“Homeland” actress Claire Danes took home the Emmy Award for lead actress in a drama series. One of the nominees she beat out was “Scandal’s” Kerry Washington. Danes is white. Washington is black. Some viewers leapt to the knee-jerk conclusion that raaaaaaaacism was to blame.

There was at least a small glimmer of restraint:

And hey, remember, those white Breaking Bad guys were robbed.

  • Valencia Winston

    We feel this way because it is always a struggle for African Americans to be heard, seen, respected, and equally acknowledged. We are forever getting shunned. My twelve year-old daughter had a chance to see history tonight. She doesn’t understand what happened? I’m sick of telling her “That’s just the way it is for our people.” African Americans always have to wait until next time. We are tired of this BS. Claire Danes has already won. Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed? It’s not like allowance hasn’t happened for other actors. WE ARE SICK OF THIS. The Emmy’s had one African American actress nominated in the lead actress category in 40 years, and she doesn’t stand a chance of winning? More insulting Dan Bucantinsky wins? Are you kidding me? Turn the tables, and see if other races wouldn’t feel a hint of racism.

    • Tom Montz

      Can I ask about your comment ‘Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed”. So you are saying that just because one black person was nominated in 40 years that Kerry Washington jst be given the award. I respect her work and loved her in Ray but I grew up and teach my children that things in life have to be earned, There are no handouts in life. That is the problem with American these days is that everyone wants something for free. And this is for all races. So if Serena Williams beats a White woman from Netherlands in Wimbledon that it is unfair because a woman from the netherlands never won before?

      • Valencia Winston

        Hell yes.

        • Valencia Winston

          That’s just it sir. That’s BS because for African Americans things have never, and are never fairly earned. Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily. There have been far worst administrators, but they disrespect that he get’s is undeserved. There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free. Truth is Claire Danes did not out act Kerry Washington. No way, No how. No one is asking for anything for “free.” We want justice and equality sometimes, without it always having to go through the process of racism before it is achieved.

          • adam

            I liked that part where you pretty much said “If you don’t agree with my opinion you must be racist.”

          • Valencia Winston

            I never called anyone a racist.

          • 0bamasnought

            We get it he’s black.

            Guess what, so am I.

            But I am a little older, and I had to prove myself. No body gave me a DAMNED thing, and I have not expected anything I didn’t earn.

          • john

            well said

          • tidclan

            Americans respect those that work hard and earn what they receive. Americans, regardless of color, are always willing to sacrifice for the above! ALWAYS!!

          • Richard Hamilton

            This whole thing of men are created equal means that all, regardless of skin or creed, are afforded the same opportunity to rise or fall according to their own merits. I applaud you Obamasnought (to give you proper credit I used your sign in name even though I despise the name contained within)

          • Gary Piper

            I agree that all men are CREATED equal…then we grow up into whatever being we are now. Regardless of political correctness, we are not equal. I work my ass off everyday just to get by. It pisses me off when I hear a black person cry out racism when it is they who have more rights than anyone. Where was my affirmative action? Where are my all white colleges? Where is my WET? By the way…how do you afford your Lincolns while on food stamps and welfare? I like Lincolns.

          • PrinciplesInLife

            Good for you!

          • Ms Angel


          • Jim Brauer

            when people can get over their skin color and just accept the fact that they are human, everyone else will follow suit!

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            yea but it has to be a top down thing ..starting with Barry Sotero

          • Jim Brauer


          • Annie Stevens

            Agreed. There is only one race and that is the HUMAN RACE!

          • Colleen

            People would love to get over their skin color if the rest of society would just let them by treating everyone equally.

          • voodoogurl

            you have also earned the respect of every body that has worked to have something, because that is what America was built on
            you have earned my respect, I don’t have any respect for Obama because he has no respect for the working people in this country he is too busy trying to take every thing we as working class work for and give it to people that don’t want to work, but will vote democratic tickets so they can keep getting something for nothing. He is not the first black president he is the first bi-racial president, he chose to go with calling himself the first black president so that he can holler racism every time something doesn’t go his way

          • baddgolfer

            AMEN. You know what? I am white and nobody gave me a damn thing either. My wife and I lived in a 500$ a month apartment, I drove an old beat up Honda and graduated from college when I was 41 without getting a dime in GOV assistance or any type of scholarship money. I guess Valencia feels that just because I am white my life has been handed to me. Sorry, not the case.

          • 0bamasnought

            I never got anything from Affirmative Action.
            I feel ashamed that people, white males, were discriminated against because of their gender and skin color.

          • Thomas Kotkowski

            You know what’s racist is telling a whole race of folks that they are too stupid to compete with whites so the Government will punish whites by not giving them the job they are qualified for.

            How degrading and demeaning is that for black folks?

            Affirmative Action another Democrat idea to hurt black folks disguised as help.

          • baddgolfer

            Very true. I hate to sound racist b/c I am definitely not. I am AF and my Colonel is a black man. What a kind / intelligent man. It is my pleasure to work for him. Anyway, in any class of people, if you bail them out with free stuff everytime something bad happens it promotes a mindset to not be all you can be (hate to use an Army slogan) A lot of the things I have achieved in my life have been b/c I knew if I failed I would pay a much heavier price than sucking it up and acheiving my goal.

          • baddgolfer

            Well said. You certainly don’t want there to be discrimination, but I do not think that affirmitive action is the way. Personally, if a black man gets a job over me and he is more qualified – Good for him.

          • tammy

            If he is better qualified than you, he should get the job. But affirmative action gives the job to people not as qualified as you, only because of their skin color. The job should be earned, not given.

          • DanMR

            This might cause some anger, but I think maybe the loss of America’s superiority in so many areas, especially the workforce, can be blamed on our government’s attempt to be sure those less qualified still are given the jobs first. Competing in a world economy it is tough to compete against when some of the competitors governments do not allow the same free market for their workers. Some, such as China, have trained them since grade school all the way through college for certain jobs while others work when told and for how long they are told. Their way guarantees the best of the best are given the most important jobs while our way of giving these same jobs, sometimes to the less qualified to fill a quota, can be nothing but harmful in the long run. Adam Smith’s treatise was not written for this type of government interference.

          • republican122

            the first slaves in America were white irish and they were treat worse then the more expensive afirican slaves. google and look up history. America has been given a crock of crap about this affirmative action crap. so pissed. if any money need to be paid to slaves let the families of irish slaves be paid first

          • Nancy Edmonds

            and the first slave owner was black look it up.

          • ChickInLove008

            I disagree. I think Native Americans should get paid first. And we can all go back to our own countries where we stole this land from them. So get in line blacks and Irish, and go back home.

          • tammy

            And when they migrated here they took it from whoever or whatever was here already. Science has proven the Indians came here from Europe, China and even the middle east. We live now, not then. If you want to follow that logic, we should give the Earth back to the amoeba era. We have to live in the here and now and deal with the problems we have now. This is America. We have laws and rules to live by today and we need to live by those laws, or change them. No one has the right to chose which ones we enforce and which ones we don’t. Let’s deal with today

          • DanMR

            Finally, from the dark corners comes a voice of reason. They have been all but forgotten in every area.

          • tammy

            There were many nationalities who got here as indentured servants, which is the same thing as slave. Once in it was impossible to get out. Most of whites did not own plantations but were poorer than the Africans. The Africans mostly had food and a roof over their heads, many whites starved. My family was poor. Over the last few hundred years, some have made it and some haven’t. But 99% of us work hard and make our own way. None of us feel we are owed anything.

          • DanMR

            Extremely well said.

          • DanMR

            And in the meantime, lets overlook the original Americans and their certain death sentence when they were assigned to the reservations.

          • Tim Tyson

            amen dave

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            never has been the case either..if we wanted to go to a good college we had better have the money or the grades and a damn good scholarship and a labor job that pays well. I would never have been able to go to school if it weren’t for my GI Bill.. which by the way I earned freeing an island full of mostly black people from communist takeover called Grenada ..Sua Sponte! so that makes me an entitled racist white man? yea right. the illogic of your logic Valencia is phenomenal. I helped you get your civil rights. And for it I get defecated on and called a racist. If i had to do it over again. I wouldnt.. not for any so called africans. But i would do it again for my black american friends in a heartbeat. Because they LIVED and WORKED the dream…because they were AMERICANS 1st. and because they didnt crap in the hand that reached out to help them.

          • fpbiv375

            RLTW Brother!

          • Ave Ashley Victoria E

            I’m 21 and my life wasn’t handed to me either… lol … Love your comment … I’ve gone through alot … I know what it feels like to only have me and God to get through things and not having a privileged and blessed life or especially two parents etc.

          • Guest

            I am white…I had two babies by the time I was 19. Walked to work until I could buy a $450.00 1955 Plymouth. NEVER got food stamps, or welfare. Paid $40.00 a week for rent. $30.00 a week for baby sitter.Earned $3.40 an hour. Worked every chance I got, 53 plus hours a week. Pulled my babies to the grocery store in a red wagon and back. I am now a supervisor at a very good job. No handouts…just trust in God and hard work!! My boys have wonderful lives and families!

          • sanirab

            Me too and I had to prove mysrlf while working for balcks. Oh yea I’m white.

          • BBQChefs

            Let’s face it. There aren’t that many good black actors. Except for Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier. Jamie Foxx, Red Fox, Wesley Snipes, Hale Berry, Danny Glover, Blair Underwood, Eddie Murphy, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi, Samuel L Jackson, Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr, Don Cheadle, Angela Bassett, James Earl Jones, Chris Rock, Ice Tea, Morgan Freeman. Terrence Howard, etc…

          • trayvon

            Obama is an actor,a liar, a bigot,a racist and half white.

          • Daniel Schultz

            You’re racist! Oh wait… 😛

          • DanMR

            You are to be admired. This whole economic system was founded on rewarding those who worked hard or harder when necessary. You have obviously grabbed the ring and kept working hard. I, myself, am part Indian and used to bring this into many discussions with Blacks when I grew up back in the 60’s. If there is ever a class of people who have been beaten down and discriminated against it is the original Americans. That is an undeniable fact.

          • tammy

            They still have it fairly tough. I have a few in my family and the stories they tell, makes the blacks complaints seem like just bitching, not that they don’t have some legit complaints. BTW, we all have complaints: fat people, short people, tall people, ugly people, skinny people, anyone who is the least different than the rest

          • conservativechick

            You didn’t have to, you “implied” it big time.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            she said she was pulling the race card and that the academy was racist..the white academy

          • pajamakat

            Then let her go back to BET. Can you imagine if there was a White Entertainment Network ??????? Heads would be exploding.

          • kady772

            I’ve always said that! Why do black people need their own entertainment network? Talk about racist!

          • Realist

            Race “CRUTCH”…and welfare is a SAFTY NET….NOT a HAMMOCK !

          • Eliza

            Of course you did. Obviously your command of the English language precludes you from understanding what you wrote.

          • J. Joseph Mac

            Linguistic nazi.

          • Eliza

            I like that better than grammar nazi. I think I will use that.

          • jahoosafatz

            I’ve been call worse!

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            ignorance loves truer words have been spoken

          • Eliza

            No, this is a truer statement: Ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance.

          • baddgolfer

            Yeah, but linguistic sounds Itailian to me – not German.

          • Eliza

            My favorite pasta!!!

          • RED1958

            There’s Nothing wrong with using Proper English!!

          • pdigaudio

            And ebonics doesn’t qualify.

          • So sick of ghetto mess

            Really…thats racist

          • Michael Rice

            Wait, you’ll be called racist soon enough for writing that.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            linguistic butcher

          • $2687464

            Why do you trivialize the slaughter of 6 million Jews?

          • Eliza

            How did he trivialize the slaughter of Jews? As a Jew, I ask you, are you serious!!!!

          • $2687464

            Hitler slaughtering your grandparents is the same as correcting someones grammar. Ok, a Jew told me, do you drive a German car as well and drink Heineken?.

          • Eliza

            You are nuts sir!!!!

          • $2687464

            You are a disgrace to the Jewish people.

          • Harland Taylor


          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            no that one is the real racist. poor me..Im african..

          • unionssuck

            you are clearly a racist. I do not support obama because he is a horrible president.

          • Cindy Stornetta Tavare

            I agree with that, I would like to see Condi Rice run, I think she would be great.

          • HLain

            I absolutely hate Obama but I couldn’t care less what race he is. I do think it’s a shame that the first black president had to be such an arrogant, apparently socialist, liberal. I’d go for Condi Rice too, or Col. Allen West.

          • Charlotte Green

            He is not a black president. He is a mixed race president. As would be someone partly spanish and white or someone asian and white.All part of the Human race.

          • John L. Gibson

            Ben Carson in 2016!!

          • terrywest0206

            Allan West

          • Tanner

            Allen West Would be great

          • Gman2363

            “Turn the tables, and see if other races wouldn’t feel a hint of racism.”. Nope. no racism here.

          • DennisMets

            here is a table you can turn, what if whites had affirmative action and had to be promoted (even in the military) or get a job because of skin color
            now that is racism

          • Crystal Gayle Osborne

            You assume people dont like Obama because he’s Black. Thats calling people rasist.

          • kady772

            Most people who oppose Obama, support Herman Cain. yet somehow are racist….

          • Jonathan D Saunders

            Wrong…you didn’t “specifically” say the word racist or racism…but you definitely called the Emmy’s racist and everyone that agrees with the outcome.

          • Lee Mc Donald

            You inferred it. What proof do you have that Kerry Washington was the better actress this year? Because she’s “Black” is not an answer? And before you try to paint me with your racist brush, make sure I’m one. My picture might not be me.

          • DrSamHerman

            You just called everyone who voted for Claire Danes a racist. The winners are selected by votes from the members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in a process like the Oscars of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. So saying Washington’s loss is racist is calling those people who voted for Danes racist.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            u just did ..duh? hypocrite you a relative of obama?

          • detroit19

            Okay, maybe you’re just a spoiled brat who’s crying/bitching/throwing the race card because you didn’t get your way. Either way? You look like a bratty racist.

          • MJRAWL

            Please feel free to craw back under your rock.

          • AlbuqBill

            Let me be the first to say it then, you are a racist!

          • Patrick Callahan

            You implied it.

          • Yipicya

            Actually your whole screed is racist. You are saying that Clare Danes shouldn’t have won, because YOU DON”T THINK that whitey should get another award, because YOU wanted Kerry Washington to win.

            I haven’t watched either show, and don’t really care about the acting community in general, I don’t have TV and rarely go to the movies, but isn’t being a racist FOR black people as you are being, just as bad as being racist AGAINST black people?

            Or are you one of these who believes that racism is a one-way street?

          • Lela M.

            Valencia, it’s useless. I get it! We as a ppl do have to work harder to be acknowledged equally and whomever chooses to still deny that even in 2013 will forever deny it. It’s alive and well…make no mistake about it. But not every person shall be pleased no matter what!
            Claire Danes has already won and is good at what she does, but give credit where credit is due, I really do get it. However, I also do believe Kerry Washington will get her moment [an even higher respect] and guess what, it doesn’t have to come from the “Emmys”!! Blessings don’t always have to come from the doorstep in which you stand!
            Peace everyone…

          • Marie

            Your stupidity and gullibility is astonishing.

            You say we shouldn’t take one person’s comment and apply it to all black people, and then basically justify what we did by saying the exact thing she said.

            Do you want to know why less black people get awards, etc? Because there are less black people than white people. In other words, blacks are a minority, and minorities will always be “underrepresented” compared to the majority by virtue of the fact that they are a minority.

            I am half black, half Hispanic – being a minority does not bother me nor does seeing a sea if white faces bother me. So what? That won’t stop me from doing what I want to do. As long as I have the opportunity to make something of myself, I am happy. That is all I need. I do not need tokens in every facet of life just to make myself feel better over injustices that happened long before I was born.

          • Mike Straw

            very intelligent response Marie. You nailed it!

          • amanda gilliland

            agreed, I was just thinking that same thing. there aren’t many drama series with black lead actresses. what a testament to her talent that she was one of a handful of women recognized. Apparenly Homeland is amazing and that is in large part to Clare Danes as the lead just as Scandal is great in large part to Kerry’s contribution. why do we instantly cry racist because they are different colors. that act alone to me is more racist than her not winning.

          • logonut

            You state that blacks and minorities are always ‘underrepresented’ compared to the majority by virtue of the fact that they are a minority and there are less black people than whites.
            Go visit any prison….

            I agree with your statement ‘I do not need tokens in every facet of life just to make myself feel better over injustices that happened long before I was born.’
            Blacks need to get over that already. It’s the PAST.
            Make something of your life and stop blaming racism for every hurdle you face.

          • Summer

            In America we all have equal opportunity. Except with racial profiling, many blacks and minorites have a better chance to get into certain colleges than I would.

            Go figure. Is that racist? Choosing a president because he has a drop of black blood? Racist?

            Not talking to you Marie. You get it… just talking to those who will read your comments.

          • talkto

            So true, Summer. My husband’s field lacks women, and women are paid more and their faults are overlooked in order to maintain the quotas…in my field, I did not make it into my first choice program due to being just another white girl, in spite of being on the Dean’s list at my university…I did get into another program to fulfill my dream…instead of whining about how unfair it all is…

          • Anthony Dio


          • David Akers


          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            THANK YOU!!!! It is people like you that help me to have hope for this country!

          • Dennis Carr

            You sound a lot like Manuel that lived across the street.. Nicest guy I have know in town.. Welcome to my world!!

          • Conrad Vargas

            Thank you Marie for having common sense… something a lot of people seem to lack these days.

          • 364NKL

            You are a class act! You remind me of Ben
            Carson and his attitude.

          • PrinciplesInLife

            I like Ben Carson…sadly a lot of black people aren’t like him.

          • James Walker

            We are out there. Just not enough of us.

          • Tom Gilbert

            excellent response, Marie.

            It’s not enough to some that approximately half a million ‘white’ soldiers gave their lives freeing slaves. It’s not enough for some that our society has bent over backwards to accommodate minorities and allow reverse discrimination throughout our federal government (CBC & Latino Caucus), special minorities contracts, education system, private business hiring quotas, so they may ‘catch up’. It’s not enough for some that our nation has given billions in aid to black countries only to see it stolen by the black leaders and leaving the black populace in misery again and again. It’s not enough for some that minorities are given special housing and rent subsidies, free phones, hate crime legislation just for them. I am tired of it. There are many minority people who do well ’cause they put forth effort and patience and dedication just as many in the majority. I have had many of them as my friends and proud to call them so. I have also heard my minority friends mock those that always want more special ‘rights’.

          • RED1958

            Good For You Marie!!! I wish you all the Luck in the World during your Life!!! Maybe……..Just Maybe all this Racism Crap will Die Out with this Generation of People!!!
            Racism used to be Used as a Club to Beat People over the Head With!! These Days they Use it as a Crutch to Prop themselves Up With!!!

          • unionssuck

            well said! respect everyone regardless of color and get respect in return

          • jahoosafatz

            SING IT LLOOOUUUUUD BROTHER!!!! You are what I call a “roll model” for ALL races! It’s thought processes like yours that will take the human race to the next level!!

            Calling the race card every time a black person doesn’t get what they want, will keep us in the gutter!! It’s an unfortunate reality, that there are more stupid lazy people in this world vying for handouts, & completely lacking the drive to actually work towards their life’s goals. Why show initiative, while the President of the United States of America just gives you food stamps, Obama phones, free health care, unlimited/stipulated welfare & a secret weapon? The race card. All at the expense of anybody who actually works.

            When the “takers” out number the “makers” in a society, that society will FALL!! (some ancient white dude…)

            I’m amazed at how pathetic radical liberals have become! They are spreading FILTH across our lands, & giving the young leaders of tomorrow a very caustic modes operandi.
            This is what we get for voting the wrong man into office…

          • jahoosafatz

            I meant to say SISTER!! I was lost in the moment. Please forgive me Ms Marie…

          • David Michael

            The takers already outnumber the makers.

          • baddgolfer

            Agreed, but makers find ways to succeed. If you zeroed everyone out and we all had nothing – makers would suck it up and find a way survive. All while defending themselves and their property against the people trying to steal the fruits of their labor. I guess – other than prostitution – takers are the oldest “profession.”

          • Rick

            Very Well said Marie…..

          • Gman2363

            Exactly right, per Marie. IF BLACKS ARE ALL FOR EQUALITY, and they do not want, say oh I dont know, whites from getting more than their fair share of accolades, then blacks should probably, oh I dont know, be equally represented, about 18% of the time per the census figures from 2000/2010. Any questions? Otherwise it is racist to give special exemptions because, of…………..RACE, RIght???

          • talkto

            Well said, Marie. I often think of Asian Americans, who as a group,take your attitude, choose to achieve, and maintain sound families…in spite of as recently as wwII when the Japanese Americans were put in internment camps…yet they have chosen, as a group, to work hard, love their families, and be productive…

          • Jonathan D Saunders

            Bravo sir…BRAVO!

          • Gary B

            Awesome response!!

          • Phil_J

            Well said, some people (of all races) think everything should just be handed to them.

          • Melissa Craighead

            Marie Very well put and refreshing! You nailed it right on the head, reading what you said made me swell with pride!

          • Anthony Dio

            By 2040 whites will be a minority do you think we will get affirmative action? Do you honestly believe that blacks should win every award they attempt? Liberal left nuts won’t be happy until they cause a massive race war. Keep listening to the lunatic left Marie and you will be chasing hub caps for the rest of your life!

          • Bill

            Outstanding comment, Marie. Thank You.

          • kobrien674

            You go Marie! But there’s one disagreement with a minority ALWAYS being underrepresented. Think sports, and music.

          • glassa

            Marie, I love you.

          • Lee Mc Donald

            BRAVO!! TAKE A BOW!!

          • baddgolfer

            Hear Hear

          • HLain

            I truly wish everyone was like you. The world would be a lot better place. I’m a white male but even I have a pretty good idea of how barbaric, cruel, and inhumane slavery had to be. I cannot imagine a worse way to have to live. Not having any control over your own life to the point where your spouse or children can just be taken away from you forever or be tortured or killed right in front of you has to be one of the most horrible things possible and I don’t think any sane, intelligent white person would ever believe or say otherwise. The thing is, none of us can go back and change the past. If I could, believe me I would. I get tired of hearing how the collective “we,” meaning all whites, enslaved blacks. No one alive today has ever owned a slave and no one alive today has ever owned a slave and unless the whole world goes totally insane, it’s not going to happen again.

          • denvy42

            And Marie when you do that you will recieve the respect you earned just like other hard working people!

          • Ann Down

            always the same isn’t it? if you don’t agree with a black or Obama on a topic it must be skin color. Wacked.

          • DV S1EOG

            Our President has helped fuel the hell that he is going through, if multiple vacations a year and tons of golf is hell. Instead of using his election as an inspiration to others, he has used it to demonize his opponents. People are not against him because of his race, they are against his policies and his politics. Open your eyes, and see what is really happening.

          • Valencia Winston

            Bush vacationed for all 8 years. He was at Camp David every other weekend. Check the log.

          • DV S1EOG

            I guarantee that he didn’t once miss his morning briefings, or ever was disconnected to what was happening around the world. Fact, once troops deployed to Afghanistan Bush stopped playing golf because he didn’t think it was right to play golf while troops were in the middle of a war.

          • Hangmn

            And THATS the difference between a LEADER and an IMPOSTER

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            Buried under all of Obama’s golf scorecards…

          • Derek

            Foolish argument. Just because Bush spent hours at Camp David or at this ranch, does not mean he was sitting on his arse. A president is president 24/7, or did you not notice how much Bush aged over 8 years? Dude looked like he aged about 20 years during that stretch.

          • M3_GuSta

            You do realize that he hosted dozens of world leaders at Camp David right? Didn’t camp David excuse stop working back in 2011?

          • Lee Mc Donald

            The Camp David excuse ranks up there with:
            The dog ate my homework.
            The check is in the mail.
            Trust me.
            And my favorite:
            I’m from the government. I’m here to help.

          • towerclimber37

            yeah but you never saw bush blame 4 american deaths on a video, did you? Obama is inept and a fool. but we should just give him respect because of his color? NO…if you want to truly be equal, pull your weight and be prepared to be judged for your actions just like the rest of us. If you can’t handle that, keep voting democrat or move to liberia.

          • 0bamasnought

            We also know Bush’s collegiate record, and his military service.
            But I can’t find a damned thing about Mr. O’s school history.

          • Ariel

            Somebody hasnt done their research at all! lets see where we Obama’s school history hmm… How about the 1000 times they stated it during both his runs for elections, google, documentaries about him, Im sure Harvard and Columbia has him in their records! But people love to act computer illiterate….

          • Sharon Carlson Thompson Cummin

            Actually the head of the school that Obama would have been in doesn’t remember him. Neither do any of the classmates in the class.

          • Eliza

            HUH???? Did you try to say something intelligent

          • Ariel

            there you go! Im sorry i was human and had a couple of typos

          • Eliza

            I’m a grammar nazi, can’t help it! Honestly I did not understand a word you wrote can you be a little clearer?? I think you meant to say “People love to act computer literate” as in, they think they know what they are talking about. Is that right? Any thing they state about obama was a lie including where he was born and his illegal social security number.

          • Ariel

            i said people love to act computer illiterate… not literate

          • Eliza

            It still does not make sense to your overall statement. What does being “computer illiterate” have to do with it. I would think with your statement to google documentaries about him would mean that we are computer literate. I am just assuming, mind you, that those who like to spout figures and data, are just pretending to be “computer literate” am I making any sense, at all? I would never admit to being “illiterate” ever!

          • Ariel

            i said ILLITERATE! you said you cant find where he went to school right?! google it! People believe that every other president’s word is bond except Obama give me a break! You all want to know if his butt is he’s real butt too!

          • Dpjk76

            Really Obama is only half black. If he was the true leader that liberals claim he is, he would acknowledge he is white also. And, try to unite the races rather than divide them.

          • Eliza

            I never asked where he went to school, someone else did. I just tried to correct your English. Having said that, it is a proven fact that he is a liar. There is no proof he went to the schools he stated and his social security number is bogus. So, he is a liar.

          • Fedthehellup

            They said you can’t find his school records. We all know where he said he went to school. And I believe he did go to school there, but the problem is he had his records sealed as soon as he became president. I wonder why?? Do you think that maybe he didn’t want the fact that he got his tuition paid for by being a forgien exchange student?? Hummmmm!! That’s what I believe. Why else would he have them sealed?? If he was such a scholar, why hide his records??

          • Susan Kohler

            Trust me, I don’t want to know a damn thing about his butt. And there have been other presidents who were far from perfect, (ex. Clinton, LBJ) but he is, to me, by far the worst, and I’m really afraid that he will be the last potus, ever.

          • Mitch Cumstein

            English isn’t your first, second or third language is it? Obama can not or will not provide documentation of school records from his time in Harvard or Columbia. Every other President has done so…why not him?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Bush provided his transcripts…where’s Obama’s?

          • unionssuck

            grammer nazi? whatever. How do u know it is not a lie? Is it a lie that more troops ahve died in Afghanistan under 4 yrs of Obama than 8 years of Bush

          • Eliza

            we are discussing racism not war. Whatever made you answer my grammar nazi statement with war comments. Seriously! I only commented on obama because Ariel did. Please Bush is gone, obama said he would bring our boys home, he lied, yet again. So, please as our British brothers would say, Bugger off.

          • Mike Driskell

            Typos?!? You CLEARLY omitted the fact that Mr. Obama has had all his college records sealed!

          • zj sky

            forget the typos and ignore the grammar mavens – answer the question = why have his transcripts not been revealed? Bush and Kerry did so in 2004. Obama? waiting

          • Eliza

            I am hurt zj, I am not a grammar maven. How could you!

          • Summer

            Wrong. And his BC is fake as is his selective service card.

            Bill Ayers own mother who knew Obama when he was an older teen told the mailman that Obama was a foreign student…. Yep, a foreign student that overstayed his visa..

          • algonquinmatt

            And so the question is begged to be asked.

            Was he a foreign student?

            or did he lie about it to get special treatment, grants, scholarships, etc.. in college?

            This goes hand and hand with his book publisher situation. He wrote a book. His publisher asked him to write his own bio. His bio said he was born in Kenya. The publisher sent out yearly updates to all of their writers so they could update their bios. Obama’s bio, many years later, still said that he was born in Kenya all the way up to 2004(?), at which point it was changed to Hawaii.

            The publisher claimed that the Kenya thing was a typo.

            My personal opinion is that he was probably born in Hawaii but, like so many other liberals, lied about his past so it would work in his favor, whether monetarily or some other reason.

          • Summer

            Typo? Right, the publisher feared for his life if he didn’t recant.
            Same as Obama telling George Strephanopolis that he was “muslim” until George reminded him he meant Christian. LOL

          • Slam1263

            I was a Navy brat. Born in Honolulu.

            I requested a copy of my BC so I could get a passport.
            It was rejected because of the BC, I had to pay to have the State of Hawai’i’ send a “Letter of Certification” to get it to go through.

            I REALLY do believe that 0bama is an American by birth, no other country on Earth could possibly raise someone with such a sense of entitlement.

            Who is Frank Marshall Davis anyways?

          • Dean Greener


          • Elson Snider

            They stated it,but it has never been shown,no one from Harvard,even remembers him! No classmates,no friends,no girlfriends! I can state that I’m a brain surgeon,but unless I can prove it, I’m a fake !

          • Ariel

            Sources please?! Requirements: not bill o riley, for the most part non-bias, and is reported across the political party spectrum, then Ill believe it!

          • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

            Who then??? Chris Matthews???? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ariel

            In school, I was taught when you looking for information you look at multiple sources before forming an opinion! looking at just the right’s opinion and looking at just the left’s opinion is not enough! im sorry I like to be educated before forming an opinion! so the answer to your question is no!

          • Crystal Gayle Osborne

            Funny in school I was taught that because the majority beleives one thing doesnt make it fact. And 1,000 sources are never as good as 1 primary source……you know those records that are sealed from the public……

          • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

            Now I have to say I agree…….

          • Michael F

            Actually, you should’ve not assumed something about O’Reilly. He actually refuses to even consider the facts in a discussion about Obama’s past and is an Obama defender in that regard. I think he is cowardly avoiding something that should be fully investigated to it’s conclusion, one way or the other. But Ariel, you assumed wrong never the less.

          • Dean Greener

            Sources? You haven’t given one hard source to say that he was there! At ALL! So it’s on us to PROVE he WASN’T? You’re a child and it’s past your bedtime.

          • Rick

            Not for nothing, someone elected Him!!!!!!!!

          • David Akers

            While the colleges may STATE he attended their schools, no one has release his school TRANSCRIPTS. It doesn’t matter where the hell you go to school if your grades suck. An F at Harvard is the same F every where else. It is more that apparent that Obama failed or barely passed most of his classes, his record (or lack thereof) about the constitutional injustices he has tried to force off onto the American people by circumventing congress is proof enough he failed in school. And let’s not start on his miserable failures in foreign affairs….

          • BravoCueen

            Because he expected to receive a high grade in everything he did because he is black and might make history. Sound familiar?

          • Libby

            and he thinks the u.s. has 57 states! great harvard grad!

          • Hangmn

            The why – tell me WHY those records are sealed?

          • Kathy Jacobsen Meng

            He’s spent millions if not billions to keep his records hidden! You do YOUR research.

          • Ann Down

            And I bet you think he was a professor too. NOT!

          • Slam1263
          • Ariel

            and all i find is this a credible source… Harvard law school website!!

          • OhPlatinumOne

            That article wasn’t written until 2008. Find something written about him while he was [supposedly] still a student, please. And no CNN, MSNBC crap (since Fox is not allowed for conservatives to reference, you should play by your rules, too!) Good luck!

          • Kevin Harrison

            Yea./ It talks about all of his friends that he can’t name and the rest of them doesn’t remember him.

          • Slam1263

            Wow, it DOESN’T show his grades either.

          • Ariel

            oh heres another source published in 1990 by the New York Times!

          • Slam1263

            Same here, no grades shown.

          • $31046492

            Just because they said it, doesn’t make it true. If he starts out one more speech with…”LOOK” I will freakin scream. That is demeaning and condescending.

          • Dpjk76

            actually Harvard will not confirm or deny his time there.

          • Ariel

   why would they have a article about his time there?!

          • Mike Butler

            So have YOUUUU seen his transcripts??? Didn’t think so!

          • Ariel

            im sorry i dont need his transcript… when i tell people im college graduate I dont walk around with my transcript to prove it.

          • Michael F

            Obama said, “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide”. Can you explain why this is the first President who we cannot compare his college grades to former Presidents or candidates? The reality is that he and his supporters have spent millions protecting his college records from prying eyes. The court battles have been covered by alternative media sources, but the story is easy enough to find on the net unless you don’t want to believe it. Personally, I suspect that he fraudulently benefited as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia and that is the reason for all of the cloak and dagger. There is evidence that he was involved with the foreign student activities at Occidental.

          • Slam1263

            I guess you have never had to apply for a job.
            I have had to show, and I always ask to see, transcripts when hiring someone with a degree.
            Ms. O’Bagly lied about her PhD, and she is not an exception.

          • Ariel

            Acutally I have a job and they didnt ask for a transcript..All my friends has had similar experiences to mine.

          • Slam1263

            So, no one has ever had to provide a transcript?

          • Steve

            When you tell people you’re a college graduate, I hope, when you speak, your command of the English language is head and shoulders above your writing skills. If not, you are just another waste of space and tax payer money. Pitiful.

          • Mike Butler

            So, I’m right. You know nothing more than anybody else about him—which is nothing. And who cares about YOUR academic record, nobody is asking you to be president!! (although there are plenty of employers who will check and verify any claims on your resumé).

            All the rest have released their records: Clinton, Bush (who has a Harvard MBA—verified), Gore (who flunked out of law and divinity schools…I can understand the first, even though Vandy is no Harvard, but Divinity? HAHAHA! And his undergrad scores at Yale were below Bush’s), Kerry… EVERYBODY but Øbama, who behaves like a person with something to hide.

            Oh, and you are NOT “sure Harvard and Columbia has him in their records,” because they have been seen by nobody! There is absolutely NO way you or anybody can be sure! I’m not saying he didn’t go there—after all, we have seen his student ID card, which shows him as a foreign exchange student (which means that he either lied to them to get special status or he’s actually not American…but I would more likely buy the lie to get in, he’s very good at lying). But we still haven’t found anybody who remembers him personally being there.

            Screw Øbama anyway, I care more about his grade as a president, which is F-minus. Bottom line, all those who are screaming “racism” about this Emmy are idiots. I like Kerry Washington in Scandal and I haven’t even seen Claire Danes’ show—but the latter has been working in showbiz a hell of a lot longer.

          • Crystal Gayle Osborne

            Nobody actually believes he didn’t go to those collages. We just know that he wasn’t a remembered, meaning he was not exceptional. And furthermore he is the only POTUS in history to have his records SEALED! So why would you seal something unless you are hiding something. Oh and BTW Bushes College records were made public.
            And just because someone on google said he went or did something doesnt mean its true! What the poster ment that you are responding to was…..NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH BECAUSE OBUMMER SEALED ALL HIS RECORDS INCLUDING HIS LSAT SCORE AND BAR EXAM! SO NO ONES KNOWS ANYTHING OTHER THEN THE LIES THAT COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH. THere is no documents to verify fact from Obammas fiction.

          • Jason Wade Prater

            Moron…they are referring to where he went to grade school. That’s what would prove he isn’t an American citizen.

          • Susan Kohler

            The only one who’s stated it during his runs for offices is obama himself. I’ve never found or heard of one person from Columbia who remembers him. If your classmate became President, wouldn’t you remember it? And Harvard? Well the Harvard Law Review, in the bio HE wrote, calls him a Kenyan, hmmmm. Any documentary I’ve seen about him could not find any verification of his school records. And no, I am certainly not computer illiterate.

          • Michelle Crimm

            Which Obama had sealed so that no one could actually see his college transcripts showing he was not from this country.

          • Dean Greener

            So Ariel since you seem to know all about it why don’t you tell us his best and worst classes at Harvard were.

          • USAPatriotSC

            Where are the records? The Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card has been found to be fakes. It does not matter what you think and do you really believe that because it is on the internet it is true? You have your beliefs and we have ours, I believe obama is a muslim plant and is an illeagal President.

          • Summer

            Darn, I can’t find out anything either. Must be hidden in a locked box…
            Also, for some reason I see no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii.. None…
            Oh the Birth Certificate? A fake.

          • talkto

            I’m quite sure if Obama was cum laude, we’d know. People who hide things have things to hide.

          • Anthony Clay

            because bama was given a pass, how else could a guy with a c minus high school record get in a ivy league school. blacks have brought whining to a art form

          • BlahBlah

            Camp David. Crawford ranch. 2 different things. Check geography.

          • Jay Stevens

            Yep. Camp David was designed as a presidential retreat. Crawford ranch was home to George Bush.

            Compare that to all the really expensive vacation spots the Obamas went to.

          • Michael Hernandez

            Don’t try to confuse a democrat with FACTS. They only feel, no thinking allowed

          • neverbetty

            And other countries heads wanted to be at Bush’s ranch for meetings. They wanted that not so formal place. It’s all in the records. It in no way amounts to the millions, closer to a billion dollars the tax payers have paid for obama, his wife, his children and even those poor dog/s separate vacations, airplane rides.

          • JustLurkin

            And please don’t forget flying the family dog –at our expense– on his own separate plane with his own security detail. The first time was bad enough, a small executive jet. The second time was a punch in the nose to us, which deserves a like response. The second time, he ordered the Marines to fly his furry butt on their newest tactical weapon, the vertical take off tilt wing plane. WHO DOES THAT? Oh, yeah, an 8th grade jackoff with something to prove. Bonus question: Why can’t the dog fly with the family? Could this be a CULTURAL thing?

          • Jeff McCabe

            Yea and we all remember how there wasn’t even a hint of disapproval about him. Why does everyone excuse obama’s incompetence by saying “but but but Bush!!”?

          • zj sky

            how do you have a “-1” down vote tally?

          • immanuelgoldstein

            Camp David is a short helicopter ride from the White House. There is an office there. Bush conducted official business from Camp David, and from his ranch in Texas. Not exactly like the globe trotting glam events conducted by Obama and his huge crew of hangers on.

          • Hangmn

            Obama travels like a fkn RAPPER including an OSPREY for his DOG – disgusting!

          • Helena Starke

            Most of President Bushs’ vacations were at Camp David OR his own ranch .He didn’t travel all over the world with his brood of family and friends spending millions and millions of dollars.AND when he couldn’t go his darling wife was there to spend the taxpayers money. Could you take a vacation this year?

          • Roger Cotton

            He vacationed at Camp David. He did NOT vacation every month, all over the world, with a vast entourage, at the cost of MILLIONS.

          • cjhsa

            Camp David is a working camp. Martha’s Vineyard is not.

          • Eliza

            Oh, I get it, it’s Bush’s fault. Get over it! Obama is a traitor, he sleeps with the enemy and to add to that he takes our money and goes on million dollar vacations. Bush went to his ranch, as did Ronald Reagan. Please, your racism is showing.

          • Elson Snider

            You don’t know your facts,if you’re going to post something,at least get your facts straight,Bush spent more of his time at his own home in Texas! I don’t see Obama visiting his home in Chicago much, probably afraid some gang thug will try to kill him !

          • PJ

            Obama’s real home is Kenya.

          • Elson Snider

            Well he supposedly owns a home in Chicago,but then again,that could be false too!

          • PJ


          • stewbee

            Yeah the one Tony Resko stole for him.

          • Ms Angel

            Moose-chelle admitted it in public:

          • tidclan

            Chicago IS the #1 Murder spot in the NATION!….with all their strict gun control and all! …and his vacations are $100 million!

          • Thomas Carl Dick Jr.

            So if the democratic nominee to replace obama in 2016 is not black or another minority is that racist?

          • jeanettechesney

            you are incorrect

          • Duckie

            Camp David was set up as a working retreat… Trips to the ranch were also mostly working getaways.
            unlike Mr Obama, Mr Bush was not a bigot of 1st order.. Obama is all about Obama and no color means crap to him..

          • Summer

            WORKING at Camp David. Not playing at being president like Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Real work, not riding around with a helmet on and riding a girly bike…. Real work that worked up a sweat. Just like Ronald Reagan… real work….
            Not golfing and vacationing all the time on my dime.

          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            Bush vacationed for all 8 years. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Really? Oh and I guess he spent millions of TAXPAYER dollars on a working vacation in Africa, too?
            I seriously can’t debate someone who can’t get their fact straight.

          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            Oh! And check the log? Were is the link yo such log for Bush? While you are at it, please present the link for Obama’s log. Oh, wait, you can’t. Why? Because the “most transparent administration in history” has it um CLASSIFIED?

          • gunnyf

            Camp David is not a vacation place. It’s a work retreat home and if Obama was spending his time there nobody would be complaining. Obama spent more time on vacation in two years than Bush did in 8… and Bush never used government aircraft to transport his dog to a golf outing. Out of the millions who hate Obama, about 10% of them are racists and hate him because he’s black. The other 90% hate him because he is an embarrassment to the whole country, I supported Allan Keyes every time he ran because he represented the best in our society and I’m praying that LtCol West runs in 2016 because we need him badly. What we don’t need is another Obama clone giving that racist 10% more ammunition. If you care about your country as much as you care about Obama, then think about that. And if you’re going to be honest, then admit that the main reason you support him is because he’s black. I can understand that and have no problem with it. But would you have supported him if he was white? Who is the racist? You or me?

          • Steven H

            If you want to talk to people in the real world than you first have to step out of you hate filled imaginary world of perpetual victimhood that the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama create. If you want a black leader to follow then follow Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Listen the words he said. He was by far a wise and brave leader.

          • rascalina

            Yes Camp David as opposed to all the extravagant vacations our current POTUS takes with his family that cost the taxpayers millions during the time of a RECESSION. Don’t you see a problem with that. Oh right coz he’s black he should be entitled to those vacations right. Give me a break. Liberals have worn out the race card. Unless you got something better … keep your mouth shut and stop crying racism every time a person of color doesn’t win something. Judge a person by the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin. A better actress won, period. You think white people screamed racism when a very talented Halle Berry won the oscar ?!? No. She won coz she was better than the rest of the nominees.

          • J. Joseph Mac
          • The Free Pioneer

            8 years as President = 2,920 days in office.

            Time spent at Crawford & Camp David = 977 days

            That means he was on vacation for 33% or 1/3 of the time.

            Please get your facts straight.

          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            Can you break down the Camp David numbers? Thanks!

          • Robert Hurst

            Staying at a government owned residence (Camp David) or the presidents own home (Crawford) isn’t quite the same as Martha’s Vineyard or Spain, now is it?

          • Iceman00767

            Or how much time in Hawaii?

          • The Free Pioneer

            I think you misunderstood my point. I was only showing that he didn’t spend every other week at Camp David as on commenter stated.

          • BravoCueen

            How many luxury multi-million dollar vacations did Bush take again?
            Did he fly Air Force One to Texas to have dinner one night then fly back?
            How many multi-million dollar star-studded (literally, Hollywood stars) did he hoste at the White House for personal concerts?
            None. You’re welcome.

          • 364NKL

            Camp David didn’t cost taxpayer the millions that Obama and Moochelle spend on their vacations. They are thiefs. Also, Obama’s economy for the past 5 years is bad, and it shows how tone deaf he is for spending this kind of money while most Americans struggle. He is a hypocrite.

          • mharper42

            Camp David is a short hop from DC. Not comparable to spending $100,000,000 to haul the Obummers to their African vacation.

          • Ann Down

            Camp David is much less costly than African Safaris or trips to the Bahamas. Wake up please. Obama has a new name in the White House, bestowed by his underlings, OBA-ME. Does that help you any?

          • Joanne Mooney-King

            camp david? First, visits to Camp David don’t count as vacation, for either President’s records. Second, Bush’s vacations were mostly to his ranch, in Texas…that he owns. he worked from the ranch. Although, he did go there a lot….they called it the Texas White House because he worked so much there……it didn’t cost a lot of money. It was his home. With that said, Obama doesn’t own a vacation home….his trips have been more extensive and therefore costs way more money. He doesn’t go on his vacations to work…nor should he. It really isn’t apples to apples….they did different things……and it’s really silly to compare them. I’ll never understand why people would want to compare them. I certainly don’t like one over the other because of their color……that would be silly and uneducated. Now Allen West…what a guy…I hope he becomes President one day. True man of American Honor. :)

          • Ames

            Yeah, for working vacations, not jetting off to Martha’s Vineyard or other countries at the cost of MILLIONS to the tax payers! And then Bo the dog has to have an Osprey outfitted especially for him at an additional expense to the tax payers. Bush also didn’t jaunt off to Vegas for a fundraiser while 4 Americans were being tortured and killed in another country. Just sayin’

          • Harland Taylor

            BENGHAZI look it up lady

          • Pat Barrett

            A weekend Camp David trip did not cost the taxpayers $100,000,000.00 as the Africa excursion did. And his dog and every relative known, 26 Vehicles, 22 of Michelle’s secretaries, aids, hairdressers, makeup artists, and the list goes on and on. This is what America is fed up with. They are not royalty and we are not serfs. Worst abuse of power I have ever seen. How many people voted for him just because he’s black (1/2)? That is what racism is. He is also 1/2 white, even though he is ashamed of his white Mother. / ? ! What does it take to make him happy?

          • RED1958

            Camp David doesn’t cost the Taxpayer 100 Million Dollars a Shot!!!
            God all Mighty!!! Are you people going to Cry “BUSH DID IT” after The Kenyan Leaves Office??

          • unionssuck

            lets be clear, obama spent more money vacationing in 4 years than bush in 8. he is responsible for more soldiers dying in Afghanistan in 4 years than Bush in 8. Unemployment for Blacks is higher under obama than Bush. So your thoughts on Ben Ghazi? Israel? Al Sharpton? Twana Brawley? High rate of Black On Black crimes under Obama?

          • William Robert Guerra

            that’s not a vacation, that is another place to work….everything you’ve said is racist….voting for the worst president ever just because he is black is racist…

          • Dan

            You’re an idiot. The log has been checked and it is official – Comrade Obama the Communist has take more vacation time, blown through more taxpayer money to fund them, and logged more miles on Air Force 1 and 2 than any other administration – Bush included.

          • w.calame

            Camp David didn’t cost the American people millions of dollars.

          • John Gasper

            A vacation a Camp David is much cheaper for the taxpayers than traveling the world in luxury….

          • talkto

            At significantly less cost to taxpayers. And on 9/11, President Bush was a leader, rather than partying in Vegas with his wealthy Hollywood donors, or playing cards. In addition, he gave more aid to Africa than any president prior, or since…check the log.

          • Rosemary Brewer

            Camp David is specifically set up for Presidential “vacations” It is close by Washington DC and already has everything the President and his Secret Service could need. It is by far less expensive for a President to go to Camp David then it has been for the Obama’s to go to Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, Africa, Spain, Mexico, Aspen, ect.

          • shaunadee

            every other weekend at Camp David vs Hawaii, Cap Cod – family and dog on separate planes – Spain, African Safari… Yes, I can see where their vacations are equal. That Bush!! such a slacker.

          • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

            LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have the real life part in ‘Dumb and Dumber’…….check your “facts” and STOP listening to the RACIST JESSE…….

          • Rosemary Brewer
          • K.c. Jones

            Spending time at Camp David, the Presidential Retreat, is a far cry from jetting all over the globe, with your family, you and your dog in separate jets.

          • JustLurkin

            OK, now you’re just lying. Look, you can’t change history by power of your wishes. Are you thinking no one would check to see if you’re lying or not? And yeah, I’m calling you out for lying, not being sloppy. If you’re going to come on here and throw up assertions as facts, you had the duty to do some research and get it right.

            I don’t know who Kerry Washington is, but I am sure she is an equal or better actress than Claire Danes. You cannot come at this as if “someone owed her something….” in what is basically a popularity contest. Sheesh. You’re just not winning the argument that way.

          • Brett D.

            He had to deal with: 1) 9/11 2) Katrina 3) Afghanistan 4) Iraq 5) Democratic majority in house/senate 6) Bolstering national security after 9/11 and much more. Meanwhile, Obama has had to deal with what exactly? FORCING Obamacare down our throats?

            At least Bush had somewhat of an excuse.

          • Gene Weddington

            Oh wow Camp David that must have cost millions and millions every weekend he spent there, Oh I forgot that’s actually an extension of the white house exclusively for the President and cost nothing for him to be there

          • Melissa Craighead

            You are an idiot! He went to his own HOME and Camp David…HELLO…You are so blind and don’t care about your country and it seems your only interested in what in you can get for handouts. Bush has nothing to do with this, stop using it as an excuse for his failures.

          • William

            Actually, Bush quit playing golf during his administration because he thought it was disrespectful to those who were serving and their families. Camp David is a far cry from a mansion in the Hamptons and multi million dollar trips around the globe. A tally of the COST, what each president spent on vacations, “might” open your eyes, But, I doubt it. You’re a racist and in your eyes he can do no wrong BECAUSE he claims to be “black” although he’s got just as much white blood…. But, don’t let facts get in your way… It’s the content of Oblamer’s character that I have a problem with, not the color of his skin.

          • CJ

            Wow, you really don’t know or read much do you? Maybe you should check the “logs”. He worked from his ranch in Texas. He didn’t spend endless hours playing golf, idolizing celebrities, wait that would be black celebrities, or spending millions on huge vacations. It’s not even worth responding to uninformed people like you, because for you, him being black is all you need. He has been a dismal failure and that is why I don’t like him. It is a shame you are spreading your racism to your daughter.

          • Anthony Dio

            You check the log lady! Obama has taken more time off than any President thus far! You can lie all you want and it won’t make It true!

          • Rationalthinker

            I don’t think you want to pursue that…it’ll only make you look stupid, on top of already being a racist.

          • s1ck_of_the_sh1t

            If you cannot speak the truth then you will never be taken seriously regardless of your race. You sound like a pathetic mad black women. Yuck… how unattractive!

          • Lee Mc Donald

            Bad answer. The only real difference between the White House and Camp David is one is in the middle of the city, and the other is in the woods, 30 minutes by helicopter from the same city. Sorry Val, you’re still losing.

          • Susan Kohler

            Sure Bush went to Camp David, and to his ranch, but he didn’t spend 100 million dollars doing it and obama did that on one trip. Bush worked on his weekends at Camp David, obama went to a fundraiser in Vegas the morning after Benghazi, and obama spent 180,000 per hour to fly his DOG to Martha’s Vineyard–you don’t really see a difference?

          • Barbara Burns

            Camp David? THAT IS THE SECOND WHITE HOUSE! HE and his family wasn’t taking every Aunt Uncle and Cousin they knew overseas on the taxpayers dime was he? Check that log.

          • Michelle Crimm

            Susan’s right. At least Bush ( both of them as a matter of fact) worked when they went to Camp David. They didn’t go golfing every week and have interviews on the Jay Leno show every other night.

          • Chris Spears

            Yes Bush vacationed quite a bit….but guess what the vast majority of his vacationing was done at his ranch in Texas which in total only cost the taxpayers around 50 million for his entire vacations, Obama however has been on many multimillion dollar vacations including a 100 million trip to Africa many trips to Martha’s Vineyard, ski trips for his wife and children, shopping sprees for his wife, The Obama’s spend taxpayer money like a bunch of stereotypical trailer park lottery winners. Not to mention the constant golfing, every time there’s a crisis he goes golfing. Add in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA snooping, IRS targeting, Extortion 17, the constant attack on the constitution, and numerous other scandals we know he’s involved in plus god knows how many other that we don’t yet know about, and Obama is the worst leader this country has ever had the misfortune to have at it’s helm. The one thing I fault Bush for was the Patriot act, yes at the time it sounded good but in reality it was a stepping stone for future leaders like Obama to violate our constitutional rights.

          • Dean Greener

            Valencia… do you know where Camp David is? In addition… Camp David is outfitted with the most sophisticated communications outside of the White House, and He gave up playing Golf. Your arguments aren’t holding any water… all you have to do is read Marie’s comments. You know… I got out of the Navy in 1985 and walked right over to the Civil Service office and applied for the exact same job that I had been doing in the Navy. I had been told by those in the field that I should have no problem getting the job as there were very few people who possessed the unique set of qualifications and schools it took to get the job. I passed the test easily and thought I had it made. I got my letter from the Civil Service and couldn’t wait to read it so you can’t imagine the shock and betrayal I felt when I read, “We regret to inform you that your application for the position… yada yada yada has been rejected (REJECTED… not will be kept on file) …yada yada yada… because “you do not meet the following criteria; you are not Black, Hispanic, Female or Native American”. When I went down there with the letter the Secretary was very sympathetic but said that there was nothing they could do. The position had been vacant for more than 2 years.

          • Rae Shue

            It was a WEEKEND. I’m not at work on the weekends. Not against the President taking a WEEKEND off. Do YOU work on your weekends? I guarantee not. You take that time to do what you want. If it’s a weekend, so what?

          • NewClassTraitor

            It’s not the black in 0bama we hate, it’s the red.

          • Duckie

            Yes, commies do bother me also… I guess I learned it from the films of my childhood… seeing them again on classic movie chnl reminds me of how the film industry brainwashed me.
            thanks god for those good things…..

          • tidclan

            PERFECTLY SAID!

          • talkto

            And the media loves him, ignoring his many shortfalls.

          • Al’s Grandpa

            There are worse administrators than Obama? He doesn’t deserve the disrespect?

            In what pseudo-reality do you live?

          • Valencia Winston

            The same one you do. He’s the leader of the free world. Twice…by a landslide.

          • Al’s Grandpa

            If we live in the same reality, how on earth can you possibly believe the tripe you are posting?

          • jdburke

            I think you misspelled truth, you put tripe.

          • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

            No, Garth spelled it correctly…..

          • Jill

            Landslide? His defeat of Romney and McCain did not even make the top ten. Using your logic, I presume you adored Reagan. His Carter and Mondale victories were the second and third largest defeats in American history.

          • Hiraghm

            Mondale only managed to take his home State… and iirc, there were doubts he’d keep that.

          • Ms Angel

            51.1% is not a landslide by any measure.

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            Heh. She said “landslide.”

            If I point out how bad she is at teh maths, does that make me racist too?

          • conservativechick

            Liberal math again. That’s what they’re teaching with Common Core!

          • Luke

            Common core is pushed by republicans more that democrats. That is not to say that the republicans are in a way “conservative.”

          • Hiraghm

            progressives and conservatives are the modern battle-lines. There are Democrats and Republicans, but there are as many Republican progressives as there are Democrat progressives. They want the same final destination, just via a different path.

            No longer can one conflate “Republican” with “conservative”. The Bushes whom the left love to vilify as being “conservative” were all, in fact, progressives; George sr, George jr and Jeb all 3. if one examines their policies and their rhetoric, it becomes clear.

          • Luke

            I was thinking the same thing earlier… that dems and repubs only want control, the only real difference is the order in which the individual aspects of our lives are assimilated into their control until they have everything

          • RED1958

            OH NO!!!! Not Common Core!!!!

          • Jens Christian

            I think the poster Valencia Winston is really Michelle Obama. Once again a progressive doesn’t have the facts and is in desperate need of a math lesson. Obama paid 15 million to have his records sealed. It is said his GPA was only 2.6 and he isn’t even remembered going to Columbia. Valerie Jarret carefully crafted him as Obama is really dim witted and can not speak or think without a teleprompter. I could go on and on but why bother. That landslide? Hah most of the votes were by dead people illegals and people that voted twice. The only reason he got back in is because the people wanted to keep their free stuff, well people nothing is free it comes with a price, and soon Obama will be collecting.

          • zj sky

            haha, to people like Valencia, everything is racist

          • Ryan Johnson

            the second time was extremely close, and this was something I noted at the time and I voted for Obama. Big mistake.

          • EdCrunk

            He barely squeaked by this last election. Presidents get raked over the coals. Obama has a fawning media and hasn’t gone thru a smidgen of what bush went thru… You’re just mad because the first black president is a failure.

          • TundraThunder

            He’s half-black.

          • 0bamasnought

            I hate his white half, the red half I expected because he has a D after his name.

          • Jay Stevens

            He is less than half black.

          • Hiraghm

            but all fail.

          • RED1958

            OMG!!!! And What’s even Worse than that is “He’s Half White”!!! OMG…….He’s Half Racist!!!!

          • Ryan Johnson

            I actually am pissed off about that, I’ll freely admit that.

          • J. Cox

            LOL…look up landslide.Reagan won by a landslide.Obama won by a few percentage points.

          • TocksNedlog

            With all due respect, that is an outright … misstatement.

          • Jimmie Boggs

            Because of racist black people, voter fraud, and lazy welfare recipients. That’s why he “won”. And we aren’t going to be free for much longer.

          • Jay Stevens

            Well then, why doesn’t he lead?

          • Hiraghm

            He is leading. He’s leading from his rear.

          • David R. Cheasman

            Landslide? Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

          • Du Lo

            Another moronic comment. HE did not win either election by a landslide. You live on another planet or something.

          • ideblasi

            His second tenure was bought and paid for through using my tax dollars that were taken from me by force. Leader of the free world? what world is that. There is no free world. We are nothing more than sheep being sheared.

          • Douglas Edgar

            you want to see how GREAT Democrats have been for Blacks? Let me send you a bus ticket to Detroit and you can check it out for yourself. THen make an EDUCATED statement.

          • Helena Starke

            Most votes were by dead people or illegal aliens !!!!!!!!

          • Hiraghm

            He was elected to the office twice, but was not eligible to hold it. Article 2, section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born citizen”. As Obama’s father was a British subject, he cannot be “natural born”. Citizen, yes. Natural born, no.

            In order to be a natural born citizens, per the Founding Fathers and the definition of “natural born citizen” they adopted from Vattel, one must be a citizen whose parents were citizens. This is the only way Article 2, section 1 clause 5 makes sense, and the reasoning is clear if one is aware of the in-breeding rampant in the European aristocracy, creating alliances for the good of the aristocracy in conflict with the best interests of individual nations.

            Queen Victoria was grandmother to Kaiser Wilhem, for example. King George III, the one we rebelled against, was the first British monarch of that name who spoke English as his first language, rather than German.

            And thank you for revealing A) the flaw of democracy (the Founding Fathers distrusted it) and B) the reason we’re a republic. That 300 million people chose to be idiots places no requirement on me to be an idiot, as well, simply because I’m outnumbered.

          • Summer

            There is plenty of proof he is not even a citizen.
            Yes, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is president because he is black.

          • It’s just me again

            Landslide? You might want to check your stats on that one.

          • Twila Clark

            Yeah he got into office through voter fraud, proven fact that people have been convicted for voting up to 6 times, dead people, and even Disney characters voted. Go figure. That is why the dems cry racists when it comes to voter id cards. WHO ARE THE RACISTS here?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Why can’t we have a fair election. 1 ID 1 VOTE! What is racist about that?

          • Jessica Grace

            Yeah landslide of multi votes from one person and dead people…it is called CHEATING!

          • Dwayne Jackson

            Valencia your comment merely proves the stupidity of the majority. Or were there other reasons he won? Hmmm.

          • Dale E.Gardner

            LOL…he hasn’t led a phucking thing since he was elected…twice.

          • Kerry Vail

            A landslide of illegal voters. Lets be more clear Winston. How many of you voted for him just because he’s black? THAT, my friend is a tainted victory. Nothing to be proud of.

          • PJ

            Our country is no longer free. Just ask most American’s

          • PJ

            Oh yeah. It wasn’t a landslide, in reality, it was a sham…

          • Jerrett Boehning

            Just your statements of “spend some time with “our people” are racist. Welcome to the United States of America. Here, You are American. Here, You are equal. Equal to participate, equal to divide. Organizations such as the NAACP, and the “African American Community” DIVIDE the country. Can you imagine going to any other country and saying I am American-African, or American-Japanese, or American-Chinese, or American-British, or American-French…?

            I (we) want to respect your culture and want you to embrace it. But when it comes to issues in the community your culture has no bearing on the outcome. If you kill, you are innocent until proven guilty. If you run in a race, you place based on the order you cross the line. If you study, your grade is based on the score of the test. If you decide to forgo taking the test, that is on you. In no case does your culture play any role in these outcomes.

            Truly, culture is so funny as many of those who claim “African” decent are many generations removed from African roots. And of all those who you hate so much there is not likely a single remaining person who participated in the atrocity of slavery. In the end you will earn far more respect by congratulating the award recipient in this case and hope that the opportunity to see the person you want to be awarded do so.

            How many government programs exist to further people based on their race? A MAJORITY of those favor those of minority cultures. So, basically, Europeans discover a land in 1492, colonize this land, earn independence from the monarchy in 1776, 1812, Spanish-American War, etc but then are to be conquered not by war, but through migration, immigration, legislation… socialism.

          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            A landslide? really? try only because of the big cities and shady voting. In port St Lucie there was 124% turnout in that city. That means that 24% more than were registered, voted. And oh yeah, big shock that it was a democratic stronghold. Stories like this ring true in Ohio. What do you think about the woman who voted SIX times for Obama? Landslide my backside.

          • David Akers

            He is the failed leader of OUR country, the rest of the world is laughing at him. He did NOT win by a landslide the second time, and to help you with your failed history, he should not even have been the nominee for the Democratic party the FIRST time. Ballot stuffing was proven to have helped him win the first time.

          • Elson Snider

            By rigged voting machines,where he got 108%,of the 100% vote????? Where in 9 districts( black) he received 100% of the vote,where he won every welfare State…….go figure!

          • zj sky

            He should have never been elected or even nominated. his background in terms of accomplishments is paper thin and people like you are enamored with making “historic” statements instead of voting for the politician who has experience. I am a conservative Valencia and can tell you that Hillary, as flawed as she is, would have been a better choice.

            Obama, even in his 5th year in office, is still woefully unprepared to lead our nation as he has barely led anything.

            PS – on a side note, he received north of 93% of the black vote in both elections. This is racist.

            PPS – please stop filling your kid’s head with imagery of an America stuck in 1955 Selma Alabama. YOu are not doing her any good by instructing her to assume racism in all parts of life. We are such a racist country with a BLACK PRESIDENT.

          • 364NKL

            And PLENTY of voter fraud and support from welfare rats like yourself.

          • Joanne Mooney-King

            not free for much longer………..just got dropped from my healthcare…….Dr.s said we are being socialized…….people everywhere are scared……..I know quite a few people, from other countries…..all their medical care is socialized…….it’s beyond awful. They wait months for care….they are a number on a list. Why anyone would want that for their kids…unreal. My dad lived through the depression… neighbors were in Nazi Germany and lost their families..other friends fled from Cuba…..they can tell you about history….and why they fear these changes. Because they know….they’ve lived it….they didn’t read it or hear about it….they lived it and they know what these changes mean…. Never just believe what a politician tells you…..not any of them. They promise you one thing and do another behind your back. They all do it….but, this is all changing our country…what it is founded on. We are not perfect……..but, we’ve always been free….not under gov. supervision.

          • William Robert Guerra

            only by voter fraud

          • tidclan

            Last time I checked, THAT was Vladimir Putin who played our President like a cheap violin! AND NOT BY A LANDSLIDE… He won by the U. S. Electoral College.

          • HaHa

            He’s a the joke of the free world. Need to make a correct statement. Putin is more of a leader than Obama. After all Putin got Assad to agree to give up his chemical weapons. Obama hid behind congress cause he was to incompetent to get the job done.

          • JustLurkin

            Oh, good Lord, did you say LANDSLIDE? Such a liar.

          • Grace

            Yes, he did.. through voter fraud. How else can you explain winning in some districts by 110% or people long dead voting for him or people voting four or five times for him AND PROUD OF IT!!

          • TDS

            The disrespect Obama gets IS 100% deserved, and it has NOTHING to do with his race, it has to do with the fact that his policies SUCK.

          • ObamaFail

            You’re pathetic. We’ve had worse administrations than this one? no we haven’t. Things are worse now than they’ve ever been, quit giving Obama a free pass just because he’s black. And this is AMERICA. I can have whatever opinion I want, you are the true racist since you see fit to hide behind your skin color.

          • immanuelgoldstein

            Race relations in this country are worse than any time since the Sixties. They are worse because Obama and his crew have been incessantly, constantly using accusations of racism as a political weapon. The head of ACORN just said that they should align themselves with Hispanics and Asians, and thus outnumber the whites in this country. As if Hispanics and Asians would want to have anything to do with that bunch of losers.

          • Paul

            barry soetero is a lying scumbag marxist piece of dog feces. he could be green for all i care. he is scum.

          • Jill

            The President has had a more adversarial opposition than Bush? Really?

          • NewClassTraitor

            she must be mainlining LSD if she believes that

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            Only one person “processing” racism here…

          • Derek

            Thank you for giving a great example of an entitlement attitude. Hate to tell you, but Claire Danes is an outstanding actress, much like Washington. Either of them deserved the award, but you have no proof racism was involved, and yet you’re crying it. The ironic thing is that you’re crying racism, and it’s your fellow leftists are awarding the Emmys…

          • EdCrunk

            You make me sick.

          • towerclimber37

            undeserved?? 4 dead americans in Benghazi, dead border patrol agents and running guns to mexican drug cartels and his disrespect is undeserved?? you’re on crack!
            he blamed 4 American deaths (1 an ambassador) on A FREAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO!
            He was hired because he was black, he’ll be fired because he’s useless. Don’t let that be the face of Black America. Stop it with the “I’m black I deserve something” b.s.

          • c2

            Our president goes through hell? Which part? Hell’s golf course? Hell’s basketball court? Hell’s five-star dining experience? Hell’s concert hall?

            Not enough Wagyu beef or multi-million dollar vacations (every few weeks)?

            Please. Give us a break.

          • TocksNedlog

            To be fair, that 2-for-22 performance on Easter Sunday WAS a special kind of Hell.

          • c2

            Yeah, I guess for him it was. I found it freaking hilarious.

          • Iceman00767

            Don’t forget Hell’s Hawaii!!!

          • James McLarey

            What happened to our racist country when a black man was elected president twice, when two blacks won for best actor & actress for 2001? Fairly earned? You actually lost all credibility when you said that African Americans have never gotten anything for free…..maybe the most absurd thing I have ever read.

          • Golphin

            What about the cRAP awards?
            Don’t see many whites walking away with awards there.

          • zj sky

            yeah I caught that nothing for free thing and was like “say whaaaaaaatttt”. Valencia – take a trip to Newark or New Orleans or Detroit and witness the generational welfare ** drops mic**

          • Ryan Johnson

            Nah, I’ve lived through Bush Senior, Clinton (the one where I wasn’t a baby), Bush 2, and Obama. Out of all those? Obama’s definitely been the worst.

          • Matt

            Some blacks have become nothing more than professional victims, if something/anything doesn’t go their way it’s “racism”. And of course the little white guilt libs will fall in line too.

          • Ms Angel

            It’s called the culture of victimhood. And THIS Black woman is proud to not subscribe to it or believe in it!

          • BlahBlah

            Thank God white George W Bush never got any criticism. This was because he is white. Only baby Barack ever gets criticized and this is only because he is black.

          • Maxwell

            “Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily. There have been far worst administrators, but they disrespect that he get’s is undeserved.”

            One of the smartest things ever said to me was, “Every President is the most hated President in the history of the United States. It just depends on who you talk to.”

            Realistically, Obama is no more hated than Bush, who, in turn, was no more hated than Clinton; depending on who you speak with. If you speak with Neo-Nazis, then yeah, it’s going to seem like Obama is the most hated person on the planet. If I’m talking to PETA (yes, I am comparing those two on equal footing) then they’ll probably say Bush is the Devil.

          • ideblasi

            Look to your Black leaders for the reason acknowledgement hasn’t come your way in the numbers you think they should. By the way look around there are plenty of Blacks in all kinds of prominent positions in the media and in entertainment.

          • Andrew Jamz Bassett

            I agree with you…the President in no way earned anything he’s gotten in life.

          • Craig

            Let it go there are bigger things on this earth to be concerned about then some stupid award.

          • Hiraghm

            Well… there’s that Nobel Peace Prize Obama got for free, having done absolutely nothing to earn it… Then again, he’s only half black…

          • Tom Putty

            This is so pathetically retarded it’s not even funny. If you REALLY believe this about some racial struggle, then you’re part of the problem. Your beloved communist, piece of crap excuse of a president goes through “hell” daily because he is a scum sucking, anti-American communist who I hope smokes a turd in hell. You’re living a lie, lady … wake up.

          • Rachael

            1) It seems you’ve never seen Homeland 2) You believe in affirmative action even in awards shows 3) That in of itself is racist

          • pacman116

            LOL!! You ever hear of affirmative action? Maybe THE worst thing this country has ever done. Well, social security ranks up there too. Your argument is bordering on asinine.

          • Ready4Oligarchy

            Can we PLEASE just let one black person have every achievement or award. Let us have an all black Congress, and all black Executive branch and all black Supreme court justices. Then let us have black award recipients for everything. I mean, Ms. Winston does not want blacks to succeed as much as she wants them to be paid back for years of suffering. As if no other color of skin was ever forced to suffer.

            Humans are a race and people like you, Ms. Winston, deserve to feel pitiful for refusing to stand up for yourselves. You let Big Brother keep you down by giving you what you “need” in exchange for votes and blind obedience. You quickly rally behind and support the same policies as BUSH in so many regards its sickening, just because Obama is half black and you have chosen Him as your prescient. You care nothing for civil liberties as long as an equal number of dark colored people get to feel special just like all those light colored people. Skin color is by far the most important characteristic in your small mind so you cling to it.

            If you can find it, go back and read all the hate that was spewed about Bush, war crimes, ignoring Congress, spending and borrowing, and then with a straight face tell me that most of it couldn’t also apply to the half African who makes you so proud. Personally, I reject most of what BUSH did post 9/11. Not because he was white, but because what he was doing was wrong. We should never go to war without a formal declaration and we should not borrow from our future to pay for irresponsibility today.

            God help us if we get a more militant power hungry dictator of any color to lead this country. Should that day come, I will stand against the tyrant, even if he happens to be black. We know where you will be, Ms. Winston. At least, if the color is right.

          • RK

            Valencia, the Pres. is not even black. He is half white/half black. And please, the hell he goes through has 0 to do with his skin color and more about his agenda, policies, and anti-American beliefs. Quit screaming racism at every damn thing. Lets talk about the racism of Affirmative Action where blacks are handed jobs over other candidates of other races that may be more qualified than them, or Miss Black America, BET, etc. The only thing holding back a black person today is your own attitude. You have every tool in the world to succeed. It is up to you to go out and do it.

          • Jessica Grace

            No there has never been a worse president EVER! And not because he is (half) black, but because he is a friggin’ MORON and those come in all colors!

          • Eliza

            Everything you have said is “racist” you are teaching your child that based on the “color of her skin” she should have things handed to her, rather than on the “content of her character. You and those like you are teaching children to hate based on color and that is so wrong. Did it not occur to you that perhaps Claire Danes was just better. Does it occur to you that Kerry Washington does not share your opinion and looks at it as the “better WOMAN” won. This is not about race this is about talent. So, get off your sad, sad, racist soap box and teach your 12 year old that it will be her character that will make her a wonderful woman and human being. Period.

          • Kerry Vail

            “There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free.”

            Yeh right, tell that to every multimillion dollar African American pro sports athlete. Millions and millions of dollars to play a worthless game. You want to see racism, look no further than the black community. Blacks have kept racism alive for the past 50 years. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama…………the worlds biggest race hustlers. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, these guys have turned it into a nightmare.

          • Eliza

            Hey Valencia, I am a white girl born in America, yet I am more African-American than you are. My parents were born in North Africa, I am first generation American. Which means I can trace my African roots more than you can. So hyphenating your race does not work. You are born here, as was I, which makes us AMERICAN.

          • David Akers

            You are NOT supposed to get anything for free. Everything I have in life I have EARNED. Once people get that idea through their heads, THAT will be the day that racism (and losers crying about racism) ends. Free handouts are NOT free. Someone has to pay for them and that only causes strife. If you don’t get something you want, TRY HARDER next time. DON’T cry racism, you only CREATE racism and bigotry when you do.

          • Sandy Roberts Russell

            Our President is going through “hell”? Um, no, because of his color he has been given a free pass. I can guarantee you that he has done some things worthy of impeachment, but that will never happen BECAUSE he is the first Black President. PS. he is half white. the mainstream media is continuing to bury scandals and stories. If anything, he is given a free pass!

          • The_Irish_Samurai

            I would point out that by Using President Obama as an example you invalidate your own argument. A. Hes the PRESIDENT of the United States. How the heck did that happen in this country if there is an overwhelming racial bias? Blacks arent the majority in the country so somebody else must have voted for him. 2. He won the Nobel Peace Prize (ha) but for what? He had won before he was even inaugurated but what did he win for? That was ‘feel good’ pandering that was given to him for all the wrong reasons. As to Kerry out acting Claire Danes that is purely your OPINION and by no means a Fact. I say this being a fan of Kerry Washington and not so much of Claire Danes. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Washington this year at the BET Awards and she is a strikingly lovely lady. I dont think its discrimination that she didnt win. The problem is there are a plethora of talented black actresses out there that dont get nominated in the first place. Thats where the focus would be better placed I think. This thread and many of the comments in it are detrimental to race relations in thsi country because many of grow tired of every time something goes sideways of the race card being thrown. Its become a tactic, the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, and it does a disservice to the cause because it is used so frequently as a ploy that when racism truly IS at work its more easily disregarded. Choose your battles wisely, folks, because the nonsense on this page is exactly that. Automatically accusing a person or group of racial bias because they are of a different color is ALSO racist. There were all sorts of things I disagreed with as a matter of taste and opinion as to Emmys last night and Kerry Washington losing was only one of them.

          • Dennis Carr

            “We want justice and equality sometimes, without it always having to go through the process of racism before it is achieved.” How about going though the process of getting a job? How about not having children and no father? All you have done is made sure that I will never validate Claire Danes by seeing the movie, I have to put in in that little pile for “probably racist” stuff. Like why is there a “Congressional Black Caucus”? Is that a group that does not allow other races whatever they be? Probably, but you will say that it is not Racist! I have my doubts about that.. Perhaps if you would work on the problem of 1.4 murders in Chit-ago caused by gang bangers, I would be tempted to listen. Odd thing was at ten years old I hung out with a black man, gentle and hardworking in a suburb of chit-ago. Nicest guy I have ever meant, happy to do his odd jobs around town.. Trusted! Can find trust anymore..

          • Michelle Fugatt

            Why don’t you ask an American Indian who “fairly” THEY have been treated???? That is….if you can find one that isn’t still living on a reservation. They were SLAUGHTERED for their land, which they’ve NEVER been given back by the way……STOP with the race card crap…it’s worn out old tattered and torn. There is racism from ALL sides

          • SickofDumocrats

            POTUS gets shit because he is a moron! Remember – only half of him is black. Washington didn’t get award because she didn’t EARN it!!

          • Hangmn

            Obama goes through what he goes through because he is a douche bag – he just happens to be a Black Douche Bag

          • Kathy Jacobsen Meng

            It stuns me how most people forget your president is half white, and we don’t like that half either!

          • 1911HeadBanger

            Hahahahahahaha….look at what OUR President has to go through everyday? Here’s a clue DUMBASS. What did YOU say about Bush the entire time he was in office? I remember everyday hearing Blacks scream about Reagan being racist and other assorted bullshit. You’re playing the victim because you prefer to play the victim. Only a po’ black victim like you can scream racism and yell about Blacks not getting a fair shake, then talk about a Black President in the Whitehouse in the same damn post. Grow up and stop bitching about life. And while you’re at it, go get a fucking job where you have to succeed. You know…. another job beside being a Professional Victim.

          • Dave Wrenn

            @Valencia Your president goes through hell every day because he is a liar and a scum bag! The disrespect he gets is earned everyday!

          • genie forsyth

            Does Clare get to have justice and equality or does she have to give it to the poor African American girl ; how racist is that .and disrespectful to both talented women. Check your bias at the door please. Halle Berry won an Oscar and she is half white, does that count as half an Oscar for each race ? How silly and petty people have become.

          • RMK

            That’s just the point. Our current President is the worst in history and people hate him because his policies suck and he is destroying our country. But, because he is black anyone that disagrees with him is racist. I agree its racism – but it’s you and your ilk that are the racists. Keep throwing that card because its all you’ve got. But you’re quickly running out of those cards – it’ll be interesting to see what happens when you have to show up with something substantial.

          • Harland Taylor

            trust me, Valencia, Nixon is the only president that has come close to Obama’s stank and yet he is lightyears better than obama

          • linreis

            don’t you think the very fact that YOU are pulling a race card by assuming everybody is racist because they don’t agree with you, might be a little off the charts ‘racist’…there are plenty of people who are nominated each and every year and have never won…your attitude that a black woman MUST win over other talented women because she is black is itself racist, and a very big attitude problem with black people. YOU do not deserve anything because you are black…you work at things, be the best you can be, and then you win.
            Seriously, why don’t you focus on important things that hold black people back, like the millions of children growing up without fathers, or fathers who stop in once in a while to make another baby wit their bitches. What is that?

          • Annette Shepard

            Valencia you are part of the problem not the solution. If you voted for the current piece of poop in the Whitehouse because he was black you are wrong. He isn’t black. He is a mutt if you will. A Heinz 57. He is HALF WHITE right? Oh wait that’s a convenient fact none of the BLACK voters want to see. And frankly I am ashamed of his white heritage because she was just a socialist that wanted to piss off “white” Americans. She didn’t piss me off and if you think the current President isn’t the WORST President in history than you my dear are TRULY COLOR BLIND and RACIST. The democrats have consistently kept the Black population in a bad place and yet they don’t see it. Your best leader EVER was Martin Luther Kind and he would be ashamed of Obama of that you can be sure.

          • Dee Slaght

            why must people always pull the damn race card??? Seriously there were a lot of great actresses up for the award and they chose based on a non bias vote..stop whining about it being racist …people need to earn what they get not be handed something just because of their skin color.That is what is wrong with this country lately everyone cries racist if they don’t get what they want , look at the mess we are in because we have allowed the race card to be played …grow up and get over it

          • Ronald W. Mann

            The farce in the White House is an incompetent buffoon, wouldn’t matter if he were green

          • RED1958

            So what you’re saying is that We, as White People should be allowed a White Version of the NAACP, and a WET(White Entertainment Television), A United White Boys College Fund, and all the other Things the Blacks are allowed that the Whites Aren’t Allowed??
            Get a Life Lady!! And Stop Teaching Your Children to be Racists like You and I seem to be!!!
            Let the Racism Die Out with Our Generation!!!

          • tidclan

            How do you explain Denzel Washington’s resume of excellence and all the award he has received? What about Oprah and all her awards? James Earl Jones? Morgan Freeman? Will Smith? Jamie Foxx? …and countless others that have EARNED THEIR PLACE! NFL/NBA Stars….Predominately African American! Music? Valencia: Your LAST SENTENCE was ridiculous and completely UNTRUE EXCEPT in the case of a recent NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER: Totally UNEARNED AND UNDESERVED! There WAS NO justice NOR equality in judgment.

          • pdigaudio

            Your Piece of Shit President. Not mine. You own the bastard.

          • unionssuck

            lol do u not remember what Bush had to go through? obama is not a good president, read and learn

          • I-Defy

            Because he is doing a terrible job and blames everyone else for it. Barry Obama in charge of everything responsible for nothing.
            You play the race/victim card too much its getting tiresome and losing its power. The Community who cried wolf

          • dadavis65

            Have you ever even watched Homeland?

          • Richard Hamilton

            If you were to actually read all of what Dr Rev Martin Luther Kng Jr had to say you would see he would be ashamed of all you just said.

            You did notice I typed the full name and title of the man,, right?

          • hatelibs

            Its so sad, you see racism in EVERYTHING! The fact you can’t even acknowledge the slightest notion that Claire Danes won on talent alone is sad. Because its all about race, I hope it doesn’t taint every aspect of your life because that is a sad existence.

          • Dingus

            Thats funny. I didn’t vote for Obama. Never would have. I researched his back ground. What there is of it. Didn’t like him. I was rooting for Hermman Cain. I was so excited to see someone with some sense trying for office. And just GIVING her the award because it would have been historic would have been a travisty. I will say the same if it were just GIVEN to ANY ONE if it were done merely for the “sake” of it. Like giving one to a guy that died of an over dose…white guy of course. I was so pissed when they announced that. I follow talent. Skill. Ability. Not color race or religion. So by saying you would want her to have been GIVEN it for the sake of historic value well thats about as asinine as you can get.

          • Woody Young

            Want some cheese with that wine fool?

          • rickmcknight

            What about “Affirmative Action” and Welfare, Public Housing, Cell phones, Food Stamps, etc, etc. Nothing free?

          • Ruth Young

            Claire Danes is great actor, and has been at it for year’s!!

          • ann B

            You all would vote for ANYONE providing he’s black. That’s what most of you did when Obama won 3.5 years ago. He’s incompetent but not one of you will admit it. You’re the onces that are racist, not us.

          • PrinciplesInLife

            Your president is being criticized daily because he is incompetent and stupid. Deal with it.

          • marylamb72

            Look what you put the last president through daily. When someone carried a sign at a protest “bomb the whitehouse Kill Bush. Nobody blinked. Can you even Imagine if someone did that now with Obama’s name on it? What a bunch of whiners. It’s a freaking award for PRETENDING to be someone else.

          • tallron

            Sorry but there has never been a wose screwup in modern times than Obama.. Only Carter comes close. Affirmative action taints your entire community, since no one can know who wins on merit and who wins on AA. Just hope this “community organizer” doesnt stumble into WW 3

          • RLEE

            Please name one administration that has been worse then Obamas? and to say look at the stuff he has to go through on a daily basis what pray tell is he going through? the media give him a pass like know president ever before him, and people that do speak out against him get hassled by this administration. And you say there is nothing blacks have gotten for free.. who in this country is supposed to get stuff for free? Not to mention studios and all these award groups are liberals who say they aren’t racist so maybe they are the problem.. not that I’m saying Kerry Washington should have won just saying blame the liberals..

          • Jason Wade Prater

            The president goes thru hell because he is a terrible president with no redeemable qualities, its not cause he is black. You are just another one of THOSE people who cry racism at the drop of a hat. Get over it. The world doesn’t owe you a thing. Earn it and until you do, shut up like the rest of us.

          • alexander

            “. . . for African Americans things have never, and are never fairly earned”
            You got that right, because with affirmative action, they unfairly get jobs over whites because of the color of their skin rather than quality of performance. That’s unfair for them to do that.

            “There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free”
            So are you saying that African Americans deserve to get free stuff, just because of the color of their skin? I haven’t received anything for free, and I’m white! In fact, I have to pay more for college because I’m not a minority.

            “Truth is Claire Danes did not out act Kerry Washington. No way, No how.”
            Difference of opinion than that of the judges. You are not a judge, please respect your place in this.

            “No one is asking for anything for ‘free’ “.
            You did, not even two sentences prior to that sentence.

            “We want justice and equality sometimes, without it always having to go through the process of racism before it is achieved.”
            Within this ENTIRE comment, you demand that the judges give Kerry Washington the award unfairly, because she is black. This is not “equal”. This is not “justice”. You, and people like you, will only look at the race of the situation. Therefore, it is only you and people like you that are the racists.

          • Crystal Gayle Osborne

            Actualy, Clair Danes resume is a hell of alot thicker then Kerry washington. In fact by miles, so in that repect Clair has out worked Kerry so tell me again why Kerry should have gotten it? Oh ya thats right because Black trumps hard work.

          • Anthony Dio

            People judge those that are different and all the whining or awards in the world will not change that fact.Yes,your President is a real class act from Chicago.You lost my support even mentioning him.Color brought Obama in,nothing else.You like gifts like that Valencia? A unqualified community organizer and self esteemed member of that crooked Daley machine?

          • Rationalthinker

            You actually want to stand by the remark of ” is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free.” ?

            Really? Your argument would be much shorter if you listed the things your race has EARNED.

          • Melissa Thayer Jones

            Quit playing the victim. I’m guessing Kerry Washington is sick of the racist stuff too. You seem to be racist against white people.
            The POTUS is getting grief because his policies suck. has nothing to do with his color.

          • Cindy Stornetta Tavare

            Our President is President because he is black not because he deserves to be president. He even got the Noble Peace Prize in 2009 for not doing anything. That is wrong. I did not watch the Emmys, but I love Scandal and I love Kerry Washington.

          • kobrien674

            When you criticised Bush was it because of his race? That’s what you’re saying about Obama’s critics even though the criticism is mostly about his policies and not the person. More whites voted for Obama than blacks. So in essence you’re saying you’re racist because criticising the president is racist. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because you’re black. That’s racist in itself. There’s nothing wrong with being black though you teach your daughter that there IS something wrong with her skin color. You teach her racism.

          • Gary Iampaglia

            You are the racist. You just said it yourself—there is a black man in the white. Stop playing the race card and GROW UP. And as far as worse administrators—–obama is a Marxist.

          • kobrien674

            You say you want “justice and equality”? No you don’t. What do you think those words mean? You want equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Is that because you don’t believe black people can compete given the same opportunity? Wanting Washington to win because of her skin color is racist, and degrading/insulting to her as an actress. What would you think if someone said they wanted a person to be selected or elected because of their skin color? How about if they said their white skin color? You’s say they’re a racist, and you’d be right. So you wanting Washington to win, not on her merits but because of her skin color, is racist, and disrespects her talents.You want special outcomes for black people because they’re black people. Do you think that’s justice? Get over it, and compete with equal opportunity.

          • glassa

            “Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily.”

            Valencia, EVERY president has gone through hell! Actually, several of them were shot & lost their lives. But you think it’s different because Obama’s black? James Buchanan said this to Abe Lincoln “If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering this house as I am in leaving it, you are the happiest man in this country.”

            So stop with the sanctimonious boo hooing for Obama & how bad he’s got it. He wanted the job. And just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean people are racist. It’s really sad how much you’ve been brainwashed to believe that anything that doesn’t suck up to black people (or Obama himself) is racist. Do you want equality, or do you want everyone treating you like a child?

          • Seabass120

            Obama has earned his hell fairly.

          • heather

            Do You watch Homeland?

          • Jill Gerber

            I’ve never watched either show, so have zero opinion on who I think should have won, but that’s just it. In your opinion Kerry Washington should have won, and you’re more than welcome to your opinion. Unfortunately your opinion differed from the “expert judges” that determine who wins an Emmy. The judges for these types of award shows tend to be other actors and professionals involved in TV and film. People like that are going to see an actors performance differently than you and I. The people working in the industry have a different perspective.
            I do have one question for you, you may not like it, but it does follow your logic. Is it fair that President Obama won a second term as president over Mitt Romney who has never been president before?

          • JanGR

            There is noting in this world that I have ever gotten for free either. I’ve worked since I was 18. Most of the time both my husband and I had two jobs each. We worked so our kid could have what we didn’t. And then she worked for what she has and she’s now losing it all because she is a 38 year old white woman with a college education who can’t get a job because there are lesser qualified people of color who get priority. Show me where that is fair?

          • Clete Torres ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            That’s BS because for African Americans…

            Stop right there.

            Unless you have emigrated from Africa, you are NOT African-anything. If you were born in the US, you are an American. Period.

            Enough with the hyphenated BS already.

            Did you ever think that maybe we’d hear you better if you didn’t try so damed hard to be separate from regular Americans?

          • Peggy Johnston

            You said “Hell, yes,” that Kerry Washington should have received the Emmy for no other reason than her race. SERIOUSLY!? Don’t you think she would rather EARN it? As for Obama, first he IS HALF WHITE. Secondly, I have personally never heard anyone disrespect him because he is HALF BLACK. Rather, they disrespect him because of his shady character.

          • Susan Kohler

            Your president, he is not mine, is by far the worst president ever, not because of his race but because of his character. He’s arming the Syrian rebels, for example, and they are tied to the terrorist group who attacked the WTC! In plain English, he’s arming enemies who have attacked us, who are beheading Christians, who sawed a living child in half, and who cut out a dead soldiers heart and ate it–and how do we know about these atrocities? They posted them on you tube! He let 4 people die in Benghazi and LIED to us about it, he uses executive orders far outside the scope of the Constitution, and you say there were far worse administrators then this man? I wish more blacks would heed Dr. King’s words and judge his character, not his skin.

          • blaze2453

            Valencia, get a life. You win, you lose, nobody really gives s__t. Candace Glover won American Idol because she was better than the others. Claire Dane is better than Kerry Washington. Get over it.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            Your racist, and dumb. It’s too bad the rest of us have to live with such stupidity.

          • Antonio Aguirre

            I’m sorry but our president goes through that daily because he is the worst president ever!! And I voted for him and still regretting it.

          • Eli Plantz

            NEWSFLASH!! Obama is not black. He is Bi-racial. Not up for debate. Get your head out of your ass and do something. Quit crying foul at everything. Not everything is racist. However, you are!

          • Lou Ferrao

            Perhaps because he deserves it and brought upon himself! It has nothing to do with racism. If we take that thought process and we are racist he would never have been elected President!

          • Dee

            “Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily. There have been far worst administrators, but they disrespect that he get’s is undeserved.”

            No, no there hasn’t been a worse president, not even Carter. But trust me, we were brutal with Clinton, too.

            “Truth is Claire Danes did not out act Kerry Washington.”
            In my opinion, Russell Crowe out acted the living heck out of Denzel Washington a few years back (A Beautiful Mind vs Training day — no contest really) , but they gave Denzel his moment — YOUR moment. So there! We’re even.

          • Connor

            I am just going to offer counterpoints to each of your arguments from top to bottom, here goes:

            “That’s BS because for African Americans things have never, and are never fairly earned.”
            This just doesn’t make sense. The American Civil War left more than half a million Americans dead (honestly who cares what color skin they are, they fought and died for their beliefs), sure African Americans have had a lot of hate and wrongful things directed at them in the past, but the so have Caucasian Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans (in World War Two it was Japanese Americans who were forced to leave their homes so that they couldn’t spy for Japan, not Black Americans.) so to say that you have never earned anything fairly is a miss-statement.

            “Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily. There have been far worst administrators, but they disrespect that he get’s is undeserved.”
            Okay, President Obama is getting far less flak from the media than President Bush did. Lets look at numbers first though, in 8-years Pres. Bush raised the National Debt by 4.8 trillion Dollars (A lot yes, but over 8 years averages to 600 billion a year). Now, in 4 years, Pres. Obama raised the National Debt a whopping 5.6 trillion Dollars (Tell me that the some of the flak he catches isn’t deserved now.) Next lets look at some international crises that President Obama has had to deal with, Syria to start. Bashar Al-Assad or the Syrian Rebels, no one really knows yet, unleashed Sarin gas on the populace of Syria. President Obama waits a substantial amount of time LESS than President Bush did to make a call to arms. Pres. Bush waited a total of 18 months before invading Ba’athist Iraq in 2003, got an international coalition together and a UN Security Council Okay. Pres. Obama waits, about a month and a half, makes this rapid call to arms with the United Kingdom, France and Israel, can’t get action to pass because there is no reason for it, AND the UK backed out after parliament voted no. President Obama also gets far less hate from the media than Pres. Bush did. President Bush is seen as this monster who thrust us into two wars that America didn’t need to get involved in (which we did actually Afghanistan was harboring the men responsible for the deaths of over 3000 Americans, and Iraq was harboring cells of the same organization and manufacturing and storing Chemical Weapons, and some Yellow Cake Uranium which is believed to have been moved to Syria.) Pres. Obama was hailed by most of the media as this man who would bring change and that anyone who didn’t vote for him was a racist(balderdash by the way). His “Affordable” Healthcare Act…isn’t. When that law takes effect it will cause a .9% increase in taxes across the board, which means HE GETS MORE OF YOUR MONEY! Also, the current Unemployment Numbers, 10.1 percent. Pres. Obama has tried to do what FDR did in the 1930s-40s, he tried to create jobs through the public sector and government funding, which means we have to raise taxes and that money goes to our broken social welfare system. So the “Disrespect” he gets from all of FOX NEWS and other lesser known Conservative news groups is pretty well founded.

            “There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free.”
            I don’t even know where to begin with this frankly. Our Social Welfare system is so broken that a large portion of minorities (Not just African Americans) have this feeling of god-given entitlement to the money they didn’t earn so they can pay for the car they can’t afford. They exploit the system and expect people to feel sorry for them when they realize that they can’t afford one months rent after they take American tax-payer dollars and don’t pay their own in return. I don’t want to hear about what no one gets for free, Whites have not gotten anything for free in America either. Whites, along with Blacks, Asians, Latinos, etc. have fought and died for our right to hold this debate on this website, there is no reason to say that just African Americans are the ones who have worked for what they have, that is a false statement to the core.

            I am going to skip the whole Emmy things, I don’t watch Primetime TV for this exact reason, someone loses and everyone loses their minds.

            “We want justice and equality sometimes, without it always having to go through the process of racism before it is achieved.”
            What? Justice and equality sometimes? Not all the time? Process of racism? Listen, American’s are all entitled to the same rights judicially and legally. Racism is not a process, White people were hated and murdered long before America’s existence. Whites across Europe were murdered, enslaved, tortured, and more just for being a different religion, or for being of a different social class, this racism thing isn’t new, and I hate to point this out, but if you think the “Academy” is “Racist” then look at Josef Stalin (Leader of the Soviet Union from Lenin’s Death until his own in 1953). He is responsible for the death’s of more than 12 million people either by forced labor, execution, imprisonment, starvation, and more. All of the people he had killed, white. He didn’t even save his own son, who was captured by Germans in WW2 and later died. You want to talk about injustice? Then look at the Middle East where if you were to say this in public, you would have acid thrown in your face, and in some countries beheaded or stoned to death. Think about that then try and tell others what injustice is, please grow up and stop “crying wolf” over TV Show Awards.

          • Johnny Rader Hoskins

            Hmmmm.. Did you say President????? That is a pretty big success story to me…. You are the Racist Lady!

          • BigL

            I musst disagree, there has NEVER been a worse president, it’s his policies not his half black skin color that makes him so.

          • Neil Hawke IV

            Haha, guess who conservatives love? Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Allen West, Mia Love, Chelsi Henry, Artur Davis, Tim Scott, and Wayne Dupree. You’re so stupid there aren’t words to describe you. Stupid and racially motivated. And probably lazy, since you seem to be looking for handouts.

          • Neil Hawke IV

            Furthermore, acting is pretty subjective. ‘Crash’ did not deserve to win an Oscar, probably, and if I had my way Bryan Cranston would’ve won again this year for Breaking Bad. And I hate The Big Bang Theory. But come on. It’s all opinion.

          • heather

            Do you watch Homeland??

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            he deserves every moment of disrespect he ever gets and more he has done nothing but lie since day one of his career in politics . if he was all white he would have been hung for treason already. educate yourself and stop talking like this maniac deserves respect. he is a fanatic MBH supporter who has done nothing but incite racial hate , try to bring about sharia law..[how do you like your burlap tent you’ll be wearing?] and economic ruin on america. you are either vapidly empty headed or are believing way too many lies about the greatest con man to ever sit in the oval office..when he isn’t on vacation or playing golf. or messing in places even angels fear to tread. or destroying the greatest LAW document of freedom ever written,. the very same document that freed your ancestors from servitude that your own people sold you into. every president ever assassinated was killed by a democrat.. even Lincoln. So were MLK and Malcolm X… the democratic party is the Klan.. and still keeping you as indentured servants.. wake up . your government is the problem.. not the whites. your black caucus wants to flood america with illegals.. soon no american will have a job. obamacare has already cause layoffs in the 100K bracket. under obamacare if u have cancer. you will die. anything above a cold will take a specialist . and the obamacare isnt paying for specialists. I read the damn thing..20 times.. and its still confusing. but one thing is clear they will be able to steal your children. and and kill you when you get old. nice future you elected. all because your after some free shit. well I got news for ya. without the working class whites and blacks the africans wouldnt have crap.and obozo is destroying the working class every day..and the rich folks of ALL colors are leaving america with their money everyday, more and more leave. thank your messiah the day you start to feel hungry..

          • Scott P Bienvenu

            he pretty much brought it upon himself. friends are radicals, socialists, communists. His parents and grandparents were communists, his friends are communists, his monetary policies are keynesians which have always failed, supports his cronies getting rich at taxpayers expense, yes repubs do it to. He has been a joke and always will be. Yet the low information people will continue to support him as they always have. Amnesty for tens of millions of illegals which will Steal precious jobs from bla cks. yeah lets continue to support him as he undermines the bla ck community. In louisiana, voucher program so poor kids parents can actually choose Good schools for their kids. a chance to a better school, a better education, a WAY OUT of poverty. Nah, Obama and holder want them du mb stu pid and poor and dependent on the govt forever. Wake up!

          • Sallyann

            I thought the President’s mother is white?! Hmmm I must’ve seen that somewhere else. So, I guess that makes him ALL black…hypocrites who make stuff up as they go along to suit themselves are hilarious. Kerry Washington didn’t win, because Claire Daines got more votes. More ppl thought she did a better job. I’m calling racism because #ConnieBritton didn’t win for Nashville! Not ONE southerner has won this! So, just because the South lost the Civil War means that the North is better. #damnsouthcan’tcatchabreak! I hope you see how stupid your argument is. Best thing for you to do is keep this racist shit going! We’re never gonna get past this as a country if y’all don’t stop pining over what happened 150 yrs ago, or even 53 yrs ago!

          • Tim Tyson

            Justice…on earth? aint gonna happen. The world is corrupt to its core. Many people believe Claire deserved the award. Lets be honest, there is plenty of favoritism these days towards color. Bigotry exist and always will. Sad….but true

          • Russell R Weller

            I suspect that you are not up to date on modern African American (AA) culture; because, that speech you just gave about life being unfair is utter crap. AAs become successful everyday in this nation. Do you want to know who works the hardest to undermine their success? The left leaning AA communities. They label any successful African American as a traitor to their race, “Uncle Tom,” then proceed to tarnish every thing they have achieved. Urban logic says that if they are educated and making loads of money, then you MUST to be white (and racist against blacks). This is incredibly absurd and it is bad logic; yet, it is perpetuated by the mass media and accepted by the a large percentage of the AA population. I can rattle off a few names of successful black people right now that AAs despise for petty reasons: Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Stacey Dash and Juan Williams. Did you ever see the movie Pursuit of Happiness? It’s the true story of a man named Chris Gardner who worked his way up from nothing to be hugely successful in life. He’s not exactly the idea role model in AA communities, because he doesn’t rap about driving around the neighborhood capping other blacks. You hate them when they make it to the top; I wonder why they have such a low success rate. Oh and Obama goes through hell because he is an absolute idiot, this is pretty much the general consensus of the entire planet by this point. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something a little more productive, it might get you further in life and may inadvertently have the effect of earning you respect. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

          • 1NonPermissive

            The majority of us white people don’t even watch the emmy’s, we’re busy living our lives, we have more important things to do then to worry about someone else’s fun and games. Perhaps you need to turn to God, and stop worshiping celebrities and the president, as it is idol worship to do so.

          • Scot Conway

            Go on the President thing. Clinton got the same kind of stuff from the same sort of people as is Obama. They don’t fight him because he’s black. They fight him because that’s what conservatives to do to liberal presidents. Just like that’s what liberals do to conservative presidents. If Bush wasn’t white, I don’t he would have automatically gotten a pass on anything he did. It’s politics.

          • Jim Stone

            That’s total bullshit. Obama gets a total pass from the media and hollywood alike. If not for Fox News, he’d have to be worshipped like a god. You need to see how blacks treat other races in black majority/run countries today. Far worse than they treat their own, which is not that good either. They do absolutely nothing for other countries as well. You should be saluting whites as you pass by them. It’s the fairest shake you’re ever going to get.

          • Louis Arnold

            He isn’t my POTUS… he is a fabrication and creation made by the DNC which boo’s God at it’s own convention.

            Barry SOetero has a locked down life. Why? Hiding much? Why all of the fake documents? Why did he avoid the Selective Service Registration Program?

            You are a lemming.

   Open your mind…

          • pajamakat

            Obama hates this country and is trying to destroy it. You better wake up. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. All we hear is racism. If we were such racists, why would we have voted for a conservative black man? You know, the one that your man had the media destroy. You make me sick. Liberal black man good – if you don’t like him you’re a racist; conservative black man bad – if you like him you’re an Uncle Tom or a house n***.

          • Jerry Camp

            Sorry, but there has never been this bad an administration…unless you want to go back to Ulysses S. Grant, and even he didn’t cause the US economy to stay tanked as badly as Obama.

          • $474680

            how can you support obummer he is half white , If he has done so much , just tell me what has he done for you personally ?

          • TL504

            Look at the hell our president is going through daily? Were you not around for Bush? He got it MUCH worse than Obama. I guess that was racism too then right?

          • Jack Nause

            Valencia…it’s his policies….not his race….this racism card is thrown because of the lack of facts…won’t work

          • Bob Danley

            Racism as a process. Interesting. Is there a checklist for that? I wonder if the Asians feel as slighted about this?

          • Bob Cannell

            Sadly there have not been far worse administrations. When you look up incompetent in the dictionary Obama’s picture is there.

          • Michael Bowen

            he gets the same disrespect as any Prs has gotten but you think because he is black he should get a free ride and not be called out because he is black and that’s racist .like all the Prs he gets it because he has earned it .you need to check what he said he would do what he would not do what he said should not be done with what he has done and lied about

          • Martin McArthur

            There has been no worse administrator at that level in nearly 100 years,

          • Thomas Kotkowski

            “for African Americans things have never, and are never fairly earned.”

            Valencia, then I suggest that you start the change at the ballot box.
            Obama goes through what he goes through because there are differing views of policy. I am white and disagree with the direction he is taking us in. That does not mean I am racist. Are there racist Republicans? Sure are but not all.

            I want you to look at the Democrat party and see what it is they have done for blacks through history. I think if black folks were serious about change they would stop voting for the party keeping them down.

            Republicans Racist? I think you got that wrong. If you continue to believe this then you are the problem.

            ” January 15, 1901
            Republican Booker T. Washington protests Alabama Democratic Party’s refusal to permit voting by African-Americans

            “Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all
            Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s
            Civil Rights laws… On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the

            May 29, 1902
            Virginia Democrats implement
            new state constitution, condemned by Republicans as illegal, reducing
            African-American voter registration by 86%

            February 12, 1909

            On 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, African-American
            Republicans and women’s suffragists Ida Wells and Mary Terrell co-found
            the NAACP

            May 21, 1919
            Republican House passes
            constitutional amendment granting women the vote with 85% of Republicans
            in favor, but only 54% of Democrats; in Senate, 80% of Republicans
            would vote yes, but almost half of Democrats no

            August 18, 1920

            Republican-authored 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, becomes
            part of Constitution; 26 of the 36 states to ratify had
            Republican-controlled legislatures

            January 26, 1922

            House passes bill authored by U.S. Rep. Leonidas Dyer (R-MO) making
            lynching a federal crime; Senate Democrats block it with filibuster

            “Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all
            Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s
            Civil Rights laws… On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the

            June 2, 1924
            Republican President Calvin
            Coolidge signs bill passed by Republican Congress granting U.S.
            citizenship to all Native Americans

            October 3, 1924

            Republicans denounce three-time Democrat presidential nominee William
            Jennings Bryan for defending the Ku Klux Klan at 1924 Democratic
            National Convention

            June 12, 1929
            First Lady Lou
            Hoover invites wife of U.S. Rep. Oscar De Priest (R-IL), an
            African-American, to tea at the White House, sparking protests by
            Democrats across the country

            August 17, 1937

            Republicans organize opposition to former Ku Klux Klansman and Democrat
            U.S. Senator Hugo Black, appointed to U.S. Supreme Court by FDR; his
            Klan background was hidden until after confirmation

            June 24, 1940

            Republican Party platform calls for integration of the armed
            forces; for the balance of his terms in office, FDR refuses to order it

            “Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all
            Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s
            Civil Rights laws… On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the

            August 8, 1945
            Republicans condemn Harry
            Truman’s surprise use of the atomic bomb in Japan. The whining and
            criticism goes on for years. It begins two days after the Hiroshima
            bombing, when former Republican President Herbert Hoover writes to a
            friend that “The use of the atomic bomb, with its indiscriminate killing
            of women and children, revolts my soul.”

            September 30, 1953

            Earl Warren, California’s three-term Republican Governor and 1948
            Republican vice presidential nominee, nominated to be Chief Justice;
            wrote landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education

            November 25, 1955
            Eisenhower administration bans racial segregation of interstate bus travel

            March 12, 1956

            Ninety-seven Democrats in Congress condemn Supreme Court’s decision
            in Brown v. Board of Education, and pledge to continue segregation

            June 5, 1956

            Republican federal judge Frank Johnson rules in favor of Rosa Parks
            in decision striking down “blacks in the back of the bus” law

            November 6, 1956

            African-American civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Ralph
            Abernathy vote for Republican Dwight Eisenhower for President

            September 9, 1957
            President Dwight Eisenhower signs Republican Party’s 1957 Civil Rights Act

            “Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all
            Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s
            Civil Rights laws… On every civil rights issue, Democrats have led the

            September 24, 1957
            Sparking criticism from
            Democrats such as Senators John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, President
            Dwight Eisenhower deploys the 82nd Airborne Division to Little Rock, AR
            to force Democrat Governor Orval Faubus to integrate public schools

            May 6, 1960

            President Dwight Eisenhower signs Republicans’ Civil Rights Act of
            1960, overcoming 125-hour, around-the-clock filibuster by 18 Senate

            May 2, 1963
            Republicans condemn Democrat
            sheriff of Birmingham, AL for arresting over 2,000 African-American
            schoolchildren marching for their civil rights

            September 29, 1963

            Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) defies order by U.S. District Judge
            Frank Johnson, appointed by President Dwight Eisenhower, to integrate
            Tuskegee High School

            June 9, 1964
            condemn 14-hour filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act by U.S. Senator
            and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd (D-WV), who still serves in the

            “Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal
            opportunity for all Americans. That’s why we’ve worked to pass every one
            of our nation’s Civil Rights laws… On every civil rights issue,
            Democrats have led the fight.”

            June 10, 1964
            Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) criticizes Democrat filibuster
            against 1964 Civil Rights Act, calls on Democrats to stop opposing
            racial equality. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced and
            approved by a staggering majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act
            was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were
            proud segregationists—one of them being Al Gore Sr. Democrat President
            Lyndon B. Johnson relied on Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen, the
            Republican leader from Illinois, to get the Act passed.

            August 4, 1965

            Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) overcomes Democrat
            attempts to block 1965 Voting Rights Act; 94% of Senate Republicans vote
            for landmark civil right legislation, while 27% of Democrats oppose.
            Voting Rights Act of 1965, abolishing literacy tests and other measures
            devised by Democrats to prevent African-Americans from voting, signed
            into law; higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats vote in favor

            February 19, 1976

            President Gerald Ford formally rescinds President Franklin
            Roosevelt’s notorious Executive Order authorizing internment of over
            120,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII

            September 15, 1981

            President Ronald Reagan establishes the White House Initiative on
            Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to increase
            African-American participation in federal education programs

            June 29, 1982
            President Ronald Reagan signs 25-year extension of 1965 Voting Rights Act

            August 10, 1988

            President Ronald Reagan signs Civil Liberties Act of 1988,
            compensating Japanese-Americans for deprivation of civil rights and
            property during World War II internment ordered by FDR

            November 21, 1991
            President George H. W. Bush signs Civil Rights Act of 1991 to strengthen federal civil rights legislation

            August 20, 1996

            Bill authored by U.S. Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) to prohibit racial
            discrimination in adoptions, part of Republicans’ Contract With
            America, becomes law

            And let’s not forget the words of liberal icon Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood…

            We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with
            social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most
            successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious
            appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the
            Negro population….”


          • LadyLiberty1069


          • odildelta

            Excuse me? He earned a Presidential nomination after serving what, 2 years as a senator, for his first political job ever? He got in vastly under qualified with very little experience. He didn’t fight to earn shit compared to others who were more qualified. You don’t speak for all black people so quit trying to make it seem like your experience is all of theirs and vice versa. That is the problem with the black community. You all need to learn to be more individual in your thinking while still trying to care for your community, instead of believing that all your hopes and dreams are tethered together from some mutual past experiences that you all may not actually share with each other. I am so sick of seeing posts on what white people are apparently not doing for the black community, when black people disrespect each other on a daily basis and kill each other at a rate of dozens a day in the inner city. And I suppose you think that is our fault right?

          • DennisMets

            nothing blacks get free? they get one of the biggest handouts in thei history its called afirmative action, even in our military blacks get promoted for their skin color not their abilities. that is one reason we have such sad schools because so many aa teachers

          • Daniel Brock

            President Obama is getting what he is getting as president because he is a socialist gasbag who is hurting this country. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. Most of those who hate Obama also hated Clinton.

          • Foothill Pickups

            Either youre african or American, but not both!! My family is from the UK, but i’m not a UK American. This is the United states of America, you mam are an American not African American. Get it right!!

          • Delphinus13

            It’s equality of OPPORTUNITY, not equality of results. She got a good role, the opportunity, which resulted in an Emmy nomination, a good result. To whine that she didn’t win, “denying” a “historic moment” is a pathetic argument. To vote FOR someone because they are black is just as racist as voting against someone because they are black.

          • seancct

            I’d just like to say that I do not like the president because he is incompetent, and hasn’t the slightest understanding of economics or foreign policy. If he were white or of any other race I would be just as strongly opposed to everything he does.
            That being said I am a strong supporter of Dr Ben Carson (an African-American) whom I feel has the potential to be one of the greatest leaders this country has seen in my lifetime. I respect Dr Carson for his strength, wisdom and abilities and his color works neither for or against him.

          • richcarro

            I don’t no why you feel that way, I see very many great blacks everyday on the TV and also I’ve met plenty blacks in my lifetime also went to a mostly black school and they were my friends and to this day we get together. I just wish everyone could do the same. There would be less bigotry in this world. I believe in what Martin Luther King said, they must judge people by the content of their character.

          • patrickhenry13

            obummer got elected out of pity and guilt,which is about the only way you appearntly get anything you want/need…shame….deep,deep shame!!!!!!!

          • moi2u

            Why is the term ‘African American’ applied to all people of darker skin. I have friends who are dark-skinned who are not from Africa…where do they fit into your ‘racist’ rant? Also, I have friends who are naturalized Americans that light-skinned from South Africa. Do they also fit your version of ‘African-American’??? Anyone who prefaces ‘American’ with anything else is not truly an American. Time to end the labeling thing, it is divisive. MLK would not be proud–he believed in assimilation, not separatism. Our nation’s peoples will Never be United as long as we see ourselves as anything other than American, period.

          • Shannon Roberts

            People don’t disrespect him because he’s black. They disrespect him for what he’s doing to America. Does it not bother you at all that he’s committed over 15 acts that he could be impeached for? He has committed HIGH TREASON and that is still, correct me if I’m wrong, a hanging offense. Nothing is being done about it because he is black. They don’t want war on their hands. If this president was white they would have removed and thrown him in prison long long ago. I don’t even know the person you are talking about, wonder how many others don’t. If they felt she earned that Emmy, she would have won it. It’s that simple. Why does EVERYTHING have to be about race? I’ just don’t get it.

          • schmickity

            1. Who the hell is kerry washington?
            2. How the fuck do you say someone out acted someone else, especially if theyre not even doing the same role?

            The idiocy runs deep with you, dipshit

          • Nunyo Business

            Tell me again how you are repressed and , “put down by the man” ohh ya that was several generations ago, way to keep the torch lit you freaking idiot. YOU are a racist if I ever saw one. You have to EARN something to win it, nothing in life should be a “gimme”. She didn’t earn it so she didn’t win it. That is the whole problem with young people today, they EXPECT to be given things and that goes two fold for blacks. They EXPECT it just because they are black. I call BS on all of that, earn it and you will get it, point blank.

          • Jeff House

            So, all of your problems are because of white people??? That is what you are saying….Both of my parents hand picked cotton growing up….I have had to work for everything I have ever had….So anything you say is invalid….And yes you are asking for the Emmy to be given to her…..and the reason Obama get so much flack is this, he is a horrible president….So stop blaming white people for all of your problems…..I do not blame you or anyone for my problems….Grow up & accept responsibility for your problems in this world….its what the rest of us do!!!!!!!!

          • Cali65

            Again, bring the President into it??? Well, a lot of people aren’t socialists and they are finally speaking up and taking a stand. Too many unanswered questions about this guy… and its not the color of his skin that people complain about. As for Kerry Washington, she is a lovely person and I bet she doesn’t pull the race card.

          • tracker5100

            Are you serious? G.W. Bush got all kinds of crap. Every white politician that speaks anything negative about President Obama and his crazy policies is considered a racist. Every incident that occurs negatively for a African-American is because of racism as long as it wasn’t committed by another African-American. How about African-Americans start calling themselves Americans instead of creating their own racism by refusing to call themselves such. I don’t call myself Korean-American. I am American. How about for once people open their own racist eyes and see that not all white people are racist and that maybe sometimes black people don’t deserve to win. President Obama only won because he was young and Black. The only reason he was re-elected was because he is young and Black. None of his policies has worked and our country is worse off today then it was before he took over. Stop blaming the white man and start looking at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you aren’t bettering yourself.

          • DoctorZin

            If Obama were white, I’d probably hate him even more. He proves on a daily basis that he despises America and seeks to bring her low. In that sense, I consider him very successful; I’m pretty sure we’re already damaged beyond repair.

            But no, for people who love America and revere her mission, Obama is the WORST EVER. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter and it’s not even that close.

          • Robert Fitzgerald

            There has never been a worse administrator than Obama. Any other president would have been impeached long ago, but this is not about that bs that shows you have no grasp of reality.

            Claire Danes did an outstanding job. Fact is the Emmy’s are more political than anything. They are far from racist. It sounds like you are the biggest racist here. To you it’s not even possible the white girl just did that good of a job. Danes has always been an exceptional actress.

          • bbarendt

            Are you serious? He doesn’t deserve respect. He has misused his position, authority, and the office for which he was elected. He has distorted, distracted, and out and out lied – and you don’t have the moral character to call him out for his lies…your loyal to the color of his skin…which for the record, is 1/2 white. So which half am I disrespecting…the white or black half?

          • Linda kay

            Hi Vanessa~Not all of America was allowed to vote..everyone who received an Emmy were voted that emmy by a panel of voters..not the entire may think that the “hole” OF American KEPT YOUR CHOICE OUT OF THE WINNERS CIRCLE,BUT NO WE AREN’T CONSULTED AS TO WHOM SHOULD RECIEVE THESE AWARDS..WE JUST WATCH..fURTHER You behave in such a “RACIST Stance” yourself you can’t see the stinking tree you yourself are living under..I would say further all of AMerica has given Mr Obama Two chances to Be the kind of President we’d all be proud of Black,Wjite,Native last count of the Census America is still made up of mostly White Voters..Sorry she didn’t win Vanessa and sorry your own racism is showing ..its actually glaring..I hope one day you will see that there are far greater Black People who didn’t hang onto the old tired POOR ME attitudes and actually ..are wealthy,and have had the advantages of acceptance..maybe if you look around at women and any color doesn’t matter anywhere on Earth and see how well they are doing maybe you’ll grab your Boot starps and stop blaming others for your own Lack of Character..and by the way she wasn’t that great and I didn’t like Claire much either~Good Luck in your future endeavors and May God Bless you~

          • rodney495

            Would you really feel proud to win ANYTHING just because of your skin color? If so, you have no self-worth. Would a professional athlete with no performance statistics win an award just because he is black? Get my point? The key word her is ‘EARNED’, not DESERVES.

          • Jeffrey Conner

            What I want to know is when did we get a President and what does that have to do with the Emmys?

          • Barry Noack

            Are you serious??? Is that what you teach your child? That because someone is black they should just be handed something? Or as you said, “why couldn’t a history making moment just be allowed?”. Sorry but that is exactly why Obama got elected in the first place. And he’s not catching hell because he’s black, but because he is a horrible President!!! And before you or anyone else with your mindset runs to use the word “racist”, I’m biracial…just like he is! But, like others that have commented, I was raised to be honest about someone’s accomplishments or lack thereof and judge them based on those merits. Simply giving someone anything because they’re black is no different than what you are accusing the Emmys of! But you wouldn’t get that. And havae you even watched “Homeland” to be able to compare Kerry Washington to Claire Danes? I’m guessing not. Just sad that your mindset is perpetuated by you teaching your child the same thing; “if the black person doesn’t get it…then it was racism!”….

          • Steve Picray

            “There is nothing in this Country that African Americans have gotten for free.” I would agree with you, because I believe that, aside from those getting welfare, there is nothing in this country that ANYBODY has gotten for free, black OR white (or whatever skin color). If you are saying Black people should get preferential treatment because of their skin color….guess what that makes you? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “Bassist.”

          • Alan James

            You can’t even use grammar correctly. The term is “worse” not “worst” dummy

          • republican122

            MS Winston, do you recall president bush was blamed for everything under the sun. I could go back in the news and pull up incident after incident and some were just plain silly he was even blamed for if it rained or didn’t. If a person puts themselves in a public position they must come to terms tat threats critisims and all kinds of crap come with the job. if that person does not have the backbone to withstand it they should of never put themselves out there. I know as I have ran for many positions of leadership and receive voe of confidence and then taken the responsibility and let me tell you many a day I asked myself why did I do it to myself oh why o why. it hard but rewards at times. When the time is up more then not people do not recall details of what good you may of accomplished but they sure do recall some bad things you did even if it wasn’t something you started or wanted. no as far a racism goes it is well know that it has been a difficult time for many races not just African americans. the native americans are still having difficult times so is the Hispanics. and I could go on and on. But think about it white people are no loner the majority it is the people of color that are the majority . go into any classroom now days there are now more folks of color than vice versa. people of color are so used to saying or confessing those same worn out statement they don’t realize that times have change. the white folks adopted the zero population and began to have 2.5 children whereas people of color continued to have large families thereby out pacing white families. So yes the majority is now people of color. so stop using that worn out terminology. pass along. Also I do not know if you know this but African people were not Americas first slaves , the first slaves in America were the Irish and if anything horrible hard job needed to be done they made the Irish do it as the African was too expensive to harm lose. so if any moneys are going to be paid back for slavery it should be paid back to the families of Irish slaves then the expensive Africans. if you do not believe me go educate yourself google you American history. Now stop please using the race card and saying memememememme as the Irish can out race card all races and be so correct if yu believe ole lady Hillary it takes a village. not just one race.

          • Jeffrey Andrews

            You think Obama is having a tough eight years in the White House? Since when? Yes the Republicans have given him a hard time but never has or had the press so and hollywood types so disrespected the office of President as they did George Bush. And I was alive when Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. Clinton and Bush Jr. were Presidents and never have I seen such an incompetant person in the Whitehouse since Jimmy Carter. Like Obama Carter gave his friends High Appointments in his cabinet which spelled the dimize of his four years. Obama could have had a better eight years if he would have actually had Czars in there that knew what the heck they were doing. Instead they are friends, High money supporters and Union folks. You will think me racist because of my opinion but your wrong. I hold no animosity against any race. I do however recognize incompetence when I see it. The economy after 5 1/2 years is worse than when he took office, the Debt is three times greater than Bush Jr.’s was and he was called incompetant for a 6 trillion dollar debt, your Presidents is 17 Trillon and he still has 3 years. No jobs, Obamacare is exempt from the Politicians because they know how wrong it is for themselves and the economy. There are just so many things I could bring out that are facts it would take me all night. Do not vote for the color of skin but for the qualifications. What did you all expect from a man who was only a disbarred lawyer and community organizer who won a Senate seat he only sat in for two years because the last two he was running for President? He had no experience but you all believed the Press.

          • Anthony James

            What a pathetic whiner! Grow the hell up and stop using your “blackness” as an excuse to complain!

          • TonyDott

            So just out of curiosity, would you be against scholarships for whites only, or a White Entertainment Television station, or an NAAWP group?

          • DamonLee

            And Bush didn’t go through hell daily? If someone told you life was fair, everyone wins the prize, and there are no losers… They lied to you.

          • Billy Beacham

            Valencia , you show who is the real racist here…….as for Obama , he gets what he deserved , “just read his book , the one he wrote Dreams of my Father” An out of Obama mouth he said he will do what ever he can to make his father dreams come true. An that is to bring this country down , its in the book ,written by his hand. WE all have justice and equality the ones that bitch about racism have no one to blame but themselfs

          • Kat Brown

            The only problem I have with your first comment is the assertion that the win be ‘allowed’. I am African American and I love Kerry Washington. I too believe that she was snubbed and was more deserving of the win…not because she is African American, but because she is an awesone talent! Her performance outshined, Claire Danes on Danes’ best day. The bottom line is Washington deserved the award because she earned it! That being said, was this a racist decision? I’m not sure since I have seen other white actors snubbed before and this year as well. The deeper question is why aren’t there more quality black shows on television?

          • Orpheus75

            ” Look at the hell that our President has to go through daily”

            That’s because he’s an arrogant, narcissistic Marxist JERK that is trampling the Constitution and using RACISM as a division in the country! Has nothing to do with his color, other than he’s using it as a shield. He’s also half white. I can’t stand that half either.
            Worse administrations? I sure don’t know when. Oh, you must be referring to the Bush’s.

          • Annie Peskiris

            Ms. Winston, you, my dear are a racist………

          • mary darrelfish

            The very fact that we have an African American President, when only approximately 12.6% of Americans are African American, proves you wrong in your assertion. He was given a fair shake and was elected with a majority of his votes coming from Caucasians and other races.
            I find your feelings to be very sad. I’m not denying any struggle you and other African Americans face. But, to say Ms. Washington should’ve won because she’s African American, that she lost because she is, is insulting to her as an “Actress”. Ask any of the many African Americans who’ve won these awards. They want the win for their talent, not their melanin content.

          • Goober

            So you are suggesting that we simply give public services to just Black people? You are suggesting that we elect another president who has no more experience being president than an high school history teacher? Tell the WHITE’S just what it is you want and make it realistic.

          • ChickInLove008

            And stop saying African Americans just because Jesse Jackson coined that dumb phrase back in the 80’s. If so-called African Americans of the USA went back to Africa they would get culture shock and Africans would not be calling African Americans… they would just say Americans. That’s like an Italian in America being called “Italian American” or Scottish person here being called “Scottish American” it just sounds so stupid… Aint nothing African about most of these so-called “African Americans” up in here. We are just as American as any other race up in the USA. I can’t stand that stupid terminology sounds like a social studies class.

          • ChickInLove008

            People don’t even know why they use the terminology they just follow the herd-mentality thinking… “African American” this and “African American” that. What about mixed people who are clearly BLACK but not from AFRICA?? Also the flip side to this is if Africa is the mother content of humanity (where scientist found first human bones) then EVERYBODY would be considered Africans anyways from their geneology, so see how stupid that all sounds to say African American?? You might as well say African Made Human Race Beings… and that would encompass everybody if Africa is where they found the first skeleton bones of a human. So you can say African-Italian, African-Mexican, African-fill-in-the-blank-you-get-the-point it sounds dumb. And white people don’t go around saying “Caucasian American”. Hey look at that Caucasian Scottish American man over there I wonder can he help me get an Emmy.

          • disqus_Br5o4JSkQN

            Your first statement is a red herring. If it’s not then explain Obama, Russel Simmons, Oprah etc. African Americans may have to work twice as hard in some arenas, but some are granted some privileges based on skin color. Where’s the equality in that?

        • Jill

          Why? Wouldn’t that negate the point of competition? Wouldn’t that cheapen the victory?

        • EdCrunk

          I hate when racists see racism in everything.

        • IMPEACH_BOBO

          You lady are a RAClST, you want bIacks to get something they didn’t earn just because of the color of their skin !!! Do you say the samething about the BET tv awards where only bIacks are on that stage, BUT THATS OK WITH YOU RIGHT, RAClST !!!!! I never even heard of the show Scandal, now I don’t watch Homeland either but I started hearing buzz about an Emmy for it almost 6 months , this for a show I don’t even watch !!! You sound like Kanye West at the MTV Music awards !!

          Remember what happen with Kanye West went on stage of the MTV awards & pulled that, Beyonce was really the winner RAClST BS on Taylor Swift, THAT LADY IS RAClST & is exactly what you are saying about the emmys, you fool !!! You need to take your RAClST SHT SOMEWHERE SOMEONE WILL LISTEN TO YOU BECAUSE IT ISN’T HERE !! TRY MSNBC OR CNN OR ONE OF THE 13 LAME STREAM MEDIA NETWORKS & SITES THAT SPEW THE SAME RACIAL BS AS YOU DO !!!

        • Seabee

          You do not demand respect. You have to earn it. Bitching about it is going to make it worse.

        • BlahBlah

          Got it. You’re incapable of earning it and so you want it given for free. And we should respect you for this, why?

          • Hiraghm

            Who is John Galt?

          • 0bamasnought

            That is not germaine to this issue.
            Who was Frank Marshall Davis’ teenage friend Anne?

          • Hiraghm

            The G*D* Germans ain’t got nothin’ ta do with it!

            “Who is John Galt?” is a perfectly appropriate response to BlahBlah’s question.

        • tops116

          “Hell yes.”

          Behold, the mindset of the participation trophy crowd! And with a little “my group deserves special treatment because of the color of their skin” thrown in for good measure. How… racist.

          • conservativechick

            Maybe 60 years ago she would have a valid point. Not now.

        • David R. Cheasman

          If you tuned in to the Emmys just to see a black person win……..doesn’t that make YOU the racist?

        • Du Lo

          You are a loser Valencia.

        • Summer

          Wow. Nice that you admitted it.
          I say we have Barack Hussein Obama just for that reason… History making 6% black.

        • Tony Pilcher

          That there, ma’am, is the racist attitude that is keeping racism alive in this country. Everyone must earn what they get not be handed something because of their race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion. Let’s all be one nation and work together to make all of us great and not put any one group on a pedestal out of pity or hate.

        • Terry

          You are the racist, plain and simple.
          I don’t see any whites being racist against black people at all, now does it happen? of course it does but not like you may think.

        • Rationalthinker

          You’re not helping your race….

        • Lorie Bahde

          oh that is just like just giving Obama the noble prize. he did not earn it. it could have been givin to any number of black people that deserve it that do great things for this country. but, they figured they would just give to Obama and now the prize is a joke. history yeah lets make history with a race baiting hate movie that enrages people to hate more yeah that is some great history to leave. how about instead of looking for another hand out you expect her to do better. or I don’t know encourage your child to well educated and one day she could be one of the people making the big decisions. never mind keep standing there complaining about how bad you have it and never moving forward. that garbage has nothing to do with your life and if hate and unhappiness is what you invest your time in then you will continue to reap that. god takes all opportunities that you are down to lift you high above. do not blame whites if you choose to stay down.

        • LisaG

          So you’re actually contending that the white woman from the Netherlands should have been given the trophy, the prize money, and the title of Wimbledon champion because someone of her nationality had never before won Wimbledon? Just because she tried real hard? I’m not sure who is more confused, you by the question, or me by your answer.

        • elena

          My great grandfather was African American and Native American his people were on a reservation but he worked hard and sent himself to Howard U. He didn’t wait for the world to step to his lifelong desires. What are you going to tell your daughter about TV? Life happens. Read a book.

        • lr

          4/10 Your first comment was pretty believable, but this comment just gave you away. Clearly not a first time troll, but could stand improvement.

        • Dee Dunbar

          “like” that victim role much? you probably love the blame game!

      • Bri Pie

        Tom, you say you saw her in Ray, have you seen her play the character of Olivia Pope last season- the entire season? No one is saying because she is black she should have won. We are saying she did not win because she is black, there is a difference.

        • 0bamasnought

          Has anyone here asked you to check your privilege yet?
          Or am I the first?

      • michael s

        How many times is Serena Williams subjected to racist comments for beating white females?

        • tops116

          How many times have Serena or Venus been subjected to racist comments for beating the other in a game?

      • Summer

        Exactly. Valencia wanted her girl to win just because her girl is black… history making, no other reason.

        • amanda gilliland

          ps, how is it history making? Maybe for emmys? I am pretty sure we’ve had black actors win awards… ala Halle Berry. I guess she’s just not the most current one to be up for something so we find a way to call racist with our current mindset.

      • Teresa Davis McCormick

        I’m sorry did you think the liberal elite in Hollywood was not racist? They have always been. It always amazes me why most black people can’t see something so evident. Guess what? Liberals have always been racist. Do some research and teach your child some history.

      • talkto

        Why are there BET awards? Are those ever awarded to white people? Why not?

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        You have to remember, he is from an age group that was lied to my the likes of Jackson, etc. and think that they are OWED something because of Skin Color,,,oh wait,,,isn’t that Racism in its purest form? Yeah, yeah it is. sad.

      • Paul

        and everybody on the soccer team gets a gold medal because it’s fair and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

      • bonita rodriguez

        Thank you, I couldn’t say this any better. My gosh. People don’t even know how to think or rationalize. They just want a free pass for everything.

      • BBQChefs

        Stop making sense Tom. Before you know it other may copy you.

      • ilivebyfacts

        Let me respond to your question. Let ME make it clear my race does NOT want anything GIVEN to them. We’ve more than earned our keep. The white race here in America has been GIVEN quite a bit would you not agree??? You and no one else is going to tell me NO Black Actress has ever WORKED and DESERVED an Emmy in over 40 years. I don’t expect you to comprehend it because you don’t face it. Maybe if you go over and live in Iran where they don’t care for you and wouldn’t treat you equally… maybe… Tom… you would understand. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the entire White race. Just enough of you from back in the day still work that OLD SYSTEM. Since you like to bring in comparisons lets talk comparisons. You chose Tennis. Did anyone complain of racism when Serena or Venus lost? No. They lost. We did complain when were not allowed to compete. Lets talk about that and maybe you will see how it works. NFL. What did it take to allow African Americans??? FORCE!!! At one point many White Americans didn’t think a black man could play the QB position. Really? Seriously??? Why not might I ask??? Because they thought the black man was not smart enough. So the Black man once again had to go a Looooooonnnnnnnggggggg way as far as …. earning the right to play. It is time some of you stop picking that –ONE– example you can find to battle back against the –MANY– we can show that supports our statements. We are talking 40 yrs. It was the same with music. And I grew up forced to listen to rock or soft rock like Elton John who was a great musician, song writer and singer. Cool. So why it so hard to appreciate the groups of R&B that dished out very good music like SOS Band, Atlantic Start, Cameo, Enchantments, etc… We had to make a stand against my school bus driver to allow us to listen to music that we all liked. Oh. We won. 8) All the black race ask for is equality. You see… we watch and support your shows. But do you do the same? I’m not saying all. But we have had similar shows that you don’t support and of course that gives you the votes which basically means it is tilted. This is why our race had to create separate shows. So me personally…. I’m not asking that you GIVE Kerry the award. What we are asking is that you appreciate what she has done like you do your own and stop kicking our efforts to the curb. It was bad enough we could always predict black characters death within 5 mins of shows/movies. Just because you don’t make it obvious doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist. Oh… and your Serena comparison is way off. That is a one on one competition. It doesn’t require voting. 8)

    • DV S1EOG

      It’s the f’n Emmy’s. That is the history you need to be proud of? It is a worthless statue that just says that you were popular with your peers. At the end, all they did was do make believe to get it. I couldn’t care less if this was the last year for the Emmy’s, it doesn’t matter. I think you can and should find much better historical African American women out there than some actress winning a tin statue. African Americans have accomplished so much more than an Emmy Award could ever equal.

    • TDS

      Why can’t she just be judged on her acting ability and not the color of her skin?
      What is this, the Affirmative Action Emmys???
      Heck, let’s just give awards to ALL black actors and actresses if that’s the case…

      • Morgan

        A lot of folks are upset because it’s 2013 and an African-American actress has never won in this category. Not only that, but Claire Danes seems to win everything she’s nominated for. Both are wonderful actresses. Kerry Washington will have another shot at an Emmy, most likely. I’m black and, as a fan of both Scandal & Homeland, you don’t see me throwing a hissy fit.

        • Heather_A

          Preach. I liked Breaking Bad , and I’m not even mad that the boys from that show got robbed.


        • amanda gilliland

          I think you hit the nail on the head, Claire Danes wins everything, she’s liked by her peers and she’s obviously talented enough to win the awards she’s up for. You are right Kerry will win soon but as a fan of Scandal, I don’t think she’s what makes the show. I don’t watch Homeland but hear that Claire Danes is the show. My Black Bff loves scandal and hates Olivia, she prefers the president. I guess she’s racist too! lol!

      • Lertha Muttz

        No, they have those on BET.

      • Marie

        Blame liberal Hollywood for that. Looks like the real racists are on the left.

    • ObamaFail

      A struggle for black people to be heard? Give me a break. We have a black president for pete’s sake. When will you race-baiters be satisfied? FYI. SLAVERY ENDED OVER A CENTURY AGO!!!! And the Republicans fought for Civil Rights probably way before you were born, so your “struggles” are imagined, because all people are having problems today in this economy. Quit making a big deal about an award that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s a TV AWARD. It’s not like it’s a Nobel Peace Prize, although being black is the only requirement apparently, Obama did nothing to EARN one.

      • Morgan

        To be fair, Gary, I am a fan of both Scandal & Homeland and think both Washington & Danes are exceptional actresses. However, just because President Obama is a black man in the White House this does not mean racism is now non-existent.

        • carolina mama

          You’re right. Racism does exist. Both ways, actually.
          But with so many yells of racism, many of them illegitimate, people stop listening.

      • salakatae

        Just wondering if you would say the same thing to a Holocaust survivor? I am tired of hearing from them every year also! The award part I do not care about.

      • amanda gilliland

        Agreed, my question is when will any of it not be called racist initially? when will those that go there first change? and are we raising a group of kids that will think the same or be changed?

    • syvyn11

      Babe, no one hands you anything in this world. I wanted Washington to win, but she didn’t. Big Deal. Means she gets back, nose to the grindstone, and earn herself another nomination next year.

      I bet Kerry Washington isn’t crying tonight.

      • Morgan

        Got that right — KW is a classy, intelligent, very gracious woman! She’ll get ’em next year … never give up!

    • Jill

      Why not endeavor to see beyond color and allow yourself to imagine that maybe, just maybe the voters felt that Dane turned in a stronger performance. Isn’t it the goal of these awards to celebrate skill and not merely skin color? As for turning tables, I am not particularly swayed by that one. The best actor/actress should win. Sometimes you may agree or disagree with the choice, but don’t be so quick to assume nefarious intent.

      As an aside can you list for me how many caucasian/hispanic/asian actors have swept the Black Entertainment Awards? Is their exclusion racially motivated?

      • Morgan

        Well, the BET Awards don’t count for much nowadays do they? They always nominate the same people are the same folks always win. So predictable. However, I do believe that whites and Indian actresses were nominated at this year’s NAACP Image Awards.

    • c2

      Are you serious? Black people are successful, accomplished, and recognized for it like anyone else in America…and you seriously don’t SEE it?

      She lost to an outstanding actress. It’s going to happen.

      Look around you. Some of the most admired and cherished Americans are black. This is good. Be proud.

      • Morgan

        It was a tough category. Washington & the other actresses who do not win are insanely talented. But the Golden Globes, the SAGs, etc. are enamored with Claire Danes. The woman wins everything — and I’m saying this as a Homeland fan.

    • Gene


    • Lori Smith

      You are incorrect. The last black actress to be nominated in the Lead Actress category at the Emmys was in 1995 – 18 years ago.

      That’s still a long time but not as long as the 40 years that you wrote above.

    • Ms Angel

      “My twelve year-old daughter had a chance to see history tonight. She doesn’t understand what happened?”

      Tell her the truth. The better actress won.

      You’re sick of this? I’m sick of too many Blacks assuming setbacks are always based on race. I’m sick of the whining and bitching.

      Don’t like it? Do something about it and stop expecting others to do it for you!

      • John

        Hear, hear. My grandparents came here from Greece to build a better life and to get *away* from Socialism (I could tell the story about what the Greek Communists did to my family in 1946, but I digress). They worked like mad until they could open a small diner, and were able to provide a decent home for my mother and I. As the oldest of their grandchildren, I’ve done my best to build on the life they gave me and set an example. If you want something in life, you have to go get it.

      • Morgan

        I’m black and I love Claire. I don’t believe she was “the better actress.” All of them are extremely talented. It was a very tough category but everyone is enamored with Claire — the GGs, the SAGs & now the Emmys. I know blacks and whites who agree with this sentiment. I love Scandal & Homeland but all actresses were very deserving.

      • amanda gilliland

        agreed, how about your daughter did see history, a strong black female lead was nominated for one of the highest awards among hundreds of other actresses. There is a strong example to show not teach her that the woman was persecuted for her color. look back on history and see what happend to those persecuted for their color. I’m pretty sure they’d pick not winning an emmy over some of the horrible things that happened to them in the past.

    • Keith

      Have you ever watched the comedies on WB? Some of the worst TV in history. Maybe bad TV shows are the reason blacks don’t win more. But I love me some Sanford and Son plus Whats Happening

    • Lertha Muttz

      Struggle to be heard?? O please. You people have some of the biggest mouths on the planet, constantly repeating the same mantra over and over and over and over. We hear you far too much.

    • EdCrunk

      Why are the shortcoming of your people always written off as racism?

    • twistedgenius

      Throwing a tantrum over the Emmy’s. Maybe Claire was the better actress for the category? And to start the we are victim game, let me start it. The American indians have had their land taken from them, shot, killed, and many numerous things LONG before slavery ensued. And yet you do not hear Us cry over a emmy, or play the racism card every time something does not go our way.
      Get over it and quit playing the victim.

    • tony tan

      The best woman won!!!

    • Leewan

      Have you seen Homeland? Kerry Washington is a great actress but the source material in Scandal doesn’t call for near the acting ability that Homeland requires. I’m sorry but Kerry Washington could be a better actress than Claire Danes but her role in Scandal doesn’t call for the same skill because of the script not the ability, just like the best player in the country doesn’t always win the Heisman if he is on an 8-6 team.

    • Leewan

      One more thing. The lack of an African American winning an Emmy has more to do with the lack of diversity concerning TV roles in general rather than Kerry Washington not winning this award. Blame the producers, writers, tv execs, directors, and tv creators rather than the outcome of tonight, because like I said Kerry Washington’s role on Scandal cannot highlight her acting abilities as greatly as Claire Danes on homeland. The fact Clair Danes’ character is bi-polar puts Ms. Washington’s role at a disadvantage.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Don’t worry moron, your race wins ALL of the NAACP image awards, no other race ever gets one! Now, who are you calling racists, Ms. Pot calling Mr. Kettle black?

    • 0bamasnought

      I’d suggest you check you privilege.
      And you might want to see someone about that chip on your shoulder, it seems to be affecting your balance.
      SMH that you think it is OK to raise your child that way, as a perpetual victim.

    • aztectrumpet

      A similar attitude got our current president elected and look how that turned out…

    • Ryan Johnson

      I don’t understand why you want your 12 year old to look up to a black woman winning for playing adulterous ho to a white man. Didn’t this already happen about 9 years ago when Halle Berry won for her part in an apparently horrible movie called Monster’s Ball?

      Is that really the message you want to send your daughter? That a black woman can only win an award when she’s playing side-woman to a white man, and she’s not even worthy enough to be his girlfriend or wife?

      • Marauder

        Ho is debatable, but not adulterous, IIRC.

        • Ryan Johnson

          The way I understand it, isn’t she having an affair with a married man?
          Unless you’re referring to what I said about Halle Berry’s part, which to be fair that doesn’t apply to her but I was making a point about both. Halle Berry got an Oscar but it was for what black people see as a horrible portrayal for black women, and now that the same thing didn’t happen for Kerry people are upset about it.

          • Marauder

            Referring to Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball.

    • Vitiosum

      The tables have been turned, it’s called reverse racism. I am sick to death of hearing everyday that the bad white people have offended someone, ANYONE!!! I suppose the Emmy’s are the most important issue on the planet at this time ( to some people). I don’t care who won the Emmy’s. Here’s a question for you. Do you take issue with any real world problems we have these days, like Benghazi, Fast&Furious, IRS scandal, etc.? You want to make something in history allowed? That’s rich. If you’re biggest problem on the planet are them Emmy’s then I certainly do feel sorry for you. Turn off the TV and find something real to complain about.

    • Johnny Johnston

      Must stink going thru life as a victim

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Were you born in Africa? If not-you’re not an ‘African’ anything. Africa is a continent-not a race. An ‘African-American’ is a person of ANY race who was born in Africa and later became a naturalized US citizen. The designation has NOTHING to do with color. You just seem like a whiny person who just happens to be black.

      Also-I’m a Jewish-born, cradle-conservative woman who has been gifted with mild Asperger’s Syndrome. Someone like me will NEVER win an Emmy-or any other major award. Oh well. Whatever. You aren’t going to find me carrying on like you are-then again…my parents didn’t raise their daughter up to be a perpetual ‘victim’

      • AudreyPH

        There are people with Asperger syndrome who are very accomplished and have won awards at various things, in some cases it was their Asperger syndrome that actually “helped” them achieve this! (I have it too by the way)*
        *I don’t know if it can explain what I’m good at and what I’m not, but it’s possible

    • Marauder

      So whenever a black person loses to a white person, you tell your daughter “That’s just the way it is for our people”? That’s a destructive attitude to teach a child. If she believes that, why should she try to accomplish anything?

      Better thing to tell your child: “Well, honey, acting performances appeal to different people in different ways, and I guess Claire Danes has a lot of fans with the Emmy voters. That doesn’t mean Kerry Washington isn’t a good actress.”

      • Hiraghm

        Kerry Washington’s race isn’t “black” and Claire Danes race isn’t white”.

        Both are minorities.
        Kerry Washington’s minority is called “Kerry Washington” and has only one member.

        Claire Danes minority is called “Claire Danes” and has only one member.

        There’s only one of each on the whole planet, for all the history of the universe. You can’t get more “minority” than that.

        You made me think of this pivotal scene in “The Pursuit of Happyness”.

    • tops116

      Well, thank you for taking the Emmys as seriously as they deserve to be. 😐

      • conservativechick

        Good one. All these people see is color? Why do they always makes themselves the victim? It’s just an AWARD show and someone has to lose and someone has to win. Sorry it’s not your choice. lol

    • conservativechick

      Stop seeing color in every situation. No one makes decisions based on that any longer, especially in that industry. Geez.

    • Marie

      Stop whining. It’s just a stupid Emmy. Black people have made great achievements in other areas (point out the black actresses who have Oscars on their shelves).

      It is not the end of the world.

    • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “That’s just the way it is for our people.”

      As long as you see people as “ours” and “their’s”, then you will alway be under the delusion that you are persecuted.

      If Barack Obama isn’t proof of this, nothing will be.

    • spiderbucket

      I’m sick of telling her “That’s just the way it is for our people.” Maybe you should not tell her that at all. If you tell a person who has any sort of challenge ahead of them that they cannot succeed – then they want. Don’t make her a victim before she’s had a chance to live and go forward in the world.

    • Eric Gullett

      Valencia. How can you say this. African Americans have their own awards shows? If we had a white only show, African American would go crazy. The race card is old. If you want equality then you should make things equal. Cancel the Black only shows and you will create less of a gap.

    • Du Lo

      Ignorant – ignorant – ignorant. African Americans win awards at the Oscar based on merit but I guess you are implying the color of your skin should award you a trophy at the emmys. History making moment? I guess we should let all second place finishers win first place so that you can be happy? Get a life.

    • TexasBirdGirl

      So you are saying she should have been judged solely on the color of her skin..Oh, ok.

    • Tom Flores

      STFU. Blacks are 13% of the population and are on TV 75% of the time and ya are still not satisifed. You don’t hear Hispanics bitching like ya. Enough already.. We have a black President and it’ still not enough for some of you…Jesus!

    • David Vend

      STFU! You have the BET awards I sure she will beat her there. I bet you don’t cry racism during that show.

    • Joseph J Mauceri

      You are surely racist!!!!!

    • Blondie1213

      You must also think it’s a good idea to give trophies to kids just for showing up. So, what you are teaching your daughter is that it’s better to get a charity “for show” award, just because you are black, than to be awarded for being outstanding in your field on your own merit…? If you want your kid to see untalented folks winning an award because of their race, let her watch the MTV awards instead.

    • Ron Flanders

      Kerry Washington is a good actress, but maybe she didn’t deserve to win this time? You don’t see black actors have any problem winning Academy Awards; actors like Denzel Washington and Halle Berry shattered any ceiling that existed. Homeland is better TV than Scandal, believe it or not.

    • $62155067

      By your logic, if I disagree with someone of a different race, then I’m a racist. I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. I don’t give a damn about one’s color, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. I judge a person by their merits & character. Just because you are a minority you expect a f—ing handout. NO you don’t. Get off you butt and work for it!

    • GaryTheBrave

      I don’t think Ms. Washington would appreciate being awarded the “token” Emmy.

    • Elson Snider

      First of all you’re not an AfricaAmerican,you’re a black American,your not from Africa!!!!

    • cjhsa

      It’s not about being allowed, it’s about being better. When will “your (sic) people” figure that out?

    • kelly curtis

      You are totally right. Whenever a black person doesn’t win, or looses a contest, or a game, or a job, it ALWAYS because of racism! Because everyone knows blacks are the best at everything in the world….including filling prisons…

    • Mike Stewart

      If your waiting for History to happen on an awards show, then maybe you should direct your outrage elsewhere. It’s a popularity contest no more no less. How about using real life’s events past and present to showcase your proud heritage. Stop looking at pop culture. TV shows come and go but REAL human events should be shaping us.

    • jjm3cnm

      I believe Kerry Washington did a great job. I thought it was a toss up between the 2 of them. just have history made is not a good reason to win.. Look what we got for president just for history to be made. boycott unless they release the vote. I could back that.

    • Elissa Sucks

      your stupidity hurts my head. the reason people like you are upset isn’t because Washington deserved to win and was “robbed.” it’s because you believe she’s entitled to win, BECAUSE SHE’S BLACK. you now want affirmative action for awards shows. Claire Danes didn’t win because she’s white… she won because she earned it. once you learn that lesson your life may be better.

    • Summer

      Get over it. It had nothing to do with race. And I see many more disagree with you.
      You have a 6% black president, you have a Supreme court justice, you have multi millionaire athletes and movie stars… You are not struggling.

      This was not racist… Grow up.

    • A Walker

      Sorry, that doesn’t fly. It never occurs to you that Danes is the better actress. No, it’s always about your skin. Personally, I’m sick of your skin and all the drama that attends it.

    • Gary Warren

      The whining about trivial issues by some African Americans is a disgrace to the memory of Martin Luther King. Does anybody think he’d care?

    • Sandy Roberts Russell

      Could you have not taught your daughter that Kerry Washington did a good job and sometimes the Emmys are fickle. Sometimes if they don’t win this time, they will win for something else. Has happened to Will Smith, Denzel Washington as well as white people. Sometimes when you do your best, someone else gets chosen. Teaching your daughter that this could cause Washington to do an even better performance next time is better than “the way it is for our people”. Really? the way it is for me people is bust your butt and have no chance of scholarship based on color, just wits. Knowing that she may get passed by because there is a quota to fill, That my daughter may very well be better than a person of color (any color) but may lose a spot because she IS white. I don’t tell my daughter such things as I don’t want to teach her prejudices….
      I have seen many white folks or people who have deserved an award and for whatever reason they didn’t get it. Maybe they didn’t kiss up during the nomination process (there is politics in the Emmys and all award shows). Not saying this is what happened to Washington, just an example.

    • Barbara Stefano

      How about telling her “Claire Danes is very talented, and she won fair and square,” instead of speculating that she won because of racism. If you’re telling your daughter that racism was behind Washington’s loss, then you’re limiting her potential. You’re basically telling her she cannot make a future for herself. And based on what? That someone who wasn’t black won an award? Sour grapes much?

    • Scarlett O Richardson

      The biggest problem I have here is the fact that you keep telling your children that this is just how it is for your people. Stop that. Stop making everything about race, your child sees it.

    • hatelibs

      Congrats lady, on teaching your daughter that the only reason why she lost was she was black.. You want this kind of stuff to end, stop being part of the problem

    • Chase Brown

      Valencia…I am just curious, what part of Africa are you from and why are you so bothered that an American beat another American? To even go a step further, beat another person from New York City?

    • Hangmn

      Can Claire Daines be nominated at the BET awards? NO! Now THATS racist

    • 1911HeadBanger

      Hahahahahahahaha…..I love it when Po’ Downtrodden Black Folk play da victim. It’s so….. typical. How much is enough? Here’s a clue. It ain’t never gonna be enough. They prefer to have the victim status, because you don’t have to do anything but bitch and whine anytime you don’t succeed, win, or out do someone else. It’s easy. Just whine and cry and scream RACISM. Us po’ Negroes jus can’t get ahead because of all you redneck racists Mo-Fo’s. Grow up people and get your ass of the couch watching Oprah all day. Man up and stop being a whinny ass black bitch about everything. You have a black man in the highest office in the land and they still bitch about how they can’t get ahead. And they actually think only black people voted him in, when they only make up about 11% of the population.

    • The Free Pioneer

      We allowed a history making moment when we voted for our current president and you see where that got us.

      • zj sky


    • Michael Hernandez

      Gimme, gimme, gimme… sound like a child having a temper tantrum; I didn’t get my way so I’m going to pitch a fit. Grow up

    • Brian Carpenter

      Kerry Washington first black woman to be nominated in 40 years? Am I to presume that Debbie Allen (1982, 1983, 1984, 1985), Alfre Woodward (1986), Regina Taylor (1992, 1993), and Cicely Tyson (1995) are white? And wait! What do I see!!!! These ladies were nominated in this catagory all within the past 31 years!

    • genie forsyth

      Is it not about who is the best actress, not the best color ? If you give it only for past injustice it means nothing, and hence, disrespects Kerry.

    • jazzy

      to Valencia Winston

      Halle Maria Berry is an American actress and former fashion model.
      She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her performance
      in Monster’s Ball, becoming the first and, as of 2013, the only woman of African-American
      descent to win an Oscar for a leading role. She is one of the highest
      paid actresses in Hollywood and has been involved in the production side
      of several of the films in which she performed. spokesmodel.[2][3].

    • amanda gilliland

      how about your daughter did see history, a strong black female lead was nominated for one of the highest awards among hundreds of other actresses. There is a strong example to show her here. Not teach her that the woman was persecuted for her color. look back on history and see what happened to those people persecuted for their color/ethnicity. I’m pretty sure they’d pick not winning an emmy wearing a very expensive dress earning millions of dollars over some of the horrible things that happened to them in the past.

    • stosh

      Look at James “Bubba” Stewart. The first African American to WIN a AMA (american motorcyclists association) title! He earned it by busting his ass. No one gave him anything!

    • 364NKL

      Boo friggin hoo. Your BLACK guy is president of the United States. You also have Miss Black America, Black Caucus, and on and on and on. Time to stop crying and get off your lazy rearend and stop blaming whites for your shortcomings. I would advise you to listen to Ben Carson speak. HE is an inspiration to ALL black people.

    • mikeinmn

      BS. Suppose South African/American (and Oscar Winner) actress Charlize Theron was up for it. Would it be as big a “disgrace” if she were up for that Emmy and not chosen or are you judging people by the color of their skin like the racists you rail on against? You don’t make history “just because”, you make it because it truly deserves to happen. Otherwise it’s not really “historic” just a hand-out.

    • JA Knarr

      Maybe you ought to stop teaching racism i.e. “That’s just the way it is for our people.” (seriously??). Racism is a learned behavior. Just because Claire has won before doesn’t mean she didn’t earn this award and that it should be given to another. Talk about the dumbing down of America…. grades, jobs, awards, government monies… All too common a theme, ‘I’m black, so you have to give it to me whether I really earned it or not…’? Really? Maybe we whitey’s are getting a little fed up with THAT?

    • Joanne Mooney-King

      Um, who is our President? Obama. Who makes more money than almost anyone and is a media powerhouse? Oprah. Who is a top leading man actor? Denzel. Another hot male actor that comes to mind? Will Smith Hot female actress Halle Berry. How about Colin Powell? Condeleza Rice? Martin Luther King DAY??? national holiday? That is just a little bit…of course it’s just the ones that are huge….but, did you teach your daughter that? Did you teach your daughter about fair play, good sportsmanship? Because even if your team doesn’t win…it doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair. It means that a group of people decided someone else was better. I remember Susan Lucci losing the Daytime Emmy year after year….it was unreal. But, she lost with grace. She knows she does a good job, not everyone can win an actual award….history making moment?? They thought Claire did a better job….doesn’t mean Washington didn’t. I would NEVER teach my daughter the world is racist….you are just spreading the hate…not everyone wins. Pulling the card, every time you don’t get your way….isn’t racism it’s ignorance. Not offense…….It’s not the way it is for our people……look at all the success stories!!! You teach your daughter that she CAN and WILL….but not everyone wins. You teach her that it’s not about making history…’s just two actresses up for the same award!!!!! It’s not about her color. And just because we like Washington, doesn’t mean the academy thought she was the best. Then you tell her about Obama…winning TWICE! And all the others I mentioned. Don’t pin point the negative and make assumptions… her the success, so she knows that she can succeed!!!

    • mharper42

      So you’re saying, give awards to black contenders, no matter what? Give? Allow? Whassamatter, can’t compete? Affirmative action for the Emmys? Crybaby.

    • Rick Nau

      Youre so full of crap, anytime any black person loses at anything they blame racism. Its a built in “cant lose” that every black person uses to shield themselves from the fact that maybe, just maybe sometimes they weren’t good enough.

    • Bob Sherman

      Isn’t it racist that Claire Danes can’t even be nominated in the BET awards?

    • Guest

      Right other than these nominations:
      Alfre Woodard – 17
      Cicely Tyson – 9
      Andre Braugher – 7
      Isabel Sanford – 7
      Don Cheadle – 6
      Ruby Dee – 6
      Robert Guillaume – 6
      James Earl Jones – 6
      Louis Gossett, Jr. – 6
      Bill Cosby – 5

    • CAmom760

      Really? She should have won BECAUSE she’s black? What? It should have been “allowed”? Think about what you’re saying. You’re ticked off because someone with more melanin didn’t win a subjective ACTING award. And you think she should have been given the award simply because of her melanin.

      Wow. I honestly can’t think of a thing that would make that a positive. How is that even remotely treating everyone the same? Isn’t an equal chance what you want? Well, it’s an equal chance to win OR lose, and race doesn’t matter.

      You know what I think is racist? Seeing race as the reason for everything. Calling people racists because they have different political beliefs. Calling them racists because they didn’t just “allow a history making moment”. Refusing to even LOOK at the idea that the award was given to the person the academy thought was the best actor.

      We need to get past the pouting and name calling about race.

    • Jeff Lagemann


    • tidclan

      You can’t teach your child, just because she is a woman, or because her skin is a certain color, she is entitled to something. THAT is SO MUCH of what is wrong with AMERICA today. You should HAVE TO EARN everything your get! Somewhere America, and Americans have lost their way! It is easier to BLAME than accept personal responsibility that perhaps someone worked harder, performed better than you. A wise parent teaches their children to work hard and always give their best and the result IF THEY HAVE TRULY GIVEN THEIR VERY BEST doesn’t even matter because the personal journey builds the character and gives the child confidence and motivates the child to strive for excellence. The Emmys are NOT about “taking turns” or skin color. They are about performing excellence and are judged by a panel of qualified people. Apparently they deemed Dane’s performance better than Washington’s. Does that mean Washington is any less of a fine actress? No, it does not. They are both excellent. BUT when others blame “racism” or diminish those who have judged as “racist”, it tarnishes Washington’s accomplishments with lame excuses instead of letting her fine performance stand on its own next to Dane’s fine performance. Can we not celebrate all who were nominated and honor them accordingly without smearing them, the organization, the judges? What has happened in America that we can no longer cheer for one another’s accomplishments? Or that when one champions, those in competition with cannot celebrate the honor of being part of the process! If we are making excuses for our children because of their gender or because of their skin color when we SHOULD BE FOCUSING on whether or not their are offering their best effort, IF NOT, we are doing our children a great disservice. AND if we are supporting in government, men who would steal our constitutional rights away, who deceive, whose doings are corrupt, whose desire is money, power and control: Black or White/Republican or Democrat–THEY MUST BE REMOVED BECAUSE THEY DESIRE TO DESTROY AMERICA and this is one of the ways to do it! Turn Americans on each other! A house (America) divided against itself, cannot stand! God Bless America! God Bless ALL Her People!

    • Walter Wingo Peretiatko


    • bl

      Maybe you need to quit telling your kids that lie and they will grow up not being racist or think everyone else is.

    • RED1958

      What do you mean by “Our People”?? Do you mean Americans?? You ever heard of E Pluribus Unum, “From Many, One?
      Or are you talking about an “African American” Winning over a “European American”??
      Your Supposed “Black America” had your History Making Moment Happen back in 2008!! That one is Turning Out Well For America, Isn’t It??
      It’s Pretty Sad and Petty when Someone or Something Can’t be Judged by others and Lose without Crying “Racism”!!!
      And what’s even more sad is that People let things like the Emmy Awards Gauge their Degree of Perceived Racism in the Country!!!
      If you want to see True to Life Gauges of Racism, Look at The New Black Panthers, or The Ku Klux Klan, or the numerous other Hate Groups in America!!

    • Terri Long Robison

      Why should KW get the award if only to make history? Shouldn’t she earn it the old-fashioned way? I agree she is an OUTSTANDING actress and her show if one of my favs, but she lost. Get over it.

    • TedConley

      you’re always gonna be “held back” when you apparently value emmy awards more than the presidency of the USA. good luck.

    • Ronald W. Mann

      So you need affirmative action to improve your performance, interesting

    • jahoosafatz

      @Ms Valencia: Because we (Americans) don’t live in a society where people get awards because the other person has already won once or twice. Our society rewards those who earned the award, & genuinely deserve it because they are the BEST!! To call the Emmys racist because they didn’t “let the black woman win because the white had woman already won,” IS RACIST in & of itself!!!!! Stop whining, get off your damn couch & strive for excellence!! It’s something you actually have to work for. STOP calling the race card whenever it’s convenient for you! Joel W…

    • [email protected]


    • eltoro

      so…you want affirmative action to apply to all things blacks participate in?

    • Richard Genco

      Never be enough for u people

    • unionssuck

      wow so i notice u want your own BET awards? The president is Black and most blacks voted for the worst president ever. Yet crime, poverty , murder is up in black neighborhoods. Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Herman Cain are called uncle toms because they allegedly act white? lol so if someone is Conservative, articulate, they are acting white. But if they are thugs they are acting black? Respect? What about respect in Black neighborhoods for each other? I am Italian and am a fan of Herman Cain, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Condi Rice, and many other Black Conservative. MLK and Jackie Robinson were conservative, mlk would never have supported abortion and never would have supported Obama. Blacks are 115 of the population, not 60%. So they fall within the curve when statistically evaluated

    • Ketchup

      I think we can take with great pleasure not only the total ignorance of Velencia, but her clear ineptitude of how bad Obama has gone to great lengths to screw this country up. But what more can you expect from the “low-information voter?” It’s the reason why Obama got elected. With promises of “Free” everything from health care, phones, food, etc… those who have been on the dole through several generations have lost their morals and pride. So who do they blame? Yes, “Whitey”! It’s always the easy answer. Don’t blame the liberals/democrats who created the government entitlement programs that are now the plague that is destroying the black community & family structure. Look all over this country, Chicago, Detroit, L.A., Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Oakland. These are cities that are predominantly black, and been run by democrats for decades, some centuries. So.. who do we really have to blame here? What did the Irish do when they came here and were treated like garbage? What did the Chinese do? It’s pretty clear what is happening in America, and why!

      The race baiters who scream/cry out unfair, racism when something doesn’t go the way of the black person are indeed nothing more than the real racists themselves.

      We don’t like Obama because he’s a “FAILURE!”
      He’s ordered the NSA to spy on and his opponents.

      He’s used the IRS to bully and audit conservative groups.

      He’s forced a health care system that is going to bankrupt us further.

      His foreign Policy is a joke, and the world is laughing.

      Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, Israel

      He’s lied and covered up about Benghazi.

      He support abortion, yet 300,000 black babies are aborted each year.

      The stimulus has been a huge failure! Where are the Jobs?

      Failure to pass an immigration law, even when he had control of the House & Senate

      Green Energy (Solyndra)

      His creations of Czars.

      But what can you expect from a senator who was either missing of voted present in over 60% of the bills? He’s a neophyte in over his head!

      When 98% of blacks in this country vote for a President, it isn’t about the agenda. It’s because Obama is black. THAT’S the real reason! So who are the real racists? There is no other group so polarizing and divisive in this country today due to the system, and people who are controlling them then the African America Culture.

    • Richard Hamilton

      Who is “we”? And if there is “we” isn’t there a “them”? As evidenced from the rest of your bleating, lemme guess; “we” is the black American even if “we” don’t identify as American. And “them” is anyone but black.

      African? Are you an American citizen? Which country in Africa, which tribe in Africa do you identify with? You don’t know exactly is not an answer. You cannot be from an entire continent so please do answer. Be specific.

      Following your logic I should be a European-American. No, not the south nor the north but the entire continent. But if push came to shove I would say Swedish and Russian. But I certainly would not say Swedish-American or Swedish-Russian-American. Nope, I am Amercan, period. Maybe it’s time y’all made up your minds.

    • Susan

      Maybe it is your personal opinion that Kerry Washington deserved it over Claire Danes, but that is just YOUR opinion. The academy obviously decided that Danes was the more deserving actress. Just because they didn’t agree with you or all the other people calling out racism, doesn’t mean that they didn’t pick Washington because she is black.

      Giving her an award just for a “history making moment” is ALSO RACIST, because you would only be giving her the award because she is black, not because she earned it. Which means you would have denied Claire Danes the award because she was white. There is no logic in your argument.

      The reason things are so “tough” for black Americans is because your own kind is holding you down. By always claiming that you don’t have an equal opportunity is actually putting into the heads of black Americans that they actually don’t have an equal opportunity. Like you telling your daughter that “That’s just the way it is for our people” is putting it in her head that she is never going to succeed because OTHER PEOPLE are holding her back, when in fact, it is only oneself that decides what happens in ones life. If that’s just the way it is for your people, explain all the accomplished and recognized black Americans in this country, did they beat the system? Or convince all the “racist whites” that they aren’t black? No, they WORKED HARD! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is in this country, if you’re asking for a handout you don’t deserve to succeed.


      Instead of telling your twelve year old daughter, “that’s just the way it is for (our) people” tell her kim washington will just have to work harder at getting an emmy because there are MANY actresses and actors that are good! SOOOO sick of the racist card, for you to inform your daughter she is different in this generation, that’s you keeping her down and telling her she’s different and will never be good enough. That’s the BS! GROW UP! Your president goes through hell daily because he’s an idiot not because he’s white/black. You are your own demise. No one has given me anything because I’m white..!!! I’ve earned it chicka!

    • Iceman00767

      Why don’t you stop whining? She lost! Do you REALLY think that she lost because she is black? REALLY? The Hollywood liberal establishment jumps over themselves to nominate/vote for any minority because it’s so P.C. and “Hollywood chic!” People like myself are REALLY sick of this “race card” nonsense. I’m sorry that you are offended that blacks don’t win ALL of the time. They represent less than 15% of the overall population. Guess what that means? It means that from a pure statistical standpoint, people of other ethnicities will win sometimes! SHOCKER!

    • Just sayin it like it is

      Should someone win because of her color? That is reverse racism. I dont watch either show so I can’t tell you…but maybe, just maybe, claire danes is a better actress…just maybe.

      • Averagewhitemale

        So tired of the term “reverse” racism which implies that racism is only white on black. To me reverse racism is someone from one race giving an ice cream and a hug to someone of another race. Let’s call it what it is Racism is Racism no matter which way it is directed.

    • Joshua Moore

      You feel this way because for along time.. Calling people Racists worked, whether there was actually any racism involved. Now the term has been demeaned, its been abused and when you call racism few people bother to listen. Yes- there is a struggle and yes there is Racism but there is also Racism against whites… White people are no longer the Majority race- in fact there is no majority race in the United States at this moment.

    • Jason Booth

      Again if someone is better at something that is why is an award, call something racist is ignorant at best. I know blacks have had it bad but not everything is racial and to keep in the lime light is just damaging your cause.
      I believe that is is far better than 20 years ago and was getting better until the Trayvon Martin case, witch threw fuel on a fire. We need to come together and stand united as American’s not by race. The labeling needs to stop. We need to demand equal treatment as Americans. But lets no be confused about taking responsibility for our own actions. Everyone has had a chance to be educated and have the same opportunity. Just because you make bad life choices doesn’t make someone else responsible for you. The government doesn’t owe anyone anything. Neither does the Middle class or the rich we got here by hard work and sacrifice. I am not a slave to moochers and parasites of America. I believe that if you need assistance you need it but it is not a life style and finding your way off of it is the responsible thing to do. We are destroying America and when it is gone and the way of life you once had is gone you will wish you would have been paying attention to what was really going on in America while you were watching the Emmys.

    • Ruth Young

      The best actress won, please get over using the racist card, We have a black president for heaven sake’s and there are plenty of good black American’s that have earned there way to the top of thing’s. What I see now is reversed racist and there are plenty of cases now being brought to court for this issue. May I suggest you check yourself and get over it, your daughter has been disappointed by you and not the Emmy’s. Shame on you for bringing on a feed were this country has raised up some pretty great people including all colors and ethnic back ground. And you being so upset in front of your daughter is appalling! Now she is being brought up the same as some white folks who are racist. Once more shame be on you!!!

    • rickmcknight

      We had a history making moment in 2008. Look at what we got. History making moment alright. Only on the wrong side. How about the great Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Bill Cosby, and a multitude of others I could name. They earned their respect just like any other great actors, and comedians. You don’t give someone a reward for a “history making moment”. IE …..Nobel Peace prize when you have done nothing to earn it..

    • Taylorlaw67

      Your commentary is an insult to every other African American actor, male or female, that has won an Emmy. By the way, that list of winners includes some fairly outstanding actors such as Alfre Woodard, James Earl Jones, Bill Cosby, Lou Gossett, Jr., Halle Berry and others. You diminish their contributions by making such foolish statements.

    • donpeppino

      So you’d rather someone be given a “quota” award than actually teach your kid to work harder than the next person to win an award which was deserved? Will you ever stop being the victim?

    • BettyCrackhead

      But didn’t an African-American win the presidency the very first time they won their party’s nomination? I could have sworn he did.

    • Crystal Gayle Osborne

      Really? Because other Black actors and actresses have won honors in the past like Sicily Tyson, and Halle Berry. How is this one “Historical”. No it’s not just the way it is for your people. You are the problem; you continue to teach your child to be a victim instead of teaching her the truth. It’s not a black dominated field, realy how many black actors are there on TV? So no not as many blacks will win Emmys as whites. It’s numbers not racism, get over yourself. WE ARE SICK OF THE RACE CARD

    • Mike Dezrat Hobgood

      “That’s just the way it is for our people.” African Americans always have to wait until next time” Your quote Velencia Winston……I see A LOT of successful Black Americans…..they don’t have Boo Hoo mentality…..and I see some White Americans with it, and they’re not very successful…’s ALL about attitude….the RIGHT one WILL get you far…..

    • Gordon Waite

      You said referencing your daughter, “She doesn’t understand what happened? I’m sick of telling her.” I respond to that by saying, does she need you to tell her over and over, about what you think? If she is of average intelligence, will she not form her own opinions and views, based on her life experiences? Or do you feel the need to brainwash her into believing what you want her to believe. Your “raising” of your child is a prime example of why most AA’s scream racism anytime they do not get what they feel they “deserve” out of life. If you feel “disrespected” (to use the word I hear from blacks frequently), let me say, respect is earned, not deserved!

    • marylamb72

      Then stop telling her that. It’s NOT just how it is “for you people” You separate yourselves and then complain when you aren’t accepted.

    • Joe

      You think she should have won simply because she was African American??? If you think that then Martin Luther King would be ashamed of you

    • PrinciplesInLife

      She lost… because she lost. Deal with it. You nig***s are lazy and a bunch of whiners.

    • Joe

      Valencia Winston. YOU are a racist!!! You just proved it with your comments.

    • Guest

      your are a moron & most likely one of the professional victims

    • Damian

      So.. you are saying she should’ve been given the award BECAUSE she is black? And that’s not racist? #doublestandard

    • K.c. Jones

      You said ” I’m sick of telling her “That’s just the way it is for our people.”. Then stop. You are part of the problem. Why don’t you teach your children something about achievement instead of victimization?

    • tonyshasten

      I take it you suffer from “professional victim syndrome” which means pretty much anytime things don’t go your way you cry RACISM. The hell with quality or competence, it’s all about race to losers like you when trying to rationalize outcomes.

    • Jason Wade Prater

      So the pure and sinple fact that Claire Danes is a better actress doesn’t play any part in the fact that she won the award?

    • Phil_J

      I did not know then how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can still see the butchered women and children lying heapen and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as when I saw them with eyes still young.And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people dream died there. It was a beautiful dream. . . the nations hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead.

      -Black Elk, Lakota

    • Brushrop03

      It’s not that she didn’t win. Is that there aren’t a lot to chose from in the Drama department. That’s the issue. I love scandal…but I don’t think the acting is as good as some other Dramas. But I do think her and Claire’s are about the same level.

    • Leanne Prichett

      I’m a big fan of Kerry Washington but we shouldn’t give her an emmy out of pity, they should be award based on MERIT.Claire danes has done a fantastic job on a homeland and deserves the recognition.

    • Jonathan D Saunders

      The tables are turned and have been for many years.

      When I can not speak out against the policies of a half white PotUS because of the shade of his skin without being called racist…the tables are turned.

      When a man has to stand trial for defending himself merely because the skin of his attacker is darker than his…the tables are turned.

      When me and my wife are the only white people in the benefits line and we get turned down while everyone else is walking about talking about how good they are going to be eating that night…the tables are turned.

      When less than 10% of those living in the complex I manage are white and the rest are of darker skin tones than mine, and all are getting some form of government rental benefits…the tables are turned.

      When we are told that we have to target and prove we targeted, minorities to move in…the tables are turned.

      When jobs MUST hold a certain number of positions for minorities even though there is a qualified applicant of lighter skin colors standing in front of them…the tables have turned.

      Go home racist!

    • Is this America?

      She did not win Simply because her performance was not the best. You do not win because of the color of your skin, but on your acting. I do not see Asian, Hispanic actresses calling racism…maybe because they know it is about the performance.

    • Rationalthinker

      Really? Because she had won before is your logic? How is it, living in the world of “everyone deserves a trophy”? Black is a color…not an excuse.

    • 6cheri6

      Why can’t you just be American? Should I constantly say I am European-American? Unless YOU came from Africa, you are American and should be proud to say it! You are not allowing racism to die a natural death by wanting “special privileges” because you are black. Giving her an Emmy BECAUSE she is black is racist!!!

      • John

        The term has always rubbed me the wrong way. I have *never* referred to myself as “Greek-American”. Not once. My *parents* were immigrants. I was born in Virginia, and that makes me “American” — sans prefix.

    • s1ck_of_the_sh1t

      Wow… Classic entitlement mentality… wish you would have had your tubes tied before being able to pass this BS down to offspring. You’re gimme gimme mentality will take us all down…

    • kobrien674

      Oh bullshit! Awards are given for talent, not skin color. And what lesson did you teach your daughter? That she should get what she wants because she’s black? Tell your daughter that the color of someone’s skin isn’t a deciding factor. Talent and skill is. Blacks are disproportionally (a lot more than 12%)represented in American media today. Sports or any other “entertainment” group. How about sports teams only allowing 12% to be African-American? Even conservative Republican MLK would call bullshit on what you wrote. After travelling the world for 20 years I’ve come to realize that no people are so obsessed with race, and themselves, as African-Americans. Get over it already. If you don’t want to be an American and insist on pidgeon holing yourself and your daughter as a separate, special catagory of American, then you can just go on being cynical and hateful… seeing racism everywhere. I suppose when Holly Berre and Denzel Washington won the best actor and actress academy awards it was because of their skin color? Is that what you’re really saying? Get over being black and become an American. It will set you free.

    • Booker

      Oh, gimme a freaking break! Can’t black people lose? You know the greatest day in America wasn’t when Jackie Robinson was allowed to play baseball, —but it was when he was finally let go! Thereby, showing that a black can rise and fall like everyone else. Sheesh. Get over it!!

    • Pluffmud Girl

      So rather than just replying that this actress wasn’t as good as another, you reinforced the idea for your daughter that you are down-trodden. Way to go mom!!

    • Veronica Dever

      BET All Black All the Time. There is no All White Channel, pageant, awards, or anything else. THat is Racism.

    • Matt Mcneill

      1) Claire Danes already won. So what? Alabama has won back to back national championships in college football. Do we now tell them to go away so someone else can be national champion?
      2) Why couldn’t a history making moment just be allowed to happen? So what your saying is Kerry Washington doesn’t deserve the award based on her performance but based on the color of her skin? Last time I checked that wasn’t the basis for the award.
      3) see if other races wouldn’t feel a hint of racism. GET OVER YOURSELF! Do you see people complaining that the BET awards are racist?
      This is not racism. This is self victimization hiding behind racism because you actually think you can scare people and not have to be accountable for what you say if you cry racism.

    • kobrien674

      So why is it again that Clare Danes could never win an award at the BET Awards? Oh that’s right… because of her skin color. Now THAT’S racism. Get over it!

    • Seabass120

      Well, at least Kerry Washington doesn’t have to worry about losing a BET award to Ms. Danes does she?

    • baddgolfer

      Hard to heard? Every time I turn on the news I see a black person complaining about something.

    • Eric Shaw

      We do see a big hint of racism. Every time we get our paychecks, see the taxes taken out to pay for the parasites sitting at home squirting out kids, and smoking crack. Sit down, shut and be happy that you have successfully enslaved the entire white population. We are now forced to pay for “your peoples” whole existence. Your sense of entitlement, and blatant stupidity is mind numbing.

    • Rae Berry Bracken Henderson

      You must have forgot to tell you daughter that we have a black supreme court justice, had the first woman and she was black who was the secretary of state. Maybe you have been asleep the last 5 years but guess what we even have a black President. Maybe you need to realize that people should indeed be judged on what they do….NOT what color they are. She may be very good at her craft, but this one just wasn’t for her. People need to stop all this race crap….it helps NO ONE and will NOT help your daughter succeed in life. Hard work, good morals and faith will take her a long way, she just needs to apply them. I think our country has a lot more issues then who wins an Emmy.

    • golftilidrop

      So you are saying she should have won based on the pigment of her skin, not the excellence of her performance?

      • Clete Torres ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Sure reads that way, doesn’t it?

    • Lisa Amador

      Good lord. Racial preference in the name of manipulating history? Now THAT is racist.

    • Bellyn

      Valencia, so how many “Claire Danes” types win an award at the BET’s? How many non-blacks win NAACP scholarships? The NAACP Image award? How many whites win Hip Hop awards? Black Girls Rock awards? Should I go on? And as far as winning, maybe you should look to Hollywood rather than the American public you are blaming. Actors vote for other actors. And maybe, just maybe, Claire Danes was the better actress. And maybe you should pass on to your daughter that the only thing an African American can aspire to be in this horrible country is the President of the United States; a rap mogul; a multi-million dollar earning sports player; a billionaire talk show hostess…..

    • Jay

      The Emmies are not a struggle for African Americans to be heard. And trust me…African Americans are heard. Loud and clear. Whether we like it or not, we will hear what African Americans have to say. Doesn’t mean one actress is better than the other or not better because of their skin color. Kerry Washington, although she has potential, is nowhere near as good of an actress as Claire Danes. Claire Danes plays her part so well in Homeland that if I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t even know she was acting. THAT is why she won. Kerry Washington has potential but she has not reached it yet. The grown up thing for her fans to do would be to congratulate the winner and encourage Kerry Washington to strive harder to be the best at what she does.

    • Mike Meyer

      Here’s an idea. Start telling your daughter the truth. The Emmys are about acting ability, not the color of a person’s skin. Stop promoting the very racism you say you hate. You wanted Kerry Washington to win, not because she delivers a better performance in Scandal than Clare Danes does in Homeland. You wanted Kerry Washington to win because she is Black. That’s racism and don’t even try and excuse your racism with the mentality of “I can’t be a racist, I’m Black.” That doesn’t wash with intelligent people.

    • Jonathan Glasman

      First of all, there’s no such thing as an African American. If you’re black and a citizen of the United States, you are an American. Secondly, black folks have something called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the right to insult anyone you want, scream “Black power!” and claim racism on everything. This is what’s called a double standard. Here’s an idea: HOW ABOUT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS RATHER THAN THOSE OF PEOPLE WHO SORT OF SHARE YOUR SKIN TONE? Do you think if Washington won the award, your life would get any better? Do you think you’d win a percentage of that award? Is it anything like voting for Obama based on the fact that his skin tone is sort of like your own? Besides race-based killing, that is the most deplorable form of racism. Also, after all the twitter ashes settle, no one will have learned anything or gotten farther in life because they are taking all their problems and scapegoating them away to phantom problems like racism. Why don’t you look at real racism, like an employer making a racist comment to an employee, and you’ll see how “awful” this country is. You can get fired, ostracized, and publicized for racism in this country. You don’t know how good you have it with your race card witch hunts. So my advice to you is to drop the We and think about the Me. A black person succeeding doesn’t help you. You succeeding helps you. No one else. If you want to see real racism in action, look at Spain during the World Cup. Peace.

    • Dee

      OMG did you eat paint chips as a child? There’s a black president for crying out loud! And what’s all this “history-making moment” BS? I didn’t even know a black woman had never won – but it’s not exactly the Oscars, is it? In fact, I didn’t even know the Emmy’s was on last night. You really need to get a life.

    • carolina mama

      Here’s your problem. So many people yelling “raaccciiiiissssmmm” at the top of their lungs at the drop of a hat that it minimizes legitimate claims of racism. What’s more, people are becoming hardened to hearing it, i.e. don’t be looking for them to express sympathy because it won’t be there.

    • Luanna Solis Mann

      You are just ridiculous!!! I am Hispanic/Indian/Spainish do you think anything is ever given to us??? Hell to the NO!! Racism my ass!! Get over it. You and the majority of your race need to stop with this Race card every single time something doesn’t go your way!! Racism this, Racism that, he is racist, she is racist! DAMN, that is wrong with America TODAY! Get over your self already! Your race acts like yall are the only ones that get shunned, disrespected, etc….. but you are full of shit if you think you are. You are just so blind and nothing but a racist yourself!

    • Lawrence Little

      Teaching your children to coddle racism/racial injustice will only move us backwards. Meanwhile, Black people have never been treated worse than they currently treat each other across the Continent of Africa. The belief that America owes African Americans because of the racial injustice of the past only serves to nurture the very thing that you claim to protest.

    • mac12sam12

      Blacks are far more racist than whites. The numbers back me up. We’re tired of black on white crime which largely goes unnoticed by MSM. Stop your fricken whining you have every advantage. Anytime you don’t get your own way you cry racism. That scam is getting old. If there was only one black actress nominated it’s because the others were not good enough.

    • BigL

      You’re what is wrong with America.

      Not everything, in fact most things are not about race. I’ll bet if all those judges were black, then they would all be uncle Toms huh?

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      maybe if you stopped being african[foreign] americans and be like my Black friends and just BE americans this crap you so love to whine about would end? most of my generation of ‘whites’ fought side by side to free your Black American ancestors of these stigmatics. and then a whole generation of “african” [non] americans came along and killed MLK’s dream. such ingrates. I’m thru with respecting anyone who calls themselves african before american. if you love africa so much go home. and stop being such hypocrites and racist bigots. and get a job, pull up your pants. and stop calling the blacks who call themselves americans only.. uncle tom. because they have more sense and morals and dignity then any african american i know…. and stop carrying about a bunch of fake people who’s only real skill is the fact they can fool you on the silver screen into thinking they are real. they arent. they are shallow , insecure idiots and most are immoral as the devil himself. Emulate a great man like Dr. Ben Carlson. not someone who lies for a living. and I dont despise ‘your’ president because he is ‘african’ i despise him because he is an ego maniac child with a huge inferiority complex who neither intellectually or legally is qualified to sit in the oval office. I know plenty of Black Americans who would smoke this insane muslim as president. PLENTY. Obozo is an insane clown who thinks he is the messiah. yea satans messiah maybe.

    • Lawrence

      say that while you watch a nearly all black NBA, and NFL?

    • Daniel Schultz

      You realize you are talking about TV? Right? It has no bearing on LIFE. Tell your daughter that, and grow up. Better yet, GROW UP and TURN OFF THE TV. Or, if you are incapable of that, go watch BET.

    • CainCan

      Wouldn’t it be more racist to give Kerry the award just because of the color of her skin? Somehow, I think Kerry wouldn’t want to win an award for being black – she’s a great actress and as such, she’d likely be horrified to win an award, not on her acting skills, but the color of her skin.

    • Tim Tyson

      @Valencia….your mind is warped and you are brainwashed. Racism abounds everywhere and against all races. Southern whites and Christians deal with racism and bigotry every day. You are hardly alone

    • James Clark

      So, a person can’t win more than once?

    • realsmartmom

      I hate to break it to you, but Claire Danes or Kerry Washington winning a friggin’ trophy for playing pretend in front of a camera IS NOT a pivotal moment in American history. It means zilch no matter which woman wins.

    • Jim Stone

      Will you crybabies just get together and form your own damn country and get the f**k out of the one you are always decrying already? Hell, you are what….less that 15% of the population and are in at least 50% of the commercials. All guilt crap. Quota babies. Grow the hell up.

    • wineplz

      Where in the rules for handing out Emmy awards that you automatically give them to someone from a group that never won before? Kerry Washington was nominated, which is more than what happened for countless of other leading black ladies in Prime Time shows over the past several years. She wasn’t the only one who lost that award…all the other women nominated with her lost it as well. Apparently the judges or whomever make the final decisions on these awards felt Claire Danes did a better job.
      Instead of screaming racism about ONE nominee not winning, scream about the overall lack of minorities being nominated in the first place.

    • 1NonPermissive

      They gave a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama because of the color of his skin, how about that?

    • Ben Polston

      Your an idiot if you think we live in a racist society! You need to go back a 100+ years and see what real racism was!

    • pajamakat

      Personally I don’t give a damn. Why don’t you get your head out of your a$$ and pay attention to what’s going on in this country rather than who “won” a stupid award that nobody gives a crap about. No wonder why this country is such a mess. People care more about this type of stuff than the destruction of our country. What’s are your opinions about the IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal, obamacare that is killing jobs, crime in Chicago., etc. Does any of this matter to you ?

    • J Alford

      You have a black man in the White House maybe your daughter should be proud of that instead of getting caught up in Hollywood crap….When is it ever enough for you, to stand up with the rest of the country and be counted. Blacks are not the only minority in this country there are hispanics(growing in numbers) asians and europeans from all countries…There are lots of minorities but who are always pulling the Race Card….Blacks. Get over it and join the rest of us,then maybe “This is just the way it is for our people”….which by the way is not African American…..those generations have long been dead you are all AMERICANS(unless you recently arrived from Africa)will no longer have to be said for something that you just don’t agree with…..Then maybe blacks will be looked at differently but until then keep telling your daughter she won’t get anywhere because she is black…….

    • Mark Riggan

      time to get rid of the training wheels and crutch

    • Jack Nause

      really…is there not an African American in the WH? Attorney General? You, Valencia, are a racist. And you are teaching your daughter to be also.

    • Freeman1776
    • Bob Danley

      Valencia; I’m shunning you. But only because you’re whinning. Not because you’re of another race. Honestly I just don’t see how it can be determined how any actor can be said to be any better than another. There just can’t be any objective criteria to determine such a thing. Of course we could just give such awards based purely upon race and every tenth year an African American can automatically win the award. Yet then this would keep African Americans from winning consecutive awards – but still it’s the only fair way based upon Liberal cry-teria.

    • Ave Ashley Victoria E

      Are you fucking kidding me, are you even a Christian Women, You are Gods which means Biblically and scientifically there is no race, are you fucking kidding me, you think your the only fucking people that get racism, are you nuts !!!!

      Get a fucking life, this is not what Martin Luther King was asking for, you telling your child this, is completely ridiculous, you don’t know why the other girl was voted for, and assuming it was merely because shes white is ridiculous .. assuming is border lining on superficialness and is… quiet frankly, I’m beyond pissed off that you would teach your kids this and that you fucking categorize every single person being white against other non-white people as being racist if the white person wins … their is no racism until its proven …

      Just because someone is trending and is well liked, doesn’t mean the person no matter what the fucking color of their skin is and what character they play is going to be well liked by every one … I don’t care what color you are .. you think you earned something from hard work and you still don’t get a vote, don’t assume that someone else that is a different color than you got it, because of the color they are….

      because science proves that their isn’t separate races, in fact your 0.012%, white and black is genetically different by only 0.012% …

      We all carry the same pigments in are skin, maybe you should be educated… Their a thing called “Melanin”, – and their is 2 forms of melanin that make up the pigment in our bodies …

      Eumelanin (Black to brown pigment) and Phenomelanin (red to yellow pigment) … everyone carries red, yellow, black and brown .. just a different amounts …

      Most people in America aren’t racist, you can thank ignorant people like you Valencia Winston and Obama and alot of Liberals for brainwashing, because I for one, DO NOT TOLERATE THIS SHIT …

      Everything has to be earned in life and God says that we will go through trouble and hard times, nothing is easy, but their should never be any superficial favoritism just because a generation or group of people experienced sins by others … Sin is sin, race and racism is a SIN …

      No matter what you experience in life, your supposed to have moral and Godly reactions towards your enemies, not throw back what your enemies through at you, not sin on top of sin …

      You assumed that because a well liked and recently African American lady is trending that she should get a nomination, a vote is a vote, non racist people don’t vote for people based on the color of “one skin” .. this is racism … any I highly doubt that she was voted because she’s white, and by the way, alot of people in Hollywood that are nominated tend to be or look white but are Jewish, I would be careful of stereotyping like you have already done, because the typical stereotypical of white can be mixed, can be also black, and can be also Jewish etc. .. so stop stereotyping …

      Voting for Barack Obama because hes black is wrong, ooh wait … ooooh oopsy, hes actually mulatto – white and black … and not voting for him, like I did wasn’t because of the color of his skin nor would I vote for someone because of their skin color ..duh I’m 21 and I have more common sense then you …

      Please save your woahs me bullshit.. I’m so sick of people like you, who play race card and victim when you cannot get your way …

      I’m part Native American .. this is my land, what happened to my people being politically and socially known and cared about like others, know one fucking pays any attention to the fact that Native Americans have it so much worse then white or black (secular words I hate using) …

      You realize that the minority in America is certain mixed groups of people and also specifically Native Americans they may live on reservations that are subsidized by the government.. but they don’t get that much money or help on these reservations.. They also have more suicides among children and adults combined, don’t forget they where thrown off their land by English and European settlers … and they were murdered also …

      Just to let you know, in my house, my kids would get a bar of soap in their mouth and spankings and grounding for saying the word race, or any racial derogatory comments, I hope you teach your kids not just to understand what “racist” whites have done or said, and that other so called races, like for example, Arabic have enslaved all colors and nationalities, so its not just the English that did wrong but so have others, ooh wait, African’s in Africa enslaved their own people and sold them to slave owners, maybe you should research the sins of your own people ….

      continuing, but I hope you teach them that any racism from you as their mother – Valencia Winston – that any racism from anyone is wrong also …

      You want to end racism .. try ending yours .. because assuming and stereotyping or liking someone on the premises of skin color alone or for any reason is “RACIST” …

      I’m Native American- Cherokee and Choctaw Indian
      I’m Northern European
      French -Canadian and
      Middle Eastern (Jewish) ….

      So um being that I’m mixed, please don’t try and labeling me white, lol that’s offensive …

      Now my cussing is out of line, but I cannot tolerate people like you, I won’t put up with my family doing it and I won’t put up with anyone else doing it, and what you said, seriously set me off …

      You think whites don’t get killed by blacks over racism presently it continues to happen, but where is Obama, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, who all love playing the race card …

      You think mixed people like me don’t suffer from racism … ahahah .. funny, you think your the only one .. I may have not been around when racism was at its worst and lynchings where taking place and bathrooms and restaurants where separate based on color, but believe me, I would be the girl being killed over dating a Latino and a black person … like I continue to do ….

      I’m a Pontiac and Detroit girl so most of my friends are black, half are Christian, half are not.. I have a small group of white and Latino friends also ,… So I’m not racist, and all of them respect me just fine, when I say I will not vote for a person because of their skin, like someone only for their skin color, or bow down to anyone because they have been hurt more because of racism or their skin color … my family did not own slaves, my family may have some people in it that are racist or don’t support (secular/worldly word ->) interracial marriage, but I don’t care, I will sacrifice my family for a man that I choose, a good Christian man, don’t care what color he is, just be a godly man … Then I’m fine …

      I’m the true definition of a real Christian, besides my lack of tolerance for this topic and my lack of clean language … I will not allow others to talk like this and i’m not letting you not hear what you’ve obviously have not been educated on…

      My kids won’t act like how you’ve raised your kids to understand and how to acknowledge human racism …

      My kids wouldn’t ever hear anything come out of my mouth that is Biblically or scientifically incorrect on especially this topic, and my kids would never hear me say what you told your daughter.

      Racism is taught, not biologically normal, children don’t see or understand racism, until someone explains it and teaches it as a moral judge of character, and unless you show things in a Godly light, you only see things from a worldly perception and a biased perception, and this is why I hate politics and am sick and tired of celebrities and politicians and Americans acting this way ..

      I have very little respect for you and what you teach, while other women….. Black, White, and Latina, do not teach their children this …..Those that are Christian don’t teach this …

    • Dan Studzinski

      Is it really that important nobody died, give them both an Emmy. Stirring up racism is not the right thing to do. Jackie Robinson era is over.

    • Martin McArthur

      Does that mean that every time an African American is in a competition with European-Americans that the African-American should win because s/he’s African-American?

    • Alvin Helms

      So if you’re sick of telling your daughter, “That’s just the way it is for our people,” then how about you stop *lying* to her, and tell her that nobody is guaranteed to win, no matter how much you wish they would? How’s that sound? Try telling her that race has absolutely nothing to do with it, instead of feeding her that whining, excuse-making *Victim Mentality* of yours, which will — far more assuredly than her skin color — guarantee that she never amounts to anything at all.

    • Mike Nicholson

      Wow. Who is president of the United States right now? And your daughter missed a chance to see history? Maybe there is a problem with your concept of what constitutes a “historical event”.

    • SeRiOuSLy!!??

      whats sad is you’re teaching your daughter to be a racist be making it a racial issue. you made it an “us” against “them” situation perpetuating racism and hatred. talking about obama is a cop-out, he’s doing a horrible job and being criticized for it just like every president before him had to endure. race has nothing to do with it, racist or sheeple just keep making it about race because they either want to deflect attention from the horrible job he’s doing or to protect him because of his race. in spite of what he does, doesn’t do or how bad it gets you have to blindly stand with him because of race or because of what party he’s with. you’re right though, things aren’t equal, maybe we should change things. take away affirmative action and go back to the way things used to be. the most qualified person got the job and not race. how about on applications we just removed the question of race and gender all together? imagine doing this in all govt agencies that provide assistance?
      Juan Williams points out, blacks, a 13% minority, are doing 54% of the dying and probably 54% of the killing. That needs to be said.
      Why is this happening? According to Juan Williams, the out of wedlock birth rate for blacks is now 72%. This leads to more than 70% of black mothers being on welfare raising more than 70% of black children without fathers.
      That’s part of the problem. Another part, Williams says, is:
      “a dysfunctional gangster-rap culture that glorifies promiscuity, drug dealers and the power of the gun.”

      Read more:

    • Sarah Katherine

      Jon Hamm never won, and he deserved it 5 times over. Bryan Cranston also didn’t win. There is no denying their talent. An unknown actress won over Sofia Vergara for Best Supporting Actress, but you don’t hear her crying that it’s because she’s Hispanic. Flash back to 2002: Denzel Washington won Oscar for Best Lead Actor for “Training Day.” He deserved it. Halle Berry won it for Best Actress that same night for “Monster,” even though she was wooden and THAT. MOVIE. SUCKED!

    • JannieAlexa™

      Um, hello? The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is black. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. And it’s too bad that you’re teaching your daughter that the glass is half empty. I feel sorry for her. “That’s just the way it is for our people.” It’s so sad that you don’t want the very best person to win. You want “a history making moment” (read “decided by skin color”) to be the deciding factor. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • americangirl

      you are so full of shit. “forever getting shunned” “that’s the way it is for our people” “struggle for African Americans” I’m so tired of listening, hearing, and reading this BULLSHIT. YOU are the reason that blacks aren’t heard or respected, because of people like you. You pull the race card every chance you get. Well let me tell you something Valencia Winston, there is only ONE race, it is the HUMAN RACE. Quit your whining, get off your fucking computer complaining and whining and actually DO something if you’re so upset. I pray to God that your daughter doesn’t grow up to think like you but sadly she will because YOU are affecting how she learns because of your stupid victim mentality.

    • Victoria Farrell-Gollihugh

      This is SUPPOSED to be an issue of who is the better actor… not who’s turn it is to win. sheesh

    • Alice

      I peronsally don’t feel it was a race thing but there is at least one fact that may need to be corrected. It hasn’t been 40 years since an African American actress has been nominated. Cicely Tyson (a phenominal actress) was nominated back in the mid-90s

      • Alice

        I should have also mentioned Alfre Woodard, Regina Taylor and who can forget the beloved Debbie Allen!

    • bamsdragon

      I am so sick and tied of every time something doesn’t go your way;;…. you cry racism…. grow up… it’s people like you who keep the hate alive….My favorite show didn’t win either.. but I’m not crying about it…

    • kady772

      You want to be treated fairly? Stop whining about your skin color. NO one cares the way you seem to. You earn something, you get it. I have less than no interest in the Emmy’s, and I like Kerry Washington, but if she didn’t win, it’s because someone else was better. If they gave her the award simply because she’s black, that would have been the very definition of racism – basing your behavior on the color of a person’s skin. She didn’t win. Get over it. There are way more important things going on in the world.
      And by the way, your comments show that you do not want FAIR treatment. You want SPECIAL treatment.

    • John Galt

      Bull shit. you have had freebies given to you for the last 50 years. The true racists are people like you who cry racist if you don’t get your way. Grow up and try to earn something for a change.

    • Roberta Fahr

      Let’s try something new! Let’s vote for character and merit, not the color of their skin. Blacks have spent decades wanting skin color not to be an issue and now they are fighting to make skin color an issue again. King would be so ashamed of many blacks and their character today!

    • Glen Haley

      This is an absolutely abhorable and disgusting statement! You are calling the emmy’s racist while demanding that Washington should have gotten it because she’s black and the sad part is that you think you’re right without even seeing the dichotomy!! You ma’am are part of the problem, not the solution!! This country will falter because of people like you!!
      The lady didn’t win because she wasn’t the better actress…PERIOD! Maybe next year?? But then again, the academy may not allow her to be nomimated next year to keep there from being any more negatviity from people like you who only see through your black colored glasses.

      Oh, and yes Obama sucks too, but because he sucks, not because he’s black!!

    • Mary

      Do you actually let your daughter watch that show? A 12 year old? A show about having an affair with the President?

    • SHOTGUN285

      Do you have any idea how tired we are of hearing about your “struggle”? You voted for Obama just because he was black, and that makes you racist, yet you ask us to give an emmy to someone that may or may not have earned it over another talented actress, and that’s not entitlement, that’s just being fair. You have no clue what a hypocrite you are.

    • Guest

      Also, your comments show that you don’t actually want FAIR treatment. You want SPECIAL treatment.

    • Rae Shue

      I don’t watch the Emmy’s, but this was NOT a “history making moment”. That’s already been done. It’s something that is EARNED, not given. She is a talented actress and deserves to be acknowledged for that, but not given anything based on her skin colour. She was up against some other actresses who happen to be just as talented as her. No one said she “didn’t stand a chance.”

      And you’re right. Other races wouldn’t feel a hint of racism because we’ve managed to move on. When did an Irish man or Irish woman win an Emmy? That’s racist! GIVE THE IRISH ACTORS/ACTRESSES THEIR DUE! WE IRISH ARE SICK AND TIRED OF NOT BEING HEARD OR BEING GIVEN OUR PROPER DUE!

      See my point? You think that sounds ridiculous? That’s how you sound.

    • Jeff House

      I never got to play in the NBA….logic says the NBA is racist!!!!!!!!

    • schmickity

      So instead of just telling your daughter that “how well adults played make believe was very subjective and who you think played make believe the best may not be who everyone else thinks played make believe best” you taught your daughter that “you are going to be put down because of your skin color and because crackers be racist”? Well done, maybe its not too late for the SIDS fairy to show up and rescue your daughter from a lifetime of your shitty parenting.
      How many white actresses have won a JET award? or been on a BET awards a show. You want to teach your progeny about racism, start with shows like those

    • Cali65

      If its a struggle for you, maybe you are doing something wrong. I know many successful black people who don’t whine. You are living way too far in the past and you need to get over it!

    • Jill Deardorff

      Apparently you felt the same way when Obama first ran for President. “history making moment just be allowed?” And the only disrespect that he get’s is by his own making. I DON’T CARE what someone’s skin color is or isn’t! I CARE about what is happening to this Country since he took office! As for Kerry Washington not winning, did anyone stop and think that everyone pulling the Race Card is making her mad? This is RIDICULOUS!!!! I am SO sick of everytime something like this happens that card is pulled! The President even does it…”they are just going after Obamacare to mess with me.” It’s NOT all about him! But you, and EVERYONE, needs to remember one thing about this country…there shouldn’t be African, Mexican, Chinese, German, Arabic, English, French, etc. that comes first!!! WE ARE ALL AMERICAN’S FIRST!!!!! REMEMBER your family history and heritage and NEVER forget it, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be first! American African’s, American Mexican’s, American German’s, etc. Maybe THEN this Country will come together, instead of apart at the seams!

    • rodney495

      Lemmee see Valencia Winston… Sidney Poitier, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Bassett, Hattie McDaniel, Dorothy Dandridge, Diahann Carroll, Jennifer Hudson, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Danny Glover, Cuba Gooding, Jr, Taye Diggs, Eddie Murphy, Louis Gossett, Jr, Ernie Hudson, Sherman Hemsley, LL Cool J, Bill Cosby, Martin Lawrence, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Earl Jones, Queen Latifah, Levar Burton, Tupac Shakur, Lisa Bonet, Robert Guiallaume, Ice T, Tyler Perry, Gaborey Sidibi, Nell Carter, and on and on and on… When Ms Washington reaches the level of all of the above, she will be well-deserving of an Emmy, possibly. This group didn’t get there without some tenure and years of hard work. This list shoots your ‘Racism’ theory into the dirt. You have no credibility on this one.

    • venicementor

      Get a life and stop projecting your twisted POV on others.

    • Erin Cutter

      Statements like this make me wonder how people who think this way get thru life. Hollywood is as far left as you can get and they thought Claire Danes was better this year, so get over it and stop crying racism at every little thing. The only racism is coming from you.

    • John M

      yea, so what part of afrika are you from ?

    • ripkurva

      You will never be free with this prism you see everything through. Breaking bad was robbed too. Would you want her to win just because she’s black???

    • Jeanninne Bassinger

      Valencia: I have some questions I would like you to answer. What does Kerry Washington play in?

    • TonyDott

      So you’re saying that people should have voted for the black nominee just to make black people feel better, and not voted for who they felt was a better actor?

    • ryanomaniac

      You’re are a racist. Slavery and the sixties and before that are over. You don’t want it to be so you can blame others for what you haven’t and won’t do for yourself. The saddening fact is you are more than happy for it to be that way. You do blacks no favor for basically saying that you and blacks aren’t capable of doing anything without special advantages afforded too you. I would be ashamed but I’m not you….thank goodness.
      Kerry Washington is a good actress and I guarantee you she would want to earn it. That’s how she has gotten to where she is at. You though? Just stay sucky!!

    • DanMR

      Has it ever occurred to you that possibly she didn’t deserve to win. It used to be installed in us if we didn’t succeed or win the first time we would try work harder to win next time. But sadly now, people expect to win because of race or any other reason they can come up with instead of admitting someone else just out preformed them.

    • Jean Valjean

      It’s called confirmation bias. You believe things are a certain way and you focus on anything which proves that.

      Now you’ve taught your daughter to think the same way.

      When she grows up she will think every time she fails at something that it was because of racism.

      The only racism I see here is your racism. Because some group, perceived as being white, doesn’t give you what you want then they must be racist.

      That’s racist.

    • James Whitfield

      ‘Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed”. Well for one history making moments aren’t allowed they are made no matter what the struggle. And if it was just ALLOWED it’s not history making at all we already have that it’s called welfare.

    • mary darrelfish

      So are you saying they should’ve given it to her just because of her race? That’s what it sounds like…

    • David Martinez

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

    • screen_name_already_taken

      Historical? It’s Entertainment!..a make-believe show about a make-believe president. Perhaps you could teach your daughter on the real great black women leaders recognized in history….real values

    • Your name here

      It was a history making moment…for Clair Danes

    • Don Carpenter

      “My twelve year-old daughter had a chance to see history tonight.”


      Stop being stupid.

    • ChickInLove008

      Ummm excuuuse me but the tables are turned. How many Latino/Latina, Asian, Native American nominees are out there in the Emmy’s?? NONE.

    • trayvon

      When was the last White Miss Black America? When did a White person last lead the Black Caucus ? Why is there not one dead presidents birthday but we got that bullshit MLK day. That should not be a holiday by any means. Valencia, I believe that you have no idea on motherhood and I do feel sorry for the babies you have. You seem to only whine like a baby. Get out and get a job. Put your real pic on here.

    • Gary Piper

      Wow, in a world where a Black man from another country can be President of the United States, you honestly believe this was racist. Just by your comments alone (Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed?), you state what most black people feel. You think whitey should just let you have things to make up for something your ancestors did to you. How long do white people have to kiss your asses to say slavery was wrong? I agree, racism is alive and well…because of people like Jesse, Al and YOU.

  • Tom Montz

    I have to openly say that in America 2013 anytime a white person beats a black person out of anything racism will be thrown onto the conversation. It seems through cases like Trayvon Martin, and men like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Mr “I hate America” Obama racism is growing evermore. It is going to get to the point where they will have to vote for a black person, or give a black person the award, or win becasue people are afraid of being called a racist. I have to bluntly say that “reverse racism is growing faster than anything in America.

    • Valencia Winston

      Why do you think that is? Turn the tables. No one but this culture could ever understand how deeply disappointed we constantly feel about everything this society throws at us. It’s sickening.

      • ObamaFail

        Everything society throws at you? You should be white in today’s America. You can’t even have an opinion or even be white without somebody like you throwing false claims of racism. What’s sickening is race baiters like you who say you want racism to end, but constantly make everything about race. If you want racism gone, you need to first stop making everything about race.

        • Tom Montz

          That is my point as well. During the last 40 years black America has made tremendous strides in many areas of life, isn’t there A Black President? Racism is only used when someone feels cheated, or upset and they need an excuse to blame the white man. I do not cry racism because Lebron James wins the MVP, or cry racism because a black person wins a Grammy in rap. The only people who cry racism in America today are those who think these deserve everything for nothing and when they can’t get it the white man is to blame.

          • Morgan

            Tony, you make great points; however, many folks have taken it upon themselves to assert the false notion that because President Obama, a black man, is commander-in-chief racism no longer exists.

          • Lertha Muttz

            Actually he’s a black white arab. Don’t forget that.

          • Ms Angel


        • Ryan Johnson

          And not even that, but being a Christian in general these days is not ideal. I’m young and black, and I can’t say a damn thing or speak my mind about anything and I’m sick of it. I see where you’re coming from.

      • Paul

        for your own good, stop listening to jesse and al, they are poisoning your mind

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        Oh, sweetheart. We aren’t really excited about what your “society” is throwing our direction either….

      • Lertha Muttz

        What is whitey throwing at you and your kind? Again, tax dollars. If you don’t want them, please stop taking them.

      • tops116

        Yeah, a black guy being elected president and then re-elected president must be really tough on the black community.

      • hatelibs

        Ill tell you what is sickening. The fact that people like yourself refuse to look with open eyes at the progress as a society we have made with race. This administration and all its lackeys have created so much division in the last 5 years it has set us back 50

    • ObamaFail

      If Allen West runs for President in 2016, I wonder if Conservatives will be able to get away with claiming anyone who votes against him is racist?

    • Ariel

      NO SUCH THING AS REVERSE RACISM! the statement “reverse racism” is the dumbest thing ever! it implies that oppressed people are oppressing the oppressor which is impossible! Also nobody is forcing you or anybody else to vote for a black person! Clearly your so called “reverse racism” isnt growing because what black person won at the emmys tonight?!! ill wait ….. Also i have never heard sharpton and jackson say or implied they “hate america” they want better for America. I feel that people have this idea that Americas cannot critically analyze and critique their country because that means their “unpatriotic”. Thats beyond dumb! I feel that you’re “unpatriotic” if you ignore the imperfections in your country! So please with that reverse racism! When more black people and other minorities win more awards than whites win at the emmys and the oscars and unemployment, uninsured and underinsured gap is wider for whites then other minorities then may have a case!

      • Truth Gun

        Being oppressed has nothing to do with racism you ignorant person. Attempting to bend definitions will gain you no audience. A shallow ruse to establish a new paradigm: only whites can be racist.

        This is so stupid, it hurts the brain.

        • Ariel

          You’re the ignorant one! You need to pick up a dictionary! Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control… umm lets see what has white people have done for years? oh BE oppressive to other races through laws and other tactics which all stems from hatred because of skin color/race and the inferiority complex. That sounds alot like racism! So, they do go together. White people oppressed and some still oppress black people and other races because they were and some still are racist! look I did the work for you! :) I dont want an audience, I just wanted to express my opinion. THAT WHAT A DISCUSSION BOARD IS FOR! and by the way the use of “reverse racism” is already implying that white people are the only people that can be racist. You’re essentially stating that when are other races are “racist” its the opposite of actual racism! :)

          • Truth Gun

            How are you being oppressed again? Are you talking about 50-60 years ago?
            Prejudging someone because of their color is racist period. It has nothing to do with your add-on word: oppression. That is an attempt to tie 2 foreign concepts together by the Grievance industry. You have spun right off this earth.

    • Averagewhitemale

      There is nothing “Reverse” about it, call it what it is, Racism, no matter which way it is directed.

  • Morgan

    Can I just say, as an African-American female who has met both Kerry & Claire and watches both Scandal and Homeland, I am disgusted by these tweets. Yes, I wanted Kerry Washington to win NOT because she’s black but because I am a bigger fan of her work on Scandal. Everything isn’t “racist” but people a lot of people are upset because it’s 2013 and no African-American woman has every won an award in this category. It’s a glaring statistic. At the end of the day, both women are still loved and highly respected by their respective viewers and, I’d imagine, their fellow actors. Kerry will most likely have another shot at an Emmy.

  • Clayton Grant

    I’m waiting on Kanye to snatch a microphone and weigh in.

    • TugboatPhil ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      To say that Ms Washington was robbed or that President Bush hates black people?

  • Guest


    • Morgan

      Seems to me he’s too busy proclaiming himself “The Bigger Rockstar on the Planet” to care about the Emmys or give a crap about Kerry Washington.

  • BougieHippie

    How can anyone say Kerry was robbed when “Scandal” is the only show they’ve seen in the category?

    • Morgan

      Yeah, that is a problem. I wanted Washington to win not because she’s black but because I prefer her work on Scandal to Danes’ on Homeland. A lot of folks are upset because the Globes, SAGs, etc. are enamored by Danes. She wins everything. I’m happy for her; however, Washington & the other actresses are great as well. It was a tough category.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Imagine that–libturd Hollyweird is racist.

  • ObamaFail

    So now a superior actress isn’t allowed to win an award because she’s white. Hey Kerry Washington, how’s it feel getting by on skin color? Obviously it’s all your fans care about!

    • Valencia Winston

      See, that comment is so damn ignorant. Black folks don’t “get by” on anything. That’s how completely clueless people who make comments like that really are. We are furious because we never get our due, without having to go through all of this back and forth BS to get it. We are sick of it. We want our heroes acknowledge just like you do. Claire Danes is not a superior actress. It is this unjustified “Superiority Complex,” that lies within American that continually fuels this fire. The fact that there are people who deeply feel that they are better, more deserving, than others is deeply disturbing. That is why this continues. Be honest about that. Take responsibility that this as constantly happening all of the time.

      • Al’s Grandpa

        You need to heed the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

      • ObamaFail

        Ignorant? Have you actually watched Danes in Homeland? She’s spectacular. And yes black people get by based on skin color. You are expecting Washington to just be handed the award because she’s black. If she didn’t deserve it, giving her the award because Danes is white and Washington is black, tell me, how is that anything but you expecting Washington to get by on skin color.

        • Morgan

          Gary, I’m black and have worked very hard for everything I have. No one has “handed” me anything based on my sikin color or race. I am a fan of both Scandal & Homeland. I don’t believe Danes is superior to Washington or any of those other actresses but the Golden Globes, SAG, etc. are enamored with her performance.

        • salakatae

          Please Gary, the majority of blacks do not get by on skin color.

      • Tom Montz

        Black heros acknowledged:
        Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron- Many NBA awards
        Martin Luther King Jr- Monument and Federal Holiday
        Serena and Venus Williams- Tennis Champions
        Barack Obama- President
        Condoleezza Rice- Secretary of State
        Colin Powell- Secretary of Defence
        Denzel Washington, Halle Berry- Oscar winners
        Spike Lee- Movie Director

        Anyone see any trends here? I guess blacks in America aren’t getting their due!

        • DV S1EOG

          And 87 Medal of Honor recipients.

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            But but but what about some black chick in a lame TV show few of us care about? What about her? Huh?

          • Morgan

            Scandal is far from lame, otherwise one of its actors wouldn’t have won and Washington wouldn’t have been nominated. People of many races watch that show.

        • Jill

          Add Clarence Thomas to the list as well.

        • Ariel

          WOW! Thats soo much people!!!! now go back a list the thousands upon thousands of white heros acknowledged in society…..

          • GaryTheBrave

            Blacks get AN ENTIRE MONTH to learn and celebrate their history. I’m of Dutch ancestry. I don’t even get one minute for my people’s history. smh

          • Michelle Fugatt

            What about a month in honor of American Indians?? Since MY ancestors were slaughtered for their land and are STILL living on reservations?? You don’t hear US screaming for payback or racism??? Where is OUR TV station?? OUR own pageant?? PFFFTTT…..we just moved on and tried to gain what we wanted the old fashioned way…..HARD WORK

        • journogal

          Let me add two to the list: Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice

          Senator Tim Scott (from South Carolina, you know, the evvvillll South.)
          But then again, racists don’t consider Thomas, Scott, Rice, and (sometimes) Powell as true blacks. They are looked upon as “uncle Toms.”

          • Ames

            Tim Scott is a great man! As a white, Christian, conservative from South Carolina, I was proud to vote for him to represent me. Get your head out of your butts people. It’s not the color of your skin that matters, it’s the content of your character!

      • Lertha Muttz

        And what exactly would be “your due?” More of my tax dollars? No thanks honey.

      • NY2DC

        Except that you are whining, quite a bit in fact, because a white actress on a very popular show beat out a black actress on a show many have never heard of. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. I’m saying it’s crap like this that makes people unsympathetic to it.

      • TocksNedlog

        So, your real problem is with awards shows, themselves; right?

      • c2

        You think people (white people, I take it?) have a “superiority complex”?

        It really sounds like the complex is yours.

        I could rattle off – with almost no effort – the names of 100 black Americans whose work and/or talent I deeply admire.

        Do you admire anyone who is white?

      • trixiewoobeans

        Eventually, awards shows will cease to exist because of crap like this. No award will be valued because recipients won’t know if they really earned it, or because it was the “politically correct” thing to do. All value and meaning is stripped when this is allowed to happen.

  • Al’s Grandpa

    It’s time for the Emmys? Again?

    Who knew?

    • John

      If it wasn’t for Twitchy, I’d be blissfully ignorant. I was at my dad’s place watching The 39 Steps on TCM, then listening to the House of Hair show on the way home.

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        Upvoting for “House of Hair” and spending time with your dad instead of watching losers lose….

        • John

          They even played Cinderella tonight…always good for a few extra MPH.

  • jbszeus

    When you’re raised to be the victim and told it’s not your fault – it’s racism – this is the obvious result. Many black folks see racism at every turn. They’ve been immersed in that victim mentality since birth. That way, the race merchants stay wealthy and they perpetuate generation after generation to keep the money and votes flowing their way. Nifty little racket they’ve set up. I feel really sorry for black folks that buck the culture and leave the plantation the Left, their own “leaders” and the media have created for them. They are ostracized and called the most vile names imaginable. That has to take immense courage.

    • Valencia Winston

      I would like you to trade places, and see if you could honestly say that. We are not victims sir, we are constantly being victimized and disrespected. Then people like you want to try to convince us that we are just whining, and complaining about things that don’t exist. Except they do. We don’t have time to play the victim, we are too busy trying to survive this BS.

      • ObamaFail

        Constantly being victimized? By who? Black on black crime and black on white crime are out of control. Who is victimizing you? Is it us? Because we have a different opinion and we don’t believe Washington deserves special treatment because of her black skin?

      • Jill

        Or you could trade places with me and have most of your family killed in various concentration camps and ghettos. You see, blacks are not the only members of the human race to experience brutality. Successful people put the past behind them and endeavor to make the future brighter for themselves and their children. They don’t obsess about every slight-perceived or otherwise.

        • Seola

          *wild applause* Your common sense statement is sorely, sorely lacking in these conversations. In a world where people are alive who remember the Holocaust and fought both for and against it – much of the black community still spends 150 years post-slavery blaming the white man. With millions of dollars in unused grant money every year JUST for black Americans because they have abysmal high school graduation rates, the white man doesn’t administer those grants… free rides to college and they aren’t even taking them. Meanwhile, thousands of whites are turned away because they either can’t afford it, or the school has to have x minority enrollment to continue to get state/federal funds…

        • Lertha Muttz

          Expect that to be totally ignored. They don’t want to hear truth.

        • JoFro

          She’ll probably pull the Jew-card on you but don’t worry, that won’t be racist because you know, blacks can’t be racist!

        • Bwood65

          Just read your statement after posting mine. Agree with everything you say.

      • Grandma HeadInjury


      • Scotty G.

        Not winning an Emmy = being victimized and disrespected. Okay.

      • Seola

        Your entire comment history is steeped in victim mentality, pity me “you don’t know me”, self-serving BS. You fail.

        • Seola

          BTW – Valencia spent over 600 tweets (I stopped counting) about Kerry Washington and the Emmys. How much of a sad life is that?

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            Holy crap! I thought she was unhinged, but wow! Hope Ms. Washington has good bodyguards.

          • John

            Wow. That’s a ton. I’ll cut her just a little slack since it’s Sunday night, though; it’s not as if there’s anything else to do. I’m just waiting for my clothes to finish in the dryer before heading off to bed (grin).

          • amanda gilliland

            Shouldn’t she have been spending time with that daughter rather than spouting this garbage??

      • Ryan Johnson

        My father always taught me to survive the BS by being the baddest mother f*cker present, so that I CAN’T be denied anything just because of my skin color. Therefore, not wallowing in perpetual victimhood. Though I can say I have had a couple moments in life that weren’t ideal, but I believe this was mostly due to me being male, not black.

        • Heather_A

          This. Don’t act like a victim, you won’t be one. Period.


          • Ryan Johnson

            this is but one reason I’ve become anti-democrat. I view myself as an independent, closer to a libertarian, but I’m definitely against liberals now.

          • Humanary Stew

            I can imagine that it feels incredibly liberating not being a democrat slave. I know this site isn’t read by everyone but I would still consider you brave for going against the norm and not being ashamed about it. It truly takes courage.

            Your posts are always a joy to read and make me smile. I am curious what it was that made you see the democrats for what they are. Or were you never a progressive? You mentioned above that you had voted for Obama. So, I am guessing you at least leaned that way a few years ago.

            Just wanted to let you know I always appreciate your posts. They are always well thought out. Keep them coming.

          • Ryan Johnson

            It does, but it also feels saddening when knowing people who are still on said metaphorical plantation. I wish I could say that in real life I was more brave, but it’s not so. I usually only attempt to mention certain topics in a “one tick at a time” fashion.

            Thank you, I’m really happy to read you saying that. Now I’m going to be completely honest here; the first time I voted for Obama I was 18, I thought it was time for a “change,” I “didn’t want eight more years of Bush,” it was also my first time voting so I figured what better way to use my first time voting than to vote for the black guy? How fortunate was I to be able to use my first vote for an even more historic first?

            My second time however, was a lot more reluctant. Now, I was 22, and only slightly more knowledgeable of what’s going on. I was split between Romney and Obama, and taking a third option and picking Gary Johnson. A vote recruiter came to the house with a pledge to “Stand with Obama,” and I reluctantly signed it.

            I settled on Obama because I fell for the “War on Women” crap due to that one person making a remark about rape and “shutting that whole thing down,” and I figured Obama had a better plan for getting us out of debt, I thought our healthcare system needed to become universal and free like Canada (I thought this was a good thing and didn’t know any better and I was also told that Romney originally had the same plan), and I thought Obama was telling the truth about getting the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. I figured his stances on abortion and gay marriage were a small price to pay for what I saw as more important issues. Obviously, I realized I was wrong. But it wasn’t the continued drone strikes on innocent brown people that convinced me, or even the immediate drone strike right after he got re-elected, it wasn’t him exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy to fuel gun control agendas, it was when I saw him say “God Bless You” to Planned Parenthood when I decided “enough is enough.”

            and again, thank you for saying that. I try to be informed with facts, and I try to make sure I have my facts straight, because I hate when people call me ignorant when I say things they don’t like but are subversive due to the current liberal climate. I will attempt to keep them coming!

      • Keith

        My roommate at Rutgers was black- never heard or saw one racist issue. Been working in management positions since graduating college and at every company (Kmart, Toyota, Honda) there were blacks at my level or higher. I hired many blacks as hourly workers/supervisors since 1989 so i really dont believe your issues.Have you ever heard of Larry Elder? Check him out and learn something.

      • TocksNedlog

        “We are not victims … we are constantly being victimized.”
        — I will be as kind as I can be and just ask: Do you think Kerry Washington was victimized tonight?

      • Bwood65

        Or you could walk a mile in my shoes and have your family systematically slaughtered for believing in Jesus. That’s right. No choice. Not even enslavement. Just killed. Yeah, blacks are not the only people in this world to experience the ugly side of humanity. The difference is that those who survived in my family instilled a sense of humility in their children & a sense of thankfulness for everything they have because they WORKED HARD through education to achieve it. Yep. No handouts. No reparations. Just good solid values of respect & service to others. Not victimization.

      • Todd South

        My white parents abandoned me at 8 in the middle of Memphis. It was a Black teacher in my high school that kept me from despair more than most other influences. I’m sincerely thankful to God that my homeroom teacher came to be one of my mothers, teaching me to be a good man. I wish someone had been in your life on that level because you clearly have filled your heart with hate. If you think the color of any politician’s skin reflects their values, that reasoning reflects where you probably live in your heart. I pray you can release that hate.

      • rambler

        Life sucks! It is meant to suck. Are you really being victimized or is there another possible reason for why you think that you are being treated unfairly? Respect is earned and not demanded. Life isn’t fair. The playing field will never be level. It is not about what happens to us, it is about what we do in spite of what we feel is done to us. Being successful in spite of hardships or obstacles leads to happiness. Some of us are to busy with our own hardships and obstacles to bother making life miserable for others.

      • IAmAProudAmerican

        Then stop whining about being a victim. Don’t vote democrat either.

    • Morgan

      Aside from these Twitter users, I don’t know any black person who has been “raised to be the victim.” It’s integral for African-Americans to be aware of their history because, not that long ago, blacks WERE denied things based on race and the color of their skin. I appreciate both Danes & Washington. Yes, I wanted Washington to win not because she’s black but because I am a bigger fan of Scandal than Homeland. Also, let’s not be disrespectful. Blacks who elect to vote for members of the Democrat party aren’t on anyone’s “plantation.”

      • carolina mama

        Sure you do. Valencia’s daughter.

        I’m of Cherokee heritage, Morgan. Ever heard of the Trail of Tears? If anyone has a right to seek justice, it’s the Cherokee.

        But that was the past and this is now. I would never teach my children that their potential to succeed in life is limited by the past. They need to learn how to develop strengths of their own in the here and now.

        • Morgan

          Well, I was trying to avoid leaving the child out of this whole mess considering she’s a pre-teen and, most likely, just wanted to see someone who looked like her win the award (although, I must say, I hope she does not watch Scandal as it is fore mature viewers). Yes, I’ve heard (and studied the history of) the Trail of Tears. Fun fact: My mother is Tuscarora.

  • Ryan Johnson

    From what I hear, Scandal’s not exactly the best show to watch for positive portrayals of black women anyway. Just sayin’.

    • Morgan

      Damien, it’s a program inspired by real-life crisis manager Judy Smith (she’s helped Paula Deen, Mike Vick, Monica Lewinsky, etc.). In Scandal, the fictional Olivia Pope is an apolitical, black crisis manager who just so happens to be having an affair with the white, Republican president. I know black women who refuse to watch this show because they believe Pope is “the white man’s whore.” I watch the program because it’s a roller-coaster ride with an amazing cast …… the fact that an extramarital affair is involved is just one plot point.

      • Ryan Johnson

        I tried to watch it on Netflix because I was trying to “branch out,” but when the first ten minutes was some woman complaining about somebody being “anti-gay” I thought “yeah, I know the agenda here” and cut it off. Then, I found out that person the woman was complaining about is a gay deacon, so I made the right choice.

    • Valencia Winston

      Well, where else can you see a African American in a Dramatic lead role?

      • Ryan Johnson

        I’d rather watch John Q over and over again, thanks. That was one of my favorite movies in my preteen-teen years, and I really looked up to Denzel’s portrayal of a father in that movie.

      • Sherry

        Maybe when black Americans stop with the hyphenated separatism, they’ll be able to start seeing where Americans in general are struggling. You’re not the first person of any color to struggle and you won’t be the last. Your self pity is consuming you and sadly, based on your original comment, you’re teaching your daughter to play the victim based on her skin color instead of teaching her anything close to reality. I’m sure it’s easier to blame racism for your perceived shortcomings, but based on your comments, your failures and struggles are on the inside, not the outside.

      • Ryan Johnson

        And Will Smith, Pursuit of Happyness.

      • Jimmie Boggs

        Medea anyone?

      • Mike Driskell

        Looking forward to seeing Blair Underwood as “Ironside” this fall. Hell, maybe he should have have gotten the Emmy for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series before a single episode has aired. Kinda like that Nobel Peace Prize winner occupying the White House.

      • amanda gilliland

        EXACTLY. that is why you need to see this as a compliment to her talent not a slight to her skin color. for the one black woman in a lead role in a drama to actually be nominated at all is mathematically impressive. she’s one of hundreds and she was picked for her FIRST Emmy nomination 2 years after holding the role so consider that HUGE! I think knowledge of the industry would help in your analysis of the issue.

  • Joe W.

    Just another gaggle of egocentric weirdos praising and rewarding each other for doing their jobs well. And I should care?? Pfffft. My life is quite complete without paying attention to this tripe.

  • John

    Awards shows are on my radar less than soccer. That’s how much I care about them.

    • Valencia Winston

      Well said. I don’t even no why my expectations are high anyway. It’s always this way. I certainly don’t understand why I ever try to express real frustration through social media, or anywhere else. Maybe I feel some justice when life is over.

      • TocksNedlog

        Hope you feel some happiness while life is still going on!

    • Morgan

      Agreed, John. I only watched because I THOUGHT nothing else was on…..but, now, I’m thinking I would’ve been better off watching Sunday Night football.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Except when a white guy scores on a black goalie. Then it’s RAAAAAACISM!!! And off to Twitchy we go!

  • Lertha Muttz

    Normal response. Everything is racist. Even air is racist. Don’t ask me how, but I’m sure it is or will soon be accused of being.

    • Morgan

      Well, Ralph, I’m black and I don’t think Danes won because the Emmys are racist. However, many blacks are upset because of the glaring statistic that in 2013, no African-American woman has ever won for the category that Washington was nominated in. Hell, I’m a Homeland fan but Claire Danes does not blow Washington or any of the other actresses out of the water. It was a tough category. It not their fault everyone loves Claire …

    • salakatae

      Sorry that was not for you.

    • Scotty G.

      Only clear air… brown air cannot be racist.

      • Lertha Muttz

        O, good point.

    • TedConley

      don’t forget door knobs and navel lint, they are wildly racist

  • tony tan

    Did anyone on this board watch Homeland. Probably not. First its a cable show where actors could act and second she is incredible. Best acting I have seen in years. Its got nothing to do about race but the craft of acting.

  • Jack Deth

    Kerry Washington’s an actress?

    A drama queen, perhaps. Nothing more.

    • Morgan

      Yes, she’s an actress — and a great one at that. It was a tough category. I’ve never known her to throw a fit about anything. She’s very classy.

  • salakatae

    Do you really think your comments are not racist? If not what do you call them?

  • Grandma HeadInjury


    Must be a leftist….

    • Jay Stevens

      I don’t know. Based on avatar and user name, it may be sarcasm. It is an over the top remark.

  • Morgan

    Different people have different experiences in this country. Whites do not have the same experiences as blacks; blacks do not have the same experiences as Hispanics, etc. That said, no one has a right to tell anyone else how they should or should not be feeling. My brothers (along with several others, obviously) are upset that the WHITE GUYS from Breaking Bad were “robbed.” It’s okay to be upset. I’m a fan of both Danes & Washington but I preferred Washington to win NOT because she’s black but because I love her work in Scandal. I don’t care that the president is black. That does not mean racism is over. That said, I do not believe the Emmys are racist. Washington & the others lost because the media is enamored with Claire Danes and I’m also a fan of hers. Danes wins Golden Globes, SAGs, etc. all the time and a lot of people — white, black, etc. — are sick of her. Homeland is fantastic and so is Claire Danes and, by the way, she also watches & loves Scandal. Kerry Washington will win an Emmy one day (hopefully). Now, get over it and stop calling people racist and making stupid remarks towards the black race. If we don’t respect each other, we are NEVER going to have a post-racial country.

  • Ms Angel

    I’m Black. Reagan was great for my family. Two good jobs, bought a house, money in the bank. I miss the 80’s.

    • 0bamasnought

      So do I.
      The ’80’s were wonderful for blacks.

    • 364NKL

      Thanks Ms Angel!!!!!

  • The Masked Avatar

    If people lose because they are black, does that mean they also win because they are black?

    • Ms Angel

      If it’s done via affirmative action policies, it is.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Only amoral liberals play that “kill yourself” stuff. Out of what I’ve seen, those words have come out of a liberal mouth 100% of the time.

  • Derek

    You might want to look at the numbers, because Pres. Obama’s numbers aren’t kinds to blacks or anyone else right now.

  • M3_GuSta

    So a President is only supposed to care bout the “African American” community and no one else? Have you seen the unemployment numbers when it comes to African Americans under Barry?

  • Sonya A. Willis

    Didn’t watch but checked in on Twitter. Apparently Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) lost to Jeff Daniels. Who should he claim racism to? Or something or other.

  • MNWoman

    Are we at the point that any time a person of color is nominated or a finalist for something, they must win or cries of racism will ensue?

    When will this nonsense stop?

    • Morgan

      The backlash is because it’s 2013 and NO African-American woman has ever won an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. I think Washington is honored just for the nomination. It was a tough category …. all nominated deserved to be.

    • RanierWest

      you and I know it will be relentless transformation

  • EdCrunk

    BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you can’t even admit that blacks are suffering unbelievably under this pretender in chief. At least there were jobs back in the Reagan and Bush years.

  • Morgan

    To my fellow African-Americans about to burst from anger, STOP. Kerry Washington is one of our most promising black actressES and she MAY STILL be the first African-American to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Good things come to those who wait and I know a lot of blacks wanted KW to get hers tonight but this woman is a millionaire, is a great talent and I’m sure she’s not crying tonight. I’m sure she’s disappointed but life is full of disappointments. It’s a cold world and no one is going to give you anything. No one handed me medical school entry because I’m black — I worked my butt off in undergrad for such an honor. I wish folks had been this excited when KW won the NAACP Image Awards for Scandal, Ray & Django. I wish folks were this livid about black youth being gunned down in Chicago & Detroit as they are about this woman’s Emmy loss. I wish folks would stop calling everything “racist” and throwing the black president up in everyone’s faces that you do not agree with if you DID NOT work on Obama’s presidential campaign (oh, and white folks voted for Obama too, so ….. I guess they’re racist?). By the time Season 3 of Scandal kicks off on October, you’re all going to be yelling at your tv screens again and this will be a distant memory. If MLK could see the drivel some of us say, it would kill him! Congratulations to Claire, KW & all others who bestowed with the supreme honor of simply being nominated!

  • salakatae

    My comments have not made this section…surprised because they were not as bad as the ones here. Must be racist lol. Moderation for what?

  • J. Cox

    Ho-Hum…let us ignore the evidence and say things are better for the ACC now.I mean highest unemployent for blacks in 65 years is better right?Lowest income in almost 18 years,and lets not forget how much he has worked on bringing white,black,and green together.He is a true messiah.And that racist Bush…what is his deal,going to Africa and spending more than any president….including this one ,helping them.I mean,it is not like he spent the last 5 years over there working…oh wait..he must have been taking advantage of them.

    Guess what deary,life is what you make of it.Quit blaming your problems on whitey.

  • AudreyPH

    Isn’t Camp David basically an official getaway home for the president and their family*, where they can get their work done just as easily as if they were in the White House and/or their OWN house?* They also don’t have to be flown thousands of miles on taxpayers’ money to get there.
    *oh wait, President Bush got crap for going there too, didn’t he?

  • Kathleen

    The real question is this: Why should I give a shit? “Oh no, a rich hollywood actress lost a gold statue to another rich hollywood actress!”

    Boo friggitty hoo. I never watch award shows anyway.

  • CasualMeyhem

    They are now making fun of themselves before we get a chance. Oh well. Less work for me. ;-)>

  • person

    kerry’s a good actress, but homeland is clearly the superior show to scandal in terms of complexity of the character. claire kills her role, and her role is a better one for demonstrating acting chops. sorry kerry. when scandal’s over, i hope you book a more interesting gig.

    • Morgan

      Scandal is a very good program. It was flying under the radar for all of its first season & was a borderline flop. Season Two is when folks really started watching it in droves. I watch Homeland as well but prefer Scandal.

  • TocksNedlog

    Miss Valencia Winston is a very passionate person. Unfortunately, the bottom line to her comments is “Kerry Washington should have won the Emmy BECAUSE she is black.” And that’s not cool.

  • HARP2

    Who ?

  • Bri Pie

    I cried, I really cried…. I am hurt… Kerry Washington deserves this award. I am so tired of this!!!! I just do not understand. My feelings are hurt. Why, this is 2013. Why did she not win this… Come on…lights on anybody home! I feel lost. I root for everyone, but this was a slight in the biggest way. This woman owns the part of Olivia Pope. How could she have lost? Is it the politics? What happened?!!! SMH

  • TocksNedlog

    That comment was COMPLETELY unnecessary.

  • Anna Black

    I’m shaking my head, because she deserved it, but we know how it goes! Another talented Black Actress cheated!

  • Morgan

    Twitchy, you guys need to update this article because

    ………MEANWHILE, on Kerry Washington’s Twitter ……

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Finally, someone who gets it. Too bad her fans are such idiots…

  • Buffalobob

    Have no clue who Kerry w. is but from her pic. she looks like another 1/32 er.

  • James McLarey

    If I stepped foot in your “community”, chances are good that I wouldn’t live through it.

  • michael s

    What if racism did prevent Kerry Washington from winning? I see nothing wrong with asking this question.

    • tony tan

      But it didn’t!

    • pinkelephant22

      What if it was fixed so that blacks won just so people can avoid being asked stupid questions like yours? Is that not racism?
      And what about the BET Awards? Any racism there?

      • Ariel

        NO theres no racism there! BET Awards existent because of awards like this one!

        • pinkelephant22

          So the Black person nominated for an award must win every time or racism’s involved?
          I hope you’re 9 or younger.

          • Ariel

            I love when people but words in my mouth! I did not say that every black person that is nominated should win! I saying if you wanna claim the BET awards is racist because its the Black Entertainment Television awards then you must claim that the EMMYs and OSCARs are racist because there are majority white people at those awards. The BET awards exist to award black excellence since the EMMYs and OSCARs majority of the time awards white excellence in the arts. Therefore, there is no racism with the BET awards! beside there are white people that have won BET awards! P.S if i was 9 or younger I wouldn’t be awake!

          • BamaMoon

            At least the Emmys and the Oscars have both…and the BETs?? Not so much lol.

        • Ryan Johnson

          It’s not like the BET awards help. I remember 2008 when they gave the award for best new artist to The-Dream-an overproduced, autotuned, no talent “Singer” who made his album in nine days, when Chrisette Michele had the superior, clearly not autotuned, clear actual talent on display album and she lost the award to him because he was more braindead bubblegum mainstream.

      • michael s

        I don’t know ask Sumner Redstone, he owns the BET awards.

    • MarcusFenix

      So, was it? If it was, then lets hear some proof. Otherwise, then let it go. Danes is a top notch, well known actress. It’s not like she’s some unknown person. Washington is good in her own right, but the award went to another solid actress who is also well seasoned in her profession. Not a huge surprise, and I *highly* doubt it’s racism.


    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Not to mention Clint Eastwood’s “racist” routine. Tell us more about that one…

      While you are at it, you can defend your racism against Ted Cruz. After all, those Hispanics all look alike to you, right?

      Cowardly hypocrite.

      Or is that hypocritical coward?

  • Raye09

    I like both shows(don’t watch either religiously, but both are pretty good). Kerry was up against some tough competition, and I don’t see her loss as racist, she will probably have more nominations in the future. I ask nothing more than the best actress be given the award; if Kerry won based solely on being black then that would not be a true win but an appeasement, being held to a lower standard is racist in and itself.

    • tony tan


  • idiotsabound

    lol, blacks angry at the Jews, too funny.

  • Ariel

    I love how people take one persons comment about the emmys and build a whole case about how black people are always talking about being unrepresented and struggling and because of their OWN PERSONAL experience as a black person or their ONE black friend said they dont feel this way or they list about nine black people that were successful and say basically shut up because these nine people are recognized in society. People need to pay attention to the FACTS and NUMBERS! LOOK AT THE GAP IN YEARS black people win awards at the emmys and oscars! LOOK AT THE DISPROPORTION IN NUMBERS! LOOK AT THE STRUGGLE EACH ONE OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE RECOGNIZED HAD TO GO THROUGH TO BE RECOGNIZED! Maybe Kerry Washington did lose to the better to the actress today which is fine!! But you cant be mad at somebody for being frustrated and expressing the frustration because it not something that black people see often! People with “privilege”are blind to such frustration! Until your the minority and feel first head how it feels to be treated differently or less of a person because of your skin you would NEVER UNDERSTAND!

    P.S for all the people saying the obama is not doing anything and is always on vacation and implying bush, please be quiet bush was on vacation when it wasnt typical vacation times for the president, started a unnecessary war, was bitched by dick chaney, had a congress that agreed with everything he wanted to do! Meanwhile Obama is dealing with congress that out of nowhere finished skipping through the wizard of oz and got a brain and start to question spending on the wrong things! It should never be a question if we should spend money on healthcare! Its the only way people can survive! He always seems to be fight against a government that suppose to work with him!

    • wwbdinct

      Hey Ariel – It’s a stupid, effing AWARDS show!! Can you and your fellow African Americans find something a little bit more important to get frustrated over?

      • Clay Johnson

        In the Special Olympics the organizers give each athlete a trophy for participation…I say the Emmy’s do the same thing for the African American actors/actresses by giving them a trophy just for showing up ( or being black) so they will all go home feeling good about themselves. It’s not really about talent…it’s just about being black.

        • unklbrad

          There won’t be equality until such things are judged on their own merit. Are the whiners actually claiming that the most liberal sector of the country is racist (they’d be right but for a totally different reason)?

          • Clay Johnson

            When blacks can not have their way the first thing they do is cry the “R” word and blame their personal shortcomings on everyone else but themselves. Not all, but a majority of blacks have a chip on their shoulder expecting special treatments and handouts from “the man” (usually the taxpayers)…because “dey be owed”. Your right about equality…until blacks understand the merit system they will always be several steps behind everyone else.

          • Clay Johnson

            That’s irony in itself isn’t it?

    • tops116

      I don’t know whether or not you have black skin, but you certainly are thin-skinned.

    • therantinggeek

      I love how the Pro-Obama crowd will always try to find a way to blame Bush for something that doesn’t go their way. Oh, Ms Washington didn’t win last night? Must be Bush’s fault! 😛

      • Ariel

        I Clearly said I was responding to the comments! People bellow were bring politics in the situation and if you read I wasn’t mad at Kerry losing i mad at people crucifying a lady that commented below for having frustrations
        and saying black people don’t have struggle! READ!

        • therantinggeek

          …and I manage to get under the skin of yet another Leftist and cause an irritating rash. Keep scratching away, you don’t get rid of me that easily. 😀

          • Ariel

            irritating rash…. No, not really! LOL

    • BamaMoon

      I wonder if you were b!tching when the prez had control of congress and still got nothing done…no budget in how long?? Cry me a river….

    • MarcusFenix

      Outside of the huge non-issue you’re talking about before injecting Obama into a conversation where it didn’t belong….

      I’ve known pregnant women who had more periods that you used in your sentence. Seriously…just a little punctuation here and there. Just slow down, take a deep breath, and push the key that is 2 spaces to the right of the “M” every once in a while.

    • unklbrad

      Clearly, you need to put more emphasis on education for yourself and within your culture. That is the only way to lift black culture out of where it is. Learning to write clearly, then to speak clearly will go a long way toward your being taken seriously. Good luck.

    • Mike Driskell

      Privilege? Really? You want to go there? In this day and time, what about Affirmative Action? What about guaranteed numbers of contracts to Black businesses? What about lower requirements for Blacks seeking mortgages? What about the POTUS saying if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon…or calling an entire police department stupid? Listen, if you can’t see, feel, or take advantage of “privilege” at this point in time, you have no one to blame but your sorry, lazy self (and, if you really give it some thought, your President)!

  • Cosmic Hurricane

    Who’s Kerry Washington? And how come every time the moon crickets don’t get their way in something they cry ” DAT be ray ziss an sheeahht” blacks aren’t oppressed by white people no one votes against you…. If you really believe that then explain Obama getting elected twice…….Look black people y’all only represent about 12% of the US population…..Majority rules, and the majority is YT get over it a quit crying racism , its getting pathetic….

    • Ariel

      wow!!! way to be racist LOL! let me know who wrote like that ” Dat…..” quote you put in your comments on this article or comment thread. Because that implies that we cannot speak or write properly. Which is untrue clearly?!

      • Cosmic Hurricane

        Because you can’t… majority of blacks can’t speak proper English , its a fact…

        • Erik Bartlam

          Does that go for Southerners too?

        • Ariel

          Define proper english to me because to the British think Americans don’t speak proper english…

          • Cosmic Hurricane

            OK well considering we are here in america its called american English, american English covers all dialects here in america… Just like British English covers all dialects in the U.K. ….. so wise ass, you know what I mean…. MOST blacks speak speak a version of american English that is incomprehensible to the rest of Americans…. Look at it this way , when you place a call to a customer service center, you can always tell if you have a black person on the other end by the screwed up language they speak… example…… sir can I axe yous a foo qwetions…….translation …… sir can I ask you a few questions…..

          • Ariel

            Well I know alot of black people that speak the dialect of where there are from in America just like everybody else in America. Everybody likes to preach we’re one America when its convenient.

  • dan ashley

    do you have a job? or im i paying your way..

  • Jimmie Boggs

    More blacks were lifted out of poverty and into the middle class under Reagan than Hussein Obama. And I wouldn’t want to spend time in your neighbor because I like my possessions and treasure my life.

  • K.C. Cristian

    I don’t think it’s race…it’s just not her time. Scandal is relatively
    new. Also, the storyline may rub voters the wrong way…adultery is a
    tough topic…lol.

    Sometimes, you gotta go through to GET TO
    where you want. KW is just gonna bring it even more, I thought Cyrus
    should have been nominated…but he wasn’t. If you act to receive an
    Emmy, you’re not doing your job for the right reasons. Kerry’s work
    does NOT need explaining. She’s brilliant and she’s able to reach
    different emotions quickly. Scandal can be even more incredible. Look
    forward to her becoming the brilliant FIXER again. Olitz is getting old. JMHO.

    REMEMBER: Michael Jordan did not win a championship until his 7th season. Then he became unstoppable. Scandal writers have to make the storyline unstoppable.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      I’m not a fan of the woman or the show, but kudos for your balanced viewpoint. Thanks!

  • therealguyfaux

    Somewhere, Susan Lucci is laughing, over someone complaining about a particular performer not getting an award.

  • Conservaguy

    Bwahahahahahaha! The reactions to this is side splittingly funny.

  • Clay Johnson

    Maybe if Kerry Washington was a better actress she would have won an Emmy…just because she is black does not mean everything in life gets presented to her on a silver platter without working for it. In order to get an award, one has to work for it and earn it.

  • Michael White

    white man having sex with a black Woman on national tv = no emmy
    white Woman having sex with a terrorist on cable tv = win emmy
    boycot scandals advertisers
    this is still the US of A

  • Jake Wilde

    I didn’t get my way. Hmmmmmm *Eureka!* You are a racist!

  • Jake Wilde

    People should look up who Anthony Johnson is and look up the court case Parker vs. Johnson to know slavery in America was not a consideration until this court case. Indentured servitude was what ALL people used to pay their way to the New World. I was married to a black woman for 11 years and we have a beautiful daughter together, but I’m tired of all the stupidity borne of ignorance because people can’t be bothered with checking true history.

  • Yeeheecom

    Want to see real racism. Just watch the BET awards. How many white people have won one of those?

  • tops116

    Oh, why must Hollywood be so racist. 😉

  • $29561723

    I can see why they think that. I mean, after watching Colbert and MSNBC and Comedy Central crews get up to receive awards, you’d think you were at a white power meeting.

  • Magnifico

    Where’s drunk-ass Kanye West when you need him?

  • RockThisTown

    It is not possible for Danes’ Emmy award to be racist, b/c liberals tell us they aren’t racist(s).

  • NavyVietVetJD

    What Emmy’s ?

  • Ready4Oligarchy

    Would she have won because she is black? If so, that is very sad. Small minds truly are simple, are they not?

    • justanothersubscriber

      It worked for Obama…….

  • al_literate

    Screw the Emmys, screw Hollywood. You really beleive that Hollywood the home of white liberal guilt voted her out because of race? You are the one that belongs in la la land. Claire Daines had the votes. In a world of equality, sometimes you lose, thats what makes it equal.

  • Chris

    Are you people kidding me? Danes killed it on homeland it’s one of the strongest series I have seen in recent time and she takes the cake. Ya’ll need to get over it.

  • disqus_tjpjMMTf3r

    You Obama haters just showed your racism. This conversation was about Kerry Washington and refered to Obama about what African American’s have to go through. Once again whenever race is brought into the equation you always go above and beyond to bash our president. Get over it! Worry about bringing your silly party together and not stopping America’s progress because your party didn’t come up with the ideas! Now back to the topic!

  • Cordstreet

    Ok. who the hell is Kerry Washington and Claire Danes?

    • wassup402

      Additionally, what is an “Emmy” anyway?

  • Jason Gary

    Homeland is an amazing series with amazing talent?? OMG. Reality is so RACIST!!!!

  • al hunt

    the Emmey’s are a lot like the Oscars, so I think this quote fits pretty good

    “A two-hour meat parade,a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons”~George C. Scott

  • Amber Spiess

    COME ON PEOPLE! Lose the race card for god sakes! The most left leaning establishment out there (Hollywood) and racism is STILL the first card played! When are people going to take responsibility for their actions, their values, their moral compasses and accept a decision that they do not like. We’re BREEDING people who do not know how to accept DISAPPOINTMENT. So DISGUSTING!

  • ArtieThe1

    Now you can see why America will never again be united. These black people have been preached racism for over 40 years. Now a new generation has bought it completely. Da Man is holding you back. Ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

  • Bob Kennerson

    I think any blacks pulling the “race” card really need to stop making excuses for their inane behavior and just shut up and GET TO WORK!!! Isn’t it funny how you never hear Latinos or Asians use the race card? They arrive in the U.S. with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but yet they are successful. Why? Because they realize that HARD WORK, not an entitlement attitude makes you successful in life. The real racists are the blacks who blame everyone else for their lot in life which is THEIR OWN DOING!!!

    • DisqusId2012

      Well the Latinos don’t scream racism until you bring up voter id – but your point is understood.

      • unknown

        And proof of citizenship

    • unklbrad

      The real racists are the guilty liberal whites who honestly don’t believe blacks are capable of what you describe. Thus the disastrous liberal welfare policies over several decades that also served to destroy the black family structure.

      • TedConley

        “soft bigotry of low expectations”

  • UrDumber

    So tell me how racist America is after they elected a Black President? He is Black isn’t he?

    • unklbrad

      No, he’s half black and half white–abandoned by one side and raised to his success by the other. But nobody is allowed to point that out, and his mom is kept totally out of sight because her pasty white skin doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. See how that works?

  • Joseph J Mauceri

    When are you people going to get over the “I deserve to be chosen, because my great great great grandparents were brought here as slaves”, compete fairely your attitude alone is racist!

  • alvin691

    Me, me, me! It’s all about me! Like children.

  • RockyGMarshall

    I think the important thing here to point out is that “Scandal” sucks. I think you folks should consider this truth.

  • Carolina Offie

    people just don’t think about it, some called the Emmys a redneck show, first of all, (although i love N.P.H.) He is part of our LGBT community, this means, NO REDNECK is directing the show, second of all, seriously people, using the RACE CARD on stupid little things like this? I can see where society is going! the society of “deserve it all and dumb despicable excuses to call people racist” the racists are those who bring that card up

  • Richard Wellman

    So black America can no longer accept the results of something as benign as an Emmy award show without screaming racist whenever a black actor loses? That expectation of award by virtue of nomination is racist in itself. Let’s forget about merit or accomplishment and start awarding things by virtue of skin color is what they are saying.

    • reving19

      Yes, we must be willing to let blacks win everything or else be labeled a racist that will be shunned by society. So, if you are a business owner and that white, Christian comes walking in with all of their credentials, give the job to the black thug who talks in street dialect…or you are a racist. If you are white and have been standing inline for tickets to a show for hours…move over and let the black person who just walked up get in front of you…or you are a racist. In fact, move out of your home, give everything (including bank account info) to the first black thug you see and then go live in a ditch…or you area a racist. O, and let them marry your daughters, too…even if they don’t want to…or you are a racist.

    • unklbrad

      They have been conditioned to think this way by our Fearless Leader and his puppeteers.

  • Gary

    it couldnt be that she won because of more votes???? who says she was better?Stop with the race bullshit people….its old!

  • Roger Skelton

    thank goodness for racism (the word) or there wouldn’t be any justification for anything……. LMAO at all of them that seem to throw that word around, only thing to do (LMAO at them)…. LOL “what more can one say?”

  • Jim

    Your final point re: Breaking Bad is asinine and illogical even for sarcasm. Breaking Bad’s actors didn’t lose out to persons of color so the comparison — even if intended as the slightest bit of (weak) humor — is apples to oranges. Regardless, it’s bad enough that social media provides such a wide and undeserved platform for race-baiting ignorance exhibited by those angry over Kerry Washington’s loss, which by the way is rooted far more deeply than a single Emmy event and perceived snub. But to both broaden its reach with an ever brighter spotlight and perpetuate the whole concept of race-baiting? You just may have trumped their ignorance. It serves no positive purpose. How proud you must be to have like-minded lemmings applauding your own demagoguery.

  • Sue Alden

    I wanted Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey to win. She is white, so I guess I have no card to play here.

  • psabt1008

    I didn’t win, blah blah blah its because of racist actions by so and so. They didn’t win because of racist bias. Racist racist racist. In my opinion every one of those that tried to pull the race card should try and look in the mirror and decide if truly they are the people who are racist.

  • Terri Cribbs

    Omg…get over yourselves….she didn’t win…because she was black…really??? Enough with the race card….its old already….im sure if danes wouldnt have won she wouldn’t have said anything….called “class”…..

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    For all the whiners, especially the ones posting here: Rosa Parks called. She says “F**k you. Call me when you experience real racism.”

  • UrDumber

    Is anyone just plain old American any more? African American, Mexican American, etc? It seems that no one is simply proud to be a plain old American?

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      We used to have a poster here (I think it was here) who went by “Unhyphenated American.” His avatar and his posts pointed to a black armed forces veteran with an amazingly level-headed amount of common sense. I really respect that guy…

    • Bull1701

      Thank you for stating that. Hyphenating Americanism is a sad, sad thing. With American Blacks, they were first Negroes and then that became offensive, then Colored, Black, then African American. Now there are others who want to jump on that bandwagon. You’re American or you’re not, there is no division in being American, but there is when claiming another nationality or continent as one’s before being American. I am American by God’s grace and nothing else matters with regard to my race, gender or other.

  • PJ

    Kerry is a wonderful actress and did an outstanding job in Scandal. Don’t see where racism comes into play tho?
    Get over it.

  • $46504314

    Too bad Claire Dane’s lost out in the BET awards. Wait! What? The BET awards are restricted to blacks only?

  • Chaz_Martel

    Maybe when Blacks in America come to terms with the fact that they should be awarded symbols of achievement based on merit instead of affirmative action then they will not constantly set themselves up for resentment and resistance.

    Nobody admires a whiner and the black community, particularly the so-called activists have become a community of professional whiners and race baiters.

  • ObamasaDickhead

    Who cares.

  • john

    wow the race card at the emmy awards … sad little children mommy mommy teacher didnt give me an A shes a racist … sick of the race card

  • SideshowJon36

    Hey, it’s the Emmys. NOBODY CARES

  • John Urban

    Danes beat Washington because she was MUCH better in her role. There is no character on TV as memorable and impactful as Danes’ Carrie Mattison.


    This is Bullshit. I am so sick and tired of this crap. When we can’t feed our hungry children, and can’t balance a damn budget, we are screaming racism because someone did not win an EMMY!!!!

  • david pope

    every time something happens they don’t like it’s because they are black is insane. the only racists are the blacks that scream this crap every time you turn around. if blacks keep acting like this then people will turn against them

    • Kannibal Jones

      too late

  • Roger Cotton

    What show is Kerry Washington on?

    • Morgan

      Scandal, ABC. Comes on Thursday nights ….

  • CarriesMom .

    Members of the Academy vote for these awards. So, essentially, you are calling your liberal friends in Hollywood racists!

  • Barbara Stefano

    Wouldn’t the act of giving someone an award based on the color of her skin be racist? Believe me, crybabies, it’s not a victory to be given an award solely based on race and fear of backlash from ignorant people, rather than merit.

  • shannon griffin

    thats right lets throw out the race card. first of all Claire daines is a much better actress than kerry and if the truth be known Kerry hasnt earned her stripes yet. Claire is a seasoned actress who deserved her award last night. so kerry didnt lose because shes black she lost because claire is a better actress. dont get it twisted people

  • Amber Spiess

    Despite how our kids have been groomed to think, there are NO participation awards for LIFE.

  • David Akers

    All those crying racist, you do know YOU are the racist losers right? Crying racist because you did not get your way IS racist and makes you a little cry baby. Grow TF up and get on with your life. Blacks are the most racist people in America right now and they want to cry racist when they don’t get their way.

  • J August

    Apparently, right wing nut jobs make up the voting committee. /s

    • Barbara Stefano

      Um, yeah … that must be how Kerry Washington got nominated in the first place.

      • J August

        Did you actually read my FULL post, or are you just making assumptions based on part of it? I’m only assuming that you are the one who gave me the “down” arrow.

        • Barbara Stefano

          Sorry, I (and at least one other person) am not familiar with “/s” as a snark symbol. I’ve read a lot of blogs, and have never come across this.

          • J August

            Glad to meet you too! CHEERS :)

          • John

            It’s shorthand for /sarcasm.

          • Barbara Stefano

            Thanks, John. If you read my post carefully, I indicated that I now know it was a “snark symbol.” This is still the only place I’ve seen it, but at least now I’ll know what it means if I encounter it elsewhere. 😉

    • J August

      WOW! 2 down arrows so far. I wonder why. hm

      • Brian Carpenter

        Oh crap! I am new to twitchy, I thought clicking the arrows would collapse a thread! here I was clicking rhese arrows trying to expand and collapse them!!! I was wondering why it wasn’t working.

        • J August

          Hey! CHEERS! :)

    • J August

      Some people apparently don’t know that “/s” =”sarcasm”, or are incapable of reading that far.

      • Barbara Stefano

        Sorry, J August, but I actually was not familiar with “Is” to denote sarcasm. I’ve read a lot of comment sections and have never run across this. I’m guess you got two down arrows because I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen this before.

        • J August

          No problem, sweetie. I have a tendency to get sarcastic. And I apologize for hitting back too hard. I now you meant well. :)

  • Chris Hopson

    Everyone crying racism here are the true racists. They seem to think that the MAIN reason Washington should have won was because she is Black and that would have “made history”. Pitiful.

  • JimSherwood3

    Perhaps a little historical footnote is in order. It has been irrefutably established through the science of DNA – that we ALL sprang forth from a “black woman” somewhere in our distant past. My point – given the revelation of this scientific discovery, do you think we might want to move on…..from this fixation upon “race”? Most of us already have moved on. There are apparently a few “stragglers” though.

    • Kay Ramsey

      If I sprang from a black woman somewhere in my “distant past,” then it must have been Eve.

  • diggadonkey

    So here’s the new rule: As long as there’s a black person competing in a contest in the U.S., then that person must win. Period. Otherwise it’s racism. Think of the stupidity of all this.

    • Summer

      Reminds me of just how Obama got elected twice. COLOR.

  • Darrell G. Walton

    Who cares about these Hollywood twerps? These are the same people who invest their millions politically in agendas who oppress the middle class common people! How blind and ignorant to worship them like gods and to throw your money and time at their wares!

  • Brian Carpenter

    So… the Emmy Awards are racist? I guess that there have never been any black winners… I mean none of the following black performers ever won an Emmy, correct?
    Robert Guillaume, Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones, Andre Braugher, Louis Gossett, Jr., Isabel Sanford, Cicely Tyson, Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, Halle Berry, S. Epatha Merkerson, Roscoe Lee Browne, Cleavon Little, Laurence Fishburne, Paul Winfield, Charles Dutton, Beah Richards, Jeffrey Wright, Jackee Harry, Gail Fisher, Madge Sinclair, Mary Alice, Olivia Cole, Esther Rolle, Ruby Dee, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Wayne Brady, Sarah Vaughn, Andre De Shields, Nell Carter.
    Oh wait! they all DID win the Emmy, some of them many times, such as Alfre Woodward who has won 4 Emmy’s and Bill Cosby with 3, and Cicely Tyson with 3.
    How many years was Susan Lucci nomiated without winning? 20? Does that mean that the Emmy’s are anti-white?

  • Hoss471

    It must be comedy hour on twitchy, people hating because the actress they like did not win.

  • John William Thompson

    white people should start claiming racism every time a black person wins anything. Political Correctness made Obama win.

  • Paul Crittenden

    “Scandal” bored me after one episode. I stay glued to “Homeland”. I guess that makes me racist. I’ll let my sister-in-law, nieces and nephews know, right away, so they can get a restraining order.

  • Herbert Baird

    Obama should of would, he’s the best actor I’ve ever seen or heard. He acts like he’s smart and don’t know crap about economics or world affairs.

  • J. Joseph Mac

    Never seen or heard of ‘Scandal’ or of Kerry Washington. Smh.

  • 2l33t4u


  • the wizard

    she stunk that’s why she lost u losers!!

  • Summer

    When I see the number of people on here who truly get it, I wonder how we got another term of Obama…


    • Kay Ramsey

      We got him again because all the people who don’t “get it” voted for him. I’m sure there was some fraud also.

  • justthefaxs

    Looks to me the only racists people are the ones screaming racism on this page.

  • Dyanaru

    And all the real racist come out screeching like the banshees they are. They are still slaves to their black victim mentality screech screech …….to the true racist everything and everyone they don’t like is racist. I have to teach my daughter to be kind to other human beings and when someone squawks “racist” recognize a self centered, self victimized, self enslaved racist. No matter what color their skin is, their minds are stained. They can only see the world in black and white. They can only manipulate by being victims and attacking others. Shame on them.

  • Hardyboy

    Love it! The best woman won! What difference does it make now? Get a life you racist pigs!

  • sgfan

    This kind of junk trash talking is making many of us whites more inclined to discount anything blacks say. I consider them the real racists. They eat, sleep, and breathe racism. Call it what it is. It’s black racism.

  • Conrad Vargas

    We have a black man holding the the highest position in all the land as President of the United States and you guys continue to cry racism at every turn!?!?!? How ignorant!!!

  • Barbara Stefano

    There were seven nominees in that Best Actress category. Five of them were white. How is this racism? If the academy was so racist, how did Washington get nominated in the first place? Really, I’m uber-tired of these fake cries of racism cheapening all the legitimate claims! You do a HUGE disservice to your race and your cause by crying wolf.

  • Mr Computer

    Somewhere in the world, truly important things are going on. Really, people – The Emmys? You’re wasting your energy on this?

  • JA Knarr

    I know who Claire Danes is… but who the hell is Kerry Washington?? Never heard of her. Maybe she just hasn’t earned her stripes yet.

    • Ariel

      I honestly agree with statement! Even though you don’t who Kerry Washington is, I think that she didnt earn her stripes yet. Shes new to the emmys scene and thats why she lost!

    • $71174464

      well youre racist.

  • Steve Rizzle

    Monique Shaird…great grammar…..or should it be gramma?

  • Terri

    Playing the “race card” is getting old. It’s acting… acting… getting paid to pretend you’re a fictional character. Race has NOTHING to do with talent. You don’t give someone an award because of their colour — you give it because they EARNED it..

    • cbfolsom122

      Perhaps you’ve never seen award shows such as Black Movie Awards BET Awards. Yes, race DOES matter in some award shows. You must be of “African” descent but really the ONLY thing that you HAVE to be is black. In 2003 Charlize Theron who is from South Africa took every award imaginable for Best Actress in ‘Monster’ except the black award shows such as BET Awards where she wasn’t even nominated despite meeting the standards for nomination. The nominees were: Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan , Nicole Ari Parker , Queen Latifah , Gabrielle Union

  • 364NKL

    All, I can say is…. I LOVE IT!!!!! I hate Kerry Washington and all she stands for. I will NEVER watch her on anything she is in.

    • Morgan

      You hate her because of her political views which is sad.

  • Snow Mann

    Pleeeeeeze. Someone call a waaaaaaahbulance!

  • GulfPundit

    Because we all know the only black woman out of seven nominees just has to win, otherwise it’s racism. That’s how the odds work in Race Card Poker.

  • Pete Paris

    So you would want her to win just because she was the only BLACK female nominated and not because she was the best in her field? If there is racism then it’s got to be by Democrats because the entertainment industry is the majority stakeholder in LIbEraliSm and Kerry Washington is a DemocRAT OR maybe she just wasn’t as good as Claire Danes as an actress in their respective roles? Really people Danes is a much better actress in Homeland than Washington is in that series she’s in. I have to admit I only watched it once and just couldn’t take to it. Side note: I am an American whose parents happen to be from Puerto Rico can I be racist? Of course I can, but I look passed skin color and appreciate the person for who they are not what they look like. Let the bashing begin. Happy Monday!!

  • Roger

    Who is Kerry Washington? Or the other one for that matter? You all need to get a real life and stay off the TV once in a while. And stop making everything about race…it’s old now and already doesn’t hold the same power that word used to hold.

  • Jonathon Tepes Sharkey

    If you think the US mistreats you, come to Russia. Wait, there is a 1/2 black president of the US. the head law enforcement agent is black too.

  • Rick Velador

    Could it be that Danes was the better actress?

  • Kathy McKinny

    Why do blacks ALWAYS cry racism when they DON’T WIN??? You will NEVER hear WHITES screaming racism about BET, Miss Black America, United Negro college fund, The Black caucus, ect, all which whites aren’t even ALLOWED TO ENTER IN THE FIRST PLACE???

  • Paul

    May I make an observation as one who watches both Scandal and Homeland? Kerry Washington is beautiful and talented, but her role limits her. She always has to be serious or angry or scared and that takes little acting skill to move between the three. Claire Danes is beautiful and talented too, but her acting on Homeland is nothing short of remarkable; I can say the same thing about Damien Lewis. She has a wide range of emotions she has to play because she is playing someone who is bipolar, so she must constantly change from scared to freaky-irrational to happy to serious to in-love, all in the same episode. Maybe Washington needs a more challenging role to display her acting skills, but from what I’ve seen on TV, its Claire Danes, hands down.

  • Conservative Iowa

    Excuse me but weren’t the voters the ultra left Hollywood crowd? They may be racist in many ways but not here-

  • Dennis Carr

    “Winner of “Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture” for Ray at the NAACP Image Awards in 2005 and nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for “Best …”
    Sorry, is the NAACP Award a racist award? Just saying! How many people of other color were considered? “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” Is it racist if I am not allowed to join? Just sayiing

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Remember when Mitt Romney lost the election because so many folks were racist against him for being white? We should have a beer summit or something….

  • Dutch Martin

    No, it ain’t racism. When was the last time Claire Danes was nominated for an NAACP Image Award, or a BET Award? Exactly.

  • Kay Ramsey

    All of the awards shows are a bunch of BS, whether they’re “racist” or not. A bunch of loony liberals giving awards to another bunch of loony liberals.

  • Logan Rollo

    Never heard of Washington or ‘Scandal’, and didn’t even know Danes was still acting. Didn’t watch the Emmys. Don’t really care one way or the other. By posting this article you are perpetuating the problem (stupid as it is) and race-baiters are winning.

  • CigarAficinado80

    Who gives a shit who wins or loses, last I checked it doesn’t pay the bills

  • Guest

    A lot of blacks are losers and racists.. 1st there wasnt enough blacks is sports ..NOW every team is black! WEll except for the Leadership part ..QB…. NOW they cry cuz every coach isnt black….. I mean throw up already..More whites and jews were in slaved and killed then blacks.. Blacks just can’t figure out how to be susccessful. They think they were the only slaves!

  • Jim Ross

    Why are Blacks so upset ? I got it !! Start a black emmys award but keep in mind you can’t use your racist card.

  • Ames

    For cripes sake!! Have they even seen Claire Danes in Homeland?? How do they not know that Danes’ acting was infinitely better than Washington’s or not? Just assuming that because she’s black she deserves the Emmy? That’s not racist at all?! Talk about living in the land of entitlement…

  • Barbara Stefano

    It’s worth noting that five white women also did not get that Emmy.

  • Annette Shepard

    @Valencia Winston………what kind of message are you sending your 12 year old daughter? Oh you are black so you won’t do well? REally? That is so sad. Blacks have traditionally done very well when they don’t act Racist as you and 80% of the “African Americans” do. I thought we were ALL Americans. I never describe someone by their race. I say that man or woman not that black or white man or woman. How about you? What do you do? What a shame. And Tom Montz you got it right!

  • Incognito

    Stop with the race card already.. Every time blacks don’t get their way… it’s racism! the more you scream racism the more you turn people against you. Pathetic! I really like the show Scandal and I like actress Kerry Washington.. I don’t watch homeland so I can’t quantify the acting of either Danes or Washington but it doesn’t bother me.. not one little bit. I don’t choose my entertainment based on emmy wins. I don’t see racism in the matter either.. Just watch what you like and grow up. Since Scandal is the show of my choice, I will continue to watch it. If you have a different preference, then watch what you like and stfu about racism.. I’m sick of it.

  • Tom Love

    we keep calling it “racism” aren’t we all part of the human race? The issue is ethnicity not race.

  • Bob Kennerson

    The cause is lack of discipline and a cycle of dependency. There is no stigma for teenage black women to get pregnant and have babies with multiple men and those men are nowhere to be found when it comes time to support the children or create anything that even remotely resembles a family. No matter what the race, when the mother and father are present in a child’s life, they have more than half a chance.

  • Chris

    Your not African American unless your ass was born in Africa and I doubt that very seriously. Just ready to jump on that race card so quick it has no meaning anymore but it is used without any prove what so ever makes the people who do it look ignorant

    • in_awe

      “it is used without any proof what so ever makes the people who do it look ignorant” …or liberal (but I repeat myself)

    • cbfolsom122

      Charlize Theron is truly an African American (born in South Africa) and she can’t even get nominated for a BET Award because of the color of her skin. Yet, whites are the racist ones. HAHA!!!

  • Mike Foltz

    Do Blacks now think they should win every contest or it’s racism ????

  • Tantalus XVI

    WHO THE &^%^* CARES? Man the BS black people concern themselves with!!!! Hey if you could stop twerking for just a moment can I clue you in on your economic situation post your epic support of the black president? Or the gun violence in YOUR communities, or the AIDS in YOUR communities. Sort of like dollars, throwing out race cards all willy nilly kinda devalues them over time, until no one cares about them anymore.

  • Phil Gray

    Every single time people have to play the race card, People need to leave the race card at the door.

  • Piperabby123

    African Americans, why not just the name”Americans” like everyone else????? Got news , Women have been in “Bondage” long before black’s. We have so many Race Baiters and Political correctness clowns that everything is so scrutinized to the point, Heaven forbid, didn’t anyone get the memo because this man was Black he should have won, and how on earth they had the Nerve to give this award to a White Women over a black man….To hell with her Talent , because he’s black and he was nominated, how dare they give this to her. That’s the thinking and I say..The best White Women won and to hell with Political Correctness. Get over it.

  • Mike Foltz

    Velencia says the black girl should have won because the “white girl” already won an award ,sounds like Obama “redistribution of wealth” they have enough so we should get some ….”she already won so our girl should get the other one”,you sound like a big racist Valencia,I feel sorry for your daughter who you are already teaching her the “victim” mentality.

  • felicityva

    I guess Affirmative Action awards will be next on the agenda.

    • Tom

      Actually, they will probably do away with actual awards since they make those which don’t receive one feel bad.

  • astoriava

    Or maybe she just wasn’t as good. Most likely explanation.

  • Cheryl Dotson


  • Vic Campbell

    The race industry needs another donation to support its executive leadership. Beware the racial industrial complex and all its products.


    If people paid as much attention to who is representing them in Washington as they do to these glamor shows, then maybe this country wouldn’t be in such sad shape.

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    I agree… Those white Breaking Bad Guys WERE robbed.. Bit#%\. 😉
    Lighten up… It’s are reference to the show… Oh, wait, can I still say “lighten” up???? Just checking . The right woman won. Nothing to do with race…. SMH

  • Cheryl Dotson

    I didn’t pick my color but, I do get to hear I am prejudice because, of my color. I also get to hear I don’t know what it is like to be a black…well I am a human being with flesh and blood, shouldn’t that be enough?

  • Janna

    Cries of racism are becoming exhaustive. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? You are turning racism into an eye-rolling matter. Save it for TRUE acts of racism. Claire Danes winning an Emmy over an actress who is black is a far cry. Have you ever seen Homeland? Danes is fucking brilliant as an actress. She earned the win.

  • unionssuck

    I was an emmy judge, daytime emmys in NYC back from i think 1989-1992? I was one of the few if not the only Republican. Most were Bush/Reagan haters. The prime time emmys, most of the judges are in the audience. They are without a doubt overwhelmingly liberal. So are they calling themselves racist? lol this is too funny and mainstream media ignores.

  • Richard Genco

    The Messiah sure has brought us together

  • Shawn

    Homeland is far better than who ever this black actress I never heard of was in.

  • Kim Hansgen Granger

    No one can MAKE YOU FEE ANYTHING… You choose your own reactions to things. Instead of perpetuating a victim attitude, chose to overpower that reaction and create your own situations in which you can overcome stereotypes, and achieve dreams you ever thought possible . That would mean more to your daughter, YOU are the role model she will most look up to. You are right in her inner circle of life .

  • I-Defy

    And this is why we will never moved ahead as a society because someone always wants to be a victim

  • rjk

    is sad and extreme BHULLSHIT that all people of color pull the race card when they dont get it there way! i mean damn ya got black miss america black entertainment and black college fund lets have all those just for white people and see how ya;ll act is it fair that you can have these and we cant? i think is you who are the racist! what do ya’ll want a black america too? i am not racist as a matter of fact am Jewish lets just agree too disagree and be happy god gave us a chance to live free here!

  • Tatahnka

    The “post-racial era” that was to be ushered in with the “great unifier” never came to be. And who is responsible for this knee-jerk ranting anyway? Yeah, you guessed it …the “great unifier” himself with the drone-like assistance of the intellectually dead media and the race-baiting hustlers. Sickening.

  • Barbara Stefano

    I sure hope these petty, ignorant people crying racist are few and far between.

  • Rose Mary Booth

    When you make a statement that say’s you wanted her to win to make history which basically means you wanted her to win because she is black. Well that makes you a racist. How about merit. Clair has been in the business way much longer and is a great actress and deserves it just as much. Kerry is a beautiful young talented young woman. She will have her day just like Denzel and Halle Berry.

  • notenoughtime

    TV is a vast wasteland and being attached to anything in the entertainment industry is hardly life altering!

  • Wiki David

    Oh I get it… its your turn to win. Whens my turn? She’s not winning with a net worth of 8mil and 80k per episode?

  • Matt Halleck

    The time has come for black community to stand up and deal with all of the black communities problems. There are plenty of them. Slavery is over, and we all have equal rights. Stop playing the victim game. America is sick of it.

  • I-Defy

    Who cares. Just another big thing made out of nothing, another shakedown to make people feel guilty for no reason. Its just a stupid award, why does the general public even care? You all need drama awards for the way you bring it every time you think something shady is going on. Culture of victimization. Its also really sad that you have to live vicariously through this other person and take the loss more personally than she has. Pathetic

  • Guest

    White liberals are racist.
    Hollywood is run by White liberals.
    (Who really cares about the emmys or any other self-aggrandizing awards show?)

  • Robert Scott Campbell

    Who is Kerry Washington?

  • NCRelite

    the liberals have created a monster. ps. Kerry Washington isn’t that great of an actress, she is quite good looking though

  • Wiki David

    Maybe Danes should only win on the WET? White Entertainment Television.

  • pslinger

    Black people see everything through a racial lens. That is, everything but their own racism.

    • NCRelite

      It certainly seems that way. In fact I’ve become increasingly self-conscious around black folks because of that –am I being too polite? not polite enough? ahhh! I miss the days when I was naive to all of this

  • Dingus

    haters gonna hate. Shoe lost because someone better won. I would say the same thing if ms. washington won. Someone better won… no race thing going on there.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Affirmative action for the Emmys! Yeeeeaaaaah!!!

  • georgiegirl18

    I’m sorry, I watch and love both shows. I find Kerry very believable in her part. I find Claire Danes very believable in her part as well. I think Claire’s character goes to some extremely emotional depths and that she has depicted the mental illness of the part she plays extremely well. I think she has a meatier, more intense character to play. It’s too bad that this is now being called “racist”. Just too bad. SMH

  • Brian Boyle

    Can we just pay the reporations already I would gladly give up half my wealth to black people to throw the race card in the trash once and for all. I will earn it all back.

  • Political Liars

    I am so sick of the Race Card being played over sour grapes. If there is one place race is not a factor, it’s hollywood, sorry but many great actors are Black and have won many awards.

  • Bill Jones

    I am sad I watch so little tv. I don’t know the work of either. My guess is that neither has any talent but they are both hot.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    When things don’t go your way, RACIST! Because… RACIST!

    Obviously, they missed the story about the boy who cried wolf. They should read it, they might learn something.

  • Dorothy M. Emerson

    You know its okay to be disappointed that the actor you were hoping for did not win. All of your racist comments makes you all racist. smh

  • David Anton

    What the hell? I guess a lot of people who voted Obama in got their emmy award winning actor, long on acting and “fakin’ it” and the rest got their emmy award winning actress last night – all the race baitors should get over it.

  • Gordon Waite

    I have always said, and I will stick to it until proven otherwise, the most racist people I know are black! They are also the most violent people I know! And the loudest, and the rudest, and the most uneducated…….

    • peter

      I’m in your corner!

  • TREP


  • junkbondtrader41

    “Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed?”

    Why couldn’t it just be “allowed.”. Undeserved, in the eyes of the judges, but we should just “allow” it over the true winner on merit.

    Thank you. That’s the most refreshingly candid admission of what you see as the role of affirmative action I’ve ever read!

  • Shen Gill

    hope someday we can have a black president so we can move on from all this racism….we can only hope for an election of a black president…..all the injustices will have/will be solved…..a black president when he/she’s is elected will show America that we have moved on from racism….again we can only hope….i hope the black president and blacks don’t use it in reverse when a black president is elected….

  • TedConley

    “even if it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, go on out and sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures; sweep streets like Handel and Beethoven composed music; sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry; sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.”

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    Obama has taught them well hasn’t he! The biggest racist ever was voted in by ignorant racists!

    • peter

      and totally uninformed morons.

  • unknown

    So if Modern Family did not win an Emmy, would it have been because of homophobia?

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Anti-hispanic racism against Sofia Vergara…

      mmmmmm….Sofia Vergara….

      I’m sorry, what was the question?

    • Ryan Johnson

      There’s no way a homosexual propaganda vehicle WOULDN’T win, IMO. This is hollyweird we’re talking about.

  • alexander

    so. . .
    . . . the racists within this black culture are claiming that regardless of the vote, they should have just given it to Kerry Washington. . . because she’s black.
    . . . pffffff

  • Kenneth Steen

    Blah Blah Blah, WHo cares even if, anything and everything that is done is done in the name of RACISM, including all the PREVIOUS COMMENTS! A white women cannot be talented enough or campaign enough to win, HAS TO BE RACISM! WTFEver, REALLY, REALLY, with all the BS in this world, this is what we call RACISM! GET REAL! BeBlessed

  • summer day

    Oh BS Valencia. Blacks have been given every advantage possible in this country, to the point of whites getting screwed over. History was made when you got a black President and he was re-elected. And instead of improving race relations, it has made them ten times worse. Now its black against white. Blacks HATE whites. No matter what, it is NEVER enough. You continue to complain. Basically what you want is everything given to you. Know what? Slavery happened way before you or I were alive and I am sick and tired of getting blamed for something that happened before I was even alive.Why does everything have to be black against white? Why can’t we just be humanity?

  • tony tan

    Claire Danes was superb on Homeland!!!!

  • jb

    It wasn’t Star Search. We all know the outcome every time if it was.

  • james evans jr

    by the way aren’t the emmy judges a bunch a left-wing loons? I guess they hate black people

  • Mark_Krieg

    Is this award show where the American people vote for the best actress or actor?

    That’s a pretty huge charge to throw out there, all of America is racist?
    Who was that daytime actress that was up 18-20 times before they felt sorry for her and gave her the award so she would go away?

    • kssturgis62

      Don’t know if this is who you are talking about, but if it is, It was great tv. HAHAHAHA.

      It was Susan Lucci aka Erica on All My Children – She was nominated 19 times and she won.

      they didn’t feel sorry for her. Erica was such a complex character, Diva, nasty women, sweetheart the next and we all loved her. When you look at the Actresses at the time she was up against, because of her character she was nominated every year but her great moments were scattered and not all at one time or in one story line.

      When you have people like Kim Zimmer at the time who played Reva, and Jeanne Cooper and Melody Thomas Scott from the young and the Restless that Year was Erica’s. It was with her daughter Bianca, and finally making her a mother where you saw her shine. It was great. That was Good Tv. That Emmy show.

      Yes I am not ashamed to say I loved all my Children. I watched it with my Grandmother. She got me hooked. I watched it when I was a little girl and it was a half hour long :) Erica aka Susan Lucci deserved it that year. She was not nominated the Following year, and her speech was GREAT.

      I never got to See All My children end though. I think it is now on Hulu or something like that. I quit watching in the 90’s. But I watched it from the beginning until then. So 20 years of my life Wasted LOL LOL

  • Ron Morisseau


    • peter

      what leader?

  • LegalizeShemp

    It’s never a liberal’s performance that should come into question, it’s always a sinister plot to victimize the liberal that caused the problem. This allow liberals to preserve their huge impenetrable egos and hold themselves unaccountable for their problems.

  • Richard Munz

    Why in Gods name does everything going on in the US have to be racist generated… People you really need to grow up and leave this crap alone… It’s not helping anything especially the race relations in the USA… People like Nobama are doing a good enough job of stirring that up. As someone pointed out above, yes this is 2013 and it’s time to let this racist crap drop… Why does everything have to do with skin color. Grow up folks and get over it Sounds like you are the ones pushing the race crap… Sad, very Sad… ;-(

  • JimmyPete

    I take a back seat to no one regarding race relations in this country, but Danes is incredible in this role. She plays a many faceted injured human being, and does it with complete credibility, racism has nothing to do with this award.

  • antranchers

    Who the hell is Kerry Washington?

    • KateVaughn

      LMAO… for real.

  • Joe Ruisi

    I’m fed up with words that have been grafted onto the dead brains of the already stupid. Who practices race? Those who agitate for hatred.

  • Justin Hogan

    I am not a huge TV watcher but I know who
    Claire Danes is and I think she is a talented actress. Before today, I have never even heard of Kerry Washington. Maybe, just maybe, that is why she didn’t win.

    • redheadgrl

      She’s on a GREAT show called Scandal. The show is awesome, but of course they have Rs in the white house doing all the things the current Ds are doing, and the first lady is totally based on Hillary. I highly recommend watching past episodes on Netfilx. I haven’t seen Claire Danes in anything since My So Called Life.

    • Antonio R. Sanchez

      Agreed, I’ve heard of Danes not Washington. Don’t care to watch Scandal.

    • BrookeM

      I agree. I’ve been watching Homeland and Claire Danes is an amazing actress and very worthy of the Emmy. Never heard of the other chick.

  • Anthony Dio

    I think Obama is a terrible President! I hope that doesn’t make me racist for expressing my opinion.

    • BrookeM

      Wouldn’t matter what color he was, he’s still the worst president ever.

  • Melissa Thayer Jones

    I have never seen Kerry Washington as an actress so I can not judge her acting abilities. I have seen Homeland and Claire Danes. Great show and actress. Those people crying racism, have they ever watched Homeland, or the shoe that Ms Washington is in? Or were you just wanting her to win because of the color of her skin?
    As for this “Why couldn’t a history making moment, just be allowed?” Really? Should we just give in to people because of their skin color, gender, religion? What is that teaching children and even adults for that matter.

    Nothing in life is owed to anyone because of what or who they are. Work hard, set lofty goals when you reach them, set some more!

  • Sara McDonald

    One thing this current administration has done well is divide. Everywhere you look it’s us against them: Republicans against democrats, liberals against conservatives, whites against blacks, rich against poor, Muslim against Christian, citizens against illegals, gun owners against anit-gun proponents… get the idea. You can’t experience anything in a normal day any more without coming face to face with the enemy. The divisions cross so many lines that it’s getting nearly impossible to discern who is on our ‘side’ any more. For all of this animosity to spill over into something as trivial and irrelevant as television awards is so very, very sad.
    Just for the record, I don’t want either show.

  • daddy9299

    every time a African american doesnt win or if you disagree with a black then it is racism! so much struggle….who about the struggle to pay my bills and 50% of the black population on welfare! So sick of this shit !

  • s1ck_of_the_sh1t

    These Haters make my stomach turn… I hope they do get sick of watching TV and all get a job…. That would mean that the emmys are helping black unemployment more than the black president.

  • DonnaSue Jansma

    Isn’t it funny, how anytime someone doesn’t win, its racist?? Black, white, whatever…. Ya’ll are just plain idiots for being bad loosers. Its just an award! Work harder, there is always next year… besides, you do have to keep in mind that it is always political too….

  • Kevin B

    So, we’re to believe that in the uber leftist, hyper PC world that is Hollywood.. the world where actors, producers, etc boast of their greatest/proudest moments ever were when they got to visit 0bama at the Whitehouse are now the same people that suddenly decided to be racists to make sure that a black actress didn’t win? Are you people so desperate that you’re willing to play the, dogeared and worn race card under THESE circumstances? Really? Don’t you see how extraordinarily improbable your assertion is

  • phred01

    hollering racism every time things don’t go your way is pretty pathetic. Grow up. You don’t hear Chinese sniveling, you don’t hear Native Americans sniveling. (and they got the royal shaft)

  • Veronica Dever

    What about all the white losers? Should I consider you all racist because you feel the white actors should not win? I enjoy Scandal but Kerri Washington is not the most talented actress. She is very good. I enjoy her as Olivia Pope, but the color of her skin was just not a factor for her loss.

  • Bill

    The one who usually screams the loudest is usually the more guilty.

    One is not entitled to win anything based on their race, and just because many of you true racists think that Kerry Washington lost because of her race…remember this…she should NOT have won based entirely on her race. Some people just do not get it. They are the true racists…not the ones they accuse of it….

  • Veronica Dever

    BET will be having an awards ceremony soon to honor all black entertainers. If a light skinned black woman win will you cry racist because a darker skinned actor you love does not win? Should I cry racism because BET is all black? There is no WET. Every loss is not because of color sometimes it is about talent.

  • rocket-dad-1971

    Always the victim, never the victor. The race card has been worn out by Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and it’s almost unrecognizable today. It’s sad people still need the racism crutch to explain their failures. “Dust yourself off and try again” Aaliyah

  • neoface

    When is the black community going to stop using racism? If there was racism she wouldn’t even be in the running. Racism is over used, and stop playing the victim!!

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Just more proof that in these days of Obama, if you don’t kiss the backside of a black, you are automatically labeled racists. Such a load of crap!!

  • Terry Adams

    How about things happen not because. You are a women, man, Muslim, black or Mexican. You guys will never be satisfied until you are happy with yourself stop saying it because and start doing… Like many others! Of they said that would Oprah or Michelle Obama be the richest most powerful people?!?? White people really don’t care what color you are! Stop listening to the lies and stop being a bully!

  • Lorie Bahde

    wow is racist the only word taught in schools now? so she didn’t win get over it. people must think the other girl was better. this is what you sorry people have come to if someone does not win it is racist because it would just be to much to believe that the other person was better or more liked . oh that right everyone is supposed to get a award. this is what happens when people can not handle that what they believe to be right is not what everyone else thinks. what sheep to really think that this all matters in the big picture. at least this stupid stuff with keep you all busy long enough to keep you from trying to form a opinion about the affordable care act or anything else that goes on in the next two weeks. learn some new words like see will do better next year, or she worked hard but just not hard enough, maybe try shutting your mouths if you have nothing but negative to say. oh, your mothers must not have taught you that. well on that note I must go because it is time to shut my mouth, like my mother taught me to.

  • Sgt K USMC

    I had a dream of a day when all of us, our brothers and sisters could be judged NOT by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…
    Wise words… The man that spoke them would be rolling in his grave right now at what has become of his message of EQUALITY! This gimmie gimmie crap because the color of my skin is different from yours, and you are a racist if you don’t is utter bull shit. And shame on those of you who continue the trend. You sell yourselves into slavery with every “we are entitled” style comment. And worse… what you do to your children who grow up believing that it how life should work.

  • lisa

    Isaaaaaaaaaaa ^slaveeeeeeee, does not mean, you automatically win!!
    I can name quite a few American Blacks that have won awards and I didn’t hear them yelling “racist” then.

  • Ed Chaput

    i think you people put way too much emphasis on a ridiculous indulgent award show. when there are real problems in the world. problems more important than a bunch of overpaud prima donna looking for even more adoration. GET A LIFE!

  • Mike Burmingham

    What a load of shit! Whenever you don’t think, act, vote like everybody else you MUST be racist!


    What are the Emmys?

    • baddgolfer

      They are…………………….. not worth watching.

    • peter

      i didn’t even know there still on.

  • Justa Guy

    where were all these race card holders when Taylor Swift had the mic ripped out of her hands and embarrassed by that drunk bastard?

  • jtroup

    not at all Racist… Homeland is just a far better show than Scandal… I believe we have had enough “scandals” to last us for a lifetime.


    Yet another VICTIM playing race card BS! Climb down off your cross and act like an adult!

  • ernst1776

    Black people are racists as-well-as uninformed. How sad!


    Why does there need to be any mention of color here at all? What is this “we” have had… like you were nominated along with Kerry Washington (?) NO, she was nominated (not you) it is not a team effort,a t least not where you are concerned. And the sooner you stop talking about color and one side or the other, the sooner there will be fewer racists in your eyes. Just stop watching tv if you don’t like the Emmys. I’ve never watched them and I’m an entertainment professional (musician). Lots of my friends care about that stuff but I fell that talent competitions of any kind take away from the joy of performing/entertaining. It breeds jealousy, hate, nasty rivalries, etc. Just try and enjoy life for a change.

  • TeslaRawks

    Can we get rid of the blacks now? They should have been deported to there home country when slavery was abolished but they we set free to roam anywhere.. If these were pets you would be fined. And get rid of tv too. Its been corrupted and manipulated by the government. And you Meskins who are following in the Blacks race card foot steps.. Give it up it didnt work for the blacks it wont work for you.
    If this offends you ….. GOOD!

    • Electradivine

      Can we say that you’re offensive crap instead?

      • TeslaRawks

        No now put the shotgun in your mouth and do what has to be done.

    • US vs. Them

      Thank you for saying what so many here are thinking.

  • Susan Kohler

    Typical black reaction–if you don’t get what you want you cry racism, and that very reaction is racism in itself. Thousands of people voted, and from what I saw I’d call it very close, but because you lost, well must be racism. Thank God for the many black people who know that when the performance is right, the right person will win regardless of race.

  • Clete Torres ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The #Emmys you are truly one redneck racist incredibly stupid, waste of time award show, like every other award show.

    FIFY, whiny-bitch liberal.

    • daeghrefn


  • $334010

    Oh I’m sorry, was I supposed to watch some hollywood bullshit last night or something?….. oops. I didn’t. I don’t give a shit about their awards…. ever.

  • JDW

    I get it… the same people (mainstream “Hollywood”) that helped President Obama win twice are racists. Right.

  • marssnw

    True ignorance is shown by those that label everything as racism. Did America elect a black president because of our racist knee jerks? I don’t think so. The real problem is that these people have never seen true racism.

  • daeghrefn

    “one redneck racist”

    But don’t you ever EVER even THINK of “the N-word”. “Redneck” is the new, uh, N-word.
    Anyway, “affirmative action” awards-giving is why they’ve become so irrelevant. Not that they were all that relevant to begin with.

  • maureen1970

    why does everything have to have the race card played? look i am not saying it is wrong, however, blaming others for your misfortunes in life is getting to be ridiculous! Life is how you make it and you have to pick yourselves up, move on and get your educations finished! then you will be successful! Stop blaming others for your misfortunes in life!

  • Lisa Amador

    LOL. I was just walking by the magazine isle and noticed Kerry Washington was on nearly every cover. Not only do I find her opinions annoying, she comes across as a real know-it-all during interviews. Maybe if she focused more on her career, recent performances would have exceeded Danes. Good for the Emmys for not bending to social pressure.

  • Jessica Knorr

    Look Im pretty sure yall’s race card is getting pretty thin. Maybe its time to get a new idea and maybe just maybe realize that not everything bad that happens to you or someone who’s skin is darker then mine is because of race. When you have something great happen to you do you think the same thing? Its because you are black? Just trying some reverse logic here. Here are a few accomplished blacks I think maybe you could benefit by looking into: Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Condeleza Rice, Herman Cain, Bill Cosby…need I go on? The point being is try changing the attitude you carry in your heart and you might start seeing your mindset change. Whether she won unfairly or not you dont know and to speculate that it was due to race is actually racist also to imply she should have won simply because she is black is to imply she would not have won it on merit which I guarantee is a bigger insult to the actress then not winning. It would be to me anyhow. Oh now please feel free to scream racist at me even though none of you know me and I never implied in one way that I think I am better then anyone else.

    • baddgolfer

      You said Yall’s – you have to be a racist – LOL

      • Jessica Knorr

        LOL yep Im from the south. You got me. Oh and I drive a pickup truck. Gotta be a redneck too 😉

  • Michelle Crimm

    BET has their own awards for blacks only program, tell Kerry Washington to go there if she wants to be sure of getting her own award. That way, god forbid, she should have to go up against a better actress and god forbid, that better actress should be white.

  • Caves45

    Who’s Kerry Washington ?

  • Caves45

    Hey just think of all the swag she got that you didn’t .!

  • applepiefaced

    Honestly, why is this the only industry that gets to give awards to, well, themselves and air the whole ridiculous show on national television? These awards are meaningless.

  • lori58

    How many whites have ever won the BET IMAGE AWARDS?
    Can we call BET racist
    you bet ya sweet azz we can!!!!!

  • Antonio Aguirre

    So let me get this straight, everyone is upset because Kerry Washington did not win?? So when ever an African American goes up against someone white they always have to win otherwise its racist?? GIVE ME A F@#kin break…

  • Gregg Park

    People like Valencia make me sad. Attitude and commentary such as hers benefits no one and only serves to undermine African Americans.

  • gold7406

    hollywood that hotbed of liberalism has the most segregated neighborhoods in the country. very much like most of the uber liberal neighborhoods…all hypocrites.

  • BrookeM

    I don’t even know who Kerry Washington is but the race card is irrelevant these days. It’s been played way to often to have any meaning anymore. Honestly, some of the biggest racists I’ve come across are black people and thanks to people like Obama, Oprah, Sharpton, and the like, the divide is growing even larger. Why can’t we all just get along?

  • Indynana

    you would think a black person would know about robbery ! ??!

  • Maliheh Banoo

    Homeland is a over-acted, poorly-scripted, totally
    implausible bit of Israeli paranoia porn translated for a US audience . If americans want to see people stressing about the President being a secret Muslim fundamentalist out to destroy America ,we can follow the Tea Party and their concerns about Obama.

  • Duke Williams

    WOW!!! I feel sorry for them, because this is what their president did to them….when things don`t go our way…throw a tantrum and call everybody racist………….that will change the outcome for sure ……….NOT!!!!!

  • AlCashier

    and just think, all of this anti-white racism has exploded and escalated ONLY since 2008 when a non-American socialist down-low-gay guy with only 6.25% negro DNA campaigned for US President, his team rigged the votes, and he “won” .. [ he is 50% white (american communist) and 43.75% Arab + 6.25% african negro =IF= his real father WAS “Obama Sr.” ] America has never been this bitterly racially divided, not even before 1860. and it took a communist White-Arab mulatto with just a trace of negro in him to spark it into an inferno. (take a GOOD look at him, that’s a classic ‘muslim Arab’ looking back at you. )

  • lorenvpf

    I vote we alter the awards based upon skin color. Put all the colors in the hat, shake the hat real good, then pull out one of the colors. That way nobody can bitch about racism. A black person wins one award, followed by a red person, followed by a yellow person, and so on down the line. Forget talent. Talent does not mean squat. Only color means anything. Common, let’s get it right.

  • malli

    OMG! Are you effing kidding me? I can’t believe people are actually pulling out the racist care about this too. WHAT? Claire Danes is NOT? worthy of winning b/c she is only white? huh? How does any of this make any sense….Gawd, no end to the whining.

  • Debi Dupont Vecchio

    I’m sorry but do we not have a black president or is he just half black now? Shouldn’t Valencia’s daughter be looking at the like of a black male becoming president of the us and not some actress on TV? I’m sorry but my daughter doesn’t look up to hollyweirds or musicians but those that really make a difference in the world.

  • Mike Triplett

    There eventually comes a tipping point when you say a word so many times it loses all meaning. Anyone who disagrees with Hussein is a racist. Any emmy voter who didn’t for what’s her name (I have never seen the show) is a racist. I official don’t care anymore. Call me a racist the word means nothing to me.

  • advantasux

    how utterly predictable and laughable. Claire Danes is one of the great actresses of our time and about that, there is no debate! I knew from the moment Ms. Washington was nominated that it was inevitable that either Washington would be given the award based on the color of her skin over an astounding actress like Danes, or there’d be the usual cries of racism.

    It’s gotten to the point where if blacks don’t get everything they want when they want it, it is racism. Good thing the President has created that “post-racist society” of his. It’s never been worse than it is right now in this country!

    Truth is, had Washington won, it would have been the biggest travesty of the evening. Danes is THAT GOOD! And Washington being black is simply not good enough to beat that.

    Of course, the wheels will now be set in motion to coddle these folks and see to it that this horrible wrong is righted next year with Washington winning the award. What a joke that will be!

  • vta615

    When will we ever get to a point that we can discuss anything without racism being the reason something didn’t happen. It is equally bigoted to say someone should get something because of their skin color as to say they shouldn’t get something because of their skin color. Claire Danes was very deserving and in the opinion of the decision makers, she deserved the Emmy. I would make a very large wager that the skin color of the nominees wasn’t even discussed. That is the way is is supposed to be. Our skin color shouldn’t matter! It is discouraging to hear people like Ms. Winston automatically assume “her people” weren’t recognized. She assumes something without any evidence and makes accusations without facts. Before she makes these accusations, she needs to be prepared to demonstrate the facts.

  • Neil Hawke IV

    Bryan Cranston didn’t win Best Actor in a Drama Series. Goddamn Emmys. They must hate bald people.

  • paul

    I look at the roles each of them played. I don’t watch SCANDAL never will don’t appreciate the lead character being an adulterer. I think that she is a talented actress that will win for something else, but I have never and will not support what she represents as her character which is what she would have won for.

  • walterc

    Would it be ok for me to watch the BET awards and them complain that white actresses aren’t winning because it’s a racist show? Actually BET is racist for real.

  • Adam Cooper

    To these people that cried racism. Stop being a victim and grow up. You want to achieve do what everyone else does and work hard.

  • dick_fitzwell

    This is crazy talk, do any of the people crying racism really know what that even mean or is it just a term you throw around to make yourself feel better? This is completely ridicules and quite appalling people would chose to play the race card for an awards show. Get a grip people.

  • jf kausner

    Sorry folks she didn’t win because she talks to fast

  • Yolanda Haley

    you have got to be kidding even Obama is a fan of “homeland”. It’s a great show and ClareDanes deserves the emmy. And I’m a big fan of “scandal” too.

    • Sharon Harwell

      Well said Yolanda!! I love both shows, but Dane outacted Washington!!

  • Daniel Glassman

    Maybe she didn’t win because she played a Republican!

  • Sharon Harwell

    Just have to play that ‘ole race card or your not happy.
    Danes outacted Washington-plain and simple. I love both shows, but think Danes did a better job. Get over yourselves already Sheesh!!!!

  • Nanaof3kids

    Do you people read what you write. The filthy language in these remarks is terrible. Don’t you know that is jgnorance made audible? There are millions of words in the english language. Why don’t you learn some that don’t begin with the letter “F”. Do think white people don’t struggle? Think again, you are not unique in that.

  • jamesben

    Frankly, I’m entering a phase of “black entertainer./politician/pundit/hack claiming racism” fatigue. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • MontanaMade

      Ooooooooo– that should be a new category!!

      “And the Emmy for a Black/Hispanic/Latino/Asian/ (insert your race here) Actress or Actor in a Dramatic series claiming Racism goes to…”

    • 0bamasnought

      Race Fatigue. It may be the only good thing Prez. Urkel has done.
      He has shown the entire world that racism is a loose wad of hor$e$hit.

  • Sheri Sperin

    Gee, Poor Kerry Washington. She didn’t get an Emmy! But this
    does not make the Emmys Racist!!!! Here are Black Actors who have won Emmys:
    Halle Berry, Isabel Sanford, Cicely
    Tyson, Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, S. Epatha Merkerson, Roscoe Lee Barowne,
    Olivia Cole, Louis Gossett, Jr., James Earl Jones, Laurence Fishburne, Charles
    Dutton, Loretta Devine, Jackee Harry, Gail Fisher, Madge Sinclair, Ruby Dee,
    Bill Cosby, Whitney Houston, Harry Belafonte, Sarah Vaughan, Esther Rolle,
    Jeffrey Wright, Leontyne Price, Wayne Brady, Andre Braugher, and Spike Lee. Whoopi Goldberg is the only Black Actor who won
    an Emmy, a Grammy, and an Oscar. So instead of setting yourselves and your
    children up for failure based on a term
    such as racism that is used every time a Black does not get what they want, try
    focusing on success by working hard by achieving your goals by working hard for
    what you get.

    For the record on history making event, a groundbreaker on many levels, Halle Berry
    took home Best Lead Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie in 2000 for her
    portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.
    Spike Lee is a three-time Emmy Winner for Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction
    Programming, Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming, and
    Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking. Leontyne Price was decorated with a number of
    Presidential Medals and 18 Grammy Awards, and she won her first Emmy Award in
    1982 for her performance with the New York Philharmonic on Live From the
    Lincoln Center. Andre Braugher was the
    Third Black Actor to win an Emmy for outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
    in 1998 and in 2006 he was the second black actor to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a
    Miniseries or a Movie. Isabel Sanford
    was the first black actress to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a
    Comedy Series in 1981 For the Jeffersons. Cicely Tyson in 1974 won an Emmy for Outstanding
    Lead Actress in a Miniseries as the first black actress to win in this category
    and to win a Primetime Emmy in the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Lynn Whitfield won an Emmy in 1991 for The
    Josephine Baker Story as the Second Black actress to win in Outstanding Lead
    Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie.
    Alfre Woodard in 1997 follows Ms. Whitfield in winning the third Emmy in
    Miss Evers’ Boys in Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie. In 2000 Halle Berry wins the fourth Emmy in
    this category in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. And in 2005 S. Epatha Merkerson
    wins the fifth Emmy in this category in Lackawanna Blues.

    This list goes on
    and on. So excuse me if I don’t see the racism Here!!!!!!

  • Phisher McFlintstone

    If the only reason you watched the Emmy’s was to see a black woman win one and you’re pissed because she didn’t, then doesn’t that make you the racist?!?

  • Fernando Poniente

    Could you imagine if Obama would have lost to McCain? oh the humanity.

  • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

    The true racists always reveal themselves.

  • Misterdee

    only idiots with no life cried racism don’t say all blacks did. So what she lost.

  • Misterdee

    This is 2013 not 1963 Valencia Winston kerry lost….so what shes paid right. Nothing in history was going to be made cuz she won stop making us look like whining sore losers move on.

  • Maria L B

    So sick of the racism stuff. Most of those screaming “racism” had family in the US long before mine was. I didn’t have more opportunities because I was white. I was excluded from most scholarships because I was white.

  • C.Saraceno

    Its seems to me that all the racist claims are from African Americans. Its seems that crying “racist” everytime you don’t get your way diminishes using the term when justified. I think Kerry Washington deserved the award but she didn’t win….Move On!

  • Patriot

    We hear and see you nearly everyday on the news yelling racism about this or that. You’re not being shunned, we’re getting tired of the RACISTS calling RACISM.

  • Judy

    If a black doesn’t win, it is racist! (that is what has been stated here, just repeating it.) But whites can’t call it racist if they don’t win, not allowed.

    It is called accepting the judges selection gracefully and trying harder the next year. I just wish blacks would try that out for a change. I get tired of the racist bit over and over and over and . . .

  • Dustin

    Race hustlers generate racial scandals over and over again, from the Tea Party being racist to George Zimmerman lynching Trayvon. Over time, this selfish behavior generates a tremendous amount of paranoia out there about racism. There are plenty of folks out there who interpret every single example of bad news as racism. Even something as silly as this award is seen as racist oppression, but the same is true if your water isn’t refilled at Olive Garden or you are denied for a credit card. The democrats need this paranoia to get out the vote, so they have poured gasoline on this corrosive evil.

    • pajamakat

      And the angry white libs and blacks fall for it. I am sick of it. And by the way – the word RACISM has turned into a joke. The only racism I see anymore is against white people. Pat Buchanan was right. Whites are the only people you can “legally” insult anymore.

  • Ava

    I’m a Black, Conservative, Canadian woman, so bear with me. From everything I see and hear from Black Americans, I think I finally have it figured it out now…

    If a Black American is up for a job, is nominated for an award, is running for office, etc. and doesn’t succeed, it’s not because someone else was more qualified…it’s because he or she is Black? Everytime? No other reason? Oh, see that’s where I was going wrong. I thought it should be based on merit! My mistake.

    • George Williams

      Obama is generating an air of suspicion and discontent in our country that is destroying us as a people.

      • Ava

        It’s sad that even when a Black man has been elected to the highest office in the land – TWICE – people will pull the race card for any and everything. What’s worse, the cries of racism have grown exponentially. I just don’t get it. Well, I do…but I can’t believe it.

  • disqus_CR25ev2Z1s

    Claire Danes won because she has pretty much won every single acting award in her category for the past two years. The Emmys LOVE repeat winners and once they’ve decided that you’re going to be one, they won’t stop giving you that award year after year, no matter what. In addition to that, Homeland is seen as a “serious” show, while Scandal is a frothy soap coming from a showrunner who is very successful at cranking out frothy soaps year after year. This development is not at all shocking to *anyone* who pays attention to this stuff.

    As far as African-American actresses not having a good track record with awards shows: well, this isn’t the sort of role that wins stuff, and Washington isn’t owed an award just because there isn’t that kind of thing out there right now. There used to be lots of TV shows with minority casts back when the WB and UPN were in business, but when those networks combined and the new network dedicated itself to teen soaps, all of those shows were canceled. Since those shows don’t exist anymore except on BET, you’re going to see African-American spread out about just as much as you will any other minority. But that doesn’t mean those roles will be any good, or that they’ll get awards for them. So basically, now it’s up to merit – as it should be.

  • $474680

    all I can say if you want to be heard , do something good for a change ! no more baggie pants , no more stupid rap , you have your chance every day , no one else has it handed to them , make it happen yourself , and when you think everyone is against you just look in the mirror , thats where any change needs to begin , If you handed something you will turn it into a getto , build it yourself and you will have pride in it and want to protect it instead of destroying

  • Darryl Burkman

    Equally acknowledged…you want a black Miss America but id there were a white pageant you would flip. You have the United Negro college fund…if there a white one you would flip…all black colleges are ok but, if there were a whites only college you would riot…So stop the fucking whining.

    • dick_fitzwell


  • Level999

    I saw the part of the show where Diane Carroll said Kerry Washington should win. Apparently, it didn’t work.

  • disqus_mzEKs2gVop

    how can it be racism? they’re the ppl that elected him-they only see color

  • CARL


  • feduppianoman

    I guess they didn’t get the memo that affirmative action is now in effect at the emmy’s.

  • ClarkeB10

    If at first you don’t succeed, call your opponent RACIST!

  • detroit19

    Yep. I’m also convinced that the reason Ms. Washington lost the Emmy is because the eventual winner is white. pretty sure talent wasn’t involved, at all. STFU.

  • Randy Windborne

    I don’t recognize either actress, or either show. Right now I’m feeling … ahhh … superior! Don’t ruin the moment. :-)

  • chromestallions

    Racism is the catch all excuse forever it seems. Race pimps forever. Good grief.

  • Michael Bowen

    so its about making history and not who they felt did the best job ? unlike most of you they had to see both many times do the job to see who was just a little better over all but you would be happier with P.C. then who did the better work .and whos the racist ?

  • Martha

    People can rant all they want but direct their anger at the Hollywood crowd because they choose the winners. The peers.

  • Clauan

    Here is my problem with some of the thought processes. Claire Danes won because she was chosen by her peers. She was thought to be better. End of story. No racism. You don’t want to be given an award because your black or African American, you want an award because your better. Be better. With your thought process Haley Berry was given her award because she was black and it was time. Not because she was better. How disrespectful to her!! Be better. Earn it. Earn the award. Then everyone will be happy for you. They will not be winking behind your back knowing full well you got the award because your black. There is nothing wrong with the black or African American culture. You have your good and your bad the same as any other color or race. Stop whining – be better.

    • Ariel

      Thank you!!! The only intelligent comment to the article on this tread!

  • US vs. Them

    6 people on ALL OF Twitter claim “racism” and one THOUSAND people ON THIS SITE have an opinion?

    • Randy

      damm right! Merica!

  • thinker

    Why did everyone go after Herman Cain when he was running for President? He knew how to run things.

  • Alisa J. Mahone-Murphy

    Who is Kerry Washington? and who is Claire Danes? Oh well I don’t really care. I don’t watch any of that garbage anyway.

  • JannieAlexa™

    Racist, seriously? Just because you didn’t get your way? Welcome to a little something that we like to call ‘reality.’ Do we need to call the Waah-ambulance? Have you ever even watched Claire Danes in Homeland? I have watched both shows religiously, and they are both amazing actresses, but Claire Danes has range like nobody’s business. Kerry Washington has the same five facial expressions, and that’s it. Claire Danes deserved that Emmy. Build a bridge and get over it.

  • odildelta

    Okay, I have never fucking heard of the series “Scandal.” Homeland however is the most fucking watched and recognizable thing on cable, so maybe that is why she won. YOU THINK? But, I love Kerry Washington. Very deserving I am sure. She was obviously nominated so how could they be racist if they think enough of her to nominate her. Everything is racist isn’t black people?

  • DennisMets

    blacks know if they cry racism it will get them many wins in the future, that is why it is almost impossible for a white to win the heisman , white voters know they gotta vote a black in or be called racist. no reason luck should have lost that and the rookie award. but they had to appease the blacks it willl never be fair for whites because now of course black voters will back up their race no matter what and whites will be pressured into voting black just to avoid the name calling

    • plumberskid

      They can call me whatever they want. If they don’t deserve the award, they shouldn’t get it, plain and simple. If they think that makes me a racist, that’s their problem, not mine.

  • DennisMets

    blacks have the loudest voices in the country, and they have the black caucus and the black preachers and the panthers to cry every time something does not go their way. its the whites that have lost the voice in this country . I guess that is why there are so many black mobs roaming around beating down whites. every president takes a lot of heat, but this one is anti american he only follows his black caucus and does only what benefits the black race, screw everyone else

    • Randy

      and the NAACP and their own television channel. They have all kinds of extras and perks, yet for some reason its never good enough.

  • odildelta

    Fuck racism. That is a red herring. Claire Danes is 10 times the fucking actress that Kerry Washington. Plain and simple truth.

  • Butch Willis

    LMFAO!!!! as usual here comes the racist card when you don’t get what you think you should have.

  • Douglas Morris

    I’m begining to think some just want white folks to walk in to the oceans..

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    Their Lord plays it too. Like sheep, what else would one expect?

  • Donald Hale

    Sadly, all the parents who are ‘teaching’ their children about how ‘racist’ this event was are now imbedding into their children their race is being treated unfairly and it’s all whities fault. Instead of praising how awesome Kerry was, but, others were also awesome also, they chose to keep race hatred alive and well. I would have voted for Kerry, and yes, I’m white, but I loved her acting. But I had to admit, she was up against some awesome competition. There are times people, that it is not about race, but about talent and what the monitors, judges were looking for and viewing. Please stop the hatred, your children are watching, they are learning, they are listening.

  • Matt

    I hate people!

  • desselle0010

    This is being taught to these kids in school and at home. the liberal controlled schools have generated a new version of Hitler Brown Shirts using Diversification, Affirmative Action, and black theology.

  • Realist

    If the “emmys” take THAT BIG a place of “importance” in anyones life, I feel sorry for them……I was reading a great book.

  • Guest

    Quit your Bitch’n, when was the last time a non person of color won at the BET awards? YES, I WENT THERE! Just like the GAYS, you’re all “SPECIAL”!

  • Wayne Moore

    Yep it is racist only to blacks is it racist. When they dont do very good in something or get what they want they always scream the racist card. “Well it dont work anymore get a life earn what you want and dont expect anyone to give you anything.”

  • Wayne Moore

    This has no quota system you earn it . I see where Valencia Winston said why couldnt a history making moment be allowed. It is allowed dummy but you have to earn it. And you know that in HollyWood and in the movie and tv industry there is no one more liberal so if you are saying it is racist than that means that no one here in this country can live life without being a racist and for that I dont follow that. I am not a racist and I dont watch any of that crap. I just know that in real life you earn things and they are not given to you.

  • Bill

    I love all these people who say that it’s racist that Claire Danes beat out Kerry Washington…short memories. Those same “racists” who voted for Danes are one of the largest groups supporting that asshat who currently resides in the white house. So maybe I should toss out the race card, and ask why there is no white, brown, yellow or red congressional caucus, only those “racist” blacks have a congressional caucus. Get a life and a clue, Washington lost because she got out acted, plain and simple.

  • Randy

    Bunch of little bitches crying racism…LOL go live in Egypt or Syria and tell them your Christian if you want to see real persecution….Merica!

  • Kathy Guymond

    always pull the race card when it doesn’t suit you !! Get over it !!! what is this gonna be equal opportunity Emmys now ?

  • Dick Fitzwell

    Do you want to know how to make racism go away? STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!! It’s ridiculous! There is plenty of discrimination against whites as well. We all need to stop talking about it, and stop giving the Race Baiters the time of day. We can all make it go away if we just refuse to be dragged into the mess. Grow up, think for yourself, and decide if you want o make this a better world for your kids and grand kids.

  • Stacey

    People do realize that these awards are based on the Hollywood people voting for their favorites right? Claire Danes is awesome, I am sure Kerry is as well, but I have never watched her show. Hollywood supports Obama and the black community so this is just another chance to spit out false cries of racism. Put the card back in the deck and stop crying wolf. BTW, I think Cranston got robbed but that was politics.

  • doglover

    15% of the population is black. So use your math and see how far off the numbers are. I haven’t done it, But if you have 15% or close that got awards,then you can stop cussing. If not, stand up and say something in a language people understand w/o the nasty language. It doesn’t make people hear you any better.

  • Delphinus13

    I guess the possibility that Danes is a better actress who performed better in her role the last year isn’t considered.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Holy race card, Batman. Nearly 1200 comments in less than 24 hours. I think Valencia Winston wins Twitchy.

  • Warren

    All these people that call themselves “African American” are no more
    African American than I am French American. If you were born in these
    GREAT UNITED STATES, you are just AMERICAN. If you want to be
    technically correct, Charlize Theron is African American. She was born
    in Africa and became an American citizen when she moved here. Would
    anyone feel the same if Charlize Theron would have lost to Claire Danes?

  • Kevin B

    There are winners and losers. Get over it. Nothing to see here.

  • patrickhenry13,the poor special black man didn’