Yes, yes, the winter storm naming craze is unstoppable. Nemo’s still a thing on the East Coast, but now Orko’s all the rage in the northern Plains.

Blame the Weather Channel:

We do love this, though:

Please, Weather Channel, do Gleek next!
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  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    I’m jut glad his Majesty is monitoring the situation and getting regular updates from the CIA, DOD and that thing that crawls across the bottom of the screen on MSNBC.

    Obama will monitor it until he yawns and goes to bed to get up for his flight to Las Vegas for a Skeet Tournament.

  • Nathan Stewart

    Could be worse, you could be in Brazil, under Tropical storm SPIGA..

  • CO2 Producer

    Sorry, buzzkill time: The Weather Channel already went with “Winter Storm Gandalf” for the “G” storm.

    Though they’ve already chosen names for the rest of the season, fingers crossed that they still might change their minds and go with Winter Storm Pikachu, Winter Storm Q*Bert, Winter Storm Ren (though TWC chose “Winter Storm Rocky”), Winter Storm Shmoo, Winter Storm Tigger, Winter Storm Underdog, Winter Storm Velma, Winter Storm Woody, Winter Storm Xavier, and Winter Storm Zoidberg. TWC already reserved “Winter Storm Yogi.”

    But if an X-Men theme appeals to them with “Winter Storm Xavier,” a “Winter Storm Storm” is obligatory.

  • WeatherGoddess7

    I can’t wait for plato to come in like a lion and out like lambs breath. Just don’t come this way. Stay safe.