Comedian Vic DiBitetto’s 30-second comedy video poking fun at the “bread and milk” panic that accompanies every major weather event went viral today.

And it raises a good question: What’s so magical about bread and milk when Mother Nature strikes, anyway?

Shhhhhh! Don’t give Nanny Bloomberg any ideas:

  • Maxx

    You know, maybe those Doomsday Preppers are on to something.

    • Stone Bryson

      Yes… we are. :-)

  • Sarge_87

    If you’re in an area where storms are the norm, it’s a good idea to have a generator, fresh water, and MREs available if you’re without power for a few days.

  • ember

    Its the same all over the country. Let a hurricane blow this way and you can’t find parking in the grocery store parking lots, no bottled water on the shelves, no batteries, and no toilet paper. Gotta have the necessities!

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Simple, they’re cheap, basic staples.

    • Joe W.

      Cheap??? You been to the store lately???

      • effinayright

        Staples cheap? Ask Al Roker! His gut has more staples than…(wait for it)…Staples!


  • News Reporter

    This is the Northeast. Land of Liberal Lunatics. The power stays out for days and weeks. Maybe they have reason to fear… turtle fast union electric utility workers. No worries. FEMA will load up with frozen bottled water then deliver it to random locations like Times Square, Ellis Island and Ft Dix munitions storage.

    • GaryTheBrave

      “… turtle fast union electric utility workers.”

      They are NOT that fast.

  • SissyO

    he kind of reminds me of Jon Stewart 10 years from now. lol

  • reshas1

    I lived in VA outside of DC for a few months 16 years ago. They were talking about a BLIZZARD, closed schools the day before it even started, store shelves cleared out, etc. It ended up being a DUD.. Being from Colorado, I thought they were CRAZY…

  • $27789750

    During the week or more without power after the ’78 blizzard in RI, people would be lined up outside the stores waiting for the truck carrying..yes…bread and milk. It never even made it to the shelves.

  • effinayright

    I look at my pantry, my cupboards, my fridge, my freezer. I see about two weeks of food for a family of four. Yet at my local supermarket there’s no milk, no bread — but plenty of cream, half n half, E-muffs, buns..

    Face it: a whole lotta people are morons. And a vast majority of those morons voted for the Blue-Lipped Boy King aka Pharaoh Puttmost the First

    2008 campaign slogan: “Hope and Change!”
    2012 campaign slogan: “Forward!”
    2016 Campaign slogan: “Derrrrrrrr…….”

  • Finrod Felagund

    Oh good, it’s not just Atlanta where everyone buys up all the bread, milk and eggs if there’s a hint of snow or ice in the forecast. People here call it a French Toast alert. And I completely agree: re not giving Nanny Bloomberg any ideas.

  • WorldDowntown

    That’s why you have a minimum of a month of crackers, canned meat, veggies ($100) etc. and a week or so of water just in case. Also a butane burner with 10 refills helps.