Animals. As Twitchy reported late Monday night, anarchy reigned in Oakland. Trayvon Martin mobsters blocked the freeway, attacked the media again, and for kicks, bloodied the head of a waiter at the Flora Restaurant.

Because that’s what Trayvon would have wanted, right?

Fat chance.

This eyewitness, Oakland developer Phil “Shotgun” Tagami, lamented the attack.

Pathetic all the way around.

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    This is the Left’s definition of Justice.

    Embrace it Lefties…eventually it’ll be your relative, and on your Front-Lawn.

    • rennyangel2

      Oakland will eventually calm down and end up with fewer businesses, banks will move out, jobs will be nonexistent, anyone who can will move out, and a greater morass and miasma will remain.

      If like NJ cities that rioted in 1967 are any indication, Oakland will be depressed for generations and never recover in the next 50 years.

      • BayushiZero

        You mean like Detroit?

        • rennyangel2

          Yes, like Detroit and in NJ: Paterson, Jersey City, Camden, Trenton (the capital), Newark (only alive because it is an international port), and even Asbury Park that is going through its THIRD, and hopefully, last resurrection, since burning itself down in 1967.
          Riots bring canceled ins., closed businesses, abandoned properties (that bring rats, homeless, and drugs), LOST TAXES, closed banks, lost middle class population, joblessness, ec. depression, slums, and the dregs that are left.

          • nc

            Such a freakin waste.

          • rambler

            There’s nothing dems like more than riots. They love the leverage they get.

          • pajamakat

            You can add Plainfield NJ to that list. Another cesspool and guess why ???????

          • disgusted_with_government

            Let me guess. Controlled by big city Democrat machine politics?

          • James

            It’s a joy to watch. I thoroughly enjyed watching detroit devolve into the jungle it has, and watching the documentaries of the savages stumbling around in the filth that they and their community leaders inflicted on themselves. This has been a wonderful past 40 years watching the unions go down in flames and all their members standing around with their hands out for a smaller and smaller ration of crumbs, until there were no more crumbs for anyone.
            Now detroit is there as a stark reminder (one would think) of what happens when the civilized people move away and all that are left are the ignorant savages who are quick to show their complete inability to provide for even the most basic of needs. Then they stand around and slowly starve to death as they grow hoarse from blaming it all on “Whitey”..

          • mzk1_1

            Once the largest Jewish community in the area outside NYC, they used to recruit us to come to Newark for the Sabbath because they didn’t have ten for a minyan. Claim was the riots only stopped when they allowed the police to shoot.

        • 1389AD

          Nobody in his or her right mind will voluntarily live in a socialist-run city. Especially not when one is not of the same race as the politically dominant machine.

          Apparently, we still can’t tell the truth about the ongoing war against European-Americans.

      • Red Fred

        Texas is open for business!

        • rennyangel2

          Sorry, I forgot Plainfield. I think there was also Irvington, which was once a lovely suburb, East Orange, which after also lost its entire business district. At the time I was living in Hoboken, and we were all afraid of spill over violence, but then the city was mostly Italian and German descendants from just before and after WW I, with a small pop. of Puerto Ricans, who are also family and business oriented and not focused on destroying their towns.

        • DavyCrockettIII

          NO! NO!! NO!!!11!!1! Texas sucks! Don’t move here!
          I cringe every time I see another Prius with California plates and an Obama bumper sticker driving around Austin. Stay in Oakland!

          • Smokey Behr

            It’s Austin, AKA Berkeley, TX. As long as the fruits, nuts and flakes stay in Austin, it’ll be fine.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Austin isn’t called “Moscow on the Colorado” for nothing.

          • disqus_5TBuk7pJPa

            YOU HAVE to get them out! The only thing keeping me from going there is the probability of liberalism spreading from Austin. I’d like to go and retire there with my guns, my bible, and my family. Stop the insanity or I won’t come. Trust me, you want me there. I raise a flag every freakin morning. Oorah!!

          • Guest

            Texas rocks, apart from a couple of the large urban areas. Why can’t Democrats just stay in one or two states? The hypocrites go to conservative areas because of the opportunities and growth, then cr4p their bile all over it and ten years later …… voila, cr4p hole. Then they move on. They’re like the Borg made out of turds.

          • SR5150

            “They’re like the Borg made out of turds.”


          • Ronald Green

            Me too!!!

          • mike_in_kosovo

            There *are* other places to live in Texas besides Austintatious, you know…

          • mzk1_1

            Interesting idea. Build a wall around Austin.

      • disgusted_with_government

        Detroit, MI redux.

      • James

        Makes me smile just envisioning it.

  • Jupiter C.

    Typical mob action. Obama, Sharpton & Holder should be very proud. Where’s the rule of law with this administration? Non-existent.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      “should be proud” they should be brought up on Charges for starting this crap.

      • disgusted_with_government

        The dems own this.

      • Mercy

        my thoughts exactly!! Obama, Sharpton and Holder are the instigators of what is happening now – they should be held liable!

  • Jessica

    The media and politicians are to blame and if anyone is killed they have blood on their hands.

    • Damien Johnson

      Nothing else needs to be said.

      • Jessica

        It’s ludicrous that politicians would get involved in a case like this in the first place right?

        • LinTaylor

          Ludicrous to thinking and caring people like us, but to them, everything is just a stepping stone to more political power.

        • nc

          It’s obvious even from half a world away.

    • neoface

      Obama and Holder immediately comes to mind!!!!

    • Somratni

      The media and politicians don’t care when blacks kill whites. There have been several unbelievably sadistic murders of whites by 2 or more blacks since Trayvon was killed and you don’t hear a thing about it.

      • nc

        They don’t care when blacks kill blacks either – see Chicago.

        • Tim

          They don’t even like blacks.

      • Jessica

        I have a question about Native Americans actually and maybe this is a good place to bring it up. We always hear about white-black relations but what about the Native Americans? As far as I can tell they are pretty content with America and I think they probably have more right to be annoyed than the blacks (this is coming from my perspective as an Australian and Australia’s relationship with the Aborigines so sorry if I sound ignorant). We always hear about black rights but what about Native American rights? Why is the focus on the blacks?

        • disgusted_with_government

          Excellent question, Jessica. The Native Americans have tribal councils and sovereign nation status. African-Americans have the Democrat controlled DOJ civil rights division. Infer from that what you will.

          • Jessica

            Thankyou! It’s always bothered me. But just one follow-up question and then I can do the research on it myself when I really should be researching my thesis (procrastination is my best friend at the moment): does that mean that the Native Americans have their own justice system and if so, if they commit a crime such as murder, would they be tried in their own system or the US system?

          • Lester Churchill

            By the way, what is your thesis about?
            As for your questions here, the way I understand it, you are correct in that their justice system takes precedence when the crime in question has occurred on the reservation. Otherwise, local authorities take precedence.

          • Jessica

            That’s interesting. I think the Indigenous Australians have their own courts but because most no longer live on reservations, I don’t think it works quite the same way. Thanks for the info!

            My thesis has actually nothing to do with American politics or America but funnily enough it was what brought me here. Basically it’s an analysis of massacres that were committed during the time of the first three crusades from, perpetrated by both the crusaders and the Muslims.

          • Lester Churchill

            That’s a paper I’d like to read. It’s amazing how many people have been murdered in the name of religion since the beginning of recorded history. (Oh, and you’re welcome for the info)

          • mzk1_1

            Especially if you count the most murderous and intolerant religion of all, Atheism.

            BTW, A lot of it was perpetrated by something simpler – greed.

          • Jessica

            See I would disagree with that. I think the majority of people who went of crusade didn’t go for greed. I think there is evidence to prove that for most people it was all about their religion.

          • mzk1_1

            Interesting that you mentioned this. We just passed the fast marking the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple, where we read lamentations covering, among other things, the massacres perpetrated by the Crusaders against the Jews of the Rhineland, before they ever got to Europe (assuming they even bothered to go). You might see if you can get a Tisha (Ninth) B’av service (with English translation).
            This is aside from the issue of the Christians versus the Moslems, or indeed the intra-Christian wars (such as against Byzantium).

          • Jessica

            I’m actually staying away from the massacre of the Jews – a lot has been done about it and I am sickened everytime I think about it. At least with the Muslim/Christian massacres they were mostly fighting a war – the massacres of the Jews and the Sack of Constantinople (which in my opinion had a lot to do with the Byzantines’ treatment of the crusaders) are complete embarrassments to the cause of the crusades.

          • Ronald Green

            If the crime is on the ‘res’ then yes, it is tried there.

          • mzk1_1

            Murder is not a US crime, it’s a state crime.
            There have been some problems because when the US tried to do the right thing (treaty money, etc.) they in many cases created a welfare mentality, hurting the people they were trying to recompense. James Watt was vilified for poiinting this out. (Don’t mean to generalize, just pointing out that this happened in some cases.)

          • Jessica

            I understand what you’re saying so don’t worry too much about the generalisations. In Australia we have a similar problem with the Indigenous populations.

          • Lisa

            Wow, great reply. I even got visual from that :)

        • Rena

          In a nutshell, they don’t get involved in most of the US BS so to speak.. I would say, this is just my opinion, that they are waiting for the “great US empire to fall” so they can get back what they had. Sort of let them kill each other so they dont have to get their hands dirty. I suppose like someone said about gangs. Put them all in an arena and let them kill each other off and the last one standing will get it between the eyes…

          • Jessica

            In that case they are the smart ones lol

          • mzk1_1

            That’s a strange thing to say, consider how much time the Indians (not all of them) spent killing each other. War is not partucular to any race or culture.

        • Philly Blunt

          Your earlier response to me via private message in an email from Disqus, which cannot be replied to there, was cute. Now go tell someone who actually cares what you think of them or their country. Your generalization about what you and other ”foreigners’ think of Americans is irrelevant, as is the caricatures that you base them on. We are not, as a people, what you see on reality tv or our politicians. We are not the rich, classless pigs who holiday in your country. We hate the way those fools act as well. So stick your patronizing surprise that Americans were hospitable to you up your ass, while we Americans love real Aussies they’ve met, not condescending pseudo-intellectual twits with way too much time on their hands to waste typing on discussion groups.

          • Jessica

            Earlier reponse via private message? I’m having a hard time remembering that but I did respond to you on this forum. As I could not post to you directly as your comment was under moderation, I posted it as an independent message which you can find somewhere below.

            I do not respond to bullies in the manner that you are demonstrating but if since you went out of your way to be insulted by a comment that had no intention of being insulting at all, since I am being accused of something publicly, let me at least 1) defend myself and 2) pick apart your repsonse to me as you have seemingly done to mine.

            During my time one Twitchy, I have been completely blessed by the understanding and compassionate people on this site. I have not been here very long but my interest in American politics has been here a while and so I have been on youtube sites trying to understand from others as well as putting in my own opinions. In the process I have been shouted down and insulted (much like you have done to me). My previous generalisations of Americans have not come from TV shows or movies, but from people much like yourself who do not engage in discussion but through insults. I am a firm believer in engaged .and respectable debate and I have not had that until I came on this site. You are the only person I have come across to have made a personal attack out of something that has very little to do with what you think it does. If you read my past posts, I am very positive towards Americans and America.

            As for my ‘patronising’ comments – in no way did I ever intend to patronise you or anyone else here. In fact, I have been, at times, told that I can’t spell properly and must be lacking in some kind of education because I put an S in generalisation and a U in humour. It is not just your reality TV shows and your politicians that represent America.

            Despite what you might think, politicians are meant to be the representatives of your country and so a large part of our perceptions of that country come from your politicians. Please youtube the Chasers and America to understand my point of view.

            Lastly, if you were offended by my comment (which by the way I apologised for in my post below) then it appears to have been only you. Stereotypes and perceptions are a part of human life – Americans have a stereotype, Australians have a stereotype, the English and the French and every single nation on this earth has a stereotype. I am not offended when I hear Americans call Australians convicts or bushrangers or when they claim we ride kangaroos to work/school.

            Earlier I called you a bully – the reason I did that is because I think your reaction is a complete overreaction particularly since I apologised to you. I just can’t comprehend why you would continue to attack me unless you were a bully.

          • Jessica

            One last thing that I forgot to clear up. You do realise there is a time difference between us. Usually I am on here late at night – past midnight in fact – as this is the only time I feel I can concentrate on my thesis. Ironically, it is also the time when we have the best discussions on here so I’m thinking the universe is trying to tell me something. In any case, I don’t know when you go to work/school and do your daily business but I usually do that during the day. Trying to attack my personal life along with my views and personality is going a bit far don’t you think?

          • MacBeagle

            Jessica dear, you should learn not to waste any time responding to ignorant trolls like PB. It only encourages them.

          • Jessica

            I should really learn not to take the bait lol

          • san rafael blue

            I apologize for Mr/Ms/Blunt. Sometimes people get online just to kick up some dust, get a big reaction. That makes them feel important for a while. Don’t give someone the power of knowing they can hurt you over nothing. Live, explore, love and ask questions, just like a proper conservative should be doing. There must have been something he envied about you, maybe he remembers being curious about life vs totally jaded, and he cant wait to try debauching your innocence. Don’t worry, just love the Lord and/or those around you. You parade has just been ‘un-rained upon.
            Side note, many Indians I’ve known want to integrate into regular society. Many Indians are legendary for being unable to hold liquior, but paradoxically are depressed much of the time being on the reservation, and chose to drink a little to numb a little. I could be totally wrong. I only speak of the few I know.

          • Jessica

            Don’t apologise! I shouldn’t have taken the bait! Thanks so much for the support.

            In your description of the Indians not being able to hold their liquor it reminds me of the Northern Territory intervention in Australia. The Aborigines are notorious for not being able to hold their liquor and so in the NT they were banned from buying alcohol. I’m not sure if this is still the case though. Thanks for the info!

        • Philly Blunt

          by the way, had you replied in a way, where i would have been able to respond directly, might have ended up in a constructive discussion, but if hitting, insulting and running away are more your cup of tea, then so be it.

          • Jessica

            I never hit, insulted or ran away. My response to your original post is below. But to think that you actually think you can call my country a s***hole and insult me like that and we can still have a constructive conversation without an apology is absurd. You never intended on a constructive discussion.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I must have missed the ‘private reply by email’ option in Disqus…can you point it out to us?

        • Lester Churchill

          From what I understand, Jessica, there is a lot going on that we don’t hear about. If what I have heard is true, Native Americans aren’t covered by our bill of rights (of course, all one has to do is look at the way it has been ran over rough shod by the past several administrations, and one can see that your average US Citizen isn’t, either). The Violence Against Women Act is currently addressing Reservation Violence (unfortunately, it also goes another step toward making your average male a second-class citizen- it’s in the fine print, you might say). I have a friend who is a Law Enforcement Officer on a local reservation, and from what he tells me, the tribes do try to keep what happens there within the confines of the reservation. As far as Native Americans being content with the US, I understand they most definitely aren’t, but feel disempowered to properly address the issue.

      • Tim

        They don’t care one whit about Trayvon Martin, either, except for how they can use him to get what they want. Their own self-aggrandizement is ALL “Progressives” care about.

    • Lisa


  • Jay McHue

    Time to switch from beanbags to something with a little bit more “convincing power?” Probably won’t happen until innocent people start dying.

    • scrubone

      That’s what they want – martyrs.

      • BayushiZero

        Well then. I’m more than happy to oblige them.

        Won’t do them any damned good if they’re ALL martyrs with no one to whine over their senseless deaths.

        • Carolyn Palacios

          Additionally, it strikes me as amusing that the state conveniently disarmed them before this insanity. If I paid the kind of taxes these poor schmucks pay, I’d demand police protection and a manicure.

  • Double D

    Why hasn’t Sharpton been charged with inciting violence for his No Justice… No Peace comments

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Professional race baiters get blanket immunity.

      • Deborah Hallsted

        Especially since the POTUS is one.

      • rennyangel2

        Someone like the waiter bashed with a hammer should see if he can find a lawyer with the guts to sue Sharpton and MSNBC that have been calling for “material disruption” (like yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre and is unlawful) throughout the entire FL trial.

    • Janice LEE

      Shaprton incited a riot at Freddie’s Dept. Store. One of his fellow scum set the store on fire and several innocent people died, unable to escape the fire.
      There were NO charges against Sharpton. None.
      Sharpton has been at this for decades ,always aided and abetted by the msm and the craven politicians.

      • Tim

        Two words: Tawana Brawley.

    • Peetweefish

      The beauty of speaking in vague generalities and twisting the English language. He’s a moron.

  • lillapoyka

    Are you on this holder? #ISeeNothing

  • Jeff

    :Yes, the guy should turn himself in and admit that it was a racist attack.

  • Jeremy

    Typical Oakland thugs in action and they wonder why many people look down on the city.

  • neoface

    In the next riot, someone should just tweet in a bomb threat, I’m certain most if not all the cowards will disperse. Most of these people couldn’t give a rats behind about Trayvon, just using this opportunity to practice their anti – social behavior.

    • James McEnanly

      Unfortunately, the one who tweeted he bomb threat would be found and arrested.There eis no such thing as an anonymous tweet

      • neoface

        So all those people who has been tweeting death threats to Zimmerman and the jury are being arrested???

  • scrubone

    Point your friends who can’t believe how bad the prosecution case was
    at this

  • Janice LEE

    Trayvon’s peers.

  • Love of Country

    Weren’t Lefties saying that cops were acting stupidly or racist or something for trying to perhaps try and be ready just in case there was rioting?

    Where are all the apologies that are due?


  • Ken Alan Draper

    why are the oakland police or anyone else clinging to the lie that this crap has anything at all to do with the tryvon martin case? this is just the occupy animals out to trash the town. tryvon is just the handy excuse, if zimmerman had used the spanish pronounciation of his first name this would never of hit the news & these punks would have had to find another excuse to destroy. people of Oakland have themselves to blame for this, they keep putting the same people who are permissive of this mob behavior into office.

  • habalady

    This is why people turn against them. Don’t they see it?

    • yourmamatoo

      No. Sadly, they do not see it.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    lets just call this what it is the white guilt occupy tour.

  • James Edward Thomas

    Eric Holder needs to file that the waiter’s civil rights were violated.

    • Red Fred

      Oh darn! Even with the President’s comments that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon, the jury found they did not have enough evidence to convict. Must be staggering to be President and realize your opinion takes a back seat to law. As for Holder, he has brought the DOJ to the lowest point in history.

  • yourmamatoo

    The hypocrite liberals should be proud for what they have become.
    Violent , out of touch and shameful!
    And Obama and Holder are responsible also, for making this case the race baiting farce , it had become.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      What do you mean “become”? Liberal Democrats were accusing Republicans of being too timid, pacifistic and cautious way back in WWI & WWII. This is not new. Violent revolution is at the heart of liberalism/socialism: The Proletariat will rise up and “destroy” the rich. (Or even the modestly well off.)

      • yourmamatoo

        Good thing the normal folks, are seeing the liberal hypocrites, for what they are.

    • Rena

      Democrats have been violent since the founding of the Democrat party where Andrew Jackson led the removal of Native Americans in what is known as the Trail of Tears so that White settlers could take that land.

      • Thomas Darkvane

        This is where the Indian learned that the white man had a forked tongue. Say what you will of Jackson, his treaties with some of the nations Indians were destructive to them. Jackson might have fought the Brits at New Orleans. He still was responsible for the murder of several tribes(Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw and the Seminole) at the Trail Of Tears. The result of the force move, had many of the five tribes to lose thousands on this trail. You talk about someone who has the right to still hold a grudge, well it is the Indians. Yet somehow you never hear them bitch and whine about this. Goes to show who thinks they are the entitled ones in this nation.

        • Rena

          I quite agree, but this was about the Democrat party and his statement “The hypocrite liberals should be proud for what they have become. Violent , out of touch and shameful!” They have been violent from the onset of their beginnings. Starting with the “removal” of the Native Americans against their will, where Van Buren who sent soldiers to “assist” in their removal forcing them into prisons. They estimate some 5k Native Americans died while walking the Trail of Tears.

          • Thomas Darkvane

            Actually the number can be said to be greater than this. Out of the 139,000 Cherokee’s alone, 60,000 were said to have died from this forced marched. The numbers can be debated. What I was getting at, is that of all of the people who complain everyday of what this government has done to them The one group who has a legitimate complaint. Are not complaining. Only the same group, do we hear from everyday.

          • Rena

            I quite agree, no one has had it worse than they, who in most cases live on some of those reservations that are run down and in some cases worse than the ghettos.

  • John Howard

    And thus we get insight into the sort of human behavior that caused the Trayvon incident to escalate into a shooting.

  • hosss

    Zimmerman got a fair trial. He was proven Innocent. He was not guilty. You race baiters should be ashamed of yourselves…But your not!!

    • Rena

      Actually he was proven “not guilty” by the jurors. As has been explained to me in CJ courses, “not guilty” means that the jury didn’t have sufficient evidence to prove the person guilty, or there was “reasonable doubt”. Innocent would mean that the person didn’t commit the act full stop, such as being at the wrong place at the wrong time or misidentifying of a person/suspect etc. He was guilty of shooting Trayvon whether it was criminal (such as intent) or self defense. Another way of putting it as some lawyers will ask if you are guilty or not guilty of the charges and not if you are innocent. As one attorney put it, no one is innocent of anything.

      • Craig Jacobs

        So if no one is innocent, we should all be in prison, yourself included?

        • Rena

          I didnt make that statement hun I was saying what one attorney said. Please get that right.

          • Craig Jacobs

            My reading comprehension is fine thanks.

          • Rena

            Then please don’t suggest I agree with that. Thank you :)

          • Rena

            Well then you should have known :) grats!

  • 24601

    So I’m confused. This is justified — but shooting in self defense because someone is beating your brains out is not?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Will someone arrest Stanley Burrell for attacking that waiter without provocation? #PleaseHammerDontHurtEm

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    OK, if you start a forest fire, even by accident, and it harms people or property you are fined and/or go to prison. So why aren’t the agitators of these attacks being charged? Starting with OUR White Haus.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Moonbeam will NEVER do that.

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        Moon beam,,,good one. Reminiscent of the Destructive “60s” stupidity. BTW, Martin was using a street drug called “LEAN”, which is a mixture of Skittles, Arizona Watermelon tea and Cough Syrup. His liver showed damage from long term use. Which is known to cause Aggressive behavior and violent outbursts. So he wasn’t “Just an innocent Kids out for a walk and buying “Snacks” no was he…The media should be brought up also for lying about the whole case from day ONE.

  • mich

    I bet each and every one of them are “tolerant” liberals.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Well all this has definitely shown me the error of my thinking. Trayvon no doubt was just an young innocent pacifist out for an evening stroll, minding his own business, just like his supporters. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Edwina

    Maybe the behavior by mostly black protesters explains why Zimmerman feared for his life. Why do they protest with violence? This kind of behavior causes more problems than what they are protesting against. It is certainly OK to disagree with the verdict but not in this way. Racial relations have gone back 50 years and so sad for our country.

  • Nunaya Dambizness

    You asked, “because that’s what Trayvon would have wanted, right?” Well, actually, YES, that’s exactly what Trayon would have wanted! When he wasn’t breaking into homes, smoking dope, or doing the “ground & pound,” yeah, he probably would have wanted to be beating white folks with a hammer. Thug is as thug does…

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Natural Law…Natural Rights – to look out into the horizon does one see masses of birds cawing and squawking and raising their claws at other masses of birds that have claws raising their claws; the same thought process of turtles, squirrels, and other Natural Born Creatures.
    Intelligence is knowing that one has a brain to see with… the Natural Law…Natural Rights
    The only thing a person has the courage and ability to change about one’s self is behavior and attitude.
    Does the world owe you something?
    Do you owe it to yourself?

  • carolsworld

    Another reason why I am thankful I live in Amish country…

  • Hoosierfan60

    “I will not hate…”, “Stay classy people…”, this is the best folks can do when they live in an area where the thugs have the rights, the weapons, and where good people are handcuffed by political correctness to the point where they have to walk on egg shells. Nothing like this would ever happen in my town back in the Midwest because those ‘social-justice-seeking, misguided, youths’ would get their asses blown away. These riots are not bred by conservative policies or values. They come straight from the hell-spawned, liberal, social engineering policies. They have created cesspools that resemble third world countries more than U.S. cities.

    • AnnieO

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • ObamaFail

      I live in Kentucky where hunters and gun enthusiasts are plentiful. This stuff wouldn’t happen anywhere near where I live because the gutless rioters would be met with a crowd of well-armed people who will refuse to be victimized by groups of violent lunatics using the death of a thug as an excuse to loot and riot.

      • Hoosierfan60

        Gary, I grew up in Indiana, currently live in Texas, and am in the process of moving to Kentucky this week. I can relate to your background and how we would react.

  • Jimmie Robinson

    Oakland is not classy…It’s been the armpit of America for years…

  • mndasher
  • Peggy Sue

    Barry and Eric, well done gentleman…well done.

  • $472942

    What does one expect from a bunch of Trayvons?

  • ztitans1

    When will the other side rise up and put an and to this bullshit?

  • Caiden

    I’m guessing if this gets nation wide reporting the hammer wielder attackers will be called tea party members upset that waiters wanted a pay raise or free health care or something. Look for more small scale racial attacks that the media will claim is not racial because… well they said so, like they said Zimemerman was white, and Trayvon was 12, and the doctored 911 recording.

  • tp517

    Sharpton, Obama and DOJ trying to gin up the hate so they can take me government control. Don’t let your emotions run wild people.

  • SoCalChick

    Time to take the fake ‘Reverend’ away from Al & Jesse. These aren’t protestors, they’re thugs and criminals.

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Does it strike anyone as a bit strange that these “protesters” are so proud of their ginned up “outrage” that they aren’t even willing to do it openly. They are wearing “masks”….they aren’t “protesters” they are a mob wanting to rape, pillage, and plunder. Of course, no arrest will be made, and the police can’t find any “protesters”.

    • Rena

      Guess they learned from the LA riots not to show their face

  • Medicinewoman2

    And Dr. King died for these people????Dear God, what a friggin waste!

  • rambler

    The mob rule road show coming to a town near you. There’s nothing like outrage in support of a street maggot justifying destruction of property. Way to go guys! This is what happens when the ‘rights” and wants of a group violate individual rights. Why isn’t every hispanic rights group out supporting Zimmerman? Because he was never allowed to be part of that group. The situation didn’t fit the narrative. Gotta conform, no deviation! Gee, what if Trayvon had been white? Individual rights and equal justice are made to yield to the rule of the preferred phenotypes.

  • Dexter Alarius

    “Twitchy Staff”, the word ‘vigilante’ doesn’t mean what you think it means. These people were rioting thugs.

  • BoscoBolt

    Oh well. As usual, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland police aren’t doing anything to stop these riots. This is exactly the same response we saw during the OCCUPY riots and the Oscar Grant riots – their inaction will lead to further escalation.

    • Rena

      And LA riots, remember Reginald Denny, man suffered horrendous beating as we watched it live on TV. I kept thinking omg why doesn’t the cops come in and help him. Not to mention the destruction and theft of property.

  • UrDumber

    Yep…its’ ok to do what you accuse Zimmerman of doing if you think he got away with it. Isn’t that “justice”?

  • UrDumber

    If we could combine Oakland and Chicago and put a fence around them we’ve just solved 90% of USA crime.

  • stellatruman

    Now would be a good time to break out those bullets homeland security has been stockpiling

    • eeddggy

      Those bullets are reserved for use on law abiding Conservatives.

  • eeddggy

    The irony is in the fact that it is Democrat controlled cities that always suffer the wrath of their own supporters.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Ever heard of KrystalNacht?

      • nc

        NOT the same thing. The Jews of Nazi Germany did not smash their own businesses.

        • Stephen L. Hall

          Created mayhem to bring about martial law. Could be very similar. And democrats do not see their support as coming from business, so they are not smashing their own businesses either, the similarity is more than you think.

          • Rena

            Why would these guys want to bring about martial law? They went out on the streets to commit their thuggery. This is more of gangland mentality.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            You are confusing the pawns with the people moving them.

          • Rena

            In Kristallnacht, it was organized or coordinated attacks by the SA (Brownshirts) against the Jews and the German authorities didn’t do anything to stop it. I can see how you connect the line between the two but these attacks in Oakland are different as these attacks are not organized nor coordinated, these are just gangs of thugs attacking for whatever reason, if it wasn’t because of the Zimmerman verdict it would have been something else and they don’t care who they attack, they even destroy their own businesses and property.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            Are you telling me that the media coverage has not been organized or coordinated? Manipulation of the masses it the very purpose of propaganda. It is not a perfect analogy, just something to think about.

          • Rena

            Its more than likely that these thugs didn’t get their information from the media but from “social media”, word of mouth. Just like the Watts riots and LA riots years later. Thugs don’t need someone to manipulate their way of thinking, they are already in that mindset and will do this whether the media sensationalizes it or not.

          • Dan13

            Every time I grow angry at the criminal justice system I break into stores and steal liquors and TVs. Justice is served that way.

          • nc

            I see the point you’re trying to make, but I would still be careful about misinterpretation. Better to just say what you want to say. IMHO

          • Stephen L. Hall

            I don’t think I misrepresented anything. Historical socialist ploy compared to current events create the possibility that a similar ploy could be at play by modern socialists.

          • Dan13

            I think you guys are talking of the burning of the Reichstag. That was an incident in which the Nazis burned down the building and blamed it on others. KrystalNacht was the night in which the Nazis attacked the Jews and purged their own.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            Both analogies would be applicable, but I was aiming at the one which was designed to cause a general panic. The Reichstag fire was blamed on the Communists to seize political advantage over other Socialist parties, Krystalnacht was used for more direct and forceful police control of the populace.

      • BeeKaaay

        We’ll have that against Christian churches.

        Not a question of IF. The question is WHEN.

  • Ward Kendall

    My car once broke down in the middle of Oakland, in what turned out to be an all-black neighborhood. Whatever that place is it’s not America anymore, in any sense of the word. The whole area reeked with an undercurrent of dark evil and menace. And people are insane enough to call this ‘cultural enrichment’.

  • Unassigned

    Even more reason to keep one in the chamber.

  • Deke Larrew

    Try that crap in MY neighborhood and I’ll empty several “high-capacity magazines”…

  • Rich

    Not a hate crime just work place violence.

  • keyboard jockey

    I wouldn’t use the word vigilantes to describe an irrational out of control mob.

  • irish7_1sg

    Emergency Service employees, police/fire/ambulance in Oakland have some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. God Bless and Protect Them! If I had to pick a city to be burned to the ground, then rebuilt from scratch, Oakland would be high on the list of choices. Why is everyone out there so angry? During the Occupy Wall Street civil unrest, I believe there was more violence in Oakland than New York. More than likely, this is a result of liberal politics. The government continues to throw taxpayer money at the residents, as though the cash will buy their emotions. How long will these failed policies continue? I know, I know, until WE STOP ELECTING LEADERS THAT BELIEVE THIS GARBAGE. In the case of California (Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein), that may be NEVER.

  • Greg Galpin

    This is the fruition of the seeds we’ve been sowing for the past few generations – a world without God. And it’s going to get MUCH worse.

    • BeeKaaay

      The leftwingwackos want the government to be god.

  • Jessica

    Philly Blunt Jessica • 23 minutes ago

    So glad you approve and your mindless generalizations are finally halted. I’m sure you’re a credit to whatever s***hole you come from.

    Since this is a comment waiting moderation I can’t reply to it directly therefore I’m replying to it here. My mindless generalisations and the mindless generalisations that foreigners have about about Americans are because of people like you. You do a disservice to your country and your neighbours. I did not aim to offend anyone and I am sorry if I did but I have never attacked America and all I ask is you don’t attack my country. I find this rude and way too offensive but I don’t respond to people in the way that you have demonstrated.

    • Photios

      Don’t let the occasional freak bother you. Anonymity allows those without decency in their character to express their vileness. Sad but unavoidable.

      We love you here. Please stick around and don’t apologize anymore. It is that other jackass that needs to apologize.

      • Jessica

        Thankyou! He did bother me a bit but only because I was so paranoid that I offended the masses with my attempt at humour lol But no one else seems to have found it insulting and I really appreciate your comment! Thanks for the support!!

        • Ronald Green

          Some names to watch for… Rinodino, Bathing Suit Area, Ronald, JoebyGodNY. those are most of the habitual liberal trolls that show up here. they like to throw out inane comments, call you a racist,… but mostly they’re good at showing how little intelligence they have.

          • Jessica

            Thanks for the heads-up! I have come across Bathing Suit Area before and you’re right – little intelligence lol

      • nc

        Some trolls deliberately are nasty just to get a reaction. I don’t give them the satisfaction.

  • Terry

    Time to quit giving these asshats national news media attention. They’ll just keep ramping it up as long as they are getting coverage. Oh wait, this is exactly what NBCCBSABC want to have happen.

    • Rena

      Most of these guys that are doing this aren’t doing it for media attention. Just so happens they found another reason to be violent. If it wasn’t this trial it would have been something else.

    • BeeKaaay

      You’d have to first tell leftwingwackos to stop being bloodthirsty first.

    • E. Scotty

      Can’t wait to hear their reactions:


      • Terry

        Sorry if you are offended sir. There is no such thing as a “white-hispanic”. The media made that up. GZ has African blood too. (his grandmother is of African descent). People opening up a can of whoop-ass on random white people, all over the country, is insane and needs to stop. It is truly a tragedy that TM lost his life. A much better outcome, perhaps, could have resulted if he didn’t start pounding on GZ and just talked to him, instead. GZ was doing a neighborhood watch because homes in the area were being ripped off. He didn’t recognize TM because TM didn’t live there. (he was visiting his dad’s GF) If GZ wouldn’t have been getting his ass kicked, he wouldn’t have shot TM. So sayeth the Jury. Why doesn’t the African American community, as led by Al and Jesse, rise up in anger at all of the lost lives in inner cities all over this country, by same raced offenders?? (Hispanic on Hispanic, African-American on African-Amercian, etc etc)

        • E. Scotty

          I was being sarcastic. Chill the fuck out.

  • disgusted_with_government

    Oakland, CA, home of Occupy Wall Street Oakland.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty, here they are seeking to hurt people with hammers.

  • Canadian in USA

    I’m waiting for the President to give a speech saying we now need new legislation to restrict access to hammers.

  • AZWarrior

    These protesters are pig vomit. How long before one of THEM get capped? It would clearly be SELF DEFENSE. Oh, wait. Californicators can’t carry guns. Try the schitt here in AZ, pukes.

  • Tanker74

    These protestors have a lot in common with Trayvon: they’re violent sociopaths.

    • oconnellc

      You can tell he was a violent sociopath by the way that bullet killed him.

  • Craig Jacobs

    Too bad California is a no carry state…

    • tops116

      That raises a question: all these Trayvon riots, are they all taking place in areas without conceal carry laws?

    • Photios

      I like my CZ P-07 Duty (9x19mm).

  • tops116

    Remember when OJ was found not guilty and no one rioted? Good times, good times…

    • ObamaFail

      And that crime was far worse than Trayvon getting shot once.

      • oconnellc

        Right. Because in the Trayvon case, a person was killed. But in the OJ case, a person was kille… Wait a minute…

  • IvanRider

    California now has the full package. San Fransisco is Sodom, and Oakland is Gomorrah.

  • sho48

    They use TM as an excuse to be violent and create chaos. You get as good as you give. Karma is coming your way. To all who are fueling the flames…shame on you and you will have blood on your hands, too. To the Prez and Holder….thanks for your leadership, you weak little cowards.

  • Ted

    I don’t understand why the legitimate news agencies have not brought up the Long Island John White Case. A Black man named John White shot and murdered an unarmed White “child” with an unregistered firearm. Al Sharpton and his supporters chanted “Free John White” and the then Black Governor Paterson did just that. John White only spent 5 months in jail, Zimmerman was in longer than that. Al Sharpton will not be able to defend himself in the eyes of the public if this case was brought back to the national audience.

  • john

    Would they riot more if the waiter had shot his assailant? Call for the waiter to be charged? Wait, do we know the race of the waiter or the crazy hammer weilding nutjob? If the waiter was white, he probably deserved it (total sarcasm). How is this justice for trayvon?? Anyone….

  • dareisay

    These rioters don’t know Zimmerman has black and Hispanic in his family, as well as white…are they going to hit everyone in the head?

  • OldCorpsEd

    Sierra Tango Kilo.

  • Tim

    Miguel is a liar. ALL his cohorts on the left would attack “an $8 an hour worker.” Destroying lives, especially in the underclass, is what these violent elitist gangsters most love to do.

    Stay classy, liberals. The Party of Tolerance and Compassion strikes again.

    • oconnellc

      Ha ha. That’s funny. I love it when someone posts something so obviously ridiculous and douchy, just to show how crazy it all is. You sir, deserve a round of applause!

  • David

    I suspect the waiter is at fault. Eric Holder said it is the duty of people to run away from would-be hammer wielders. Please come back to save us John Wayne.

  • yabecoo

    One more reason for concealed carry.

  • Sky MKinley

    I hope the waiter sues the Federal Government for making this whole horrible thing a national tragedy. Hoodie Congress, Al Sharpton and all their ilk can take a bow. But you know they can’t relate to an guy who makes 8$ an hour … Total insanity seems to be the new norm.

  • marines9999

    Stop the nonsense! WHITE HOUSE – YOUR FUELING THE FIRE!!!

  • Calvin

    Detroit of the west.

  • Truth

    He should sue Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and Holder for creating the situation which lead to his attack.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Liberals idea of justice is to hate everyone. Hurt anyone handy. And you wonder why liberalism is considered a mental illness. These people need to get over it. Not everything is about race just to all the racist.

  • col

    Where’s the justice in that? Will the guilty party go to jail? Hell no!!!!

  • Darrell Crawford

    Maybe the bad guys in Gotham are right….

  • Troubleshooter

    I got a hammer too. I can hit the nail on the head with it 15 times without reloading.

    • oconnellc

      Dude. You should totally go shoot someone.