Many news watchers on Twitter believe the continued search for fugitive triple-murder suspect Chris Dorner in the Big Bear area is futile. They may be on to something:

Some “authorities” have come to the same conclusion:

But the search will continue in the ski resort area:

@PBOCOP with Willow the search #dog just back from Big Bear search for #Dorner

And…we’re back to “may or may not be” there again:


Important news flash: Chris Dorner might or might not be inĀ area

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    #Dorner Not in Big Bear. NEWSFLASH!!!!!! DUH.

  • Zach Peterson

    I found Donner….
    He’s in the Lincoln room at the white house!

  • dcanaday

    The axle on that truck was broken, so it might not have been planned. He might be in Big Bear after all.

  • ember

    He had lots of time to plan. Maybe, just maybe LE can get some idea of what he was up to from his computer usage or that package he sent to Anderson Cooper.

  • Tangchung

    I was thinking the truck was a decoy etc. but CNN source said truck axel broke, also guns in truck burned up and foot tracks show he doubled back to town. Then again it’s CNN.

  • nc

    At this point, unless there is a reason for local residents to be on alert, there should be no further “news updates” which are only speculation. It serves nothing but enhances this sick lunatic’s image as a “folk hero” for some people. When they find him, dead or alive, then they can let us know.

  • Hal Burton

    I walked every street on google street map and he aint there.

  • Thunder Child

    Here is the original mani festo before it was altered by the LAPD/DHS/Media


    The original was 11 pages long, they added all the idiotic poltical bias to divide you.