Tionne Tenese Watkins, the “T” in 1990s girl group TLC, spoke at a pre-Grammy Awards Social Media Summit held by Billboard Magazine. She spoke about the use and abuse of social media by entertainers. And she didn’t hold back:


Welcome back, T-Boz!


  • Maxx

    If people can be made to vote for someone whose first four years of governance resembled a one-leg cat trying to bury a turd, well….there ya go.

    • Harry A

      this story has literally nothing to do with Obama, why must we try and bring him up in every single thing? conservatives trying to blame Obama for everything are just as guilty as they left who try and praise him for everything for this cult of personality that he is.

      • Maxx

        People who are stupid enough to reward a President who rocks a 7.9% unemployment rate four years into office are certainly gullible enough to be bought off for their attention as the above article states. If you don’t believe that, I bet you think 7.9 is the new 4.3 as well. Also, FWIW, I’m not a conservative, I’m a registered independent, a staunch fiscal moderate but socially, more center-left. I suppose years ago, they’d have called me a Reagan Democrat, which makes me equally adept at poking at the fringes from both parties but no conservative that I know voted for Obama. The starry-eyed in November all came from the left.

      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        I guess being on a conservative political website is not a good enough reason to bring up Obama?