You can always count on the hypocritical media outlets to report how overwhelmingly white gatherings of conservative are, while ignoring the overwhelming white complexion of every major liberal media institution and deified Democratic political machine.

See, for example, here, here,Β here, here, and here. For starters.

As we’ve been reporting, the hipster South by Southwest conference has been taking place all week in Austin, Texas. But we’ve yet to find any major national media publication or news station headlining the lack of racial diversity at SXSW. Nope, no massive, front-page photos or editorials decrying the racial imbalance of the attendees the way Tea Party gatherings were attacked relentlessly.

Fortunately, many Twitter users have resisted the urge to whitewash the truth about the failure of progressives of pallor to practice what they preach.

File this one away for reference when the media report on the Conservative Political Action Conference next weekend.



Misogynist bracelets, rape jokes, and more: 10 tweets on sexism atΒ #SXSW

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Having gone to SXSW in 2007…….yep it’s all true #TooManyDamnWhiteFolkInThePeople’sRepublicOfAustin

  • MarcoAurelius

    Is Chris Matthews hating on this event?

    • Paul

      no, he’s too busy working the glory hole at the whitehouse. so much Bobo to blow, so little time

  • Josephine (D)

    The amount of white people at SXSW is too damn high!

    • DXRINC

      put ’em all back in CHAINS don’t ya know…

    • Sharon RoseOf

      SXSW will take white people’s big bucks just like anyone else’s!

  • Clayton Grant

    It’s uncanny. That’s the exact same way it was when I attended the BET Awards last year … only different.

  • KansasGirl

    m @mattie, so many white dudes. Soooo many white dudes #sxsw.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. lol

  • $45065723

    I’m not hating on SXSW. It’s a music festival. If white folks purchased the most tickets, then it is what it is.

    • Scott Anderson

      Not sure if troll, or missing the point

      • $45065723

        It’s neither. Just as people have a choice to attend a Tea Party event, they have a choice to purchase a ticket to SXSW. Based on the handful of tweets above, it seems as if the black community chose to not purchase tickets.

        These race stories, on both sides, are idiotic as they do not account for people’s individual rights to do whatever they’d like as we’ll as demographics. Obviously in any random, statistically speaking, gathering of people there will be less black, Hispanic, Asian, ect people in attendance. When you go to a geographic level there could be even less minorities there.

        • TugboatPhil

          I think you might have missed the point. When a largely, but not entirely, group of white folks congregate for a TEA Party event, they are labeled by the press as a hate-filled mob of racists, sexists, and homohaters.

          This shindig is a magnet for white leftists, although that’s not a requirement. No one in the press will slam them for it…because Bush/Palin and stuff.

          • $45065723

            For the common person attendee, a music festival. It’s a magnet for the people that want to listen to their favorite bands that are playing there.

            Sure they have panels and political type events and bands, but I would assume that most people attend for the music.

            That’s like going to a football game to see the Blue Angels fly by.

            Yes I understand your complaint, and so what? They think we’re racist, then we show them why they’re incorrect. I don’t think it’s productive to accuse them of racism because minorities weren’t attracted to their event is laziness. Show them why they’re wrong, don’t just point the finger.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            While I agree with you, Twitchy likes to point out the hypocrisy, nothing more nothing less

          • Miss Clairee

            Evidently magliarosa DID NOT take my mantra advice a few days ago….Expose the Left and Mock!

          • doc255

            We are not “pointing the finger” at SXSW. We are “giving the finger” to the liberal media…big difference.

          • Karen J Wehring

            It’s not a matter of accusing them of racism….it’s a matter of the hypocrisy by the left-leaning media in the way THEY choose to report the events (based on whether they are attended by conservatives or liberals, democrats or republicans).

          • SJ’s Dad

            “. . . most people attend for the music” . . .
            . . . which, as of this post, hasn’t even started yet!
            (You’re missing the point, let me see if I can help . . .)
            SXSW: white + liberal = color blind msm
            TEA Party: WHITE + CONSERVATIVE = RAAAAaaaacist!!!
            Twitchy LIVES to show the msm’s, ahem, “True Color’s”!
            (too much?)

        • Dirt McGirt

          So…missing the point it is, then.

        • Cataphract

          SXSW was a music festival, you mean. Now it’s, somewhat inexplicably, a gathering of self-important, utopian technorati (who are all white, wealthy and liberal) with a music festival attached to it. None of here are outraged, we’re just bemused and frustrated at the whiteness going unnoticed because, you know, all the COOL white people are there. I know quite a number of transplants in Austin who openly mock the state they’ve chosen to live in, and are trying their best to make into the same sort of failed cities they all fled from. It’s what happens when Texas-grown libertarian and dare I say even counterculture thought is tainted by foreign (Californian) love for statist policies.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Yeah, you had the first wave of Californians having to flee THEIR state (early to mid-70’s) because every “intellectual” whackjob, straight-up nutcases, gonna-be entertainers and East Coast Lefties invaded from the other 48 and spread their taint all over the State, breeding, leeching and indoctrinating. Another wave several years ago from young families fleeing because they couldn’t support themselves AND the welfare state. Now the truly creepy kind, California know-it-alls who flee the mess they made (which is blamed on others), then go forth to soil other nests, and soil they will, as Austin is demonstrating.

          • Jon

            To be fair, you can go back to the late 1930s and find people in Austin who’ve wanted to make Texas over into a big government, social welfare state. The only difference is the folks 75 years ago didn’t have other train wrecks like California and Illinois staring them in the face when they were trying to claim high-tax, big government states work best.

        • Scott Anderson

          Read tugboat Phil. You did miss the point, but I understand where you are coming from.

  • edge_of_the_sandbox

    SXSW: Whiter than Portland.

    • Jack Deth

      SXSW: Whiter than Dogshit, Nebraska.

      SXSW: Whiter than Gunny Sack, Idaho.

      SXSW: Whiter than Marin County

      SXSW: Whiter than Potomac, MD.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        SXSW: Whiter than Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

        • Elaine

          Except in August when the Obama klan show up on the Island and try to act like rich white people.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Residence call it ‘Diversity Week’

      • mdtljt

        Thanks for including Potomac in that list…although I fear you may have a bunch of rich, white peoples’ personal assistants coming down on you for it…

      • origionalwinja

        please give me directions to “dogshit, nebrask” i just GOTTA go visit that place. ill bet a vacation there will sure stink

        • Jack Deth

          Hi, James:

          I wish I could.

          The name of the town is from a “Karma” Card found in the 1970s game ‘Dealer McDope’. A dopers’ ‘Monopoly’ game based on ‘The Fantastic, Furry Freak Brothers’ by Robert Crumb. Where drugs are bought from around the world. And sold in major cities. “Karma” Cards are like “Chance” Cards. As I remember. You score an extra $200 for an extraneous sale in Dogshit, Nebraska.

          After each major sale (A roll of the dice determines the price), the dealer (player) pulls a “Busted Card” Which can be either good or bad.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo from the Amimaniacs to SXSW:

    Contact The Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation!

    Yes, you are THAT disgustingly annoying!!!

  • Mrbill

    Yeah, but the upside is that there were no drive-by or Escalades full of babymamas….

  • BobbyBulivia

    Imagine their giddiness after finding out Austin banned plastic Bags.

    • Richard Jefferies

      Holy crap I was there the day that went into effect. I go into a Shell station on Ben White, pick up two smart waters, a Mt Dew, and some chips and I have to haul the crap out to the car in my hands.

      • BobbyBulivia

        Welcome to Austin, the Blue State Locusts that have decided to call Austin home, more fun to follow.

        • Sharon RoseOf

          What are Blue State Locusts???

          • allah_speaking

            You seriously asked that question?

          • Corey Dennison

            Blue State locusts are liberals that migrate from blue areas to red, largely in part due to the horrible conditions of those blue areas wrought by generations of destructive blue policies. The locusts move to red areas because of better economic climate, lower crime, more liberty, etc. Bascially, because it’s the opposite of the blue area they just left.

            Said locusts then begin trying to implement their old blue policies because they don’t like the conservative ickyness of the new red area into which they just moved–not realizing that it’s the conservative ickyness that created the attractive atmosphere which drew them away from their failing blue enclaves to begin with. Within a generation, they’ve wrecked the areas that they moved to by infesting them with destructive liberal policies.

          • mdtljt

            Corey, if I may add…locusts move in swarms, consuming everything edible in their path…lib/progs have no idea how to co-exist so it’s imparative (to them) that they overpower the conservative ickyness to create another lib/prog Utopia just like the cesspool they fled because they just KNOW it’s going to work this time…a perfect example of insanity – doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome…

          • Mike

            This is now going on Urban Dictionary

          • docmacs

            So what is the term for a conservative that finally escapes California and moves to Texas (or back to Texas as is the case here)?

          • origionalwinja


          • docmacs

            So what is the term for a conservative that finally escapes California and moves to Texas (or back to Texas as is the case here)?

          • origionalwinja

            people that are fleeing states like california and new york because they are too stupid to vote correctly. they come in, in droves and vote wrong in the new state and screw things up there just like they screwed it up in the old state

        • origionalwinja

          might point out to the dumb ass people that fled their liberal home states that if they come to texas and vote the same way the voted where they came from, then they will just have the same problem in texas in a few years.

        • ricsands

          Please do not let these people find out about Tucson. Any Bluer and we’d all be speaking Spanish down here with Chris Hayes dubbed on MSNBC.

      • DXRINC

        Austin – just replaced El Paso as the bunghole of TEXASS

        • Avi Hartman

          Dude. “TEXASS”? Aren’t you supposed to be in bed by now? Get your rest, sixth grade is gonna kick your ass.

    • Sharon RoseOf

      Leave it to “keep it green & out of the recharge zones” Austin!!!

  • Kingofthehill

    WTF do they expect, Its TEXAS! Thank god!

    • DXRINC

      & nobody’s been capped too

  • Jambu Shambu

    White liberals being hypocritical? The devil you say!!

    • kyleco

      LOL Whatever you do, don’t look a few posts down at the bit about how anti-women SXSW is, too. You’ll see this video (got this link from twitchy): posted by a non-white guy. With a black guy, a black woman, and an asian woman all in his shot. #oops

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    The Good People don’t need diversifyin’, just you rednecks.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    I gotta wonder: why is anyone complaining about this? Do you want to fix this? Do you really want to do something about it?

    I see almost a sea of black people in BET. You don’t hear a peep from me about it!

    This nation has a terminal lack of ‘deal with it’.

    • Ray_Van_Dune

      Obviously we’re lampooning the liberals’ fixation on the tint of every conservative get-together. But just as obviously, they aren’t – they claim that when WE don’t attract too much melanin, it’s because we are bad people.

      • pepjrp

        That’s true Ray and i agree, but somehow, it still seems like politics again finds a way to make derogatory comments about European Americans. I especially felt racism coming from Amy Choi.

    • pepjrp

      You’re right and we won’t hear about the dark side to BET or any other place like that, cause it’s soooo cool to have a place or business that is all run by non-white folk. Didn’t you know that?

      • E.A.Gray

        Mainly because if there was a White Entertainment Television, it would be all WET.

        • origionalwinja

          and racist, because white people cant have anything.

    • Corey Dennison

      You make a great point Charles, and I agree with it; SXSW can have whoever they want in attendance, and good on ’em–but this is a case of us pointing out the liberal hypocrisy/double-standards.

      And it’s great sport…even if it has become very easy over the past few years.

      • kyleco

        I loved this Vine post from another Twitchy article about how SXSW libfest also hates women: posted by a non-white guy, featuring an asian woman, a black woman and a black man… #oops

    • Scott H

      I don’t think anyone on these pages has suggested that anything should be done or fixed.
      It is, however, extremely important to have intellectual consistency and point out the lack thereof on the part of ‘tolerant, high-minded’ liberals who attack Conservatives as racist.


    white, dumb & dirty – the perfect democrap useful idiot voter

  • sqeptiq

    Comparing SXSW to CPAC is a big pile of fail. SXSW is overwhelmingly nonpolitical; CPAC is purely political.

    • Faye Valentine

      Right. Because no indy bands ever express political leanings in their music, interviews, or press releases.

      • sqeptiq

        Few people pay attention to the political messages in song lyrics and few care about musicians’ political views. I love Blondie and don’t care that Debbie Harry backed Reagan, and Tim McGraw being a good Democrat doesn’t make me like his music. Only fools and philistines decide what music they like on the basis of the artists’ politics.

        • Faye Valentine

          Somewhat, but everyone has their limits, and when you take fundraising into consideration, knowing where certain artists put their dollars and performances that equal dollars actually does matter to many people. My daughter used to be fond of Paramore, and I rather like(d?) The Decemberists, but after Paramore came out for Planned Parenthood and The Decemberists withdrew support for Susan G. Komen in concert with the Planned Parenthood bullying, our albums were sold to secondhand music stores to take away royalties from new record sales for both bands.

          But I don’t expect a leftist to have an appreciation for practical, real-world matters like finance. πŸ˜‰


          • sqeptiq

            Sad that you decide what musical groups you like on the basis of politics, and silly that you assume I must be poor because I’m a liberal. As stupid as if I were to say you must be a barefoot hillbilly living in a trailer because, y’know, that’s all conservatives. πŸ˜›

          • Patrick Dennehy

            I don’t think it’s wrong to not want to give money, to people who promote issues you are staunchly against. You can still enjoy their music if you like some songs but you don’t have to buy them. Kind of like I do with my whole movie collection πŸ˜‰

          • sqeptiq

            You do what you want. For my own part I’m glad to buy from conservatives who offer me a good product or service at a fair price. I reject this boycott fuckery. I simply buy the products/services I like regardless of the politics of the person/people offering them.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            What products are services are you referring to? Specifically.
            I am just saying that 99% of entertainment media (save country music) is Left leaning. All these Hollywood liberals are constantly pontificating, if I could ignore it I would.

            Eating a chick-fil-a sandwich isn’t like having to listen people putting political messages in their music and movies. I don’t boycott just for being liberal, I boycott if you are spouting off or infusing your media. I wouldn’t want to listen to a conservative putting politics into movies or music either. I want to watch a movie or listen a song to escape from politics. Now if you are a political artist and that’s your thing, that is different. At least I know what I am getting into…

          • sqeptiq

            My car dealer and the owner of my favorite local Indian restaurant, for two. The idea of refusing to eat delicious food because an active Republican owns the restaurant seems ludicrous to me.

          • sqeptiq

            My car dealer and the owner of my favorite local Indian restaurant, for two. The idea of refusing to eat delicious food because an active Republican owns the restaurant seems ludicrous to me.

          • Faye Valentine

            1.) I don’t decide what musical groups I like based upon politics. I decide who I will spend my money on partially based on that, however.
            2.) I never said that you must be poor because you’re liberal. As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet to the contrary. I think that as a consequence, you’re not as concerned with where money is going-yours or other peoples’-because money is no object to you.
            3.) If you would like to know, I was born and raised most of my life in the California Bay Area. I don’t have any shoes on currently because I’m typing in bed on my laptop from my apartment.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            I agree with you :)
            and I’m sorry about our previous conversation

    • Corey Dennison

      And by ‘overwhelmingly nonpolitical’ you mean except for partisan political diatribes spouted by former Democrat Veeps like Al Gore. Right?

      • sqeptiq

        Yes. Just as the occasional conservative politician showing up at a NASCAR event doesn’t make NASCAR racing a political institution.

        • Corey Dennison

          Well, if said ‘Conservative politicians’ addressed the crowds on political subjects, then you’d have a point. But given that libtards ALREADY classify NASCAR crowds as racist, hillbilly rednecks anyway, your point is moot.

          • sqeptiq

            They do sometimes especially in political seasons. That still doesn’t make NASCAR a political institution to a significant degree, even though NASCAR fans are almost all-white, heavily Southern, and a mostly-Republican demographic. Pro-wrestling fans by contrast slant Democratic, but similarly, only a fool would call pro wrestling a political institution.

    • RightThinking1

      Uh…, Pretty much the same with the Academy Awards, right? I mean, it’s just about entertainment, …you know…, like David Letterman…

  • $21590057

    I really hate when anyone worries too much about race. That’s like worrying how many blue-eyed, brown-eyed, or green-eyed people attended something. Aren’t we all people? Aren’t we all Americans? WTH does it matter how much melanin is in our skin?

    • pepjrp

      Because White folk is always fair game for blasting. But don’t ever do it to anyone else.

    • Penmar

      We used to all be ‘just’ Americans, but PC took care of that, now we are either Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American or white. Ever notice how you don’t hear Irish-American or Italian-American or Polish-American or Russian-American or Swedish-American or German-American being bandied about?

      • Patrick Dennehy

        except if you aren’t Hispanic enough then you are ‘White Hispanic’

      • sqeptiq

        Not so. Irish and Jews used to be singled out for discrimination in the US; there was widespread hostility to immigrants from the Catholic countries of Europe and Eastern Europe and their descendants. In fact anti-Catholic sentiment in large part drove Prohibition, cf the old Republican slogan opposing “rum, Romanism, anf rebellion.” WW II in large part brought the various white ethnicities together and made them socially equal. Thus far the charming fifties war movies that made sure to feature American heroes of various white ethnicities ? Pole, Irishman, Jew, Italian, Anglo-Saxon ? all getting on fine and fighting for a common cause.

        • Penmar

          They were singled out for discrimination, but they still did not call themselves Irish-Americans or Jewish-Americans, they called themselves just plain old Americans.

          • sqeptiq

            Actually they frequently called themselves Irishmen, Italians, etc.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            I think it’s okay that people are proud of their culture and celebrate it. Just as long as they remember, if you live here you are first are foremost an American

          • Patrick Dennehy

            I am from Boston and we have a lot of Celtic pride.

    • Zia

      i hear u my friend

    • Zia

      i hear u my friend

    • origionalwinja

      it doesnt, to us, but to the libtards they scream about it all the time. we are just hoisting this up the flag pole cause its funny to take a swipe at them.

  • APW

    I think this is out of line. SXSW is about Tech, Music and Movies. It has nothing to do with politics or left/right wings. It’s like an American Enterprise festival. If there aren’t any black/hispanic/asian/whatever there it’s because they aren’t in those businesses or interested in the entertainment to be had. So what?

    • Corey Dennison
    • Scott Anderson

      Except when they wash the feet of Algore as he slams the NRA and praises Al Jazeera.

      Except for that.

    • mdtljt

      Based on the other SXSW article on Twitchy, their primary source of entertainment seems to be raging misogyny…

    • APW

      I can promise that the majority of the attendees are there for the entertainment, not to be schooled in environmental politics. I log on to Twitchy every day; I’m very conservative, but it isn’t right on everything. My son is a musician and music promoter and he’s leaving for the music festival tonight, where he will work solidly for the next 5 days to drum up business and sign new bands. He is the kindest, old soul and my pride and joy. He is not the sort of person that is being castigated here. My point, folks, is to lighten up a little. It generates a lot of money for Austin. Not everything has to an attack on liberals. If we don’t chill out a little, we’ll end up as bad as the liberal scolds we love to hate.

  • David Hamm

    White is beautiful .And so is this old white guy . We are spending your future and you are letting us thru a Black POTUS LOL

    • Zia

      what is a black Potus

      • cgraham77

        President of the…

        …oh nevermind.


  • Dana P. Dutcher

    We should drop off some of these white liberals in Detroit and see how long they last.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      YEAH!… ZING!! POW!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Sharon RoseOf

    “Lack of racial diversity” It’s the way it’s always been, for decades. Whoever gets a band together & earns a chance to play, & whoever can afford the SXSW armband cost is who shows up. So what ya’ll are saying is that there are more “white guys” who love a week of live “battle of the bands” than any other race? Never noticed, myself.

  • $22639970

    Almost as white as the guest list for Chris Matthew’s daughter’s wedding.

  • ugo

    the article is asking for racists to respond.

    at some point, i would hope this type of reporting would suffer some consequence.

  • Dave

    If they are tired of seeing a bunch of white people congregate in one place, all they have to do is go down to the local food stamp office. They’ll really see “diversity” there.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      They keep sending me to the back of the line, behind the Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims.. XD Sarc Jawamax 8<{D}

  • chris stevenson

    Last time I looked, it’s still a free country and one can go to Austin anytime they want: there are no barricades or barriers up to anyone of any race, creed, etc., etc. I would say anyone fixated on this “issue” take a hard look in the mirror, then look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary.

    • origionalwinja

      last time you looked did you also notice the lack of minorities involved with all the liberal events? the entire point here is that the left points fingers relentlessly at the right about this kind of crap but ignores its own issues. the #sxsw its a libtard hipster tech gathering. that meas MSM will ignore its lack of diversity, but if it were comprised of right wingers MSM would be frothing at the mouth! do us a favor and look up “hypocrite” if you dont find MSNBC then get a new dictionary

  • theBuckWheat

    Self-loathing liberals are so open-minded their brains are spilling out.

  • RushLpig

    Ya, because a music festival or an awards show is EXACTLY the same as a political party convention or rally. Idiots.

  • Guest

    And the point..?

    • Corey Dennison

      Went right over your head, apparently.

  • origionalwinja

    this article is pointing out that democrats rant and rave about conservatives not having enough blacks and other minorities involved. the problem is that CPAC will have a dozen minorities for every DNC minority. the liberal media will just ignore its own bias and then claim it against the normal people

  • Dizzy

    Well, i remember the early Tea Party gatherings cause they gathered right outside my workplace. They were VERY mixed races & even had Democrat groups in it. Then libtards began making false portrayals of the Tea Party & making BS claims to get those people not to go anymore. We found out that libtards are not very tolerant.

  • Lara

    Can you please leave race out of it? Both parties are racist, I’m kinda tired of blacks and other colored folks being thrown around to further white folks’ agenga. This whole country is racist, especially towards blacks. I’m all for Marcus Garvey’s plan and whites going back to their homelands (and getting out of every black country). We simply cannot coexist with each other.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      May I ask your age? I am 33 and I see things completely differently.

      I am of Irish Catholic decent, my girlfriend is Cuban, my 6 best friends are a Black, a Swede, a Mexican, a Dominican, a Filipino, and a Moroccan Muslim. 4 of the 6 are first generation American’s.

  • mike.m.

    also, there’s this:

  • des111168

    Is SXSW on the Stuff White People Like list?

  • Brent

    SXSW, nor its attendees are in any way affiliated with politics. “Gatherings of Conservatives” (such as you might find at an Eric Church concert), should not be criticized for a lack of diversity – nor should SXSW.

    It is the POLITICAL gatherings (CPAC, RNC, etc.) who’s lack of diversity is highlighted by the media – and for good reason – it is relevant to the entire political climate!

    Twitchy, do you see where you went wrong here?