Editor’s note: Please see the updates at the bottom of this post. NBC now reports that Sunil Tripathi is not a suspect. 

Just before 1:00am Eastern, Boston police scanner traffic broadcast the names of the Watertown/MIT shooting/Boston Marathon bombing suspects: Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi. Note: Police have not officially confirmed these names.

Tripathi’s name and photo had been floating around the Internet all day, as Reddit and other social media sleuths mused whether the missing Brown University student could be a suspect.



The “suspect is running,” according to the latest scanner reports.


As of 3:10am Eastern, Newtown PD is reportedly on a “foot pursuit.” Somebody “was chased after, possibly matching [suspect] description.” A few minutes later, scanner reports “no foot pursuit.”

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Twitchy Team.

Update 4:21am Eastern:

The Middlesex County DA has confirmed the death of suspect number one (Mike Mulugeta):


Making it official:

And the officer hit during the Watertown gunfight is still alive, taken to hospital:

Watertown residents are being advised to stay in their homes while police conduct house-by-house, street-by-street search.

There’s an early-morning press briefing by law enforcement. The bottom line:

Latest pic:



NBC reported Friday morning that Tripathi, whose name was mentioned on the scanner, is not a suspect. The second suspect is still on the run, according to NBC.


More from BuzzFeed:

“Authorities say these people came from overseas… had overseas military training [and have] been here about a year,” NBC’s Pete Williams — the most reliable source through a chaotic week in Boston — reported Friday, citing multiple sources.

“There’s been a lot of speculation that one of these suspects is a student that went missing from Brown,” Williams said, dismissing the speculation.

The AP reports that the bombing suspects are “from Russia region near Chechnya” and lived in the United States for at least one year.

NBC reportedly has the names and says the suspects are brothers.


The AP identifies the surviving suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19.



Reports: Watertown, Mass.-area carjacking possibly related to MIT shooting, police chase, explosions, gunfight [pics, video]

Boston Globe ties Watertown shootout suspects to Boston Marathon bombing; WHDH: 1 suspect in custody reportedly dead

Ghouls immediately blame MIT shooting on NRA

State trooper shot, killed on MIT campus; shooter on the loose [pics]

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, very compelling.

  • Brian

    There has been no official release of this information. Let’s be diligent before spreading even further misinformation

    • Fu2Z

      no just a police scanner

    • Harry A

      apparently we should have listened to you

  • PeriMedic


    • betzinva

      Watertown…press is so used to Newtown,CT that they can’t remember what they are talking about.

      • Saar

        Their white house mandated talking points have been drilled into them.

    • Momo

      newton is a town in Massachusetts and suburb of Boston, near Watertown

  • Kingofthehill

    465 Arsenal St, Watertown, MA 02472 is where they are calling for SWAT

  • Ty Lightner

    Even if the FBI is wrong, these two will never see the light of day again. they will stay “missing”

  • duffy91

    Before we malign another innocent person, are we sure about these identities?

    • betzinva

      Of course not….the new meaning of “fluid” apparently means: this indemnifies me from being sued for slander. Anybody remember Richard Jewell in a positive light. However, I hope to hell it is the perps.

  • Chan
  • Steven Sigmon

    If they did do it, then we need to equally punish the son of a bitches who let them in the Unites States to begin with.

    • crixtyagain

      Same goes for Adam Lanza and James Holmes.

    • Sharkbait86

      again retarded. They are both AMERICANS. as in – born in America.

      • Robert A. Davis

        Then, still, Fuq them. If you the hate my country, and kill my country men, then screw you, you die, no pomp and circumstance.

      • Craig Jacobs

        Nope. They are not.

    • Kim Powell

      Ignorant much?

    • Harry A

      its possible they were born here…

  • Paracletus

    “That’s our scumbag!” – Speed

  • Hezon Sergei

    If these two are the Boston bombers, may God have mercy on their souls!

    • mercenarygrip

      Let God deal with them as he sees fit. We should send them to Him as quickly as possible.

  • Courtney T L Haynes

    Reddit was on the money? Reddit for the win? Heck no! Anyone can win when the release pictures of supposed suspects at the drop of a hat. Reddit had a couple of swings and misses before getting it right.

    • fenom23

      reddit actually does win

  • Hezon Sergei

    Governor, deploy the National Guard and tighten up some asses!!

    • Lilywhiteazz

      Nat’l Guard is already deployed in Beantown. My nephew is there
      He said he has never eaten so well in his life. Every time they turn around some wonderful restaurant is sending food. Good on Boston!

  • Mike

    This can’t be correct…they were supposed to be white. Not foreigners wearing a left wing Che shirt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gene.nc Gene Ellefson

    Ivy League school. Why am I not surprised?

    • Kevin

      Why, is there a large number of Ivy League domestic terrorist cells out there that you are privy too? Did Tim McVeigh go to Harvard? Please share with us all your wealth of info on the history of Ivy League terrorism Gene.

      • David Oh

        You are a moron.

        • http://twitter.com/Inlitero K M Spina

          I’d say the moron is you.

  • Kurt Steinberg

    Mike Mulugeta has reportedly died from a gunshot wound.

    • falling321

      Self inflicted? Or do we know yet?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003494864001 Paul E Rains Jr.

        From cop fire i heard it all play out on boston scanner myself have been listeninh for hrs now

  • slickgun

    Wonder where these nice looking boys are from?I haven’t heard much about their hometowns.

  • Hezon Sergei

    I just know Bostonian authorities will flush their carcasses!

  • Kingofthehill

    Suspect #1 on the left is reported DEAD at Beth Israel Hospital

    • Vincent Bancroft III

      ha ha. a musi died in an jewish hospital. thats the best news yet.

      • Kingofthehill

        haha… i just got that. LOL…. Awesome

      • PatriotRG

        doctors decided on a collective coffee break when he came in 😉 one hopes

      • http://www.facebook.com/nagy.bahnan Nagy Monir Bahnan

        Not sure about being a muslim, or what is the motive. I’ve never heard of a muslim named “Mike” before.

        • Saffron9

          My Muslim neighbors use “American” names even tho they are not their birth names. Was easier for all of us to pronounce and remember? Now that they are teens, they go by given names in school, but old nicknames in neighborhood.

        • oneword

          duh, stop being so PC

        • SJ’s Dad

          How ’bout Keith?
          (. . . as in Ellison!)

        • Suz

          Have to agree.. just the same as a hindu being part of this .. sorry this is BS anyways

    • TonyWestover

      Hope he rots in hell.

  • the1regina

    Who was the Saudi National that Obama sent back to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. He was sent back for his “safety”…does anybody know his name?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lex.loeb Lex Loeb

    Greek and Indian surnames?

    • Feuerstein

      Indian & Ethiopian

    • Jaxon Brandt

      Does it matter what surnames these two horrible men have? They could have the last names Johnson and Smith for as much relevance as it has. Your ethnicity does not affect what type of person you happen to be.


    Hmmmm I would hazard a guess that the “suspect” wearing a Chi Guevara shirt would rule out him being a “right wing extremist” huh???? There again…bomber/shooter turns out to be extremely liberal…..

    • loara71


      • Justin Lynch

        Where is the Che shirt people keep talking about?

    • Guest

      thank god. we need to make that picture go viral before MSM tries to say he was right wing. Man every psycho always comes from the left. Crazy huh>?

      • Christopher Stine

        Jesus. You’re seriously happy that you can use this tragedy to forward your political beliefs? Despicable.

        • Roger Taylor

          Funny- I don’t recall you expressing similar outrage when the media and left wing commentators were busily HOPING it would advance THEIRS.

          • Harry A

            when will people realize that wrong, is wrong. some body needs to stop and i think it should be us. every time someone here does something “wrong” (for lack of a better word), such as Guest expressing near glee that the suspected pyscho (correct word) is likely liberal someone here says “BUT THE LEFT DID IT FIRST”. if the left did it and it was wrong, then when the right does it it is wrong.

            all that ends up happening is we both end up pointing saying “but he did it first”. liberals will point to the early conservatives who said its probably a muslim terrorist (and there were many) and conservative point to the early liberals who said its probably an anti government tea parties. if its wrong, then do it.

          • Maximus Max

            And abortion falls where?

          • Harry A

            what in the world does abortion have to do with people wanting the suspect to be liberal or conservative?

          • Roger Taylor

            Harry, there is a vast, inescapable difference between “it was probably the work of Muslim terrorists” based on evidence, reason, and precedence and “it was them bitter clingers!” based solely on bigotry and political calculation.

            In case you missed it, the number one source of terrorist bombings over the past fifty years has been: Islamic extremists.

            Not nuns.

            Not Republicans.

            Not Tea Partiers.

            Muslim Extremists.

            Even if we remove that “group” from the discussion, right-wingers STILL don’t top the list of likely candidates.

            Between the Weather Underground, a disturbing number of Obama advisors, the Unabomber and others, explosives are typically the hallmark of the radical LEFT in this country, not the Radical Right.

            The BEST you could hope for is a “both sides are guilty”.

            Contrary to your myth-making, this was NEVER about political calculation by those on the Right.

            For those on the Left, it was never about anything ELSE.

        • http://twitter.com/rebeccamariefox Rebecca Fox

          I don’t know if they’re exactly trying to swing it towards their political beliefs. It’s more of the fact that it does go to show that Liberals are desperately trying to wipe away our Second Amendment rights as it’s people in their political sector carrying out these heinous crimes.

          As a post I saw after the bombings said, you hear about how it’s guns who kill people but it’s drunk drivers and not the cars who kill people and the same goes for the bombs.

          • Jaxon Brandt

            While I am by no means pro-gun control, I totally didn’t realize that liberals being pro gun control and mass murder had any correlation! Wow, totally wouldn’t have guessed. All sarcasm aside, just because someone might have an opinion about something, doesn’t mean they’re more or less likely to be a psychopath.

          • Harry A

            it would appear that Nancy Lanza was very supportive of gun rights and had NRA memorabilia in her house. perhaps its not a matter of liberals or conservatives carrying out heinous crimes but rather criminals and psychos.

      • Jaxon Brandt

        If you really want to play that game, how about we mention Timothy McVeigh who was a registered Republican and NRA member or Anders Behring Breivik who was an anti-muslim extremist who slaughtered dozens of innocent teens? Killing is killing, it doesn’t matter what political beliefs you hold.

        • Guest

          You are not telling the truth! McVeigh was not a member of the NRA and he was a Democrat. You spill filth and lies.

          • Jaxon Brandt


            There you, go read the last line. Obviously as I did not know Mr. McVeigh personally, I do not know if CNN is completely correct but I’m guessing you do not know him either so we should probably take their word for it.

          • Jan B.

            CNN stands for Communist News Network.

          • Gladys Crump

            LOL you believe CNN….ok fine.

          • Harry A

            timothy mcveigh was an NRA member that quit because he thought its stance on gun rights was too weak. he was also a registered republican in new york.

          • Gladys Crump

            Bull shit Harry, sorry to have to admit, I knew him and his family, he was not a Repubican ever in any state, he hated politics and politicians, and if he had a party if was the Communist party, he also was not an NRA member, he was former military and trained in explosives, he also was not a Christian although he cited Waco as one of the reasons for the bombing of OKC. Repeating unfounded lies again I see.

        • Lew McCloud

          Prove it!

        • Kingofthehill

          Oh, don’t forget this TERRORIST was also an OBAMA Supporter

          • Jaxon Brandt

            Is that supposed to matter? Does that make Obama a terrorist? Just because you went to school with a dude who became a police officer, does that make you one? No, because just because you know someone doesn’t make you what they associate with.

          • Kingofthehill

            Yes, in fact it does.

            When you have the hard left publicly WISHING it was a WHITE MALE and they keep blaming the Tea Party, Right Wing, Blah Blah Blah and being a bunch of stereotypical RACISTS who keep trying to pin these events on Republicans its a beautiful thing when it blows up in their disgusting racists faces!

            So yes, I know im not the only one that has him as an obama supporter for the only fact that they can’t be throwing this in our faces like it even matters WHICH IT DOESN’T but if it suits their agenda they use it.

          • Jaxon Brandt

            I’m an Obama supporter and I had no wish for him to be anything. It didn’t matter what he was, he’s a psychopath. Aren’t you stereotyping people in the same way you just mentioned you don’t want the right wing, and tea party to be? My point was is that there are crazy people of all types. Not all right wingers are homophobes or racists, not all left wingers are super accepting and color blind. People are people and you should judge them by the merits of their character and not a political party.

          • Kingofthehill

            Im glad you didn’t, and honestly IDGAF and IMO Evil is EVIL but there are a group in the media that are really pushing for cards to fall their way so they can use it for their personal gain.

            Here is just one of them from the New York Times. Its disgusting and i don’t alike ANY side trying to twist crap like this to suit their needs but the left is mastering it.


          • Jaxon Brandt

            I know this might seem stupid but you just have to ignore those type of people. They want you to get all upset so then they can use it against you. The media in general is full of disinformation, they feed on the feelings of others. I mean, look at the post and them picking out those two kids who just had backpacks? The media wants all the attention they can get and us paying attention to them is what gets people to fight, sadly enough.

          • Judy Riley

            That is ob’s mantra. He uses the media as his bully pulpit and it helps him accomplish his goals — most times. However, one cannot ask another to “just ignore” those types of people, etc. when malicious lies are told at the cost of American lives!

          • Billy Bob

            The clown that shot the 20 kids was also a psychopath, so why are they trying to ban guns? Sampson slew 40 men with the jawbone of an ass.

          • Warren Dew

            Jaxon, this would be a much more convincing comment if it were a comment on one of the leftist articles hoping that the perpetrators was white, such as the NYT article mentioned below.

          • Anyoldnamehere

            Turns out it was two white males from Russia. So…I guess the egg’s on your face, huh?

          • Warren Dew

            No, that doesn’t make Obama a terrorist – drone murders of 30 person wedding parties, such as the one on monday, make Obama a terrorist.

          • Anyoldnamehere

            That guy you just called a terrorist? Not a terrorist.

          • Guest

            That’s not even the same guy, look at the profile picture.

          • Justin Lynch

            Did you look at the guy on the twitter picture? Same name but it’s a different person.

          • SD Dude

            Awesome judgment! You should be President of US, I can guess how many wars this country has to do.

        • Gladys Crump

          Don’t know where you got your info, but I knew Timothy McVeigh and his family, he was NOT a Republican, and he was NOT an NRA member either, he was also not a Christian even though he did cite Waco as one of the reasons he bombed OKC.
          So you can just stop with the lies already as far as Tim McVeigh goes, you need to do some research and stop parroting lies..

    • WilliamMegenney

      we need to make that picture go viral before people say he is right wing. Man its always the left that are pulling this type of shit

    • Anyoldnamehere

      And there again…conservative spreads lies about an innocent man. No surprise there.

    • Jeffrey

      Maybe we should suggest Tea Party people start wearing Chi Guevara shirts. That would give the media spastic fits.

    • dennis

      keep ur stupid opinion to ur self dumbass

  • Katrina Garner Lantz

    This is heartbreaking. Sunil’s family has been searching for him for a month. Here is their video message to him, begging him to come home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t12tfTJ10bU&feature=youtu.be

    • Momo

      This really is so sad, if it is him. I saw his brother and sister on Foxnews weeks ago and felt so bad for them. If this is him, what an awful thing for his family to bear….now they are going to be hurt, too, along with all those innocents from the marathon and the police officers…

      • http://twitter.com/rebeccamariefox Rebecca Fox

        My heart just breaks doubly for his family. They most likely didn’t choose for their son to turn out this way. Yet again, it all goes back to choices.

    • Robin Lindsey

      That is sooo sad for that family…my prayers go out to them all…

  • Rosa Leeann Boyle

    Very Sad”

  • Jill Warner

    No names have been released according to CNN but yet I’ve seen all over the net that names have been released. Also heard suspect number 1 has been killed but suspect number 2 is still on the loose. Who knows what is the truth and what isn’t the truth! I been watching this since it all started.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.shockey.144 John Shockey


  • dingus

    if you want good radio reports right now, use Iheartradio and look up wtag for breaking news.

  • Vincent Bancroft III

    they are not white!!!!!! they are tan and look middle eastern. wtf boston pd! you disappoint me. stop letting politics dictate your search.

  • http://www.facebook.com/100002567586019 Rachel McGilvray

    Michelle, you need to do your homework more thorough sweety.

    • oconnellc

      Have you seen some of her books? This reporting makes her look thorough compared to some of the other idiocy she has printed.

  • Guest

    One suspect was just killed and run just ran off into the night at the MIT Campus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/100002567586019 Rachel McGilvray

    I don’t believe that for a moment.

  • Wolfman

    All Government Domestic Terrorists

  • Guest

    Everyone! Its Ok, he’s an Obama supporter, it will all be forgotten by monday. It isn’t the white right winged extremest redneck from middle america who was 9 times seperated from the bush family LOL… This is his twitter page for #1 suspect who is dead Mike Mulugeta

  • http://www.facebook.com/100002567586019 Rachel McGilvray

    The Marathon bombers just ran to MIT, where one was shot and killed (number 1) . And ( number 2 is on the loose). My gawwd , if you want to make up stories, I could do better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/100002567586019 Rachel McGilvray


  • http://www.facebook.com/100002567586019 Rachel McGilvray

    I still like you a lot Michelle but is sorta different terms now .

  • Wolfman

    Too Much Immigration into the USA

  • indenda

    the Boston bombers, may God have mercy on their souls


  • Momo

    Has anyone clarified that these are the suspects…I just heard reports that Feds are looking into whether bombing suspects are from overseas and may have had overseas military training…this from Mike Levine reporting from Justice Department for FOXNEWS

    • Kingofthehill

      TONS of places are clarifying these are the guys, especially the non curly haired one Mike Mulugeta who is dead at Beth Israel Hospital

      • Momo

        Ok, it’s just that on tv news, no names at all

        • Kingofthehill

          oh… I heard on Fox about an hour ago the Mike name and the hospital during a small press briefing they held at some mall

          • Momo

            Oh, sorry. I did not hear that and just heard a report from Jennifer Griffin on FOX and she claimed that she had been listening in on police scanners since midnight, but she didnt mention any names. Also, she did mention that police are investigating that they are terrorists who “came here to kill” and also a fed dept source said police are investigating the suspects overseas links and military training from overseas. I’d just feel sick if this man’s family was dragged into this nightmare if he isn’t guilty. They’ve been searching for him for over a month and feared he was dead, so if someone got this wrong, it would really be awful.

  • mountainaires

    So, they’re leftists after all. Wow. I hope David Sirota chokes on his own bile, same for Michael Moore.

    • Kingofthehill

      To be honest when i heard tonight that there was a shooting at a school (mit) i was thinking “god damnit, here it comes, i bet harry reid re-introduces the gun bill monday now… please don’t be a white guy, please don’t be a white guy”…. And when i heard it was the same guys from the Terrorist bombing and they weren’t “White Males” that the leftist gun grabbing bastards wanted them to be i was glad.

  • Dianne Foster

    They must have let the rich one go. Sunil seems to have wriggled from their grasp like a slippery eel.

  • Elizabeth buschnell

    K well now that I’ve read many comments here’s my two cents, those who assume simply because you are Muslim you are a terrorist are idiots. Those who scream about about them not being allowed into our country morons. According to today’s standards of what a legal citizen is most of you are lucky you were born here but if you recall you twats from your history lessons our families were all immigrants at some point. Saying all Muslims are terrorists is the moronic equivalent of saying all Germans are Nazis you are quick to judge by religion not by the morals of ones heart this has been a tragic incident where innocent people died let’s not make it a bashing session too

  • Robert Olschlager

    Revoke their NRA memberships…not members? Oh.

  • joen

    they’re white, they’re american, they terrorists.

  • David Oh

    Where are all the right wing terrorists the press was claiming?

  • Adi

    Rot in Hell, scumbag!

  • Momo

    Shame, shame, shame…please change the headline here. It’s so awful and truly hurtful to this missing student’s poor family. I was afraid that this would happen. Those photos looked nothing like him, how terrible

    • RogueRose

      Shame nothing.. they just reported the name broadcast by the police radio.

      • oconnellc

        Repeating unsubstantiated information makes you a douchebag. This site isn’t any more guilty than any of a hundred other places. But it does make the people who put that up there and didn’t take it down complete douchebags.

        • Momo

          This is like the worst, most dangerous game of telephone…I wonder if all the people posting the info about police scanner naming suspects actually heard it for themselves, or were simply repeating something they saw tweeted or posted by somebody else?

          And now, this site has a new headline saying left and right both got this wrong and then a list of erroneous info tweets.

          I’d have thought a quick and sincere, we got it wrong and we are sorry to have maligned innocent people, would have been the reasonable way to go here. It is a shame and I don’t know how anyone could feel otherwise.

    • Plantsmantx

      Not only that, but “Mulugeta” is an Ethiopian surname. Some in the rightist blogosphere have linked to the Twitter page of a Mike Mulugeta, and needless to say, he looks absolutely nothing like the suspect who was killed. The point is, Mike Mulugeta has also been slandered and put in danger.

      Considering the orientation of this website, it’s a bit ironic to note that Mulugeta was also the surname of an Ethiopian immigrant who was murdered by white supremacists in Portland back in the late Eighties.

  • RogueRose

    I’ve been saying these guys are here We’re lucky they didn’t take over a school.. We know that blueprints of our schools are being found on terrorists..

    The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic separatist militants, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen separatist warlord Shamil Basayev, who demanded recognition of the independence of Chechnya at the UN and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces entered the building with the use of tanks, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons.[6] At least 334 hostages were killed as a result of the crisis, including 186 children,[7][8] with a significant number of people injured and reported missing. (wiki)

    • http://reaganff.tumblr.com/ reaganFF

      THIS. An American Beslan is my greatest fear.

  • Fred and Janice Bathel


  • Viktorija

    Chechnya – Russia’s Muslim breeding ground…

  • Craig Jacobs

    Wow. Pissed off Muslims. What a shocker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacquelyn.nunezbauer Jacque Bauer


    • Guest

      Were there thousands of people taking videos and photos in Benghazi?

  • Columbiacoupon

    Where did they get the name of Sunil from? Did they have identification that said that? Did they just think it was him from viewing missing photos? This is what I would like to know!