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Senate candidate opposes Reid’s anti-Redskins bill in new ad [video]



Is the GOP getting ready to win big in Vegas? Update: GOP ahead in Washoe County, too


“Usual GOP midterm edge juiced by gov’s organization.”

Think Progress editor’s comparison to ministers refusing to perform gay weddings is absurd


Stupid, but not unpredictable.

Boom! Piers Morgan has the perfect idea for President Obama to reassure the nation on Ebola


A stopped clock, however, is still broken.

Australia’s approach to border security is badass [pics, video]


“This is how you secure a border. “

Here’s a perfect hooker scandal spin suggestion for WH press secretary Josh Earnest (We are givers!)


You’re welcome, White House!

Hillary Clinton event crashed by immigration protesters; Ignores reporter’s questions


“You got the Zephyr treatment.”

Obama’s blocked DOJ nominee Debo Adegbile withdraws


Harry Reid hardest hit.

Selective PC: Etsy bans sale of ‘Redskins’ items, but you can still get these things?


“But apparently they are cool with Nazi logos.”

‘The new JV squad’? Obama reportedly wants to arm ‘moderate Syrian rebels’

what could possibly go wrong

“Confidence level: negative.”

‘Tolerance’: Angry lefty’s ‘repugnant’ hate mail helps prove Michelle Malkin’s point

Michelle Malkin

Assist from a hater.

‘R-word? LOL’: Washington Post will no longer write ‘Redskins’ in editorials


Harry Reid will be pleased.

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen stalked by giant chicken [pics]


“Not the photo Senator Shaheen was looking for…”

‘Classic’: James O’Keefe shows how easy it is to cross from Mexico to US [video]


‘Disguised’ as Osama bin Laden.

‘Like the opening line of a Stephen King novel’: James Woods spots troubling info in Ebola stories


“Thank God our borders are secure. Uh…wait.”

Mother Jones reporter wishes routine leftist hate was a ‘false flag’

you cannot be serious

Seems to be a rather gullible sort.

‘Shame on you’: Donna Brazile’s ‘false narrative’ about Hobby Lobby case called out


Disingenuous spin.

Hey, remember when Dems supported Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Neither do they!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.23.27 PM

‘Brilliant’: Instapundit’s suggestion for new Washington Redskins name and logo is a winner


Nobody’s more deserving of this distinction.

Brad Woodhouse catches Koch fever with a secondary case of butthurt


Poor Brad isn’t happy.

‘Yes! Finally!’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ actor cheers USPTO’s Redskins decision

Garrett Wang


Gov. Jan Brewer: Obama admin ‘has encouraged this massive influx’ of illegal immigrants


“Our border is hardly ‘more secure than ever.'”

Hey, looks like Barack Obama delivered on Iraq after all [video]

Obama Peace Prize

Heckuva job, Barry.

DNC: Chris Christie’s ‘one strategy’ is to blame others; Irony spotters have a field day


Send several copies to the DNC.

Al Gore: ‘There’s an enforced orthodoxy’ in the GOP over climate change [video]


The planet doesn’t have a fever, but Koch Derangement Syndrome is spreading.

‘But … But … BENGHAZI!!!’: ‘Repulsive, repugnant’ DNC spox dismisses Benghazi deaths


Count on the Dems to always keep it classy.

‘BENGHAZI BE KIDDING ME’: ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ boards Benghazi ‘humor’ train [pic]

Cartman lame

“Good one, Ronan …”

‘F*cking cretins’: Comedian Stephen Kruiser tears into libs for Benghazi ‘jokes’

Stephen Kruiser

“I truly believe we’re dealing with sociopaths.”

‘Making fun of dead Americans’: Dems’ Benghazi ‘jokes’ are out of control


It’s disgusting.

Does Alan Grayson’s latest insanity prove ‘being a douche is a pre-existing condition’? (Hint: Yes) [pic]



‘A disgrace’: Dem Rep. Schiff blasted for calling Benghazi probe ‘colossal waste of time’


To be fair, boycotting true service to the American people would be nothing new for Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi delivers Koch brothers zinger at Correspondents’ Dinner

Pelosi fail

"Me either" – 75% of America. RT @JimmyPrinceton: My wife: "I don't get that joke" (about the Koch brothers). — Eric (@eriContrarian) May 4, 2014 It’s easier to get the joke if you hang out with Harry Reid like Nancy Pelosi does; then the Koch Derangement Syndrome sets in. In a pre-taped comedy bit introducing the […]

‘Where was all this’? ESPN analyst notices an inconsistency in Sterling reaction

Robert Smith

ESPN analyst puts Sterling reaction in perspective.

‘Lying hack’! Ezra Klein throttled for calling Obamacare cancellation stories ‘mostly hype’



Is Cliven Bundy a lawbreaker or patriot? Arizona congressmen disagree


Sen. Harry Reid has already called supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists,” so it’s fair to say there are some strong opinions out there. Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva, an enthusiastic advocate of the Occupy Wall Street movement, hasn’t gone quite so far as Reid, but he has accused Bundy’s supporters of making threats and breaking laws. Me: […]

‘Bought the president’: Does lib billionaire Tom Steyer hold all the Keystone cards?

Tom Steyer money

Talk about going green.

‘WHITE PNEUMATIC POWER!’ ThinkProgress: Air is totes racist, you guys

white people air

“Air inequality is destroying this country!”

‘Got obsession, Harry?’ Sen. Reid’s 134 Koch brother mentions amaze; Amanda Carpenter has a request [video]

Harry Reid Koch Brothers

Lunatic ravings about boogeymen hits new level

Hey, Eric Holder, we’ve got your ‘bracelets’ right here [pic]


Accessorizing Holder in style.

‘Consummate hypocrite’: Chuck Schumer blasted for Koch double standard


Please report to Harry Reid to pick up your special insignia

Ted Cruz presents ‘The Broken Window Theory of Obamacare’


“@tedcruz: Obamacare… It’s kind of like this:” it's EXACTLY like this. — Naeem Oba (@naeem_oba) April 5, 2014 It’s not exactly like that. He left out the part where Sen. Harry Reid claims you’re lying about your window having been punched out. @tedcruz Great analogy. Repeal ObamaCare….pleeeze. Once get you In the WH, Repeal & […]

‘You need meds!’ Staggering lack of awareness? Check! Brad Woodhouse is a self-parody

Brad Woodhouse

Check out what Brad Woodhouse thinks of you “regular folks.”

Sarah Palin appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ brings out vicious keyboard trolls [video]


It’s another impromptu Palin Derangement Syndrome parade!

‘It’s tragic’: Nancy Sinatra mourns SCOTUS ruling’s impact on ‘We the (little) People’

Nancy Sinatra

Bless her (little) heart.

‘Hope you 5 Koch whores get … hemorrhoids’: Libs lose it over SCOTUS ruling


“We are the United States of Koch.”

National Review’s Charles Cooke crushes Left’s latest SCOTUS-induced Koch insanity with one tweet



Was today’s Obamacare deadline ‘glitch’ just a coincidence? You decide!


Stay tuned?

‘To buy Obama, but Soros won’t sell’: Editor of The Nation asks ‘what do the Kochs really want?’


Everybody panic!