As Twitchy reported tonight, the deadly Yarnell Fire southwest of Prescott, Arizona, claimed the lives of 18-19 firefighters.

They served on the elite Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew, and just been battling another wildfire in New Mexico, according to this Twitter user:

And they were busy fighting on several fronts in Arizona:

The Granite Mountain Hot Shots were among the first firefighters to attack the human-caused Doce fire that began Tuesday, June 18, in the Dosie Pit area of Prescott National Forest off Iron Springs Road in Prescott.

“Their crews of 20 are typically among the first ones in there – they’re on the front lines, and take a direct line of attack to the fire,” Ward said.

The Granite Mountain Hot Shots and the Prescott National Forest’s Prescott Hot Shots had just come off the fires in New Mexico when the Doce fire started, so they were nearby and able to help, Ward said.

Then four other Hot Shots groups from across the country, as well as firefighters from all over the state, joined them to fight the Doce fire.

Their heroism and dedication will not be forgotten.


This is the worst firefighter loss in a wildfire in 80 years and the worst loss in any incident since 9/11:

Details about how the blaze claimed the hot shot crew’s lives are emerging after the Sunday night press conference. Reportedly, many of the firefighters were found in emergency fire shelters that they carry on their hips:

  • crosspatch

    Several were found dead inside their shelters. One escaped unharmed. One has burns over 75% of their body and is on the way to the hospital.

    Folks, these Hot Shot teams are the most highly trained fire fighters in the world. These folks have 10 to 20 years experience fighting these fires. These are not the sort of crews that are easily trapped by a fire, they know what they are doing.

    This fire must have done something completely unexpected and caught them in a situation where they had no time to escape. There was a thunderstorm that moved through Yarnell with winds up to 50 MPH ahead of it this afternoon at about the time contact with these firefighters were lost. There is also some notion that there was a nearby “dry lightning” strike that started a smoldering fire that suddenly exploded when those winds came up.

    Americans have a tradition of answering the call when danger threatens their communities. Sometimes danger wins. Godspeed to the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew. Heroes one and all. Your families, friends, and neighbors are in our thoughts and our prayers tonight.

    • AZWarrior

      Not confirmed. At the time we lost contact with the Hot Shot team, a strong localized storm approached from behind the crew as they battled the on coming fire. There appeared to be several dry lighting strikes from this small storm along with sudden 50 mph + downdraft winds. A helicopter saw that the crew was surrounded just before they deployed shelters. Again, this is not confirmed but comes from local sources. I am 23 miles from tbe fire and it is glowing brightly in the night sky. Really bad fuel load in that area – scrub brush and creosote trees. Explosively dry.

    • Erick Brockway

      Yeah, the dragon won one today sadly

    • disqus_doqnsSgEO6

      Thanks for sharing.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Rest In Peace

  • greghalv

    Prayers and condolences to the families of the 19 firefighters who perished today in Arizona… Men make choices and, in doing what they are good at and love to do, they often find that those choices imperil them — astronauts, firefighters, soldiers…. They often die, tragically, in the prime of their lives — but their legacy LIVES… A legacy of passion, boldness, and courage… A measure of Americans who possess True Grit.

  • Vada Neil

    So sad. My condolences to their families.

  • trixiewoobeans

    There are no words….

  • dustime8

    God rest the souls of such brave men, dedicated to protecting others without question.
    My heart goes out to all those lost and their families.

  • beebop1952

    I don’t use Facebook. Is there any indication any where of a fund set up for the families of these selfless lost souls? I don’t get emotional about each and every tragedy but this one is different. Can someone post any information? Can you leave a donation at your local fire station? Anyone?

    • firedawg007

      You can go to wildland firefighter foundation and leave a donation there. They are primarily sponsored by wildland firefighters themselves but graciously accept doantions and the funds go in helping with costs of injured or fallen fire fighters and their families in this time of need.

      • beebop1952

        You are WONDERFUL. Thank you!

        • firedawg007

          You are welcome and as a wildland firefighter myself I thank you for monetary support to these families and to the foundation. Each year we have lots of fundraisers and donate the proceeds to this charity in hopes it is never needed but this job is inherently dangerous and injuries always happen. So thank you.

  • eTurboNews

    Our hearts and prayers go out to these young heroes and their families. ALOHA !

  • allenbarr

    This is so aweful. God bless the families.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Americans just footed the bill of $100M for a Vacation,,,one of several in the past year… and we can’t buy better fire fighting equipment???? Now a Jihadist Magazine from Va., yeah the one in THIS country, encourages their followers to set more fires. When will we wake up, or will we have to lose more good people like these?

    • AmericanFaith

      The Firefighters in this country need to take up the fight on this magazine and make sure it get closed down…this outrageous…

  • Dane Gunderson

    Forest Fire already blamed on Global Warming and not negligent Liberal Forestry Practices

    • Cyrena

      From a family who worked in logging, I know if these forests were properly managed we could avoid these tragedies. I hate politicizing tragedy, but this strikes close to home. I watched the PRESERVATION touted by the liberals destroy the economy, then saw the destruction poor foresting caused. CONSERVATION is the answer. It should never be all or nothing.

  • David Johnson

    The only time I worked a fire line was in the 80’s in Wyoming & that small fire was very unpredictable. It almost caught us in a small draw but we got out then a Hot Shot crew took over. My Prayers go out to these Heroes their Family’s & Friends.

  • John Rebori

    I remember the pain when we lost so many of our local Firefighters. My heart goes out to their families and the people of Prescott, Arizona. R.I.P.

  • John Noh

    I am dreading the inevitable posts from the low-information morons pinning these losses on budget cuts.

    • Richo

      Or gay marriage…..

  • neoface

    My heart goes out to the families who loss their loved ones. For many years I lived among forest service fire fighters, this is not a job for the meek, a real tough job and they are trained professionals. If they had to deploy shelters, it had to be a prefect storm of fire winds. RIP!

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  • Connie Allen-Morris

    True American Heroes! What a sorrowful day, for these men’s family and friends. May the peace of Christ be with you right now and in the month’s to come! I will do what I can to honor their bravery! God Bless!

  • disqus_doqnsSgEO6

    Prayers and condolences to the families of the 19 firefighters who perished today in Arizona..I am sending many and so so sorry. God Bless you all.


  • Scott Mohr

    July 6th, 2013 will be 19th Somber Anniversary of the South Canyon Fire by Glenwood Springs, Co that took the lives of 14 FireFighter’s when the fire raced over the mountain ridge that they were on top of.