Hope and change?


White House-Hollywood industrial complex: Michelle Obama at the Oscars

Move over, Big Bird: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon team up for history of ‘mom dancing’


  • Connor

    Yawn. And you bitch that the media is liberal and eats out of her hand?

    • Netmilsmom

      Maybe they groaned because it was so cliche of the Obama’s?

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    I groan any time a liberal politician is on TV

    • $5326605

      Who voted for the big butted Mooch? No One. The Mooch is a wife not a politician. Let the Mooch stay the hell off my TV channels.

      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        “A politician, political leader, or political figure (from Classical Greek πόλις, “polis”) is a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making.”

        I would say she fits that description to a tee since she is always on TV pushing her nanny state agenda

  • sonicmoon

    The Oscars epitomize what the Obama’s are all about – fame, ego, narcissism, self-congratulation, glitz, glamour, and flaunting it.

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes debra steinman

      Precisely. I simply refused to watch it this year.

      • Mudbug Mama

        neither did we, although we stopped watching years ago….

      • CherDash

        Haven’t watched it in decades.

    • PatrickHenry338

      Not to mention they are absolutely useless when they leave their make believe world.

  • Defender66

    You know all these Hollywood people will go home afterwards and say how much they all hate each other.

  • charrenee

    Can you amagine how Liberal Media would react if it was Mrs Bush announcing a winner of a oscar right after 1 of the oscar winners got a Million Dollar tax break?

    • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

      or Ann Romney.

  • DwellsInFire

    Look on the bright side. It could have been worse. It could have been the Narcissist-In-Chief instead.

  • Richard Wayne

    Can you think of a better presenter than a White House representative for a movie showing an initially botched handling of US personnel in hostile territory?

  • http://mysteresmoonbatslayerclub.blogspot.com/ mystere

    How much did the new teleprompter cost us taxpayers? And how much did the T1 hookup cost us for the telecast?

  • Maxx

    I’m no democrat but Jackie O…..my, how we miss you. Such understated elegance, humility and class.


    • Underwater

      Too bad democrats aren’t like JFK anymore. If he saw the democratic party today he would be shocked.

      • Adam Baumb

        If JFK saw the Democratic Party today, he’d invade Illinois.

  • Matt

    Still surprised she didn’t announce that Obama won Best Director for Zero Dark Thirty, because technically, he “directed” the whole operation. As well as helo’d in with the Seals. And personally killed Bin Laden. With his bare hands.

  • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

    God forgive me … I know this is wrong…

    But I am so sick of looking at this woman and her husband…
    You can’t go anywhere without seeing their faces…

    Is this 2013 or 1984?

    • Agent_Zeero

      Ronnie and Nancy never did anything like that :-)

      • TexSizzle

        The book; Big Brother.

        • jayarby

          Forget it, Tex, Don’t bother explaining. Libs aren’t that smart. Feelings over reason and logic.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    I flipped over right after FLOTUS had been introduced…honestly, I just thought her husband was about to win the award for Best Actor in a Presidential Role or something.

    Made sense at the time.

    A prize equal to the sycophantic, narcissistic, ridiculousness of his Nobel…something he could display prominently in the White House that the press corps could worship like a Golden Calf.

    Shoot. He could’a put it a’top the decorative column previously occupied by Churchill’s bust.

    Install speakers and a button you could press on the column (just below the Oscar trophy) to hear all his past speeches (just like on The Queen of England’s iPod!!!)**

    **Note to Disney World: If you jerks use any of the above ideas in later inserting Obama into The Hall of Presidents, I want my cut.

  • http://twitter.com/tweetnTrollPDX PortlandFringe

    this is how the left works, they push their needs into your face.

  • Lady Liberty

    This ‘occupying’ couple just can’t resist a camera, can they? I thought it was disgusting that M let the White House be used like that (or was it the other way around?). How demeaning for the First Lady of our country! (By the way, I heard this morning that the ‘military’ used as her backdrop were part of the crew who ‘served’ at the grand party, on the taxpayers’ dollars! They’ll stop at nothing!)
    P.S. One or more of their ‘followers’ in Hollywood should tell them the results of OVERexposure in the media!!!!

  • $5326605

    I can’t beleive the fat as_sed mooching bimbo used military as props for her inappropriate appearance on the awards program. Boycott all movie theaters for one year – hurt these Hollywood freaks where it hurts – in the wallets.

  • Guest

    Obama cult members of Whorelywood collectively wet their pants,
    when BLOTUS appeared at the Oscars.
    An ignorant, corrupt and mediocre culture is assuming control of America;
    it appears the country has peaked and is now in decline.

  • bo ure

    My body shut it off. BLAM Reacted immediately. I didn’t even have a chance to think about it. I was all, “what? what just happened?”