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Harry Reid says he’ll ensure an assault weapon ban receives votes

Harry Reid

I will ensure that a ban on assault weapons, limits to high-capacity magazines, and mental health provisions receive votes. — Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) March 21, 2013 Enough votes to pass? Not likely. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted this afternoon that a ban on assault weapons will receive votes on the Senate floor. […]

Heh: Dana Perino says Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing hysteria makes Harry Reid look like a genius


Never change, Dana. As Twitchy reported, Sen. Feinstein’s assault weapons ban bill was stopped from coming to a vote by Sen. Harry Reid. #Demandaplan? Not from Harry Reid, evidently! Of course, he’s too busy despicably politicizing the deaths of seven marines. Bloomberg met with Vice President Biden and members of the families of Newtown victims. Never […]

Greg Gutfeld slams disgraceful Harry Reid: ‘Definition of insanity is expecting sanity from Reid’


Amen! As Twitchy reported, Sen. Harry Reid sunk to a new low (hard to believe) yesterday, when he danced on the backs of seven dead Marines by blaming their deaths on the sequester. @greggutfeld Sen. Harry Reid once again proving that there’s no answer to the question “How low can you go?” — James DeAcutis […]

Michael Moore furious with ‘weenie’ Harry Reid over assault weapon ban vote


Did viewers of “Piers Morgan Tonight” hear Michael Moore call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a “weenie” as the show broke for a commercial? Yes, yes they did. I think Michael Moore called Harry Reid a weenie — Eric Larson (@larsoneric50) March 20, 2013 Did I just hear Michael Moore refer to Harry Reid as […]

Despicable: Harry Reid suggests sequester is to blame for Marine deaths [video]

Harry Reid is grumpy

Is there no limit to how low this cockroach will sink? Seven Marines were killed during a training exercise in Hawthorne, Nevada. How did our illustrious Senate Majority Leader choose to honor them? By using them as political pawns, of course: Transcript via Real Clear Politics: As I indicated, it was quite a big […]

Feinstein assault weapons ban bill stopped cold by … Harry Reid?


Looks like Sen. Dianne Feinstein will need to look elsewhere for someone to help ram her ridiculous “assault weapons ban” through. She won’t get any help from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: After a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Monday, a frustrated Feinstein said she learned that the bill she sponsored […]

Ick: Harry Reid praises Rand Paul’s ‘strong bladder’ on the Senate floor; Update: Video added

Harry Reid

Yep, that happened. Sen. Rand Paul brought the filibuster to an end after almost 13 hours last night. As he wrapped things up he joked, “I discovered that there are some limits to filibustering and I’m going to have to go and take care of one of those in a few minutes.” Color Harry Reid […]

Video: The moment Harry Reid failed to stop Rand Paul’s filibuster

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 2.20.00 AM

Harry Reid: “We’re through for the night.” Rand Paul keeps talking. #filibusterfun — Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) March 6, 2013 In case you missed it live on C-SPAN, here’s the moment earlier tonight when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) crept onto the Senate floor to try and end the historic filibuster of President Obama’s CIA […]

Blustery Harry Reid blows into #filiblizzard; tries, fails to shut down debate

Harry Reid is grumpy

Whoa, whoa … hold up. Senators engaging in debate, sticking up for Constitutional principles and whatnot? Sen. No Budget Reid seems to be genuinely pissed that he has to do Senate work stuff today. #filibuster #KruiserFeelings — SFK (@stephenkruiser) March 6, 2013 Harry Reid can’t have that! Darth Vader took off his mask and robe […]

Michael Moore calls Harry Reid ‘biggest weenie’ in a ‘party of wimps,’ demands GOP ‘stand down now’


Cheer up, Harry — Michael Moore might think you’re a weenie, but you’re the biggest weenie. As Twitchy reported, liberals slammed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last month for compromising on a filibuster reform deal. Moore was angry then, and he’s angrier now with news that senate Republicans have managed to delay the confirmation of Secretary of […]

Harry Reid blaming ‘partisan delays’ for putting women’s lives at risk

Harry Reid is grumpy

He doesn’t indicate it in his tweet, but we assume Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is talking about the Violence Against Women Act, which is headed for a procedural vote in the Senate tonight to kick off floor debate. Just maybe, though, Reid is arguing for some sort of legislation to speed up background checks and make it easier for women […]

War on women: Senator Harry Reid expresses ‘confidence’ Menendez ‘did nothing wrong’

Harry Reid is grumpy

Senator Reid, the raging hypocrite and liar, backed sleazy Menendez on “This Week” this morning. It must be noted that some of the allegations involve underage girls. But, “utmost confidence.”

What about Bob? Don’t ask Harry Reid


That business about Menendez writing a $58,500 personal check to a donor for private jet flights to the Dominican Republic? Harry doesn’t wanna talk about it, you guys. He doesn’t really wanna talk about anything else, either. Reid ignores final question, “Will Senator Menendez be the next chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee?” — Jamie […]

Blue-on-blue: Libs slam Sen. Harry Reid for agreeing to filibuster reform


In two votes tonight, the Senate approved modest reforms which are intended to help break the gridlock in Washington and move legislation through Congress more quickly. Basically they allow the Senate to move onto a bill or a nomination more quickly (motion to proceed) — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) January 25, 2013 The rules changes also make it […]

Sen. Harry Reid thrilled that people are blowing a bunch of cash on Vegas

Harry Reid

Las Vegas set a new tourism record last year? It looks like Harry Reid is the winner in the great Vegas showdown of 2010, when he butted heads briefly with President Obama over what Americans should do with their money. “When times are tough, you tighten your belts,” Obama told America in 2010. “You don’t blow […]

Harry Reid: ‘I simply misspoke’ when I wrote off Katrina victims

Harry Reid is grumpy

Anyone up for some backpedaling? After managing to tick off people across the political spectrum for his asinine remarks about Hurricane Katrina being “nothing” compared to Sandy, Harry Reid is attempting to do damage control: Wow: Sen. Reid says in statement he “misspoke” when he said Sandy was worse than Katrina.… — Rebecca Berg […]

Paging Kanye West: Harry Reid claims Hurricane Katrina ‘nothing’ compared to Sandy


We already know where the Congressional Black Caucus would be if a Republican had made these same comments: at the front of the line to MSNBC’s studios to condemn the RAAAACISM.

Self-awareness fail: Harry Reid says he won’t ‘stoop to name-calling’

On the Senate floor today, Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted the House for scrapping the Sandy relief bill: Sen Harry Reid: “The House of Representatives walked away last night” on Sandy relief — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) January 2, 2013 Harry Reid says “I am dismayed and really saddened” House didn’t take up #SandyBill . — […]

Fla. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen calls out Harry Reid over ‘dictator’ comment

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says outrageous things all the time, but Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen isn’t letting his characterization today of House Speaker John Boehner as a “dictator” slide. Ros-Lehtinen represents South Florida and counts many Cuban-Americans among her constituents. I invite @senatorreid 2 spk 2 political prisoners survivors of Castro’s reign of terror 2 […]

Reach for the stars! Harry Reid: Looks like we’re headed over the fiscal cliff

Wow, would ya look at the time? Reid on fiscal cliff: “I don’t know time-wise how it can happen now” — Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) December 27, 2012 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says it’s pretty darn likely the country is about to take the fiscal cliff plunge. Reid: blah, blah, blah. Translated: Bring a parachute […]

Harry Reid calls on GOP to ‘get serious’ as Dems crack lousy jokes

At a press conference this afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reiterated that Democrats would stand firm against John Boehner’s “Plan B” proposal for the fiscal cliff — and evidently any other proposal put forth by Republicans. Reid says “there’s nothing to discuss” until House takes up Senate bill. — Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 20, […]

Harry Reid blocks vote on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal, calls it ‘made up’

Harry Reid is grumpy

On the Senate floor this afternoon, minority leader Mitch McConnell asked for a vote on President Obama’s craptastic proposal for averting the fiscal cliff. Harry Reid swiftly shot him down: Sen. McConnell asks consent for a vote on the President’s tax hike/debt ceiling proposal, and Maj. Ldr Reid objects #FiscalCliff #Senate — Drew Brandewie (@DBrandewie) […]

Harry Reid doesn’t understand Boehner’s brain, says no ill will toward Romney

Harry Reid’s on a roll today. After bragging about Senate Democrats’ “$1 billion” cuts and blaming the GOP for fiscal cliff obfuscation, he’s now complaining that he doesn’t understand John Boehner’s brain: Harry Reid on @speakerboehner‘s claim Dems havent made spending cut proposal: “I don’t understand his brain.” — Todd Zwillich (@toddzwillich) November 29, 2012 […]

Harry Reid: We’ve cut spending, GOP needs to get ‘serious’ about fiscal cliff

Harry Reid is grumpy

Yesterday, when questioned about the Democrats’ strategy for dealing with the fiscal cliff, Harry Reid whined to reporters that the Senate Democrats had already cut $1 billion and, gosh-darn it, they deserve a little credit! $1 billion? Someone get that man a medal! Stat! Reid’s delusions continued today, when he insisted that it’s Republicans who […]