Russia Today, Vladimir Putin’s state media arm, published a story today decrying the purported mass exodus of Ukrainians back to Russia. Twitter users and journalists on scene smacked down the propaganda.

Last night, it was more than “140,000.” Now, it’s 675,000.

Propaganda fail 101.


  • John

    Obviously the Russians use the same people to count heads as the #Obama Administration.

    • 1389AD

      Russia is claiming that 675,000 have already fled SINCE THE BEGINNING OF 2014. Russia is NOT claiming that 675,000 people, or in fact anybody at all, are trying to flee Crimea today.

      Whether that report is accurate I don’t know, but that isn’t the point!

      The point is that webcam pix show what is happening at present. Now that the pro-Russian faction is retaking Crimea, there would be no reason for Russian sympathizers to flee from Crimea – so I certainly would not expect to see any cars there.

      • Gordon Johnson

        That is not what Russian Channel 1 is reporting.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    If they get any worse we’ll have to call them MSNRT.

    • TugboatPhil

      Or PBS – Putin’s Bull Sheyte

      • @MadJewessWoman

        PBS: Baracks BS.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Wouldn’t that be BBS?

          • TugboatPhil

            Obama can just issue an Exec Oder changing the letters of the alphabet.

    • VL123

      Those are just the American versions of propaganda..

  • @MadJewessWoman

    140K is bad enough.
    The whole situation is brought to us by John McCain and Miss Nuland

    • EndangeredNJRepub

      You do know there aren’t any refugees, right? The new-age Pravda is lying. Someone would have seen 600,000 hungry, roaming people. And how McCain or Nuland are responsible for Russia invading a sovereign nation.

      Unless you mean to troll…

      • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

        I checked her website. She is either the most consistent troll on the planet or she is genuinely crazy. I don’t know which yet…

      • Gordon Johnson

        Well, they are certainly guilty of a lot of provocative behavior!

        But responsible for THE RUSSIAN ARMY?

        In a word…no.

    • Well Done


  • Pendog

    I see they’ve been paying attention to the tactics employed by our own MSM propagandists.

    • @MadJewessWoman

      Well, even if it is 100 thousand, its still a lot.
      What would WE do if neo nazis took over and we had no food???

      • ajdecarlo

        First, there isn’t a mass of neo-NAZIs in Ukraine.

        Second, I find it ironic that you mention lack of food, since the Russians killed more than 6 million Ukrainians by a forced famine under Joe Stalin.
        Third, why didn’t we hear about this flood of refuges BEFORE the Russian invasion?

        Take off your “Obama/Putin – Dream Team” t-shirt.

      • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

        Other than the above english language propaganda mill for the Kremlin, do you have any sources to back up your neo-nazi claim?

        • Spiny Norman

          I’ve been seeing that claim elsewhere, as well. Also that the protests in Kiev were “engineered” by a “EUSSR/Soros/IMF/New World Order” conspiracy. Where is this coming from? Some loony conspiracy theory site like Infowars?

          • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

            Russia Today. The Kremlin wants the Ukrainians to look bad, and he knows Alex Jones and his blind sheep will swallow anything put out by RT whole because they don’t like Obama.

          • Spiny Norman

            I was guessing Alex Jones. The alleged conspiracy’s increasing and improbable complexity is the sort of thing his fans drool over.

            BTW, some of them who post at sites that use Disqus completely lose their s**t whenever there’s a glitch, and start berating the site owners/admins about security breaches. The glitch is annoying, but the paranoid raging is hilarious.

      • Well Done

        LOL pardon, where are “neo nazis” taking over? Who has “no food”? You idiot.

  • Maxx

    Well, at least we now know where the fired people who crunched the numbers for Obamacare are now working.

    Oh wait, they weren’t fired.

  • V the K

    It must really suck for Obama to have to deal with someone as arrogant and lawless as Putin.

    • Well Done

      LOL I’ll presume your comment is pure sarcasm.

    • Gordon Johnson

      Replace the name ‘Putin’ with the pronoun ‘himself’ and you’d have made a brilliant statement!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Well, thanks to our strong, decisive leader, we are in the position of playing “catch-up” and wondering what the next move will be.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Those 675,000 refugees must all be Mexican, the media can’t seem to see them.

  • Sloper67

    Looks like they hired the same group to count the “refugees” as the Obama administration hired to count Obamacare enrollees.

  • YouGoGirl

    Gee the first time in history a mass of people wanted in Russia; it’s usually the other way ’round…….

  • jazj

    Don’t know if you have noticed but RT along with Sky News and Fox are owned by one person.

    • Well Done

      You and your ilk amuse the rest of us greatly by your haste to include Fox news in any discussion. You don’t seem to care how stupid that makes you look.

    • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

      I didn’t know SKY News and the FNC were owned by the Kremlin! Someone must alert Wikipedia about this. According to their sources – namely, the Russian Parliament’s annual budget – RT is a non-profit owned and operated by the Russian Government.

  • Guest

    How does it promote Russian interests to say hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing t Russia?

    • aliswell

      It lends the appearance that the Ukrainians are fleeing the “outlaw rebels” in their own country in preference to the kind, protective hand of Mother Russia.

  • Alice Brown

    The only Ukrainians with a valid reason to flee to Russia are former Berkut officers and titushki.
    So we can take this as a formal acknowledgement (endorsed by Adolf Putin, or Putler for intimi) that there were over half a million of those engaged by the Yanukovich regime?

  • Defend Liberty Philly Dude

    While liberty’s resulting prosperity has stoked the competitive fires of some, it has also freed charlatans and quacks to conjure up the anti-liberty superstitions of collectivism.

  • edge_of_the_sandbox

    The number is probably inflated, but I’m sure many left Ukraine and now live with their relatives in Russia.

    • Gordon Johnson

      My wife is Russian. She has lots of school friends in Ukraine.

      She is mortified. When I asked her why she was so unhappy she said it is because what her friends facebook pages say bears no resemblance to what the Russian News is saying.

      She is ashamed and thinks the world will believe all Russians to be thugs.

  • Gordon Johnson

    Surely there is some journalist organization that can covertly put a webcam on the major highways & train tracks into Russia from Ukraine.

    Pictures would be worth thousands of words!

    This “He said… She said…” stuff is pointless. If you scan the reports of Ukrainian refugees to Russia you’ll note that they are all from government sources! Russian Regional Governors! Putin’s employees!

    So… are there traffic jams leaving the Ukraine? Or are the traffic jams in the military convoys going into the Ukraine?

    There are pictures of the latter, and therefore I doubt the former.

    But a ‘Where’s Waldo’ format photo of the transportation hubs leaving Ukraine for Russia, or even the border crossings would speak volumes.

  • edge_of_the_sandbox

    Neo-Nazi maidan, among other sources:

    When you look at the pictures from Maidan, you see lots of yellow and blue Ukrainian flags and also significant number of red and black flags that western media often describes as “alternate Ukrainian flags”. Those are OUN-UPA Nazi collaborationists flags, see here:

    • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

      So we have evidence that up to 30% of the people who are part of the Maidan protests may be Neo’s. In fact, the information provided above implies they are a minority in the population. Any evidence they have any real representation either proportional to or above their proportional strength in the population in parliament?

  • edge_of_the_sandbox

    The world already believes that. Your point?
    Social media in Kharkov is nothing like what’s on the news in the west or Ukraine. I hear that in Odessa, they don’t allow broadcasts from Russia, and that they have Verhovna Rada on TV 24/7.

    Americans have no clue about Ukraine. They think there was once a country called Ukraine that Russia took over.

  • edge_of_the_sandbox

    30% is a huge chunk; it’s that 30% that was the muscle of the revolution, which was perfectly fine with all the bright-eyed little things, apparently. Not everyone in 1789 France was a Jacobin, but look at the results.