Twitchy told you earlier about the contentious press conference held by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Cindy Bachman, who didn’t know anything as the cabin in Big Bear was burning. She still doesn’t have much new information, other than to confirm that contrary to previous media reports, no body has yet been recovered.

Law enforcement authorities across southern California are under a great amount of stress. But many observers believe Bachman may be too stressed to do her job.

Bachman does have some supporters. Or rather, a supporter:



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  • Debbie Shumaker

    The MSM reported something that didn’t happen. Sometimes I think you try and create a controversy when there isn’t one. SMH

  • Michelle

    Come on, give it a rest. They’re still investigating and gathering the facts before they release any information. I said it on your last post about this, I’ll say it again, I’d rather hear, “I don’t know” instead of misinformation and speculation. I think she handled herself well, she listened to each question, gave very confident answers with info she did have and simply said I don’t know to answers she didn’t have. Just because the media are vultures at a feeding frenzy before the meal is ready doesn’t make Bachman bad at her job.

    • NRPax

      Her approach could have been this: “We are still waiting for the information to come in and until we have it, there will be no statements released. Thank you.”

      • Michelle

        Her approach was fine. She listened with attention to each question and answered the ones she could. When a reporter asked a question she didn’t have the answer to and she said she didn’t have that information, another reporter would ask the same question, but word it differently so it sounded like a different question, but it was the same and the answer was the same – I don’t know. If folks were asking me the same question, but three different ways when I already explained I didn’t have that information, I’d get frustrated too. It wasn’t a matter of not releasing a statement, she answered the questions she could, the reporters wouldn’t back off the questions she couldn’t answer.

        • NRPax

          It’s a shame they can’t taze reporters for asking the same questions.

          • Michelle

            That would be fantastic! “You’re asking the same question I just answered, but in a different way. Same answer, I don’t know!” Buzzzzzzzzzz ZAP!

          • NRPax

            “FLOP LIKE A LITTLE FISHY!” BZZZZZ! “Now then, you on the left; did you have a question?”

            “Not any more.”

            “GOOD BOY!”

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Media could learn from Ms. Bachman. Sheriff’s are being careful, and making sure they have the whole picture. If the media had done so, maybe the people out there wouldn’t be wondering if a serial killer was roaming around.