Yes, he did.

Setting aside his views about armed security, “real journalist” Brian Williams botched his basic facts. Again.

What was he drinking? Maybe the same concoction he was imbibing when he called rocker Pete Townshend “Keith Moon?”

  • Love of Country

    Hey Brian ….. read Animal Farm ….. it’s all there.

  • DanStlMo

    It feels like a Police State because only the Government has guns in DC

  • rinodino

    I’m fine with the lockdown, got to keep those crazy righties from causing trouble

    • SpinMeNot

      Strong with the stupid, this one is. When was the last time a group of righties got together destroyed public and private property, threatened police, assaulted women, conspired to blow up a bridge, etc.

      I know you aren’t that bright, so I’ll help you out — the only crazies rioting and creating chaos are the lefties and their union thugs.

      • ImWithStoopid

        Gees, SpinMeNot, you really can’t think of any crazy righties gathering weapons, making plots, threatening people, assaulting women? None at all? Not one single example? And you know who is or isn’t bright? Only in this little internet fantasy world. I’m sure next May when you get your GED you’re going to be relieved that you no longer have real life experiences of everyone in the room knowing you aren’t very smart. And by the way, try Oklahoma City if you want the biggest brightest example of your ilk doing the big nasty. But there are way more. That excessive security in DC? Yeah, um, not to protect Obama & Co. from Occupy Wall Street.

        • SpinMeNot

          LOL, project much? Please provide proof of anything you say above, absolutely anything. The report CNN references is a partisan effort by Obama cronies, in the two years since it was issued not a single right wing extremist attack has occurred. The difference between the crazy righties (as you call them) is that they are isolated pockets. In the case of the crazy lefties, well, OWS comes to mind. If you want to talk about bombings, shall we discuss the Weather Underground?

          Yes, I can tell who and who is not bright, based on whether they provide supportable facts or unsupportable opinions. So far, you are i in the unsupportable opinion group, but nice try.

          For the record, I’ve got 11 patents, 30+ peer reviewed papers, and co-authored 2 textbooks. I will hazard a guess that I an much more accomplished academically than you are.

          • ked5

            when they are learned, they think they are wise.

          • La’Milton

            Dude all the shootings we’ve hd recently were registered democrats, so you can stop the spin.

          • SpinMeNot

            What exactly am I spinning?

        • SpinMeNot

          Let me address the McVeigh bit separately. McVeigh was a libertarian with some serious mental issues. No true conservative would ever done what McVeigh did. Please provide me your sources for you declaration that I am a domestic terrorist. You can’t, but I’ll wait for you to confer with your handlers and fabricate your proof.

          You are just another limp dick liberal progressive puke, incapable of providing proof for your talking points.

    • La’Milton

      Confused about the extra security? Maybe they noticed that the aurora theater shooter, the muslim fort hood shooter, the gabby giffords shooter and the newtown shooter were all registered democrats and occupy activists (read “liberal”)

    • Mattdnu

      ^sheeple. baa! baa!! baa!!

  • ceemack

    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, little fella.

  • Dennis L

    Nice Brian,an you get 20m a year for stating the obvious.What next?Will Dave Gregory keep his job MTP? Tune in or not.

  • lillymckim

    There were more police than little people watching.

  • charliewalksonwater

    Isnt that what you wanted?

  • nc

    Make up your mind. If you don’t want to face the social problems that create a violent society, and you are looking for absolute guarantees, this is what you get.

    It’s merely a preview of coming attractions for all of us.

  • Guest

    Gee. . . .are they really starting to notice?

    • sleeper48

      Noticing is one thing, verbalizing it is astounding from him.

  • Flying Tiger

    And now he gets to feel the cold sting of exclusion for breaking ranks with the rest of the lapdog media. #gleichschaltung

  • ked5

    and yet, he will stll worship at thegreatwon’s feet.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    I’m sure Williams made that comment as a “guns are bad” and “Obama’s racist violent tea party enemies are everywhere” subliminal message. Every thing they say is calculated.

  • Mattdnu

    read 1984 as well. We’re right there, all we need is the thought police now…