No, not  “awesome” and not just polite “applause.” More like screams, shouts, stomping, and tantrums. As the Texas Democrats’ stalling tactics ran dry and the clock neared midnight, protesters and sit-in participants in the Lone Star State’s capitol building turned up the mob noise. Supporters of pro-abortion legislator Wendy Davis’s filibuster of S.B. 5 — which would restrict most abortions past 20 weeks in a bid to stop the next butchering Kermit Gosnell — issued explicit calls for undemocratic disruption of civil order.

Here’s what one Texas Teamster advocated:

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards egged them on, too:


Others echoed the “rush the floor” sentiment:

In the aftermath of the screamfest, confusion ensued. Reporters and legislators could not agree whether the final vote took place before midnight or whether adjournment (sine die) had occurred.

To quote the hit Robin Thicke song, there were plenty of Blurred Lines:

You can say that again:

Punches are flying now:


The Democrats give thanks:

As the dust settles in the wee hours of the morning, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Let this voice rise above all the anti-S.B 5 screamers:


Final verdict on whether the vote took place in time:

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update as news develops.

  • Lynn Fisher Richter

    …as they screamed, “Kill those babies! Kill those babies!” Pretty sick bunch, those libs. If one could step away and look down on our society it would be shocking to see scores of people actually screaming for the right to kill their own unborn. Let me say that again…screaming for the right to KILL THEIR OWN UNBORN.

    • claire

      I was there the entire night, and “kill those babies” was never screamed.

      • Debra Blouin

        Literal much?

      • Ronald Green

        Then you were a part of the problem. What? Don’t like the democratic process except when it’s something you want? You’re just another hypocrite liberal. And a proponent of murder, and I bet you’re against ‘capital punishment’ too. Just more liberal hypocrisy.

    • Peggy Humm

      The chant was “kill the bill’, not kill those babies: but I stand with you in denouncing the reprehensible behavior of those in the gallery and the visitors/spectators on the floor who were encouraging the ruckus. I think those in the Senate Chamber who encouraged the demonstrators need to be slapped with an ethics violation. We have pics and videos to identify these hooligans.

    • $4356589

      Please provide us links to examples where people have LITERALLY said “kill those babies.” Please provide us evidence that people who call themselves “pro-choice” actually LOVE abortion and proactively want to increase the number of abortions performed. You’ll be hard-pressed. People who are pro-choice support the right of women/people to make choices about their own health and their own bodies. That includes supporting entities like Planned Parenthood who distribute birth control products (which helps minimize abortions) and provide counseling on family planning options (which can also minimize abortions). Conservatives perceive Planned Parenthood as primarily an abortion provider/advocate, when in fact that is not at all their primary function. Look it up! Can you provide any evidence where Planned Parenthood pushes/encourages abortion as the most preferred option? I’d bet good money you can’t. And I’d bet good money that, since you lack any evidence, your response will resort to name-calling, because that’s how conservatives respond when they lack facts to back up their outrageous rhetoric.

  • Rob Jones

    That session was an abortion. Shame the left has so little respect for the democratic process. Appears it passed during their childish display of anarchy.

    Nice try tho, kiddies. Maybe next time.

    • Jeremy

      They will never learn.

  • jerry148

    If indeed it stands up to legal scrutiny and finally gets passed, God bless.

    • CatHerder

      If it doesn’t, the Governor is expected to call for a second special session.

  • descolada9

    Nothing new with Dems in Texas. Remember when they left the state to deny the Republican majority a quorum during redistricting? It is so sad that so many women hold life in so little respect, especially considering that worldwide the majority of abortions kill unborn girls.

    • VetOnFire

      Those aren’t women. At least not Texas women, Those are smelly hippies with hairy armpits and combat boots.

    • Mr. Right

      Correct! Abortion activists have a voice to shout, but the poor innocent life inside the womb has no voice as it is mercilessly ripped out of the womb

    • m0nkeysensei

      Need I point out someone attempted fraud by altering the timestamp on the official government website to force the bill through? Please get off your high horse before you fall off.

  • Jon

    Texas law allows the governor to call a special session and designate the topics for that session. So even if the vote took place at 12:01 a.m., Perry just calls another session, designates the abortion bill as the or one of the topics, and the 30 day clock starts again.

    • Sean

      Yep, and I bet if there is any question as to the time of the vote he’ll call another session and go on the warpath blaming Democrats for inciting a mob in the capital. Texans might not be the most involved in state politics but we abhor bullies and whiney babies.

  • Catchance

    I am so ready for some adults to be in charge again.

  • LinTaylor

    The Democrats, ladies and gentlemen. Lie, cheat, steal, libel, slander, and if all else fails, riot.

    • Zach Peterson

      Dems get things done by not following rules of civility. That’s why you cons lose on the important issues. just an outsider looking in….

      • Howard Roark

        It may be true, but it doesn’t make it right – one should do what is right because it is right, not stoop down to the level of those feral pro-abortion primates for the sake of winning.

    • Jeremy

      Yep and they failed yet again.

    • Wally West

      Liberals are pros at causing chaos and rioting until they get their way.

    • 1CatEye

      And by all means, throw a tantrum if you don’t get your way. That’s the level of maturity we’re dealing with here. Remind anyone of the crybabies in WI? They lost too!

    • John doe

      Half the people in this country are Democrats. You feel that half of America is composed of lying, cheating, stealing, libelous, slanderous and riotous people? Personally I have a higher opinion of my country. Congress will remain permanently gridlocked with partisan thinking like that and nothing will get done. We’re all Americans whether we agree or disagree.

      United we stand divided we fall.

      • LinTaylor

        I do have a high opinion of my country, just not your level of optimism. And I never said half the country was like that, just that you see those tactics a lot more from the liberal Left than from the conservative Right (which has its own flaws, hence why I’m Libertarian).

    • JB

      Just like 4 year olds, aren’t they?? Except even 4 year olds have some sense of ethics, where Democrats do not.

  • Achilles

    Elected Democrats ordering brown shirts to disrupt the State’s business. Wouldn’t want Texas to infringe on their lucrative death factories. Nazis using Nazi tactics to protect Eugenics. Despicable.

    • JB

      Correct, because late-term abortions are the most lucrative of all, so the abortion industry has more $$$ to lose WHEN, not IF, this bill passes. Expect foaming at the mouth and gnashing of the teeth when it does pass. Gonna be popcorn-worthy.

  • dgfbt

    With the “mob” and it still being Texas even if you judge shop like the did in Wisconsin the Supreme court of Texas is likely to up hold the vote especially since the best the Regressives can do is say it was two minutes late. I am “SURE” a Democrat majority leader would invalidate a vote taken two minutes late on an issue that the Tea party mustered against and worked within the law to civilly disrupt, oh wait no they wouldn’t the vote would carry and they would use all the levers of power they had both legal and illegal to prevent it from being voided or overturned. Double Standard anyone? Though truth be told like this one it would still likely be up held, two minutes is not 15 and votes being cast is not a filibuster or admin work.

  • RblDiver

    Left wing does this – “Brave individuals standing up for their rights. Bravo!” If the right wing did this: “Horrible, hateful people who should be arrested and shot on sight!”

  • $29520529

    Hey these dems advocate the killing of babies, are we surprised they act like barbarians? They are soulless evil people who will answer to God.

    • Jeremy

      They won’t be cold where they are going.

  • chrissy

    How any female can murder their baby is mind boggling. Abortion on demand is America’s holocaust.

    • Damien Johnson

      But almost 11 times worse… 6 million, then 55 million.

    • JB

      3,000 plus babies killed EVERY DAY just in this country.

  • Sean

    Next time they’ll probably call in a bomb threat to run out the clock. SMH

  • Damien Johnson

    Liberal logic:

    Shoot and kill somebody for breaking into your house as a widowed teen mom with a baby? BARBARIC!

    Whup your kids for acting an ass? BARBARIC!

    Suck a kid out of a womb, tearing him or her into pieces in the process, then discarding the kid as “medical waste,” and shipping the woman off to an actual hospital should complications arise? A WOMAN’S RIGHT YOU BACKWARDS WHITE MEN

    • Zachary S Blom




      yep. woman’s right to choose, not the government or anybody else’s. that’s why they call themselves pro-choice. your whiteness was never the issue.

      on the other hand, maybe that is liberal logic and I’m not a liberal.

      • Damien Johnson

        I’m not white. I said that to make fun of their ideology that you MUST be white if you disagree with them. And btw, it was the government who granted “woman’s ‘right’ to choose.” So then they should never have been granted that “right” since the government had a say in it.

        • Zachary S Blom

          you’re getting “must” confused with “happen to be.” how can a government grant somebody the right to accept or refuse a biological process they should have no hand in in the first place?

          • Damien Johnson

            No, I was quite clear. Don’t put words in my mouth. And is that not what Roe vs Wade did? granted the “right” to kill a child so long as it’s inconvenient, despite that biologically it didn’t spontaneously show up where it did?

          • Zachary S Blom

            Sorry for trying to rationalize your ridiculing of other peoples’ ideologies. What I’m saying (again) is that the government should not have a say either way in the first place. It should be left up to the family. That’s what pro-choice is all about.

          • Jason Call

            And don’t ask the government to pay for your abortion, right? EDIT: (clearly, pro-choicers oppose funding for Planned Parenthood, since keeping the government out of it is what pro-choice is all about.)

          • Zachary S Blom

            I pay for extinguished fires in other people’s houses, I pay for thousands of kids’ education, I pay for the prison system to house convicts, I pay to send people across America to college via FAFSA. I pay for the government, and if that’s what I choose to get out of it that’s what I get out of it. I’m not the only one who put money into it, so I’m not the only one who decides what comes out of it.

            EDIT: No. Pro-choice means the government doesn’t have a hand in the decision. Think about it like this: FAFSA helps you get to college, but it doesn’t pick the college for you. It assists you in whatever decision you choose to make.

          • Jason Call

            And you and I pay a government contractor to enter the womb of a sovereign female human. That doesn’t sound like what pro-choice is all about. Is it too much to ask this sovereign entity known as unhappily pregnant woman to come out of her own pocket, and not the public’s, to pay for the medical procedure she chooses to have? Now that’s pro-choice.
            Incidentally, we should hope that more women who encounter the calamitous nightmare of a positive pregnancy test will behave as if discovering a house afire. If they all did so, this late-term business would be moot.

          • Ronald Green

            Putting a fire out and aborting a baby is the same to you? You really are ethically challenged aren’t you.

          • Damien Johnson

            Because your ideologies are ridiculous, And no, it’s not about that. It’s about killing kids, but disguising the word ‘murder’ as ‘choice.’ Change the language, control the people.

  • Jeremy

    You are too much with all your stupid posts.I am laughing quite a lot here.

  • Tino Faygo

    Someone filmed the announcement that the bill officially died.

  • Jeremy

    Yeah right keep on dreaming.You have the Homer Doughnut dream again?

  • Erthwjim

    You assume I’m a teabagger and racist…tsk tsk.

    But you are right, like the people outside of the building in Texas if someone were outside of your house being violent, it would be a meltdown.

  • Oxbow


  • Oxbow

    I’m pro abortion. Keep murdering those future liberals.

    • Damien Johnson

      I shouldn’t laugh at this but I did.

      • Oxbow

        Yeah, how’s the old saying go..?

        Never interrupt your enemy when (s)he’s genociding 50 million of her own. Something like that.

      • Jeremy

        I did too couldn’t help it.

  • Damien Johnson

    What “demanding many” are for killing kids post 20 weeks? Pretty sure those with sense were shouted down to hell in all the chaos, and likely were the majority instead of those assclowns. I’m proud to be Texan, and live in Texas where we’re not a damn hellhole like say, California.

    • Conservative Jen

      Damien, that’s what I keep asking myself…as a woman who gave birth to twins born at 22.5 weeks(they just turned 13)I can’t fathom any woman who would want to kill their baby they have felt moving in them after 20 weeks.

      That is 5 months pregnant! Maybe it’s a good indication they aren’t fit to be mothers ever!

      • Damien Johnson

        Maybe so. I’ve always felt they don’t deserve to be mothers. What I’d like to know would be what did you, as someone who had early babies and was pregnant, feel throughout your pregnancy. I’m always told I have no right to speak out because I’m a man and can’t get pregnant. So what do you as a woman have to say about all the possible downsides of pregnancy that you’ve been through.

  • tpcowberry

    The bill has been officially declared DEAD. Republicans initially claimed that the vote had beat the deadline, but computer records of the voting process proved otherwise.

    • Damien Johnson

      If it’s dead, it’s because of the Liberals acting like the very class they want to kill.

      • tpcowberry

        Every woman has a fundamental right to exercise sovereign control over her own body, including its reproductive function. The state of Texas has no authority to force a woman to continue a pregnancy against her will.

        • Damien Johnson

          “sovereign control” you mean like not letting penises in if she doesn’t want a baby?

        • RememberSekhmet

          So she has more than 20 weeks to make up her mind? And she has no right to a clean, safe facility if she is poor?

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          ..But SCOTUS has the power to enact laws allowing them to Kill their unborn? THAT’s the biggest hypocracy! #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Bathing Suit Area

      I’m sure everyone here will want to find out who was behind this attempted legislative fraud and have them prosecuted.

  • James McEnanly

    I have seen this tactic used too often. Is there anyway to have a legislative body work from home? The Google+ hangout would be a good model

    • tpcowberry

      If your legislative chamber is under siege by screaming villagers with pitchforks and torches while you’re trying to take a vote, it’s a pretty good indication that they’re not especially happy with whatever b.s. you happen to be up to in there.

      • SonofaCV15

        “Bs” huh?

        Let me ask you this… If a woman and her unborn baby are killed, regardless of how old the fetus is, is it not a tried as a double murder?…. So how is a “legal” abortion not murder?

        What you seem to be advocating here is legal murder of American citizens. How can you justify that as “bs”?

        • Zachary S Blom

          while you raise a great point, citizen might not be the right word. fetuses don’t pay taxes, nor can they be claimed as a dependent when their mother is filing taxes. some people aren’t prepared to take on the responsibility of a child, and had no intent to do so. yet we all fall prey to the same biological urges and the same risks. do you really expect a kid every time you have sex?

          • Jason Call

            Yes, a victim of your hormones, you are. Have sex.Then, since you’re too weak to accept the consequence(pregnancy), kill the unborn, who is defenseless. The law says you may kill him/her. No problem.
            Have a nice day.

          • SonofaCV15

            So.. It’s just that easy to justify murder as a mistake of “biological urges”. That’s a very thin difference. Born children don’t pay taxes. Is it ok to murder them if you decide you really didn’t want them after all?

            …”nor can they be claimed as dependents”? Really? They qualify for government subsidy don’t they? Ever heard of WIC?

            It’s still a preventable murder no matter how you stack it. Just have your damn tubes tied and then you can screw like rabbits without having to kill. Why the hell should unborn babies have to pay with their lives for the “mistakes” of others?

            It’s HOMICIDE… MURDER… Pure, plain and simple!

          • Zachary S Blom

            Not every kid is born into a perfect life with a pair of loving parents that can financially provide for it and dedicate their lives to nurturing it into somebody that won’t ruin the world once it starts making conscious decisions. If one comes up, then what? They get crucified for going on welfare. It’s a lose-lose situation if you’re poor and not prepared to make that kind of commitment. I don’t promote abortion, I just understand why.

          • Jason Call

            I understand why people rob banks, but let’s make it illegal–oh, wait.
            If that’s too sarcastic, please forgive me. The point is that a self-governing society passes laws based in moral judgement, and that’s as it should be.
            Thanks for trading comments with me. I’m going to work now, and my participation here is sporadic and infrequent, so I might not see you again soon. Be well.

          • SonofaCV15

            Dr. Kevorkian performed “mercy killings” on adults that could make that choice. Was that ok with you?

            So poverty is a reason that sooths and blinds your senses to senseless murder? And do you really think that it is only those that “can’t afford it” that have abortions?

            Just how many people can really “afford” to bring up a child these days anyway? And how many people are out there who can’t have their own children who would gladly adopt?

            I can understand it where it is a risk to the life of the mother. But to frame it as “no one to love them” or “too poor” to justify homicide just doesn’t get it.

          • Zachary S Blom

            Nobody to support them. Whether it’s financially or emotionally, that is a huge necessity for a child. Adoption situations don’t always work out for the best. If not dealt with, the idea that your parents (or even one of them) abandoned you can manifest into a lot of mental and emotional problems later on. I do prefer the idea of a child being adopted over being aborted, but as I don’t have a womb I don’t claim a right to dictate the situation one way or another.

            I thought health risk cases and rape victims were too obvious so I didn’t address them.

          • SonofaCV15

            “Whether it’s financially or emotionally, that is a huge necessity for a child.”

            So what you are saying is that you, as individual without financial or emotional support would rather be put to death than be given the opportunity to grow, to love and possibly be loved… to contribute to society?

            How many people have come from the dispair of a sad and…. what some would call a difficult life, to be a great and wonderful contribution to humanity?

            The mercy killing argument still doesn’t wash as a basis for debate. It is only an internal way of justifying murder and the incomprehensible slaughter of innocent children.

          • wwbdinct

            Deflection. Answer the question directly. How do you justify the fact that when a pregnant woman is murdered, the person who committed the murder is charged with double homicide?

          • tpcowberry

            Because the murderer is overriding the will of the woman, depriving her both of her own life and of her choice whether or not to bring a new life into the world. The murderer has deprived her of a choice that was hers and hers alone. If she was pregnant and wanted a child, the murderer has essentially taken a second life.

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            …And I assume that’s why Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manatees, Murderers and Child Molesters have more of a right to live than that unborn baby….#NoBrainerAlert!! #ThinkAboutIt #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

          • Ronald Green

            then put the child up for adoption, damn… that wasn’t so hard was it. You liberal pos.

      • Danceswithdachshunds

        Yeah, just IGNORE the majority who ELECTED those legislators and who were not there while expecting those legislators to represent them. You’re a thug.

      • RememberSekhmet

        In Austin, it’s not hard to find a screaming mob far, far to the left of the rest of the state

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        But enough about how Obamacare was foisted upon an unwilling public….

  • indiana_conservative

    If Tea Party would have done this during Obamacare passing we would have never heard the end of it.

  • Wally West

    I wonder how many people the Democrats bus in from other states so that they could have that many liberals be uncivil and disrupted.
    Shame on all them liberals.

  • Wally West

    I really hope it was pass just to stick it to the arrogant liberals.

  • RememberSekhmet

    Looks like the Kermit Gosnell Fan Club won last night

  • Joel A. Edge

    Just another Democratic mob. Whine and cry till you get your way. I apologize for my party.

  • James Atkins

    I sure hope conservatives start to take notice of how to get things done… Until we start doing the same thing (maybe not the screaming, but at least descend on capitols, DC, etc.), we will keep losing.

  • EyesWideOpen

    These people support murdering babies late into pregnancy, so I am not too surprised by their uncivil behavior and lack of respect for the democratic process.

  • An American Veteran

    I will continue to say this, this issue alone has enough legs to send this country into a violent confrontation.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Gonna murder a few more doctors to get it started, eh?

      • Ronald Green

        No, it’ll probably start with one of yours doing something stupidly awful.

  • Clete Torres

    Somebody ban this fool.

  • Jimni27

    I’m as pro choice as they come, but if you are 20+ weeks pregnant and are just now getting around to having an abortion, you are not only lazy and stupid, you’re a murderer. I don’t know how you can look at a sonogram of a 20 week old baby and still say this issue is about old white men staying out of your vagina. At 20+ weeks, it’s not about YOU anymore.

  • BeeKaaay

    More proof that leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty.

  • keyboard jockey

    Democrat’s use mobs all the time, they are the party of mobs, it’s not a new tactic, it’s pretty predictable.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      BINGO, Keyboard Jockey! “The Democrats….are the party of Mobs;” Street gangs, the Mafia, Unions, the KKK….They’re willing to disrupt the Democratic process in the name of “Democracy”….What hypocrites! When the Texas Legislature meets for their Special Session, they should surround the chamber with two layers of Troopers and National Guard, so the process isn’t disturbed like last night. #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • DearLeaderObamba

    It must take real courage to fight for the right to snip a baby’s neck while simultaneously calling it a torture to drown a psycopath for 30 seconds

    • SonofaCV15

      Libs are conflicted… Save the whales… Kill the babies.

      If a pregnant mother is killed… It’s a double murder. But a fetus isn’t a life when it is aborted. Go figure!

      • Jimni27

        I was wondering about that- is there a cutoff point when it is declared a double murder?

        • SonofaCV15

          The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes a child in utero as a legal victim, if he or she is injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines “child in utero” as “a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb”.

          However… This same law allows for murder by abortion. It is a conflicted law. On one hand there is life… On the other it doesn’t matter.

          • Jimni27

            Thank you. So ridiculous, smdh.

  • Lizbuddie

    All that and all the GOP accomplished was the creation of a freezer full of red meat for the Dems to use in their Battleground Texas strategy. So frustrating. #GOPfail

    • DearLeaderObamba

      Winning elections > protecting life of a defenceless baby

  • P O’Connor

    I guess that’s what gun rights supporters should have done in Denver to stop gun control. It’s been shown that the time to vote was not met to pass SB5, so Perry will have to call a Special Session to get it accomplished. Did anyone tell the women holding hangers that hangers won’t work to abort a baby after 5 months? Maybe some of these women should watch a late term abortion so they don’t appear so stupid.

  • DearLeaderObamba
    It says the bill may still be passed. Can someone knowledgeable shed light on this?

  • Mike Faber

    Wendy Davis is a brave, defender of women’s rights…and smokin’ hot I must say.

    • Rafael J Godinez

      I don’t know about the defender or brave part, but she is definitely not “hot”. Dude, is that the best you can get, go for it.

    • OliverBx

      She’s an evil evil butcher.

  • John

    When you can’t win with logic and common sense, then bully, intimidate, and bum rush until you get your way like crying babies! It’s the liberal way!

  • GaryTheBrave

    Progs hate humans. That became obvious last night. The Constitution specified that people have the right to PEACABLY assemble. As soon as the mob started shouting the police and bailiffs should have cleared the area.

    I think each protester should get 5 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

    • Chris R

      Five years is a little much! But it is true that “progressives” are deluded, regressive animals!

  • Sua Sponte

    Progs love them some dead babies…

  • Peyton

    I wish I still lived in Austin to go support SB5

  • Rafael J Godinez

    Maybe they should have been aborted.

  • RightThinking1

    Mob disruption triumphs over democratic process. Progressives everywhere celebrate.

    • tpcowberry

      With regard to the Texas anti-choice vote, it was more like justifiably angry citizens triumphing over the would-be tyranny of a willfully oppressive republican majority.

      Sincere, intelligent people on both sides of the argument hold very different views concerning when a biological process actually becomes a conscious human being. Neither side has any right to impose their opinion on the other. Until birth, a mother has charge of that biological process, because it is quite literally a PART of her. Her right to exercise sovereign control over her own body cannot be separated from that process. Thus, for the sake of our ideal of personal liberty, final authority to make any decision regarding the continuation of a pregnancy must be hers and hers alone. The moral responsibility for that choice is also hers. Neither belongs to government or elected officials.

      • RightThinking1

        The difference is in the means of expression, which is what I addressed. One group of of people have done so through the representative political process. The other group by mob intimidation. You attempt to deflect the point, and justify the behavior because you agree with the mob’s perspective. Presumably, you would have found Kristallnacht just as appealing…, perhaps cheered with mob as the tumbril carrying Lavoisier to the guillotine rumbled past? Because, mob = what? Representative Democracy?

        • tpcowberry

          In my opinion, the principle that I attempted to explain up above is the only point that matters. Had a single female representative not made a heroic effort to filibuster in defense of that principle—an effort which required her to remain standing and speaking without relief for over 10 consecutive hours—and had like-minded citizens not poured into the galleries to observe and express their extreme displeasure over elected officials’ intentions when they would probably much rather have been at home asleep, that principle would have fallen.

          I find nothing at all contemptible about average citizens facing off against overreaching elected representatives in defense of a principle that they strongly believe in.

          • Ronald Green

            So, in other words… you’re a Nazis.

          • tpcowberry

            In other words, you can’t or won’t address the point that I’ve made.

            One of the costs of liberty is that free people will occasionally make decisions that you or I will disagree with. The difference between real defenders of liberty and those who only talk the talk is that the former are willing to accept that cost.

            People like me aren’t the danger to American freedom and the Constitution. People like YOU are.

          • Ronald Green

            Really? Considering that I put 20 years into the Army defending the Constitution and all you’re doing is running your mouth about it, kinda puts your assumption on it’s head. People who act like barbarians to get their way are the real threat to the Constitution.

        • tpcowberry

          In my opinion, the principle that I attempted to explain up above is the only point that matters. Had a single female representative not made a heroic effort to filibuster in defense of that principle—an effort which required her to remain standing and speaking without relief for over 10 consecutive hours—and had like-minded citizens not poured into the galleries to observe and express their extreme displeasure over elected officials’ intentions when they would probably much rather have been at home asleep, that principle would have fallen.

          I find nothing at all contemptible about average citizens facing off against overreaching elected representatives in defense of a principle that they strongly believe in.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Polls showed that a majority of Texans opposed the law.

          • RightThinking1

            Citation please. At the Texas Tribune site (06/20), it says exactly the opposite:

            “The poll split a question about abortions after 20 weeks — an effort to see whether talking in the context of fetal pain changed the responses of Texas voters. It didn’t: 62 percent said they would support “prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks based on the argument that a fetus can feel pain at that point,” and that same percentage said they support “prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks.”

            And that “20 weeks” is what the law specified.

            If you have poll data that says otherwise, please provide a link. Here is mine :


          • Ronald Green

            The lib/ Nazis doesn’t have any, ‘he’ just likes shoot his mouth off and spew lies.

      • OliverBx

        There is no debate about when a human feels pain….ever watch a video of an abortion? Stop lying to defend the indefensible, you sir are a butcher.

        • tpcowberry

          You’re apparently making no distinction between reflexive responses to stimuli, and recognition of pain by a conscious, self-aware being. At 20 weeks there’s no organized brainwave activity. Adult human beings demonstrating similar brainwave readings are routinely disconnected from medical life support systems without any reasonable person voicing objections. Frequently organs are taken for transplant at that point.

          You’re not only wrong. You’re also very rude.

  • $27789750

    Just won the right to kill their children…

  • Jess

    You do understand that the right wasn’t fighting fair? The questioned the germane ness of sonograms to give Wendy her third strike, when they are perfectly relevant to the topic. And this was more about shutting down the 80% of clinics that provide abortion than the 20wk date. Also, making abortion illegal wont stop it. If you really want to stop it make birth control and other women’s care more available.

    • OliverBx

      They are all available, stop lying to yourself. The left uses irrational logic to justify murdering defenseless innocent human beings.

    • Ronald Green

      Why would these 80% of clinics have to shut down if they offer more than abortions?

  • Vurtax

    Times like this I wish God gave us a “Cop out” button so we could leave this crappy life behind us and move onto the real one. This isn’t America anymore, and certainly not any kind of America God will be with much longer.

    • Damien Johnson

      I’m saying. Or an instant “move to Mars” button. Pretty sure aliens are more human than these assholes here on Earth.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      You want to get out of this life and onto the next one? 2nd Amendment remedies can help there, bro.

      • Ronald Green

        Pro 2nd Amendment when it suits you? Hypocritical much?

  • Blargette

    Maybe Wendy can tell women how having safer abortions (same standards as a hospital and having the doc affiliated with a hospital should the abortion threaten the life of the woman or neonate).

    Retaining the right to off a baby any time up to it emerging from your body is not something women should be proud or stand behind. It is disgusting.

    • tpcowberry

      You have the right to refrain from making such a choice and are obliged to explain your reasons to no one. If you wish, you can choose to bring a child into the world even when it has been determined that the child will suffer from horrible birth defects long before there are any indications of fetal brain activity. It might be that I would personally consider such a decision–to unnecessarily bring a life of pain and suffering into being–totally immoral. My opinion does not and SHOULD not matter. It’s not my decision.

      That’s the right to choose–to make your own moral decision about your own life and reproductive function in accordance with your own circumstances, your own beliefs, and the dictates of your own conscience. You would be justifiably outraged if any elected official presumed to deny you that choice. I would fully support your right to choose.

      See how that works?

      • Blargette

        The innocent child has no voice. I will speak for it. See how that works? A hospital would not let a parent (that is what a mom is) kill her kid because she deems it defective (using your extreme and rare reason for killing a child in the uterus). Funny how babies that are loved and wanted are seen as murder victims if killed by someone other than the mother while inside the womb, but if the child is not wanted and the mother elects to kill it, then it is a matter of choice.

        See how that logic does not work?

      • OliverBx

        You are not deciding on your life, you are deciding to m urder someone else….you are killi ng an innocent, defenseless human being. See how that works? If a women doesn’t want a child, she should keep HER legs closed. Mengele would be proud of you.

        • tpcowberry

          I’m not deciding on anything. I’m supporting the proposition that it’s each individual woman’s unalienable right to have sovereign control over HER OWN body, including its reproductive function. The power to decide properly belong to her, and no one else.

          You, on the other hand, are asserting that she has NO RIGHT to such sovereign control, and are determined to enlist the power of the state to enforce your opinion.

  • m0nkeysensei

    You forget the multiple times R- Dewhurst refused to play by the rules by completely ignoring valid inquiries and turn off mics of Dems in order to railroad in the bill before midnight. Why should the Dems play fair if the Repugs don’t? Or do the rules only apply if they stand to benefit you.

    • James S.

      Take a good long sniff of failure. Another special session to combat mob rule. Thanks for wasting my tax dollars, whiners.

  • Bathing Suit Area

    How dare these citizens try to influence the lawmaking process. Don’t they know it’s for their lords to decide?

    • Guest

      If they were actually involved in a democratic process instead of using Nazis mob tactics to stop the democratic process you might have a point. As it occurred, you’re just proving that your a Lib / Nazis.

    • Ronald Green

      If they were actually involved in a democratic process instead of using
      Nazis mob tactics to stop the democratic process you might have a point.
      As it occurred, you’re just proving that you’re a Lib / Nazis.