Color us non-shocked. Despite the dominance of libs and progressives, the South by Southwest technology/media/music confab in Austin, Texas, is not the Kumbaya lovefest it’s cracked up to be. Accusations of sexism have plagued the conference in the past. This year is no different. Can you imagine if the above-photographed wristbands were photographed at CPAC instead of #SXSW?

Here’s just a small taste of the complaints of objectification, marginalization, and misogyny against women at the event floating on Twitter.

Makes the “binders full of women” kerfuffle look even more kerfuffle-y-ish, no?

More on that Reddit/sexism panel eruption here.

Crickets. Chirping.



Oh, hey, has anyone notice how white #SXSW is?


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  • radishthegreat

    Anti-gay, too. Where are the hunky men to appeal to the differently-oriented male developers?!

    Eh. There aren’t more women in tech because 1) very few women want to do the work and 2) the women who actually do aren’t going to be put off the work by a frat-boy wristband at a music festival. Meanwhile, I’ve spent 15 years listening to cow-orkers bitch about women while I’m working in the cube next door. Robots with girl faces? This is horrifying?

    • kyleco

      I like that Vine post, myself. Has four women in the shot, not including the one on the screen…

  • mdtljt

    Until now I’ve refrained gallantly from being the Spelling & Grammar Police but this one just has to be done…the term is SWAG not SCHWAG…Stuff We All Get…which only adds another very thick layer of Eeeewwwwww to an already disgusting, misogynistic line of thinking that the Pro-Women *gigglesnort* lefty loons try oh so hard to get us to swallow…insult your dimbats all you want…the rest of us know where the real War Against Women issues from…it’s the lib/prog Left Cheek Sneak…and it smells just as foul…

    • Catchance

      Um… actually the phrase ‘swag’ was first used as far back as 1660. It meant loot, spoils, booty, plunder, or profits, often gotten unlawfully. As in, ‘the robbers divided the swag’. In Australia it’s a pack of personal belongings. Nowadays it’s often used for the bags of free goodies given out as promotional items. (It’s also used to mean ‘cool’.) The idea of it’s being an acronym of ‘Stuff We All Get’ is a fairly new idea.

      Here’s a definition of schwag: “promotional items given to employees, visitor to trade shows, etc., an informal variant of swag.” (It’s also slang for marijuana.)

      • mdtljt

        I stand corrected… Thanks for the info, Catchance!! Guess I should stick to my no policing policy, huh? At any rate, this whole thing is absolutely vile…and they’re spot-on about CPAC…where are the lib/progs screaming about the War on Women at SXSW? …pathetic…

        • Catchance

          Heh. Well, I’m the worst when it comes to ‘policing’… really have to bite my tongue (fingers) with misspellings/grammar mistakes.

  • Clayton Grant

    Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Chris Brown warns everyone including Rihanna “don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my p*ssy baby!”

  • Matthew Koch

    Man misogyny and rape jokes! Ted Bundy would fit in pretty well here.

    All they gotta do now is add in a little necrophilia and everything is all hunky dory!

    • Spatial Awareness

      necrophilia…. NO. O.o

  • Richard Jefferies

    Too late to close up the box now gals. Thank your moms, and for some of you, your grandmothers for unleashing hedonistic hell upon you. They thought they could make men to act like gentleman without holding up their end of societal contract. Now you’ll have to pay the price, not just for their lack of vision, but their scornful mockery toward those who divined it.

  • NRPax

    Hang on…let me check my Capacity to Care.

    Hm. Nope. Still showing zero. People want to be treated like this, let them enjoy it. If they complain, ask them why they’re so closed-minded and unaccepting of Patriarchal Caucasian culture.

  • Kingofthehill

    wow, lot of pissed off lesbians. But I know austin well and its expected

  • Zane Henry

    SXSW is just one in a long list of reasons we never go downtown. Thick with hipsters and the homeless. Hard to tell them apart most of the time.