British pop sensation Ed Sheeran made his Grammy Awards debut with Sir Elton John tonight.

They performed his searing hit single, “The A Team.” Top celebs were pulling for him to win a Grammy for Song of the Year…

…but the Grammy went to Fun.’s “We Are Young.”

Fans trended #EdIsOurWinner to make sure Sheeran know his talents are appreciated.


  • kssturgis62

    Why are people watching this trash, and that is what it is trash tv. I remember when music was music, now it is basic screaming, words that you cannot understand, and where is the rhythm. I find all these shows especially this one trash tv. Plus there is nothing like a bunch of Ungrateful people who want to give up their rights to everything and support the change of this nation, receiving another award and being told how great they are.

    • AnotherSheerio

      Except if you had actually ever listened to Ed you would know that there’s no screaming, you can hear every word as clear as day. He writes all his own music, and got where he is today by himself.

      • kssturgis62

        but I have listened to Ed. I know about him, I am not talking about him, I am talking about the Whole Show the Grammy’s. That is what I am talking about. I just put in my two cents worth about the GRAMMY’S.

  • Sheerio

    have you ever heard of ed sheeran. Old fart.

  • thanos0145

    This kid has got talent. The song “Small Bump” which he wrote about a friend’s miscarriage is very powerful.