Shhhh! OMG OMG OMG! Liberal activist/songstress Barbra Streisand took the stage at the Academy Awards tonight to honor the late composer Marvin Hamlisch, and she had Hollywood in full swoon.

She had viewers on the other side of the aisle sobbing for entirely different reasons.

  • Connor

    Yes, because Streisand is an icon of American music and film. Nothing but hate; are you sad and miserable 24/7? Pathetic.

  • nc

    Completely stole the moment away from the In Memorium tribute. Maybe if she had sung while they showed the pictures, but no, all the attention was on her alone. Selfish and tacky.

    • Maxx

      Have to agree. I would of had her in soft light, off center stage, barely visible, singing as the photographs faded, one after another….with the song ending just as Marvin’s photo was shown. The focus was on those who had passed and should of remained there.

      Nonetheless, the fact that, even at 70, she didn’t lip her way through it like most of the candy-girls masquerading as vocalists these days made it worth watching. She truly has a joyous gift.

  • v1cious

    What a sad and depressing world you guys must live in.

    • rinodino

      Yes the hate is strong around here

      • mike_in_kosovo

        But enough about you two.

      • Dan Espinosa

        I wish it was hate…but it is just pure envy.

  • $4880059

    Thank goodness I missed that. I was out in the hottub.

  • oneword

    Narcissism at its best


    NOT sorry but Babs = way overrated, always has been

    • Dan Espinosa

      Yeah sure!!!! Thats why she won an Oscar, multiple grammys, an emmy and a Tony in seven years!!! She is the only artist alive who has won lifetime achievement awards both in music and in film. It looks to me that is your self appreciation of your opinion whats completely overrated