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Ha! Harry Reid asks what’s wrong with Senate; Jonah Goldberg schools with one-word response

Harry Reid is grumpy

Harry Reid took to Twitter today and set himself up like a bowling pin with the above question, and Jonah Goldberg took advantage of the opportunity and rolled a perfect strike.

War on women: Harry Reid floats Chelsea Clinton for president; Calls her ‘the daughter’


Wait, what? I'm speaking @CAPAction to discuss why changing Senate rules is good for the institution. #EndGridlock Watch here:…— Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) July 15, 2013 Sen. Reid gave a speech Monday morning and guess who he gave a presidential shout-out to? Reid says future presidents, maybe Hillary Clinton, maybe Chelsea Clinton, should be […]

‘Jeopardy!’ response about Harry Reid is cowboy poetry in motion


Well played, Jeopardy!

Mitch McConnell’s friend Harry Reid will go down as ‘worst leader of Senate ever’


McConnell keeps calling Reid "my friend"… to quote the world's greatest Spaniard, I do not think that means what you think it means.— Jesse O'Connell (@runyetirun) July 11, 2013 They’re still friends, mind you. But a big part of friendship is honesty, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell felt it was time for Majority Leader […]

Robert Reich: If Harry Reid gets filibuster rule changed, it’ll be GOP’s fault

Robert Reich

And we can only assume that if Reid fails, Republicans will bear the responsibility for that as well. Amazing. Is there anything for which the GOP isn’t to blame? If a bunch of thugs break down my door, it will be my fault for having locked it in the first place.….— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) […]

Hug of 2016 doom? Harry Reid embraces Marco Rubio following immigration bill vote [photo]


Brothers can’t shake hands; Brothers gotta hug!

After suggesting SCOTUS shouldn’t overturn laws passed by strong congressional majorities, Harry Reid praises DOMA ruling


That was earlier today. Less than 24 hours earlier, however, Sen. Reid was singing a very different tune: The Court’s conservative majority ignored the Senate’s clear and unambiguous 98-0 reauthorization of #VRA under President Bush.— Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) June 25, 2013 The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed the U.S. House 342-67 and the U.S. […]

Harry Reid marvels that SCOTUS struck down a law passed with strong Senate support

Harry Reid

We thought the Supreme Court was supposed to consider whether laws are constitutional, not whether they are popular or were passed by wide margins in Congress. Silly us! In any case, we look forward to seeing if Sen. Reid applies the same logic toward the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was passed by large […]

Weekend reading: Harry Reid schedules Monday vote on 1,170-page immigration bill


@JohnCornyn Enjoy your weekend. :(— Dan Greenwood (@dan_gringo) June 22, 2013 Here’s an idea: if Congress can’t get it together to build a fence, how about just dumping all the unread copies of the immigration reform bill along the border? Sen. John Cornyn, whose amendment mandating a 90 percent apprehension rate of illegals crossing the border […]

‘Gag me': Harry Reid says ‘Ted Kennedy is going to smile at all of us’


Via Sen. Harry Reid, reason number 14,982 to oppose the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. (That number’s approximate. We’ve lost count.) Reid: Ted Kennedy smiling on immigration bill led by Schumer and Rubio…— Fred Bauer (@fredbauerblog) June 21, 2013 Ready for another Ted Kennedy shout-out from Shamnesty Shake McCain? At this rate, how long until […]

‘Delusional': Harry Reid’s shameless tweet about GOP obstructionism earns derision

Harry Reid

It’s unbelievable, but Harry Reid, the senator for whom “four more years” isn’t a campaign slogan but rather the minimum amount of time to stall a budget, went there. Simply amazing: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA THAT TWEET CANNOT BE SERIOUS, @SenatorReid. ARE WE JUST IGNORING OBAMA'S ENTIRE FIRST TERM?— Future President (@DefinitionOfFaF) June 17, 2013 .@SenatorReid HAHAHAHA! Says […]

List of Democrat allies welcoming Hillary Clinton to Twitter includes Harry Reid, Ben Affleck, John McCain


We know it’s possible to “reach across the aisle” on Twitter, or John McCain wouldn’t have an account. As Twitchy reported earlier, Hillary Clinton officially joined Twitter and sent out her first tweet today. In addition to the above tweet, other people who are also friendly to the Democrats welcomed Hillary aboard, starting with husband […]

Harry Reid: ‘Calm down’ about NSA story, we’ve been doing that stuff for years [video]

harry reid

Harry Reid pleading for calm should make Americans very tense. On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid advised those who are concerned about the NSA/Verizon phone records collection to just relax. Reid’s justification to Americans, including his fellow Democrats who voted to usher in a promised era of “Hope & Change,” was that things are […]

Sen. Harry Reid: ‘Republicans have corrupted the Founders’ intent’

Harry Reid

Poor Harry Reid’s dream of bipartisanship is always out of reach, but he’s not giving up. If accusing the GOP of corrupting the very core of America is part of his charm offensive, it’s no wonder he’s having so much trouble solving that gridlock problem. The problem of gridlock is real and needs to be […]

Harry Reid: If you want to strengthen Social Security, support immigration reform [Vine video]

harry reid

Coming from the same man who said passing Obamacare would strengthen the health care system but is now agreeing with Max Baucus that it could be a train wreck, it might be wise to remain highly skeptical of Harry’s guarantees. The “immigration reform will strengthen Social Security” argument contains the same short-term-only accounting techniques and […]

‘Senior moment': Harry Reid calls Ted Cruz ‘very junior senator from Texas'; Update: Video added

Harry Reid

Sen. Ted Cruz continues to live rent-free in Harry Reid’s head … and it’s a beautiful thing. After calling Cruz a “schoolyard bully” yesterday, Harry’s doubling down on the foot-stompery, pathetically pulling rank to remind everyone that Cruz is a junior senator — a “very junior senator”: Sen Reid: "We've heard a lot from the […]