We’re glad to see that not all Beltway conservatives have lost their heads on immigration. So are Fox News viewers.

Krauthammer commented last week at the National Review Institute summit about the false enforcement promise in the 1986 Reagan amnesty:

Here’s the video of Krauthammer’s commentary tonight on FNC:


  • http://anthonybarton1.com/ anthony j barton

    I don’t see Obama, doing much with this the left counts on these people for votes.

  • KansasGirl

    How can we afford to pay for all the freebies O expects us to pay for these illegals?
    Burn up the phone lines to Washington, folks.

  • FFlintstone

    Only 3% of Americans ranked immigration as the most important issue facing America in the 2012 Presidential Election exit polls. Gun control was less than 1%. Why are politicians ignoring the issues that are important to Americans? Immigration and gun control are relatively unimportant to Americans right now. We have real problems that need addressing.

    • nc

      Right, like women in combat (eye roll).