Given Maher’s penchant for misogynistic comments, this issue is unlikely to die down in the near future.

  • Jorge Jacob

    Bama is a hypocrite & a chicago crook.He took money from Tony rezako who is a #1 crook as well. Bama is a disgrace to US.

  • gerryz

    This is what Sarah Palin should do with the rest of her career!  Best watchdog, call out everything.  If she runs for anything, she won’t have time to do this, and NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT.

  • Robert Loveless

    You go, girl!

  • Nathan M. Bickel

    As always the liberal leftist extremists practice their double standard. But, that is no surprise since they happily and continually make themselves strangers to good morality…..

  • Linda L Hill

    That’s my Sarah, she is not afraid to call out Bill Mahar and Obama.

  • statge

    Bill Maher is a low life scum back of the earth!! The double standard that comes from the left is despicable!!!

  • statge

    Sarah’s a STUD!!

  • Guest

    You won’t get an honest answer from Obama! He hasn’t followed anything he said since the beginning of what I hope is an end to his presidency. Maher should give the money to the military, to help with all the cuts that Bama instituted! You go Sarah and let the truth be known!