Heh. In case you hadn’t heard, Hollywood’s annual spectacle of self-indulgence takes place Sunday evening. One thing observers of all political stripes can agree on: Tinseltown’s egotism is out of control.

Writer David Edelstein sums up the cinema circus well:

These days, Oscar season is practically 365 days a year, but there is still plenty of time for other prizes, from the Golden Globes to the Emmys, Grammys, and even the featherbrained People’s and Critics’ Choice awards. Once you could be an indie maverick—but indie movies now have their own competitions, one of which takes place on the eve of the Academy Awards, allowing winners to console each other over Oscar snubs. Film festivals in cities large and small inject suspense with jury and audience ­prizes. By the time a winner stands at the Oscars podium, he or she might have given the same acceptance speech a dozen times. And it’s not just movies that have been transformed by competition. Can you imagine an Ed Sullivan–like variety show nowadays without a contest in which one performer is ultimately declared the tiptop X-factored idol?

Yes, to some degree, it has always been so. In ancient Greece, playwrights competed. Artists and composers competed for patrons. All works of art compete in the collective memory, with time the ultimate arbiter. Shakespeare lives, Henleyrood not so much. (I made up Henleyrood—he stands for the ones you’ve never heard of.)

But it has gotten way out of hand.

Well, here’s a thought:

Twitchy will have comprehensive coverage of the Night of the Exploding Egos. We watch and curate…so you don’t have to!


  • Maxx

    If Seth had any balls, he would start things out by looking out into the crowd of $2500 tuxedos and $100,000 diamonds and say:

    “There has never been a greater concentration of narcissism in one room since Barack Obama dined alone.”

    • John

      The country would be a much better place if every time a Hollywood actor popped off about something they clearly don’t understand they got slapped down HARD. By that I mean something like, “listen, dipsh-t. Just because you get on movie screens doesn’t mean you know your a– from a hole in the ground. It also doesn’t give you any authority that we haven’t explicitly given you. Until then, unless you’re talking only about your line of work, you’re nobody.”

  • John

    Is there a reason why we’re supposed to care so much about the Oscars that for a week before and a week afterward we get pounded with incessant reporting about it?

    “Who’s going to get ‘Best Picture’? Who’s going to get ‘Best Actor’?”


    I stopped going to the movies years ago. I haven’t watched the Oscars in two decades. Frankly, I find the mere thought of supporting those people nauseating.

  • Conrad2010

    Only another Left wing Liberal agenda of self ass kissing.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Totally. I saw an SNL retrospective the other day. It was the most pompous self important love-fest I’ve ever seen. The South Park liberal, San Fran, smugness episode is disgusting but it’s so true

  • Raye09

    The Oscars are no longer about who made a great movie or gave a great performance. They are about who mingled with the right people and who threw the right party, and of course fueling the ego. The show is rigged and lets face it, we have all seen some absolutely amazing performances and movies snubbed due to Hollywood and Oscar politics. I still can’t believe Tootsie was even nominated for well, anything.
    It’s not like these people are even patting themselves on the back for doing their job well and just entertaining movie goers, most of the nominations are politically fueled and very little has anything to do with talent. They certainly do not deserve the attention they recieve on a day to day basis and fail to realize that most normal people do not care what they had for dinner, or where they are staying, only paparazzi do. In fact, most paparazzi only care because it puts meals on the table, and even they stop caring when the actor is no longer a hot commodity.
    Most of the wins these past few years were undeserved/media hyped. Most “oscar” quality movies are usually overly political and too self important.
    So no, I won’t be watching.

  • Tangchung

    Hope the power and lights go out during the show….
    Would be funny hearing 600 male actors scream like girls at the same time without acting.

  • radjahshelduck

    I just want to know one thing. If Seth McFarlane tells a joke and it bombs, is he going to say “Yikes, I need a distraction. Ladies and gentelmen, Mr. Conway Twitty!”?

  • John (it true me am)

    I will never forget Dennis Leary’s interview with Conan years back where as a member of the Academy he said he just goes down the list and checks the films his friends are in.

  • oneword


  • Pat Loudoun

    It’s Superbowl Sunday for women! Keep your heads down guys, and keep those cosmos full…

  • Jack Deth

    I’ll either be watching my complete DVD series of ‘Crime Story’ with Dennis Farina, Stephen Lang and Anthony Denison.

    Or Stephen J. Cannell’s ‘Wiseguy’ with Ken Wahl, Jonathan Banks and Kevin Spacey as recurring bad guy, Mel Profit.

    Or, I’ll go to Nikki Finke’s ‘Dateline/Hollywood’ and follow the snarky festivities on her live Twitter feed.

  • Patrick Dennehy

    How the raid in Zero Dark Thirty should have been portrayed, Obama extracted the intel by just simply touching Hassan Ghul’s forehead.

  • Garth Haycock

    The Oscars is a night when the most shallow people on the planet gather together to congratulate themselves for their insignificant work.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Has anyone issued the official “Smug Alert” in honor of George Clooney’s dumbmass smug acceptance speech in 2006 that inspired one of the most hilarious South Park episodes evuh?

  • Roto

    Piers is live on CNN gushing like a schoolgirl during interviews on the red carpet.
    Nothing like interviewing multi-million dollar actresses dressed like prostitutes.
    He’s finally found his niche in the comfortable world of Hollyweird make-believe…