absolutes and that to disagree shows some lack of intelligence or strenght.

    by the way, Cher cheated on Sonny with an Allman so Sonny ended up with Suzie Coehlo. Definitely a move in the right direction for Sonny.

    • coniljw

      Ditto Mark.

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    Every time these Hollywood elites open their mouths they demonstrate how stupid they are. 
    I’d rather have Sarah Palin or most rightwing women raise my kids then this utter disaster. 


    All this from a slut that has made a very good living off of flaunting her sexuality. Cher has single handidly positioned women as nothing but sex symbols ever since she dumped sonny bono.  This tramp, her own words is an aged beast and I’m afraid if she has one more face lift, she’ll end up with a goatee

  • $270502

    I’m taking what Cher says about birth control to heart. I mean, just look at her kids.

  • Fennes

    The only one she should be bitching about is Santorum… I mean, his “Rape is a gift” quote. The Religious Cuckoo!

    Ron Paul would let women decide, their bodies are their own, government has no business telling them what to do.

    But I don’t think she really did any research, instead of crying out all all of those on the right for being sexist bastards. The left is just as guilty… >_>

  • Um..Rob the Blacksmith..duh.

    Let’s see:  Leaves home at a young age to marry a man that was way older than her, against her parents wishes, in the 70’s free love era, go on to divorce him, start a career based loosely on crappy music and plastic surgery, marries a drug addicted blues singer way younger than her.  Oh, almost forgot:  She did such a fine job with raising her only child that she decided to become a he.  Yes, Young Women of America, this is Your Personal Role Model.

    • AG1

      Actually Rob, she has two children.  Elijah Blue is her natural son whom was fathered by one of the Allman Brothers (Gregg, I believe).

  • buyitcheap

    Ah, 70 and unbalanced…. time to up the meds.

  • commoncents68

    You have to forgive Cher. Her brain is squeezed too tight from had more face lifts than her total IQ.

  • Jamie

    Where were you when Bill Clinton was abusing his exeutive privilage? With all those women!!!!

    • coniljw

      Yes, and Monica Lewinsky actually was pretty innocent when Bill got a hold of her.  Ms. Fluke is NOT innocent, she is a leftist plant at Georgetown and a special friend to Ms. Pelosi.  Ms. Fluke’s boyfriend is the son of a prominent democrat.  They are vacationing in Calif. this week.  No $ for BCP’s Ms. Fluke but you can jet off to interviews all week.
      WTF?  Does the Left really think the public is so stupid?  Thank God for the internet so we can get the truth.  Well, that is until Obama takes it over or shuts it down due to “security measures” in his next term.  Hopefully Americans will not vote for this leftist KING wanna be.

  • David C

    It ain’t the right or the left.  It is Orthodox Judaim’s growing influence.  Everyone seems to be worried about Sharia and that fear is a smokescreen for Jewish agenda.  Muslims don’t have any power in America, but the Jews have more power than most are aware of  and much more power than any will admit.  
    27). “I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and
    tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of
    America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern
    civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of
    Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become
    their inheritance.” (Bismarck)

    28). “The Christians are always singing about the blood.
    Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and
    drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood!
    I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the
    guts of the last preacher.” (Jewish Chairman of the American
    Communist Party, Gus Hall).

    29). “Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out
    the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already
    killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief
    Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn).

    30). “We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity,
    and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races,
    but to its triumph over them.” (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor
    of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)

    31). “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the
    destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs.
    We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

    32). “We will have a world government whether you like it
    or not. The only question is whether that government will be
    achieved by conquest or consent.” (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg,
    February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

    • coniljw

      HUH?  Talk about a rant.  

  • reaganredux

    go rant to your fat son/daughter or whatever it is

  • Jamie

    Left wing-nut. Very pickey on who she supports or backs when it comes to AMERICAN womens rights.

  • Michael Bullock

    Love you Cher, U r a gr8 singer.  The fight u joined is religious freedom battle. Contraception is cheap. 

  • Michael Bullock

    oh and U r on the wrong side of the battle…

  • BobbyD

    Back in the 60’s ‘they always said that Sonny was the smart one and Cher was the pretty one.  I didn’t realize they really meant that Sonny had ALL the brains.  What a f-ing moron!

  • $20050554

    Shouldn’t this stapled together, freakish monster be stopping by her favorite butcher for a quick ‘nip and tuck’ of one kind or another? A new brain perhaps?!

  • Ksera Sugarmail

    Nice Alinsky tactic to change a negative into a positive. But it won’t work.

    Everyone knows this issue is about liberals attacking religious freedom. And everyone knows that hateful liberals who crave power will not stop at violating one church’s rights. They’ll keep going after every church until they have destroyed everyone’s right to believe anything other than their progressive dogma.

    All anyone needs to do is watch one episode of Bill Maher to see how badly liberals hate anyone of faith.

    Shame on your hate.

  • RH

    SOMEONE needs to go back on her meds!

  • Perrin Ehlinger

    She needs treatment for Toxoplasmosis.

  • Rene

    What a moron hasbeen freak. Cher, why don’t you go back to your whiskey bottle abd shut-up. You make no sense and you never will.Who is the Misogynistic? Let me see, oh the short freak Bill Maher.

  • jistincase

    No one every accused her of having any brains or common sense. If Hollywood keeps talking they will eventually ruin everyone of their jobs. Idiots!

  • 4sailing

    Apparently there is a thin line between passion and crazy.
    Apparently – she’s confused the two.

  • Suzanne Kane Cher hasn’t bought into a false femine ideal…

  • CJayman

    A prime example of the left’s “tolerance”. 

  • cutclean734

    Well she defines the “C” word perfectly dont you think.What a nothing person she is.

  • Guest

    Well Cher get your raisin like face out of the matter! You have a “fat dirty looking son” now

  • PaulBegala

    Twitter … Because when you’re a shallow douchebag, 140 characters is more than enough.

  • Ruth

    If Cher had a working brain she would see this is about forcing religious groups to offer contraception and the abortion pill, but the left loonies always get it wrong
    Cher wants to turn this into womans rights. I am a woman and I do NOT want to pay for another womans birth control pills. Hey Cher stop working on that old body and try learning something

  • RJohnston

    Liberals are mentally ill. Proof by Cher’s ridiculous tweets. Why aren’t the demoncrats trying to help woman in Muslim countries and where are they when US judges rule on muslim crimes against women in their families in the US and consider sharia in their rulings.

  • geewhiz1962

    What a mess she is and no wonder her daughter is so confused.

  • Guest

    Cher, you’re irrelevant.

  • sirjohnnyrotten

    the democrats have kept blacks enslaved in the ghetto with foodstamps and sec 8 housing. keep them ignorant is the lefts credo

    • Chuck Pelto

      TO: Pat Megroin, et al
      RE: You Didn’t Mention….Directly….

      the democrats have kept blacks enslaved in the ghetto with foodstamps and sec 8 housing — Pat

      ….lousy education.

      But, you indirectly mentioned it, with….

      ….keep them ignorant is the lefts credo — Pat

      However, you may not have caught it, but the successes the Left, i.e., Democrats, has had with the Black community has been extended to ALL communities.

      I sit on a local, i.e., city-county, citizens oversight commission.

      Back in Fall 2010, the two local institutions of higher education—one state university, one community college—BOTH reported that 38% of all new enrollees REQUIRED REMEDIAL EDUCATION IN ENGLISH AND MATH before they could participate in the expected curriculum.


      And, a key indicator that the purported purpose of the vaunted American public education system has been suborned. They are LITERALLY and DELIBERATELY dumbing-down their students.

      It used to be that education replaced an empty mind with an open one. NOT ANY MORE!

      So, with regards to the helpless and hapless Black community, the Democrats, i.e., the slave-holders of the pre-Civil War, have replaced whips and chains with food-stamps and ignorance. Softer gloves to cover their iron fists.


      [Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive;  Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.]

      P.S. See the purpose of the NEA clearly now?

  • Guest

    How is the right wing doing anything negative to women? What is it they are doing?

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: Well….

    …what can you expect from a certifiable ‘s!u†’.

    When NOW that Rush has used it in its proper form, vis-a-vis Fluke, and the rest of the world has become aware of how the Left has used the term to disparage women for YEARS….Cher finally figures out how she has behaved ever since she dumped Sonny.

    No wonder she’s on a tear….and some other substances when she twitted this.


    [The Truth will out…the Left is ‘evil’.]

  • $302420

    I, for one, am all for women’s rights being rolled back all the way to Feb 2012.

  • coniljw

    Cher, Gloria Alred, Nancy Pelosi, Sandra Fluke, Julianna Moore – all leftist lunatics.  They can’t see the truth when it is right in front of their eyes.  It is the dems who keep people in categories and demand they behave as THEY want.  Repubs want freedom & liberty for all people.  The left is as angry and bitter as ever and have lost all ability to think and speak clearly.  
    Cher is not a normal person; she is a celebrity who has nothing but “Yes” men surrounding her so she thinks she is always right.  
    Shut up and sing!

    • Eddie

      Spot on..but…please…don’t tell her  to sing!

  • Guest

    Let’s follow your logic Cher.
    Couple of conservatives say something you don’t like and all conservatives are guilty by association.
    Now, a couple of lefties do something like stand in front of a polling place with baseball bats and demand that everyone vote for Obama and they somehow don’t represent the entire left?

    I don’t mind you questioning limbaugh for his speech, but don’t lump me in with him lest I lump you in with the thugs at the polling place.

  • Guest

    Cher, what’s more chilling?
    Rush Limbaugh saying bad things about women or Gloria Alred demanding he be jailed for his speech?

    • Eddie

      Well said…

      • Chuck Pelto

        But I’ll wager dollars-to-donuts that Cher and her fellow ‘progressives’….

        DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

        OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!

  • StarResident

    You would think that the simple assertion that women should continue to buy their own contraception and pay for their own abortions would end the argument.  The truth is that semi-literate people like her are being manipulated by the left to try to close Obama’s gender gap. 

  • Trish

    Fame is irrelevant, Cher still has the I.Q. of a Tick….Maybe her next appearance will be on Bill Maher.

  • Eddie

    Who is Cher…and who gives a F what this loser has to  say! Pot smoking Bitch from the 60’s I’m told.

  • Retired Vietvet

    Too many face lifts have made her brain dead!  fluke in California with millionair boyfriend, who’d of thought this?

  • Citizen0000

    Attention Liberals, you are now required to provide factual evidence with citation in order for your rants to have any validity in my headspace.

  • Butch

    She must be hurting for money and attention again. God knows she has always hurt in the looks department.

  • Linda Hovhanesian Carter

    Nobody is subjugating women, obviously Cher doesn’t understand what is going on here.  BUY YOUR OWN CONDOMs, don’t expect the Catholic Church to do it for you

  • John Brittingham

    Cher you libertine,  just don’t understand, we don’t want our country to by like Hollywood, all plastic , and devoid of most moral restraints.

  • dorglog

    So, if you don’t give free birth control to women, you are taking them back to the Stone Age?  Everyone’s health care costs need to go up to pay for freebies for sexually active women?  Hmmm.  Interesting………

  • DrEdu

    If the Diva is talking about Contraceptives she should ask Obama…Obama is the one MANDATING this and that on Contraceprives (i.e., imposing his views on others).

  • commoncents68

    Cher probably thinks the government should pay for her face lifts too.

  • DrEdu

    If the Diva is having a hair-day about
    Abortion…then she better remember that 100% of us SCIENTISTS know that
    the Human embryo is a Human individual from implantation onwards. Hence
    Abortion KILLS innocent individuals (and some ‘doctors’ get paid for it: money trumps morals).
    Maybe she also supports infanticide, as
    Obama does.

  • jennifer

    Typical brainless liberal. While teenage girls are being stoned to death in Iraq for having emo haircuts, psycho Cher is equating our want to have people pay for their own contraception with others around the world that sentence their women to death for getting raped and then refusing to marry the person who raped them. 

  • Jennifer Menkee

    Ed your the idiot……This issue has made a large majority of women in this country very angry. If you are so intelligent do you know what will happen now. We are going to use our power as women and you will end up on the short bus where you belong.

  • Raymond

    Give her a break. Who among us hasn’t tweeted after drinking too much?

  • Jim Minton

    All those surgeries are taking a huge toll on her brain. Cher, next you go under the knife, ask them to use it under your chin, yeah, thats right on your neck! Cut transverse across the neck. Perhaps if you don’t bleed out, they will cut your vocal chords so we don’t have to hear the banshee wannabe try and sing.

  • whatabout

    Cher is talented as a singer and an actress.  Anything else is her opinion and she has a right to CHERish it.

  • Beth

    Poor Cher. I imagine it took her quite awhile to type since she had to look up so many words. After all, she did quit high school. #1 issue is the economy and this female THING is nothing but a diversion. Obama can’t run on his record or lack of so he gets the simpletons to make up nonissues so the rest of us won’t notice. But we do notice and the movers have been called. Stick to your own family issues, Cher. Let the educated out here deal with the rest.

  • JC Michalek

    Hmm…Reading Cher’s catharsis, I didn’t peruse any incorrect content. What did the Goddess of Pop say to convey conspiratorial or scare followers?
    Passionate for sure, the issue clearly resonates with her. But, the jest of her remarks were true. Admittedly, the GOP is going to restrain women’s reproductive rights as much as they can.
    Ed, you can disagree with someone, sans the vitriol. You prover her point, when you refer to her as a ‘twit,’ it appears (intended or not) denigrative to women.
    If you dislike her tweets, quit reading them as much as you oviously have. As a father, I would not be proud of this post as it does not set the example of ‘class’ and ‘intelligence’ you espouse to esteem.
    The other comments seem to be posted by people who don’t like Cher’s singing. That’s their prerogative. This story was about her frustration with current legislation. If Cher is irrelevant, why did you read the tweets and comment. I don’t waste my time on irrelvant matters.
    Cher has the right to her views; fans and critics theirs. Albeit, instead of personal redress and scribed spite, debate the merits of topic, the pros and cons. It’s an adult versus jejune approach.

    Cher has been relevant in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s. The only artist in history to have #1 records in six consecutive decades. A fashion icon, she is wkha Best Actress Acadamey Award Oscar recipient, sold 200+ million albums and headline the third largest tour in history, and Forbes magazine estimates her worth at $600,000.

    If the aforesaid defines “irrelevant,’ I’m so relevant, I should be God. As for Dido, she’s a fine singer. I haven’t see much of her lately; maybe she’s spending time irrelevant with Cher?

    Every one needs to get over self-righeous indignation. I’ve never met a perfect person. Judgement of others while you have issues is disinguous. Stop watching Snooki and Kim Kardashiand and judging Cher, reverse energetic t0 a positive.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated is easy if you only pratice with friends. The test of your character and integrity is how you treat strangers, people you don’t like, and how you treat them when no one watches. Now, there’s a lesson for you son, Ed.

  • Sodbuster2

    Rosie…Roseanne….Cher…..All Cover Girls for the Left…LOL.

  • libwhacker

    The republicans never said anything about women it was liberal ass licker george stephonopilis that got this going because owebama was down with women voters. Start thinking for yourselves instead of believing everything the liberal media says i have lost all respect for Tom Hanks and Cher they have fell off the deep end. 

  • derfel cadarn

    The real intolerance here is not allowing “your” sisters to have their own opinion. Cher has squandered more money on cosmetic surgery then most of her “sisters” will earn in a lifetime,their concerns do not touch her. Why then should we care want she has to say?

    • BigBoa

      And you can bet that during each and every single one of those “procedures”, old Cher was thinking of her “sisters” and wondering what she could do to help them all out,,,,,,

      AH HAHAHA!!!

  • bela

    She needs t put it away…..if things are so intolerant, do you think this stupid classless, vapid, insecure, yenta would get to have her rant?  She’d be in jail (the way Putin just locked up the girls punk band that is opposed to his reign) or dead (ie- stoning the way they just stoned 90 or so “emo” Iranian youth this past week)….grow up Cher…and stop the self-medicating -it’s embarrassing.  

  • IllinoisHostage


    Economy, what economy?Deficit, what deficit? Debt, what debt?Unemployment, what unemployment?Budget, (literately) what budget? War, what war?  Brian Terry, who’s Brian Terry?Oil Spill, what oil spill?Marxist mentors, what Marxist mentors?  Racist mentors, what racist mentors? Association with Domestic terrorist, what association?Collage transcripts, what transcripts? Real estate deals with Tony who?Reverend what?Derrick who?Shovel ready what?Solynd–what?Etc………..Etc………Etc…….Etc…..Etc….Etc..Etc.etcete

  • normanpoole

    To Cher, I say “amen”.  When men can have babies, they can pass judgement.  Just another example of the Taliban right in this country trying to create their own theocracy.

  • taek1

    Cher is 66 yrs old.  She needs to go get her social security and contemplante how well she brought up Chastity, oops Chaz, whatever. 

  • Nina Pope

    She’s a frickn nut!!!! I just didn’t realize contraception was sooooo freakn’ hard to come by for women!!!!! My god isn’t there this huge black market to get birth control. You stupid moron Cher.. it’s all a made up problem by the left to take the attention off of the idiot president’s failures!!!! That’s it plain and simple!!!

  • Guest

    I would think that Cher would be more passionate for men’s rights, than for women’s rights- now that her daughter is a man – I think !

  • RA

    Sher, please let us know what the hell you are talking about. What has been taken away from women?  The right to become whatever Chaz has morphed into?

  • Beiletti


  • BigBoa

    AH HAHAHA!!!

    This “women’s issue” bs is just out of control. It is rather amusing when the marxists decide to wage war using a particular tactic. And this is obviously one of those times. All of a sudden, the entire nation, supposedly, is in a tizzy because women are being “deprived” of birth control. Yet, try as hard as he may, the mighty Boa seems unable to find one single quote from ANYONE that supports limiting availability of any birth control products. The ONLY thing the mighty Boa can seem to find is a prevailing attitude that says “knock yourself out… Just pay for it yourself”……….

    As best as the mighty Boa can recall, didn’t women want to be “equal”? “Equal rights”? Treated “like men”? Well girls. Here is your opportunity. Have at it. Go breed like bunnies. Just keep your fingers out of the mighty Boa’s wallet.

  • rch46

    What do you expect from an eighth grade graduate.

  • Michael Bauer

    Why does anyone give this story the time of day? It really is a non-issue. The media, including Rush need to not give this any attention at all and bring the focus back to the economy and Obama, not this crap. Boycott the story.

  • ahmosis

    Cher buys into the IMAGINARY campaign issue Obama’s kool aid sipping sycophants have concocked to distract voters from talking about real issues like 25 million people out of work, the phoney government figures on everything from inflation, to joblessness to home mortgage defaults.
    Obama is a liar and a failure and the left knows it…so what do they do? Their talking heads manufacture a Culture War issue out of thin air and start hating the US even more!
    Cher! The 60’s were about peace and LOVE, not hate and lunacy! 

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    I’m sorry, who is Cher?

    • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

      OK, I just googled Cher, it seems she use to make pop songs and bash gays many years ago. I guess in her world that makes her an authority on social issues?

  • Chief

    Has-been needs to fade back into the woodwork, go back to being a quiet cougar.

  • pokey5735

    Cher always has been empty headed.
    The right wing is not trying to take women’s rights away but it sure makes good entertainment for left wing nuts like her.  Cher, do everyone a favor and just STFU.

  • Alohajonny

    Occutard libetard 

  • Russ Hicks

    Her mother didn’t agree, I bet…

  • boca_grande

    Cher, you can screeeew who ever you like and when ever you like and as often as you like. I just don’t want to pay for the Your STD treatment, your abortions, your birth control.

  • Rick Praml

    Why is it that whenever someone states that we should have responsibility for our actions, women like Cher and Gloria Allrod scream sexism.  Cher and the Gluck woman can screw anyone you want, but it is not my responsibility to pay for your birth control.  There are real health issues for both women and men, but this isn’t one of them

  • Mark Sochor

    What is she talking about? Let me see if I get this. Contraceptives will remain available. She can have all the sex she wants. Abortions are happening at an Auschwitz rate. 
    Some of us don’t think its right to have to pay for someone else’s body usage when it comes to playtime. And we’re the ones trampling on women’s rights? This world is a calamity.
    Oh and I bet she had to look up “misogynist”.Prepare yourselves conservatives, that is the new mantra word for the utopians when it comes to slut rights vs our values.” We hate women”. When you have no solid basis to debate issues from you retreat to vitriol and “Mike checks.”

  • Mickey Dineen

    These slut bitches can pay for their own birth control. I really like Cher, but anyone who would a marry a dumbo drug addict  like Greg Allman from the Allman Brothers band, has no basis for commenting on anything.

  • mace1246


  • Mark81150

    So in that vast empty space between Cher’s ears,

    telling a woman that she cannot force a religious institution to pay for the birth control, morning after pill, and abortions she demands for free, because they believe it violates their 1st Amendment rights to excercise their faith,…

    is worse than a woman’s plight in that workers paradise in North Korea?

    and she votes?

    my God, that woman’s a featherbrain.

  • gr29az

    cher who?

  • NixTyranny

    She seems to have more than her Fair Cher[sic] of anger, typical of the Left Wing lunacy.

  • mrbp

    And to think she raised a beautiful daughter, or was it a son??  
    Its a good thing that Sonny isn’t here to see this slut doing her lib-tard thing.

  • WmDaryl

    Don’t freak out Cher.  Your daughter…ahhh. son, doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

  • Ricardo Cobos

    looks like someone’s had  a little too much red wine.

  • John West

    Hey Cher … SMELL THE GLOVE!

  • John West

    Cher lives in her own nightmare. Her daughter is a fat tranny and some of her implant silicone has made it to her little brain.

  • John West

    Sonny had the good sense to die early on … Cher lives on with the help of someone a lot like Dr. Frankenstein.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    In order for CHEr to use birth control, wouldn’t she have to find a man willing to “donate the sperm”?  She was an ol’ bat back when I was in high school, and that was 25 years ago.

  • d1comment

    Wow! I am loving Twitchy…doing the work so that we don’t have to. 

  • ArickLane

    What rock has she been living under? Did she just get the DNC’s talking points, LOL.

  • thejeffb52

    I think she lost it after she divorced the Man…Sonny B.

  • chotiius

    The saddest thing is that she believes this nonsense. She *believes* it and it burns a hole in her gut. There is no ‘war on women’. There is only the status quo (which involves people paying for their own widely available and generally affordable contraception as they have always done), which was apparently fine with liberals until…what, a month ago?  Yet now the status quo is an unbearable misogynistic war meant to crush women whimpering and cringing into the shadow of men.

    Was it a ‘war on men’ when young men had to pay for their own rubbers? Of course not. It was the reasonable price of having sex without causing a pregnancy.  Do some women have to have more expensive pills than the $5 ones available at WalMart? Yes, unfortunately. A *lot* of us have to pay for expensive, necessary medications our insurances won’t cover or won’t cover entirely. Pardon me if I don’t feel sorrier for them than I do for myself. Do some women need pills to address hormonal issues? Yes. But those are covered, and are coded differently by the insurance companies. This is, as @jstrevino says, ‘confected’. Only not very sweet. It reeks of vitriolic bile, and it’s not even true. How miserable she must be to live with this kind of anger, when the truth would set her free.

  • T Bierly

    Can’t figure out how in liberals minds, not supporting a proactive change to force ALL insurance plan rate payers, including those with religious objections, to start paying the full amount for all contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortifacients, is somehow “taking women back to the stone age”.  Somehow maintaining the status quo is a “war on women”.  Not going along with “progressive” change is “mysogyny”.

  • Eric H.

    So just when did Cher go from entertainer to loathsome harridan?

  • jamson64

    The dishonesty of the likes of Cher will not end.

  • Ted Kyle

    Her intellect is only matched by her fashion sense.

  • william jenkins

    A 60’s dingbat

  • aqua1957

    delusional. i guess the right’s war on women caused her daughter chasity to become chaz- now that is power.

  • CitizenKK

    she seems to becoming unhinged….

  • Lilbirdie

    You’re talking about someone who tho’t Mt. Rushmore was a natural phenomenon.  Does she really understand the big words she’s tossing around, like “mysoginst”..?  What about Bil Maher’s sewer vocab and hateful comments to conservative women, Miss Bang, Bang, I Shot You Down?

  • chetforlife

    those old white men in office used to be the hippies of the 60’s seeing many of them are 60 plus now, like you cher.

  • Miles

    What a dried up has been. Sonny must be beyond embarrassed 

    • deloclem

      He would be if he wasn’t dead!  Remember, he hit a tree skiing years ago?  Killed him.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    poor woman has so much surgery on her face. I would be mad too. 

  • pink42

    Poor Cher – the talent (such as it was) is gone – the body is old and mushy inspite of all the surgery (Mother Nature always wins) and she is confronted with the mess of a child she spawned who doesn’t know what gender to embrace. Probably partly due to having been raise in such an immoral environment. These celebrities are so messed up and yet there are the morons who seek and believe their rantings as being relevant and true. Notice how they flock to the likes of Obama et al who speak and bear false witness on a daily basis and who bow to evil men.

  • FirefighterBlog

    If I was born to her I would be confused too. What a dingbat.

  • $7421226

    that anorexic hasbeen completely does not know this had nothing to do with abortion or contraceptives, it is another obama powerplay for fuhrer..  it is all about diverting attention from forcing Americans..and American Christian CHURCHEs..  to PAY for some obamademocrat’s degeneracy.

  • RanierWest

    If a rant from Cher falls in the forest and noone is around to hear it… does it make a sound? I’m kinda regretting checking out twitchy now b/c otherwise I would have never heard about this! 

  • Attaboy123

    What “Rights” are being threatened here anyway?

    • vermontaigne

      The Right to Free Stuff. It’s right there in the . . . the . . . the Bill of Stuff.

  • BellWeather

    I guess now we have see how her kid turned out the way it did.

  • BellWeather

    Sounds like someone needs to take her meds, not just her vodka. Now we know why her kid is so f’d up.

  • Cathrine Martin

    I used to admire Cher, that is until I learned what a loony lib she is.  Cher, you should stick to singing and leave the intelligent conversation to the sane, rational people.

  • David Quesada

    It’s simple.  Cher isn’t very bright.

  • maisy

    she’s a dildo??

  • maisy

    Good laugh…these nuts are priceless…they must be Mastercads!!LOL

  • regmgr

    She’s been past her prime for at least 20 years now. Guess she needs some more exposure. Just think, Sony had to live with this loon.

    • Truth Has No Agenda

      Cher has been past her prime for 40 years at least!

  • marine37

    Boy, she hasn’t got enough problems in her own life.  If Islam looks so good moron, take your private jet and go there!  You green one who owns more than one home and car, who speaks to the masses about how much they are polluting the earth.  You and your kind, “hollywood,” are the problem. In short abnormal one, STFU!!

  • annierhysdavis

    And after all the money Cher has gotten from the American public–she bites the hand that has enriched her. ummm,umm,umm

  • Auntie Socialist

    She really puts the twit in twitter

  • usamomof3

    The obvious answer to her problem would be for her to have a gender switcheroo, just like her kid did.  

  • DebbyX

    Lay off the Botox Cher.

  • VictorLandry

    She needs plastic surgery on her brain.

  • BigDogJunction

    Take this viral on Twitter, for those that missed it. What a moron.

  • bluesdoc70

    Yikes, No wonder Sonny rammed that tree.

  • Superinfidel

    My husband was in Mask. Said she’s a self-centered, snobbish b***h who likes to scream at the crew, extras, wardrobe and makeup people. You know, the peons. This is typical of her.

  • bullseye884

    If North Korea is so much better, then by all means please feel free to move there Cher……..

  • Laura StraightUp

    WOW!   She’s completely dissociated from reality.  Then again, not sure she ever associated with it.  Why we give these deluded people out of touch with the real world our attention is beyond me. Maybe she’s shell shocked and still fighting for her daughter’s vagina back. ( from the conservative Republicans?)  ..  wow  …