This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service. Notice anything missing?

Well, we’re certainly looking forward to celebrating Merry Gingerbread House Day! Aren’t you?

  • mickeyco

    I don’t dare comment on this right now. Twitchy would ban me forever.

    • Creel Otters

      Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines.

    • A. DAILEY

      C H R I S T M A S

    • Richo

      As an atheist I have to implore the postal service to just put out a baby Jesus-Santa-Christmas tree stamp so that we don’t have another year of you whiny crybaby conservative Christians snivelling and puffing out your chests about how you are going to defend baby Jeebus from the “war on Christmas”

      • Kurlee Locks

        So, you defend the whiny cry-babies of the atheist religion and their right to their cult, er, religion, but not others? That’s telling.

      • Lisa Amador

        Appreciate that. Keep up the good work.

        • Brenda Stines Mills

          I LOVE to see posts by atheists…they write the word God. they argue His existence …they post, they blog, they are now creating churches to their DISBELIEF……that’s a lot of effort put into something that doesn’t exist…..even their denial glorifies His existence!!!!!

          • Belial Issimo

            What’s the square root of -1, Brenda? There’s been a few papers written about it.

      • rebuzz

        Oh, so you are suggesting they should stop the blatant disrespect and political correctness (aka “war on Christmas”) so we’ll stop pointing out that there’s a war on Christmas because our observations that there IS a war on Christmas disturbs you — you whiney, crybaby, sniveling atheist!

      • mkreider

        You are a total hypocrite. Why so anti Christian? Atheists do not believe in God – whether Jewish or Christian or Muslim etc., I am tired of the snarky, spite filled very petty “Atheists”. If you do not believe in something, it should not bother you if other people do believe.

        • BeeKaaay

          That’s because these atheists are the types who want to impose their beliefs on others. They hate it that other people have a different opinion, so they must force them to change.

          • JamieD✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Sounds like all the progressive liberals I encounter regardless of their spiritual “alignment”.

          • Human

            Gee did you just describe democrats or what?

          • Temeculan

            But the very basis of atheism is the non-belief in anything! How can they impose their beliefs on others when they don’t believe in anything? I think they’re confused…

          • Bathing Suit Area

            We believe in lots of things. Just not silly stuff like gods and elves and stuff.

          • Orwellian_Dilemma

            It’s not that you don’t believe in religion. You just hate Christians and Americans.

          • Temeculan

            What spiritual or faith based things?

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Oh none of those, they’re all in the “silly” category. I meant real things, like tables and bugles and kangaroos.

          • Temeculan

            I see…have you matured beyond Sponge Bob yet? Just wondering…

          • Denny McFall

            One thing I don’t understand is this: why do you feel the need to belittle the beliefs of others? As an atheist, is it just not necessary to be polite, or at least to say nothing at times and keep your rudeness to yourself? I could see that being true. Without any actual meaning or purpose to life beyond merely existing for however long you get to do so, there should be no purpose to being polite or kind to others. What is the purpose or intent behind being so rude or behind forgone kindness that most people give each other in these situations? I have seen this done by people who call themselves Christians as well, but that is beside the point here. I think it is a valid question.

        • Nan

          Most atheists I encounter seem to solely not believe in the Christian God and define themselves as against Christianity.

      • joepoli

        Richo, you are the person doing the “whining”!

      • Mitch

        If the majority of society has no problem with “Happy Kwanzaa” and “Happy Hanukkah”, then society should have no problem with “Merry Christmas”. Religion, or lack there of, has nothing to do with being “one-sided”.

        • RVNMike

          The left wing fruitcakes are showing just how tolerant they are. Christians need to boycott the post office.

          • George Lance Waring

            I though we had already.

          • Carolyn Palacios

            Exactly, it’s a painful place to go during the holidays and I assure you UPS will take your money and give you better service anyway.

          • Brenda Stines Mills


          • JamieD✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Hmm.. “Fruitcakes”… pun intended? (no one likes the fruitcakes, even after the holiday).

          • Temeculan

            I actually enjoy a nice fruitcake…please don’t respond to this post, it has more holes in it than Obamacare…

          • Human

            The problem with lefties is there is no room in their world for an opposing view! Gee I just described muslims! Once we get called up stairs, they will kill each other for the same reason.

      • Red Fred

        Who’s Jeebus?

      • RVNMike

        Why do you hate Christians? Without they you would be in a trash can in an abortion clinic. Or maybe a large gay man’s bit-h. Or maybe just a bloody body laying in a ditch because someone wanted something you had, like a wife or good looking child.

        It is Christian morality that has put the laws into effect that keep you safe. Are you so blind to the truth?

        • Human

          Secular humanism is their truth. This is all they get, how sad for them.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Because before Christianity, everybody got murdered.

      • USAMOM

        The irony to your statement is that if those you insult so excitedly hadn’t sacrificed and fought how they have – you would not have the freedom to express your nonsense. There are plenty of countries where they have killed all the Christians – go enjoy the lack of freedom there!

      • Wendy

        You seem to be the one whining, have you noticed the Christ in Christmas that is why we have Christmas if you don’t like Christ don’t be a hypocrite and celebrate Christmas at all.

      • Richard Sturms

        Hey bigot, NOT all followers of Jesus are conservatives! Get a clue and show some respect. If you won’t say the same things about islam, don’t say anything at all….bigot

      • drwitchdoctor

        Whiny crybaby your own hypocritical damn self

      • Charles M. Rodriguez

        Lol, only thing I’m going to add is: “A lot of my friends are actually Democratic.” I don’t see why only conservatives can be Christian

        • Marianne Ditmar-Flynn

          Not true. We are in every party affiliation. Not quite sure about the tea party…LOL

        • Carolyn Palacios

          The Democrats boo’d the name of G-d during their last convention. You can be a Christian Democrat, just like you could have been a Nazi Jew…until they finish building the gas chambers.

        • Nan

          Perhaps because Christianity is incompatible with the Democratic platform. If you recall, they removed God from their platform and only replaced him once there was an outcry about it. And democrats overwhelmingly support abortion which goes against the first commandment. Plus, many democrats support redefinition of the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

          • Charles M. Rodriguez

            Lol right? But honestly, I’m one of the only red Catholic (Christian) people. ( I’m not saying your wrong right now, but so far, out of everywhere I’ve traveled, experience has said otherwise)

      • Greg Smith

        If there is no Christ, then why are you so worried that we Christians celebrate it him? If it isn’t true, then you have nothing to be afraid of. What does it hurt you that we show our beliefs? Not one bit, but you atheists are so afraid of us that you feel the need to force us not to celebrate our beliefs in public. Yet it is perfectly okay for you to speak out against Christianity in public. Who are the true sniveling crybabies? I think you should check the mirror to truly answer that.

      • Ailsa Nordstrom

        You know, most people would not have a problem if the USPS would leave religion out of their stamps altogether and just used generic winter images (ok some would care but it would be an extreme minority). The issue here is they had no problem having a stamp for Hanukkah (a religious holiday) with a picture of a menorah (a religious symbol), but couldn’t even have the word Christmas on their gingerbread stamp. It feels like a pretty obvious snub.

        No I did not. Thanks for pointing that out! I suppose the USPS flier advertising their holiday stamps used a sampling that resulted in an unfortunate impression.

        • Robert Dye

          Oh, oh, such a snub! Never mind we got TWO stamps with Christmas on them this year! The word isn’t on the Gingerbread stamp, so it’s a “snub.” What idiocy. Did you not think to go look at the USPS site for yerself?

        • Ailsa Nordstrom

          That additional paragraph added to my comment was in reply to Robert Dye, whose comment is awaiting moderation and therefore cannot be directly replied to.

      • Vic Hanes

        Richo ,You will be An atheist until your last few moments on this earth. Richo go back to when you were a little boy…do you remember the magical feeling in the air on Christmas Eve?Why do you want that to die? Over 85% of the USA celebrates CHRISTmas .Over 3 Billion people on the planet celebrate as well.Why do you want that to die? Were you hurt as a child? Was your father not around? Did your folks not celebrate this joyous holiday. Richo life here is but a a brief mist..enjoy no need for anger.

      • radicallyalyssa

        There’s a difference between being “atheist” and “anti-theist.” Are you really that uncomfortable with others believing in something? Sure, I think liberals that believe in Global Warming/Climate Change are ridiculous, but I’m not malicious towards them and calling them “whiny crybabies” because there is no scientific proof behind it. I just let them believe what they want to believe. Should the same not go for other things such as faith?

      • Marianne Ditmar-Flynn

        Poor baby, quit whining.

      • sumpplrstupid

        So…where do YOU plan on spending eternity?…..Do you REALLY think this is all there is to life?…..Seems like a waste of time doesn’t it?…(Average of 74 yrs…..and poof….you’re gone)

      • Matt Lewis

        Richio, “The first amendment states that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an
        establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. I am not a bible thumper but I do believe in other peoples right to exercise there beliefs. If the Government feels it is appropriate to release Stamps that appear to promote several different religions and exclude the one where most of our laws and principles were founded, to me is a clear violation of our constitution.

        It seems our or should I say your Government makes conscious efforts to exclude Christianity from Schools, from government buildings, discussions and now stamps, but clearly Advocates other religions.

        • Carolyn Palacios


      • Billy Bob

        That’s OK Richo, I do not believe in Atheist either.

      • Billy Bob

        That’s OK Richo. I don’t believe in Atheist.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Which is weird, your can actually see and meet and speak to atheists.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            You can actually see and meet and speak to Christians, too.


      • Sandra Dillon

        Why is it atheist want us Christians to be tolerant of you and what you believe, but you show such animosity towards us? Yet all complain and complain about how we are intolerant. I think you dislike us so much because you know we are right about God and you are to sinful to want to change and do Gods work. I think you are scared of your inevitable death because you know where you are going and it isn’t a good place.I personally couldn’t care less about what you call me. We all know who the whinny crybabies are. I know you will stand face to face with Jesus one day and lets just see if you feel like calling Him baby Jeebus then. My bet is that you will be crying like a baby yourself and be begging to be forgiven. But it will be to late then. I will pray for you even though I know you don’t want me too.But God says I should so I will.

      • Billy Bob

        That’s OK Richo. I do not believe in Atheist either.

      • Kevlar von Mecklenberg

        I’m amazed at how this country was, for almost two centuries, totally ignorant of how things like Christmas plays, displays, stamps, school prayer, “In God we trust,” and “under God” were First Amendment violations until Madalyn Murray O’Hair came along, discovered what the Constitution really said, and straightened us out…

      • Jay Sands

        you are an aino-atheist in name only. when it comes down to the nut cutting i can assure you that you will be crying out for Jesus and your mother. Or if your kid is possibly dying. you will see then how being stylish warped you.

      • L R

        So why no outrage about the other two stamps, which are clearly religious ones? Hypocrite much?!
        BTW, A Christmas tree is not a religious symbol…it is a Christmas symbol. Christmas is a winter holiday for believers and non-believers.

      • Human

        Got douche?

      • Kevin Scott

        You weren’t hugged much as a child, were you?

      • Bathing Suit Area

        They already did put out Christmas stamps, religious ones at that. Didn’t stop the whining, because the Christian stamps weren’t shown up front as the mostest specialest ones.

    • cscape

      How about a stamp commemorating ATHEISM during this season…. What might that stamp picture?

      • Joanne13

        Umm…. I think a stamp in black would suffice.

  • M F Scotto

    I think the USA with “Forever” crossed out is inadvertently more telling.

    • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

      I know. WTF is up with that?

      • WhoDat

        I think it’s so that people won’t photocopy the image and try to use it as an actual stamp.

        Edit: meant as reply for above.

        • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

          Hmm. Maybe. But nothing’s crossed out on the other stamps.

          • Bernie Candide Gilbert

            What are you talking about? “Forever” is crossed out on all of them, at least in the picture I’M looking at.

          • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

            Easy there tiger. I didn’t notice it, the type being so small…k?

          • Bernie Candide Gilbert

            I forgive you, in the spirit of the gingerbread house holiday.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Forgive, but still eat his house.

          • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

            Nice to see the foreigner still hanging around trolling and making comments that have nothing to do with him or his country. You’re relevance is even less than zero here.

          • bbroome62

            Forever is crossed out on the two readable stamps.

          • Ailsa Nordstrom

            It is crossed out on all three. Like others have said, it is to prevent counterfeit stamps from being produced.

          • Tom Ruggles

            forever is crossed out on all three stamps and yes it’s so you can copy it…it’s standard

        • Kurlee Locks

          I’m guessing it means that these are not the “forever stamps” that are good for all time regardless of future price increases. Perhaps these holiday stamps are only good for the current year or until a price increase.

        • George Lance Waring

          Are you saying blacks don’t know how to copy and paste?

    • muslimfree America

      that is the most important part of that photo.
      kwanzaa is a fake holiday invented (with little thought) by communist Ron Karinga…….the H.A.F. (Hate America First ) crowd never surprises me ….Liberalism is the great evil of our time.

    • Guest

      “Forever” is crossed out so that they can never try to be used as real stamps. The Post Office does this for all stamps used as samples.

    • M F Scotto

      I understand that they do this so it can’t be copied. That is is why I wrote that it “inadvertently” is more telling.

    • Loretta Miller

      Its crossed out on all of them because some people are smart (dumb?) enough to cut them out and glue them onto envelopes and/or copy them and do the same.

      • Joanne13

        Wow…. Such a obvious reason but yet SO difficult for me to figure out. OYE! Thanks for clueing me in. ;o)

    • Guest

      As an atheist I have to implore the postal service to just put out a baby Jesus-Santa-Christmas tree stamp so that we don’t have another year of you whiny crybaby conservative Christians snivelling and puffing out your chests about how you are going to defend baby Jeebus from the “war on Christmas”

      • shabba4detroit

        As a Catholic, I have to implore polite people to just say “Geshundheit” when people sneeze near a government building or on a federal holiday so we don’t have a bunch of whiny. crybaby smug atheists going on and on about how they are having a state religion established upon them because someone said “God Bless You.”

      • SpaceRacer423

        as a Christian, I couldn’t care less if USPS makes a Christmas stamp or not.

        However choosing to include Kwanza,
        (which is a fake holiday created by a black separatist leader who is also a convicted felon/rapist/kidnapper/women beater, in the 1960s in order to celebrate “black nationalism” – )
        while purposely excluding Christmas, the most widely practiced celebration in America, seems to be a pretty deliberate slap in the face.

      • Joanne13

        Only a fool says in his heart there is no God. Eh hem… that would be YOU!

        • Brandon Curtin

          I see that you don’t support science in any way. Science has the best running theories like the Big Bang, abiogenesis, and evolution. It certainly beats your idea of an invisible man in the sky that is the father to a zombie jew, which is also the same as god, in which, there are no written records for his existence at the time of his existence. Even better was that this zombie jew had the exact same mystical powers that several other “gods” of that time period. Basically, Jesus is nothing short of the earliest comic book character that had his false backstory stolen from previous gods, Julius Caesar, and Augustus Caesar.

          • Joanne13

            Brandon, Would you even WANT to know the truth? What if you’re wrong? Are you an atheist, an agnostic or what? What makes you SO SURE that God doesn’t exist, that Jesus (who’s ‘existence’ in history is well documented) isn’t God’s Son? Don’t you believe in ANYTHING you can’t see? You can’t ‘see’ the wind but it exists. I could go on but why waste my time on someone with a mind so tightly closed shut he can’t even ALLOW himself to think of the possibilities. I pray that someday you’ll have the curiosity and desire to search for the truth rather than just declare that which you don’t have any way to understand as false.

        • Jason Gary

          Out of curiosity, how do you feel about people who haven’t found, named, or settled on a God or Gods? I’m agnostic, and despite my openness to spirituality, I get a LOT of flak from Christians, so it seems to be a lot less about not believing in God, and a lot more about not believing in YOUR God.

          • Joanne13

            Really? I think the fact that a person doesn’t know for sure about who or what God is yet, yet doesn’t put down those of us who DO know (in our hearts) who He is OR demean our God is commendable. But just look at the hateful things Richo has been writing about Jesus, etc., all the while knowing that Christians on this page love Him & confess Him as our Savior. We FULLY believe that Jesus left Heaven to become LIKE us, and suffered unbearably to redeem us from a fate none of us created for ourselves yet we are incapable of freeing ourselves from. I suppose that if as an agnostic you were doing the same I’d be going at you too. It’s called ‘righteous indignation’ and perfectly warranted. There ARE atheists ‘out there’ who don’t go out of their way to insult Christianity. But sadly Richo isn’t one of them.

          • BruceRW

            Yeah Christians are so bad. All Muslims do is you don’t believe in their god is cut your head off or kill you some other disgusting way. Of course that’s not as bad as Christians giving you flak

          • Bathing Suit Area

            What? I sit next to a couple of Muslim guys at work. They know I find their religion silly, yet my head remains attached to my neck.

            And they don’t go whining that there isn’t enough advertising of stamps celebrating their religion.

          • BruceRW

            Well we saw your opinion on Christians in your post. Instead of just telling me why don’t you post your opinion on Islam? Then everyone can read it. You like to give your opinion about religions so let’s see what you say about them

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Islam is a silly fairy tale, like all the other religions. Is that really so surprising to you?

          • BruceRW

            Just saying it is silly doesn’t really mean much. Is that your only opinion of Islam? You give your opinion about Christians but only say Islam is silly.

          • Matt Lewis

            I have a theory, that every god that people pray to are in fact the same. Due to environmental, political, economical and educational factors he/she has appeared to everyone differently. The refusal to believe in something greater than yourself is to deny the concept that you cannot and will not be able to understand everything in the universe and that it can’t be explained. Some people can’t live with the unknown and unexplained. I guess either can be said for those who choose religion and those who don’t. I have no problems with either, only the idea that you can force your opinion on others and that because they feel one way or another they are somehow less intelligent than you.

        • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

          And we have found that it is quite interesting that we have read that atheist are creating “churches”.

          • Joanne13

            Atheism is a religion. Instead of worshiping their true Creator they worship themselves. So yeah… they’d be needing churches I guess. That worshiping self rather that God has been going on as long as there’s BEEN ‘creation’. It’s how good old Lucifer ended up the god of this world… poor deluded Lucifer. . .

        • Marianne Ditmar-Flynn

          A friend was going on one day about God and wondering about things like creation, etc. When she got to the Big Bang theory I asked “well, who created the Big Bang?? No reply..At least she is thinking..

          • Bathing Suit Area

            But who created god?

      • George Lance Waring

        Why do you work so hard to get people to not believe in something?

      • M F Scotto

        Dear anonymous atheist Christian-hating pig, Please note where I even tangentially commented on anything remotely connected to your pig-headed, vitiolic, whiny, crybaby, bigoted comment in either of my posts on this topic. Thanks.

  • Heather

    I went to the usps website, they have Christian stamps too, they just neglected to put them on the flier. :/

    • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

      yup, ‘neglected’.

    • Joanne13

      They were on our flyer. I find it hard to believe they WEREN’T on the ones the ‘Twitchy’ peeps got too. Someone wants to rile someone up and looks like they were successful. Pretty disappointing really…

      • ForTheRepublicOfDave

        Ah, what a very revealing, proof-covered photo you posted with your comment, too!

        Oh, wait…

        • Joanne13

          Your point?

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            I’ll type it one word at a time, to make sure you get it.

            You. Have. Zero. Proof. Of. Christmas. On. The. Flyer.

          • Joanne13

            Idiot. Guess I could take a photo of it and upload it just so YOU can satisfy your (unwarranted) skepticism. But for the record I really don’t care if you think I’m making it up or lying or what ever you’re implying. You’re not God are you? Exactly.

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            So, in other words, you have nothing, right? That’s what I thought. Keep on with the name calling, though. Maturity doesn’t suit you.

          • Joanne13

            I’m crushed.

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            Obamacare covers that, my friend.

    • Craig Rhew

      Not one says Christmas

      • Rena

        no one says Kwanza or Hanukkah either.. :)

      • Craig Rhew

        I stand corrected I do see one that says Christmas

      • Richard Sturms

        Certainly not bigots like you. I say it , along with a majority of Americans

    • Jack

      nothing with a simple, “Merry Christmas” though….kind of weird

    • Richard Sturms

      Intentionally neglected

    • Jason Gary

      Well, ya know… Christians are UNDER ATTACK. Didn’t you get the memo?

      Christianity deserves a few obstacles here and there. Non-Christians are so, so sick of having Christ and His Love shoved down their throats every single day. I mean, what did ya expect, Christians? Be content that you’re still the predominant and most widely accepted religion in Western civilization.

  •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

    Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Gingerbread House #USPSHolidaySongs

  • Matt

    Libs just love to stick it to the right with little jabs like this.

    • ObamaFail

      Those pathetic little jabs are all they have anymore. Now that Obamacare has been exposed as the colossal failure that Republicans said it would be, and yet another scandal is hitting Obama (the unemployment numbers being slashed heavily to make him look better for the election last year), pathetic little jabs are all they have left.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Someone producing an advertisement that doesn’t mention your religion is not a jab. Get over yourself.

      • karmafordems

        Someone without testosterone posing as someone with a bathing suit area is quite ironic. Get over yourself

        • walleye

          Maybe he’s not posing in the bathing suit area, but trolling in that area.

      • TomJB

        For once I kind of agree with BullSh*tArtist. Not really offended about Christmas not being mentioned in an advertisement that obviously isn’t dedicated to this season’s religious holidays. I only see one.

        • Lynelle Hullsiek

          I’m not offended – what a silly word. I’m seeing this as a more emboldened leftist regime that is getting more flagrant in its hatred of a large segment of this country’s population.

      • Gary Iampaglia

        First, I believe you are missing the whole point of this. That being said—second, people would listen to your opinion if you had one. However, you insist on typing worthless remarks. Opinions, discussions, ect. that’s how it works!!! God Bless You.

      • Joanne13

        It matters when they show other religions stamps as ‘holiday’ ones (meaning the CHRISTMAS holiday). Christmas after all IS ONLY about Jesus ‘Christ’, right? It doesn’t really take any brain power to understand how insulting it IS to Christians that OUR holiday has been taken over by who EVER. It’s CHRIST MAS. What don’t you get about that?

        • angela

×900.jpg Here is the naked infant you want on your stamp. There are more too. “Holiday” is not religious…or did I miss that with the 4th of July, Labor Day, etc? There is only one religion in the flyer…the Hanukkah stamp….and that is far from the holiest of Jewish holidays. As a Christian, I could do without all of the Christmas commercials and music and decorations before December actually. The fact that almost every business closes on Christmas and not for other religious “holidays” makes me wonder where all of the paranoia comes from.

          • Joanne13

            Don’t really ‘get’ your response to my comment Angela…. “the naked infant YOU want on your stamp’…? You sound pretty confrontational there but I can’t imagine why since you also say YOU’RE a Christian. Exactly what do you mean?

      • Mister A

        The government producing an advertisement AT ALL goes against my beliefs.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Ah, well in that case I wish you a merry freemarketsmas and hope that the invisible hand comes down the chimney with some lovely presents.

      • LaneF

        Get over YOURSELF. It is highly insulting.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Just like the 0, leaving out ‘under GOD’ when he read the Gettysburg Address.

  • Archaic

    They’ve still have the Holy Family, Madonna and Virgin & Child stamps on their website ( so I’m fine.

    The front page of the USPS website shows a different group of holiday stamps for the same advertisement.

    • conservativechick

      Except those are the stamps that have USA with the word FOREVER crossed out? I don’t get that. I am heading to the post office today. I’ll ask!

      • Joanne13

        Yeah… I don’t get that either. We bought a bunch of ‘Forever’ stamps to use for when they (once AGAIN) raise the price of stamps (which they’re doing or already did). So they aren’t REALLY ‘forever’? What’s up with that??

        • nmpher29

          The “forever” means we can use them forever and the post office doesn’t throw away stamps every time they raise the price and have to re-print. OR you don’t have to buy a bunch (and the PO doesn’t have to print) of 1 cent stamps to go with the outdated stamp. They’re just trying to save money.

          • Joanne13

            Yes… I know that. But I’m asking that because of ‘Forever’ being crossed out. What does that mean?

          • Joanne13

            Mystery was solved. I simply didn’t think about people actually cutting out the images ON the mail-out!

          • nmpher29

            I think someone posted that they thought it was to keep people from counterfeiting the stamps. Could be. Makes sense. :)

      • ServosT

        its so they can’t be used for postage. If there was an actual denomination on the stamp, the number would be crossed out.

  • DaMello ®

    As an American raised in Germany, gingerbread houses is a German thing for the Holiday, not American. We have our own culture!

    • Catchance

      Hansel and Gretel do Christmas.

      • karmafordems

        Barky does the ovens

    • Chaitealover

      It’s become quite popular in the states to have a gingerbread house at Christmastime. There are even kits to make them. The White House chef makes one of the WH every year.

      • Joanne13

        Absolutely! Gingerbread houses are a LONG time honored American symbol of Christmas. Kids love em (as do many adults)! ;o)

      • DaMello ®

        Good point!

    • John Rebori

      Those ginger houses, like stockings hung and the tree all originated outside the States. Our immigrant ancestors, mostly legal, brought them here and added them to our great Melting Pot.

      Making our American culture that much stronger and more inclusive, as opposed to the multicultural isolationists who believe we shouldn’t combine our strengths and forge a stronger, more useful, and attractive alloy.

  •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

    Also, as a neo-pagan I would like to know, where the heck is the Yule/Solstice stamp?

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      Most of the symbolism in “Christ”mas is pagan.

    • Joanne13

      You know that you can create and use your OWN design, right? You can make em on your own printer (I think… or you send the design in and they print them, not sure which). Not that I’d WANT you to do that since it is one of THE HIGHEST Christian holidays and I’m a Christian. But I’m just sayin . . . ;o)

  • Creel Otters

    Oh, Gingerbread House tree
    oh, Gingerbread House tree,
    How secular are your stamps-es.


    • mickeyco

      Sorry, Clete, but that lacks a certain something.

      • HanaFiveO

        Beats the heck out of jingle balls.

        • WhoMeToo

          …or jingle balls ==> #Kmart

          • HanaFiveO

            Funny, thats what I said.

      • Creel Otters

        I know…

        It’d be better as sung by Frank Sinatra.

        • ClydeS

          Or Gollum!

    • Catchance

      Hahahahahaha. Love “stamps-es”.

    • Richo

      You are of course aware that the Christmas tree was pagan, and should be even more offensive to true Christians than a mere secular gingerbread house?

      • Joanne13

        Doesn’t really matter. They were trees 1st. Just because pagans decided to use them in the past and that the Catholic church decided to make decorating them into part of Christian tradition doesn’t matter either. The ONLY reason it would matter would be if Christians had them and rather than worshiping Christ they instead worshiped some other deity. It’s really more ‘situational’ than anything to me.

      • Scree El Tort

        I don’t really care, the kids are grown and gone to AZ, so I don’t put one up unless I’m asked to by my Jewish wife.

        She loves Christmas decorations. I love brisket and kugel.

  • Terry_Jim

    Usually USPS issues a religious Christmas stamp, most often a classic painting of Mary and baby Jesus,

    and a secular Christmas stamp, like the gingerbread house, or poinsettias.

    They did again this year. Also,despite the prevalance of the word “holiday” in politically correct marketing fliers,the Christmas rush is still “Christmas rush” at the Postal Service. Here’s last years beautiful Christmas stamp.×900.jpg

    • Joanne13

      They have that same stamp this years too. :o)

  • Bud

    There are religious Christmas stamps available. Check the link.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Hey now, these people are trying to get their false outrage on. Don’t go spoiling that with facts.

      • conservativechick

        Except for the fact that those stamps have USA FOREVER crossed out?

        • NCgirl

          I think the Forever is crossed out online so people cannot print fraudulent stamps from their computer

          • Warren A. Dobler

            Probably so, but cannot the Bureaucrats understand that you can also photocopy actual stamps to achieve the same purpose?

          • Rena


  • Creel Otters

    We wish you a Merry Gingerbread House,
    and a Hopey-Changey New Year.


  • Kevin Roe

    To be fair, I checked the USPS website and there are three stamps that have the word Christmas on them.

    • stuckinIL4now

      Then for the USPS to be fair, they should be featuring one of them in a promotion like the one being pictured–that would have been more consistent with the theme.

      • Randy B

        They are featuring the three NEW stamps that came out this season. Lighten up people.

      • Joanne13

        They did…. Look at the mailer when it comes to your house. :o)

    • ClydeS

      Whoa! Stop trying to confuse us with the facts!

    • Rena

      Just looked and yer right, but what is forever marked out? or crossed out… is USA forever a bad thing now too?

  • HanaFiveO

    I look forward to our families celebration of ginger bread houses every year!

  • WhoDat

    This one kind of looks like a tree.

    • HanaFiveO

      Yea, I guess if ya scrunch up your eyes. Otherwise it looks like a tile for a mosque.

      • conservativechick

        Plus it also has USA forever crossed out?

        • HanaFiveO

          Seems it does, not sure why tho.

    • Joanne13

      Yes… Yes, we all know how those Muslim’s LOVE Christmas!! No conflict of interest there!

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Maxx

    Stamps aside, liberals obsession with marginalizing Christmas and all that surrounds the holiday season borders on the perverse. Stay tuned for a liberal version of Frosty the Snowman where it’s revealed Frosty is actually a transgender atheist built by Jimmy Carter during a Habitat for Humanity winter project. The 30 minute special ends with Frosty laying across the floor in a melted puddle thanks to…you guessed it…global warming.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      “liberals obsession with marginalizing Christmas”

      Dude, the obsession is only coming from the other side in this one. Liberals aren’t the ones chucking a tanty because “they didn’t show my stamp! Waaaaah!”

      • texastommy

        No, they’re the one’s who complain when someone says “Merry Christmas” to them in a store, or they hear Christmas music in the shoe department. But, as a putz, you can’t see that. The fact that you’re here making your stupid comments is my proof.

        • tallron

          You are being unfair to putzes. Bathing Suit seems to consist of schmutz.

        • Richo

          For every atheist whining about hearing Merry Christmas I can point you to about a hundred Christians whining every time they hear Happy Holidays in a store.

          • Kickass Conservative

            Challenge accepted. Go!

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Ok, well this thread contains hundreds of Christians who complain about happy holidays. Please find us one atheist complaining about merry Christmas.

          • Kickass Conservative

            First, even though I was addressing someone else in the Religion of Anti-Theism™, I do appreciate the input of another vocal acolyte of said creed. Thank you.

            Second, we were promised to be “pointed to” proof about “a hundred Christians whining every time they hear Happy Holidays in a store.” I’m kind of expecting a video of one hundred Christians whining in a store. Extra points if they make fists at their sides and stomp their feet saying “but I wanted you to say Merry Christmas…..”

            Meanwhile, I’ll wait here and let the crickets sing me to sleep while you go do your multiple posts on this thread as some sort of missionary work for your little Anti-Theist religious movement. Carry on.

      • Rena

        Its not just about the stamp or us not being able to utter two simple words that bring joy to many peoples heart, its how we are constantly under attack for what we believe in and what we do to express it in the open where as other religions and those who are not believers can do as they please without a second thought. The stamp, as I’m sure you know, is just the tip of the iceberg.

        If there is to be a separation of government and religion then the other two should not have been included nor should have been anything Muslim. But you don’t hear any public outcry against Jews or Muslims or about Kwanza, you only hear about Christians and their symbols of their beliefs ie Crosses that are seen by the public eye that many Atheists find offensive, some even on public land or where the majority of the population in that area are Christian and the only person who complained is someone who was just passing through.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Nobody has ever tried to stop you saying merry Christmas.

          Nobody has ever tried to stop you from celebrating Christmas.

          Nobody has ever tried to stop you decorating your house.

          You can buy Christmas stamps.

          You are not under attack.

          It is all in your mind.

          • Rena

            Actually we were stopped from saying Merry Christmas at Wal-Mart when employed there, we were only allowed to say Happy Holiday. We were stopped from celebrating Christmas at school now because it is “offensive” to a very few. Some have been threatened with law suits if they decorate their house because it goes against the by-laws. Yes Christians are under attack, not Muslims, Jews, those who celebrate Kwanza… just anyone who wants to put up a cross or anything that depicts Christian ideology.

  • Bernie Candide Gilbert

    Christmas – like Voldemort, the holiday which must not be named.

    • Onyx

      They also have Eid Forever stamps this year, celebrating the Muslim holidays. Wonder whose idea that was. Surprised there isn’t an Obama Forever stamp too!

  • Bernie Candide Gilbert

    You know what comes to mind? Those news items you see now and then about how Arab maps of the middle east erase Israel from the maps, renaming it “Palestine” or “Arab Palestine.”

    • Robert Capps

      I halfway expect some government drone with Winston Smith’s job to recall all the DVD copies of “A Christmas Story” and reshoot the titles. Then we’ll all get to watch the “Gingerbread House Story” marathons during the holiday season. Don’t shoot your eye out!

  • twistedgenius

    I say everytime you go to mail something write in big letters across every envelop “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  • Zach Brewer

    To paraphrase Dennis Miller: “F**k the USPS and the horse they rode in on.”

  • Mrbill

    So we now have to celebrate a made up holiday by a felon in california….Kwanza….nope

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Who said you have to celebrate anything? You can get your Grinch on all December.

      • 13strigoi

        Ah yes the infamous Kwanzaa grinch. He’s Jewish isn’t he?

  • 2013PatriotinGA


  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    They actually have two religious stamps (Virgin and Child, Holy Family) and another generic Christmas (poinsettia) one.

    • TreeOfLifeSword

      Yup. I always get the Nativity stamp.

  • Randy B

    Wow! Lighten up people. These three stamps are featured because they are three NEW stamps released this season. Many of you probably wouldn’t know that because you have never even walked into a post office, let alone bought a stamp. This is how we conservatives get such a bad rap. Take something trivial like this and try to make more out of it than what there is. I’ll step off my soapbox now.

  • BigGator5

    “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?!”

  • ObamaFail

    You know what’s really fun? Saying MERRY CHRISTMAS to Atheists. Man do they get angry about it.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      No they don’t.

      • Dee

        Yes it does

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Actually…yes they do.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Trying to turn what should be a friendly holiday greeting into fighting words says a lot about your personality, however.

      • texastommy

        So “Merry Christmas” are fighting words? Proved her point, putz.

        • Kickass Conservative


      • Rena

        I can’t believe this but I do agree with you on this one..

      • mike_in_kosovo

        The fact that the atheists consider “Merry Christmas” to be fighting words says more about *their* personalities.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Uh no. Merry Christmas isn’t an insult, but Gary is a jerk for trying to make it one. Even if he is unsuccessful at it.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I must’ve missed where Gary said he was a jerk about it. More projection on your part and proves my point.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            He’s only saying merry Christmas because he thinks he can make people mad about it. That’s not taking what’s supposed to be a friendly greeting and being a jerk about it?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            That’s not taking what’s supposed to be a friendly greeting and being a jerk about it?

            You mean the reactions by the atheists? Yeah, I agree that’s being a jerk about it.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Where did he say he only says Merry Christmas to atheists?

  • JGoolsby

    Just so you all know USPS put out a stamp that says CHRISTMAS and has the image of “Virgin and Child” by Gossaert.

  • Ntr

    Even if this was a misprint or some sort of mistake (which i doubt) the USPS deserves to go under or, even better, be forcibly privatized over stuff like this and also their financial waste.

    • Rena

      but even if you go privatized, aren’t you offending someone somewhere, remember the Lesbians who wanted a wedding cake but the Christian owners by their own right refused them and still got in trouble… no matter if you are Christian you are under attack but others can do as they please

  • karmafordems

    Well, since we Christians can’t celebrate our religious holiday, then let’s join in support of our true ally Israel. Then write under the stamp “Merry Christmas to all, including you, USPS

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Why can’t you celebrate your holiday?

      • Rena

        basically we aren’t allowed to show it the same as others, otherwise we are “infringing” on others rights (or offending someone) but not allowed our own right… just saying.. if one can openly be recognized then we all should.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          So you’re being forbidden from putting up decorations? Singing carols? Giving gifts? How are you prevented from celebrating Christmas?

          • Rena

            In public yes we are

  • AZWarrior

    Going to celebrate Kwanzaa by inventing a make believe holiday of my own. Thinking about something along the line of “Drunkensmokunladychassinredeyemoredrinken”. Going out to BevMo to get the fixings for the holiday breakfast /lunch/dinner. Bye. :-)


    I’m an Atheist, but I love Christmas.

    These Left wing nuts have gone so far with the separation of church and state thing, that they stopped a company from doing a toy drive for children.

    How f’ing low can you go?

    • ScrewPCness

      Agreed – unfortunately atheists get a really bad rap because all the idiotic liberal ones scream the loudest. I’m another atheist that loves Christmas, and hates the liberal tirade against the word “Christmas” and anything specific to that holiday. Kwanzaa was created less than a century ago by a convicted felon that called Jesus a psychopath, and yet liberals are promoting his holiday? Plus, isn’t Kwanzaa a racist holiday since it’s only for blacks? Christmas, on the other hand, is celebrated by many non-Christians, like myself and the above poster. Gallup Polls shows that NINETY-FIVE (95%) of ALL AMERICANS celebrate Christmas, and yet only 75% of Americans are Christian….:

  • DeadlockVictim

    No room at the gINNgerbread house?

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
    – Mark 8:38

    • Joanne13

      Absolutely. Jesus said that He was hated and that WE (His followers) would also be hated. What’s happening to Christians in our society should be NO surprise to Christians most of all! I’m NOT saying it doesn’t upset me or that I don’t cry ‘foul’ when ANY religion BUT mine is honored and given a pass in our country. It makes my blood boil (righteous indignation). But it is NO surprise to me either.

  • bbroome62

    Christmas, we must admit, is more about presents, food, and family getting together than about celebrating Christ, these days. I don’t think the stamp is inappropriate. At least they didn’t use a Wal-Mart building to represent Christmas.

  • Scott Wilson

    They should add one with a child strapped with a suicide vest that says, “Religion of Peace.”

  • Scott Snoopy

    maybe its best the USPS steers clear of Christian stamps because the ones they have done over the last several years are just plain fugly

  • Freddy Privett

    That’s so messed up. Especially since kwanza is a completely made up holiday. SMH.

  • Micheal A. Moss

    This is a surprise? The heads up was given 2000 years a go. Matthew 10:22 , Luke 21:17.

  • Michael Taylor

    Well, Hanukkah is an actual Jewish holiday. Check. And the gingerbread house I am assuming is supposed to stand for Christmas which is an actual Christian celebration. So, I’m thinking the one that is not like the others is the one that is a completely made up celebration created in the 60’s to celebrate that paragon of American values that is the peaceful and loving Black Panther party.

  • Mike Davidsen

    These stupid bureaucrats should get this message: If you can’t even acknowledge the word “Christmas”, then you shouldn’t get the day off from work.

  • Anthony Murray

    No Christmas, but you have kwanzaa that some guy just decided to make up one year? (1966) No basis from any traditions, he just decided it should exist.

  • Sompopo Pepper

    All three are made up or plagiarized holidays. Nothing new here.

  • BigTim Mullins

    In defense of the USPS…if you look at the website, they do offer Christmas stamps…..the person that made this particular flyer chose not to show them. Biased? Yes. Represent the USPS? no.

    More importantly….can anyone please tell me exactly why the KWANZAA stamp has the word “forever” after “USA” marked out, which means “not”? WTH?


    the way our government runs in current times, i would prefer they not acknowledge anything i am into. it would be a negative endorsement.

  • Al’s Sad Grampa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The Obamafication of America continues.

  • Christel Reynolds

    You realize that Kwanzaa is a made up holiday don’t you?

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    I always looked forward to the Madonna and Child stamps at CHRISTMAS. I guess they are a thing of the past like CHRISTMAS is to the government.

  • sherlockzz

    But, there’s no war on Christmas. Who you gonna believe? Me or your lyin’ eyes.

  • celestiallady

    Send it or take it right back to the post office with your Merry Christmas message!

  • Jennifer Crawford

    Guys, the USPS does have a Madonna and Child stamp this year. May not be on the flier, but they have it.

  • http://UruguayExpat.Info/ Mark Mercer

    How gullible are you Twitchy-types. How about going to the actual USPS website and looking at their selection of holiday stamps? You’d find not one but three specifically religious Christian-based stamps: “Holy Family” showing their exodus to Egypt, “Virgin & Child by Jan Gosseart”, and “Madonna of the Candelabra by Raphael”.

    Given that holiday-decorated cookies are a Christmas (and non-Christian “Winter holidays”) tradition, as are wreaths, poinsettias, and Santa Claus(they have those too), the USPS is being totally fair. Cut out this “war on Christmas” / “war on Christians” lying nonsense.

    The USA has freedom of religion – of all religions. Including having freedom FROM religion too. It’s actually pushing it to have any religious iconography on a government-sponsored product. You are horribly UN-Patriotic Americans if you think that Christianity is supposed to get a special privileged status. You also are somewhat narrowminded (I’m being polite) if you think that your particular “flavor” of Christianity (the Dominionist, Christians should run everything, literalist, fundamentalist, evangelical, poor-martyr-me) represent all of us who happen to be Christian. Some of us are fine with diversity. Some of us are happy that NO religion gets special status in the USA, so that ALL religions are welcome.

    If you think this USPS display is a slight, you need to be better Americans, and better Christians. You’re doing a crummy job at both if this offends you. You are not “testing the spirits” if you are buying into Malkin’s site’s breathless hype about it.

    • contkmi

      How gullible are you Socialist types. How about looking at the actual flier and the slight of Christians in front of your face? You’d find not one…

      Ah, forget it. The sarcasm would be lost on you.

      Suffice it to say, you’d be the one feeling the elephant’s trunk and calling it a snake.

    • Tigerspike

      So the proper response to an overreaction is overreaction?

    • BO_stinks

      nothing in the constitution says you have the right to freedom from religion, nothing. I didn’t see one specifically saying Christmas, I think the criticism is well founded.

      • Steve__Jacobson

        The two Madonna and Child stamps have Christmas printed across the top.

        • BO_stinks

          that’s it?

          • Steve__Jacobson

            Just pointing out there were two stamps with Christmas imprinted on them.

          • Eponymous1

            On the mailer? “This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service.”

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Good Lord, someone it’s advertising stamps other then the ingress that you want. I hope you’ll survive this horrible attack.

        • 44Grim

          well, the less Catholic one has baby Jesus’ balls on it, and baby Jesus was born with awfully manly looking ‘baby figure’ from the arms to the hands to the legs.

    • Steve__Jacobson

      I think the point is on the USPS mailer the only stamp not imprinted with the holiday is the stamp commemorating Christmas.

    • 44Grim

      How is that a ‘Christmas’ one, with M,J, and Jesus in the desert? If it’s the supposed ‘trip to Egypt’, that was several YEARS after the birth. How Christmasy!

    • Eponymous1

      How desperate you lefty-types are to try to change the subject on everything: “This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service.”

  • Jim Lewis


    • Drew Pal

      One of the Christmas stamps is a Forever stamp.

      • nel

        Forever has a line through it on the Kwanza stamp

  • Joanne13

    Sorry ‘Twitchy Staff’ but someone is purposely trying to make Christians angry. And I’ve got to say I for one resent that! You loose ALL credibility when you post erroneous information, don’t you know that?

    • BO_stinks

      I checked out the link. didn’t see one mentioning Christmas. so….

      • 44Grim

        There’s 1 catholic one, and one of the star in the sky with, I assume, some magi.

        Apparently, after reading the description, it’s M, J, and baby Jesus in the desert… which wasn’t for a few years after birth.

    • Lea C.

      No matter what they have on their site does not change the flyer, so what’s your point?

    • 44Grim

      how does one loose credibility? lose, perhaps?

    • Eponymous1

      Right, this was all about the website: “This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service.”

      • Bathing Suit Area

        It’s not enough just to have Christmas stamps, they have to mention them every time they mention stamps! Otherwise it’s worse than the holocaust.

  • robert smith

    I’m so sick and tired of this political correctness gone awry. The sad this is This type of stupidity no longer surprises me, Not ever a little bit. That surprise has turned into disgust. I’m not really sure what is going on in this country, but it ain’t good. Every single day that goes by we loose a little more of our liberties and freedoms. Something desperately needs to change.

  • Tod Pierce

    children around the world, no matter what religion, will never be as happy or innocent as the children 50 years ago. life was suppose to get better and more civilizied, but we go backwards as the joy is taking out of everything when we are not allowed to think and act for ourselves. we have way to much government involved in too many aspects of our lives. I cry for the children now

  • Kathrine King

    gee could it be they marked the forever out ? usa forever oh and there’s no merry Christmas or happy holidays on the stamps being shown here.

  • David Mills
    • BO_stinks

      None say “Christmas” yet some say “Kwanza” a holiday rarely celebrated by anybody and certainly nobody in Africa does.

      • Drew Pal

        There appear to be 3 Christmas, 2 Eid, 2 Kwanza and 2 Hanukkah stamps.

  • BO_stinks

    funny thing, “holiday” means and comes from “holy day” so quit using that term if you really hate religion.

  • screwulibs

    Kwannza ain’t a real holiday…just a bs pc holiday

  • disqus_bzuXIyjLd3

    How utterly ridiculous!!!!!

  • ctmom

    I already purchased my Madonna and Child stamps. If you don’t get them early they sell out. Gee, I wonder why that is USPS???

    • Eponymous1

      True, I should run out and get mine now before I’m stuck with the “KWANZAA” ones.

  • abroadwaygal

    for the record, the Post Office has a stamp that depicts Mary and Joseph on their journey, with a bright star in the sky– and it says “Christmas” on it. :) I think that the design was so successful last year that it was held over for this year… which explains why it is not depicted on the “new” stamps mailer.

  • Donald H Sullivan

    Christmas, after all, is an obscure, minor holiday, celebrated only by those nasty Christians. I’m a little surprised that they included Hanukkah, though.

  • Army Guy

    For God’s sake, Kwanzaa isn’t even a real holiday. It was just made up by a few folks. What is this country coming to?

  • Lisa Liel

    Not a big deal, really. I mean, when I was a kid, it was all Christmas trees. This is just evening things out a bit.

    • BO_stinks

      is that the role of government? really? to even things out? put one down to promote another? a little news flash, Christmas is widely celebrated across America as “Christmas” so perhaps the stamps should reflect the popularity .

    • yankg

      Lisa, u can also go kiss the kenyas a**. I will not buy any stamps this CHRISTMAS season. He is dictating that Christians are extremists and doing everything he can to make Christianity a thing of the past. I am and always will be a Christian.

    • DirigoMark

      So the slighting of group A by Group B justifies the slighting of the descendants of Group B? Two wrongs do not make a right. (But three lefts do.)

  • BO_stinks

    The Government is supposed to serve the people, be for the people. Most of those people it serves do celebrate Christmas. This has nothing to do with establishment of a religion, Christmas isn’t a religion, and certainly Christianity has already been established long ago, no government need help.

  • Thomas A. Hennigan

    If they understood the significance of the menorah, it would be gone, too.

    • Scree El Tort

      The menorah?

      Well, the seven-branched menorah was a symbolic nod to the burning bush that Moses saw on Mt. Sinai, which represented the light of God.

      The nine-branched menorah (or, Hanukiah) is used for Hanukkah, to symbolize the miracle of eight days of light (from one day’s supply of oil) illuminating the Temple of Jerusalem following the revolt of the Maccabees. Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple after the successful Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy. The center branch is used to light the other eight, on consecutive days, at sundown.

      You mean that significance?

  • Greg Tarpley

    You are a Christian therefore you have forfeited your right to complain. Get over it! In case you didn’t catch it…that was sarcasm.

  • Holly

    I bought stamps yesterday and they still have Mary holding Jesus to offer along with others. I bought that one to go with my CHRISTMAS cards! They are NOT “holiday” cards to me or to anyone on my mailing list!

  • APW


  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    They’d approve a stamp that says XMAS 2013…and include an 0 symbol in the center… /sarcasm off

    • Joanne13

      Interesting you’d mention Xmas. I always thought that was an insult to Christianity. I found the opposite is true however. If you’re interested you can read about it here:

  • Rufus67

    I’m completely outraged…

    …by Festivus not even being hinted at!!!

  • Scott Green

    Kwanzaa isn’t a holiday, check the history of it.

  • Earl Miller

    Is this a great country or what? We can kick God out of any and everything we have, and look him straight in the eye and say “how do you like THAT God”? And God says
    “Don’t forget that I still love you, but I do have the last word”

  • Dan Crespo

    People, people, people. The USPS has PLENTY of holiday stamps with Christmas themes available. It was an obvious bad pick for the mailer. So please unbunch your panties and try to get on with your life. Merry Christmas!! Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards all!!

  • Linda Jacobs

    I am awfully disappointed in the USPS for this. It is an affront to all Christians who celebrate Christmas. Wish there was a way to not use their stamps.

  • BO_stinks

    Should the Government be promoting a Marxist Holiday – Kwanzaa?

    • Joanne13

      Why not? We’ve got a Socialist/Communist in our White House.

  • Rob W
    • Eponymous1

      YEAH! Look over there! Right there on the WEBSITE! That was not the topic at hand!!

      “This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service.”

      • Rob W

        Not sure if I understand your post. Its just the picture that is shown doesnt include one of the Christmas stamps. The truth of the matter is that there ARE Christmas stamps but the person that wrote this article omitted them, perhaps on purpose?
        If I missed it, what was the topic at hand then?

        • Joanne13


  • Cyrena
  • RaisedRight

    Go to the website, there are Christmas stamps too. Investigate for yourself….

  • stablepar

    the first thing that comes to mid is “where’s FESTIVUS?”

  • Freedomride Ky

    not saying a dam word.omg,,i guess its now the united states of mohammad

  • Pedro Fanning

    have you seen a usps ad on tv, there’s no white males in them, miltary ads also.. most corporate ads have very few also and when they do they.are effeminate or stupid.

  • fnorkmama

    I guess the Virgin & Child stamp isn’t Christmas-y enough…?

    • Eponymous1

      “This holiday stamp mailer is brought to you by the U.S. Postal Service.”

  • LexSkeptic

    I’m sure the US Postal Service is trying to say the manger in which our Savior was born was made from gingerbread. Surely they didn’t neglect to reference the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas Season.

  • Unclemig Michael

    I just checked out the usps web site and there a bunch more forever stamps for the holiday !

  • james c wilson

    i got christmas stamps at my post office in cherryville,nc.

  • K Bumgardaner

    I see what people are saying, but the USPS has released a religious Christmas stamp as well. As a postal worker, we have been selling both in our office. In fact, the religious ones have sold out in our office. I like the gingerbread one too. Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, but there is nothing wrong with having two options for stamps. However, the religious stamp should be on the mailing…I can agree with that.

  • BoSplosion

    Unto us a gingerbread man is born…bringing great deals from BEST BUY…Happy Holidays!

  • lenymendoza

    Somebody should send this to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. He is a true advocate of Christmas and always goes after those who are trying to eliminate the spirit of the holiday !

  • Mary Chartier

    It saddens me to see that our government has become so politically correct that we cannot honor the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Sad state of affairs.

  • Diane Stephan

    They probably still have the Madonna and Child stamps at the post office, but you probably have to ask for them. I guess they didn’t want to offend the non-Christians in the flier but instead offended me with the Kwanzaa one.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      You’re offended by other people’s holidays? What a jerk.

      • Diane Stephan

        I am so heartbroken that you think I am a jerk……..not!

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    This is VERY UPSETTING. The American people NEVER hear ANYTHING about the Jeebz. Outraaaaaaage!

    • Eponymous1

      Why’s your user activity private Joe? Don’t want the rest of us unwashed to see what you really think?

      “the Jeebz.” How perfectly, preciously intended to insult. Except it’s hard to tell who you’re trying to slur, “the hebes” or Jesus? Guess it doesn’t much matter, they all don’t approve of your fave activity, so either one works.

    • cloudshe

      sorry you’re not a fan. maybe you should take a lesson from the christians who no longer go out of their way to criticize atheists, sometimes it’s just better to STFU

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        STFU? Mind your scripture, missy. 1-Timothy 2:11

        • Scree El Tort

          If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

          Leviticus 20:13

          Mind your scripture, Joe.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            Don’t have to mind anything as as I’m not a Christian. My only interest is in mocking scripture.

          • Scree El Tort

            My point exactly.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Extending what we said to another human being on this page, and it is not extended in the love of flesh, only to know your own soul…May you too one day know Christ and all the love that he gives in his blessings to you and all that he has created, including your neighbor, us.

        • cloudshe

          oh, how manly of you. btw, last time i looked, not a ♀, hope you’re not disappointed

  • ServosT

    There is a stamp which shows Joseph leading Mary with the baby Jesus on a donkey which says Christmas.

    • nelly0042

      Indeed, there are three specifically Christian stamps being offered on their website. The point here, however, was that this advertising mailer highlights two specific holidays by name – Hanukkah and Kwanzaa – yet omits naming the holiday of the majority of the nation (76% of the US identifies themselves as Christian).

      • Joanne13

        The mailer doesn’t do that. The picture above isn’t correct. Our mailer shows several stamps 2 or 3 which say ‘Christmas’. Not sure WHY this whole page was started except to get people upset. Just check out the Post Office’s online store and you’ll see that this is not factual at all.

        • nelly0042

          There may be several mailers; that wouldn’t be unusual. I am looking at one right now that features four gingerbread house stamps.

          • Joanne13

            Look on the other side of that mailer. What’s there?

          • nelly0042

            My address.

          • Joanne13

            NO other stamps? I have 7 on mine! That’s wild.

          • nelly0042

            My mailer is postcard size (well, large postcard size).

          • Joanne13

            Ours is a 4″x8″ tri-fold. I thought they’d all be the same. I think it’s kind of odd that they aren’t really. But hey… it’s the Post Office we’re talking about here… ;o)

      • MyMeg

        Has it not occurred to you people that maybe the post office is showcasing the new holiday stamps? The other two stamps also look to be new this year.

      • ServosT

        I guess we should be thankful that in Obama’s America, they included a Christmas-y one at all. What is the percentage of the population who actually celebrates KWANZAA? .05%? Less?

  • Diane Stephan


    • Happy Dragon

      Comment got deleted – what was it?

    • V the K

      Dang, 159 uptwinkles wiped out at once. Le sigh.

  • Jim

    So if they don’t celebrate CHRISTMAS, why are they at work???

  • angela

    Here ya go…lots others at USPS before you post stupidity again.×900.jpg

  • nel

    USA Forever and Forever has a line through it?

  • nel

    USA Forever with line through FOREVER???

  • $40705739

    wtf is Kwanza anyway?

    • nelly0042

      From Wikipedia:
      Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966 as the first specifically African-American holiday. Karenga said his goal was to “give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society.”

      Simply put, it is a made-up holiday with no intrinsic significance.

      • BaldBarian

        Like WarOnWomen, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, Keep your Doc, period.. and We want to pay more taxes…all made up stuff.

      • $40705739

        like “festivus”…….

        a holiday for the “rest of us”.

        • nelly0042


        • BeeKaaay

          So what would be on the stamp? Feats of Strength? Metal pole? :)

          • $40705739

            HAHA… airing of grievances…

            the festivus pole… hilarious!

      • $40705739

        this guy Karenga is also a rapist and torturer…

        kwanzaa is another scam and hoax like “ebonics”…

        what that be like?

        no one can understand you…… speak english or GTF out…..

  • mserrano49

    The order form I received from the Post Office has more stamps. There are two variations of the Virgin and child (it has the word Christmas on both. There is even one that is a round Christmas wreath.

  • Darlene Gadzala CW

    I noticed a new stamp being offered which said FREEDOM with the word Forever with a line through it. This is not a stamp I will ever purchase.

  • Linda Witt

    If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Heavenly Father….just sayin. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Jesus is THE reason for the season!! Without him there would be no Christmas!

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    So here is a novel idea for all you posting about how the Christians are crying over this. Christmas began with Christ, not with retailers, not with Kwanza, not with having the day off celebrating a lighted tree and being paid while off from work…. Since it is the birth of Christ, and all other religions made something up to coincide with it thousands of years later, nobody but the believers in Christ shall be able to celebrate it, have work off with pay or even be a part of the holiday. How’s that for you nonbelievers that are crying over the fact the Christians are upset?

    • BeeKaaay

      The nonbelievers don’t care about other people, and seeing things from others’ point of view.

    • angela

      Actually the Jewish religion is older, so I don’t think they made up anything to go with Christmas, And to be fair, I don’t remember most businesses giving time off for Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana, or Hanukkah. ( sorry to Jewish friends if I spelled any wrong).

  • Jodie Bierbrauer

    We’ve got the flyer here and before I saw it on Twitchy I made the same comment to my daughter. Good grief.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    “Forever” has to do with the validity of the stamp, not a statement about the subject of the stamp.

    The ‘forever’ stamps are ‘forever’ good for first class postage… unlike the succession of ‘hard-rate’ stamps that used to require you to buy a bunch of *other*, penny-weight stamps to ‘plus up’ to the new 1st class rate when it inevitably went up.

    • Darlene Gadzala CW

      IF and that’s a huge IF….that’s the case, the word Forever should have just been omitted

      • BeeKaaay

        They also do the same for numbers on the stamp (i.e. 45 cents) they cross out the numbers.

  • mkreider

    From everything I have read, Kwanzaa is a made up holiday from California. It is only celebrated in the US. Shame on USPS.

  • Christopher David English

    Did you notice how the USA/Forever has the Forever struck over/deleted?

  • James Crooke

    I am not a religious man, however, I do not disallow anyone from practising theirs to include Islam as long as they leave me alone. Seems we cant do that anymore.

  • Kurlee Locks

    Honestly, I think we (I) have more worrisome issues than this to spend our time on.

  • Eli Collins

    The USPS does offer 3 Christian themed stamps. I’m a bit disappointed with the skew of this post. Don’t be so gullible people, both sides have their “spin”

  • Peggy Saling

    people would rather complain than research anything… Pure laziness…
    Do some research and stop complaining and replying on bogus news
    reports – there are “Christmas” stamps this year, just like every other
    year. All you have to do is a quick little 2 second search at the post
    office website.
    See it here –

  • Phillip Woeckener

    In Saudi Arabia the Christmas stamp has two swords crossed above a decapitated Christian or atheist head. That should suffice for the USPS.

  • Nyongesa

    I guess Baby Jesus is way too threatening for them?

    • angela

      There are a couple of baby Jesus stamps on the USPS site, for all of those that are upset at not seeing a naked infant on their stamps…they have them. Also, they could turn into ANY tv station and see all of the Christmas commercials they want, go to any store after Halloween and be inundated with Christmas images and music/

  • Linda Snider
  • Edna Brown

    WHAT HAPPEN TO _____C_H_R_I_S_T_M_A_S______S_T_A_M_P

  • gen_nathanbforrest

    Jesus’s name was not Christ so instead of Christ Mass shouldn’t it be Jesus Mass ?

  • Mitch

    If the majority of society has no problem with “Happy Kwanzaa” and “Happy Hanukkah”, then society should have no problem with “Merry Christmas”. Religion, or lack there of, has nothing to do with being “one-sided”. Just my impression.

  • V Bishel

    We shouldn’t be surprised:

    “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” — Matthew 10:22

  • PRKW

    Hansel & Gretel?

  • RVNMike

    No Christmas. What a surprise. It is time to go on the attack. Protest. Do not buy any stamps for a month. Longer if you can. Try UPS and more e-mail.

    • cloudshe

      a shame you cannot see that our government’s crappy representation of Christmas is upsetting. since it is claimed that this is a “by the people, for the people” operation, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the USPS’s rather blatant mistake. get it?

  • Timothy Western

    Am I the only guy in this country who doesn’t care about special stamps. Just give me the US Flag stamps or liberty bell please.. Thanks.

    • SpaceRacer423

      Im with you.
      If people want special stamps,
      they can log on to and make them themselves.
      why are we wasting money with all these designs?

    • FaithColeridge33

      I love them. It’s just a way of adding a little spice to one of those little drudgery activities. I know when I get one on an envelope that I haven’t seen I enjoy it. Just one of those little things I guess.

  • evelyncm

    Since we have a Muslim president I’m not surprised that we don’t have a Christmas stamp. He who does the crotch salute when the national anthem plays, or when the colors are shown, and who leaves God out of every quote, why would I be surprised that we have no Christmas stamps?

    • Steven Zog

      You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

    • BeeKaaay

      Obama’s religion is not Islam. His religion is Marxism. Islam is anti-abortion, he lub lubs abortion. Islam is anti-gay marriage, He “o-volved” into accepting it.

  • Red Fred

    No Christmas stamp? Fine, USPS isn’t the only game in town.

    • yestradamous

      The gingerbread house isn’t the only stamp in town, either. Look above you.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    This is an OUTRAGE! Why does the postal service hate the Baby Jesus? I’m SO ANGRY about this I’m not using ANY of the three Christian stamps currently being sold by the TENS OF MILLIONS!111111eleven!11!

    • Scree El Tort


    • angela

      Yes, I tried to post those pics before, but my comments get deleted by this site…I think because i told them to stop posting “stupid” claims.

    • yestradamous

      HOLY FAMILY STAMP ( 2013 issue)
      The Holy Family stamp, first issued in 2012, celebrates Christmas with a scene from the Nativity story that reminds us of the joys of the season: family, togetherness, and the birth of the baby Jesus. It continues the U.S. Postal Service’s tradition of issuing beautiful and timeless Christmas stamps and will be a treasured addition to cards and letters sent during this season of goodwill and sharing.
      The above is from the USPS website. This doesn’t sound like a government sponsored denial of Christmas or Christianity.

      But I’m sure the number of downdings will show me how wrong I am.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Oh my god the Christ haters made him look fat!

  • elchucko

    The Cross in the center stamp. I had to say it.

  • James Morrison

    Of course, Christmas was removed from the holiday stamps. It’s part of the ongoing attack on Christianity by the Obama administration, and a blatant sign of disrespect.

  • Nobama_in_12

    Oh Oh Oblamer is going to be peed off.
    Nothing for the muslims?

  • Urban Market Girl

    I just purchased my Christmas stamps…I had the choice of Mary and Jesus OR the gingerbread house. nothing wrong with offering a secular stamp as long as you offer a Christmas one!

  • Nobama_in_12

    I just noticed on the pic above, on the bottom of the kwanza stamp, why is there a line through “forever” on “USA/Forever”??
    Anyone else notice this?

    • yestradamous

      I’m guessing its so nobody can cut the picture of the stamp out of the postcard and glue it to an envelope and try to use it for postage.

      • Nobama_in_12

        Is it crossed out on the other stamps? I cant tell for sure but looks like its not on the jewish one.

        • yestradamous

          Yes, it’s crossed out on all three.

    • BeeKaaay

      all “forever” and numbers are crossed out so nobody can cut them out and use them for postage.

  • http:[email protected] Casey Evans

    Excuse me, but where is the most important holiday of all? Where is the real ‘reason for the season’??


    • Nobama_in_12

      Yadda yadda Yadda

      • http:[email protected] Casey Evans

        You may address any complaints on Festivus at the dinner table during the Airing of Grievances.

        • spaceycakes

          I got a lotta problems with you people!

    • BeeKaaay

      o what would be on the stamp? Feats of Strength? Metal pole? :)

      • http:[email protected] Casey Evans

        Frank Costanza yelling at us. :)

  • Brandon Curtin

    Where is my atheist house or winter decorated pastafarian house or invisible pink unicorn soaring through the sky?

  • RK59

    How about instead of spending millions on stupid fake holiday stamps and trying to omit Xmas, you just sell a STAMP? It might help you not to go broke like you are.

  • Mary

    OMG…oh, no…can’t say that anymore either! It’s just OM!

  • yestradamous

    To go at this from another angle. What if the other two stamps didn’t have a word on them explaining what the subject is? How many people would “get” that its a Jewish Menorah representing Hannukah?( A fair number, but not all), and how many would get that it’s Kwanzaa? ( Practically nobody.). So it’s spelled out.
    Meanwhile, the pretty gingerbread house is obviously a Christmas stamp. ( To me, anyway. YRMV.)

    • $29561723

      Kwanzaa’s as much a real holiday as Festivus. No one gets it.

  • Kurlee Locks

    Hey, where are my posts?

  • scotty

    Glad to see the secular humanists showing tolerance & acceptance to a variety of religious views.. of course, excepting christianity. Evidently it is not deserving of tolerance, but should be persecuted. Why is that?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Tell us all about how you’ve been persecuted.

      • scotty

        Tell me why you should snub the majority religion in this country, while honoring some obscure religion in africa?

  • Steven Zog

    Funny how people see a picture of 3 holiday stamps that don’t mention Christmas and they go all “It’s Obama the Muslims fault”! Take a look at the USPS website and see that there ARE 3 Christmas stamps offered by the USPS, 2 with your precious Baby Jebus on it. Haters will always hate and morons will be morons!

  • Mr.Richards

    Of course! The USPS is run by our gov’t. What else would we expect from our Christian-hating, politically incorrect gov’t?

  • $29561723

    That gingerbread man died for our sin (of gluttony). Eat of this frosted smile and raisin button, for it is my flesh. Drink this eggnog, for it is my blood.

    Seriously though, Christmas is so offensive to these statist lickspittles they can’t even acknowledge it on a freaking STAMP?

  • retdeltee

    ………….and according to Gingerbread Holiday lore, if the door to the cabin is open on Christmas morning there will be 6 more months of winter!

  • allan

    I have never known any Christian organization that celebrated the Ginger Bread house; this is pure B.S.; I wouldn’t buy it anyway; especially the Kwanzaa stamp of the Muslim Brotherhood; in fact nor would I buy the Jewish stamp either; There aren’t any stamps here that I would waste my money on;;

    • yestradamous

      I know lots of people who celebrate Christmas by making gingerbread decorations and putting lights up outside, amongst other things. I bet you know a few, as well. If those aren’t Christmas decorations, what are they?

      • Devil Dog

        shouldn’t a stamp of Christmas lights work to commemorate Hanukkah? OH wait a minute, they use a menorah to commemorate Hanukkah. By that logic, wouldn’t they use a Cross to commemorate Christmas?

        • Joanne13

          Not really. The cross represents His resurrection and not His birth. Just sayin…


    FUBO – I hate you almost as much as your crappy federal govt. scumbag henchmen

    • Bathing Suit Area

      I often come to this site in am attempt to understand the arguments and reasoning of the other side. This thread however is purely hilarious troll bait.

  • Dave


  • Jason Gary

    Where the f**k is Festivus?

    • http:[email protected] Casey Evans


    • Scree El Tort

      Where What the f**k is Fetivus?


    • BeeKaaay

      So what would be on the stamp? Feats of Strength? Metal pole? :)

  • Robert Dye

    Makes you wonder why the people at Twitchy ignore the two (count ’em! Two!…) 2013 CHRISTMAS STAMPS. One is a Madonna with Child, and says “Christmas” along the top, and the other depicts Mary and Joseph, apparently on the was to Bethlehem, or possibly the Flight into Egypt, depending on how you chose to interpret the star’s presence. Oh, THAT one says “Christmas” along the bottom. So how DARE they bring out a stamp with a depiction of a ginger-bread house without the word “Christmas” on it? Don’t they know non-Christians are forbidden by law to build ginger-bread houses?

  • Jennifer Cantarello

    It is unfortunate that this is posted as is, if you go to the post office to buy stamps, they have stamps that reflect Christian values. The gingerbread house is not the only Christmas stamp available. There is a Holy Family and a Virgin and Child stamp available.

  • BoscoBolt

    Obviously, USPS purposely left Christmas out of that line-up – HOWEVER, USPS is offering these beautiful CHRISTMAS stamps …

    • yestradamous

      And they are beautiful.
      Our government is a walking, talking clustef*** in about a thousand ways, including the post office. But I have a hard time picking on the postage stamp artists. The designs from year to year are always well done, regardless of the subject matter. I’m happy to put them on my cards and letters. I just wish they could actually deliver them in a cost efficient manner……

  • Timmy Devo

    USPS…no wonder they are going out of business.

  • Dennis Carr

    Worked the Postal Service for 47 years, 25 of them at the window. Many comments were made about the stamps and some were worthy. But, Gingerbread House is a new low, not even a steeple on the damn thing.. No Cross! In a country that was born of rights of Religion and your choice. Now they make the choice for you..

    I will tell you that when selling the stamps at Christmas time, Xmas outsold Religious TEN to ONE. But people still had a choice..

    Also check out their page…

    “The new Virgin & Child by Jan Gossaert Forever® Christmas stamp features Gossaert’s 1531 painting Virgin and Child. Draped in purple and blue, the Virgin Mary supports her own head by leaning on one of her hands, an unusual pose that art historians see as a sign of sadness and contemplation. In her other hand, a curly-haired infant Jesus draped in white holds a bunch of red currants, which scholars believe are meant to foreshadow his future suffering.”

    You can still get a HOLY FAMILY stamp.. “The Holy Family stamp, first issued in 2012, celebrates Christmas with a scene from the Nativity story that reminds us of the joys of the season: family, togetherness, and the birth of the baby Jesus. It continues the U.S. Postal Service’s tradition of issuing beautiful and timeless Christmas stamps and will be a treasured addition to cards and letters sent during this season of goodwill and sharing.”

    Kwanzaa is not a Xmas or Christmas stamp either..”With bright colors and a new stylized design, the U.S. Postal Service continues its tradition of celebrating Kwanzaa. This annual non-religious holiday, which takes place over seven days from December 26 to January 1, brings family community, and culture together for many African Americans”

    Hanukkah is not a Xmas or Christmas stamp either… “The celebration of Hanukkah begins on the 25th of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar, a date that falls in late November or December. In 2014, Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 16.”

  • Dandy1

    They have Religious stamps on their website. Not that I agree with the “snub” but I would venture to say it is more a marketing decision.

    • SineWaveII

      It’s a bad marketing decision.

  • Traci Christine Hosler

    [email protected]!!! AND UNACCEPTABLE!!! We have put up with TOO much NOW! END IT!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      End what?

  • Stack

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you guys can really get worked up over nothing (it’s a FLYER, not the complete line of stamps!) … and in regards to “forever” being crossed out… maybe they are crossed out in an effort to reduce counterfeiting? Jus’ sayin’

  • $82313205

    Explain, why does the Kwanzaa stamp have the words USA forever with ‘forever’ scored through?

    Edit: Why do they all have that?

    • Matt Lewis

      Excellent question!

    • Lea C.

      That is like a cancellation mark to indicate not an actual, valid stamp. They’ve always done this with stamp ads.

      • $82313205

        I realize that. I just think the wording’s inappropriate especially how it appears on the Kwanzaa stamp.

    • SineWaveII

      It seems creepy but “forever” in this case doesn’t refer to the USA it refers to the stamp. Although it was tacky to do it that way. They should have just photoshopped the image and replaced it with “non negotiable”

      • BeeKaaay

        “Forever” is what kind of stamp this is. If the stamp had a number (say 45 cents) that number would be struck out. They don’t want people cutting these out and using them as real stamps.

        • SineWaveII

          I know. That’s what I said.

  • Devil Dog

    In the name of “tolerance” My Son’s grade school is having a “holiday” festival where EVERY religion (including wiccan) is mentioned except Christian. We knew nothing about it till the music “teacher” called us complaining that our Son was being insubordinate. Turns out He (7 years old) was refusing to sing a “witch song”. We immediately pulled him out of it, and now sit with him in the car twice a week during the “music” class and sing Christmas Songs. lol

    • $82313205

      Way to single your child out Does he attend church every Sunday? Does he attend Sunday school? Do you say grace at meal times and pray together at the end of each day? if you do he’ll be quite well versed in Christianity.

      • Devil Dog

        How else would He have the fortitude to stand up for himself and refuse to sing a song in commemoration of witches?

        • X3Charlie

          You should do a protest or something. I wonder if other parents know about the exclusion.

        • $82313205

          Really? I think you’ll find witches had more to fear from the Christian church.

          • BeeKaaay

            which Christian Church?

            It was certain protestant sects that did witch hunts. Catholic Church didn’t do this.

          • $82313205

            You missed the inquisition? They had witch trials too.

      • SineWaveII

        Let’s turn it around. How would you like it if you or your child was forced to sing Christian hymns?

        • $82313205

          They are. By me.

          PS Son is Joseph and daughter is Angel Gabriel in this years CHURCH nativity.

      • AnneCameo

        You’ll be out of your job soon, lib troll.

    • AnneCameo

      Yes, peaceful disobedience. It’s our right and right thing to do.

    • Joanne13

      OMGOSH! Where the heck IS this school?? #1… It’s against the law to exclude Christmas from that public school. #2… Don’t just sit in the car with him. Call the local TV stations and bring it to the public’s attention! Get all the Christian parents together and have a protest in the FRONT! I’d even bet there are plenty of NON-Christian parents that are pretty angry about it too. The ONLY way to dispel darkness (and that’s the deepest darkness) is to shine light on it! I’m amazed at the abject stupidity of public schools anymore. If all the Christian parents with kids in that school would join together and threaten the school with a big old lawsuit you could pretty much guarantee that the SCHOOL would be singing a different turn real fast. You might also consider contacting the A.C.L.J. (American Center for Law and Justice), headed up by Jay Sekulow. Just please don’t sit back and allow that school to run YOUR CHILD out!

  • Marty65

    I CAN say it! Merry Christmas everybody.

  • Hadit Uptohere

    About 10 years ago at Christmas time, I went to the P.O. in my small TX town to get some stamps.
    I asked the P.O. person, “Seriously, you don’t REALLY stock those Muslim stamps, do you?”.
    She said, “All post offices are MANDATED to receive those stamps”.
    I said, “And people actually but them?”.
    “No”, she said, “We just put them on ANY MAIL or package that does not have postage already attached.”.
    Make sure that YOU make sure what’s on your correspondence.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Merry Gingerbread, everyone!

  • Linda Lynn

    I think we should all stop using the postal service as much as we can. Let’s send e- cards this year. Let’s use fedex and ups for our packages. Let’s put a hurting on their income. This is crap. I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen because I am a Christian. Every other group would stand up for themselves. Isn’t it about time we did??? B

  • Shannon Long

    This is pathetic! I won’t buy any of them then. I’ll go with traditional stamps if they can’t supply one that says the words MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • KP

    I just purchased Christmas stamps with a picture of Mary and baby Jesus. The name on the book of stamps is Christmas Virgin and Child by Jan Gossaert. It actually says Christmas on EACH stamp.

    I’ll see if I can find a pic online.

  • Stephen Iles

    I’m not religious and I don’t claim to be by any means, but I do believe in individual liberty….This country was founded on the basis of the Christian belief system and Christianity (any bible based religion really) for the most part is being pushed out of the main stream to make way for the minority. This seems to be the lefts MO. “I don’t agree or like what you are doing, so I have to change it or take it away.” What happened to the notion of, if you don’t like something than just don’t do it. I don’t like a certain restaurant, well, I don’t have to eat there. I don’t like the Kardashians, well, I don’t watch them on TV. It’s a pretty simple concept. You don’t want to celebrate Christmas, don’t celebrate it! But don’t infringe on my right to celebrate whatever holiday I choose, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, whatever!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Who has infringed on your right to celebrate the holiday of your choice? Who do you think is trying to?

  • Beth

    Really people…If you would go to your post office you would find out that there is a religious Christmas stamp also of Mary and baby Jesus……Every year they have a religious and non religious choice. Last years choices were Santa and his sleigh and the Holy Family.

  • Chip Galloway

    I was at the post office yesterday looking to buy Christmas stamps. There were two choices, Gingerbread Houses or Poinsettias. What happened to the stamps that use to represent the “Reason for the Season?” Truly the last group in America who can be discriminated against with impunity is Christians. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Amerika….

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Those stamps exist. Your story about not being able to buy them is an incredibly obvious fabrication.

  • Braden Scott

    It’s a miracle Honukkah made it.

  • Gregg Hammerquist


  • Davey2012

    I just bought Virgin & Child stamps yesterday. There are three Christian-themed stamps sold by USPS

  • AmericanMom

    This administration is administered by a bunch of anti-Christian bastards. They are heartless, soulless and despicable socialist-communist @%$&$s. Obama’s omission of God from the Gettysburg speech this week represented the real Obama.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      It also represented the real Lincoln.

  • Karl Grissom

    Christians can be way to sensitive. All the postal stamps that have the religious aspect, like Mary holding Jesus, the Magi following the star, The manger, etc. all have Christmas on them. A ginger bread house is just a decoration and more about the non christian roots of the celebration and I am OK with it not saying Christmas. We can get so high and mighty about these things. Face it this is not when our Lord Jesus was born but it is when we celebrate him we have over history, adopted the pagan rituals of the winter celebration and we Christians have a applied them reclaiming them so to speak. So all those ancillary things like ginger bread houses are that, ancillary and do to point to him necessarily. I bet there is some story out that does. There is no plot to remove Christmas from season. Relax and celebrate His birth and what it means to us!!!

    • TheExecutiveProducer

      Karl, do you really not see the attack on religion, specifically Christianity, that is going on in this country right now? Socialists/communists have historically acted to remove religion from the culture. They want people to worship the State. Open your eyes, man.

      • Truth is fact, not opinion

        Could not have said it better myself! It went right over Karl’s head.

      • Karl Grissom

        Yes I do but I do not see this as that. The plenty of stamps that have Christmas on them. I just see the original post as just an attempt to see a demon when there really may not be.

        • BeeKaaay

          The reason is you don’t like to see things from other’s perspective, just yours.

          • Karl Grissom

            Not sure why you think that. Can’t I state my opinion as well and disagree! Just cause I my disagree doesn’t mean I do want to see perspectives of others. I was also just trying to state a fact that they have stamps that say Christmas on them. They haven’t eliminated them. Maybe they did choose not the show one those on this ad for said reasons but that doesn’t change the fact that you can still get ones that say Christmas. They could have just removed all those and kept this one that is displayed but they have not done so.

    • AnneCameo

      Typical Lib – “don’t worry”, no one’s going to take away your insurance. Hitler to Jews: you’re just going to a resort!

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Not being featured on the cover of a pamphlet is EXACTLY like being exterminated in gas chambers! Excellent analogy. Hyperbole be damned.

      • Karl Grissom

        Haha, you assumed I was a lib, how very wrong you are. I am very much a conservative and have always voted Rep. We have the worst president in out history ruining our country. Yes I do see the erosion of religious freedom and the removal of Christ. But I am not seeing this ad as that. It could be but I am not going to judge on the service that it is. One can get to a point that they see demons in everything and especially it if is from the government. Again, as I have stated before, that still have stamps that have Christmas on them. They have not eliminated them! I just do not think someone(s) painstaking took time to devise the flier or ad to remove Christ or Christmas. Also, the very fact you assumed I was a liberal so how your perception is already tainted. You already made up your mind I was the enemy. Doing do also keeps one from even carrying on a good discussion.

  • TheExecutiveProducer

    Why is the Federal Post Office even advertising their stamps? Don’t we have to buy stamps from THEM? How many millions of dollars does the PO lose every year? Maybe they should cut back on their unnecessary advertising budget.

    • Steve Wolfe


    • Joanne13


  • Echo2112

    And yet, there is a stamp of Madonna and Child, one of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the Virgin Mary and Child. Oh, and one with a Christmas wreath. So, what is everybody complaining about?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Christians used to get thrown to the lions and had to worship in secret. Nowadays, they’re the majority of the U.S. population, it’s almost impossible to be elected to any office without professing Christian beliefs, and every single president has had to be one. Do you have any idea how hard that makes it to still pretend to be persecuted? All the other religions get to, just because they’re in the minority, or everyone associates them with terrorists, or mixes them up with other minor religions, while Christians get left out of the persecution party.

      That’s the REAL bigotry.

  • JenMikosz

    The USPS HAS a Madonna & Child stamp out, why it’s not on the flyer is still an interesting question as an invariably it would be more popular than Kwanzaa, the only holiday created by a CSULB Professor with a penchant for soldering irons…

  • AnneCameo

    I certainly wouldn’t be buying any.

  • SineWaveII

    Good then the USPS won’t mind working on “Gingerbread House” since it’s not a holiday.

    • unclebarb

      I would have given ya another upvote because you deserve it for that gem! LOL

      • SineWaveII

        Thank you :–)

  • ken deel

    Kwanzaa…the totally fabricated non-holiday of Africa…

  • Tracy Lara

    I am a Christian.. I was irritated when I saw this post so I went to look myself. Just wanted to add there is one on Christmas:)

  • $82313205

    The gingerbread house is much more genuinely traditionally Christmas than the red and white CocaCola brand (oh yes) fat Santa.
    Newsflash, the lighted tree, the wreath (happily gracing the cover Palin’s christmas book) and the very date are ALL pagan. Its the Winter Solstice. Once again, we over 300 years in before The Nativity is dreamed up in December. The Epiphany was the big Christian Holy Day (still is in the orthodox church).

    Ask the average American to pick out the significance and date of Lady day Ascension Candlemas Lammas St Johns day Michaelmas All Hallows or in fact any Holy days their pilgrim ancestors would have observed …completely lost.

    • Matt Lewis

      Take an Art history class and you will learn a LOT about the beginnings of quite a few religions. It seems as though almost all religions borrowed images from one another and changed the context to match their ideology. Crazy stuff.

      • /sarcnado ☠

        What’s “crazy” about that?

    • navyguns
      • $82313205

        Yeah….. it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact the Roman Empire celebrated Saturnalia at that time of year .LMAO.

        • navyguns

          Actually, no, it didn’t. Since you can type, I’m sure you can read. Read the article again. You’ll figure it out.

  • CrustyB

    Kwanzaa was established by Ron Karenga as a way to “de-whitenize” Christmas. Karenga was a convicted felon who spent time in prison for torturing two women he held captive. Gingerbread Day I don’t know the history of.

  • Tammy

    Well with all due respect you celebrate this time as your Messiah’s birthday yet you incorporate things such as Santa, the tree and covetous gifts of which he clearly says in his word not to worship him in such ways. So do you really think a secular person will think any different of this “gingerbread house as representative of it? After all, it does carry the typical christmas flare.

  • Wesley Stinnett

    in my home we still celebrate CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  • Dave Andre

    The post office is inefficient anyways. I’ll continue to use UPS.

  • BeeKaaay

    What does inclusivity mean?

  • Thomas Davis

    I just got the flyer in the mail today and questioned it for the same reason. I went up on their web page( as didn’t work, and they do sell real “Christmas” stamps there! BUT, eliminating one from their flyer was so obvious! The persecution has started being we are not “politically correct”. I’d rather be “Biblically correct!

  • $82313205

    Why aren’t the Protestants and the non-conformists complaining that the majority of the Christmas stamps are deeply Catholic imagery, Madonna and Child .
    Come on now, your Pilgrims ancestors would have rioted over that kind of nonsense.

    • Leende

      I just turn the stamps upside down and you can still put Merry Christmas stickers on the envelopes. Or you can write Merry Christmas on it. It is a small protest but makes me feel better.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        A protest against what?

        • Markward

          Letting you out of the house, or on the internet unsupervised.

        • Leende

          A protest about our government caving into every person or little group who is feels saying Merry Christmas is some kind of insult.

    • BeeKaaay

      There are Christmas stamps?

      And protestants don’t believe in Mary and Jesus? Shocking!

  • Lisamarie Hurst

    FOREVER is crossed out!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      It’s so you can’t try to pass off the flyer picture as a real stamp.

    • yestradamous


  • bizysignal

    1) so hand-write Merry CHRISTmas under the stamp. 2) Atheists like radical Muslims are intolerant, and hate liberty and freedom. Except theirs. Try this on: don’t like it? don’t listen, don’t look, don’t go there, turn the channel.

  • Mom2Ian03

    So funny, I shared this on twitter and the USPS replied to my tweet. LOL

    • HanaFiveO

      What did they say?

      • Mom2Ian03

        From USPS – “the holiday stamp collection varies each year. We do have the Holy
        Family, Virgin & Child, Santa stamps on our site this year.” I think they could have done a better job with that ad. :-)

        • HanaFiveO

          Clearly they could have done a better job with the flyer. Thanks for the response.

  • Michael Guy Marquardt

    Not even the low blow XMas? Now it’s just ignore CHRISTMAS all together … man they are getting bolder each year…

  • Lolo Allen

    Folks, THOSE, are “holiday” stamps, not “Christmas” stamps. One quick stop to, and you will see they feature Christmas stamps with Virgin and baby Jesus — two different ones, and the Holy Family on their way to Bethlehem. People need to stop being ignorant- trying to make a story out of nothing. And, stop looking for religion at the post office, you need to step into a church instead.

  • fishal41

    This is our only choice?Merry gingerbread.This is an insult to all Christians .When are we going to take down these liberal atheistic commie jackbutts?

  • Chuck Meyer

    The country was on the path down the toilet before Obama; he is just surfing the vortex of the sewage of politics and lies. He learned to catch a wave in Hawaii, after all. Isn’t it obvious that moral decay is the basic reason he and others of his ilk were elected?

  • fishal41

    Merry gingerbread to all and to all a goodnight.

  • Walter Sobchak

    No Festivus stamp? Festivus is a much better fake holiday than Kwanzaa.

    • BeeKaaay

      Yeah, they could put feats of strength stamp :) Or the pole stamp :)

    • Bathing Suit Area

      That would actually be great.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Can we stop turning the other cheek yet?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      You haven’t even been slapped on the first one yet. You’re just dramatically turning around in circles in response to a bunch of imaginary slaps while everyone else watches and laughs.

      • frozeninbemidji

        No my friend, you haven’t been slapped yet, but that day is coming.

  • VinegarBill

    dont let the facts get in the way of a good “war” on Christmas! there are 3 stamps with the word “Christmas” on them along with very Christian religious imagery. if any of you actually bothered to check out the website you would have seen them. it is easier to get all fired up about the USPS trying to give everyone a little piece of THEIR religion or belief or heritage or whatever.

  • xristosdomini

    …because apparently the appearance of the word “Christ” in any other context than an expletive makes atheists shrivel away like slugs in a salt mine…

  • Shirley Capes

    They are truly trying to remove any Christian emphasis on the season.
    Why don’t we just not have a holiday at all. Cancel it they want,
    Not on your life, I still will celebrate as usual , how about you?
    They will never win this one,we know how it all will end ,Read
    The book of the Revelation. Ha,we win folks.

  • Sheryl Ann Pescor

    I bought Christmas stamps. They have the Madonna and Child on them.

  • Nam Vet 67-68

    Oh! Merry Gingerbread House Day to you too USPS= BS

  • Drew Belsky
  • louisiana_mom

    War on Christians continues… every year it is the same thing… ALL other faiths can have their celebrations, symbols, and what have you… but Christians (who are the majority in this country) have to hide in secret!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Are you really trying to pretend that you’re not allowed to celebrate Christmas?

      • louisiana_mom

        Oh, you can celebrate it as long as there is no displays for the public to see! So, Christians have to celebrate in private… Just watch the news for all the privately owned businesses being called upon to take down their Christmas decorations… it happens every single year, without fail… Yes, we are being driven to celebrate our faith and holidays in private, to keep from offending ONE single person!

        • yestradamous

          The town erupts in lights and glitter every December. It’s more obvious every year.

          • ScrewPCness

            Yeah, and they’re called “holiday” lights. If someone puts up a Kwanzaa or Hanukkah decoration, it’s called by its proper name.

  • Tony W

    Thankfully, even though not advertised on the front of the flyer, Christmas is well represented on the USPS Web Site:

  • Ben Franklin

    Why do they insist on pretending that Kwanzaa is a holiday? No one celebrates it and it was completely fabricated in the most condescending manner imaginable.

    • yestradamous

      Competely agree with that.

  • cscape

    That is correct….. disgracefully, there is NO US Postage stamp this year with the word “Christmas” on it…. The Tweeter forgot to mention the EID US Postage Stamp

    • Belial Issimo

      Excellent. Maybe next year there will be no stamp with the word “Hanukkah” on it.

      • cscape

        well…. that would stand to reason, wouldn’t it?… although, Hanukkah isn’t actually a RELIGIOUS holiday celebration…. it is a HISTORICAL observance

        • Belial Issimo

          No, it’s both, though of very minor religious standing. The point is that it wouldn’t be disgraceful to eliminate all such stamps.

    • yestradamous

      There are 3 this year with the word ” Christmas ” on them.

      Don’t be so gullible.

      • cscape

        i am a philatelist, specializing in US postage stamps….. the word CHRISTMAS hasn’t appeared on a US Postage stamp in many years

        • yestradamous

          I can see them for sale right on the website!
          If you mean new ones offered first in 2013, then say that.

          • cscape

            actually….. i was mistaken…… The “Virgin and Child” issue of 2013 does have the word CHRISTMAS prominently featured on the top of the stamp….. and last year’s “Holy Family” issue has the word CHRISTMAS prominently featured on the bottom of the stamp….

  • Patricia Denny

    To be fair, there are other stamps for 2013 Christmas. There is a poinsettia and as every year, a Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. But why aren’t they advertised on the flyer? Blame effin’ political correctness.

  • Guest

    This is the flyer I just got in the mail, from the post office. Note the Christmas stamps.

  • $82313205

    Seriously though, does ANYone actually celebrate Kwanzaa?

    • Flyover Conservative

      The “composite” people Obama made up in his autobiography? That would go along with the “made up” holiday.

  • Jennifer Bunch Julius

    This is the flyer I just received today from the USPS. Look at those Christmas stamps!

    • Joanne13

      Same one we got 2 days ago. Glad you posted it. ;o)

    • ConcernedOne ✓nbc

      So glad it’s bilingual.

  • Tony Reese

    I just got the mailer today myself in the mail. I thought it was odd too.

  • Katie Hursh

    Hubbub about nothing. If you go to the USPS website, they have virgin and child, holy family, santa, poinsettias, Christmas tree ornaments…they screwed up on the flyer, sure, but the Christmas stamps do exist.

  • Julia Miller

    USPS has Christmas stamps — there are two with the Virgin and Child. Whoever was responsible for the flyer decided that Gingerbread houses were more compelling, I guess.

    • ConcernedOne ✓nbc

      No, it’s to diminish the Reason for the Season, while shoving Kwanzaa and Ramandan down our throats.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        So acknowledging another religion with a stamp is doing it down your throat, but not putting yours on the cover is an unbelievable insult? I’m guessing you’re the type who cried that they didn’t get presents on the other kids’ birthdays, weren’t you?

  • Pat Parke

    …in all fairness they do offer Christmas stamps with a Christian theme as they have for decades. This flyer is sporting their non religious theme. I am Christian and want Christ put back as part of the Christmas Holiday but let’s put our energy elsewhere like getting back to saying Merry Christmas as the norm everywhere we go…

    • JR48

      Hannukah is hardly ‘non religious’.

      • Flyover Conservative

        Beat me too it by 30 seconds. Darn…. Right after I hit Post…..

    • Flyover Conservative

      So Hanukkah isn’t a religious “theme”? Along with the Menorah which is a non-religious symbol? Care to revise your remarks?

    • $41378716

      Thank you. You are a posterchild for why Christians around the world are being beheaded.
      It will come to that here, too…if you keep giving them excuses as you have in this post.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        LOL. You win the trophy for best hyperbole.

        • Markward

          Look in the mirror. Like the time I spanked your dumb ass.

  • Pat

    Would love to see the sales figures for all three after the holidays…I’ll bet they don’t sell very many Kwanzaa stamps. Just a guess, really.

  • Joseph Estrada

    There is a war against Christians. Nothing new here.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      This will never stop being funny.

      • Markward

        Kinda like your posts.

        • Kickass Conservative

          You might want to clarify. BSA has such limited understanding, he may think “funny” in relation to his posts isn’t the direct mockery that most of us are giving…

  • Joanne13

    Going to sign off here now but 1st had to say that it’s kind of hilarious when reading these posts about how many times the discussion (and all the answers) cycle over and over…. some differences in comments but basically the same things repeatedly. At that I say ‘toodles’… and I’m outta here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :o)

  • jaimo

    Come guys, really? I posted this over at The Blaze, but I know the person who designed the gingerbread house stamp. She did it many years ago and was thrilled when they accepted it, finally. She is a designer of miniature gingerbread houses and is a wonderful needlework designer. She has some of her gingerbread houses in museums. Please don’t ruin it for her and all her friends/fans. If you want to rank on the postal service for not using the more religious Christian stamps fine, but leave the gingerbread stamp alone.

    • $41378716

      And back to the point, the USPS has again taken a swipe at CHRISTMAS and the religion of Christians.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Ah, Christians. So desperate to be able to pretend to be the persecuted ones that they’ll insist not being on the cover of a pamphlet is having a swipe taken at them.

        • Markward

          Ah, retarded liberals, so desperate to think they are smart that they troll the internet because they have no life.

    • ELC

      I understand as a friend that you feel that the designer is getting the short end of the stick so to speak. The U.S. Postal Service is in the wrong here not your friend. I’m sure she has done beautiful work..I myself love gingerbread houses. However, if you are honest, how does a gingerbread house symbolize Christmas?This isn’t even my holiday, but when I think of Christmas-I see trees, stockings, ornaments, Santa Claus etc. Sorry, but as good as she might be and her designs may be great.. a gingerbread house is not a sign of Christmas. Either they cover all the holidays correctly in stamps or don’t go there altogether.

  • $82313205

    Calm down Christians.
    As Jesus said, Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesars and unto God the things that are God’s .

    • $41378716

      Still got Palin living in your head rent free, sweety?

  • taylorjoni1

    Have we checked to see if there is a religious Christmas stamp? If not, why not just email or FB our friends their Christmas letters and greetings. I wonder what they will do with those stamps if we don’t use them.

  • John Bianco

    Nevermind kwanza is a fictional holiday, It’s insulting that farce is even represented

  • ELC

    Last time I looked the holiday of Christmas has the symbols of Christmas Trees, Decorations and Santa. So they can’t find something like that to put on a stamp?I don’t celebrate this holiday, but the gingerbread house is not a symbol for Christians celebrating. I would be offended if a Menorah wasn’t displayed for my holiday and they had a stamp with the word hannukah and a picture that wasn’t relevant. The gingerbread house stands out like a sore thumb…it doesn’t belong as a “holiday”symbol so to speak.

  • belljennifer71

    Following link leads to a beautiful stamp with a picture of the holy family and the word Christmas… I wish people did the research before posting things like this. I am a right-wing extremist, too, but we have to not be petty, or the other team just mocks… rightly so!

    • $41378716

      Too bad they didn’t then use the “Christmas” stamp to have parity with the Kwanzaa and Hanukkah stamps in their flier, eh?

      • belljennifer71

        Would have been nice…

    • ConcernedOne ✓nbc

      Who cares what the other side thinks? And just what Mir_Nohti said. They featured the Gingerbread house on purpose. So, it caters to religions OTHER than Christian.

  • buckeyebubba

    Hey, the USPS left out Wiccans. How about a stamp with a witch, er,,,,did I mean bitch. Whatever, a photo of Michelle would go well.

  • ConcernedOne ✓nbc

    Kwanzaa is not even a real holy-day (made up by the Black Panther leader in the 60’s) then you have the friggin Islamic stamp?? WTF HAS happened to our country? We’ve let it slip away while it’s overtaken by Atheists, Muslims wanting to be the dominant religion (CAIR) or by black racists (Jessie, Sharpton, Oprah, Obama, New Black Panthers, Holder)

    • $41378716

      I really don’t care if they had a Scientology stamp, but have them all or just don’t do it.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      By what criteria do you consider something to be a real holiday? They were all made up by someone.

  • Jennifer Sullivan

    I was just on the US Postal web site and they do have Christmas stamps. One with the 3 wise men and one with Mother and Child that says Christmas on the top.

  • Guest

    I guess someone on this site didn’t want to hear that the post office does offer Christmas stamps.

    • Mickey O’Brien

      So why does USPS have such a problem putting one of the Christmas stamps on their advertisement? Or does the mere mention of Christ cancel out Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Why do you assume it was a problem? Had they shown the Christmas one but not the kwanzaa one, would you still be complaining? They can’t show every stamp on the cover.

  • Jane Goodwin

    Christmas, Merry Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to you.

  • Jane Goodwin

    But they do have Christmas stamps. I’ve seen them. They have several different ones.

    • Mickey O’Brien

      But no Saturnalia stamp. :)

  • Susan Maree Jeavons

    I am so tired of this politically correct bias! They can say the other names but not CHRISTMAS? GOD BLESS AMERICA. THANK YOU JESUS. JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS. MERRY CHRISTMAS! The will not stop us from saying what we want! Shame on the USPS! GOD is watching you.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Who has ever tried to stop you from saying Merry Christmas?

      • yestradamous


      • Kickass Conservative

        Actually, a very manly gal in our town behind the counter of the….wait for it….post office.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    Oh the LENGTHS the government (I know, it’s USPS, technically not the govt, but let’s face it, they are) will go to just to avoid saying Christ or Christmas. The backlash from those offended by omitting Christ from “the holidays” is bigger than the backlash from those offended by the mention of Christ. But you would never know it.

  • angela

    Does anyone consider how outrageous this whining must seem to Jewish people? Their religion is older than Christianity, there are millions in this country, yet they have not managed to get the time off of work, 2 months of music on the radio or special Hanukkah sales. I really never hear my Jewish friends complain.

    • Marauder

      Hanukkah, from what I understand, isn’t really that important of a holiday in Judaism. It just seems bigger because it’s near Christmas and parents use it to give their kids presents so they can have gifts like their Christian friends.

      Jews don’t need “special Hanukkah sales,” because all sales are holiday sales these days anyway. Christmas is a federal holiday and everyone gets off work regardless of religion. As for music, seriously, how many songs can you have about dreidels and Maccabees?

      • angela

        So with your reasoning, it is ok to ignore one religion, as long as it is not Christianity? I know Hanukkah is not the most religious, but I don’t hear them complaining about having to work on the holy days either. I am Christian. I think part of that means to respect others. What happened to humility or being humble? Why should we beat our chests and say there is only one way to worship. None of my business what people do, and I do not feel like there is a war on my religion. I don’t shove it at anyone.

    • Sauer Thirtyeight

      You never hear your Jewish friends complain?

      The don’t complain, they kvetch.

      Oy, do they ever.

  • Renko_is
  • HankMcGee

    i choose not to be offended by this. good day.

    • Mickey O’Brien

      I’m not offended at all. Their Christophobia is laughable already.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Nearly as laughable as your obvious desperation to pretend that you’re persecuted.

        • Bob Ryan

          Tell that to the dead Christians blown up and killed in their churches. Christians are persecuted all over the world — fact.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            There are parts of the world where that’s the case. America is not one of those parts.

        • Markward

          Oh look, just when rational thought was safe, you come along.

        • Markward

          Oh and you might want to tell that to the Christians in Egypt that have their churches burned down.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Why would I tell them? They have an actual legitimate reason to complain. But do tell them all about how your stamps weren’t on the front page of the post office mailer, I’m sure those Egyptians will sympathise and hold fundraisers for your poor persecuted souls.

  • Donald Kugler

    Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas……it will always be Christmas to me!

  • Renko_is
    • Mickey O’Brien

      So why isn’t one of those stamps on this advertisement?

  • Dencal26

    To be fair the USPS does have some Christian Stamps on their website

  • Carmen


    • yestradamous

      So please tell me why you have lighted deer in your yard, and reindeer decorations, and santa stuff at Christmas?

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Yes, they have Christmas stamps. They point is that they are not advertising them.

  • detroit19

    There are SO many more important things to be outraged about, especially since this is a non-issue/distraction. USPS is/has been more tolerant and inclusive than many other Federal agencies, which, btw, it is NOT; the Postal Service Act of 1969 took care of that. Get informed, and NO i do not/nor have never worked for the USPS, I just appreciate my mailman :-)

  • MaryEllen Smith

    Yet they celebrate CHRISTmas…….Merry Christmas and Happy HOLYdays

  • Awareguy

    Why are we using government funds to promote ANY fairy tale???

    • Biff Wellington

      you’re absolutely right. no more USA stamps…

    • Kickass Conservative

      Yeah, like “if you like your plan, you can keep it”…..

  • Kickass Conservative

    Well, I’ll just scroll down and look for the commentary from the Religion of Anti-theism™ to see if they…..well, that didn’t take long.

  • Weisner

    You can and should say the C word.

  • ellie ragsac

    USPS….You gave the choice of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, so why not the Christian symbol which has been an American holiday which has been celebrated in America long before the other two?

  • Phil Petty

    Sad choice for the front of the folder. They missed the Holy Family, Madonna of the Candelabra (my favorite) and Virgin & Child on the advertized website:

  • Moogiechan

    Happily, they DO have proper Christmas stamps this year. Too bad they are too shy and/or embarrassed to say so.

  • Elaine Duchaineau

    really??? people, take it from a retired Postal worker, there is ALWAYS a religious stamp for Christmas, one with Mary and baby Jesus, AND a “holiday” stamp, for those of us who are not that into the religious aspect of the holiday. Try to remember, the holiday we now call Christmas was once a pagan celebration, it was the christians who highjacked it, in order to convert the pagan people of old England.

  • nwbrian

    Down with liberals and political correctness. We WILL have our day.

  • NCRelite

    I always wish folks a Merry Christmas even when in doubt about the person’s religious affiliation. I wouldn’t be annoyed or bothered if someone wished me a happy Hanukkah or Kwanza or anything like that. Besides Happy Holidays is so generic and hollow

  • Carole Bower

    i just don’t get it – without Christ there would be no Christmas – there would be no Santa Claus. I don’t know why anyone would want to take religion out of Christmas. If you aren’t Christian then simply don’t celebrate Christmas and no Saint Nicholas – no holiday at all. I’m not Jewish so I don’t celebrate Hanukka; i’m not black so I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa – but I certainly don’t disdain those who do. I don’t think they should take their beliefs out of those holidays. they don’t offend me in any way. sorry, i just don’t understand atheistic “ideals” nor understand why they are so disdainful of things that really don’t concern them. Merry CHRISTmas, Happy Hanukka nd Happy Kwanzaa to all of you who celebrate!

  • Rbjk Rbjk

    Hey, USPS a-holes, a gingerbread house isn’t a religious symbol for Christians. Of course, they want to appease the moronic libs and atheists.

    • yestradamous

      I’d like to see your house at Christmas. Is it a santa, reindeer, snowflake free zone?

  • gwlzboy

    It is disgraceful the means which people will go to be racist! That’s right, this is racism in its truest form, against Christians! Our cards and letters will only have the US flag stamp on them this year!

    • Awareguy

      Thanks, I had no idea that Christianity was a race and not a belief system. Perhaps the word you seek is discrimination, not racism, and I would have to agree on the basis of this evidence that Christianity was excluded from these stamps. That would be discrimination, not racism.

  • Cjade824

    Where is the “Tolerance” for other religions the Liberals love to speak of?

  • Wendy Hill Sanchez

    Has anyone bothered to see all the Christmas stamps available? In addition to the dreaded gingerbread house, there are TWO Madonna & Child stamps, the HOLY FAMILY, poinsettias, Santa, as well as a Christmas wreath for intl. and ornaments for postcards. more choices than any other holiday. Reading all these comments, I say Christmas people, don’t get baited into stupid arguments.

  • Jill Sheeter-Topp

    Looks like i will NOT use the post office this year at ALL since CHRISTmas has been taken out!

    • yestradamous

      This is what’s so stupid.
      All of Christmas has NOT been eliminated. Not in this case.
      Please go a bit deeper before reacting.

      • Jill Sheeter-Topp

        No what is so stupid is all this PC stuff, that has made Christmas, Easter, July 4th , Memorial Day, Veterans Day and a whole host of AMERICAN celebrations and undermined them and marginalized them…anyone that has any knowledge of why the holidays and the meaning behind them would not be asking”… to go a bit deeper”

        • yestradamous

          Oh, no! The USPS grinch just cancelled Christmas by not putting the Christmas stamps they always offer on the front of a sales flyer!

  • bubba2001

    I say CHRISTMAS. Anyone doesn’t like it they can kiss my Irish Ass!

  • Sandi Dunlap

    Guess no one bothered to actually GO to the USPS site and see the THREE religious Christmas offered as well as the secular Christmas stamps!

  • Beverly Malek DiSanza

    Oh for crying out loud people why do you complain without checking things out–16 holiday stamps offered by USPS — 4 Christian, 2 Kwanza, 2 Hannakah, 2 EID, and 6 generic Christmas stamps (poinsettia, gingerbread house, wreath, Xmas decoration and Santa. The government is not shunning Christians. Please people check things out before your speak.

    • yestradamous

      No! It’s too easy to take the red meat and run off with it.

  • The Official Andy ®

    Wow THIS escalated quickly…way away from the topic. All I can say is “Merry Christmas, one and all” and “God Bless us, everyone”

    • yestradamous

      Someone, somewhere, will find a problem with that! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • Biff Wellington

    I’m still trying to get hold of some of Mooch’s “dangerous kids” stamps….

  • Mary Neathery Millard

    Why must (seemingly all) posts so quickly turn to atheist vs. Christian, your belief is not the true belief? Just comment about what’s on the original post, ok?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Because the complaint of the original post is retarded.

  • deb

    NON-ISSUE!!!!! Get onto and you will see four choices for Christmas stamps, one is Mary and Joseph with the Star. This is a manufactured issue.

  • bronovan2

    I only buy the stamps with Christmas theme on them. I have walked out of the post office when they didn’t have them. I told them I’d come back when they got them in.

  • geronl

    I never celebrated Gingerbread in my life.

    • yestradamous

      But you most likely celebrate sugar cookies, and Christmas lights, and reindeer decorations, and snowflake wrapping paper, and birds in holly cards, and Santa Claus and all the rest of it.

      If a gingerbread house isn’t a real Christmas symbol, then by decree, all wrapping paper must depict the Baby Jesus, or it hereby is declared invalid.

  • MartinWinkdale

    Kwanzaa? That’s a “celebration” made up by racists…”the first specifically African-American holiday”.

    • MrApple

      Created by Maulana Karenga, a man who was sentenced to one to ten years in prison on counts of felonious assault and false imprisonment in the early 1970s. He and a couple of other men beat up, tortured, and held against their will two women with the help of his estranged wife.

      • MartinWinkdale


  • Dirk Weed

    We desperately NEED another round of CRUSADES!!

  • Debbie Weisman Clasie
  • stev38rs3

    God will not allow what the extreme leftish are attempting to do. God Bless America.

  • Abaraxas

    Unfortunately someone was trolled, which is why half the flyer image was cut off. There are several beautiful, religious stamps also being released this year. Example:

  • David maley

    what war on Christmas/

  • mencik

    They do have a stamp of the “Virgin and Child”, “Holy Family”, and “Santa and Sleigh”. I do not see one that says “Christmas”.

    • yestradamous

      There are 9 that are Christmas stamps, 3 of them spell it out ” Christmas.”

  • mbh57

    If Americans don’t start taking a firm and loud stand for the outrageous attempts to try and degrade Christmas and remove Christmas traditions from our national traditions, then we stand to lose far more than just Christmas.

    • Leo

      I agree. The constitution is very clear on this, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Seems like many like to ignore the second part.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        You really think you’re being prohibited from exercising your religion by the post office not putting their Christmas stamps on the front cover of all of their new stamp notification mailers?

  • alvin691


  • Linda Forst

    not even a Christmas tree? I’m not going to buy any stamps, let the post office just continue to sink.

  • bwecky

    Show all the holiday stamps. Not just the ones that slant your way.

  • schizuki

    I’m an atheist and I find this disgusting. Our culture is rooted upon a (mostly) admirable Judeo-Christian tradition. Christianity seems to be the only religion that it’s permissible to disrespect, despite being the one that does the most tangible good as far as charity to others. I don’t fear Christians, but I sure as hell fear the militant selective-secularists who perpetrate these petty abuses.

  • Oracle Jones

    I’d like to see a stamp commemorating Obama’s punishment on Syria for using chemical weapons on their own people.

  • Hollie Roley
    • cbenoistd

      I didn’t know Playtex sponsored Christmas.

  • Hollie Roley

    There are 3 CHRISTMAS stamps. Go look.

    • yestradamous

      There are at least 9 for sale this year out of 12 on the first page.

  • BowenG

    see no crosses. Kwanza was invented by the Maulana Ron Karnega after he
    got out of jail for sticking a garden hose up a young girl’s butt. He
    found a broken Menorah and came up with some things that he’d been
    trying to get people to believe in as a leader of a black power
    revolutionary group called US — United Slaves. Chanukah wasn’t really
    that important until Christmas exploded as something more than Church
    and family dinners after Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. I see no
    crosses, and no reference for the reason for the season. And the
    observation that there’s a war on Christmas started long before Sarah

  • cec

    So the problem is that Christmas has too many symbols and the post office chose the wrong one THIS YEAR? There have been Christmas themed stamps every year since the beginning of specialty stamp releases. The manger has been done! There are three designs depicting baby jesus and his mom/family available RIGHT NOW!!! RELAX Christmas vigilantes. You are wrecking your own best thing for yourselves and the rest of us are just laughing at you.

  • carol snyder

    personally I don’t care if they do ban me so I’ll say it. This is f”n bullshit.

  • Anthony Lee

    There are at least 3 different stamps available at with the word “Christmas” on them. Two depict the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus; the other, the three wise men.

    • Berferd

      Then one of those should have been part of this display. And, seriously, everyone, even blacks, realize Kwansaa is not a legitimate holiday, but fabricated in 1966 by Ronald McKinley Everett, AKA Maulana Karenga during that whole black-power movement when dashikis were pushed to replace the white-european suit coats, etc.

  • Bl4ckConserv

    WTF? Kwanzahh? Who celebrates that holiday? Seriously Christmas should always be celebrated in this country.

  • ahnacapri

    kwanzee IS NOT A HOLIDAY

  • Malagent

    Oh my, the Ron Paul Legionnaires and their Anonymous pals are out thick tonight on this one.

  • Marta Tankersley

    They have a religious Christmas stamp this year too, they just prefer the secular one in their branding efforts. Tisk tisk.

  • Dang It Bobby

    Since I may not see you all next month: Have A Merry Christmas!

  • Jeff Pope

    I don’t understand what is wromng with Christmas? There’s the religious and secular versions or the blend of the two-why is it even an issue? I’m so glad I grew up when I did and feel sorry for young people today being cheated out of everything due to PC BS and “progressive” measures etc. WTF is kwanza but some made up holiday as a sop to a small segment of the black population.

  • Linda Parrish

    They do have the Mary & Jesus stamp. But I got the flyer today also. No Santa stamps this year either (yet). I requested some to send out my Santa letters to the grandkids, like I do every year. NONE!!!

  • republican122

    what happened to those beautiful Christmas stamps with Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus and Nativity scene or other nice Christmas visions. these are not Christmas these are made up holidays from some college professor and well a man who said he was a prohfet and for goodness sake a gingerbread house, could of least placed a Christmas tree in the stamp.

  • republican122

    listen American citizens oung and old get into your children grandchildren schools there is what called common core and that is teaching all kinds of un-American crap. if ou want the America we grew up in for our future generations contact school boards raise hell and contact congress get this common core out of our schools and don’t let anyone fool you that it just wonderful it is not. educate yourself .

  • George Taylor

    The stamps for Thanksgiving next year have Walmart, Kmart and Sears on them.

  • Jennifer Baugher Recktenwald

    I checked on their website. A holy family stamp was number 3 right after gingerbread houses, and poinsettias. Other religious holidays came after. Not too worried, since it was probably some stupid PC ad campaign that sent out the fliers. At least the actual company and website remember Christmas!

  • Sammie Jo

    How absolutely ridiculous!
    Merry gingerbread! LOL

  • rochesternative

    Thinking my Christmas cards would be electronic this year…

  • rightthink

    I am just so glad that america is so tolerant of all religions except the one that made it tolerant for all religions. Now christians have nowhere to stand and even the govt. is against us. good luck without us you will soon be just another 3rd world country cannibalizing everything and everyone.

  • Scarlet Letter A

    This has to be one of the most overprivileged posts I have ever seen. There are multiple Christian stamps readily available for purchase.

    Think about what you’re implying here. Your idea of oppression is that an ad for stamps with finite space did not include a Jesus stamp as one of its few examples.

    If you honestly stand by that statement, you have a persecution complex the size of Jupiter, your Christian privilege has you absolutely blinded to the experiences of anyone but people like you, and you have no idea what goes on in the world with respect to legitimate oppression.

    Oh, PS- USPS has, for some reason, dignified this asinine complaint with a response. They said they were featuring the three new ones that had just come out. The Christian ones were already available. So if your sense of entitlement helps you sleep at night, take solace in the fact that you were first in getting what you wanted before all those icky, evil minority groups.

    • Berferd

      Not a “Jesus stamp,” but simply one that balanced the others by reading “Christmas.” A lot of effort goes into producing these flyers and an “oversight” like can reasonably be considered intentional.

  • Orion Twist

    I’m more concerned with why the word “FOREVER” in the USA FOREVER are crossed out in all three?

    • yestradamous

      It’s so someone can’t cut them out of the flyer and glue them to an envelope and try to use them as postage……..

  • Sensii Miller

    You know, I was reading the Bible. I read about the point where Herod was being praised by the masses and he thought himself to be God. The next thing you know, he’s being eaten by worms. I can think of someone who deserves as much.

  • Claudia Cunningham

    It’s ok because Dec. 25 is not the birthday of Christ anyway. It was the conception . HE was born in September. If your interested do some research and you’ll see.

  • BoltUp

    Good grief. They could have at least given us one with a Festivus pole.

  • Model Citizen
  • angela

    Everything has to be such a conspiracy with the self-righteous group. If you don’t like the Kwanzaa or Hanukkah stamps, don’t buy them. Picking on the Gingerbread stamp only says to a lot of people of European descent that their traditions do not matter. Not everyone is uber religious, so complaining about the fact that the naked infant did not make it on the cover of the USPS flyer, just says that only certain symbols of the holiday should be accepted by all. The poinsettia, for example is a tropical plant, but people associate it with Christmas. Who is anyone to tell them not to buy that stamp?

    • pearl87

      So why are you reading all this “conspiracy” and making your unwelcome, ignorant comments?

  • Keith Panco

    I haven’t bought stamps in a year. When I really don’t absolutely need something to get there, and don’t need tracking updates, and don’t mind if it gets damaged, I use the USPS.

  • Midwestmike

    Here is the solution. Send electronic Christmas Cards.

  • me

    A teacher at my son’s school told me that last year all the teachers were told that they were not to put any Christmas decorations in their classrooms–they were not even to use the colors red and green in the classroom during the month of December.

  • George Murrey

    Why should this be a surprise? This is the PC crap from our gov’t,all the way to the top. Christians will always be persecuted as long as we have a gov’t that won’t give time and credence to them.

    • Stella Mack

      9 of the 16 stamps on the USPS website are Christmas themed. 2 of those Christmas ones have religious icons. There is no controversy here.

      • pearl87

        You need to join the Army for full combat duty. That’s another thing that is completely without controversy, n’est ce pas?

  • Stella Mack

    If you actually visit the US Postal service website, they have quite a
    collection of religious themed stamps for Christmas. Took me all of 2
    seconds to see for myself. (Like this one below, called “Holy Family”
    that features Joseph leading a camel with Mary and the baby Jesus
    through the dessert, with the word CHRISTMAS boldly printed across the

    • pearl87

      You totally missed the point here. I don’t doubt it’s deliberate.

  • Stella Mack

    Another great USPS stamp: “Virgin and Child” by Jan Gossaert, featuring the blessed mother with baby Jesus

  • Kathy McElroy
  • Mike Mayer

    I cannot believe the nasty flame war that a simple postage stamp can spark. GOOD JOB… WAY TO SUCK THE BEAUTY OUT OF SOMETHING SO SIMPLE. The haters in this group (BOTH SIDES from what I can see) have used a non-issue to spew their righteous (and often ignorant) indignation. What makes this stamp different is the fact that nearly everyone in this country will recognize it as Christmas. We do not need to be told what it is. The other two, might have been misconstrued and therefore needed to be labeled. If an icon is strong enough, there is no need for words.

    • pearl87

      You are ignorant and insulting and no one really needed your opinion. The fact that SOME Christians are starting to wake up to the reality of the campaign against their faith and God is very unsettling to you SELF-righteous liberals. You want Christians to be dumb and docile, but defending ourselves is automatically construed as hate. Well, no one can HATE like a liberal atheist.

  • scarlett

    I don’t recognize my country anymore.

  • Phillip McAllister

    Look. December means Christmas.

    Not “holiday.”

    And certainly, not “EID.”

    Christmas and Hanukkah traditionally fall respectively on the same days every year. But the month of December, even for Jews, means Christmas time as Hanukkah is not considered a “high” holiday and the popularity of celebrating Christmas—over Hanukkah—even among Jews, (particularly those in retail), cannot be overstated.

    Hanukkah is not a Sabbath day.

    Jews do not have to refrain from activities that are forbidden on that day.

    And Kwanzaa? Please.

    Kwanzaa is merely a facile political stunt manufactured outof whole cloth by an American black nationalist and ex-convict, Maulana Karenga (Ronald McKinley Everett), who teaches at California State University, LongBeach.


    Keep in mind that one of these two muslim holidays “celebrates” the fact that a murderously psychotic old man (Abraham) attempted to cut his son’s head off (Isaac or Ishmael depending upon whether or not you are in Riyadh or Tel Aviv) because God told him to do it.

    The “eid” is a movable holiday that will soon be moving well in to June and July, making it absolutely absurd to watch the US Post Office bend over backwards (and bend the calendar) in order to look politically correct as it attempts to “celebrate” this “holiday” alongside of Christmas.

    Every year it gets a little worse.

    These asshats don’t even realize that muslim holidays are MOVABLE. Ramadan just ended and yet the US Post Office is going to equate these muslim feast days of famine (Eid al-Fitr) and attempted murder (Eid al-Adha) with Christmas.

    Liberals. These people have hijacked a perfectly wonderful word that harkens back to the Enlightenment and all the work that was done to pull man’s mind, ever so gently, out its medieval mindset.

    Today, the “liberals” unfairly characterize those who (like me) are upset with this “eid” stamp sharing the stage with Christmas—and Hanukkah—as snarling, snake-handling, snaggle-toothed racists.

    Liberalism itself is a full-fledged religion. They have the Original Sin of slavery, a sacrament called Abortion, tithing in the form of High Taxes, and a Holy Redeemer (the man now in the White House).

  • Janice Grinstead

    I still have The Holy Family stamps from last year and I see the Madonna and Child stamp is still available.

  • Phillip McAllister

    It gets even worse. They make an “eid” stamp in the shape of a Christmas tree? What are these doofuses at the People’s Republic of the Post Office thinking? The point is, they are not . . .

    • angela

      How dare you in your post below try to define what December means to Jews? Hanukkah is not a sabbath day? No, idiot, it is not even 1 day. They do not have to refrain from activities…no, but there are traditions that may be important to their culture and religion, and how Christian of you to belittle them. As far as refraining from activities on such a holy day, why do so many “Christians” go to the movies on Christmas night? I know plenty that do. Self-righteous hypocrites.

    • pearl87

      They’re trying to fool people into buying them, if they don’t notice it’s an Al Quaida design.

  • John Gerhard

    Tis the season to watch USPS go bankrupt, fa la la la la, la la la la!

  • rhetorical1

    My post card just arrived. Such a sad time in this once great nation.

  • Allison McLaughlin

    Just so that everyone knows, the Post Office IS selling three different types of Christmas stamps: Holy Family, Virgin and Child, and Madonna of the Candelabra. All of which explicitly say “Christmas” on them. In comparison, there are 2 Hannukah stamps, 2 Kwanzaa stamps, 2 Eid stamps, and 6 holiday/secular stamps. Would it have been better to include either all 3 religious stamps or all 3 secular stamps on the mailer? Probably. Does that mean the government is trying to somehow stomp out Christianity? I sincerely doubt it.

    • pearl87

      You are a moron.

  • VeteranJack48

    There is a ‘great’ reason the Almighty stops blessing a country!

  • Sam

    the Christian stamps just didn’t end up in the flier. They have four or five different Christian stamps available this year.

  • Paul Roth

    ….and the rest of the world laughs at us. Interesting how Christmas and Muslim have been somehow stricken from our vocabulary by the King.

  • Karleen

    Why were only these posted. I physically went to post office. They had Mary holding Baby Jesus. Also check US Post Office website. There is a new 2013 religious stamp with the first family. Don’t like “phony outrage” for either party.

  • erikkinsley

    I am a Christian and think there is a “Bias” against Christianity from the higher ups, BUT, PLEASE stop spreading lies or spin, it weakens the actual argument against actual bias. This is a pamphlet to get customers. If you go to the USPS web site, there are SEVERAL good Christmas stamps you can buy. If you constantly scream fire every time you see smoke, then nobody will listen to you when it really counts. Just my two cents.

    • pearl87

      Your two cents are about .02 dollars short. The flyer said what it said, and omitted what it omitted. It isn’t spin, and it isn’t false. It’s time for Christians and Americans to become incensed about ALL the injustice, indignity, and insult hurled at us unceasingly by a hostile govt that robs us if our wealth, our rights, and our liberty. Nothing is too small to notice, and certainly not an intended snub of our faith. If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention.

  • BeauDCrab

    This situation was warned about in the Bible. If you’d read it, you’d know that.

  • LoudGuitr

    Bunch of whiners. STFU.

    • pearl87

      You first

      • LoudGuitr

        I’m not whining, Pearl. As far as I’m concerned, religion is poison. Christmas is fun in the same way Halloween is. No strings attached. Merry Christmas, Pearl.

  • Becky Hawthorne

    I think I love you like-minded people!
    I just received my USPS flyer in the mail today reminding me to purchase my ‘holiday’ stamps. I too noticed that something was missing and decided to check it out at the USPS site to see if they even bothered to design a CHRISTIAN stamp this year for this CHRISTIAN NATION.
    In all fairness, they did … I suppose it just wasn’t politically correct to send it in to every home across America … when after all … why promote the true reason for even celebrating Christmas when you can promote Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and as someone else previously and so appropriately stated the ‘holy day of gingerbread’.
    Well … here’s my solution … since the CHRISTIAN stamp showing the image of Joseph leading Mary into Bethlehem to ultimately give birth to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is a ‘FOREVER’ stamp … I am going to buy as many of these as I think I will need for quite some time and use them throughout the year on EVERYTHING!!!
    Ok … so it’s my small contribution for tonight while I stew :)

    • NPDeeDee

      Thanks for the idea! I’ll follow your lead.

  • Eric Sonntag

    Go out an check the USPS.COM website and you will see that there are no less than 10 DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS stamps, only two Hanukkah stamps and two EID stamps and two Kwanzaa stamps. The Christmas stamps include Santa and his sleigh, one of the Madonna, one of Mary and baby Jesus, one of Mary and Joseph following the star, an evergreen wreath, Christmas ornaments and then one of poinsettas.

  • John Wood

    So another industry attacks Christmas again. Next up will be a court fight just like what happened to Walmart.

  • TPM

    The USPS prints Hanukkah and Kwanzaa stamps, but not a Christmas stamp?
    How bad does this F’ing Pimp and his progressive followers hate Christians?

  • Joanne13

    I checked and see there are several reply’s to comments I’ve made about the stamps shown on the Post Office flyers. I didn’t read them all because of what I found out. It’s very true that the FIRST flyer we got (a colorful tri fold) had several stamps on the front, including at least 2 that said ‘Christmas’ on them. I thought it was the only flyer they’d sent out. I was wrong (oops) and we did receive the one pictured above (why more than one was necessary is a mystery to me though, especially since all we hear is how broke the Post Office is). So the article is right on and I can completely understand why anyone that received only that flyer would be VERY upset! Anyway, I just wanted to correct myself. I don’t like to put bad info out there, even if at the time it’s all the info I have. God Bless! :o)

  • Virginia Shaw Briguglio

    Now this is getting to silly…. Will not state how I really feel for fear of lifelong banning.

  • JDSoCal

    And I am supposed to feel sorry for USPS that it is sliding into irrelevancy?

  • ZyklonBee

    Bowing down to the Jews who own us. Let’s keep sending them $2,000,000.00 per day in tax payer money so they may continue to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

    • Joanne13

      Don’t know WHAT your comment has to do with this article. But I can tell you what scripture has to say about the Jewish nation…. “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you”. Those are Jehovah’s own words and scripture also says that ‘God is not a man that he should lie’. You might want to ease up on the condemnation of God’s chosen people… just sayin.

  • Dave Porta

    That really spells it out.