Introducing the world’s first glass bottomed plane! Finally, an April Fools joke has lift-off.

Well-played. At last.



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  • richard

    Good April Fools joke!

  • jpcrotser

    I think glass bottomed planes would be awesome and actually achievable with modern technology. Glass sides and ceilings too? Yes, please!

    • Baojiu

      Just ask Wonder Woman for a ride. The geniuses at Corning are probably working on a prototype.

      • Roto

        Ballistic glass is about $100 per sq.ft. Cheap fix for Sandy Hook….

    • Kyle Schroeck

      Except for that darn cargo bay… maybe if we start putting the cargo above the passenger area….

      • Dale Black

        Actually, that’s the first thing that sprang to my mind: who wants to spend 4 hours looking at other people’s luggage?

    • $29561723

      no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way

  • Achilles

    Why not link a set of video screens on the floor to cameras on the planes belly? Same effect. Would be awesome. And in an emergency the screens could have bright arrow indicators directing passengers to nearest exit.

    • ceemack

      That’s actually not a bad idea. Expensive, but cool. Call Boeing, and if they’re not interested call Gulfstream. Gulstream kind of specializes in “expensive but cool.”

      Even without the cargo hold issue, that big an expanse of glass could never be made to handle the interior air pressure. But video screens are another matter.

  • ceemack

    “sacrilege! A true Scotsman never shows off his undercarriage!!”

    Well, if he’s wearing his kilt correctly, he’d better not…

  • ceemack

    Okay, I admit, this is funny.

    But Branson’s still a dbag.