“Chief Keef,” for those of you lucky enough not to have ever heard his “music,” is a 17-year-old rapper from Chicago. In 2011, he pointed a gun at police officers and has been on probation ever since. He was taken into custody today for violating probation over a video showing him brandishing a weapon at a gun range. Some of his fans took to social media to plead his case:



Although #FreeChiefKeef is trending on Twitter, there’s also quite a bit of tweeting from non-sympathizers.



We absolutely agree that just because you’re famous, it doesn’t mean you should get away with breaking the law.

Unfortunately, there are different standards for famous liberal journalists in Washington.

Ask David Gregory.


  • kayakingfatso

    His name is chief keef. That’s a jail-worthy name.

  • Love of Country

    Flashing his gun? Give me a break. He must be a Democrat.

    If we just banned guns from Democrats then all gun laws would be settled and settled quite wisely I might add. Democrats + Guns = Big Trouble.

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      He’s from Chicago, of course he’s a Democrat.

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      He’s from Chicago, of course he’s a Democrat.

  • overboosted

    Punk wannabe gangsters are only tough guys with guns because their victims are unarmed.

    Push for allowing concealed carry in your state. (if they don’t already) Having a percentage of armed, law abiding citizens is a great equalizer. Educate yourself about safe firearms handling, buy a firearm and educate your children too. It’s about time we stop letting the liberal progressive public schools teach our kids that “guns are bad” when the right to bear arms is guaranteed in our constitution.


  • michael s

    you mean different standards for white males.