Now he’s done it! Blake Shelton may have thought his Tweet about driving over a turtle was funny, but he’s angered the Left, including Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted her outrage.

After all of the Twitter throw downs Shelton has fought — on everything from his drinking to his songs to comments about his wife Miranda Lambert — he seems to be a bit more careful about what he tweets these days.  But not careful enough, apparently, considering the firestorm he ignited two days ago when he tweeted this:

Although the original tweet caused fans and animal rights activists to condemn him, Blake didn’t seem to want to make peace until Ellen weighed in. Shortly after she criticized him, Shelton again took to Twitter to note that the outrage over the death of the slow-moving turtle could perhaps be directed toward more deserving recipients — namely people.

Seems the man has a point.

  • Julie the Jarhead

    Not only the Left. I think he’s one sick fcuk. Best description of BS: “Perpetual opening act.”

    • Larry Baron

      Get a sense of humor, Julie.

      • Julie the Jarhead

        I thought referring to a second-rate country singer as a ‘perpetual opening act’ was pretty effin’ hilarious.

  • TugboatPhil

    You know what else isn’t funny? Giving a dog to audience members, and then having the rescue agency take it away from them because an attention-seeking host violated the “adoption” policy.

    Good thing Ellen turned on the tears over that or she’d have been out of a show. Shelton joked about something that didn’t even happen. Ellen made some kids be crushed by bureaucracy because she wanted to appear morally superior.

  • Dolphieness

    Thank you TugboatPhil you beat me to the point. Ellen is a spotlight seeking, narcissistic, hateful elitist. I remember when she did that to the family and kids. Funny how everyone forgets it is not just about her lifestyle – it is more about the ugly person she is inside.

  • Dolphieness

    Blake – don’t you dare apologize. This oversensitized Politically Correct spotlight seeking group of people are not worth it. Tell them all – Ms Hypocritical Narcissistic hateful herself ESPECIALLY – to get real and get a life. Your fans love you and always will.

  • Love of Country

    Blake is okay but turtles F’n Rock!

  • Foxe

    Guy’s a dick. I’m tired of being mocked for liking reptiles. Why is a snake gross but not a dog, which likes to roll in poop or on dead animals? Would you support him if he joked about running over a puppy? I’m sick of people not caring about my pets just because they’re not the same as THEIR pets. We’re conservatives, we don’t walk in lockstep, remember?

  • Sonya Thibodeaux

    To hurt an animal intentionally is evil. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of Blake!

    • BamaG

      you better start rounding up all those that hit / run over squirrels/rabbits/raccoons/possums by the THOUSANDS daily because they are in the roads sweetheart – if you don’t? you have nothing to be proud of and become just another spew

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      Jesus woman, he didn’t actually hit a turtle.

  • Sonya Thibodeaux

    To hurt an animal intentionally is evil. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of Blake!

  • BamaG

    Lets say that Blake DID run over a turtle. Lets assume that the speed limit ON a highway is . . oh .. say at least 65 mph. Lets say that when gets up close enough to see said turtle on ground, in middle of road, that they would have caused an accident BY swerving to the shoulder of the road, possibly causing themself serious injury OR gosh forbid: OTHERS on the road by the chain reaction that naturally occurs when one driver sees another driver swerve for no apparent reason. Yes. Blake is a baaaad person for tweeting about something. Far better he had just swerved (IF this is real) and caused a massive accident, taking lives.
    Lets just say that the lefts are still intolerant, and they support a REAL animal abusing person such as Ingrid Newkirk – who kills companion animals because SHE says they shouldn’t be allowed. Look it up before you spew n retort.

  • Vicky

    Blake has, in fact, joked about the demise of many animals. He was particularly annoyed with a certain cow for a while. It was hilarious! Don’t like his weird sense of humor? UNFOLLOW!

  • DANEgerus

    The morally bankrupt do like to morally judge… you would think a comedian would have a sense of humor

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I wasn’t aware Ellen the Degenerate was still inflicting her footstep on the grasses of the meadows.

    Poor, poor grasses… See them turn black in their death-throws, blackened little size 12 footprints on the Green Hills of Earth…

    Watch The Degenerate as she packs each love tweet with chaste kisses for PETA and slobbering gob-drippers for her TrueLove(tm): The Mighty Obamassiah.
    So difficult to be a luminary of Progressivism! Its tenets age them before their time!
    Psychosis: Easy in the observation; Taxing to the death while performing execution.

    Conservation of Life And Liberty is its own Message
    Invigorating well into an ancient age and Joy hidden in its every fiber!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Screw the turtles. I’m still trying to get over Obama eating a dog. Did you hear that Ellen? OBAMA ATE A DOG!!!