Viewers took delight this afternoon as race car driver Scott Speed — yes, really — took the lead for a moment during the Daytona 500.

A textbook aptonym if there ever was one.

Too late!


Update: Jimmie Johnson clinched the race. Danica Patrick finished 8th. Scott Speed placed 23rd.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Please God anybody but that obnoxious adulteress Danica Patrick.

    Beyond sick of everything she does being called “historic” too. Time to retire that word. All too overused since this nation’s “historic” decision to go Communist in 2008.

  • jon allen

    I guess most don’t remember Lake Speed, NASCAR driver back in the day.

    • D Steele

      He’s the first person I thought of when I saw the name Scott Speed.

      Only American to ever win the Karting World Championship.

    • Roto

      Yea I thought of Lake right off too… Now these kids are all named Justin or Kasey or Joey or Austin. Not like the old days with Leland McSpadden, Doug Wolfgang, Sterling Marlin, Jim Shampine, Slammin Sammy Swindell, whatever….
      It was nice to see Scott get into the Red Bull program back then, but too bad he only got the remnants of the Minardi team’s “Toro Rosso” instead of the “Red Bull” :-)

    • fivebyfive

      He should have named him MAX

  • Brian Roastbeef

    For the casual Nascar fans, Scott Speed has been around a few years now as a journeyman. He’s won a race down in the truck series, but hasn’t really been in a well enough funded ride to be competitive at a higher level. It’s pretty cool that he could lead for a little bit here, but just about anybody can lead laps at a restrictor plate track.

    I always kinda liked the guy, but not too hopeful he’ll be able to accomplish much in a single car team against the behemoths of Hendrick, Gibbs, Roush…

    • $41341954

      He hasn’t been funded? Red Bull probably put tens of millions in him to get a F1 seat. I’m actually impressed with the handful of former F1 drivers in NASCAR, shows great global growth that someone would voluntarily (or involuntary) move from the pinnacle of Motorsport technology and prestigue to relatively simple stock cars.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        Speed isn’t with Red Bull anymore. He’s running for Leavine in the 95 with Dish on the car (part time sponsor, I think.) Though agreed on the rest. I thought it was cool that Speed made a go of F1 to being with. I wish more Americans would.

        • $41341954

          The problem with Americans in F1 is that the driver (sponsors) have to pay to get an entry level seat, and there aren’t enough American viewers to justify a gigantic sponsorship from an American company. Notice how In American races, teams will have an arrangement to change a European or Asian sponsor into an American sponsor (eg Vodafone to Verizon). Hopefully the new American races and NBC’s new TV deal can help change the dynamic.

          NASCAR is great, but it doesn’t have the technology and romanticism of F1. It’s like the difference between watching a bull and a gazelle. The power of the bull is impressive, but the speed and agility of the gazelle is nearly other worldly.

      • Stone Bryson

        “… pinnacle of Motorsport technology and prestigue [sic] to relatively simple stock cars.” Seriously? – ‘simple’ stock cars?


        • $41341954

          I said relatively simple stock cars, indicating a comparison to F1 cars. I’m pretty comfortable saying F1 cars are the most complex and highly engineered cars (if not machines) in the world. It certainly wasn’t a negative judgement.

  • $23293071

    Dick Trickle FTW.

  • Roto

    “And the green is out, let’s go to Danica’s in-car camera….. it’s halfway in the race, let’s take a tour of Danica’s motorcoach…. AND AS THEY COME TO THE FINISH LINE, Danica is going to finish…. finally, let’s go to Danica loading her car up to go home….”
    Sheesh…. she did a good job, but give us a break with the Danica second-by-second….

  • Stone Bryson

    The reason why no one knows much about Speed is because he seldom even finishes a race, much less get top-10s. In other words, he sucks in Cup racing – he should be putting in more Nationwide time, IMO.

    Sure, he has a cool name, but he has not yet lived up to it.

  • danno

    Ur an angry elf! why so negative bro? Ease up and enjoy Scott’s 15 minutes of Daytona 500 fame.


    With a name like Scoot Speed you have to be the winner.