Are you home this Friday night, cuddled up in bed with your laptop, just about to watch a favorite movie or TV series on’s Instant Video download service?

Well, join the bummed-out club.


Hey, who’s up for Scrabble instead!?

Prepare for Web-pocalypse!

  • Wayne from PA

    I can’t get to Amazon Instant Video either…it even tells me my watchlist is empty. Damn!

  • James Hansen

    Even when it is up their search engine is not great. I wish there was an outside Amazon searcher like instantwatcher for netflix.

  • GaryTheBrave

    The last tweeter is correct. This is the weekend we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. This could be the time He returns.


    errrrr, there’s always Netflix. Justsayin.

  • annoid

    Amazon AWS fails again on Saturday. is up, but movies are down.

    Fail, and Amazon AWS says everything is good.