Details are still coming in. Twitchy will monitor and update as news develops.

SWAT teams have reportedly entered the building:

  • Lexikin

    Is it just me, or has there been a whole lot of shooting incidents lately? Kinda makes you wonder if the gov’ment is setting this up to further their agenda.

    • Love of Country

      It is crazy but of course they have an agenda …. to make the NRA the face of the common, black, Owebamao supporting murderer. Some 9000 bIack folks will be gunned down this year by other bIack folks but the state run media will only cherry pick crimes to report if the perpetrator looks like he could be a white Republican in the NRA.

      But hey, in their epic throes of desperation, even brown Mexican Democrats like George Zimmerman will be reduced to racist white Republicans in state run media broadcasts ….. unbelievable!

    • NachoCheese (D)

      There aren’t more shootings, just the state run media hyper-focusing on anything with the words “gun” or “shooting” involved.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      It sure seems like it, and a lot of them very conveniently timed. I can’t bring myself to believe that even this bunch of thugs is orchestrating this, but all these now, when Dear Leader has that “flexibility” he spoke of? What’s in the Twilight Zone between conspiracy and coincidence? I honest to God don’t know.

  • TheTweetest

    It’s a loss of God silly rabbits

  • yotambien


  • David Hamm

    News flash 12 americans a day are killed by Illegal aliens who are driveing drunk . They are equal opportunity killers it don’t matter to them . They will kill men women and children. The media can’t report this its not good for potus.Shoot out good for their sick way of thinking.

  • AlertUpUSA

    Do you think the Government has an agenda? Maybe.
    People, disempowered, disillusioned, isolated and feeling helpless, stressed out and want some conclusion to their dilemma – whatever it may be – seems to be more common.
    Yes, MSM is reporting every opportunity to add gas to the gun control fire.
    Roll back to the implementation of economic deterioration as a strategy to produce predictable results (joblessness, dependence on aid, humiliation, etc.), coupled with higher taxes, resulting marital issues, etc. some want to take their power back.
    Unfortunately, taking aggressive action by going out and shooting up someplace and harming innocents just ain’t cool, and is never justified.
    These scenarios make it worse for responsible gun owners. GGGRRRRRR!