We think someone in the Grammy Awards production booth has a fabulous sense of humor. The night ended with a rap/rock extravaganza featuring host LL Cool J, Public Enemy front man Chuck D, drummer Travis Barker, and left-wing Occupy cheerleader Tom Morello.

But as time ran out, CBS decided to cram in some last-minute corporate ads that cut into Morello and Friends. The irony — or the outrage! — wasn’t lost on viewers.


Oh, well. At least he got to squeeze in his militant fist salute and Social Justice Guitar Message before the Machine drowned him out.



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  • Ntr

    Tom Morello has always been a part of what he claims to fight. His anti-Corporatism is just an act and nothing more. And his support of Obama, still existence despite him saying he no longer drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’, shows he also an unquestioning Democratic party supporter. He deserved the, i’m guessing, unintentional mockery at the end of the Grammy Awards.

    • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

      Well said. I was just gonna go the Red Forman route and call him a dumbass.

    • rogueco

      Aww.. how cute…. he wore his International Workers of the World hat, and his red-star communist shirt. I guess his own line of $20 t-shirts emblazoned with the hammer and sickle were a bit over the line for this event: http://jsrdirect.com/bands/tommorello/#- .

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      Rich Man’s Guilt is another name for it

  • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo


    • Penmar

      That’s what I said, have no idea who he is and don’t really care if I ever find out.

  • Well Done

    I would say that Tom Morello is an embarrassment to the left, but the left apparently are not capable of that particular human emotion.

  • conservativemomma

    Morello has Kenyan daddy issues…just like Obama. Funny how they both misdirect their anger.

    “His parents met in August 1963 while attending a pro-democracy protest in Nairobi, Kenya. After discovering her pregnancy, Mary returned to the United States with Njoroge in November, and married in New York City.

    When Morello was 16 months old, Njoroge returned to his native Kenya, and denied his paternity of his son.Morello was raised solely by his mother”

    • ozconservative

      He could be another one of Obamas half-brothers.

    • Sabinal

      that’s sad
      but Morello’s a hypocrite. he’s worth millions, lives in a big house and his kids go to private school. Surely he could take those millions to help out the homeless he so cares about. He’s a phony

  • traffic_robot

    Mercedes Maoist.

    • wwbdinct

      Love that. I will now use that in place of limousine liberal.

  • tjcuzns

    Gee- the schmuck doesn’t even know how to make a fist.

  • ozconservative

    Is this the same Tom Morello who uses guitars from Fender, Ibanez and Gibson???

    Another interesting bit of info on Mr Morello is that his parents met during a pro-democracy protest in Nairobi, Kenya in 1963.

    Sound familiar????

  • plaingolf

    Hmmm. Aren’t record companies corporations?

    • NRPax

      Exactly. Which makes me wonder why they don’t start self-producing, self-promoting and paying for their venues if they want to be ideologically pure.

  • grais

    Would the Grammys exist w/o corporations? Would Morello have a music career w/o corporations?

    Are these people really that dumb, or are they just genetically resentful?

    • bicentennialguy

      Mainly they are selfish and ignorant. They think they are be-all and end-all. They don’t realize what makes their existences possible or how everything works in concert to make the world go round. Everything is about them and everything is disposable in their worlds – including people. Morello’s et. al. little rants are convenient right now because they think that’s what people want to hear and what makes them relevant. If the social tides turned, so would these fools’ messages.

  • lainer51

    I thought about watching the “aren’t I gorgeous” grammys, but then realized I needed to clip my toenails and chew on nails.

  • notenoughtime

    Who?! Looks like an adult trying to recapture his youth. Not a good look!

    • lainer51

      isn’t THAT the truth.

  • cfc1905

    Musicians that have talent, like Tom Morello, and a lotta luck are given the choice to embrace the machine or reject it. If they embrace it, they can have wealth, fame, and remembrance from their fans. If they reject it, they don’t. Morello is a tool the machine of the music industry uses to grow the machine. Morello has as much credibility as Britney Spears. Sorry Tom, there is no depth to your shallowness….

  • OpenCommunism

    TM is a communist. Literally.

  • Maxx

    Unless Morello built that guitar himself (he didn’t), the very tool he was holding was built using corporate parts (Fender body, Kahler Spyder or perhaps Floyd Rose tremolo, probably Schaller keys).

    A walking contradiction.

  • Greg

    Who, or what, the hell is “Tom Morello”? I’ve never heard of him/it.