Oh, dear. Liberals on Twitter are using the very technological means that ushered in the U.S. Postal Service’s demise to try and save the Big Labor-burdened agency. It’s all the big, bad GOP’s fault, of course:

Believe it or not, this one is not a parody:

As House Republicans on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee note in response to lib talking points:

Prefunding Myth:  The Postal Service is unfairly required to fully fund 75 years of retiree health care benefits in 10 years with an annual $5.5 billion payment. If only the prefunding requirement were eliminated the Postal Service would be on a path to prosperity.

Prefunding Fact:  USPS has to save now, or it will not be able to afford retiree health care later. If they can’t, taxpayers will be on the hook for billions of dollars.

To protect taxpayers from covering USPS large unfunded liability on retiree health care benefits, Congress mandated that USPS make a series of catch-up payments, often called “prefunding,” starting in 2007 and going through 2017. These catch-up payments will ensure USPS has saved enough money now to meet these obligations later. Within the next few years, the annual costs of paying current benefits will dwarf current costs. Saving now is the only way to make this affordable later, and prevent a taxpayer funded bailout. Though the Postal Service was created to be a self-sustaining entity- taxpayers stand behind this large and growing liability. If the Postal Service were allowed to immediately cease making these catch-up payments, it would have an unfunded liability of nearly $100 billion by 2017. This would clearly be an unaffordable burden for an entity whose core business and revenue is steadily shrinking. It would likely result in a taxpayer funded bailout of postal workers’ retiree health care payments. The annual deficit of the Postal Service now easily exceeds its entire annual catch-up payment, illustrating its fiscal problems run much deeper.

Limited-government conservatives provided additional necessary and biting reality checks:



  • BlueStateRepub

    Good G-d, “Sue B.’s” Twitter account is a cesspool of full-on crazy.

    • kilthan

      I’ve been replying to her, pointing out failures in logic and reason with a #logicishard hash tag, its keeping the cockles of my heart nice and toasty.

      • BlueStateRepub


        • kilthan

          I think its now my official hashtag when tweeting any liberal. Also, i might be a bit of jerk, but i’m having much too much fun to care 😀

    • NachoCheese (D)

      From her profile:
      “Proud center-left populist for economic justice and peace”


      This statist actually thinks she is “center-left”!

      • kilthan

        she also states she’ll block those she doesn’t agree with, she’s nice and open-minded too!

      • BlueStateRepub

        And then she has hashtags for “Right Wing Nut Jobs.” Center-left my culu.

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          Darth Vader would proud of his newest apprentice in that case.

    • rogueco

      I can’t shake the image of a besheveled chain-smoking shell of a woman yelling at her cats to shut up so she can hear what Ed Shultz has to say, then copying it word for word on her basement wall.

      • NachoCheese (D)

        LOL #edshow

      • TugboatPhil

        Also, her obsession with the USPS, think “Misery” and instead of a hobbled author shackled to a bed, she has several mailmen chained up in the basement.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Liberals and the Left have always found it easier to blame then to take action. Because work is hard.

  • kahall

    This comment will appear in 3-5 days.

  • Cold War Grunt

    I believe I already know the answer to this … but do these “sheeple” realize that nothing gets out of the Congress of the United States unless both the House and Senate approve it, and then their annointed leader has to sign it?

    • MarcAllenJohnson

      The libs will blame everything on any branch that is currently controlled by the opposing party or on the last administration if it was the opposing party.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      You mean our “daddy” right?

  • HARP2

    Meanwhile wagon makers are devastated that the automobile is reducing demand for horses and wagons.

    • James Atkins

      And what about the buggy whip industry? OMG!11121!!

  • tredglx

    Save the USPS. Because we need someone to confuse with UPS.

  • NachoCheese (D)

    Yet another company destroyed by unions.

  • Renee Cain-Rojo

    Blame whitey time. That is all they have.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Jeebus xmas what a gang of crazy! “Tyrants staging a coup!” Can you say “drama queen”?

  • kilthan

    I love you all, you’re giving me hope for the future of our nation every post I read. thank you so much!

  • sqeptiq

    Wherever government provides a valuable service, conservatives and Republicans set out to turn it into shit so that they can then say government doesn’t work. This is true of the USPS, public schools, and Medicare, for that matter. Republicans and conservatives don’t want youngsters to get a good education; they don’t want a good mail service; and they don’t want seniors to enjoy good health, because that wouldn’t serve their anti-government ideology, which is driven by hatred for most of their fellow citizens, who elect the government.

  • Randi Starr

    That God for liberal ideology…..good comic relief is hard to find!

  • redheadgrl

    I can use another day my mailbox isn’t filled with a bunch of junk mail.

  • TocksNedlog

    If those mean, greedy, old white guys in the GOP would just give the USPS a whole bunch more of our money that doesn’t exist . . .

  • James McEnanly

    If I need to send a message to someone, I use email, and I can be certain that it arrives within seconds. Right now I am attempting to help my mother track an item sent by USPS to my nephew. It has been a week, and no one seems to know whre it is.

  • NCRelite

    what’s with the obsession with old technology: trains, windmills, the pony express