Mainstream journalists are salivating over First Lady Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day outfit, designed by Thom Browne.

The designer dissed the First Lady’s style a few years ago. Guess it got her attention.

Browne’s name was trending on Twitter this morning. Who is Thom Browne? Well, he’s known for designs like these.

Browne first earned attention after designing Pee Wee Herman-style shrunken suits like these.


Fortunately, the president said no to a Thom Browne suit or his mom jeans.

Oh, and in case you were wondering where to shop for Thom Browne and how much, you will not find these pieces at the thrift shop.

  • SAL

    The Obama’s… they’re just like Us!

  • 3.14159

    Looks much like a blue burlap sack. Elegant? Not quite. Beautiful? Far from it. Too much money? Yes. All while railing against the rich. *eyeroll*

  • TugboatPhil

    Thom Browne? I thought is was Buster.

  • Dominic Bryngelson

    Opulence. D.C. is the land of money, power and greed. Opulence. And the media is covering it like it was the most important event of the day.

    • Brett McMicken

      well, this is the nation’s second coronation/deification. the first was four years ago.

  • BrendaStarr

    It’s still lipstick on a pig. My apologies to the pigs.

  • Lisa Dean

    The pattern on that coat resembles the interior of a friends car. Not impressed at all.

  • Derek K. Wilson

    So this is what the %1 is wearing this winter. Nice…

  • Brett McMicken

    i remember, when the nation was trying to recover from the carter years, how the media went after nancy reagan for being so “lavish.” it seems that wealth and excess are not evil when one has a (D) behind one’s name.