The official word this weekend is that gas prices nationwide dropped slightly for the first time in 2013.

The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped six cents over the past two weeks. It’s the first decrease in gas prices since late December.

The Lundberg Survey of fuel prices released Sunday says the price of a gallon of regular is $3.74. Midgrade costs an average of $3.91 a gallon, and premium is $4.04.

Diesel was down four cents to $4.13 gallon.

But across the country, consumers are not exactly celebrating.

Boy, I was crying about these gas prices in Miami, but in Chicago I learned to be grateful!

What was that again about smaller cars being cheaper? This shit is ridiculous!! #gasoline #gasprices #goingbroke

Of course:

Fuel up your double standards!



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  • nc

    Check back with us in a month or two.

  • CatHerder

    I quit looking at gas prices years ago. As long as the pump doesn’t spit out my debit card, it’s all good.

    Must say though, it’s entertaining watching the Cowboy Cadillac drivers’ faces go all red when the counter passes $100, accelerating.

    Edit: Wasn’t trying to gore anybody’s ox here, I just always figured when the bear is gnawing on your a$$, you can either laugh or cry. You sure as hell ain’t getting away from the bear.

    • Heath Holcomb

      Jealous much?

      It’s real funny when hard working citizens are taken advantage of.

      • CatHerder

        Not much. My old Tacoma gets 30-32 mpg, depending on conditions. She might not be as pretty as once was, but she don’t eat me out of house and home either.

        • Michelle

          That’s pretty spectacular that you have an “old” Tacoma that gets 10 mpgs more than a brand new Tacoma. How’d ya make that happen?

          • CatHerder

            Dunno, but I compared notes with a guy driving the same year model Nissan and he got pretty much the same. Maybe it has to do with most of the miles being freeway. I know Toyota doesn’t put a 2.4 liter in their trucks anymore, 2.7 is the smallest they go now. Plus the trucks are heavier.

            She just rolled up 302K miles last week on the original motor, still no oil use. Thirteen years and still going strong!

            Edit: Never mind, I must be lying. I now realize I should’ve just chimed in with something pi$$y about gas prices and STHU. Might have avoided offending you good folks. Y’all carry on.

          • Michelle

            You ought to contact Toyota and tell them about your little treasure. I’m guessing your truck is at least 15 yrs old, and even a 2000 model had only a 24 highway mpg when brand new, and that’s the 4 cylinder. In fact, looking at the mpg’s for Tacoma over the past 15+ years, none were ever higher than 25. Yours getting 32 highway mpg (higher than any brand new Tacoma ever) is pretty remarkable.

          • CatHerder

            Ma’am, I could talk about my baby till the cows come home, but I reckon I should just shut up now. Somebody don’t appreciate it, judging from all the down votes. Sorry.

          • Michelle

            No apology needed. I wouldn’t want to hear about your baby until the cows came home. I was actually mocking you – a truck w/ 302k miles on it (well over 15 yrs old) just does not get 32 mpg particularly when it got only 24 mpg when it was brand new. I was making fun of your highly unlikely claim and did it because you think it’s funny people get upset when they have to pay over $100 to fill their gas tank.

    • Lord Foggybottom

      It’s all good? What’s all good about $4.00/gallon when it doesn’t have to be $4.00/gallon?

      • CatHerder

        Didn’t say I liked it, just that I can cope. So far.

        • KansasGirl

          And when you can’t cope, guess you’ll no longer be entertained watching the Cowboy Cadillac drivers’ faces go all red when the counter passes $100, accelerating.
          Hopefully, you’ll find another group’s misery to entertain you.

  • Spatial Awareness

    FORWARD!!!! oh..wait…. can’t afford the gas. >:^(

  • Leroy Whitby

    I don’t see the reduction. I just had one of the highest costs I’ve ever had for filling up a tank at my regular “lowest price in the area” station.

  • Maxx

    Here’s one of the downsides to a horrible economy. The average citizen can no longer afford to buy a new car. Fact. A typical price for a new vehicle hovers around $30K and thus the efficiency, technology and safety which is implemented in these new vehicles remains unattainable for most; rendering their eight-year-old car, literally, a family member. Older cars require more maintenance, usually get less mileage than these more fuel efficient rides and thus every upward tick of a gallon of gas and visit to a service station to keep the sheet metal running is a “tax increase.”

    While the stock market soars, the reality is millions of Americans took an immediate pay CUT in 2013 when the President did not renew the payroll tax decrease. I personally saw $80/month vanish. Now, compare the $150 I now pay monthly in fuel costs to what used to be $110, and my monthly pay has seen a $120 decrease.

    Multiply my story by hundreds of millions and well….there it is. So yes Mr. President, while you’re golfing with Tiger on a course that probably charges $200/round, millions of us have cut spending to the point where stores, restaurants, cinemas and other rungs of economy’s ladder are now taking financial hits as well. Did you hear last week of JC Penny’s financial disaster? The malls are empty.

    So don’t try and blow smoke up my ass with your incessant cackling about the Bush economy. You’re five years in…..DO SOMETHING.