We’re happy to report that anti-American Korean rapper PSY’s 15 minutes are just about up. And not a second too soon.


Here’s the dreadful ad:


We certainly haven’t.


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  • sickbritkid

    Are we seriously going to hold lyrics that PSY sang almost a DECADE ago, lyrics that he has since expressed regret and apologized for, against him!?

    Look, I dislike his lyrics as much as the next guy. Hell, I don’t even like Gangnam Style that much.

    But he wrote those lyrics during a HUGE sweep of anti-American war protests across South Korea, brought on by the violent murder of two South Korean missionaries, who were fuckin’ SCHOOLGIRLS no less, by the insurgency.

    So while his lyrics were detestable and his message hateful, the reason WHY he wrote them is understandable, though it doesn’t make what he did any less despicable.

    So yeah, lets lay off the guy. He’s apologized and expressed sincere regret for what he said, so it only makes sense that we stop holding the dude’s mistakes of the past against him. Mmkay?

    • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

      I can give a pass as young and stupid. But he seems to be sorry while signing a nut contract last month.

    • TheKingJAK

      I’m a pretty forgiving individual myself, but I’m having serious trouble forgiving this artist.

    • Douglas Moose

      Anti-American, or anti-“any other nation”, is one thing. He has the right to an opinion. But wishing for the painful deaths of the families of those who serve this nation overseas is not political commentary. It’s using a public, widespread media to call for all his fans/listeners to hate and wish for violence toward people not even responsible for the acts he sang about. That sheds a much more sinister light on his lyrics than them just being “detestable and his message hateful”.

      As for apologizing….well, words are cheap. Until the discussion was brought up, now years later as you said, he did not offer an apology of any sort. Only when he was injured by his song did he say, “I regret it.” It’s called “too little, too late.” I’ve been around the block a few times, and if someone were truly sorry, they would have issued public apologies long before people here expressed their outrage.

      • RogueRose

        Couldn’t agree more. He only “apologized” so the pres could go to his concert… oh, and continue to profit from his popularity in America.

        • JeromeS81

          Look up “The Tonight Show” and “Thanksgiving” and watch Psy perform for a military-only audience. Just sayin’…and sayin’ it from Seoul.

    • Garth Haycock


      If you want to forget about it, go for it. But don’t tell others what they should do.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      That kind of thinking only works for morons who don’t believe in personal responsibility. Mmkay?

    • vg

      He’s playing you bro. You’re one of the suckers that really believes he is sorry. If his paychecks from us were as cheep as his words, he’d still hate you and I. Wake up bro.

    • Mark Major

      I am seriously going to hold it against him…yes

    • http://twitter.com/Gator_Country Stephen K

      The only thing he “sincerely regrets” is the drop-off in his royalty checks.

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      this vet will hold it against him.

  • Georgine Kratzer

    Yes, Yes I believe we are. Its called love of country.

  • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

    Decade my ass, said same anti American shyt day before his album hit top 100 in America

    • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

      Obviously he likes us better now. I wonder how long before it wears off?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

        When the checks become more miserly…

      • vg

        Until he stops getting paid by these dumbasses

  • http://twitter.com/AngryTwitch T. Baguette Jones

    Wow, 14 tweets certifies PSY’s ad as a bomb.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      Right. Just ignore all the analysts that question the efficacy of spending so much money for a risky endorser who, in America, is a one hit wonder with waning popularity.

    • Douglas Moose

      Wow! Since when is twitter a poll? Maybe PSY is such a loser nobody cares enough to even make the effort anymore. Those who agree already know what he represents. This who don’t are not going to change.

  • Clayton B

    Stephanie Cutter running an advertising agency now ?

  • GaryTheBrave

    Don’t those pistachio costumes look like Code Pink vajayjay costumes?

  • Dick Beninya

    I’d rather almonds.

    • Douglas Moose

      The Almond Brothers were much better than this hack … I agree! 😛

  • Lia Markham

    Too bad this ad comes from the Central Valley of California. For the most part, we’re a very conservative area. PSY doesn’t represent the values of Central CA.

  • http://twitter.com/isleofyouth PhilipJames

    Maybe the reason the couple who own one of the largest pistachio companies and that bull crap drink company, POM, does these anti-American ads is because they are Democrats and big donors to Obama and were proven to have funded various people and companies to generate anti-Sarah Palin blogs, etc. in Alaska…

    “billionaire industrial agriculture couple Stewart and Lynda Rae Resnick.[1] They are also affiliated with the companies Teleflora, FIJI Water, pesticide manufacturer Suterra, and Paramount Agribusiness.[2] As a private company, POM Wonderful does not disclose its profits. In 2006, Newsweek has estimated that the company sales have increased from $12 million in 2003 to $91 million in that year.[3] In recent years, the company has been the subject of government prosecution due to its illegal marketing schemes.[4]”

    “Roll Global is a private corporation based in Los Angeles, California. With revenues of over $2 billion,[1] it functions as a holding company for Stewart and Lynda Resnick,
    and as such is a vehicle for their personal investments in a number of
    businesses. The company currently counts as business divisions the
    following brands: flower delivery service Teleflora, juice company POM Wonderful, bottled water company Fiji Water, fruit and nut companies Paramount Farms (makers of Wonderful Pistachios) and Paramount Citrus,
    sea freight company Neptune Pacific Line, Justin Vineyards and Winery,
    pest control company Suterra, and in house marketing agency Fire

  • http://twitter.com/isleofyouth PhilipJames

    Just another little tidbit about the pistachio low life liberal aholes… the Resnicks…
    ” Lynda let friend Daniel Ellsberg use her photocopying machine to duplicate some important government documents. They appeared on the front page of the New York Times as the “Pentagon Papers.””

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Generally speaking: Americans are always complaining when someone voices their sentiments regarding our nation. Reality check: Everyone is not going to love America. Everyone is not going to agree with American Policies. People are entitled to their feelings. Who do we think we are?The feelings Police? Besides, do we get upset when Americans make racist or prejudiced comments towards other American Citizens? Do we get upset at the fact that education in this country is still unequal? Do we get upset at the disproportionate number of inmates in prison? Do we get upset at the fact that we opt to build prisons more quickly than we opt to build Universities? And, please don’t let me get started on how many Americans have boohooed over the fact that Obama is now President? Don’t hear anyone ranting hysterically about governors wanting to assist states in seceding from the Union. Such a hypocritical bunch, are many Americans… not all.. As I prefaced this commentary with this is a generalized statement. But, I’m just so sick of Americans thinking with such an arrogant egotistical mindset as if we are the Universe. WE are not the Universe. Just a small part of it..!!! Yes, America, as a nation is very powerful, but this power should not be abused and exploited as it so often is.

    • wwbdinct

      Waaaa….waaaa….waaa….Shut up with the rants already! Ugh, the constant whining from you people is nauseating. Please – I beg you. Stay on the lefty sites and post your drivel. Maybe they’ll care.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      Poor you– doesn’t realize that just because everyone is “entitled” to their opinion doesn’t mean they are consequence FREE from expressing their opinions NOR that their opinions have any value to anyone but their mommas.

      PS — Hypocrite doesn’t mean what you think it means. I guess that’s your “unequal” education at work.

    • AMSilver

      Yes, people get upset all the time when Americans make racist comments toward other Americans (actually, let me be slightly more accurate: conservatives get upset when Americans make racist statements, liberals get upset when conservatives make accurate but negative comments about liberals and then try to paint everything as racism in order smear their opponents); yes we get upset about unequal education, unfortunately those receiving that unequal education keep voting for the democrats who gave it to them; not sure whether you’re talking about disproportionate rates of inmates with regards to race or overall numbers compared to other countries (there is no racial disproportion once you take into account single motherhood – if women would only have children once they had received a public commitment from a man to create a family together, ala marriage, then incarceration rates would go down across the board); with a near 50% unemployment rate for students graduating college, you think we should actually be building more of them? srsly? so high paid college officials can burden our youth with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt that they can’t discharge through bankruptcy but will simultaneously be unable to pay back due to their lack of employment? how about promoting all the avenues that lead to gainful employment and a bright future, ie trade schools, apprenticeships, etc; with all of Obama’s terrible policies and his divisive treatment of those he dislikes, there’s no reason for conservatives to be anything other than upset that he was elected, much less reelected (of course, you seem to be implying that he’s being ‘boohooed’ because of his race, which is quite frankly, a racist claim) and what on earth does secession have to do with anything? Frankly, you need to get over yourself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      1.Why are you lamenting the lack of university expansion when, demographically, we will soon not be able to fill existing ones?
      2. The prison argument is moot. If one chooses to abide by the law, prisons will be but a thing of the past.
      3. The secession propositions were theoretical and based upon the framework of the 10th amendment. Did you really think they were serious? Even if they were, how would this be indicative of hypocrisy?
      4. How is it arrogant and egotistical to practice a personal abstention from products or entertainers that you do not enjoy, whether artistically, ideologically, or both?
      5. What power have we exploited? Did we exploit the South Koreans?
      6. One of his primary complaints was Gitmo. Now, he plays for the White House and shakes the hand of a man who said he would close it and failed-despite two years of singular rule. If you are looking for hypocrisy, there you go.

      • mickeyco

        Very nice.

    • NCRelite

      “And, please don’t let me get started on how many Americans have boohooed over the fact that Obama is now President?”

      Oh God, don’t wet the bed or anything. People boohooed about Reagan, Bush, Clinton, etc. I admit I was pretty proud of our nation for electing Obama (even though I voted McCain) but that quickly ended when I realized the Left was going to hijack the historical election to implement controversial legislation.

      Anyway, you know what having pride in our country does? It unites us. You aren’t interested in that, though.

      PS. I don’t have any problem with PSY even though he made those stupid remarks. My father did fight in the Korean war, well he was a medic. He saw people losing life and limb, dying on hospital beds, people with 3rd degree burns all over their body crying out for painkillers –all for fighting for the freedom of a foreign nation. It doesn’t get more real.

    • rivers

      I laugh when people use “we” (when they really mean “other people not me”) – as if they are humbly including themselves in their critique. T.V. newspeople affect that b.s. all the time, it’s so lame, and usually totally off-base.

    • rivers

      I laugh when people use “we” (when they really mean “other people not me”) – as if they are humbly including themselves in their critique. T.V. newspeople affect that b.s. all the time, it’s so lame, and usually totally off-base.

  • http://twitter.com/PurvisMSGirl HannahShayHogan⚽

    Omg I loved this ad! It was the best! Y’all quit hating!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      Why ever would we do that?

  • vg

    Unfortunately several Americans forgive pys and are blind to his true feelings of those who defend them. Not this one. Goodbye Wonderful Pistachios

    • rogueco

      Agreed. Today is a very sad day for me. I love those pistachios, but I stand by my decision to boycott those who hate America. Hiring an anti-America douche means I must find a new company to fill my pistachio needs. I even bought a bag for the super bowl party! Sadly, it will be my last bag of Wonderful.

  • Blake Waymire

    Gangnam Style is already last year’s news in Korea (it lost out to KARA’s Pandora last year on one major music show, and didn’t even make it to finals in the others; the shows gain real-time votes from viewers, so this is an accurate measure of popularity). Time to let it die here, too.

  • Gallatin

    Love pistachios, won’t be buying “wonderful” will be looking for a different brand. There I voted.

  • JeromeS81

    You know, Psy performed on “The Tonight Show” for a troops-only audience on Thanksgiving. He didn’t have to do that, even for fame. He knew who the audience would be, and he could’ve made other arrangements. But no, he did that performance. That is class, not crass. He shook audience members’ hands, if I recall correctly.

    And oh, by the way, I live in Seoul, South Korea. I bet there are few people on here who (without needing to Google it beforehand) could easily find the Republic of Korea, or Seoul, on a map. Few on here have likely seen, as I have (in more than one Korean city) joint teams of US-ROK MPs out in a downtown district looking for curfew-violating GIs.

    One New Year’s Eve, I went to a bar in the city of Daegu owned by a friend’s girlfriend. Attached to the door had been a sign warning GIs away, owing to a reputation for rowdiness. Well, that sign was ripped down by our boys and gals. Not exactly respectful, is it? American businesses also reserve the right to refuse customers, no?

    The vast majority of servicemen and -women serving here are upstanding folks. A few months ago, I visited Osan Air Base for an air show. South Koreans have a complicated relationship with the US military presence here, but I remarked to my South African friend that that air show was one just like back home…except for all the Koreans!

    Psy made a mistake. I’ve made comments to folks that I have later come to regret. But you know what? I have taught both children and adults who distrust and resent American troops in their land, and yet also taught Korean adults who have taken me out for beers on Election Night and toasted with, “God Bless America!”.

    Until or unless most folks on here don’t need any help finding Korea on a map (let’s admit it – we’re a great country whose citizens are often geographically challenged), they should let bygones be bygones. We have “friends” around the globe who say worse things about Americans nowadays than Psy did almost a decade ago. Focus!

    Heck, think about the AMERICAN pop stars and other celebrities who take their freedoms for granted, all the while abusing them and knocking America whenever it serves them in foreign (or domestic!) media. Psy is from a country with nearly 30,000 US military personnel standing as a deterrent against North Korea. I bet he is grateful.

    And I say all this as somehow who, even though he had lived abroad in Jerusalem, Israel for a few years before later moving back to America and then on to Korea…well, this time five years ago I’d never heard of kimchi or soju, couldn’t find Seoul on a map, and I honestly couldn’t have told you that Samsung and LG are Korean companies.

    Isn’t it the slightest bit possible that if my ignorance could undergo a change…Psy’s could have, too?

  • lainer51

    wow, I thought most of the commercials were bad but this one REALLY SUCKED!! I used to like Pistachios…