Awwww. Canine lovers are passing up the Super Bowl in favor of a much more adorable gridiron competition: Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Here’s the lineup:

And here are some of the Twitter one-liners and other funny Puppy Bowl tweets and pics making the rounds:

  • HARP2

    I coulda bin a contenda.

  • Garth Haycock

    Obama won’t let his dog play in the Puppy Bowl because it’s too ruff.

    • Catchance

      No… he ate him.
      (Have you seen BO lately?)

  • nc

    I’m watching the super cute Puppy Bowl with my own little super cute little one, but unfortunately she’s missing it because she’s napping.

  • lainer51

    So adorable and much more entertaining than the “human” bowl….. or bowel, as twitter users like to call it (duh!!!!!!!!!!!!)