R&B singer Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton were trending tonight on Twitter, but for entirely different reasons. Thicke performed his risque “Blurred Lines” hit single and had all the ladies swooning and tweeting.

Patton was swooning, too. But not in a good way.


Was I the only one who thought Robin Thicke's wife Paula Patton was outta control on stage?! Lol wow. #RobinThicke #BetAwards #Drunk #OutOfControl #PaulaPatton #JustSayin

Nope. Lots of Twitter users reacted the same way.

Ask and ye shall receive:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Thicke-Patton household tonight…



Cue the side eye:

  • HARP2

    It`s part of her culture yo !!

    • Harry A

      Which culture is that?

      • CatHerder


        • Stone Bryson

          OK Catherder I gotta give you props for this one. Damned near spit my drink all over the monitor…

        • Harry A


  • Stephanie Bambi F H

    Paula Patton made a fool of herself….she looked and acted a complete mess?…. She was high and horny!… Can you say ecstasy.

  • Jeremy

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise.The Hollyweird Golden Globe Awards always have a lot of drunk people every year as well.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    Why does that subculture have against the use of verbs?

    • Morgan

      Sweetheart, the word you’re looking for is “What.” Learn how to speak proper English yourself, before attempting to degrade others.

      • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

        Darling, learn the meaning of typos before making sweeping assumptions about another’s grasp of the English language. Unfortunately, the tweets from the community represented above are not typos.

  • walterc

    Any idea how my creating a White Entertainment Television network play in the press? Yeah, me too.

    • Im_just_obsessed

      Just have your pick of pretty much any channel already in existence.

      • Michelle

        I’m of the opinion that these days most ethnic groups are well represented in main stream movies, commercials and TV shows. The fact that they’re not represented in exact equal proportions to white people might have to do with the fact that their populations aren’t exactly even to the white population. But there is no doubt they are no longer looked over and ignored in the entertainment industry. Continuing things like BET only goes to show they want equal and separate, with their own special club. walterc’s question was spot on. If full equality is the goal, why is a BET acceptable and we all know darn well a WET would not be?

        • Black Exodus

          Michelle, what Television show are you watching? Ethic Groups… “Represented Well in Main Stream”. Are you talking about action news. Name a 80% all black cast on Mainstream Television. BET, Centric, VH1 soul and even NetFlix Urban independent films are well needed. WET is all over the world. On every channel and you have no problem viewing your shows and having your likeness represented on TV.

          • pepjrp


        • duckman209

          You have to remember that BET is not something relatively new its been around since 1980. That was a period when blacks were not equally represented in media outlets, for example MTV. BET now has a bit of a historical significance. Also they showcase artists of other races as well. BET shows music thats relevant to black culture, something that other networks don’t cover. So a mixture of all the reasons I listed would be why BET is on the air.

        • tapiteasy

          Why don’t you have a problem with stations that are owned and operated by Latinos or Asians. They have their own channels with shows that are 100 percent Latino or Asian but you seem to think that’s ok. You only complain about BET.

      • pepjrp

        Really? Which one calls itself that? Which one refers at all to WET or anything close? We are waiting racist.

        • Im_just_obsessed

          The channels I am speaking about do not have to explicitly be called WET, but I can watch them for hours on any given day and see few, if any people of color.
          And I am far from racist. My family is multi-cultural and multi-racial. No need for the name calling.

    • Damien Johnson

      Black Entertainment Television is still White Entertainment Television. It’s not even black-owned.

  • DTM

    I wonder who Paula Patton is?

  • notenoughtime

    We must save our youth from this garbage! Is there no other responsible adult in the music industry available or are they non existent.