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Sarah Palin appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ brings out vicious keyboard trolls [video]


It’s another impromptu Palin Derangement Syndrome parade!

‘It’s tragic': Nancy Sinatra mourns SCOTUS ruling’s impact on ‘We the (little) People’

Nancy Sinatra

Bless her (little) heart.

‘Hope you 5 Koch whores get … hemorrhoids': Libs lose it over SCOTUS ruling


“We are the United States of Koch.”

National Review’s Charles Cooke crushes Left’s latest SCOTUS-induced Koch insanity with one tweet



Was today’s Obamacare deadline ‘glitch’ just a coincidence? You decide!


Stay tuned?

‘To buy Obama, but Soros won’t sell': Editor of The Nation asks ‘what do the Kochs really want?’


Everybody panic!

White House O-care cheerleader mercilessly mocked for photo of ‘health care’ line at box office [pic]


A prescription for giggles.

‘Take my word for it': Dems celebrate 6 million O-care enrollees; Requests for proof ignored


Just trust them.

Obama admin imposes toughest sanctions against Putin yet: Diplomatic hashtag games


Soft power.

‘As bad as it gets': Brit Hume slams loaded Pew poll question

Brit Hume


‘Follow the money': Dems’ fundraising haul reportedly triples with mention of this ‘Pavlovian trigger’


Koch addiction

Washington Post writer finds similarities between Putin’s words and Hitler’s


Disturbing parallels.

‘Two papers in one': WaPo fact check destroys same anti-Koch ad WaPo blogger praised

Washington Post

The “all-in-one” news source

‘The Twerking Grannie': Madonna copies Miley; Licks shower door in disturbing bathroom selfie


Just, why?

‘You had ONE job': Reports of Senate GOPers’ caving on unemployment extension sparks disbelief


History repeating

‘Fanny packs’ and ‘Nickelback’? You’ll be amazed at what the #KochBrothersAreAlsoToBlameFor


The Kochs have been busy!

‘Where are you now, Todd?’ Check out what was considered ‘over-promising’ in pitch for Hillarycare


The Clinton Library released thousands of pages of documents today, including assessments from the Hillarycare task force. In one memo from 1994, a person named Todd expressed concern that guaranteeing Americans they could choose and keep their own doctors was “over-promising on something we know full well we won’t deliver”: Memo on choosing own doc […]

OFA Florida’s #RaiseTheWage protest is a roaring success [pics]

OFA FL #RaiseTheWage

Watch out, Senator Rubio! OFA Florida is pulling out all the stops to raise the minimum wage, and you’re on their radar: @OFA_FL Pinellas fearless leader @MaryWhite44 pushing Florida leaders to #raisethewage #OFAction — Victoria Diane Kirby (@VictoriaDKirby) February 19, 2014 #OFA_FL volunteers taking #OFAction on the street today to support #RaiseTheWage — […]

‘Too funny and true’! Fantastic Photoshop totally skewers recent Obamacare delay

obamacare signature

Hells yeah, it’s good! We have to laugh about the most recent Obamacare delay so we don’t cry. Thankfully, Photoshop whiz Slublog has made it easy for us: It's…the…law? — Slublog (@Slublog) February 11, 2014 Brilliant. ::applause:: RT @Slublog: It's…the…law? — sarah (@mamaswati) February 11, 2014 @Slublog zing! — in Soviet Russia… (@Oenonewept) […]

‘Greatest tweet by an elected official ever’? ‘Say hello’ to Rep. Ros-Lehtinen [pic]


C’mon … it can’t be that awesome, right?

Hell yes, it can!

Red Hot Tears! Twitter notices something about Anthony Kiedis’ Super Bowl face [pics]


Wait, what? The Red Hot Chili Peppers performed during halftime at Sunday night’s Super Bowl.  Mary Katharine Ham and AARP (oh the humanity: AARP) offered up some distressing information about Anthony Kiedis and Flea. But what drew the biggest buzz? Oh, just this: When did Anthony Kiedis get my uncle’s 70’s stache? — Dana Loesch […]

‘A mindless automaton': National Review’s Cooke blasts Left’s Koch fixation as only he can


Natch! Just checking: You guys all type =?KOCH$ at the end of the URL, right? — Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) January 24, 2014 Snickering madly. But, wait! There’s more. National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke went on a hilarious tear Thursday, inspired by this: This is a bizarre way of making judgements, and it explains […]

#DeportBieber or Miley Cyrus? Twitter users notice something funny about Justin Bieber’s mugshot face [pics]


Heh. Well, Justin Bieber is in the news again and not in the good way. #DeportBieber — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 23, 2014 What’s that? Criminal charges could get Justin Bieber deported — ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) January 23, 2014 As Twitchy reported, the Biebs was reportedly arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest this morning […]

For the win! Iowahawk has the key to fixing unemployment

winner winner chicken dinner

As Twitchy reported, Harry Reid’s convinced that the way to approach lousy jobs numbers is to extend unemployment benefits again. But Iowahawk’s got a much better idea: If we can keep encouraging people to drop out of the labor force, we'll be at full employment in no time! #Yay — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 10, […]

Sen. Reid: John Boehner has ‘lot of gall’ to fault Obama for Iraq unrest; Guess who Harry blames

Harry Reid

In 2012, President Obama campaigned on taking credit for ending the war in Iraq. Now that things appear to be sliding backwards, with Al Qaeda holding the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, Harry Reid seems to want to make the end of the Iraq war all about Bush. Question of the day: .@SenatorReid So you […]

Democrats’ graph shows how unemployment insurance helps economy


President Obama appeared this morning with a backdrop of human props to call for an extension to long-term unemployment insurance. His selling point: unemployment insurance “actually helps the economy, actually creates new jobs.” Judging by the reaction on Twitter, not everyone was convinced. Fortunately, both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid offered this helpful graph yesterday to […]

New executive actions aim to keep guns out of ‘potentially dangerous hands’


The Obama administration on Friday afternoon announced two more executive actions that it says will help keep guns out of the wrong hands. One proposes clarifying the definition of “committed to a mental institution” to include both involuntary outpatient as well as inpatient commitments. The other proposes to give some Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) […]

Ted Cruz is in Jeopardy! No, he’s not in trouble — he was a question on the game show [pics, video]

ted cruz-jeopardy

“Who is Ted Cruz?”

Rep. Keith Ellison likens pro-amnesty fasters to Rosa Parks

keith ellison

We don’t quite see the parallel that Rep. Keith Ellison does. Rosa Parks was alone in her brave act of civil disobedience in 1955. The “Fast for Families” protesters who have set up in tents on the National Mall, on the other hand, have been visited personally by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, […]

Did you see Rep. Swalwell’s absurd Obamacare Thanksgiving tale? (Bonus boom-suggestion)


Snickering madly. You see, Rep. Swalwell (D-Calif.)  took to Twitter with a Thanksgiving tale. A VERY conservative family member says over Thanksgiving turkey, "under #ACA we're now paying less. But don't tell anyone I said that!" Sigh — Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) November 30, 2013 Stop it! The “sigh” was a nice touch, buddy. Oh, […]

President, first lady visit fasting immigration reform protesters [photos]


Earlier this week, first lady Michelle Obama tweeted her support for the fasting immigration protesters on the National Mall, saying, “We’re with you.” Today, the first lady and her husband met with the protesters in person to show their support. The Fast for Families activists have gathered in a tent near the U.S. Capitol for […]

Drool bucket alert: Obama helps swooning Magic Johnson cross an item off his bucket list


Emetic of the day.

‘Leftist hypocrisy': Palin hammers Reid, Obama over ‘nuked Senate rules,’ O-care disaster


From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page: May this day honor the late President John F. Kennedy. In his honor, and to protect our republic, Americans implore today’s elected leaders to exercise virtuous truth and integrity in office. … Liberals just changed 230 years of enduring Senate rules by enacting the “Nuclear Option” that will now let just […]

Rep. Gerry Connolly: The faux outrage over rules changes is ‘a marvel to behold’


What’s this about faux outrage on the other side? As Twitchy has reported, Democrats such as Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Joe Biden were the ones outraged by the idea of the Senate invoking the nuclear option. That was then, though. Apparently the time has come, says Rep. Gerry […]

Chuck Woolery: New Senate rules will make sense ‘when Republicans get control’


If the mainstream news outlets haven’t made clear the implications of Harry Reid triggering the so-called nuclear option in the Senate today, you can bet they’ll cover the implications when the Senate is back in the hands of the GOP. @chuckwoolery And then the GOP should stop referring to them as "our friends on the […]

‘Give us Barabbas!’ Rep. Steve Stockman contemplates rule by ‘majority of folks’


As Twitchy reported earlier, King Obama doesn’t really seem to understand how a constitutional republic works. Praising Sen. Harry Reid’s triggering of the nuclear option, the president said, “If you’ve got a majority of folks who believe in something, then it should be able to pass.” That sounded a bit like mob rule to Rep. […]

Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ goes through; Did Dems open door for O-care repeal?


Majority Leader Harry Reid got his wish today when the Senate passed a rule change limiting filibusters on executive and judicial nominees. Reid's rule change proposal would set threshold on all votes on nominations, other than SCOTUS, to 51. #fnr — JaredHalpern (@JaredHalpern) November 21, 2013 Senate votes 52-48 against the ruling of the chair, […]

‘What planet are you from?': Political Wire hack hearts liar Reid, knocks GOP ‘dishonesty’

Taegan Goddard

As Harry Reid argued today for the “nuclear option,” which would give the Dem-controlled  Senate the power to limit filibusters, Political Wire publisher Taegan Goddard accidentally let his true colors show: Reid must know he has the votes to change the filibuster rules. That in itself is pretty amazing. — Taegan Goddard (@politicalwire) November 21, […]

Vote of confidence? Obama tells OFA supporters to remember a time before Internet

old phone

We’ve been told that will be up and running by the end of the month, but President Obama didn’t do much to inspire confidence before a room of OFA supporters Monday night. Rather than wait for the website to be fixed, he urged supporters to remember a time before the Internet, which wasn’t that […]

‘#LogicFail': Tony Katz sums up argument for Obamacare with one head-scratching sentence


Baffling, isn’t it? The supposed “reasoning” behind the necessity for Obamacare is so illogical that many can’t help but wonder if it’s all by design: @tonykatz It's not heartless when the government does it. Big Brother loves you. — Stephen Green (@VodkaPundit) November 4, 2013 @VodkaPundit @tonykatz They won't say WHAT companies or WHICH policies […]

Naturally: Meet Dick Durbin’s source for lie about GOPer’s supposed Obama insult



JuddLeguming: ThinkProgress manchild offers painfully dumb take on Obamacare disaster

Judd Legum


81-18: Senate approves bill to fund government and increase debt ceiling


The bill, which would fund the government through mid-January and increase the debt ceiling through early February, will now move on to the House, which is expected to vote tonight. Harry Reid being Harry Reid: Let’s be honest: this was pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason, and we cannot make the same […]

‘Lowest of low': GOP Rep. Pete King says debt ceiling deal a victory for America, defeat for Ted Cruz

Peter King

Lame: WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin calls Ted Cruz ‘the Carlos Danger of the Right’

Jennifer Rubin

Does she ever! Here’s what she’s been up to today: @brikeilarcnn @MajorCBS he is the Carlos Danger of the right — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) October 16, 2013 Sigh. Even if she’s not actually suggesting that Ted Cruz is equivalent to a serial perv who sexts with underage girls, it’s still a ridiculous stupid thing to […]

‘Threat-level red’! @BarackObama trots out #EndThisNow with ‘creepy’ terrorist avatar?


Wait, what? No, it’s not a normal President Stompy Foot snit face nor an arrogant pose for once. This is serious. Add your voice and tell Congress to #EndThisNow: — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 15, 2013 Serious You Guys! Take a gander at how serious: Now with creepy avatar and everything! Seriously. The President […]

‘Every liberal hates the disabled!’ When will Dem leaders denounce ‘Tea-tards’ hate speech at OFA rally? [pics]


When one man attended the Million Vet March with a confederate flag, the crapdog media immediately elevated him to the face of the conservative movement. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee demanded that Sen. Ted Cruz and GOP congressmen denounce the “disgusting Tea Party” act. Ahem. Behold the face of the Democrats proudly waving his disgusting “Thanks Tea-Tards” […]

Shutdown snickers! Look at how impactful President Stompy Foot’s snit fit shutdown is


But catastrophe! And anarchy and stuff! people are going crazy about this government shut down, and I already forgot about it.. — kendra (@kennndralife) October 14, 2013 She’s not alone. Some have not only forgotten how many days the Shutdown Theater has been running; They have forgotten that it is in production at all. Shutdown? […]