The First Lady’s intrusion into the Oscars show tonight irked viewers from all parts of the political spectrum. The stunt spawned a priceless, bipartisan hashtag game: Predict #NextMichelleObamaAppearance.

Some of our faves:

Dear Lord, no:

  • Tangchung

    The Right Wing M [email protected]
    #NextMichelleObamaAppearance will be on E! Channel with “Keeping Up with the Obamas” “Michelle & Sasha take NY” “Barack & Tiger take Miami”

  • Tangchung

    Bonnie Ebstyne [email protected]
    #NextMichelleObamaAppearance She’ll be too busy on her vacations to make any appearances for awhile!

  • Tangchung

    American Elephant [email protected]
    As part of Obamacare, your next physical will begin with a short video appearance by Michelle Obama #NextMichelleObamaAppearance

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Any reality show on TV with an eating contest, like the guy who eats a six pound burrito in a half-hour, etc.

    • Matt

      FLOTUS v. Food?

  • Orlando Cee

    I heard the Discovery Channel has cancelled “Dirty Jobs” starring Mike Rowe.

    Should we all sign a petition to nominate Her Highness Moochelle to be the new host? Honestly, I would watch EVERY stinking episode with her dealing with exploding toilets and cow poop. I’m sure it would be a big hit!

  • dkhilly

    Top Gear UK! Oh, it would be so amusing to watch the Potus and/or Flotus interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson.

  • SineWaveII

    She turns up in Alaska to drive the haul road in the ‘dash for the cash’ on “Ice Road Truckers”
    Episode 1 “Mooch” throws a hissy-fit when Carlile management informs her she has to do her first two trips with driver trainer Phil Kromm and she’s going to be treated like any other rookie. Hilarity ensues when her secret service detail tries to jam themselves into the sleeper.