The latest “Funny or Die” skit starring Olivia Wilde piles on the Obamacare propaganda with a game called “Obamacare or Shut Up.” The host reads a set of “facts” about the federal health care disaster to Olivia Wilde (who cheers each talking point with “Obamacare!”), mixed in with extraneous Hollywood gossip and fluff (to which she responds “Shut up.”)

We are amazed at how these two Obamacare tools keep straight faces at 1:21 in the video, when host Billy Eichner reads the straight-from-Washington fantasyland claim that “You can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes.”

Shut. Up. No, really. Shut up. Has Hollywood not heard the news yet? The Obamacare exchange websites are a national joke. Even Jon Stewart gets it. They were dysfunctional the very first day that all of Tinseltown was pimping them. The new online “waiting rooms” haven’t helped. And the feds now acknowledge that waiting times might be so long and interminable that potential customers should just give up and register, um, telephonically (to borrow an archaic Harry Reid-ism).

Wilde and Eichner’s disconnect with reality eerily echoes the Spite House. It’s almost like “Funny or Die” is working in cahoots with the Obama administration to lie about Obamacare.

Oh, wait. They are!


  • Jake Wilde

    She really is stupid isn’t she?

    • therantinggeek

      Definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed…

      • Jake Wilde

        Oh hell! This is a made up nick no relation!

        • therantinggeek

          I was about to say, if she’s related to you then you have my most sincere condolences. But since she isn’t, I have some more LARTs you can fling in Olivia’s direction. 😉

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      From what I am seeing in the article – yes.

    • nickdqwk

      Yes! Yes! They are!

    • ObamaFail

      Like most beautiful actresses, all beauty, no brains.

    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      I won’t see anything with her in it. She’s just a tool.

    • Melissa Royal Marhatta

      She was 13 on House…. unlucky right?!?

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Billy, you used the wrong pronoun. It should have been “Olivia Wilde and me”, not I. Would you say “Watch Olivia Wilde play….”? Yes. Would you say “Watch I play….”? Certainly not. Would you say “Watch me play….”? Yes. So, when put back together to make one sentence, it’s “Watch Olivia Wilde and me play….”

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    You can sign up for Obamacare in 10 minutes…in Bizarro World!

    • snowleopard (the true one)

      That is what I was wondering about, which dimension is she from? Is it the same one that is home to Pelosi and Reid?

      If so, is there any way we can open the door in the other direction and send them all back home?

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    What makes Olivia Wilde?

    • therantinggeek

      One too many jokers in the deck. #mytwocents

    • Melissa Royal Marhatta


  • angusparvo

    Who the hell is Billy Eichner?

  • Maxx

    The fact that this law has become a national punchline is the biggest joke of all.

    He’s had five years to bring a nationwide unemployment rate below 7% and he isn’t even close, so what on earth made anyone think he could retool the world’s finest health care system?

    Like Rush said yesterday, when Bush was polling at 37%, the media said he had lost his presidency. Now that Barrycade is polling at the same number, it’s tumble weed blowing through the newsrooms of America. Not a peep.

    Congrats libs. You broke it, now buy it…

    …assuming you can even log in.

    As for Olivia, good thing she has the eyes because she sure as hell doesn’t have the brains.

    • Kate

      It must get harder and harder every week to be an Obama cheerleader journalist.

      • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

        No, they get a full frontal lobotomy when they sign their souls over to the progressive fascists. It makes them easier to manage.

    • rssllue

      Maybe they thought the retool would work because the architect of it is one of the biggest ones we have ever encountered.

  • seemorejustice

    Next, have Olivia sign up to Obamacare In 10 minutes. If not, she’s no longer able to tout ACA and has 2 SHUT UP

  • Erik Bartlam

    Dumb as a bag of hammers.

    • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

      As a hand tool wood worker, my hammers are offended, and my mallets feel left out. The hammers do agree that she is probably smarter than just one hammer alone, but all of them in a bag … not so much.

  • DeathTOU863

    Dammit!!! I liked her and her hotness… Clearly that has changed…

    • GheeML

      Yep, she lost me as a fan as well. Reading her tweets you can see she is also on the ‘change the Redskins name to something less racist’ bandwagon as well. Dolt.

      • Hiraghm

        I’m on the same bandwagon…

        I say change it to “Washington Rednecks” to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the racist jerks who feign offense at “Redskins”.

        • ripper58 ✓Stupified

          “the onion” said they did change it…to the D.C. REDSKINS

        • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

          How about the Washington Foreskins, it seems to be relevant to the locality.

    • Yeah I Said It

      Hotness? Not getting that!

      • DeathTOU863

        She’s fine as hell was my point..

  • CzarOfTruth

    Olivia, what is the difference between a Big Mac and a BJ? “Oh I don’t know” That’s when I asked her out on a date!

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Isn’t that what Billy Jeff Clinton asked Monica about pizza?

  • Kevin

    New NY Post headline “Ridiculously Wilde claim about Obamacare”

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s not an ‘ironical’ parody?

  • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

    I had to stop at “Preventative care is free.”

    How precious. Two apparent adults that still think there are “free” things in life.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      There’s a lot more where they came from. Unfortunately.

  • JR48

    I got halfway through this video, thought ‘shut up’ and turned it off.

  • marcellucci

    I blame the Teletubbies……the young don’t stand a chance……

  • Marvin Nelson

    That was both hilarious and disgusting. Haven’t seen any bigger shills than those two. For most of us, the Dr. Oz mug is as close as we’ll get to a doctor. Thanks for nothing, morons.

  • Leslie Ward

    I hate the ‘free’ tag on most everything (but Ocare, entitlements (a ‘learn the internet’ at the Public library is big here) and even contests – the proper tag should be – At No Cost to You – because nothing is free in this world anymore. With the EPA – even breathing has begun to cost us all.

    • conservativemomma

      Great point! I need to remember to say that every time someones says something is free.

      • TexasMom2012

        Need to remember to remind them that someone else is paying for their ‘free stuff’ against their will. It is extortion.

  • BigTBoom

    Idiocracy…here we come!

    • Hiraghm

      “The Marching Morons”.

      Kinda preceded “Idiocracy”.

    • itsatax

      Next on Funny or Disinformation: Obamacare or Beef Supreme will kick your ass! – (brought to you by Carl’s Jr)

  • Andy Rigo ✓ᵗᵉʳʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    As a UX designer, I know you have about 5 seconds to pull people into your web page, or they’ll just keep clicking. Any process that takes longer than minute is death to a Web site.

  • ErikandKathy Muller


  • Andy from Beaverton

    Olivia Wilde shut up!

  • Big Ed

    “You can sign up in 10 minutes!!!”… Obamacare!… nope you lose

  • Joe W.

    Tough times in Barkyland these days……….

    • Rulz


  • keyboard jockey


  • AmericanMom

    Actor Kal Penn (who quit the House series to join Obama) and Olivia Wilde, are both committed ex-House-alumni. Was being a pandering liberal Obamabot the key to getting those jobs? The show also featured Mooch’s “Let’s Move” agenda via a cast member, which was the point of no return for my viewing.

    • Kickass Conservative

      So the storyline turning to crap and the whole forcing of HouseandCuddy didn’t seal the deal for you? :-)

    • Hiraghm

      Edi Gathegi went on to play Eddie Willers in “Atlas Shrugged part 1” 😀

  • canb0nly1

    I made it 56 seconds out of the 90. Can I get that part of my life back please?

  • salvagesalvage

    Are you guys sure that the GOP and Tea Party are winning this thing? All the polls say otherwise.

    Of course those same polls said that Romney wasn’t going to beat Obama in the last election so what do they know?

    • AmericanMom

      There is no “winning” under Obama or the RINO republicans. If you gave a rat’s rump about the financial stability of America, you’d know that.

    • ObamaFail

      Only 7% of people think Obamacare is going great according to liberal shill site the Associated Press. We’re going to win the Obamacare fight eventually, and what’s going to turn the tide is when you libs start rioting (oops, I mean “protesting peacefully) because of how much you’re going to pay. I don’t know what polls you’re looking at, but only the dumbest of the dumb still believes any of the lies the Dems are saying about Obamacare.

    • Yeah I Said It

      Is that the same poll that says Obammy’s approval is at 37 percent?

      • salvagesalvage

        Nope, it’s the polls that say the GOP is wrong on Obamacare and the shutdown.

        • Hiraghm

          The GOP isn’t wrong about Obamacare or the shutdown… they may be wrong about how the dumbed-down citizenry (thanks to your progressive allies) perceived Obamacare and the shutdown… but the truth is not a matter of a popularity contest.

          • salvagesalvage

            Ha! Ha! Yes! It’s always them that are wrong and never you.

            It’s a wingnut rule.

          • ObamaFail

            Seeing as how you libs think Obamacare is awesome when it’s already a proven joke means that libs ARE wrong about Obamacare. Sorry that you are still in fantasy land, but reality will hit you sometime after Jan. 1

        • ObamaFail

          Seeing as how the Dems shut down the government to save Obamacare, I’d say you’re looking at the wrong sites my friend. And only fringe left sites have polls showing that the GOP are wrong on Obamacare. Everyone else is showing the majority thinking Obamacare is already a mess.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    Ironic, since Obamacare is basically register AND die


    Just created an account to see. No verification email after 10 minutes.

    I’ve had this email for 13 years, so I know it’s correct

    They still can’t get their crap together

  • anjullyn

    Can’t someone Barrycade these people?

  • CO2 Producer

    Funny or Die Regierung bilde keine Speichellecker aus schreien, Achtung!


    Still don’t have the verification email.

    Not in my spam folder either

    We’re now at 20 minutes

  • des111168

    We knew that Funny or Die was usually Die. We didn’t know that they were whoring themselves out for Barack Obama. Well, now we know. Everyone must serve the God King, I guesss.

    • SJ’s Dad

      . . . or Die!

  • conservativemomma

    Have you ever watched a video and you are so embarrassed for the people that you literally have to turn it off?

  • 無茶苦茶

    You’d think they would be dizzy after all that spinning…

  • lazypadawan

    College Humor is so much better anyway.

    • TexasMom2012

      Boys potty humor in grade school is much more funny…

  • redheadgrl

    Is this a parody, or are they being for real?

    • Ntr

      They’re being for real.

  • ounceoflogic

    How is this video funny? or poignant? or relevant in any way?

  • JBDestiny

    The people who work in the TV/film industry who need get their health insurance through the exchanges are the ones who are generally ignored by the Olivia Wildes of the business.

  • AdmiralXizor

    What a dim bulb.

  • jukin

    You can sign up in ten minutes for cACA Obama HellCare and the web site cost it’s original $90 million.

    I think we all know that the web site did not cost $680 million and that a good $500 million got laundered back to the evil and criminal democrat party.

  • CrustyB

    Olivia Wilde has always been blank as a fart.

  • Ruth

    Someone should ask her if it took her 10 minutes to sign up.

  • Donya Lola

    Wow, my dog is smarter than Olivia. Tell her to put down the crack pipe for a change.

  • Idl

    I enjoy Twitchy very much….every day they come up with four of five people I’ve never, ever heard of and tell me they’re famous. Who the heck is Olivia Wilde? Funny or Die? From what I’ve heard ….not that funny. How is it funny to be a political shill?

  • Yeah I Said It

    So… now they have to die, right? That’s the way it works.


    Well, here it is hours later, and still no verification email.

    I doubt it will come at all.

    But this bee yotch just preaches the word of the dictator, without seeing for herself

  • ObamaFail

    It takes a special kind of stupid to believe this. I wonder how many libs watched this and then eagerly went to just to find out that it’s still the same joke it was last week?

    • therantinggeek

      I’m sure that if you look in a dictionary under the definition of “insanity”, you’d see some of their pictures as a visual example. #mytwocents

  • Stephanie Warren


  • therantinggeek

    Hmm. I’ve noticed that a certain spammer had her comments deleted. All three times, nonetheless. Not that I’ll call her out by name, she knows who she is. So, in honor of her failed posts, I’m going to make an NFL analogy, so here goes…

    Way to force yourself into a three-and-out, Sparky. /golfclap

  • JamesMc

    How’s the rules at “Funny or Die” work? If I gave Olivia Wilde a pity laugh because she’s attractive, do they still kill the obnoxious interviewer or is it a package deal?

  • Shepherd Lover

    So much hotness, yet so much cold, empty space between her ears. Was really enjoying watching her character in Tron:Legacy until it occurred to me that it was OW(no S). Got really boring, right after that.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Even if you were to get somehow able to get through, signing up for ObamaCare is like the Blind Date From Hell: You think you’re going to have a nice time, maybe even a future with this guy, but he slips you a roofie, date rapes you, and leaves you with an STD.

    Think about it. Don’t put your personal info in there, especially if you’re just “looking around.”

  • Greg

    Maybe they should stop making infomercials and help the IT guys fix the code:

  • BrotherMatthias

    Truth be told, this was infinitely better than Wilde’s last movie, “Drinking Buddies.” I rented in for $6.99 on Amazon, and it was like being assaulted with a boring stun gun. I didn’t even finish it. It was gosh-awful. I still feel pangs of boredom just recalling it.

  • Pat

    Haven’t seen many of her movies, but “Cowboys & Aliens” was terrible! Of course, these Hollywood types don’t have to rely on Obamacare, so they can sell this pile of sh*t as long as they have a script.

  • Bandit


  • LegalizeShemp

    “Is she gay?” Sincerely, Oscar Wilde

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    If “enroll” means “look at the site” like it did to Chad Henderson, then I agree with her.

  • Katie Smith

    Like we should take health insurance advice from one of the most arrogant, privileged, and self-important “celebs” in Hollywood. Don’t know who I mean? Just google “Olivia Wilde” and you’ll find out.

  • jabberwocky

    Another bubble head actress. Does she really think she is a Dr. because she played one on TV?

  • MNWoman

    Proof of “Sheeple Syndrome”.

    Clearly she hasn’t paid any attention to what is happening with the Ocare website. She just trots out the talking points, facts (and indesputable evidence) be damned.

  • ImTheNana


  • Christian Burgwald

    Obamacare Cheer Shut up!

  • shay

    Wonder if she, or any of the other celebrities pushing this garbage, has signed up for herself. Has her family? What about her own friends?

  • Sid T. Mattic

    Yes, Obama made that video to mess with your fragile little minds…

    • Kickass Conservative

      “Fragile minds”? He’s messing with liberals now?

  • Benjamin Dover

    Citizens: Alter and abolish the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: