Triple-gigglesnort! Spotted at the USC-Stanford football game today: The best college sports trash-talk sign ever.

It’s real and it’s spectacular.

There’s a glimmer of hope yet for young Americans. Hallelujah!

Go USC! We can’t wait for next week.

  • rm1evo

    That is freaking hilarious. That guy gets it.

    • JeffyTheQuick

      Stanford just got PWND!

    • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Wearing your rivals jersey with a big Obama symbol on it will be the new rage in sports banter.

  • john

    love it all in good fun

  • happyscrapper

    This could get some serious traction. FILL IN THE BLANK supports obamacare. This can be used just about anywhere to insult your opponent!

    • ceemack

      “Your mama’s so dumb, she supports Obamacare.”

      • DeadlockVictim

        “Your momma’s so fat, but thanks to ObamaCare, she pays the same for insurance as a 20yo vegan triathlete.”

        • Dustin Bennett

          You got that backwards guy. The 20 year old vegan triathlete now pays the same rates as a morbidly obese 50 something.

        • JeffyTheQuick

          From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.

    • Katie Smith

      “Your Obamacare is so ugly, Elephant Man called and wants his face back.”

      • Daffy2009

        Your Obamacare is so ugly, Elephant Man said “thank God I don’t look like THAT”

    • Ray

      How would “[Fill in the blank] supports Republican Death Panels” look? College kids are so clever.

      • JeffyTheQuick

        Explain that, please. I don’t get it. I must not be so quick today.

        • Ray

          It’s kinda self-explanatory, Jeffy. If people want to make a contest out of this sign waving, you can imagine the indignation that can result when the tables get turned BACK on someone who starts such a contest. I think the example I make is rather mild. College kids who support the ACA can be just as brutal with signs.

          • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

            That would be like a US Representative on the floor of the House holding up a sign that Republicans wanted sick people to “Die Quickly.” But that would never happen, such people would never be so “brutal with signs” . . . oh, wait . . . that is exactly what Rep. Alan Grayson did.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            But the so-called “death panels” in the ACA will be a necessity, since there is only so much money to go around.
            If there is $1,000,000 in a pool, and there are 26 people that need a $40,000 procedure to live, who dies? Who decides who lives or dies?
            OK, you may argue that an insurance company does the same thing, and that may be so, but their actuarial tables are set up so people that are prone to conditions (like me, I’m type I diabetic) pay more for health insurance. I get it. I’m a higher cost and risk to the insurance company. I should pay more.
            But then again, the end game is single payer, and these intentional idiots are bungling things so much that I hear those on the far left calling for it. Here is the problem with Single Payer:
            There is only one place to get medical services. A government doctor.
            As pResident “I don’t know sh!t about anything wrong in my administration” has shown, he will cause others pain. Take a look at the shutdown, and how more was spent putting up Barrycades than the police force that is in the National Mall on a normal day.
            Back to the argument: In the insurance system of late vs. single payer, you can simply pay for treatment. If there is that $40,000 procedure, and your insurance company turns you down, now, you can call on your own finances (you so save for emergencies, right?) family, friends, church, community, or heck, even the Internet for help.
            With single payer, you get denied, you die.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Not really self explanatory, as humor requires truth, then a twist on it to be funny. Your example is a tenuous trail to follow.
            With the two examples, “Stanford supports ObamaCare” and “USC supports Republican Death Panels”, the former is likening someone that supports ObamaCare, which is a cluster(insert noun) that is:
            1. Not working. The $650M website doesn’t work.
            2. Costs more.
            3. Was based on a lie, repeated at least 29 times by the President.
            so, supporting it is essentially calling someone a fool, akin to naming a pleasure cruise line, “Titanic Cruise Lines” or a restaurant “Jeffery Dahmer’s Eatery”.
            Your example requires one to dissect your condition and then, for some reason, assign it to Republicans. While they may get there, it’s not really that witty or funny, because the link is shaky, at best. Not forcing someone to do something isn’t the same as not doing that something. So, if an insurance company doesn’t want to take people with type-1 diabetes (like I have), or they charge them for the risk of covering them, that’s on them, not a political party.

          • F the Left

            Perfect! You schooled that lib.

        • cardnut

          Ray is not so quick, Jeffy!

      • Owen_Kellogg

        The problem with your analogy is that it was the Democrats who gave us death panels – not the Republicans. Nice try though.

        • Ray

          You do see the problem, then. Do you think ACA supporters share the view that there is such thing as a death panel in the ACA? I’m a conservative. I don’t know of any such thing as a death panel in the ACA, so I think it would put the opposition back on their heels to have a death panel rubbed in their nose.

          • Owen_Kellogg

            You can find them on page 30 of the Unaffordable Healthcare Act. Of course you would actually have to read the bill to learn that. Unfortunately, the likelihood of you having actually read it before offering your ignorant comment is equal to the likelihood of you really being a conservative.

          • dittoheadadt

            The problem is your analogy. The USC sign works because there really IS something called “Obamacare.” The humor works because, as is necessary for humor, there’s an element of truth to it.

            There is no such thing as a “Republican Death Panel,” so your sign would only elicit shrugs and questions. “Huh?” would be the reaction. “What Republican Death Panels, and who ever said there were any?”

            NO one is saying “Huh, what’s Obamacare?”

          • Ray

            Truthy. Good. Truthy is sufficient for humor. That’s what the idea of death panels has going for it, as well. I’m just reminded up-tread that there definitely is death panel language in the ACA. It’s odd. The very significantly conservative outfit called Politifacts named the death panels claim as their Lie Of the Year in 2009 because Gov. Palin’s claim was that a panel decided who would or wouldn’t qualify for care when the easily readable language of the bill show it was where doctors help people make end of life decisions. But barring people with pre-existing conditions from coverage is a real death panel. I’m in a unique position to know that since I’ve been barred for nearly two decades. I’ve been trying to hang on until I qualify for Medicare. My spouse is in hospice care right now and I’m the caregiver 24/7. We went though that counseling with a social worker instead of a doctor. So, end of life counseling versus being denied coverage? Which approaches a death panel scenario more?

          • dittoheadadt

            “PolitiFact?” That’s your appeal to authority??

            They’re the folks who fact-checked a Saturday Night Live skit!

            The skit was critical of Obambi’s broken promises, and PolitiFact took it upon themselves to fact-check it. THAT’S how much integrity and credibility they’ve got.

            When you can find evidence that they’ve fact-checked SNL skits critical of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or Sarah Palin, get back to me and I’ll withdraw my bemusement over your citing PolitiFact as some kind of “fact” authority.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            The very significantly conservative outfit called Politifacts

            Ok, now we *KNOW* you’re just a Moby, trolling us.

          • Daniel Thom

            Question: “Do you think ACA supporters share the view that there is such thing as a death panel in the ACA?”

            Answer: “I don’t know of any such thing as a death panel in the ACA”

            Therefore we conclude: You must be an “ACA supporter” because you admit you DON’T share that view (“I don’t know of any such thing…).

            Consequently your claim, “I’m a conservative” must be false because you strictly implied you’re an ‘ACA supporter’; yet you ~merely claim~ yourself a conservative without expressing any substantial so-called ‘conservative views’ in any of your statements expressing your political opinions/beliefs. You must think we’re idiots to believe such thinly veiled deception. You’re a liar. You’re a bad liar. You’re an obvious liar. Why are you lying so much? What could possibly motivate you to be so dishonest in misrepresenting yourself??? Why don’t you just try to defend your beliefs without using ANY deception??? People can have wrongful beliefs but sincerely believe what you believe… but the use of deception to justify your beliefs makes it evident that you don’t sincerely believe what you claim to believe; And that is the undeniable truth.

          • plaingolf

            I’m guessing that you live in a Medicare protected ivory tower. Maybe even a government workers pension?

          • Ray

            Missed. Start with a doublewide mobile home and look at my picture. It’s five years old. Then think: self-employed. Go ahead, It could be fun. :-)

          • thetreyman
      • dhl55

        If your pic is any indication of your age Ray, YOU better be aware of the death panel in ACA!!

        • Ray

          Your picture seems to have met with a disaster of its own. I’m 60. My picture is five years old. I had a mood swing and shaved the mustache. I usually post a disclaimer saying that I only use flattering photos as my avatar but who am I kidding. At my age I’m lucky if I don’t scare small children and dogs. The group here on Twitchy looks pretty young to me but who knows. So many people don’t use their actual name and photo on line, you never know if it’s a 16 year old kid or an octogenarian you’re speaking to. They often sound the same.

          • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

            I’m very sorry about your wife. I admire you for taking care of her yourself – I know it is an exhausting job.

      • BigSky1970

        Wouldn’t make any sense, but then again you’re a lying Liberal.

        • Ray

          I’ve already been asked to submit to a conservatism literacy test to prove my bonafieds. It’s sort of humbling after having voted for every single Republican president since Nixon. Not that anyone’s vote is the true indicator. It’s more a matter of the values that guide a person, the politics that make sense and the understanding that the word “conservative” refers to a tendency to “conserve, or save for the day of need.” I have a fair education in all of that and I can contrast it with a conservative is **not**. But I doubt that matters to anyone whose web presence is known for the number of people he calls liberal, or less kind monikers. One great mark of a conservative is that he knows what he doesn’t know. You seem to have missed that particular lesson and your comment is the evidence.

      • plaingolf

        It would be kind of like jumping on the pile after the pile got up and into the huddle.

    • cardnut

      I think that ” USC Supports Obamacare” is every bit as valid!

  • alostjunkie

    haaaahaaa, love the last tweet!

  • Benjamin Dover

    I just became a USC Fan

    • Ray

      USC Supports Republican Death Panels.

      Fight on!

      • whiteyb

        Damn son you are such a failure.

        But I’m sure you feel that you are making a relevant analogy. You’re not.

      • Michael Rice

        Ray supports stupidity and ignorance. Fight on.

      • Owen_Kellogg

        Don’t you mean ‘Democrat’ death panels? After all, it was Democrats that put them in the bill.

      • joeyaknow

        You’re a troll, and in the top ten of all time for most ignorant post. You fail so hard.

      • aimeedee

        Ray, you are either very dense or lack a sense of humor. Your retort makes no sense because it isn’t funny. Obamacare is a joke. Got it? This isn’t about a student engaging in a political debate. It is about Obamacare being so universally inept that is has become a form of trash talk. Supporting Obamacare ranks right up there with “David Shaw Bowls With Bumpers” , “Hogan Drinks Appletinis”, “David Shaw Read Fifty Shades of Gray”

    • aimeedee

      fight on!

  • Master Chief

    How do you know it wasn’t a serious Stanford fan????

    • jody

      usc colors

      • Andy from Beaverton

        A false flag? The start of a new revolution?

      • Master Chief

        not my point

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Very good point.

    • SenLeeComs

      The other side of the sign was something like “USC supports Coach Orgeron”

    • Claire Garcia

      Because, on the other side of the same sign, it read “USC Supports (insert USC coach’s name here–I don’t remember it!)” Something like Olgeron??

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If we were talking about UC at Berkeley, it wouldn’t be taken as an insult.
    The UC fans themselves would probably display that placard!

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Which would, by the way, belie their rep as the “smart kids”; in every large metropolitan area/highly-populated region of a state, there’s always a rich kids/smart kids college joke– in the Bay Area, the joke is, rich kids go to Stanford and smart kids go to UC.

  • trixiewoobeans

    When you’ve lost the college crowd….wah wah wah!

  • MichaelKennedy

    SC has always had the best signs. A few years ago, a bunch of SC kids were carrying a sign that said SC freshmen had higher SAT scores than Cal freshmen. That was before the SC-Cal game. A lefty young woman we know got enraged and was following the kids demanding to know where their information came from. That was funnier than the sign.

    • jody

      there is no sense of humor in Berkeley, going way back

      • trixiewoobeans

        Pompous pains-in-the-ass.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Or in the spirit of Spiro Agnew, the posterior pains of pomposity…

      • Claire Garcia

        Exactly. Their Birkenstocks are too tight.

  • Storm Trooper

    That last part about Standford runs like I am still rolling, lmao.

  • FaithColeridge33

    I shouldn’t be laughing this hard at a football sign. Boy, I guess sometimes it really is the little things that get you through.

  • ron

    I have just become a USC fan!!!

  • Jack Deth

    Obamacare Signs. The new “Yo Momma is so…..”

    • MNWoman

      You know, I think “your momma is so dumb, she voted for Obama for president twice” would be the ultimate insult.

      (Or she voted for Obama for president more 10 times might be more accurate in some cases 😉 )

    • StotheOB


      Maybe The Pharcyde will need to update their classic with this new ultimate dis

  • Jim Denney

    The new spelling of schadenfreude is Obamacare … who knew?

  • Carolyn Kellenberger Shank

    We saw it right away and started laughing and feeling hopeful, still not cheering for USC because I am an ND fan :)

    • TexCassidy

      Also an Irish fan. But beating SC 2 years in a row and this Gameday Sign is warming the cockles a bit toward Troy.

  • carolina mama

    Where is Jeff Foxworthy when you need him? Obamacare as the new “Here’s your sign”. We could do # with this one.

    • MNWoman

      That is actually Bill Engvall who does the here’s your sign 😉

    • IPreferTeaOverKoolAid

      Jeff Foxworthy does, “You might be a redneck if…” And I don’t know of any redneck who would vote for 0bama. 😉

    • Claire Garcia

      Foxworthy could work. “You know you’re a redneck when Obamacare……”.

    • twolaneflash

      If you’re a 3rd generation welfare recipient, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.
      If the number of your children’s fathers exceeds the grade you completed in Government school, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.
      If someone says “Oh, snap!” and you whip out your SNAP card, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.
      If you’ve never paid a copay, an insurance premium, or had to meet an out-of-pocket minimum, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.
      If you hope and believe you are going to get something for nothing, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.
      If you are someone I would put in front of a Death Panel, you might be an ObamaCare supporter.

  • ew_3

    Sick of hearing the term “Obamacare”
    “Zerocare” would be so much more accurate.

    • ObamaFail

      I’ve been calling it FailureCare

    • Zach Smith

      Commiecare is good. How ’bout Obama(don’t)care?

    • JeffyTheQuick

      Actually, ObamaCare is perfect. It is an utter failure of the Progressives’ dream and it has his name all over it.
      He bought it.
      He owns it.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Oh, snap! In the words of Strong Bad, “That’s some never-forgive action right there!'”

  • dralfredbellows

    Funny, but not the best “background” sign ever at Game Day. See this gem from the wayback machine:


    Wondering if Obamacare reps paid him enough to buy a hot dog?

  • MNWoman

    There are insults and there are epic smackdowns. This is an epic smackdown.

    LOVE IT! I really couldn’t care less about the USC/Stanford game, but I guess I will cheer for USC for this one :)

  • mkreider

    not all students are kool aid drinkers. Some actually think about what is happening in this country and not just what is happening on campus.

  • radicallyalyssa

    I think it’s because of my own ignorance, but how do we know that this is a troll sign and not a legitimate sign? Again, excuse my ignorance if it’s obvious!

    • Hard Truth

      Well, one can’t be completely certain, but the fact that Gameday was at USC, and the other side of the sign read: “USC supports Coach Orgeron” (Orgeron is the interim head coach of the USC Trojans football team), I think it is a safe opinion 😉

      • radicallyalyssa

        Oh gosh, I totally missed that! HAHA thank you so much!

        This is very delayed, but that’s hilarious!

  • Guest

    Stanford supports failure. I guarantee none of them losers signed up for the Obamacare exchange.

  • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

    I might just have to start cheering for USC now…

  • Hard Truth

    Lol yeah I saw that this morning while watching the show. Needless to say, had a really good chuckle over it. Well done to the creative student.

  • geronl

    Cruellest trash-talking ever!

  • BoscoBolt


  • mapache

    Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins Supports Obamacare

    • elchucko

      Who cares. 😉

  • HanaFiveO

    Im surprised, USC has gotten very progressive over the years. There is hope.

    • FightON

      Unfortunately they have. You should have heard the fence debacle last year. Plus, we’ve been in the news twice for liberal professors behaving badly. Though, I did have some pretty strong conservative professors whilst there.

      Remember, UCLA’s crack on USC is: University of Spoiled Children or U$C. A lot of rich kids, typically from more conservative families, so I don’t think USC will ever reach Berkeley levels of liberalism. Neither will Stanford though – they still house Sowell.

  • Judi Anne Hood

    Rock it USC you own this one. WTG

  • disqus_kfee

    Of course the pukes at Stanford support Obama care. They’re parents can afford it. Go Trojans lay an epic beating on these posers.

  • alldemsrloony

    Kazoo-Playing Liberal College Spazzes, they buy into any propaganda that their Reefer-Smoking,Bearded, Birkenstock Sandal wearing, Hippie Draft-Card Burning 60’s Anti-America Professors Blow up their Asses, LOL ! The UN-Affordable-Care Act. Yeah, it’s REALLY helpin Americans, isn’t it, little College-Commie-Kiddies…..



  • Scorpion

    Stanford being bullied by USC fans. A new Bob Costas rant in the making. LOL

  • wuzaz

    Years ago when there used to be card sections in the student stands and they would do huge, sometimes moving, timed reveals, UCLA was famous for their script “UCLA” which was revealed a letter at a time like it was being written. This was pre computer and involved huge numbers of students in the planning of the stunts during the football season. A very deep underground pack of SC students infiltrated the planning group and, you guessed it, the stunt started with an F. Classic.

  • BAW

    Never been a big fan of USC (its a Notre Dame thing, and the cheating thing) but always knew some decent people who went to USC. Confirmation and new respect is always pleasant.

  • s rider


  • Art_Fold

    Ohhhhhh… now that’s just mean. I LIKE IT!

  • Kaya Hund

    Why do those students care? They’ll be jobless, living in their parents’ basement, and on their parents’ insurance plan until they’re 27.

    • Kaya Hund

      Hey — check out the picture — I think Valerie Jarrett is holding up the sign.

  • FightON

    USC is known for having great gameday signs (see:

  • BigSky1970

    Some fan at the Minnesota Gophers hockey game last weekend held up a sign that said “Minnesota Supports Obamacare”.

  • Shane Castille

    Last week’s sign ” Les Miles created” was better.

  • StotheOB

    When your “signature achievement” becomes a grade school taunt, you know you’re f*ed…

    Love it!

  • Floyd Meriweather

    damn, that’s a rivalry

  • Billy Bob

    It must have worked as USC just beat Stanford 20 to 17.

  • Julie the Jarhead

    “Yankees support Obamacare.” #GoRedSox

  • Joe Hager

    The Philadelphia Eagles love Obamacare!

  • DCinAZ

    Not a surprise. USC isn’t a liberal school and never really has been. It’s anti-Berkely if anything. Radically pro business, pro free markets, and pro entrepreneur.